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A Trip to Germany - Day 2 (At the club)

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So we finally got to the club. What happened in the limo just minutes before was running through my head, and the promise of doing whatever Valerie wanted me to do was also going through my head. When we first stepped in, Valerie suggested that we go and have a few drinks before going out to the dance floor. Stacey saw the same group of people she met yesterday night, and told us that she?ll be with them for the night and wont bother us anymore. After having a bit to drink, we hit the dance floor and Val was dancing in a slutty and sexy way that she hasn?t before. She was sure to make sure people got a view of her perfect 19 year old, thong-clad ass whenever she bent over. She was drawing the attention of many guys, but one guy in particular came over to us while she was grinding on me. He was European, about 6?1, 180lbs, and pretty good looking. He was dressed in typical euro club gear, and started dancing with Valerie. Val looked at me in my eyes, and gave me a here goes nothing look, and started to grind on the guy whose name we later found was Adam. Val hiked up her skirt in almost a belt form now and rubbed her ass over the pants of Adam?s now hardening cock. She then pulled me in and started making out with me, while sliding her ass up and down Adams hard tent. Valerie then whispered into my ear ?get ready to make good on your promise? and with that she turned around and whispered into Adam?s ear. She asked him if he?d like to come with us back to our hotel room. He obviously agreed, and we went outside the club, left Val?s sister Stacey behind, and took the limo that was waiting outside for us, back to our hotel. The limo ride back was a pretty quiet one, Val started to look a little nervous, and I didn?t know exactly what was going to happen when we got into the room.

We got into the room around 10:45pm and Val told us to sit on the couch and relax, she said that she needed to go to the bathroom. When she came out, my mouth dropped. She walked out dressed in nothing but that white g-string that her sister gave her to wear tonight. Her sexy perky tits were bouncing, and her stomach looked great. She sat in between Adam and I and started giving me a sexy and slow French kiss. I was getting too hard for my jeans to bear. She then drove me over the top, she turned to Adam and gave him a French kiss as well, but even slower and sexier than she did me. You have no idea how hot and erotic it is to see your girlfriend of a year (who was a virgin when you started dating) make out with some stranger in Europe. She then slid off the couch and got onto her knees, as slowly unzipped Adams jeans. She looked at me like ?why aren?t your jeans off yet either?, so I got completely naked and started to stroke my cock as she got closer to Adams cock. She got him undressed except for his boxer briefs, when I noticed how big his cock must be. It looked like he had a giant thick rod of sausage in his pants and like nothing could bend it. She slowly peeled off his boxers revealing his nicely shaved pubic area. Once the waistband got over his cock, his cock flung up and hit Valerie in the chin/cheek area leaving a little spot of pre-cum in it?s place. Val gave a nervous giggle as both of us guys smiled at her. She grabbed the base of his cock with her hand, and that?s when we knew how huge it was. It was easily 8.5 inches, probably closer to 9, and it was thick and perfect looking. Val started to stroke Adam?s cock up and down slowly, and even spat on it a bit to lube it up. That?s when I saw an extremely sexy sight. Valerie put her nice wet full lips over the head of a stranger, tasting only her second cock of her life. She lightly licked, sucked, and kissed his head and shaft as it got more and more wet. The entire scene was too hot. Val was on her knees, with her cheeks in a perfect apple shape, spread wide with a white g-string in between. Her tits were pressed against the couch, making them look larger in size, and her face was focused on sucking this massive penis in front of her. She then told us both to stand up, as she started to go back and fourth from my cock to his, and back. She had a cock in each hand and was working like a cheap slut right now. She would take both our cocks towards her mouth at once, just to see that they don?t fit, yet my cock head would slide nicely across Adam?s several times, getting some of his pre-cum on my cock. Her mouth, and our cocks and balls were getting really wet from saliva, when she decided to slip a finger into Adam?s asshole. Adam looked very aroused and invited it in. This was getting really hot, so I sat back onto the couch to see my 19yr old girlfriend suck and finger a guy we just met in front of me. I must admit, his ass looked extremely good, especially seeing Val?s finger slid in and out of his hairless asshole. I found myself jacking off to how hot it looked to see an attractive guy get off via my girlfriend in front of my face with no shame. I saw Adam about out bust, and he started to pump his semen into my girl?s hot mouth and down into her tummy. Val slid her finger out of Adam?s asshole and looked to swallow most of it, meanwhile, my 7 incher was about to blow, and without thinking I just started to cum and cum and cum endless streams without knowing where it?d land. Well, it landed on the ass and legs of Adam, who was not offended by it in the least bit. This looked too hot to see my cum all over another guys ass, after her just filled up my girl?s mouth with his cum. Val gave me a quirky smile, and we walked over to the bed. Val stood in front of it, as I knelt down to take off her g-string which was now soaked with her wetness.

Val laid down, and so did we, all of us totally nude, Val had Adam?s cum on her chin and tits, Adam had my cum running down his ass cheek, and I had my hand and cock soaked with my own cum. Adam and Val got into a 69, with me going to Val?s back end to start licking her asshole. We were both starting to get harder and harder, when in this position. I was licking Val?s puckered pink eye when I felt a hand grab my cock. It was Adam?s hand. He pulled me closer, and into Valerie?s pussy which he was eating. Val was totally turned on by this, and returned her right middle finger to Adam?s asshole while she was still sucking his cock. I was going in and out of Val?s pussy with my balls and ass going right over Adam?s face which was licking Val?s clit. He?d get a few licks in on my cock (unintentionally) and I felt a stir in my balls again. I was gonna blow my load deep into Valerie?s womb, and I couldn?t help it. I started pumping harder and Adam grabbed my ass cheeks and started to help me out. I let go of 7 or 8 large squirts into her love pot and pulled out, only to have Adam take my cock in and lick it dry. I couldn?t believe what was going on, but I didn?t want it to stop. Val moaned ?clean me up? and Adam obeyed as he licked my cum out of her pussy in a very sexy way. I was in awe, I think I just had my first blowjob by a guy, and I wasn?t disgusted. Val then got on all fours and told me to sit in front of her so I could watch. Val said to me right before Adam entered her now used pussy ?I can?t wait to have his big hard cock fill me right in front of you. I wanna see if he can fuck me better.? No jealousy came, just more horniness, as I watched Adam enter Val?s now cum soaked and sloppy pussy which was still smooth and tight as ever. He started pumping in and out of her as I got more and more turned on by her sexy facial expressions. She then whispered to me ?mmmm Mike, go back there and take a better look.? I did and saw a hot guy sliding his perfect 9? cock in and out of my girlfriend. I went behind both of them and saw Adam?s ass flex as he was pumping in and out of Val. My cum was still on his ass which for the first time looked look good to let go, so I went behind him and grabbed his ass firmly with both my hands. He turned his head around and started to suck on my cock as I stood up and presented him with it. Valerie was getting pounded from behind by a stranger, all the while, not knowing that her boyfriend was getting his cock sucked by his as well. He was better at sucking cock than Val, and I was going nuts once again. Val slid off Adam to switch positions when she saw me getting sucked off by him. She looked super turned on and just spread her legs and started to finger her pussy as she watched him suck me off. ?He likes to get his asshole touched? spurted out Val, and he quickly put me onto all fours. He then started to lick my asshole like it was a tasty candy. It was like he was hungry for my asshole. Val said ?looks like fun? and got on all fours in front of me and had me lick her asshole too! He then slid a finger into my asshole that felt like it was filling it to the max. I was not even used to Val?s tiny little fingers, nevertheless, a man?s. Val then turned around to me and said ?You said you?d do anything for me, well?.suck his fucking cock right now in front of me, you little slut?. This talk was too hot for me, so I turned around and grabbed his throbbing 9 incher and wrapped my lips around it as fast as I could. It didn?t taste bad, so I kept on sucking him till Val said it was enough, and told Adam to fuck her again. He obeyed, and resumed fucking her doggy style, sliding in and out of her SOAKED pussy while grabbing her tits. I knew I wanted to try something now, so I licked up the cum off Adams ass cheeks and started to spread his ass and lick his asshole. It tasted no different than Val?s asshole, and I worked on it for a while. I then decided, here goes nothing, I took my cock, pointed it at his asshole, and stuffed it in slowly. Adam informed Val that I was fucking him in the ass, and she let out a cry of approval. So here we were, in a train of sex, me fucking Adam in the ass, and Adam fucking Val as hard as he could. Adam couldn?t hold it anymore, and started to let go of a huge reservoir of cum into Val?s womb. Val cried out ?mmmmmmmm he?s cumming in my Mike?.he?s filling me up?..ahhhh?..I wanna have your baby?. I couldn?t handle this slutty talk anymore, so I cummed for the first and only time ever, inside a man?s ass. I filled him up as he filled up Val, and withdrew my softening cock from his ass. We all laid there tired as hell, and he got up, showered, and went home. Me and Val hopped in the shower after he left to get cleaned up. She was extremely happy (as was I) with the way the night went. I asked her how long she thinks it?ll be till Stacey gets home. She said that she didn?t know, but promised me that once Stacey got in??that we?d finish what we started in the car?.and would just have to hope that Stacey?s on the pill or else Stacey may have a little problem once we?re done with her.

To be continued for the last time in (Day 2, when Stacey gets home)

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