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A Tail in Three Parts

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A Tail in Three Parts

The following story takes place in the mid 1980's. The people involved were born in the depression years, were alive during a world war, the coming of Elvis and the Beatles, the hippie generation, Viet Nam, bra-less women, rockers in silk pants, naked people on TV, oral sex acceptance, swinging, and pot.

Most of these events came during the time warp of their married lives. Sexually they entered the time warp as very straight and unsophisticated people for the most part, and emerged from it as their children left home to looked around and see a new and different erotic world. The pressures of married life had restrained their sex lives to once a week on Friday night. Now still virile and strong; the cork was pulled from the bottle and the sex genie emerged in many delightful forms.

Part One - The Tease

Margaret and her husband Nels lay on their sides facing each other teasing and tempting with words and touches. Margaret's upper leg was raised over Nels hip deliciously spreading her pussy; her nipples brushing his chest; his cock between her legs. This was a new form of foreplay for the couple, allowing themselves time to allow passions and lust to build instead of a headlong rush to orgasm. They had discovered that telling each other secret fantasies and experiences about others, formerly taboo talk between them, could arouse them to a new intensity of pleasure in bed.

After years of total fidelity, they now seemed able to admit to each other that they often had thoughts of engaging in sex with others. This openness was probably the result of being part of a group of friends of similar age and circumstance who had taken to partying together on a regular basis. All in their mid to late forties with their kids mostly out in the world, middle class incomes and suddenly with more time to enjoy life in general and ready to explore sex with someone other than their partners.

It had started with a group of ten or twelve couples but was now reduced to five as the parties became more and more intimate and only those with a sense of curiosity and adventure continued to attend. The parties had become very erotic and included video porn sessions, adult games, intimate dancing and kissing while alternating partners, "no panty nights", and of course booze and even a little pot. It was an explosive mixture adding a delicious sense of danger to their lives. While the majority of individuals were thinking about swinging, in fact there were only two or three couples where both partners might be ready to take the step. Aside from the excitement of the parties; sex at home was more highly charged for all group members.

In the case of Margaret and Nels, their foreplay reports to each other had started from "I let Ron rub his cock on my hip while dancing" to "Ron had his fingers in my slit and told me he wanted to fuck me." And in Nels case "I felt Helen's big tit while we French kissed" to "Helen put her hand in my shorts and stroked my cock while we were in the 2 minute room." Such comments during foreplay along with telling each other who they would like to fuck and which couples they thought were ready to swing, had increased the intensity of their sex above and beyond anything they had previously enjoyed.

In simply dealing with the one taboo of swinging, other erotic wishes and fantasies became subjects for bed time. Liz admitted occasionally recognizing something in another woman that turned her on, Nels wanted a threesome with two ladies, pulling his cock out of one pussy and putting it into another. They talked of anal sex, inter-racial desires, voyeurism, unusual locations, and on and on, their chat serving to increase the desire for each other. But mostly it was the thought of seeing their partner fucking someone else that filled their minds.

This night however, Margaret had a little different story to tell. She whispered, "I was bad today, do you want to hear what I did?" She felt his immediate excitement, a surge in his knob as it brushed her slit between her legs. "This afternoon, Don (their 22 year old son) came over for a swim and brought Johnny and Malcolm along. I have told you before that Malcolm has always watched me, sneaking peeks at my boobs and legs. Today I was in the kitchen cleaning up. I had taken the boys some snacks earlier and Malcolm could barely keep his eyes off me, and I let him have a good look. I was wearing my terry-cloth shorts and halter top and felt very sexy."

"After I returned to the kitchen I could see his head turning to watch me through the window as I moved around and could tell that he was becoming aroused so I locked eyes with him, just to let him know that I knew. Don and Johnny got up and left in the car for something, Malcolm staying behind. He came into the kitchen asking for a drink. His eyes followed me as I moved around, bending down to pick something up, reaching up into the cupboards and so on. My slit was wet at the thought of what I was doing to him."

She had Nels attention now wondering what would come next, his knob pushed into her slit, his breath coming in short gasps, his hands sliding to her butt, caressing her cheeks, pulling them apart encouraging her to tell more. "Then what happened" he said in a strange voice. She did not respond right away, but moved her hips back and forth, massaging his knob in her slit. He groaned a little.

"I could see his hard cock lying upwards along his belly inside the swim suit as he leaned against the counter top. I moved in front of him so that I could watch outside in case the boys returned. He was staring down at my breasts as I moved in front of him; my nipples were erect and poking through the soft cloth of my halter top. I looked up at him and ran the palm of my hand up along his cock through his bathing suit. His eyes seemed panic stricken as he gasped, "Mrs. Holden", but he did not move away. We continued standing as I stroked and rubbed his cock."

Nels rolled her to her back, her legs coming up around him and he drove his cock deep into her, his body tensed as he murmured "Damn baby, what happened next?" Margaret almost lost it then, the vivid memory of stroking Malcolm's cock while her husband was now fully inside of her was almost too much to take. But she calmed herself again, and relaxed while Nels slowed his pace as well, just pulling himself in and out of her slowly with long strokes, rubbing his cock one side then the other of her love hole, feeling the hot little tongues massaging his cock as it slid in and out, wanting to hear more.

Marg continued, "His body was rigid as I pulled out the band of his swim suit and slipped my hand inside, my fingers finding his cock and tracing around the ridge of his knob then sliding down to his bush. I could feel it stiffen even more now and my pussy was so wet at the thought of how it might feel in me. I just had to see it."

Nels moaned loudly, digging his knees into the bed as he began to screw her more quickly, his hands under her butt, pinching and squeezing it as he ground away in her. In a strangled voice he said, "Was he big?" Margaret hesitated again, and said "yes". A few furious thrusts in her and again he asked, "Big as me?" A longer hesitation as her heart pounded at this combination of erotic thought and physical sensation, "yes, he was huge".

Poor Nels, the mental image of his lovely wife's hand around a hard young cock while he was screwing her inflamed him. They both screwed madly again, then slowed once more, he wanted to hear more and she wanted to tell him.

"Malcolm did not move as I quickly pulled his trunks down to his thighs, his big cock sprung free, I could not take my eyes off of it. Malcolm murmured again, "Mrs. Holden!" But I needed to continue, I had no idea where this was going but I could not stop myself."

"I moved to his side now my breasts crushed against his chest, grasping the base of his cock with one hand and stroking him with the other. He was so thick my fingers could not completely surround his shaft, oh damn, and even with two hands holding him there was still cock sticking out with a giant knob on the end. It was wild, I was so horny, I thought about what it would feel like to have that big young cock spreading my slit, God baby."

"As I stroked him, I began thinking about kneeling in front of him and taking the knob in my mouth. But it was too late now as he was leaning back against the counter top, his head thrown back and eyes shut and I could feel him starting to shake, his knees bending some, I knew he was cumming. I moved in behind him, an arm around each side rubbing my tits against his back, oh God, both hands holding his cock and he began to fuck my hands until he blew his load."

This did it for both of them now, Margaret crying out as she began her orgasm as Nels body jerked and shot hot cum up her pussy. At last he collapsed down on her, burying her body under his, her pussy still trembling and convulsing, milking his cock as it began to soften, squeezing it out of her slit.

After a while, he rolled off of her to his side, she laying there with legs still spread, breasts splayed each side of her body, and eyes closed in exhaustion. She was a little nervous now at what his reaction might be to her story. But he said, "God that was hot. Did you think of fucking him?" Margaret said, "oh yes, I am still thinking of it, in fact I just imagined it was him just doing me and not you. I would not do it without your knowledge, but baby, if he had decided to fuck me, I doubt I could have or would have wanted to stop him."

Nels said, "Man the thought excites me, and it sure makes for good fucking between us!" They both smiled. Margaret moved closer to her husband, kissing him on the neck her hands stroking him. Quietly now she whispered, "do you want me to fuck him?" Nels paused now, a giant step in their relationship at hand. There had been a time not too long ago when his wife would not have even spoken the word "fuck".

Nels had once been a jealous and controlling husband and it had taken years for him to slacken off and accept that his pretty wife might desire another man. But it turned out that talking about those desires while admitting his own immensely improved their life in bed. It was a slow process but now the thoughts of swinging filled his mind. Some nights they told each other who they would fuck and then both pretended it was the real thing. Mind blowing sex often was the result, but it was time perhaps to move things along to real encounters.

Finally he said, "Not yet baby. Let's play this along a bit and see where it goes. Take him to another level, but no pussy for him yet." Margaret's nipples tightened at the words, sending signals to her pussy to get ready for a new experience.

Part Two - Seduction

Margaret stood drying herself with a soft towel after a long relaxing bath, looking at herself in the mirror, breasts hanging nicely and swaying as she moved, erect nipples, nice hips and butt, a few stretch marks but overall she was pleased with her appearance.

She pulled on a short white robe, fixed her hair and returned to the bedroom. Nels lay on the bed watching her as she approached, smiling at the new confidence she exuded overall, just a beautiful woman. She bent and kissed him, his hand slipping inside the robe and holding a breast, fingers rolling a nipple. She smiled and said, "Time for the phone call".

She sat on the bed with her back to the head-board; legs stretched in front of her and dialled a number. A pause then, "hmmm hello Malcolm, thanks for being there." A little polite exchange between them and then she told him she was putting him on speaker phone, she was going to be busy with her hands.

She and Nels had often carried out their version of phone sex while he was away on business and she had quite enjoyed it. Now she was about to practice it on this seemingly shy young man.

"Did you enjoy our little encounter the other day? I was terribly excited and probably did more than I should. You seemed embarrassed but also seemed to enjoy getting off. I certainly had fun, did you?"

"Oh Mrs. Holden, I enjoyed it alright but I was both surprised and nervous. I have been thinking of nothing else since it happened and how beautiful you looked."

"First of all Malcolm, it might be better if you called me Maggie when we chat like this. I know that you enjoyed my hands on your cock but I was surprised that you did not attempt to touch me; you just sort of settled back and got off. My breasts were aching to be touched, my nipples were hard, you must have noticed. I have been thinking of that day ever since and they are hard again right now."

"Ah God Maggie, I wanted to take them out and suck them but I was paralyzed at what was happening and afraid to do anything that might stop it."

"Hmmm Malcolm, I just opened my robe, I just had a hot bath and am naked under it, my fingers are pulling my nipples now, imagining that they are your fingers. How I would love to feel your lips take each of them and lick and suck on them. Can you taste them Malcolm?"

Nels moved beside his wife now, lifting a breast, licking the nipple and sucking it into his mouth. Margaret did not need to imagine anything except who was doing it to her. From Malcolm, "ah God Maggie, yes I want them in my mouth".

"Did you not think of touching my pussy then Malcolm? I was so horny stroking your cock, my pussy was throbbing, my slit wet. I probably would have cum with you if you had slipped your hand into my panties."

Just a groan from Malcolm, the sounds of him stroking himself heightened the arousal of both Margaret and Nels. "I did something special for you tonight. I shaved my pussy and fashioned a bikini cut. I was thinking of you as I trimmed away, I used a safety razor to make it smooth. First a little gel to soften the hairs, then cleared each side of my slit. Looks neat now, hmmm Malcolm, my legs are spread open as I look down, running my fingers each side of my wet slit. I wish you could see it."

More frantic sounds from Malcolm, then "Malcolm, what are you doing? Do you have your cock out? Is it hard Malcolm? Are you thinking of putting it in my pussy?"

Meanwhile Nels moved down and stretched out between Margaret's legs, his mouth kissing her inner thigh from the knee up towards her pussy. Margaret's fingers made little circles around her clit.

Finally from Malcolm, "oh God Maggie, you are driving me crazy, I can see you in that bed with your legs spread, I am so hard now. I am jerking myself off and thinking of putting it in your pussy"

Nels mouth was just brushing Margaret's pussy; she could feel his hot breath, her fingers continuing to circle her clit, now spreading her slit, inviting him to lick her. She arched her back a little, pushing her pussy towards his mouth. Her voice now strained, "Malcolm, would you like to taste my pussy" Nels tongue flicked out, rimming her lightly, her tiny inner lips flared open in the shape of an O, trembling like a flower in a breeze. Nels tongue tip poked into the O and Margaret moaned loudly.

"Ah God, Malcolm, answer me, would you like to taste my pussy? Have you ever gone down on a woman? Ah damn, Malcolm!" Margaret struggled as Nels pressed his tongue flat on her clit, pressing and rubbing it. But Malcolm had no voice, just groans and grunts, the sound of him hammering his cock with his hand.

Margaret did not have the time to finish her seduction, Nels was between her legs on his knees now, the knob of his cock rubbing her slit, all wet from her juices, then half way in and out, like a dip stick measuring oil in a car, then to the hilt, Margaret arching her back up to receive him, surrendering herself to lust, sliding downwards to her back, her legs up around Nels, clamping him to her. The whack, whack, whack of bellies slapping together along with her moans the only sound that she was still online.

The silence was now broken by heavy breathing from each end, then "Malcolm, are you still there, I am sorry that I lost it just then, I had to cum. I had three fingers right up my pussy." In a strangled voice, "Oh boy Maggie, I just cum too, you have been on my mind for a long time." A pause, "Malcolm," Nels pushed up a bit from her and their eyes met and locked, "would you like to fuck me?"

As Malcolm whispered "yes, I want to fuck you" he smiled to himself. It was working once more. In the past year he had enjoyed screwing several married ladies in the age group 35 to 50. He had found a way to play the seduction game by allowing himself to be seduced by the ladies. He was polite, acted innocent of life in general, managed to get close to them at critical times and surrendered to them when they made their move. His hard body and large cock no doubt added something to the equation.

While Malcolm usually had a lady of his own age for a girl friend, he did prefer more mature ladies for sex. To him, mature married women were more sure of themselves, they knew what they wanted, there were fewer complications and provided pure sexual pleasure without recrimination. They also had reasons for being discreet. He just enjoyed older women in bed.

Actually he had stumbled on this formula a year or so back when he was seduced by his Aunt Susan who was married to one of his father's brothers. He and his father used to go fishing at his brother's cabin on weekends. His Aunt Susan stayed at camp all summer long and one weekday Malcolm traveled out to the cabin to fish and swim for the day. Susan had always been sweet to Malcolm but she had taken a different interest in him lately, although he had not recognized it prior to this day. He had always enjoyed seeing her in swim suits and summer skirts but had never even thought of making a move.

After his swim he had entered one of the bedrooms to change. He was drying himself with a towel, his cock swinging and flapping in front of him when he sensed her in the room behind him. Two soft arms came around him, slipped down his side and then in front of his belly then closed on his soft cock. He felt her bare breasts rubbing his back.

Not a word was spoken, his cock stiffened at her touch, one hand holding it and the other playing with his big balls. She drew her breath in quickly as she felt his cock stiffen in her hand, her leg hooking partly around his, her pussy pressed against his naked butt. He could see part of her in the mirror, clutched against his back, totally naked, her eyes shut in the pleasure of feeling his cock fill her hand.

She released him and moved to the bed. He turned to see her lying naked, legs spread, her arms outstretched, and her eyes imploring him. His eyes drifted to her pussy, a red slash in between the white of her legs below the dark V of her full bush. Without a word he crawled over her as her hand grasped and guided his cock to her slit, rubbing the knob to wet it, then began arching her back upwards, raising her pussy up to surround the knob with her lips, then her fingers digging into his butt and pulling him into her.

He worked it slowly into her, slow fucking her until her pussy seemed open enough to take it all and he felt her begin to fuck back at him. They were soon both lost in the feeling of his cock sliding back and forth in her pussy, her tits squashed to his chest, her legs around his back with heels digging into the back of his legs. She arched her back upwards, presenting her open cunt to him as he drove into her, and then tightening it as he withdrew. It was pure fucking without emotion, pleasure the only objective.

Only the sound of the waves on the beach matched the sounds of their screwing, and even that was blocked out by their grunts and moans as they charged to orgasm. As Malcolm began to cum, his hands went up under her back, hooked back over her shoulders chinning himself in her as he thrust his cock deep in her. Their bodies began to thrash, jerking and convulsing as they began to cum.

He collapsed on her, covering her body, his cock still stroking slowly. After a few minutes, Malcolm began to pull his cock out of his Aunty, but she held him in there with her legs until he sank back down on her, waiting to build for another. He rolled her on top of him and lay there and let her help herself, watching her riding him, her soft breasts bouncing as she sat upright with eyes closed and his thumb rubbing the top of her slit.

It was the first and last time in bed with Aunt Susan but it was the beginning of his seduction of other older women. The lessons he learned from these women who were unafraid to ask what they wanted was an even bigger bonus. He had become an accomplished swordsman at a young age.

Since that time he had managed to be seduced by several more mature ladies; a friend of his Aunt Susan, friends of his parents, neighbourhood ladies, and now possibly the mother of his buddy. The world was good.

Part Three - The Confession

Later that week, Margaret was sitting at the pool with her best friend Liz sipping wine in the sun. She and Margaret were largely responsible for the increasing amount of erotic play at the parties. Both had become fascinated with the possibility of swinging and thought up most of the games aimed at promoting unfettered sex. It was quite amazing how women are able to discuss issues like this amongst themselves, and they had tried to influence the other ladies in trying to open up this new exciting world for all of them.

Liz was best described as a willowy, fairly tall, small breasted woman with trim hips and legs; a strawberry blond type with freckles and very white skin. She had a sensual appeal to both men and women. She also had designs on Nels and if nothing else came of the parties she and Margaret hoped they could at least get to swing with each others husbands.

Margaret began to relate the experiences of the last few weeks to Liz and sensed her arousal as the story unfolded. After recounting how she had jerked Malcolm off she described the phone sex with him while Nels was fucking her. A pause and Liz said, "Damn Margaret, have you decided whether you are going to fuck Malcolm?" Margaret took a deep breath and said, "I already have". Liz gasped and said "my God, tell me was it good? Where and when did you do it? Does Nels know you did it? Were you nervous when he mounted you?"

Margaret shuddered and smiled, "Yes, it was wild, and Nels knew about it ahead of time. We fucked in our bedroom where we were able to film it. We made a video of it without Malcolm's knowledge so that Nels could watch me get laid. Nels and I have been watching it and have screwed every night since. We both might go blind soon. Ah God, it was exciting, do you want to see the clip"

There was no need for Liz to answer but she gasped, "Damn yes, I want to see it". They moved quickly into the house as Margaret was as desperate to watch it again as she was to show Liz. She had become a bit of a narcissist and had discovered that she enjoyed displaying her body. They settled on a couch side by side in front of the TV.

The clip started with Margaret in a robe leading Malcolm to the side of the bed. "We were both nervous, but I asked him to sit down." Malcolm sat on the edge of the bed and Margaret dropped her robe to the floor, standing totally naked in front of him. She leaned ahead placing her hands on his shoulders, her breasts dangling in his face. His hands were on her hips, then slid around behind to her cheeks. He went right after her, lifting and licking underneath her breasts, licking and sucking her nipples, almost gobbling them.

Liz reacted immediately to his onslaught and said, "He doesn't look too inexperienced to me" and Margaret said, "I was surprised, he was very good and turned me totally on with his nipple play, and look at his fingers now in my pussy. He was expert with them, gentle but busy on the clit, rubbing my cunt lips together, then stroking the lips, then a big thick finger working its way into me, I almost cum right there and believe me I still wanted to be fucked. God he was good."

Liz whispered, "You have a bikini cut, I shaved my bush off totally. God he is a madman at your tits." Malcolm's mouth moved down her belly and kissed her hips and then her bush, sliding one hand up between her legs to part them. "I asked him to taste my slit" and while Malcolm held her hips steady Margaret raised one foot up on the bed to spread herself more as he bent his head down to lick and suck her pussy. "Ah my God" said Liz. Both women were now lying back in a corner of the couch, legs spread in front of them, fingers caressing their own nipples and rubbing pussies, eyes fastened on the TV.

Malcolm stood up now and Margaret sat on the edge of the bed as he pulled his T shirt off, revealing a powerful upper body and arms. Margaret unzipped his shorts, pulled them down, his hard cock making a tent in his under shorts, which she quickly pulled off. Liz cried out, "God Marg he is huge, don't tell me he could get that in your pussy!" "I knew it would be a challenge but I had thought of nothing else since I jerked him off a few weeks ago."

Marg was now rubbing her cheeks on the big cock, holding it in her hand, stroking it, now kissing it, licking it like a cob of corn, then slapping it against her tongue, finally closing her lips around the knob. One hand went to his balls lifting them and caressing them, squeezing them gently. At her touch Malcolm grabbed her head and tried to sink his cock down her mouth. "He tried to fuck my mouth, he was too big for that, so I quickly pulled off of it and stood up."

Both ladies now had their fingers in their slits, massaging their clits slowly and deliciously as they watched Malcolm lay back on the bed. Marg whispered, "I wanted to mount him from above so that I could control taking it in my pussy."

Liz choked out, "Jesus baby, were you frightened at all? Were you nervous? You look determined". "All I knew was that I wanted to feel that in me, and that I wanted to get fucked, there was nothing else on my mind".

Marg mounted Malcolm, her knees on each side of him, her swollen wet pussy lips hovering over his shaft, moving her hips back and forth to position herself, her wet slit finally rubbing his knob, then slowly sinking over it, the big knob disappearing inside her. His thumb began to rub her clit. She began to fuck the knob only, slowly at first, then a little more actively, and then her body began to settle down. "I told him not to move, to let me get it in before he started, but I could feel his shaft throbbing in me and I knew I would not have much time".

Liz was moaning now, three fingers right up her pussy, and then frantically pulling her panties off, totally naked on the couch from the waist down. Margaret followed suit and quickly pulled her panties off as well. Two friends watching a video clip of one of them fucking a young stud, it could not get any more erotic than this. Or could it?

Malcolm's cock was almost totally buried now in Marg's pussy as she leaned ahead bracing herself with her hands on his shoulders, breasts dangling in front of his face. He remained calm but it was easy to see he wanted to start serious fucking as he licked each nipple as it swung to his mouth. Marg said, "at this point I had almost all of him in me, I was relaxing more it seemed, notice my movements up and down on half his cock, but I could sense it would not be long before he would go wild, his eyes were boring into mine, his cock was throbbing. I was ready now for more and began to fuck him with longer strokes; damn it felt so good, that big shaft rubbing all sides of my hole."

Liz could not take her eyes off of the TV where her best friend was about to be fucked like she had never been before. Malcolm's hands grabbed Marg at the hips to hold her, and then his butt began to drive his cock up into her, the strokes getting longer and longer as her cunt accommodated more and more of it. Marg's tits were bouncing wildly now, the muffled sounds of her groans adding to the erotic scene.

Suddenly Malcolm flipped her to her back and he was on top of her and pounding her pussy relentlessly. Marg's legs were now extended up around his hips. His muscular butt strained as he as he took full control of matters. They both cum at once, neither able to sustain the furious action, their bodies jerked and thrashed for seconds, then became quiet as he collapsed down on her, her legs falling to his sides.

In a choked voice Liz said, "God baby, that was wild, how did you feel after that?" Marg was still fingering herself "I was exhausted, my pussy numb, he was still in me and slow fucking me, I was wondering who had seduced who, he was certainly quite expert for a young man. But he was not finished and within seconds it seemed his strokes began to lengthen again."

They watched in total fascination as the young stallion began to regain his composure with long slow strokes, pausing to rub his knob in her slit, and then sliding it back in her now fully available cunt. He lifted himself to his knees, lifting one of Marg's legs to his shoulder while turning her to her side. "I did not realize what he was doing at first, after cumming I presumed he would pull out and that he was just enjoying the last few strokes, but soon I could feel him swelling up in me like a dog's cock. But mostly it was his eyes boring into mine, no words but his eyes seemed to be saying "I'm going to fuck you again", and I just let him use me, I loved it".

The end of the clip showed Malcolm pulling his dripping cock out of Margaret, she lying completely spread out on the bed, her breasts red and swollen splayed each side of her chest, her bush wet with sweat and cum, her eyes still closed. "God I was finished, I have never had such a workout, I was afraid to get out of the bed, wondered if I could stand let alone walk away, my pussy hurt!"

Liz and Marg turned to each other on the couch and smiled at their common situation, naked below the waist, legs spread and fingers caressing their pussies. Liz asked, "Will you fuck him again?" Marg said, "no I don't think so, that was too physical and there was no real tenderness, it was straight fucking without even kissing. It was a blast and has turned Nels and I on to each other even more, but that will be my only fling with Malcolm."

"Nels and I both want more fun though; we want to swing with another couple." She looked knowingly at Liz, "Nels wants it to be you and Paul, and so do I, any chance?"

A pause and Liz said, "I have told you before that Nels turns me on, and I believe Paul wants to bed you, but he is so cautious and careful and terribly straight, we will have to work on him."

They rolled on their sides facing each other, still fingering themselves. Wordlessly they removed their tops and bras, now both were totally naked. Their hands reached out to pull each other closer, each one wondering if this was really happening. Their breasts brushed together, bellies touched, hips tight together now, and lips touching. A soft kiss as Liz moved one leg between Marg's pressing her knee upwards until she felt pussy, Marg reacting by rubbing her pussy on it. Their questioning eyes met, both reading "yes" in the others.

Their mouths came together in a probing kiss, tongue tips exploring and breasts rubbing and Liz felt Marg's hands slide between her legs from behind, searching and finding her swollen wet cunt lips. Neither one had previously experienced another woman although both had thought of it at times. Viewing Marg's video however had opened up the erotic world for them and they were ready for a new experience.

This was just the beginning, not the end.

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