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A Night of Amazing Firsts

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A Night of Incredible Firsts….. My wife and I recently experienced a night that gave us the chance to take our sex lives to places neither of us thought we’d ever experience…. Hi, my name is Les. My wife Chris and I are in our late forties and have been happily married for just over twenty years. Until about two years ago, Chris and I had been mutually exclusive to each other when it came to our sex lives. We met right after college and after a couple of months of dating, we lost our virginity to each other and had been the only person we had sex with until about two years ago. Chris looks like your typical “suburban” wife, she stands 5ft 8in tall with shoulder length dark brown hair that has natural highlights due to amount of time she spends out in the sun. Although she’s critical of her figure, the few extra pounds that she’s put on since we’d gotten married have made her more desirable as she now has more of ha hour-glass shape to her and her once 34A’s are now full and luscious 36C’s. My one and only complaint about her is that I think she has the perfect ass to rock a pair of thong or G-string panties but she refuses as she says that thin piece of material between her ass cheeks is uncomfortable, so she will only wear a thong or G-string when she’s horny and looking to being the aggressor with sex. Chris and I had gone out one night for a “date night” and after a really nice dinner we headed to a dance club where we ran into an old friend of Chris that was visiting with her husband. After several drinks and a lot of dancing, we hung out with Chris’ friend (Melissa) and her husband (Mark). Melissa and Mark are a great couple to hang out with and we seemed to have a lot in common. As we talked and had several more drinks Melissa suggested that Mark dance with Chris and when those two headed for the dance floor, Melissa asked me to dance. The four of us danced with each other over the next couple of hours. It was about one in the morning, when Mark had suggested that we leave the club we were at and head to a club he had seen a couple blocks away. We departed the dance club and Chris and I followed Melissa and Mark and the next thing we knew, we were at the entrance to a strip club. Chris and I had never been in a strip club together before, but I guess with our inhibitions fading away due to the amount of alcohol we’d been drinking we reluctantly followed Melissa and Mark in. We found a table in the rear of the club where the four of us enjoyed a couple more rounds of drinks as well as the “entertainment” afforded us by the beautiful naked women dancing all over the club. Mark and Melissa asked us if we’d go back to their hotel room for a nightcap, I think largely due to the alcohol we agreed to go with them. When we got to their room Mark poured another round of drinks. Before long, Mark and Melissa were going at each other like a couple of love-starved teenagers. At first, it felt a bit uncomfortable watching another couple make out the way they did, but Chris and I found it strangely erotic and it didn’t take long before we began to make out as well. One thing led to another and before long, Chris and I were in the midst of our first ever “swap”. It started out as a soft swap eventually evolved into a same-room full swap! For the first time ever, Chris and I had had sex with someone else. Much to our surprise….WE LOVED IT! As great as the sex was with Mark and Melissa, the intimacy and closeness that Chris had experienced from sharing the events of our first swing experience made it even better. On our way home, we reflected on what we had just done and the heightened eroticism consumed us and when we got home, Chris and I fucked like rabbits going at it all night only stopping when we saw the sky lightening with the start of a new day. We had fucked ourselves crazy to the point, that once we did stop we fell asleep and slept till mid-afternoon. When we woke that afternoon, we talked more about what had happened the night before and we realized that the sharing of our desires and finding out that we both had at some level fantasized about having sex with others was something we both had in common. We began to discuss in greater depth the details of how we would enjoy bringing others into our bedroom. We called Mark and Melissa and arranged a meeting with them that night for dinner and they were great. Mark and Melissa shared with Chris and I many of the plusses and minuses of living in the lifestyle. They openly told us of some of the bumps that they and other couples had experienced affording Chris and I a better understanding and clearing many of the negative stereotypes that we had previously had about people living in the lifestyle. . Mark and Melissa told us that they had a number of people that they play with but their circle of play partners was a relatively small group of about a dozen people that was made up of three couples, a couple of single females and two of Melissa’s “boyfriends”. We left Mark and Melissa and Chris and I again began to talk about how far we wanted to go about opening our sex lives to include others. After several nights and days of great openness and intimate discussions, Chris and I had decided to keep our play to just one other couple… Mark and Melissa. Fortunately, the trip Mark and Melissa had been on was for Mark to interview for a job in our city and he was offered the job and soon, Melissa and Mark were living on the other side of our town. Chris and I couldn’t have been happier, having Mark and Melissa near to us allowed us to occasionally meet with them and spend the night at someone’s home or one of the local upscale hotels. Chris and I were very much aware that Mark and Melissa had other play partners other than Chris and I but we were completely comfortable with that and ecstatic with the reenergized sex life that we were enjoying. Over the next six months or so, Chris and I would meet Mark and Melissa once a month for a play date and everything seemed to be going great! It was late that September when Chris and I had received an invitation for an “adults only” Halloween Party that Mark and Melissa would be hosting. Chris and I had never been to a lifestyle “house party” and were unsure if we really wanted to attend an event that we thought would be a little “over the top” for us. Once again, Chris and I talked to Mark and Melissa and they again were amazing at sharing all the details about what would be going on that night and what to expect. The two had explained that at a house party that they host, “The ladies make ALL the rules!” Some of the other rules of the night were disclosed to us such as what is meant by how the door to the room was. Mark explained that if the door was closed, that particular room was “closed” and no one was allowed to enter either as a participant or a voyeur. He went on to say that if the door was partially opened, it was a signal that voyeurs were welcome, but no other participants were allowed. Finally he said that if the door was fully open, all were welcome, both voyeurs and participants. Chris then explained that when the guests check in, they’d be given a wristband that would indicate what that person’s preference was. Red meant the person was straight, green meant they were bi” and white meant they are curious. One of the final rules that they shared was that “safe sex” was strongly encouraged and that condoms would be provided, however it wasn’t uncommon for some participants to go without protection but ultimately everything resorted to rule #1, "The ladies make ALL the rules!”. The last note that Mark and Melissa shared was that all were encouraged to wear some sort of “sexy” costume and that masks were encouraged! With all that was shared, Chris and I spent the next couple of days talking about whether or not we’d attend. One night we were lying in bed after a long day of “life” and the subject of the invitation had reared its head again. Realizing that openness was the key to making things work, I confided to Chris that I wanted to go to the party. I expressed that I had little desire to participate in play, but I told Chris how much I thought it’d be erotic and sexually stimulating to be more of a voyeur that night. My confession seemed to be like uncorking a clogged bottle as Chris opened up about her desire as well. For the next hour or so, we talked about how we’d attend as voyeurs instead or participants. We also talked about how if after being there amidst the sexual energy and raw sex, if we together changed our minds, that we could join in on the fun. The next morning, Chris called Melissa to give our reply and Chris said that Melissa seemed overly excited that we’d be attending. With about two weeks before the party, Chris and I began looking for costumes for the party. I had always enjoyed the swashbuckling personal of a pirate so I found my costume fairly easily. Chris struggled to find a costume that was sexy but not too slutty as she put it. Our first attempt to find an outfit was less than successful, over the next couple of days we hit a couple other shops with nothing that Chris felt comfortable with. One night we were looking online at several different costume stores and Chris had finally found a female pirate costume that she liked. Sadly, the extent of the sexiness of her outfit was that the skirt was higher on her thigh than she would typically wear. Feeling a bit disappointed that Chris didn’t choose the outfit that looked similar to mine and was a WHOLE LOT sexier, when Chris asked me to place the order, I took it as an opportunity to make a “mistake” in my ordering and getting her the more seductive outfit. When her costume arrived, I hid it in my closet intending to bring it out the night of the party with no chance for her to change outfits. The night of the party came and when it was time to get ready, Chris and I showered and began to put on our costumes. Chris was standing there in a pair of full-bottomed, black satin panties and matching satin and lace bra. Knowing how seductive her costume was, I suggested that she choose to wear either a thong or G-string to which she told me that she was more concerned with comfort. Chris opened the box her costume was in and once she saw the picture she realized that I had pulled a fast one on her and her costume for the night was far more revealing and seductive than the one she had intended to be wearing. Chris asked me if I had done that on purpose to which I confessed that I thought she’d look MUCH BETTER in the outfit in front of her versus the one that she had wanted. Chris gave me one of her smirk smiles as she shook her head in playful disapproval. Chris’ outfit started with a pair of mid thigh-high fishnet stockings, knee high “pirate” boots with 6” heels, a fitted “leather” shirt that barely covered her ass cheeks. Reluctantly, because of the height of the skirt’s hemline, Chris opted to wear one of her Brazilian style panties that gave her the “full-coverage” feel yet allowed the lower parts of her ass cheeks to be exposed. Her upper portion of her costume was a white lacy corset that propped up her breasts beautifully. Over her corset was a “leather” vest that brought more attention to her tits and cleavage which I absolutely loved. Her costume made me excited and brought gave me a decent hard-on. All of that was topped off with a simple black satin eye mask and finally a pirate hat to complete the look. Although Chris wasn’t too happy I changed costumes on her, after she looked herself in the mirror she saw just how sexy she was and she gave me a “thank you" kiss on my cheek. We left our house and headed over to Mark and Melissa’s house. As we headed to the other side of town we talked about what our expectations were for the night. Occasionally, Chris would flash me her satin covered pussy as she would pull up the hem of her skirt! Seeing how flirtatious my wife was sent shivers down my spine in expectation of the fund she and I would be having later that night. The drive took about 40 minutes and we laughed and shared openly what we wanted of the night. When we got to Mark and Melissa’s home, there were a number of cars at their home and seeing those cars there all of a sudden made things a whole lot more real. Chris looked at me and took a deep breath followed by a big gulp. I could tell she was nervous and I have to admit, I too was nervous about what we were about to walk into. We paused at the door for a moment and we looked at each other, we collectively took a deep breath then Chris rang the doorbell. We were welcomed at the door by Mark who was dressed at the Phantom of the Opera and he brought us through their foyer and into their large living room which tied into their large commercial grade kitchen. Much to my surprise, there wasn’t anything going on as far as people openly having sex. Seeing people just hanging out, talking story and simply socializing clearly made Chris settle a bit as I could feel her heart rate drop as I held her hand. We found Melissa in the kitchen being a good hostess making sure their guests’ needs were being met. Melissa was dressed as an Arabian princess in a light-blue costume. Her costume was a light blue matching thong and bra covered by a light-blue sheer material that went from her ankles to her waist yet still allowing all to see her amazingly firm lower half. She wore one of those Arabian princess head-dresses with the sheer vail that covered the lower half of her face. She was absolutely stunning and oh so sexy…. Chris knows that I have this “thing” for Disney’s princess Jasmine and Chris looked a whole lot like her. Seeing Melissa dressed as an “adult and sexy” version of Jasmine definitely made me happy and horny. Melissa saw Chris and I and she happily greeted us. She gave showed us where the bar was and took Chris and I to get our wristbands for the night. As Melissa walked us through their house, I could see a couple of the guys and even women eying up Chris, she looked amazing and I like the idea that others were finding her attractive as well. When we go to the study, Melissa asked us what color wristband, both Chris and I responded at the same time “Red”…., then as Melissa grabbed two red wristbands, Chris coyly looked at me then changed her reply to white. That change in her reply took me by surprise but I will admit that hearing that she was “curious” sure made me excited and curious to see where things might go if it went beyond Chris and I playing voyeur. We grabbed our wristbands and headed back to the kitchen and living room area to mingle with the other guests there. Total there must have been about thirty people there with there being mostly couples and a number of what appeared to be single women and what were about two or three unattached gentlemen. Most of the people there appeared to be around our age, in the late thirties to the early fifties at the oldest. The guys there all seemed to be fairly fit and rocking a variety of costumes from super-heroes, to guys dressed as doctors, cops and even a couple of firemen. One of the guys that seemed to have caught Chris’ attention was a guy dressed as Superman. He was a black guy who didn’t need those fake muscles because he was definitely built, and with the fitted body suit, it was clear that he was rather large where it mattered most! The ladies on the other hand were dressed in all sorts of sexy costumes from a Marylyn Monroe to women dressed as sexy cops, a bumble bee and of course ladies dressed as hookers. I thought that it was ironic that these ladies were dressed as hookers considering they were at a house party for “swingers”. The crowd looked interesting and there were pockets of groups of three to four people all over the kitchen and living room engaged in casual conversation. In the background, there was music playing through the stereo system but no one was dancing. Chris and I had been there nearly an hour talking to different people and getting to know a number of the guests that were there. Chris and I found it very comforting that when people asked us about what we were looking to do that night, no one made an effort to pressure us to do more when we said we were mainly there to “watch” unsure if we were ready to engage in playing with others. It was about ten-thirty or so when Melissa made her way to the center of the kitchen/living room area, she had her wine glass that was nearly empty and began to tap it with a spoon to get everyone’s attention. Once the room quieted down, Melissa announced that the rooms were now ready for play! She reiterated the “door policy” and reminded everyone about the first rule of parties that they host, “the ladies make ALL the rules!”, her final note was that she and Mark wanted guests to know that the pool and Jacuzzi were open, but she and Mark asked that all nudity and play be kept in the house as not wanting their neighbors to “get concerned”. I expected to see a mass exodus of people into the rooms for play but again much to my surprise, that didn’t happen. People continued to talk, but as the music got a bit louder some of the ladies began to dance rather seductively. Again, expecting to see people having sex everywhere and anywhere, then NOT seeing it again proved another preconception Chris and I had wrong. As a few of the ladies began to dance, others began to join in. Before long, women were dancing with other women and there were women dancing with guys too. Chris and I both confided with each other that what we were experiencing was nothing like what we had expected, in fact we both felt kind of comfortable in the midst of what was going on around us. Knowing that this night would soon evolve into a night of “free sex” all of a sudden didn’t seem so overwhelming. I headed to the kitchen to grab another drink for Chris and I so I kissed my wife on her lips and left her. I reached the kitchen and I ran into Mark. Mark asked how Chris and I were doing and if we had decided if we’d reconsidered playing instead of just being voyeurs. I confessed that I would love to give it a chance but that I would have to see if Chris would be open to playing first, I reminded Mark of their first rule of the night, “the ladies make ALL the rules!” With that comment, Mark pointed towards the living room and told me to “look”, my wife Chris was seductively dancing with Melissa on one side of her and on the other was the black gentleman dressed as Superman. Mark and I “clinked” glasses and toasted each other and I began to wonder if this night would evolve into more than just being a voyeur. I headed back to where I had left Chris and enjoyed watching my wife dance with Melissa and “Superman”. My cock got hard as I watched Melissa run her had up and down Chris’ body. Melissa rubber her hands over Chris’ ass which made Chris smile with pleasure. At one point, Chris had turned her back to Melissa so she was now facing “Superman” and Melissa lifted Chris’ skirt exposing her partially covered ass then gave it a whack on her exposed skin turning it a nice rosy shade of pink. When Melissa spanked my wife, Chris fell forward into the chest of “Superman” and much to my surprise Chris’ reaction wasn’t one of “oh… what’s going on? Who is this??”, instead she allowed “Superman” to begin caress her upper back rather seductively. I watched excitedly as my wife was in the middle of a very seductive three-way on the make shift dance floor with Melissa and this complete stranger. Seeing my wife react favorably to this strange man touching her caught me by surprise because I had always expected that I would be jealous… but I wasn’t. For the next five minutes or so, I enjoyed the sight of Chris getting caressed and lightly “felt up” by Melissa and “Superman”. After a couple of songs, Chris leaned over to Melissa and gave her a kiss on her lips and then kissed “Superman” on his cheek then made her way back to where I was. When Chris got to me she placed a huge wet juicy kiss on my lips and she apologized for letting “Superman” touch her the way he did. I reassured her that I was completely comfortable with her doing what she did and then I asked her if she had begun to have second thoughts about doing more than being just a spectator. Chris confided that she had begun to consider the possibility of playing but she still wasn’t completely comfortable with having sex with people other than Mark and Melissa. As Chris was talking to me I could see that the room had begun to empty. Only a few moments ago, there looked to be nearly thirty people in the kitchen/living room area and now there looked to be a little over a dozen. Chris said that although she thought playing with others would be great, she wasn’t quite ready for that yet. Chris leaned in and gave me a huge hug thanking me for allowing her to take things slowly and not forcing her to do things she wasn’t ready for. As soon as we broke our hug, Melissa approached us and told us that if we wanted to see some of the play rooms as they were now occupied and she encouraged us to go and see what was going on. Melissa grabbed Chris’ hand and began to lead her down the hall to where the play rooms were. As Chris was led away, she reached out to grab my hand and Chris and I were led to a world we had only fantasized about. The first room we came to had the door partially opened which meant only voyeurs were welcome. In it had two guys and three ladies in it in various stages of undress. One of the women was on her knees with her face in the crotch of one of the other women who had the two guys on either side of her. She was kissing the guy on her right and had her hand wrapped around his cock that was sticking out of his unbuttoned and unzipped trousers. Her left hand was on the back of the head of the woman whose face was in her crotch eating her out. The other guy was leaning in on the woman in the center of the attention and he was caressing one of her tits and nipples while he was kissing the other. The third woman was near the head of the bed completely naked rubbing herself. Seeing this live action porn flick in front of me definitely got me excited and brought my cock to full attention. We stood there for a few moments watching, I could feel the pulse of Chris increase to what seemed like a 1000 beats a minute. Feeling that, I knew she definitely enjoying what she was seeing. The room next to the first one had the door closed but you definitely could hear the sounds of some intense sex coming through that door. The door to the third room was completely opened which meant that people were allowed to watch or join in so watch we did. In that room had MFM threesome going on. The blonde woman was on the bed doggie-style with one guy fucking her from the rear and the other guy was on his knees in front of her with his cock in her mouth. The three of them were so into what they were doing, I don’t even think that they knew that there were three of us watching them. I can’t tell you how hot and erotic it was to be watching this, and in the recess of my mind, I was holding out that before the night was over, Chris and I might be joining in on the fun. We headed to the entertainment room that had been converted into the “big play/red room”. There was room in there for maybe about ten people with mattresses covering the entire floor with candles and other “mood” items set about the room. I could see that on one of the small tables, there was a rather large sized glass bowl that was filled with a variety of adult play toys from dildos and vibrators and even what appeared to be a strap-on. I had never seen such a collection of adult toys, so I definitely was intrigued to see as much of them in action as I could. After seeing all of the play rooms that were open to viewing, Melissa asked Chris and I if we wanted to join her in the “big play room” to get things started, but Chris politely declined. I must admit that I was disappointed to hear Chris’ choice to not participate, but I wanted to make sure that she ultimately was comfortable. Melissa gave Chris and me a hug then as we started to head back to the kitchen/living room area, Melissa headed into the room that had the MFM threesome and I thought how lucky the two guys were in that room, after all I did have the pleasure of having sex with Melissa in the past and she is one hell of a great fuck! When Chris and I got back to the kitchen/living room area, there were only about eight people remaining. I needed to head to the rest room so I sat Chris down on one of the loveseat couches and headed off. Something in me told me to not rush my trip to the bathroom, so instead of going to the one nearest the kitchen area I headed to one that was upstairs. I intentionally took longer than I usually would and when I did return, I found Chris sitting and talking with another couple and “Superman”. As I got near to her she waved at me as if to say that she was ok and that she wanted to be left alone. Seeing an opportunity to get another view of some great live sex and the chance that maybe things with Chris would progress into us joining in on the fun too I decided to leave he alone. I eagerly wanted to see what was happening with Melissa so I headed to the room that she had entered and there she was riding this dude reverse cowgirl like there was no tomorrow! I got a clear view of Melissa’s bald pussy as she engulfed the decent sized cock with her pussy. She can ride dick like a champ and there she was straddling herself over her lover leaning on her arms and feet using her pelvic area to thrust up and down on that lucky guy with her head falling backwards. I could feel my cock hard as hell trying to burst out of my pants and it had become hard to hide the fact that my cock was as hard as it was. Melissa paused for a moment bringing her head forward and opening her eyes to see me standing there. She invited me to join them which I sadly had to decline. After I told her I couldn’t, she encouraged me to pull my cock out and stroke it as I watched her! So I did what she instructed, I pulled out my 8’ hardened cock and began to stroke it enjoying watching Melissa fuck the guy she was with. Sensing myself ready to explode, I decided to pause my pace hoping that sooner or later I'd get a chance to blow my load into one of the hot and sexy women that was there. I put my dick back in my pants and as I did that, Melissa blew me a kiss and went back thinking that was one hell of that lucky guy. With my pulse racing at a 1000mph I eagerly wanted to see what was happening with Chris. When I got to where she was, the loveseat she was on was now empty, I looked around the room and no Chris. I had been standing there only for a moment when Mark came by to let me know that Chris was now in the billiards room. I headed to the billiards room and there was Chris on a chair with the face of “Superman” between her legs. The smile that ran across my face couldn’t have been bigger realizing that Chris had decided to become a participant instead of just a spectator. On the pool table, the couple that Chris and “Superman” were with was now fucking right there on the pool table next to my wife and “Superman”. Chris’ legs were wide open with her head fallen backwards obviously enjoying what “Superman” was doing to her. I walked over to her and when she saw me her first reaction was a slight startling followed by a huge smile on her face. As “Superman” continued to eat my wife’s pussy I went over to give her a kiss on her lips. Chris reached up and gave me one hell of a juicy kiss. She looked at me deep in my eyes and asked me if I was mad at her to which my answer was a kiss of my own on her! I told Chris I was happy that she decided to play and I told her to enjoy herself. Chris gave me another kiss and told me to find Melissa because she knew how much fun I had had with her in the past. As much as I wanted to go find Melissa, I really wanted to see what would be happening with my wife so I backed away and sat in a chair on the other side of the pool table which gave me a clear view of Chris and her new lover. As “Superman” continued his oral pleasuring of my wife, Chris’ hands alternated between pulling his head into her and unzipping the back of the costume. My attention was split between the couple going at it on one end of the pool table and that of my wife getting pleasured by this stranger. I watched in erotic pleasure as my wife began to tense up which was an indication that she was on the verge of an orgasm. Chris’ breathing quickened which I knew was a sure fire telltale she was going to cum. “Superman” seemed to sense that Chris was ready to cum so he pulled down Chris’ top exposing her luscious breasts and much to my surprise he stopped his oral pleasuring of Chris. Oh the anger that I saw in Chris’ eye was intense being so close to an orgasm only to stop. “Superman” leaned in and gave Chris a kiss on her lips and told her that he was going to take his time with her. He stood up and removed his costume and he was wearing nothing under which allowed everyone in the room to see his amazing physique. Chris glared at this hunk of a man standing in front of her and as her eyes went southward she obviously liked what she saw between his legs because her eyes nearly popped out of her sockets. Seeing her reaction, I figured that “Superman” was very well endowed, to which I was excited for my wife and anxious to see what he was going to do to her. “Superman” picked Chris up out of the chair she was sitting in and carried her to the open end of the pool table. He pulled the corset off of Chris allowing her tits to be fully exposed. He then hiked up her skirt to her waist and eased her down lying flat on her back. With Chris lying flat on her back he went down and again buried his face in my wife’s pussy. I watched him grab my wife’s breasts with his two hands and he passionately caressed her tits and nipples causing her nipples to pop up like large full raisins ready to be eaten. After a few minutes of “Superman” going down on Chris she pushed him off of her then climbed off the pool table. Seeing me there watching her, Chris decided that if I wanted a show, she was going to give me a show. Chris stood face to face with her new lover and she gave him a kiss on his lips and I could see the two of them probing the other’s mouth with their tongue. A few moments of French kissing was followed by Chris spinning “Superman” around so that he now was resting against the edge of the pool table. From this position I could see that “Superman” had a huge and extremely black cock with a well-defined and prominent pink-colored mushroom head. Chris peered over to me and gave me a smile then blew me a kiss. My wife then gazed at the hunk of a man sitting before her then gave the plump mushroom head of his cock a kiss. Following the kiss, Chris slid her tongue out of her mouth and I watched her gently place the tip of her tongue at the point where “Superman’s” shaft and ball sack met and then lustfully traced her way to the spot where the shaft and his head met. Chris flicked that spot with her tongue and “Superman” allowed his head to fall backwards as he relished the oral pleasuring that he was receiving. With his cock securely in her right hand, Chris began to circle “Superman’s” head with her tongue. A few moments of that caused the large black cock that she was working on to spew the first glimpses of pre-cum to seep out of “Superman’s” cock which Chris lustfully licked up with the tip of her tongue. With his head leaning back and his eyes closed, “Superman” had absolutely no idea that Chis had just consumed the pre-cum that had seeped out of his cock. After Chris had cleaned off the pre-cum that had oozed out of “Superman’s” cock, Chris wrapped a second hand around the 10 inch plus piece of black meat before her face. Chris deposited a huge glob of her saliva on “Superman’s” cock and used that as lube to begin stroking it with her two hands. Chris stroked that BBC with her two hands twisting her hands around the shaft as she stroked it up and down. Much to my surprise, and apparently Chris’ too, “Superman’s” cock grew even bigger both in length and girth looking to be almost 12 inches or more. Seeing how big he had become, I really wanted to see where things were going with Chris. My loving and beautiful wife stared at the huge piece of black man meat staring her in the face and she closed her eyes and opened her mouth and with the help of her hands took the head of “Superman” into her mouth. With his sheer size, Chris barely managed to get a little more than the head of his cock into her mouth. Chris forced herself down on that BBC to the point where she began to gag. I could see her eyes watering as she forced the head of “Superman” into her throat causing her gag reflex to go into overdrive resulting in her almost choking on that massive dick in her mouth. Seeing Chris do this to herself made me want to move in behind her and begin fucking her from the rear but something came over me and want to see her get fucked by that BBC. After struggling to get almost half of “Superman” in her mouth, Chris backed herself allowing her to catch her breath. Chris maintained her skillful stroking of “Superman’s” cock as she paused to get her bearings. “Superman” seeing an opportunity pulled Chris up to her and the two of them embraced in a sloppy passionate kiss. Still leaning against the pool table, “Superman” reached over to the small table next to them and grabbed a fresh condom then grabbed Chris by her upper thighs and hoisted her up so she was now sitting on his upper thigh with his cock mere inches away from my wife’s pussy. Realizing that “Superman” had positioned her to penetrate her, she leaned in and whispered something in his ear. “Superman” carried Chris from where they had been the past ten minutes or so the side of the pool table nearest me. This new position would afford me a clear view of “Superman” as he prepared to fuck my wife. Resuming his position leaning against the edge of the pool table, “Superman” lifted Chris high over his torso with her legs “spread eagle”. I could see “Superman’s” cock standing straight up seeking to penetrate my wife’s pussy. As he began to ease her down, Chris reached between her legs and secured the top of “Superman’s” cock with her hand and began to guide his massive dick into her waiting pussy lips. “Superman” had barely gotten his head into my wife when I heard her moan in ecstasy. I am blessed with having a dick that is bigger than average at a tad bit over 8in and possessing a fairly decent girth. The only other man that Chris had ever been fucked by was Mark and his cock is of the long thin type of penis, so what Chris was getting fucked by was by far the biggest cock she’d ever had. As more and more of “Superman” entered Chris, her moan of pleasure turned into a whimper of pleasurable pain. I watched in amazement as inch by inch of that BBC disappeared into my wife. “Superman” had gotten about half of his cock in my wife when he hoisted her up again allowing Chris to regain some semblance of normalcy in her pussy. As he lifted her off his cock I could see the traces of my wife’s pussy juices covering the upper half of “Superman’s” cock. When he had her lifted to the point where only the tip of his cock was still in her, I heard Chris gasp for air then tell “Superman” that she wanted him to fill her up with every inch of his dick. I could see Chris’ thighs tense up helping to hold her partly on “Superman’s” cock. She wrapped her arms around his neck and she began to ease herself down on his BBC quickly surpassing where he had stopped before and now she had impaled all but the last inch or two in herself. It was at this point where is seemed like Chris couldn’t take any more of his cock in her. Chris began to bounce up and down on her BBC and I watched in amazement as her labia gripped “Superman’s” cock as she slid up and down on him. At one point she had mastered getting the most out of riding him and she would rise herself to the point where her pussy only had the tip of his cock in her then she’d ride it all the way down till she couldn’t take any more of him In her. This went on for at least ten minutes and Chris still couldn’t get the last bit of “Superman” in her. Sensing that there was still more BBC to be taken in her, she paused with as much of “Superman” in her as she could, Chris leaned in and told “Superman” something in his ear. This caused him to again grab my wife by the hips and carry her this time spinning the two of them around so that Chris’ back was now to the pool table. “Superman” eased Chris down into missionary position. With Chris lying flat on her back and her legs wide open and high in the air, “Superman” paused with all but the last couple of inches in her, he stood up and began to ease in and out using a slow and steady rhythm. As he pulled his pussy juice covered cock out of my wife, I could see the accumulation of her now white pussy juices covering his cock. At this point, Chris was moaning again loudly with every thrust into her sounding almost as if she was in pain. The couple that had been fucking on the other side of the pool table had finished and had now joined me in being spectators to “Superman” and my wife. Chris began to beg “Superman” to bury all of his cock in her, “Fuck me hard! Give me every inch of your dick!” Chris demanded! “Superman” apparently took that as s challenge so he grabbed Chris by the hips and lifted her slightly off the pool table surface giving him a better angle to finish plunging his cock in my wife. With Chris' lower half being held off the table, “Superman” resumed a more forceful fucking of my wife’s pussy. With his intensified assault on fucking Chris, “Superman” was finally able to bury every inch of his massive cock in my wife. Soon the sound of his pelvic area slapping against my wife’s crotch area filled the billiards room. “Superman pumped hard into Chis for what seemed like forever though it was like about ten minutes in real time. All the while Chris was screaming in ecstasy and lust as she got the fucking of her life. Chris had been getting fucked by her BBC lover for over twenty minutes and he looked like he had no indication of stopping any time soon. After several minutes of “Superman” pumping the hell out of Chris in missionary position, she pushed him off of her and demanded to get fucked doggie style, which happens to be her favorite position.

Chris crawled to the middle of the pool table and “Superman” followed. My wife got on all fours and lowered her upper torso to the table sticking her ass and pussy high in the air. Their positioning would give me full view of my wife getting fucked in her favorite position. “Superman” approached her from the rear, he took his massive cock in his right hand and slapped it a couple of times against the crack of my wife’s ass. Feeling that huge snake of a cock against the crack of her ass made Chris beg harder for her stud to resume fucking her. “Superman” grabbed the head of his dick and eased the head into my wife’s dripping and worn pussy. His pussy juice covered cock slipped easily back into Chris and he shoved every list inch into her until his torso was flush with my wife’s ass. After pausing for a moment, “Superman” again began to rhythmically pump in and out of Chris. Her screams had gotten to the point where she now had an audience of about six or seven watching her. Slowly and steadily “Superman” began to increase his pace. He reached around with his right hand and grabbed my wife’s right titty so he could caress, and pull on her nipple as he fucked her. As he drove her into a newer level of sexual pleasure, Chris began to lose what little strength she had left in her and she began to become limp as a rag doll as “Superman” continued his amazing fucking of my wife. With Chris' body almost completely limp, “Superman” reached around with his left hand towards Chris’ crotch. It appeared that he began to rub Chris’ clit as he fucked her wildly. The stimulation of her clit as she got fucked brought Chris back to life as she entered a whole new realm of sexual pleasure. Although part of me was jealous that “Superman” was pleasuring Chris like I had never done before, I relished the realization that my wife was getting the fucking of her life. As Chris began to come back to life, I noticed a sheen of perspiration on both she and her BBC stud. With the perspiration covering their bodies, the sound of their pelvic areas slapping together began to have a wet-slapping sound to it now which heightened my arousal even more than before. Chris had been getting fucked for nearly thirty minutes and I wondered how much more could “Superman” last. It was about that point when Chris was able to experience something she’d never had before….. the combination of “Superman” fucking her silly and him rubbing her clit caused Chris to have a raging orgasm while she got penetrated. Chris began to scream uncontrollably and soon was crying that she wanted him to stop because “she had to pee.” Hearing that, “Superman” increased his pace and forcefulness as he told Chris to “let it go!” Chris gave one last scream and then she began to gush with her ejaculate flowing all over the inner parts of her thighs covering “Superman” and soaking the linen covering the pool table. Seeing Chris release her ejaculate all over herself and her BBC lover caused the crowd of spectators to clap and cheer them on! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing… here was my loving and beautiful wife getting fucked silly to the point where she not only got to cum during penetration but she also experienced her first ever female squirting. And to top things off, she was the center of attention of a hand full of strangers and they were all cheering her on! As soon as the gush of ejaculate stopped flowing out of Chris, “Superman” seemed to be on the edge of finally blowing his load. The pace “Superman” was fucking Chris began to slow to a deliberate pumping and plunging in and out of her. Sensing that her lover was about to cum, Chris told him she wanted him to shoot his load all over her tits. Hearing that, “Superman” gave one last thrust into my wife’s pussy then he pulled his cock out and ripped off his rubber. Chris spun around and sat up so she was facing “Superman” as he gripped the head of his cock. With Chris sitting there ready to receive the load of cum all over her chest, “Superman” released the head of his cock and gave his shaft a final couple of strokes causing him to shoot his hot cum all over Chris’ tits. As “Superman” shot his load all over Chris’ tits the cheers from the “audience” got louder as if to show their appreciation for the great show put on by Chris and “Superman”. Stream after stream of cum flowed out of “Superman’s” cock and it covered Chris’ tits with a layer of his gooey jizz covering her areola and nipples completely. Having shot the last of his cum all over Chris’ breasts, ”Superman” gave his cock one final shake shaking the last of his cum on my wife’s chest. He leaned over her and gave her a gentle kiss on her lips then on her cheek. Chris returned his kiss on her lips with one on his lips and then kissed him on his cheek too. Someone threw “Superman” a warm towel and he used it to clean up the mess he made with Chris. He wiped her breasts clean then he wiped Chris’ genital area cleaning all of the pussy juice that had been spread all over Chris’ crotch area clean. Chris’ legs were still open and I could see how pink and swollen Chris' pussy lips were and I walked over to her to see how she was doing. Chris gave me a huge kiss on my lips and she whispered to me how thankful she was that I allowed her to have sex with her first black man and that it was far better than she had ever fantasized. Seeing how worn my wife’s pussy was I asked her if she was ok and if she thought that she might be finished for the evening. Realizing that I had not gotten a chance to play yet, Chris told me that she wanted me to get a chance to have sex with someone else and that she was fine watching…. perhaps even watching me. I helped her off the pool table and she held my hand tight as we walked back towards the kitchen/living room area. When we got to that area, all but two people were completely naked while the others were in only their underwear. Just as we got to the kitchen/living room area Melissa saw us and made her way to us. “I heard you just got fucked by Vic Chris!” Apparently, “Superman’s” name is Vic and he is one of Melissa’s regular “boyfriends”. The two ladies began to talk about how great a lover Vic is and the two of them went off as they talked about Vic and his ability. That left me alone for only a moment when this amazing redhead approached me dressed in nothing but a matching white satin and lace bra and panty outfit complete with matching white garters and white thigh-high stockings and red stilettos. I recalled that earlier she was dressed as a “naughty” nurse and I hoped that if Chris and I got a chance to play, that I’d get a chance to play with her. She sashayed over to me and introduced herself to me, her name was Heidi. Heidi is this short little fire-cracker of a redhead standing maybe 5ft 2in without her heels and has this rocking little body. Her tits looked to be about 34A’s and not much in the way of hips or ass but she definitely had a firm and toned lower half. We talked for a moment and she had noted that she enjoyed watching Chris and Vic and said that she admired a husband that would allow his wife to have sex with another man the way I did. We talked for a bit when Heidi told me that it wasn’t fair that she was standing there in only her underwear and I was still wearing my complete costume. She reached over to me and began to unbutton my vest and shirt and before long I was standing there in only my pants and boots. Heidi proceeded to unbuckle my belt and began helping me strip down to my underwear. For some reason, I chose to wear my black Lycra bikini underwear that due to my swollen cock was now hugging everything inside of it very nicely showing fairly decent definition of my cock. Little did I realize that while watching Chris and Vic I had spewed some of my own pre-cum which had left a nice sized wet spot near the head of where my cock head was. Seeing that wet spot, Heidi joked about how she was willing to help me finish releasing whatever tension I had built up watching my wife. I grabbed Heidi’s had and gave her a peck on her cheek and asked her where she wanted to go to which she said she wanted to head to the big play/red room and I was all too eager to take my new friend there to see what kind of fun we could get ourselves into. Heidi and I made our way to the big play/red room and as we passed the three smaller play rooms we paused and watched some of the action that was going on with the rooms with doors either partially or completely opened. Just before we got to the big play/red room I noticed that Heidi was wearing a “green” wristband which meant she is bi. The thoughts of the possibilities that could happen with Heidi began to race through my mind. We got to the entrance to the room and in it there were already seven people in different stages of engaging in sex acts. There was a couple that was in one corner of the room engaged in a passionate ‘69”, there was a MFM threesome going on in the middle of the room and another couple that was lying up against one of the bolster cushions watching the action both masturbating the other. Heidi was the first to enter the room and she pulled me as she found an open spot on the mattresses covering the floor. She fell to the floor and pulled me down with her resulting with us engaging in a passionate hug and we soon began to kiss each other. Heidi gently probed my mouth with her tongue licking the roof of my mouth then began to wrestle my tongue with hers. Feeling her tongue probe the inner recesses of my mouth caused my cock to harden in anticipation of what would be happening next. We tossed and rolled with each other allowing our hands to roam all over the other touching and caressing every part of the other’s body. I reached up and felt the small yet firm tits that were covered with the satin and lace bra that Heidi was wearing. Sensing that I wanted to touch her tits without the restrictions of her bra, Heidi somehow managed to unbuckle the clasp of her bra allowing it to fall to the linen covered mattress giving me unobstructed access to her breasts. I broke our kiss for a moment so I could get a great look at Heidi’s tits. Although she is on the smaller side, about a 34A, they were firm with a slight bit of wiggle to it. Her areola were about the size of a fifty cent piece and a nice shade of pink with these absolutely eatable nipples that stood up like little pink erasers wanting attention. I grabbed both of her breasts with my two hands and began to caress and fondle them which caused Heidi to melt falling to the mattress and opening herself up to whatever I wanted to do to her. I maintained me manual pleasuring of Heidi’s tits and then I leaned in and began to kiss the back of her neck where it met her shoulders. As I traced her neck up to her hairline, Heidi let out a soft yet oh so sexy moan of accepting pleasure. Sensing that she really was enjoying me playing with her tits while I kissed her neck, I decided to move myself so that I was now sitting behind her giving me full access to her neck all the while continuing to play with her tits and nipples. With Heidi sitting against me with her back to my chest, I resumed my kissing and licking of her neck all the while maintaining my caressing of her breasts. I had been playing with Heidi like that for several minutes when she reached up and grabbed my right hand and took it off of her breast and placed it on her satin covered pussy. I slowly moved my hand from the top of her panty to the part that covered her pussy. When my hand reached her pussy, the cotton lined portion of her thong was completely drenched. I pulled her thong to the side and reached in with my middle finger and got my first touch of Heidi’s bald and completely drenched love canal. I teased her pussy by rubbing my finger up and down and all around her clit which caused her to tremble with lust and desire. Wanting to get a chance to taste her, I removed my pussy juice covered finger and brought it towards my mouth. As my finger came close to my face, Heidi intercepted my finger and lustfully licked my finger clean then turning to me and sharing the taste of her pussy with me. I love the taste of pussy but I had never shared the tastes with a woman like that before…. that act told me that I was about to enjoy one hell of a fuck with Heidi. Having enjoyed a glimpse of what Heidi tasted like, I wanted more and reached down to get another finger full of Heidi’s pussy juices and this time Heidi allowed me to enjoy her taste without interruption. Heidi had a salty and musky taste to her that was different than Chris or Melissa, the only two other women I had ever tasted, and all it did was make me want more! With her pussy dripping wet the way it was, I decided to ease a finger or two into her seeing how she’d react. I guided my middle finger back to her drenched slit then teased the outer edge of her fuck hole with my finger before guiding it in burying it completely. With my finger deep in her, I began to circle it feeling her cervix with the tip of my finger. Seeing how Heidi reacted to one finger, I eased a second and eventually a third into her. With my index, middle and ring finger deep in her, I began to finger fuck her which pushed Heidi to a completely higher level of sexual pleasure. Heidi had her two arms reaching around and pulling my head towards her which allowed us to resume our kissing and probing of the other’s mouth. At one point, her right arm pulled me tight to her and she began to scream into my mouth. I realized that Heidi was on the verge of having an orgasm and I had to make a quick decision…. to make her cum or not to make her cum. I chose to stop fingering her hoping that I would be able to finish her off with my face between her legs. I’d soon realize how that decision to stop her so close to an orgasm was both a blessing and a curse. Stopping Heidi so close to cumming seemed to flip some switch in her that changed her from a woman who seemed largely willing to be a recipient to a woman on a mission to get as much out of me a she could. Heidi climbed out from under me and crawled over the edge of the mattresses that was near the small table with the array of sex toys. She was there on her knees staring at me and beckoned me with her index finger wanting me to come to her. I was so intent on what she was about to do I saw her reach in to the bowl securing a toy but I really didn’t pay much attention to what she had grabbed but I soon would find out. I got to where Heidi was and she placed a huge, wet and juicy kiss on my lips and as I began to lose myself in her kiss, she pushed me over causing me to fall onto my back staring at the ceiling of the room. Before I knew what happened, Heidi was straddling her crotch over my face with her body facing the same direction as my feet. As I mentioned earlier, I love eating pussy and when I get to eat it as Chris and Melissa have done by sitting on my face, that is when I love it the most. So with Heidi poised to sit on my face I was preparing myself to relish the opportunity to not only eat Heidi but get to eat her my favorite way! Heidi lowered her pussy down onto my mouth and I shamelessly grabbed her hips and pulled her closer to my face allowing me to dive fully into the luscious dessert Heidi was presenting me. I began to lick the outer recess of Heidi’s bald and dripping wet cunt and as soon as I brushed her love hole the first time with my tongue, she fell forward placing her face right in my crotch. She gripped my cock with left hand and greedily began to devour my cock with her mouth. Wanting to give her maximum access to my cock and balls I spread my legs open, bent at the knees anxiously anticipating what she was about to do to me. With Heidi sucking my cock like there was no tomorrow, I reached for her tits and began to caress and fondle her breasts with my hands. Just when I thought that I was in the middle of one hell of a ‘69’ with one hell of a hot woman, Heidi released my cock for a couple of seconds then I heard a “pop” sound from her mouth then she resumed her oral attack on my cock. All of a sudden I felt this hard object at the entrance to my asshole and as Heidi clamped down on my cock with her mouth seemingly trying to suck it off of me, she inserted that object into my virgin asshole which caused me to moan like never before. I had never EVER had any sort of anal play, so feeling that object (which turned out to be a glass butt plug) was an awkward feeling yet strangely erotically stimulating After the initial sensation of that violation of my anus, the feeling of that butt plug in me became a pleasurable pain that I found very erotic. Heidi and I continued our passionate and very intense ‘69’ for several minutes and when it seemed like I had her on the verge of an orgasm , Heidi lifted her pussy off my face and then she’d gently pull on the butt plug causing me to suffer a moment of mixed of pleasure and pain. With Heidi having full control of the glass toy in my asshole, she climbed off of me and told me that from that point on, she was in charge of me and that SHE would dictate when I could make her cum and she also would dictate when I could cum as well. Heidi’s eyes were filled with a slightly sinister yet lustful look and I was strangely willing to do whatever she was going to do to me. My cock was harder than I could have ever remembered, I realize that having that butt plug in my asshole increased my awareness of my feelings in that area and I found it strangely wonderful. Heidi directed me to lay on my back so that she could mount my raging hard on, she used her mouth to slip a condom on my cock and then she proceeded to impale herself on my cock quickly burying all 8 in of my dick in her. Her twat was so wet and slippery yet the walls of her vagina clamped around my cock. The warm, wet and snug fit of her pussy was absolutely heavenly. She began to ride me forward and back grinding her pelvic area on mine. I reached up and filled both of my hands with her tiny yet perky little titties and I immediately began to pinch her erect nipples and gently pulled on them. Heidi apparently loved what I was doing to her because she began to moan as we began to move together in unison. Heidi soon raised her hands to her head where she began to run her hands through her hair as she rode my cock and I enjoyed playing with her breasts. It didn’t take long before I felt the urge to cum began to build in my loins. With the impending orgasm building in me, I began to caress and pull on Heidi’s breasts and nipples with a little more intensity. Heidi’s right hand left her head and reached down to grab my freshly shaved balls while her left hand went to her mouth where she began to suck and bite on her fingers. My ball sacks began to creep up to the base of my shaft indicating that I was on the verge of blowing my load in Heidi. Feeling that, Heidi released my balls and grabbed the plug in my ass and gave it a tug and twist as she demanded that I was NOT to cum at that point, “Oh NO!..... You toyed with me…. Now I’m going to pay you back!”, Heidi said seductively with a tinge of sinister in her voice. After a few moments of just sitting on me, Heidi reached for my ball sack and realized that I had come off of my “ledge” and once again began to ride me like she had done before. As she began to ride me, I again reached for her tits and resumed my caressing of her breasts and nipples. This second time round, Heidi fell forward and began to kiss me deeply probing my mouth with her warm and skilled tongue. It took a shorter period of time for me to get pushed to the edge of my orgasm and once again Heidi reached for the plug in my ass and gave it a tug causing me to go through that same cycle of pleasurable pain which brought me once again off the ledge. I wasn’t sure how many more of these cycles I could endure but one thing was for sure, much like how Chris had gotten the fuck of her life, I definitely was in the middle of the fuck of my life now, and I was experiencing levels of sexual pleasure like never before. Sensing that I had come down from the edge of my orgasm, Heidi dismounted herself from my cock and I could see that the base of my cock was completely covered with Heidi’s white, milky pussy juices. She proceeded to clean me up by sucking my cock clean. Once she had cleaned my cock of her pussy juices, she began to mount me again but this time she was preparing to fuck me “reverse cowgirl”. Heidi grabbed the head of my cock and positioned it at the entrance to her love hole and then with one quick thrust of her hip Heidi once again had swallowed my dick with her pussy and began to ride me like there was no tomorrow. Unlike the previous two cycles, Heidi facing forward had easier access to the butt plug and this time she grabbed and pulled at that piece of glass in my ass. The heights of ecstasy that Heidi was taking me was like none I had ever felt and the pleasurable pain that she was inflicting on me was soon becoming addicting and I found myself wanting more. As I again urged to my orgasm Heidi again tugged on that piece of glass in my ass causing me to again subside from the orgasm that I was nearing. As I edged down from the orgasm yet again, I had realized that the urge every time was building bigger and stronger than the time before. I had no idea how long Heidi and I had been going at it but I do know that Heidi and I went through five of these cycles and I was at the point that I didn’t know if I could endure another cycle without completely blowing not just my load but every ounce of my body. Heidi and I had just finished our fifth cycle when she dismounted me long enough to pull the rubber off my dick. I expected that she was going to for some strange reason take one off and put a new one on me, but much to my surprise Heidi proceeded to slide my uncovered dick into her once again now facing forward again. As great as she felt earlier, being able to feel every bit of her vaginal walls on my dick was almost enough to cause me to blow my load right there. With my cock buried deep in Heidi, she leaned forward and began to ride me again. With her leaning forward, she reached down to her pussy where she spread her outer pussy lips wide open then she began to ride me with more intensity than she had done before. It seemed like she had spread her pussy lips in order to allow herself to rub her clit as she rode me. Heidi whispered in my ear that she was ready to cum and that as soon as she began to cum she wanted me to release my seed in her. I was so ready to blow my load but having Heidi take me to places that I had never been before, I did all I could to do exactly what she wanted. After a few moments of just sitting on me, Heidi reached for my ball sack and realized that I had come off of my “ledge” and once again began to ride me like she had done before. As she began to ride me, I again reached for her tuts and resumed my caressing of her breasts and nipples. This second time round, Heidi fell forward and began to kiss me deeply probing my mouth with her warm and skilled tongue. It took a shorter period of time for me to get pushed to the edge of my orgasm and once again Heidi reached for the plug in my ass and gave it a tug causing me to go through that same cycle of pleasurable pain which brought me once again off the ledge. I wasn’t sure how many more of these cycles I could endure but one thing was for sure, much like how Chris had gotten the fuck of her life, I definitely was in the middle of the fucking of my life now, and I was experiencing levels of sexual pleasure like never before. Sensing that I had come down from the edge of my orgasm Heidi dismounted herself from my cock and I could see that the base of my cock was completely covered with Heidi’s white, milky pussy juice. She proceeded to clean me up by sucking my cock clean. Once she had cleaned my of her pussy juices, she began to mount me again but this time she was preparing to fuck me “reverse cowgirl”. Heidi grabbed the head of my cock and positioned it at the entrance to her love hole and then with one quick thrust of her hip Heidi once again had swallowed my dick with her pussy and began to ride my cock like there was no tomorrow. Unlike the previous two cycles, Heidi facing forward had given her easier access to the butt plug and this time she grabbed and pulled at that piece of glass in my ass. The heights of ecstasy that Heidi was taking me was like none I had ever felt and the pleasurable pain that she was inflicting on me was soon becoming addicting and I found myself wanting more. As I again urged to my orgasm Heidi again tugged on that piece of glass in my ass causing me to again subside from the orgasm that I was nearing. As I edged down from the orgasm yet again, I had realized that the urge every time was building bigger and stronger than the time before. I had no idea how long Heidi and I had been going at it but I do know that Heidi and I went through five of these cycles and I was at the point that I didn’t know if I could endure another cycle without completely blowing not just my cum but every ounce of my body. Heidi and I had just finished our fifth cycle when she dismounted me long enough to pull the rubber off my cock. I expected that she was going to for some strange reason take one off and put a new one on me, but much to my surprise Heidi proceeded to slide my uncovered cock into her once again. As great as she felt earlier, being able to feel every bit of her vaginal walls on my cock was almost enough to cause me to blow my load right there. With my dick buried deep in Heidi, she leaned forward and began to ride me again. With her leaning forward, she reached down to her pussy where she spread her outer pussy lips wide open then she began to ride me with more intensity than she had done before. It seemed like she had spread her pussy lips in order to allow herself to rub her clit as she rode me. Heidi whispered in my ear that she was ready to cum and that as soon as she began to cum she wanted me to release my seed in her. I was so ready to blow my load but having Heidi take me to places that I had never been before, I did all I could to do exactly what she wanted. Heidi began to ride me and I could feel her pelvic area right above her pussy grinding on me to which I realized that her spreading her pussy lips allowed her to stimulate her clit while she rode me for all that I had. With her left arm holding her up, Heidi ground herself on me pushing herself towards an orgasm. What once were moans and small little whimpers had now grown into scrams of passion and pleasure. Heidi opened her eyes and glared at me and told me she was about to cum, “I want you to cum in me as I cum!” Her thrusts and grinding on me became very intense and it took every last bit of stamina left in me to resist blowing my load in Heidi as far as I could when she began to scream that she was cumming! Realizing that I could finally blow every bit of tension that was in me and built to a level like never before I grabbed Heidi by her hips and told her I was going to cum. Hearing that I was going to cum, Heidi somehow got some semblance of self-control and reached down and gave that plug in my ass one last push followed by pulling it free from my puckered asshole. The feel of that plug being pulled from my ass the very instant that I began to cum caused me to have the orgasm of a lifetime. What I felt can only be described as an orgasm on steroids. Heidi fell forward on me gripping my waist area with her legs as hard as she could. In between feeling my own orgasm and my man goo spurting from my cock I could feel Heidi’s pussy convulsing around my cock. Heidi pulled her head from the nook between my neck and shoulder and planted a huge tongue probing kiss on me as we held each other firmly relishing in the other person’s reaction to the orgasm that we were enjoying. I finished shooting the last of my cum in Heidi’s pussy and I could feel that some had spewed out of Heidi and was now accumulating around the base of where my shaft and balls met. As my now limping cock finally slid out of Heidi she climbed off of me and then went straight into another ‘69’ demanding that I “clean up the mess I made!” Heidi dove right into my crotch area and began to lap up my shaft and balls. I had never tasted cum before but after all that had just happened, I told myself to dive in and do as Heidi had asked. Her pussy was completely covered in a cocktail mix of my cum, her pussy juice and our sweat. I closed my eyes and took my first lick of her cum dripping pussy. The first taste of that musky and salty wetness that I lapped became a taste that I instantly became addicted to and I wanted more… so I lapped up Heidi’s pussy area and even relished in diving my tongue into her love hole and tried desperately to suck as much of my own cum out of Heidi as I could. After several minutes of Heidi and I cleaning the other up, she finally broke our ‘69’ embrace and then she snuggled up next to me where she gave me a kiss. On her lips I could taste the same combination of cum and pussy juice cocktail that I had just lapped up from Heidi and we shared those tastes with each other. A few moments lost in that kiss and then Heidi got up, gave me her crotch drenched thong panty then told me that it was mine to remember our time together. I watched as Heidi climbed off the mattress and headed out of the room. I took that chance to gaze around the room to view the hot action that was going on around the room. The combination of Heidi sucking on my cock and seeing the hot sex action that was going around me, I felt my cock stirring and it was beginning to harden again. With no one to play with at that moment, I decided to head out of the big play/red room and see where and what Chris was up to. I walked out of the big play/red room and headed back to the kitchen/living room area eager to see what was going on in the three smaller play rooms that were along the hallway. The room nearest the big play room had the door wide open and there were six people in there with two guys and four ladies going at it, I paused a bit to watch before I moved on to the next room. In the next room there was two ladies working on Vic (aka “Superman”) with one on his face and one on his cock with the two ladies completing an “Eifel Tower” on him which was super-hot. In the corner of that room was another M/F couple and the two of them watched the three-way going on next to them. I reached the last room before the kitchen/living room and I found Chris in there with Mark, Melissa and two other ladies and another guy. Chris was making out with Mark and Melissa was leaning in on her and caressing one of her titties while she was kissing the other. Melissa saw me out of the corner of her eye and she beckoned me to join them for some fun. Seeing Chris getting orally pleasured by Melissa immediately got my cock to spring to attention thinking about the possibility of watching my loving wife engage in a bi sexual engagement. As I got to the bed that Chris, Mark and Melissa were on Melissa tapped the other two signifying to them to move over and make room for me to join them. Melissa had freed herself from Chris’ pussy and she welcomed me to herself and I gladly climbed on her and the two of us immediately began to kiss deeply and passionately. Melissa and I probed the other’s mouth with our tongues and after only a few moments of that my cock was at full attention ready for more action. We had been kissing and fondling each other for several minutes when Melissa broke our embrace and tapped Mark on his shoulder. I assumed that she wanted to “cut-in” and start with him, but when he broke his embrace with Chris, she went in after Chris. After an initial hint of hesitation, Chris allowed herself to indulge in the touch of another woman. The two ladies began to kiss each other and after Melissa began to run her hands all over Chris’ body, Chris responded by doing the same. I had always fantasized about seeing Chris engage in a bi sexual experience and I was getting a front-row seat to my fantasy coming true. It didn’t take long before Chris and Melissa broke their passionate kiss which allowed Melissa to work her way down Chris’ torso and eventually made her way to Chris’ crotch where she began to eat Chris’ pussy. I was watching my wife get eaten out by a woman for the first time and her reaction was far better than I had ever imagined. Melissa was obviously very skilled with her tongue. I lustfully watched as Melissa’s tongue traced the outer recesses of Chris’ vagina. I relished watching my loving wife enjoy her first oral pleasuring at the hands of a woman. Melissa reached up and grabbed a handful of Chris’ luscious and full breasts. Melissa began to massage and caress her tits and then she secured Chris’ nipples between her index finger and thumb and began to twist and pull on Chris’ erect nipples causing her to elevate to another level of sexual pleasure. Melissa’s oral pleasuring of Chris went on for several minutes all the while Mark and I sat back and enjoyed the show. After several minutes of Chris being on the receiving end I really wanted to see if she’d throw all caution to the wind and see her go down on another woman. Soon after that thought ran through my mind, Chris broke her embrace with Melissa and she spun herself around and she dove into Melissa’s pussy. With Chris now between Melissa’s legs, Melissa positioned herself poised to resume her oral pleasuring of Chris. My wife and Melissa were now engaged in an amazing lesbian ‘69’ . The two ladies were lying on their sides going at each other and after a few moments Melissa took over as an aggressor and she climbed on top of Chris and the two ladies resumed their mutual oral pleasuring without missing a beat. Mark and I reached over an gave each other a “high-five” as we enjoyed the sight of our two wives engaged in this passionate lesbian ‘69’. Melissa broke her oral grasp of Chris long enough to beckon me to move in behind her and begin to fuck her from the rear. As I moved into position, Mark took the que as his chance to move in on Chris and begin to fuck her as Melissa ate her out. I grabbed a condom from the nightstand next to the bed we were on and as I prepared to slip in on, Melissa looked at me and shook her head “NO”. Mark grabbed a rubber and quickly covered his cock with one and positioned himself to penetrate my Chris with his long and thin cock. With me ready to enter Melissa and Mark ready to enter Chris we both looked at each other at and we slid our cocks into the other guy’s wife at the same time. I watched as Chris changed her oral pleasuring of Melissa to allow me to fuck Melissa which made Chris focused on Melissa’s clit with her tongue. Although I couldn’t see what was happening on the other end, I assumed that is what Melissa was now doing with Chris. The four of us went at it for several minutes when Melissa began to tremble from the combined feeling of me fucking her and Chris licking her clit. Soon I was feeling the walls of Melissa’s pussy clamping down on my cock as she erupted into an orgasm. I continued to pump her crazily wanting to get the most of being in her as she raged through her orgasm. I was still a ways from my own orgasm when I heard Mark tell Chris he was about ready to cum. Chris dismounted Melissa and in the process dislodging Mark from her pussy. Chris turned to Mark and grabbed his cock with her hand and took him in her mouth devouring all of him with ease (I guess in comparison to Vic, Mark was easier to take). As her mouth came off of Mark’s cock I realized that she used her mouth to remove Mark’s rubber from his cock. I was pleasantly shocked to see that Chris was willing to let another man someone other than me blow his load into her. Melissa dove in to join Chris in sucking on Mark’s cock affording him one hell of a “double blowjob”. Watching all of this hot action going on I wanted to get in and be a participant instead of a spectator. Between Melissa and Chris, Chris was in a position that afforded me an opportunity to dive in and eat my wife’s pussy. I climbed under Chris as she kneeled to suck on Mark’s cock. I began to lick my wife’s swollen and dripping pussy lips, I had never tasted her like this before as she had been freshly fucked by Mark only a few moments ago. With me on my back lying under Chris, my cock was now standing at attention begging for someone to pleasure it. Chris broke her cock sucking with Mark and then she dove onto my dick and began to suck on me like she hadn’t done in years. Chris and I were engaged in our own little world of sexual passion and desire and completely oblivious to what was going on around us. I had gotten lost in eating Chris’ pussy when all of a sudden her hips got pulled upwards away taking her cunt away from my lips and mouth. With my eyes completely focused on resuming my eating of Chris’ pussy I failed to realized that it was Mark that had lifted Chris and it was an effort to resume his fucking of Chris’ pussy. It shocked me when I saw him ease his cock into my wife’s dripping and swollen pussy burying his entire cock in her with relative ease. After the initial shock of having another man’s cock so close to my face, I had realized that I was now being afforded the best view of Chris’ pussy as she got fucked. I watched Mark’s cock glide in and out of my wife’s pussy which got me hornier than I had ever been. I enjoyed watching Chris with Mark the few times that we had gotten together and I really got turned on watching Chris fuck Vic earlier in the evening, but being up close and personal to watch a nice sized cock slide in and out of my wife’s pussy was a turn-on like I had never experience. I watched intently as Chris’ pussy lips gripped Mark’s cock desperately as he slid in and out of her. After several thrusts into Chris I saw my wife’s pearl of a clit begging to get some attention so much like how Melissa had done a few moments ago, I began to lick her clit as Mark fucked her wildly. I closed my eyes and lost myself in giving Chris the best sexual experience I could and kept licking her pussy. Having my eyes closed I didn’t see that Mark had pulled out of Chris, but I felt the pumping of my wife cease. I opened my eyes to see that Mark had pulled his cock out of Chris and he was covered in my wife’s pussy juices. I found the sight of Mark’s hard cock right above my face covered in Chris’ pussy juices to be a very erotic vision. As Mark pulled his cock further from Chris’ pussy he grabbed his cock with his right hand and at that moment I realized that Mark was wearing a “green” wristband noting that he is ‘bi’, something overcame me and I released my right hand from Chris’ hip and grabbed Mark’s cock covered in Chris’ pussy juices and brought it to my mouth. I stuck my tongue out and gave it a lick relishing in the taste of Chris on the tip of his cock. Almost as if we had pre-coordinated the action I opened my mouth to accept Mark’s hard cock and he eased it in into my waiting mouth. I greedily sucked the Chris’ juices off Mark then it hit me… I had another guy’s cock in my mouth!!! WTF?!? After the initial shock of what I was doing, I realized that I actually liked the feeling of his hard cock in my mouth and I began to enjoy the feel of Mark in my mouth. I circled the head of his cock with my tongue realizing that I was now doing my best to replicate the oral skills that Chris had bestowed on me for years. Just as I began to get into the reality that I was enjoying the feel of Mark’s cock in my mouth, he pulled it out of me then reinserted it in Chris’ pussy and resumed fucking her. With Mark fucking Chris again, I went back to licking her clit as she got pumped by Mark. This dance between the three of us went on for a couple of rounds and every time Mark pulled out of Chris, I took his cock in my mouth, sucked him clean of Chris’ pussy juices then eagerly watched him put his cock in Chris and go back to fucking her. After three or four rounds of this dance, Chris stopped sucking on my cock but with her lying on top of me I really couldn’t see what was happening. All of a sudden I felt a woman’s hand on my cock and the next thing I knew, I had been guided into someone’s pussy. Here I was, alternating giving oral pleasures to my wife and experiencing my first giving of oral pleasures to another male and some woman was now riding my cock! I WAS IN SEXUAL HEAVEN!!!!! This foursome that I was in the middle of went on for a couple of minutes when Chis had lifted herself off of my face high enough for me to see who had climbed on me and was now riding me for all I had in me…. It was Melissa! The four of us went at it for a few minutes but it felt like it went on for hours…. I was experiencing a whole new level of erotic and sexual pleasure that I had never thought I could have experienced. With all that was going on, I knew that I wouldn’t last much longer so I decided to enjoy what I was in the middle of as long as I could. I began to feel the urge to blow my load stirring in the recesses of my balls and I knew I would soon be cumming. Just when I thought I was ready to blow my load, I noticed that Mark’s balls had tightened up which I knew showed he too was ready to blow his load.

I watched Mark force his torso as hard as he could and I continued to lick Chris' clit hoping to make her cum. And cum she did, Chris began to convulse through her orgasm. I tried my best to focus on Mark shooting his load deep in Chris and I excitedly watched Chris try to squeeze Mark out of her pussy. Needless to say, Chris won out and her orgasm began to squeeze out Mark's limping cock. Mark's cock emerged out of my wife's pussy and it was covered with a mix of Chris' pussy juice and his own cum. As he pulled his cock free from Chris, there was a large drip of his cum dangling from the tip of his cock. Seeing his cock covered in my wife's pussy juices I found myself strangely compelled to reach up and suck his cum dripping cock one last time. As much as I had enjoyed tasting my wife off of Mark's cock earlier, the combination of Chris' pussy and his fresh and warm cum was even more intoxicating.

It was that very moment I began to unload my load in Melissa so the sound that I usually make as I cum was muffled by Mark's cock in my mouth. My attention was split between the orgasm I was having as well as the wonderful feeling of Mark's semi-limp cock in my mouth. By now, Chris had climbed off me allowing me to focus on Chris and Mark and I gave them all that I had left. I shot the remnants of my cum in Melissa as far as I could as Mark's cock had finally shrunk to the point where he finally receded from my mouth. I looked to my left and my wife was lying there with her legs open and Mark's cum began to ooze out of her. Realizing that I enjoyed the taste of the mixture of Mark's cum and Chris' pussy juices I dove in and began to clean Chris' pussy. I got my first lick of cum and pussy juice on my tongue and Melissa came over to me and gave me a huge kiss reaching into my mouth with her tongue. It was then I realized she was kissing me in an effort to taste the cum and pussy juice cocktail that was on my tongue and lips. Once she got what she could from my mouth, she leaned over to Chris and deposited what she could into my wife. Melissa had turned my wife into a cum swapping slut.... and I liked it.

I continued to lick Chris and then sharing it with Melissa and Chris. This cum swapping between Chris, Melissa and me sent me to another level of sexual bliss and ecstasy. I was leaning on my side as I continued to eat Chis and with my focus solely on Chis and Melissa I didn't see that Mark had moved over to where my cock was and before I knew it, Mark began to suck me clean!

Chris had always joked with me that no one would suck me like another guy would.... and I was getting my first hand feel of what it'd be like having my cock sucked by a guy. I paused my cleaning of Chris' pussy long enough to watch Mark bobbing his head up and down on my cock as he sucked me clean. Soon, he was swapping cum with Melissa who then shared it with Chris. I happily watched Mark clean me then clean Melissa then swapping the cum on with our two wives. Mark and I had cleaned up the other guy and the woman we came in and then the four of us just laid with each other for a few minutes to bask in the afterglow of why we had just done. I had Melissa in my arms and Chris was in Mark's. With my arm over Melissa, she tugged on my "red" wristband and asked me if I would consider changing it to a "green" one.... I told her at the next house party for sure!

Chris and I have opened our sex lives to include a couple more people.... Chris now has regular "dates" with Vic. The nights she meets him she even goes so far as to put a temporary tattoo of a "Queen of Hearts" on her ankle. I enjoy those nights when she fucks Vic....! When she comes home after fucking Vic, we enjoy some of the hot sex as Chris talks about her "date night" with Vic. I have the pleasure of meeting with Heidi once in a while and she has even joined Chris and o on occasion. The best times that Chris and I have are when we are with Mark and Melissa.... those nights the four of us enjoy the wonders of some amazing four-way bi action!

Chris and I are eagerly waiting for Mark and Melissa's next house party!

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