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A New Day

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Fantasy fuels our sex life. It?s very good, but every once in a while we like to introduce some new real experience, and we can live on that for quite some time.

We decided to go to a clothing optional resort. We had no idea if it was ?lifestyle? friendly or not. Laying around in the sun completely nude with a bunch of naked strangers was very alluring, if sexual activity wasn?t allowed, we could always let the energy build for making love once we went to bed.

My wife is extremely beautiful with a knock out body. She?s got all the right curves in all the right places. Her skin is soft as satin and her breasts are a perfect 36D, with nipples that are just the right size. Silver dollar areolas and perky nipples that get lovely and hard with just a glance, and a suggestive comment. I love sucking her tits. It makes her pussy wet, and I usually tease her for quite a while, sucking, licking, kissing and massaging her breasts as she undulates her hips, arching her back, imagining a big hard cock toying with her pussy lips. Sliding a big purple cock head ever so lightly, just slightly parting her slippery lips, making the cockhead moist and glisten by candlelight.

We both enjoy when I talk nasty to her, asking her to suck a strange cock while I kiss and lick her entire body from neck, to breasts to pussy. I notice sometimes while she?s imagining sucking a cock and I kiss her lips with that imaginary cock in her mouth, it really gets her moaning. I know she wants me to share a cock with her, but up until recently, it?s not something I could bring myself to do. It was difficult to allow myself to go there even in fantasy. That was about to change.

So there we were, at the resort, naked as jaybirds. Enjoy the freedom of no clothes in a public place. When we got too hot, we?d hit the pool. Everybody was naked, and actually, there wasn?t too much sexual energy that I could detect. Most couples were in their own world and seemed to be regulars at the resort. Also, not that it matters much, age is a state of mind, most of the other guests were about twenty years older than us?and I?m not that young. My wife is younger than I am, by a few years.

Right around one o?clock, looking up from my book, I saw this new couple being shown to their room. I did one of those cartoon double takes. Even with their clothes on this couple looked fantastic. I couldn?t wait to see them naked. I sure would not be disappointed.

When they emerged from their room and made their way poolside, I was watching through the anonymity of my sunglasses. They were both exceptionally good-looking people, with great bodies. She was slender and tall with beautiful smallish (but not too small) tits, and a desirable plump athletic ass that was accentuated by her tiny waist.

What really caught my eye, however and thank goodness for the sunglasses, was the guy?s cock. It must have been at least six thick inches long completely flaccid. I nudged my wife subtly and nodded discreetly in the direction of the new guests. I don?t know if she even noticed, however I did, my wife gasped a little when she got a look at that cock. As a matter of fact, my own cock started stirring and growing hard so I had to think baseball, business, new car, anything to keep from getting all the way hard, as I watched that swinging cock and well trimmed pussy make their way to the lounge chairs.

I couldn?t look at the couple without my cock stirring toward upright. Being normal sized, to slightly bigger than normal I suppose (not sure what normal is), I certainly didn?t want to be the only one at the resort with a stiff dick, so it was either get in the pool or head over to the Jacuzzi. All the while I could not get my mind off that guys cock. It was involuntary, but my mind would imagine both my wife and I sucking his cock, and just to make things interesting, while his girlfriend ate my wife?s pussy, maybe while I fucked the girlfriend.

Geez, I couldn?t keep my mind off sex. I hurried my wife over to the otherwise empty Jacuzzi. Since we were alone, I started telling her my thoughts and asked her how she?d like to play with that cock, just to watch it grow to full size, or?and this then was a little departure from our normal sex talk, told her she could watch me suck that cock while she played with the girlfriend. Man, I wanted to taste my first cock. That really seemed to rev her engines, and my cock was sticking straight up, so she climbed on top of me face to face in the Jacuzzi and slid my pole in to her dripping wet pussy.

I didn?t want to cum, so we just rocked back and forth kissing one another with my cock buried deep in her pussy. Imagining all sorts of sexual machinations with the new couple.

Then it happened. I was still inside my wife rocking and swaying gently to the ebb and flow of some unheard melody, when the couple walked up and broke our reverie by asking, ?mind if we join you guys?. They pretended not to notice my wife and I were actually fucking when they walked up, and my wife sheepishly climbed off and sat next to me in the hot tub as I answered, perhaps a little to emphatically, ?Sure, climb in?. I was trying not to stare at his cock or her beautifully trimmed pussy, all the while secretly hoping they?d notice my still raging hardon.

He introduced himself, ?John and this is my fiancé Julie?. I did the same, ?we?re Don and Emily? we?re an old married couple. ?Married, but not that old?, said Julie. We quickly became friendly. Submerged in the hot mineral waters almost up to our necks, we spoke of insignificant things, sports, home towns, college, cars, even the arts, music and poetry, normal small talk. My wife said she had to use the toilet so she was heading back to our room. I asked her to bring the wine, the 18-year-old single malt whisky we had with us, and a few unbreakable cups. First, of course, asking if our new friends would like to join us in a drink. ?That would be nice?, both John and Julie replied simultaneously.

When my wife stepped out of the Jacuzzi considering John and Julie were aware they caught us fucking earlier, I noticed both John and especially Julie scrutinizing Emily?s body, which of course holds up well under close inspection. In fact, the closer you look the better her body seems to get. I?m sort of bragging, but I?d say damn near perfect. I think she squeezed her ass cheeks a little and shimmied just slightly as she climbed out of the water, almost imperceptible but still sexually provocative.

Emily returned almost immediately with the drinks. I?m not sure I?d ever known her to be that quick in the bathroom. I chuckled to myself, I thought, but John gave me an odd, I thought, suggestive glance as if he not only heard me but knew what I was thinking.

We started sipping the alcohol, maybe the combination of the hot water and sexually charged atmosphere, or just plain desire loosened us up quite a bit. Since the temperature of the water must have been well over 100 degrees, we all sat on the edge of the tub while we sipped our drinks. John?s cock had not shrunk at all; it was perhaps even a little larger, and just as perfect as a cock can be. Cock head was a large purple plum but neither proportionally large nor too dark purple. I could not help staring, and as I did, I thought I saw it stir and get even yet a little larger. I looked at John; he was returning my own fascination with his cock by looking at mine, which?while not hard, was not completely flaccid either.

Julie seemed to be quite taken with Emily. They were laughing and talking both between themselves, sometimes including John and me, while I was trying muscle up any small amount of decorum I could, it was difficult as my cock kept inching it?s way toward totally erect.

I slid back under water. John laughed and said, ?yeah, me too?. I had done fairly well, not completely and obviously at his cock, imagining me wrapping first my hand, then my lips around that beautiful lengthening pole. As I sipped the whisky, my cock seemed to get harder and so did Johns. But John not at all embarrassed, did not slip under water like I did. With just the four of us in the hot tub semi-obscured by the afternoon shadows, metaphorically growing longer like John?s cock, he just sat there as his exceptional tool grew to full mast, standing what must have been at least nine or ten inches of perfectly proportioned cock. John was proud, as he should be. Emily was now sitting skin to skin with Julie on the edge of the Jacuzzi, their hands on each other?s thighs, inching toward each other?s wet and wanton pussies. ?Show off?, chuckled Julie at John.

?Yeah, well?and I?ve never said this before to anyone but it just came out??you really do have a nice cock, John?.

?Wanna touch it?, John asked. I was a little shocked both with his question and my answer. Without thinking I said, ?yes, yes I really would? and I reached out and grabbed his cock with my hand and started caressing, slowly, up and down. Up and down. It felt so strangely wonderful in my hand. I heard a moan from both the girls, so I turned to look at them, and they were playing with each other?s pussies, eyes starting to glaze a little while they watched me stroke John?s cock.

?Suck it?, Emily whispered to me. ?Suck that big hard cock, make him cum in your mouth?. I wanted to, but here we were, secluded but still out in the open. ?Come on, suck that big fucking cock?. ?Yeah?, chimed in Julie, ?make him cum. That cock can stay hard all night?.

So I did. I slid over and John spread his legs as I got between them and slowly lowered my head to the first cock I?d ever seen this close up. I was just inches from his cock head and I opened my mouth and took his cock between my lips and swirled my tongue around his cock head. This, being my very first time, and Emily being a really great cocksucker, I just did to him what Emily does to me. I felt John?s cock leap and jump in my mouth as I relished the taste and the feel of my very first hard cock. Oh god, I thought I was going to shoot my load without anyone even touching me. I was so hard. I started to bob my head up and down on his cock. I could hear both Julie and Emily lost in their own sexual expression, cooing, ooing and ahhing, and I looked up at John as I sucked his cock. He was leaning back, eyes closed, soaking up my adoration for his big hard cock softly groaning. I started sucking harder and deeper. I was taking him as far down my throat as I could, then all the way out to the tip of his cock then let my tongue flick the tip of his cock. I could taste some salty sweet precum, and it was delicious.

?Make him cum? I heard one of the girls say, by this time, I?m not sure even which one of the ladies said it. ?Suck that cum out of his cock?. The nasty talk was doing its job too. My hand wrapped around the base of his cock, the rest of his ample shaft and head buried deep as I could take, I could feel his balls urge his semen up into his cock and that huge rod started to throb. I knew it wouldn?t be long. I started to stroke the base of his cock with my hand as I quickened my sucking and licking. I was practically delirious; I knew how I felt right before I came in Emily?s mouth. I wanted his cum. I wanted him to shoot loads and loads of cum in my mouth, and I wanted to drink it all.

Then, like a water cannon his cock exploded with his first load. It hit the back of my throat and it only made me want more. I sucked and sucked his cock as he emptied load after load of cum down my throat. It felt so wonderful. I loved it. I wanted to share some cum with Emily so I held some in my mouth as John settled down and started to go limp again (but only briefly). Then I turned to Emily, eyes closed, leaning back herself as Julie licked her pussy. And I kissed her and shared some of John?s cum with her. ?Mmm?, she said, ?that?s wonderful?

?Don?t worry, Julie said, there?s plenty more where that came from?. ?Oh yeah? moaned John, ?and of course, I want to return the favor. As a matter of fact, I?m hoping we all get a chance with each other. Tonight?s going to be a fantastic night?. And we did, all night long. Fuck, and suck each other until dawn. A story for another time.

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