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A Hot Amazing Night (MFF, Bi-female-Couple)

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This story is one that both me and my wife look back on as one of the hottest and most amazing nights of sex that we have had It may have happed about 15 years ago, but we both replay the memories of that night from time to time and it?s because of that memory that we are now coming back into the lifestyle after a 10 year break.

At the time, we were both in our early 20?s and I was in the Army. We had just got back from a 2 year tour in Germany (and believe me, we have some stories to share about being over there!). Being that I was a low ranking soldier, we were given what the Army calls ?sub-standard quarters? which is just another way of saying ?slum?. It was small, we couldn?t control the heat in the winter and there was no air conditioning for the summer. The air conditioning was a pain, but the one benefit was that when it got hot out, I would come home to find my wife either in a thong or completely nude (and then of course the chase was on).

My sexy, gorgeous wife was somewhat bisexual at the time. Up to that point, she had been with only one other woman, an experience that she really enjoyed. At that time, if you?d ask her, she wouldn?t say she was bi but she was defiantly curious. Lisa is 5?8? tall and even though her weight was around 190, you really couldn?t tell she weighed that much. She is also fairly reserved around people she just met, choosing to ?feel them out? before allowing them into her personal space. Lisa is also a woman who, to this day, makes heads turn when she walks into a room. She denies it, but many have told me (and her) that she exudes sex. Beyond her beautiful face (brown hair and deep blue eyes), the two physical attributes that stick out are her huge natural breast (at the time they were 36-D - now they?re 38-HH!!) with large, thick nipples and her absolutely delicious heart shaped ass. As a guy, I used to be strictly a breast man, but since I have been married to her, I can?t decide anymore!!

Ok, now to the night. It was late August, it was Maryland and it was hot! It was a Friday night and our section had to stay late at the office to finish a few things up before we could begin to enjoy our weekend. In my section there was a single female soldier (I?ll call her Missy here) who was a little older than we were. Since she was single, she lived in the barracks and had no car and she asked me if I minded giving her a lift to the liquor store just off post so she could get a bottle for the weekend and then drop her back at the barracks. I figured a few more minutes out and back before my weekend begun wasn?t a problem and besides, we stayed late enough at the office that night that doing anything now was out of the question.

Missy was about 26 at the time. She was 5?6? and weighed about 140 pounds. She had short dirty blond hair and blue eyes. She also had a body to kill for capped with an amazing set of tits that had to have been 36-DD or even 36-E. Up until that time, I had never seen her nude but I did notice how she filled out her uniform quite well. We were friends and it was strictly plutonic. Never did I think for a moment that it was about to change.

The conversation over the store was mainly about how our supervisor was a real bitch and complaining about having to stay late. I asked her what she was going to over the weekend. She said she was probably just going to hang out in her room, get a little drunk, watch TV, but basically had nothing planned. In reality, that?s probably what Lisa and I were going to do as well, just we would add some quality sex to the mix as well.

Throughout the conversation, I kept picking up on little hints, but guys being guys, we can?t quite put the pieces into place. She commented about how she thought Lisa was hot, but it was done in a very subtle way so as not to say ?I want to do your wife?. I guess you could call it plausible deniability on her part. She mentioned that she wanted to do something wild over the weekend and when I pressed her a little on it, she would just say, ?I don?t know exactly, I just want to get wild in some way that won?t get me into trouble?.

We pulled into the parking lot and she ran into the store. Meanwhile I was in the car with my mind running 100 miles-an-hour in all different directions. Was she dropping me hints or was it my little head planting seeds in the big head. Anyway it went at that point I was hornier than hell because the possibilities were running through my mind. Missy was in and out of the store fairly quick, especially since they were getting ready to close as we pulled up. I decided that I would explore this possibility a bit more.

She jumped back in the car and we were getting ready to leave when I suggested to her that she come over to our quarters for the night. I figured that there was no reason for her to drink alone and besides, it would be a change from being in her room by herself for the weekend. She was concerned that Lisa would get mad or upset with her and me for bring a woman home, late on a Friday night. I assured her that everything would be alright. Then she was concerned about being in uniform because she wanted to look ?presentable? and not walk in looking like a ?tree?. Again, I assured her that it was ok since were both were dressed funny as it was. She laughed and agreed to just drop everything and come over. Now, the butterflies were jumping in my stomach.

We pulled up got out and walked up to the door. As I put the key in the door, I looked at Missy and said, ?Um, I forgot to tell you something?. The look on her face was almost one of horror because she didn?t know whether I was going to tell her that my wife may fly into a jealous rage or what. But I continued, ?Our quarters has no AC, so we may walk in and Lisa could be completely nude?. She took a gulp, and with a slightly crackled voice said, ?I?m used to seeing nude females. It?s ok with me.? I also noticed that familiar flush one her face. You know the one when a person starts to get turned on but defiantly different from a blush. Things were looking up.

I opened the door and true to form, there was my sexy wife, totally nude, stretched out on the couch in front on the TV that was on. I could tell that she had showered sometime just before I came home because you could smell the fresh sent of her shampoo and a slight scent of perfume in the air. I could also see that she had just shaved her pubic hair as there was that nice, neat ?landing strip? that was barely visible. (She knows I love that!!). I also could tell she was hot because you could see a light sheen of sweat across her chest, looking almost as if she were glowing. She, like always, looked good enough to eat! Next to the couch were two different issues of a popular Men?s magazine (begins with an ?H?) that she had been reading before I came home.

I walked over to the end table and dropped my keys on the table and began my ritual of emptying my pockets. I also used this time to look over at Missy to get a gauge on her reaction and she just kind of stood there looking at my wife before she sat down on the love seat opposite of the couch, never really taking her eyes off my wife. At that time, I guess with the crinkling of the brown paper bag and me dropping keys on the table, Lisa began to stir and started with a long stretch before she opened her eyes.

?Uh, honey, yeah, I brought Missy home tonight after work instead of her just spending another boring weekend in the barracks?. It took but a second for what I said to sink into her sleepy mind, and then she realized that there was a fully dressed female in a camouflaged uniform sitting directly across from her and admiring what she saw. My wife bolted straight up and tried to do the modesty cover of her breast and pubic region and started to make the tactical withdraw to the bedroom for some clothing. ?I am so sorry?, my wife said, ?but asshole (meaning me) didn?t tell me we were going to have company?. Yup, she was a little embarrassed but Missy didn?t miss a beat.

?Oh no honey, you don?t have to put anything on. It?s hot in here and your comfortable, it?s your house, don?t worry.? She said as she got up and reached for my wife and guided her back to the couch. ?Back in my room, I sit around nude all the time. Wearing this Army junk turns you into a nudist off-duty?. That got a chuckle from everyone and an ?uneasy comfort? began to set in. I told the girls that I was going to go in, hang my uniform up and jump into some shorts real quick. I asked Lisa to get some glasses and the cards and told Missy to get comfortable too.

As I rushed to ball my uniform up and throw it in the corner of the bedroom, I could hear low small talk in the living room, and the popping of soda cans, which told me drinks were being served. When I came back to the living room, there was my wife, still nude and Missy sitting across from her in nothing but her brown t-shirt and panties. I took my place at the table and my head was swimming now with the possibilities. We all decided that we were going to play some gin rummy because, well, none of us were really good poker players. The conversation was light, again focusing on our supervisor who WE ALL DISLIKED a great deal, including my wife. The mixed drinks continued, the jokes were being bantered about and we all started to get that warm, pre-drunk buzz going.

?Missy, do you still have your bra on?? my wife asked. She said yes and my wife said you can?t be comfortable with that on and suggested she take it off. She slipped the bra off under her shirt and it was a white lacy bra that my wife commented was really pretty. A few more hands were played and then my wife said, ?Ok, something isn?t right here. I feel a little intimidated by being the only one naked in this house, so either you strip or I have to go throw something on.? In my mind, the only thing I could think was ?OH YES!! Homerun Lisa!!? Missy blushed a little and said, ?Well it is hot? you don?t mind?? Lisa responded with ?I don?t mind at all? and I, well, was speechless. Soon, the remaining parts of Missy?s uniform were on the chair next to her. Her skin was much fairer than my wife?s, almost a milky color. Her breasts were large and full but she had smaller nipples than my wife and she had a sweet ass. She didn?t believe in the landing strip method of trimming her pubic hair, instead going for completely bald, which was fine by me.

?Oh, Missy, why did you hide your body from us all this time? You?re built like a brick shithouse!? Lisa explained. ?You?re pretty hot yourself Lisa? she said back. ?Can I tell you a little secret that I can blame on the alcohol later?? she asked. ?Sure? my wife said. ?Well, I don?t want you to think of me as weird but I am really attracted to the both of you and, well, I have been admiring your tits all night?. Again, this was an internal ?YES!!? moment for me. Now, any guy out there will tell you that the urge to use the bathroom for us happens at the most in opportune times, this being one, but facing the fact that I would probably be achieving full-hard-on status again it was a now or never prospect.

So I left the table and went to the bathroom and when I came back, there was no one at the table. They couldn?t have gone to the bedroom without me hearing it so I peaked around the corner into the living room and said? ?Honey?? From the couch, I saw my wife?s arm reach up and in a breathy voice she said, ?We?re over here?. I walked over to the couch and there was Missy lying on top of Lisa, the two entwined in a deep passionate kiss, bodies withering and pushing against each other. You could hear slight moans of pleasure and the sound of lips touching and tongues exploring. The air had that sent of sex in it and you could also pick-up that familiar sent of, for lack of a better term, wet pussy. This was truly turning into a smorgasbord for the senses.

There was no room for me on the couch, so all I could do was sit and watch as this went on. Their hands were exploring each other, and you could tell when either one of them hit an area that caused pleasure. After a few moments, Missy looked up and said, ?You look lonely over there Scott?, and I was. ?Can he play with us too?? she asked my wife. She responded with an ?Oh yeah. But do you think we should let him or do we just make him watch and then sleep on the sofa?? Gotta love her. They giggled and I, well, didn?t see the humor in catching blue balls.

My wife and Missy got up and they both reached out their hands for mind. ?Let?s go to the bedroom where we can all stretch out?. Down the hall we went and the two jumped into bed while I got rid of the rest of my clothes. I slid in the bed and they made room for me in the middle of them. As I did, I was met with deep kisses and tongues all over my face and lips. Their breasts were pushed right up on me and I felt as if I were a main course meal being served to these ladies. It was hot, it was passionate and you get that wonderful feeling of not really knowing who is kissing you or which one is nibbling on your neck, you are just lost in the feeling.

Slowly, the ladies worked their way down my body, kissing me, each other and rubbing all the way down. They both reached my cock and it was like they were having a tongue battle over it, one would deep throat me, then you could feel two sets of lips and then the other would deep throat me then they would stop and I?d look down to see them embraced in a deep kiss. It seemed to last forever and I was enjoying every minute of it.

I grabbed Missy and pulled her up toward me. I guided her to lie on her back and then I started to lick and suck on her breasts. She was the first woman that I had ever been with who had extremely sensitive nipples and enjoyed them being licked and caressed. My wife climbed up and began to kiss Missy and nibble on her neck. ?I am so turned on right now? Missy said. And I could tell as I slipped my hand between her legs. One of my favorite things in life is to go down on a woman when they are extremely wet and excited. To me the taste, the scent and the feeling is unlike any other in the world. So I slowly made my way down and I began to lick and suck on her juicy pussy. Her lips were thin, unlike my wife?s and that added to the excitement because of the differences between the two women (personally, either my wife or I care about such a thing; it?s just a mental note). I licked around the outside, enjoying the sweetness before I plunged my tongue deep inside to enjoy the musky nectar. Her body began to wither under my slow deliberate work, and her moans got a little louder. My wife and she were exchanging some very sexy pillow talk that escapes me at this time but it added to the atmosphere. At this time, I wanted to get Missy off and I placed my mouth directly on her clit and with a slight suction drew it into my mouth. As I did this, the tip of my tongue danced violently over it. This caused her almost immediately to arch her back up, virtually grinding her pussy into my face. She reached down with both her hands and grabbed my head, slightly dragging her nails over my scalp. She let out a deep gasp and then what I could best describe as a ?coo? from deep in your throat. Lisa knew exactly what I was doing since she had been on the receiving end of this many times. I distinctly heard her whisper to Missy, ?Oooo, hubby got your clit? in a child-like tune. Missy responded with, ?Oh, fuck yeah? holy shit he knows what he?s doing?. I was locked on and wasn?t about to stop until she came. And with the way things were going, it didn?t take long before I felt her tense up, her ass coming off the bed to the point where I had to hold her into place, the muscles of her pussy were squeezing and releasing on my soaked fingers. Then she let out a higher pitched moan before her body slammed back down to the bed. My face was covered in her juices and I kept licking up more? yes, I was in heaven.

She stopped me and said that it was now her turn. She grabbed Lisa?s hands and guided her down much the same way I had just done to her. She kissed my wife and she said that she was a little nervous. My wife said that there was no need to be nervous and Missy then admitted that while she has always fantasized about being with a woman, she had never done anything like this. My wife was very reassuring and told her that this was only her second time ever and to just relax and do what she was comfortable with. Missy was a quick learner, more or less tracing the same steps that I performed on her just minutes ago, slowly ending up at my wife?s delicious pussy. By now, my wife was soaked and very receptive to Missy touches and licks. For Lisa, it takes a bit for her to cum and when she does, it?s normally a big orgasm and generally she?ll have but one during the course of a session. As Missy licked and sucked on my wife, Lisa reacted with moans and deep breaths. Lisa reached down my body and grabbed a hold of my throbbing cock and tugged in a motion that was pulling me toward her face. I got onto my knees to the side of her and she turned her head and engulfed my cock. It felt so good that I wanted to faint and let out an ?Oh shit? when she hit her mark. From this vantage point, I could see Missy enjoying my wife?s pussy, if I looked down, I could watch as my cock disappeared into my wife?s mouth. My wife had one hand around the base of my cock, the other hand on the back of Missy?s head. Missy in turn had one hand working my wife?s pussy while the other was grasping at my wife?s breast. No more than 5 minutes into this, my wife began that familiar built-up moan, her breathing becoming heavier and then her orgasm hit, as it normally does, in waves. I watched as my wife?s eyes squinted hard and then she looked up at me with that glassy-eyed ?satisfied? look. She then stopped Missy from continuing because part of her big orgasm is also the fact that her clit becomes supper sensitive right after.

?Did I do okay?? Missy asked my wife. ?Oh, you did wonderful? my wife said and gave her a quick explanation as I just did here for the necessity of her stopping. ?The big question is what did you think?? Lisa asked. ?I loved it!! I wish I could have done this with you sooner!? she said. My wife did what I call the ?ass tap? this is basically a non-verbal signal to me that positions are about to change. So I backed up a little while the ladies sat up. As they did, my wife reached up for my shoulder and pushed me down onto my back. I looked up and she was leaning over top of me, her large breast with super erect nipples rubbing against me. She looked me straight in the eyes as Missy joined her on the other side of me and said, ?Now, we are both going to fuck you until you can?t move?, and you know what, I believed her. At this point, my wife sort of takes over a bit. Instantly, I could feel my cock sliding deep into Lisa?s pussy and it felt soooo good. She reached over and positioned Missy to face her but had her sitting on my face. So now, I had this hot pussy in my mouth and looking at a sweet ass too boot (hint, I think this position is extremely hot), my wife was grinding her crotch into mine and even though I couldn?t see it, I could tell they were kissing each other.

To be honest with you, I didn?t know where I needed to put my hands and I was changing which ass to fully grab on to as the situation changed. When I could feel that I was close to exploding, I would reach down and grab a hold of my wife?s ass to stop her. When it was ?ok? again, I would bring my hands back up to Missy?s ass and sort of pull her cheeks apart to expose everything and to allow me even deeper access. Soon, I guess their legs were getting tired and thus a change in position was needed. I got up, my wife took my place and Missy was content now to sit on my wife?s face. I pushed my wife?s legs up a bit as I plunged my cock deep into her, Missy leaned forward and began giving me long deep French kisses, every once in while, she?d stop and ask me to pull Lisa?s legs a little more apart so she could watch my cock slide in and out of my wife?s pussy. As she did this, I?d look over Missy?s shoulder to see my wife?s hands firmly planted on Missy?s ass, spreading her cheeks and totally enjoying what she was doing.

As before, I had to keep stopping and starting again to regain my composure, I just didn?t want this to end yet. Just as before, I could tell that Missy was about to cum because it was almost as if she was fucking my wife?s face. I watched as her legs widened their straddle over my wife face and one of the hands that my wife had on her ass disappeared from view. Finally, Missy leaned down almost as if she were going to go down on my wife, her body tensing up, and she then said in a breathy, deep voice, ?I?m going to cum, oh, this is so fucking hot? fuck her pussy?. Soon she reached the point of no return and had her second orgasm of the night. I was very close at this point myself and was probably reaching the ?blue ball? status quickly. We all slowed things down, both Lisa and I enjoying watching our new friend explode again. Lisa looked up at me and said, ?Are you going to cum? I know you must be close?. I said I was close but I wanted to fuck Missy a little before I came. Lisa then said, ?Do you want to stay with us this weekend Missy?? ?I?d love to she said?. ?Well, that settles it then? you can fuck both of us all weekend.? Lisa said.

Well, now that I had permission, I decided that there was something I really wanted to do. Beyond this fact was that it wasn?t just a desire to cum or a wish to cum, but now, from my end, it was a need to cum. I could feel my balls swelling and that ache that said that I needed relief. I turned Missy around now so now she was on top of Lisa facing her, face to face. I then pulled the ladies down to the foot of the bed and now I was standing between both of their legs. I now had both of these incredibly sexy women exposed to me and what a site I was beholding to. I again plunged deep into my wife for a few strokes. I the pulled out and entered Missy for the first time. I continued to do this all the while the two ladies were rubbing their tits against each other and were lost in deep kissing. I could tell the difference of the two ladies as I pulled out of one and entered the other by the sounds of their moans. As any guy out there will tell you, the feeling is incredible. The other secret is the feeling of a woman?s pussy when they are really excited and you begin to fuck them. It?s not just the warmth and the moisture, but it seems that once a lady has an orgasm and you begin to fuck them, it feels almost ?silky? inside a woman.

Normally, a story such as this, a guy will try to build up his fucking reputation by saying they fucked each lady to orgasm or they lasted 45 minutes or more. Well, since this is a real event I am going to be honest and tell you I think went back and forth a total of 2 times for each lady, fully intending to cum with my wife, but as I pulled out of Missy for a second time and prepared to fuck my wife again, I hit the point of no return. I shot what to me seemed like a gallon of cum all over the two ladies asses and legs. My knees actually buckled and I had that light-headed feeling and I actually saw stars as I exploded all over them. From the time I repositioned the ladies and I began fucking? 10 minutes tops. Not bragging about it, but stating fact and it was AMAZING!!

So I began to collapse onto the bed. Missy wasn?t done quite yet and she decided that she wanted to suck on my cock because she wanted to taste my wife and her juices together in combination with the little bit of cum that was on the tip of my cock. I think I was able to withstand about 2 minutes of this before I became too sensitive and begged her to stop. We were all covered in sweat, breathing heavy and needed a short break. There was much MUCH more that happened over that weekend and maybe sometime I?ll write more about it, but for now, what an amazing, hot way to start!!


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