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SwingLifeStyle Free Erotic Stories are written and submitted by our members Sit back and enjoy "A Fantasy Fulfilled".


A Fantasy Fulfilled

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(Note: Names changed to protect the privacy of the not so innocent )

Introductions: Carly is my wife of 13 years, friend and lover of 20 yrs, somehow our sex life in the last year has been off the charts, she still drives me nuts after all these years. She is 5'6, about 135#, 34B breasts, sexy shoulder length brunette hair, and in bed she is willing to do or say anything that will turn me on. Monique is a woman we met online, she is 5'6, has shoulder length wavy blonde hair. Her eyes were a sexy grey, and her breasts were a 36D. She had sexy womanly curves, 2 tattoos, and a pierced belly button. This is a recollection of our evening with Monique, we wanted to put it to paper before our memories lost the details of our amazing night with her.

We met her at a restaurant, we thought she looked even sexier in person then she had in the pictures she had sent us. She was 5'6, around 140 lbs, and the two features vying most for your attention were certainly her sexy eyes, and her full breasts. She had agreed to meet us after exchanging some email, some pictures, and a few phone conversations. She was Bi, having had an experience with a friend, my wife was curious.

It was the culmination of years of talking, teasing, and fantasizing with each other about the possibility of sharing our sexual fun with another woman that had us there, sitting across the table from her, trying to keep our discussion on subjects that were appropriate for the family friendly atmosphere of the restaurant.

We had been nervous as hell about meeting her, wanting to make the right impression on her, but her openness and easy going nature helped us to both relax and enjoy our time chatting with her. After a few hours chatting with her it was obvious that the waitress wanted us to move along, Monique asked what we were thinking, and said she would leave if we wanted her to, or she would be happy to go someplace else with us. We both had no doubts as to what we wanted, and invited her to come back to our hotel room.

Back at our room, Monique and Carly sat on the couch, continuing to chat. I worked on getting a bottle of wine open, poured Carly a drink to help her relax. We discovered one of Monique's favorite meals was Pizza, so we ordered one from a local place she loved and had it delivered. After we ate, she ran to the bathroom, and Carly got onto the bed. When Monique came out, she offered to stoke Carly's hair, which she loves, so she was happy to oblige. Monique sat back on the bed, and Carly sat between her legs with her back to her. I sat down on the couch, and did my best not to stare like the pervert that I was, watching two sexy woman on a bed just feet away.

Monique began running her fingers through Carly's hair, Carly closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling. It wasnt long before Monique brushed Carly's sexy brunette hair aside, to plant light kisses on her exposed neck. Carly's head tilted back, inviting the kisses, her hands began to stroke Monique's bare legs. She was whispering things into Carly's ear, causing her to purr. Carly turned to face Monique, and they began to kiss, soft hands stroking each others faces, touching each others bare legs, brushing lightly against each others breasts. Monique reached and pulled Carly's shirt up and off of her, exposing her sexy black bra. Monique took her time kissing the newly exposed skin, kissing as much of the breasts as she could without removing the bra. And then it was Carly's turn to remove Monique's shirt, she let out an audible moan at the sight of Monique's breasts restrained only by the bra. She returned the favor, kissing her neck, the exposed skin of her chest, back to kissing her lips again, occasional glances to me, most likely to make sure I was still breathing. Monique removed Carly's bra, and stroked and caressed her naked breasts, lowering her head to kiss and suck them gently. Carly looked at me as Monique sucked her sexy breasts, her devilish smile making my cock grow even more. Now she removed Monique's bra and stared at her big sexy breasts. She stroked them with her hands, brought her hot mouth to the nipples and lightly flicked them with her toungue, then sucked them into her hungry mouth.

Now they both removed their skirts, Carly was wearing sexy black lace boy shorts, Monique had on a hot pink thong. Monique knew what she wanted to do next, and pushed Carly backwards onto her back. Monique kissed her hotly, then slowly worked her way down her body, letting her sexy breasts press against Carly's naked skin. From my vantage point I could look up between Monique's legs and see her breasts dragging down my wife's sexy stomach. When she got to the point of taking off Carly's panties, I had to move so that I could see what I've always dreamed of, a sexy woman between my wife's legs, licking her hot pussy. I sat on the bed next to Carly, and began kissing her, and sucking her breasts while Monique started to lick her. She reached over and stroked my cock through my jeans as Monique began to finger her tight pussy and tongue her throbbing clit. Carly told me to get my cock out, so I pulled off my jeans and underwear. I watched in awe as Monique worked her mouth all over my wife's pussy, her fingers pumping in and out of her. I told my wife how sexy Monique looked, looking up at us as she licked and sucked. She pulled her head up and smiled, her lips glossy from my wife's wetness. I told Carly I wanted to taste her, I leaned down and kissed Monique, then we both lowered our heads to lick my wife's sweet wet pussy. My wife was moaning, and stroking my cock while I flicked her clit with my tongue, Monique's mouth gliding up and down her wetness.

Carly wanted to switch roles with Monique, so Monique laid back, and my wife helped remove her thong. She looked up at me and smiled as she told me how sexy Monique pussy was. I watched intently as my wife lowered her lips to Monique's sexy shaved pussy. I was sitting on the bed next to Monique as she started to moan I leaned toward my wife to kiss her and join her in licking that wet pussy. Monique's hand stroked my leg, tentatively at first, and then as we licked her pussy good, her hand found its way to my stiff cock. I left Carly to lick the beautiful pussy and leaned towards Monique, stroking her breasts and then sucking them, they felt so good in my hands and mouth, Monique moaning as Carly fingered and sucked her pussy.

Now it was my turn, Carly had me lay back on the bed, she got on her hands and knees on the bed to suck my cock, Monique watching for a few minutes, before sliding under Carly to lick her pussy again. Its hard to say what affected me more, my wife's expert handling of my cock in her hot wet mouth, or the site of Monique licking my wife's sweet pussy. And then when ever Monique found the right spot on her pussy, my wife would moan all over my cock as it slipped in and out of her mouth. Carly wanted to see Monique suck my cock, so she moved over and began to work her hot mouth all over my cock. Carly told her she had some toys and wanted to use one on her, Monique moaned her approval. She took out a dildo, and began to fuck Monique's hot pussy with it, sliding it in deep and then licking around the buried dildo with her hot tongue. It seemed the faster she fucked her, the faster that mouth worked up and down my stiff cock. It was so hot to look down, see Monique sucking my cock, and between her legs I could see my wife fucking her nicely with the toy.

Carly stopped playing with the toy and came up to kiss Monique and then suck my cock some more, so Monique picked up the toy and moved down to slip it into Carly's pussy. My wife used her hand and mouth in unison on my cock, making me want to shoot my load, and Monique had dropped the toy in favor of rubbing her sexy tits all over my wifes pussy and ass, and then going low enough to get her hot mouth back on her bald pussy. Any time my cock wasnt in her mouth, Carly was telling me how good Monique's hot mouth felt on her. Then Monique moved up beside my wife, and they took turns sucking my cock, they would glide their hot tongues down one side, back up and then kiss each other at the head of my cock. Just reaching down with my hands and feeling two heads there was enough to make me want to cum.

Carly asked Monique if she had ever used a double dong, Monique said no, so she went to the drawer and pulled it out. Carly and Monique got on the bed, facing each other but leaning back away from each other. Carly slipped one end into her tight pussy, and then Monique slipped the other end into hers. They began thrusting their bodies closer to each other, until most of the dong was swallowed in both of their pussies. I sucked my wife's sexy tits as they fucked each other with the double dong, so hot as I heard Monique moaning and enjoying the toy. Carly told me how hot Monique looked, and that she looked like she was really enjoying it, she told me I should lick Monique's pussy while they enjoy the toy, so I leaned over and she leaned further back to give me access to her wet pussy. I licked and sucked at her swollen clit as they fucked, and once I found it I sucked at it, flicking my tongue around it. Monique was moaning loudly now, I think I heard her say that I was good at licking her, which only encouraged me more. Their pussies were gliding up and down the dong as I heard Monique moaning louder, sounding like an orgasm was coming, so I picked up the pace of my tongue on her clit. She came good and hard, I could feel her body shudder as she moaned.

Once they were off the dong, I had Carly lay back, reminding her that she had always loved the thought of a woman licking her pussy as I fucked her. I slipped my cock into her and began fucking her tight pussy. Monique knew just what to do, she kissed her for a while, fondling her tits, then worked her way down her body, until she could get her mouth into position to lick Carly's hot clit while my cock filled her pussy. She loved all the attention her pussy was getting, her hands stroking Monique's hair as she licked and sucked her. I didnt think my cock could take much more, so I pulled it out, and began to lick and suck Carly's pussy again, as Monique slid back up her body to kiss her and suck her tits again. I wanted to make her cum while Monique was kissing her, so I did the best I could, fingering her tight pussy while sucking on her hot clit. She was moaning into Monique's open mouth as I sucked her clit into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it. She was moaning nicely now, i kept my tongue working her clit as fast as I could, until her loudest moan signaled that she had cum, though it wasnt the really big orgasm that she sometimes has.

Carly and Monique continued to kiss as I slowly released her clit from my mouth, as I sat up, Carly was looking at me, asking if I would love to fuck Monique's big sexy tits. Of course I did, so she lay back, my wife lying next to her, as I climbed on top of Monique. My wife started licking her tits, getting them nice and wet for my cock, then the laid my cock in between them and Monique pressed them together, swallowing my cock with her beautiful breasts. My wife moaned, telling me how good my cock looked between Monique's tits as I fucked them. Monique invited Carly to suck my cock as it popped out from between her tits, the feeling of those hot tits wrapped around my cock, and my wifes hot mouth on the head was driving me nuts. It wasnt long before I knew I wasnt going to last doing this, I moaned, telling my wife I was ready to cum, she urged me to, and my cock exploded all over Monique's tits. My hot cum spraying all over her tits, my wife grinning from ear to ear at the sight of it. She rubbed the hot cum into Monique's sexy tits. Monique ran to the bathroom to clean up and my wife put on a sexy pink negligee, hoping to entice Monique to stay for more fun. But when she came out she said that she should go now or she would never be able to leave, and she had a long drive ahead of her. I think we both had our eyes on her as she got dressed, trying to get one last glimpse at her sexy body before the clothes came back on.

I threw my clothes on, offering to walk Monique to her car, she gave Carly a kiss goodbye, and we headed to the parking lot. I thanked her again during our walk for meeting us, and for being so accomodating to us. Once she was in her car I hurried back inside, Carly and I were both in some sort of sexual haze, barely able to believe what had just happened, we discussed it for a few minutes. It wasnt long before we were kissing and licking each other all over, I wanted to make sure she didnt have an orgasm left in her. The next week was a frenzy of sexual activity, every time we were alone together we couldnt help but smile, think of Monique, and rip each others clothes off all over again.

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