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A Fantasy Fulfilled - Part One

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A fantasy fulfilled Part 1 By Eric Drew

When making love, my wife Jan and I try to spice things up by sharing our intimate fantasies with each other. It took Jan a long time before she opened up and started revealing her innermost thoughts in any sort of detail. I on the other hand have shared my fantasies for some time and mine are in vivid detail, mostly involving my being able to watch her while she fucks another man.

One night while she was giving me head, I inserted her ?rabbit? dildo in her pussy and started talking as if we were having a threesome. I pretended the dildo was another guy?s cock and told her how wonderful it was to watch her fuck a big cock while she sucked on me. My narrative and the dildo set her off and she exploded in a climax that was totally earth shattering and unlike any she had experienced in a long time. The entire fantasy had her so dam hot that while we fucked, believe it or not, she started to talk about fucking another man as if she were really ready to do it. As our passion increased and she came near her climax she mumbled ?fuck me John!?

Since my name isn?t john I was a little stunned at first then realized that she was fantasizing about one of our friends who had shown considerable interest in her in the past.

We met John and Carol at a nude beach and had become very good friends with them. With nudism as our main connection, we spent several weekends with them at the beach or in our respective backyards. Early on in the relationship, Jan had admitted that she found John attractive. John is a year younger than I am and sports a very nice build.

Despite our suspicion that they were into more than nudity, we never reached the point of having sex with them other than some petting and foreplay while dancing with them and some of the other couples we had met through them. Jan had told me that John had come on to her at lat years New Years Eve party. He had unbuttoned her blouse and kissed and caressed her tits and had gone so far as to run his hand up her legs to caress her pussy and insert a finger inside her. Whether it had been the alcohol she had consumed or simply pure lust she had not objected or tried to stop him and in fact had reached down to caress his cock. That entire evening was pretty sexual. Most of the couples pared up with someone other than their mate and were kissing and caressing each others bodies. Jan had danced with two or three of the other husbands and had been felt up by each one. One of the guys led her off to a darkened hallway where they caressed and manually brought each other to a climax.

Not to be left out, I was doing the same thing with Carol and a couple of the other wives. Carol is a very attractive woman and simply exudes sex. Whenever we danced together we would kiss and caress each others bodies.

Our fantasies continued over the following weeks and became more and more explicit until we were fantasizing about Jan fucking John while I watched. Once my voyeuristic tendencies were satisfied, I would join in and have Jan suck me while she was being fucked doggie style by John. These and similar fantasies became a regular part of our lovemaking and the more we fantasized the more comfortable Jan became with the whole idea of having a threesome. Despite the continued fantasies and the incredible sex they initiated things did not progress beyond that point for several weeks.

My job requires some travel and it was on one of my trips that things changed. I left home on a Sunday night and wasn?t due back until the following Friday. Concerned about Jan being alone I asked Carol to look after her. Carol invited Jan to spend a couple days at their home in my absence. She had told Jan that John was going to be busy and it would provide them with a great opportunity to have some girl time together.

I left on my trip happy with the fact that Jan would have someone to be with while I was gone. Each night I called Jan to see how she was doing. It was obvious that she and Carol were having a great time together. They were spending their days shopping or going out for lunch. When I called Wednesday night Jan was quite bubbly about how much fun they had shopping together and hinted that she had bought a new sexy outfit to wear for me on my arrival home. She informed me that she and Carol were going to spend Thursday working on their tans at Carol?s pool and that she had been invited to spend the night so she wouldn?t have to drive home after drinking all day. Jan doesn?t drink much and a couple of glasses of wine makes her a little tipsy and in no condition to be driving so I was glad to hear that she was staying over. .

?I?ll call you Friday afternoon just before I catch my flight to come home!? My flight was scheduled to leave O?Hare at 3:15 and get me home just after 5 PM on Friday. I called home a few minutes before boarding the plane and immediately sensed that something was up. Jan was not her usual self and when I probed for the reasons all she would tell me was that she wanted to wait until I got home.

I knew that something had happened between my call on Wednesday and this one but I wasn?t expecting the story she told me when I got home that night.

Jan met me at the airport and was dressed in a sheer black and white translucent blouse under which she was wearing a black lace bra that showed off a lot of her beautiful breasts. Her skirt, heels and nylons completed her attire and highlighted her great legs and body. As soon as I emerged from the gateway she ran up and threw her arms around me and kissed me with a passion that left no doubt that she was hot and wanted to fuck.

As soon as we were in the car I slid my hands up her shapely thighs and discovered that she was not wearing panties. Instead a clean shaved and very moist pussy greeted my hand. ?Oh fuck, I missed you so much!? she gurgled as I slid my fingers inside her. My fingers toyed with her cunt during the drive home and by the time we pulled in to the garage she had experienced at least two orgasms.

As soon as we were in the door I shed my clothes and led the way to our bedroom leaving a trail of discarded clothing in our wake. By the time we were in the bedroom she had removed her blouse and bra and was pushing her skirt over her gorgeous hips. Within seconds she stood before me like a sex goddess dressed in nylons, garter belt and heels. The moisture on her shaved pussy glistened invitingly as she lowered her hand and inserted a finger between her swollen pussy lips.

I stood motionless for several seconds just watching her finger herself. After a great show of caressing her cunt, Jan fell to her knees and began stroking my throbbing cock. I watched in sheer pleasure as her luscious red lips formed a perfect oval then moved over the purple bulbous head of my cock. Her hot tongue slid along the full length of my cock causing my hips to writhe sending the head plunging deep in her throat. She sucked me like a woman possessed and I don?t think I had ever seen her so dam hot. After what seemed like several minutes I pulled her to her feet and guided her to the bed laying her down with her legs spread wide apart and quickly dove between them covering her wet pussy with my mouth. She gasped as my mouth made contact and she grabbed my head and pulled me tight against her cunt. She bucked, twisted and moaned as my tongue licked up and down the swollen flesh then concentrated on her tiny knob.

?Fuck me Eric, please fuck me! I want your cock inside me, nowww please!? I slid up her body and guided my stiff cock in to her wet opening. Her hips flung off the bed and her legs wrapped around my body. With one push my entire cock was buried deep inside her. ?Oh yes, oh Eric, yess, it feels so good, fuck me oh yeah fuck me, ohhh yessss!? Her hips thrust upward to drive my cock as far in to her as possible. My mouth found her nipples and went from one to the other as our bodies humped together at a maddening pace. ?Fuck me, ohhhhhh fuckkk meeee!

I am not sure which one of us exploded first. We both came and came until we fell in a lifeless heap in each other?s arms. It was sometime later when she raised her head and kissed me. ?Ok, what made you so dam hot?? I asked softly as my fingers caressed her voluptuous tits.

She snuggled into me and kissed me again. ?You know how we have fantasized about my fucking John? Well,? she paused to test my reaction to what she was about to say. ?I did fuck him! Yesterday and again this morning! And while he was fucking me I thought about you being there watching his cock plunge in and out of me.?

?Whoa?? I muttered, ?I think you better start from the beginning here!? I could feel some jealousy starting to churn inside me and it took several seconds for me to calm down and realize that if she did fuck John it was because I had encouraged it do it.

As she resumed the story my cock began to rejuvenate. Jan curled her fingers around my cock and snuggled her head into my shoulder and then told me the whole story!

?I told you that Carol and I were going to sit around her pool and sunbathe on Thursday, right? Well, I went to her house about 1:00 and when I arrived she was already lounging at the pool. When she answered the door she was dressed in a short cloth robe with nothing on under it. While she made me a drink I changed out of my clothes and put on a robe she had put out for me.

We spend the rest of the day lounging in the sun drinking and talking. After a few drinks Carol started talking about her and John?s sex life. I was dumbfounded when she told me that she and John were swingers and that they had been to several parties where they changed partners. She told me that she enjoyed having sex with other women and that John thoroughly enjoyed watching her. She also told me that she had fucked as many as sixty other guys and that John had made it with at least that many women.?

As her story unfolded my cock began to throb and ache. Jan paused for a while and bent down and took its full length in her mouth. ?Mmmm you taste so good!? she murmured as she kissed and licked every inch of my manhood. ?I want to take it in my mouth and suck it! I want to suck you while John fucks me!? she gurgled as her mouth closed around me and she became lost on her fantasy. ?Oh fuck, I am so hot! I want you to fuck me again!? She climbed over me and rubbed my growing cock up and down her outer lips and over her swollen clit, then, holding my cock in position slowly descended and guided my cock into her again. ?Ohhh Eric, your cock feels so good, ohhhh fuckkk me!? I shoved upward sending my cock plunging deep inside her as I begged her to continue the story.

?Carol asked me if I had ever been with another woman and was surprised when I admitted that I had not. A few minutes later, after pouring me another drink, she started caressing my leg with her fingertips. My first reaction was to pull away but it really felt good so I parted my legs and let her caress me. I guess the drinks had taken away my inhibitions because I let her slip her fingers inside me. Before I knew what was happening she was bending over and was kissing and sucking my tits and plunging her fingers in and out of my cunt. Oh god Eric, it felt so dam good I just let her do what she wanted.?

Her words had me so fucking turned on that I was about ready to explode and send my juices spurting insider her. I rolled her off me and on her side so her back was to me. From there I pulled her into a scissors position with one of my legs over hers and my cock buried deep in her hot little cunt. The position allowed me to stroke her clit and to control my excitement so I could last longer. In all of the years we had been married, I had never thought about Jan being with another woman.

My fantasy had always been watching her fuck another man but now that she was telling me about being fingered by Carol and the thought of her making it with a woman was extremely erotic.

?Go on!? I urged, squeezing her hard little clit between my thumb and forefinger. I could tell she was on the verge of coming and that it wouldn?t take much to send her over the edge. I wanted her to come but I didn?t want to come myself. I wanted to stay hard and inside her as she related more of her story. I cupped her tits in one hand while squeezing and pinching her clit with the other. Within seconds she went ballistic and came in an earth-shattering climax.

"Yes... oh yes... I?m cummingggggg!? she screamed as she went over the edge, her face grimacing from the pleasure. She tried to roll away but I held her firmly against me and continued to caress the swollen lips that surrounded my rigid cock. Her hand covered mine momentarily then began caressing my cock and balls while I played with her clit.

?What happened next?? I said urging her to continue the story. I wasn?t sure where the whole thing was leading but I knew for dam sure that her afternoon and evening had been one hell of an erotic time.

?Carol put her robe on the deck and knelt between my legs. I wasn?t sure I wanted things to go further but the whole thing felt so good I just couldn?t stop. She lifted my legs and kissed her way up my thighs until she was sucking on my cunt. I couldn?t believe how wonderful that felt. She was so soft and gently I actually came twice. When she asked me if I would like to do her I didn?t even hesitate. Oh God Eric, it was so sensual. I licked and kissed her pussy and sucked on her clit while I fingered her wet hole. When she came I thought she was going to fall of the chaise. Her whole body shook and writhed. It was an incredible feeling to know that I had done that to her. It?s like when I suck you off and make you come in my mouth. You get so violent from it all. She was like that. She grabbed my hair and held my mouth on her until her spasms stopped.?

Visualizing Jan licking another woman?s cunt was more than I could take and not shoot my wad. My cock was throbbing and aching so badly I had to let lose and shoot my juices into her. My ejaculation set her off again and we cuddled together, our bodies racked by spasms. My hands roamed over her body caressing her tits, cunt and ass as we culminated our lovemaking with a long passionate kiss. This point in her story had us turned on beyond our wildest imagination. We cuddled together and softly stroked each other?s bodies as she continued.

?After Carol calmed down we went in the water to cool off. The minute we got in the pool John came out of the house. I know dam well he had watched the two of us even though he said he had just gotten home. Anyway, he poured himself a drink, took off his clothes and joined us in the water. Carol and I were standing in the shallow end and John came over and put his arms around us both. Carol kissed him and while doing so she took my hand and guided it to his cock. When my fingers closed around him, he broke the kiss with Carol and kissed me. The kiss started out soft but quickly became more intense and our tongues began playing with each other. I felt his cock get hard and he started humping my hand to force his cock through the circle my fingers had created. Carol caressed my tits and bent over and started sucking them and John?s fingers found my cunt. We stood like that for several minutes. My fingers were stroking John?s cock, Carol was sucking my tits and John was sliding his fingers in and out of both Carol and me. We were all on the verge of coming when Carol suggested that she and I make love to John. The suggestion was all that John needed. He climbed out of the pool and lay down on the chase. Carol and I climbed from the water, toweled off and walked over to where John was reclining on the chaise lounge. Carol straddled him and lowered her cunt over his throbbing cock. John took my hand and pulled me over his chest and brought my cunt to his lips. Carol reached around and grasped my tits while she humped up and down on John?s cock and John in turn lapped at my hot cunt.

I could see our reflection in the sliding glass door and pretended that you were standing there watching us. It was so erotic that I almost came all over his tongue and mouth. Before John could climax, Carol stepped off and told me to trade places with her. I was so hot by then I could only think of one thing and that was having his cock in me. I straddled him and lowered my cunt over his cum soaked cock and forced him deep inside me. The whole time I fucked him I pretended you were inside the house watching us though the patio door. The fantasy of having you watch sent me over the edge and I came so hard I fell forward on Carol who was coming from having John?s hot tongue lapping her cunt. Despite both Carol and I having climaxed, John still hadn?t shot his wad. He climbed off the lounge and bent Carol over it and rammed her from behind. It only took a few strokes and he shot load.?

My mind was going berserk from thinking about my beautiful Jan humping up and down another man?s big cock. This whole thing was better than my wildest fantasy and my only regret was that I had not been there to see it.

?Let?s go have a drink and some dinner and I will finish the story later!? Jan said climbing from the bed. Donning her silk robe she paused in the doorway and turned. ?Eric, I love you so much!?

I climbed off the bed, showered and put on my robe then joined her in the family room. We poured some wine and ate the pasta dish she had prepared. After clearing away the dishes we climbed in our hot tub and finished our drinks. I sat next to Jan and took her in my arms and gave her a long drawn out kiss.

?Want me to tell you the rest now?? she asked reaching down to curl her delicate fingers around my rejuvenated cock. ?After our lovemaking on the lounge, we had dinner and, like you and I are doing right now, we sat in the spa and sipped on our drinks. Carol and I caressed each other while John watched and pretty soon she had me sitting on the side with her head between my legs. While she licked and sucked me, John fucked her doggie style. We all came at least one more time before going in and getting ready for bed. After taking a shower and getting ready for bed, I started down the hall toward their guest room. Before I got there Carol and John invited me into theirs. Carol and I climbed in on either side of John and we both began to seduce him. We took turns licking and sucking his cock while our tongues played tag with each other. Eventually Carol rolled me on my back and dove between my legs. She was kneeling near the foot of the bed and was driving me wild with her tongue. John climbed off the bed and moved behind her and started fucking her doggie style again. After that things became a blur. John fucked me while I sucked Carol and then he fucked her while she sucked me. It was like a blur of bodies until we had all reached our limits and fell asleep. This morning I woke up in their bed. John was curled up next to me. Apparently Carol had gotten up and was in the kitchen making breakfast. I started to get up but John pulled me back to the bed and rolled on top of me and fucked me again. This time it was slow and sensual with his cock sliding in and out in a slow steady rhythm. It took almost five minutes before I knew he was about to explode. I told him that I wanted him to come on my tits and chest. He pounded into me with a fury and just before he exploded he pulled out and sent his juices spurting over my tits, neck and face. The whole thing was so dam erotic that I had several orgasms. Afterwards I sucked his cock and licked away the rest of his cum then went to take a shower. I was standing under the water with my eyes closed enjoying its warm caress on my skin when I felt someone else there. I opened my eyes and saw that Carol had joined me. She wet the bar of soap and softly caressed every inch of my body and brought me to another shattering climax. After retuning the favor we toweled off and went out to the patio and sat in the sun until I had to leave to pick you up.?

?My god, what a great time you had!? I mumbled. ?I sure would have liked to have witnessed it!?

?Well, that?s the best part of the story!? she said giving me a big kiss. ?We are invited to their house tomorrow. They want us to come over about noon, have lunch and spend the afternoon in the sun! I think you will have your fantasy fulfilled and then some! And, yes, it?s ok with me if you fuck Carol!?

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