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I agreed to attend the women?s seminar out of a feeling of obligation to a good friend. She had formed a company holding empowerment seminars for female corporate executives a year ago and this was the first retreat she had organized. I persuaded my company to pay for it because seven days at a health spa near New Mexico sounded good anyway. I was a little reluctant to leave home, I hadn?t been away from my husband for more than a day or two for years but his company was involved in a big merger so he couldn?t come with me.

Getting there was a pain in the ass but when I arrived the place was heaven. Combed gravel walkways led to small cottages that were simple but very clean. Meals were taken in a communal area, and the seminar facilities looked beautiful. I hadn?t seen Marcie for over a year, but she looked great. She had been divorced for six months now and apparently had spent a lot of that time getting in shape for re-entry to the dating game. She?s ash blonde, about 5? 8? and has an athletic figure, with the exception of big boobs. She?s the most flexible woman I?ve ever known, and has a natural talent for yoga. The first evening there she was busy organizing tomorrow?s conference, so I booked a Thai massage. Thai massage is like passive yoga. You wear loose clothes and the masseuse pulls your muscles into various shapes. It was perfect after the flight but left me completely wrung out and I figured I?d go straight to the Jacuzzi. I stopped and read the sign outside the Jacuzzi; it said that it was communal and clothing optional. That shocked me a little, but all I had seen were women and I knew that our group had pretty much block booked the hotel. The Jacuzzi was on a wide fenced deck, built on a promontory that overlooked a mountain. The spicy scent of the Santa Fe foliage drifted to the water. No one else was there, so I slipped out of my clothes and sat in the tub, my back to the door. The water swirled around and I just began to feel relaxed when I felt the door creak open.

I assumed it would be one of the other women so I didn?t turn my head. A minute later, a naked man slipped into the water on the other side of the Jacuzzi. He smiled shyly and said, ?Hi, I?m Jack.? I felt a little uncomfortable, but he looked safe enough. Probably about my age, mid-thirties, his hair closely cropped over a receding hairline. Nice eyes, good smile. ?Are you here for the seminar??

?Yes, is your wife attending??

?Yup, I thought I?d come along and enjoy the spa for the week.?

We chatted for a little bit and I began to relax. We were in mid-sentence when he announced that the heat was getting to him; perhaps I hadn?t noticed. He hopped up on the side of the tub and I noticed his body. He had six-pack abs and a good chest. He kept his legs together but I had seen a flash of his cock as he jumped up. Cocks, in my experience, are pretty much of a muchness; but I hadn?t been with that many and no different ones for the past five years, so I found myself wishing that he?d spread his legs just a little. I figured that I?d go for a little tease and see where that got me. I turned around and stood up so, he?d get a good look at my ass, and I bent over a little before I turned back around and sat on the edge of the spa. I haven?t had any hair for years and my pussy lips stick out pretty far. When I sat, back I didn?t keep my legs closed in a lady like fashion but moved my legs apart in a swimming motion that I hoped would just look relaxed. It was my tits, I figured, that would get him if anything did. My tits are big and they sag a little, just enough so that if I move they sort of sway. We kept on talking and I knew he was noticing. When I slipped back into the water, I put my legs together and tightened my stomach, clenching my butt, knowing that this would cause my lips to stick out in front. He was back in the water at this point and we were talking about the seminar and the role of women in corporate life and the way things were changing. The next time he sat on the edge of the tub I stretched my hands over my head, pulling my hair back, so my tits broke out of the water. By this time, my nipples were hard as pebbles. There was no question in my mind that he understood this little flirtatious game, because this time he kept his legs apart, so I could have a good look at his cock. The warm water had probably stretched it a little, and it looked large, lying on his balls. His pubic hair was trimmed short and it looked as if he had shaved his balls entirely. He certainly noticed me looking and he did what I had done; put his feet on the seat inside the tub and leaned back, so that his cock was completely displayed. As I watched, he started to give evident knowledge of my observation, because his cock started to thicken and lift. Just at that moment, we heard the latch clatter and heard two female voices. My friend Marcie came in and she introduced me to Julia, who turned out to be Jack?s wife. They both stripped off their robes while we watched. Julia was dark-haired and had a long slim body with small breasts and dark nipples. She had more pubic hair than I?d ever seen. No wonder Jack had been happy to see my bald puss; but then I had a thought that maybe it had grossed him out. Marcie looked great; tight round ass and great tits. We all stayed and chatted for a while and then I said I?d had enough and left the water. I dried and went to the room and then got ready for dinner. After dinner, Marcie and I went for a hike and then we went back to the room to settle in for an early night. Marcie, as I remembered, liked to walk around naked and I was the same way. She sat on her bed, doing her nails, while I lay on the opposite side, reading a novel. Every once in a while I?d look up and sneak a glimpse at her pussy. She had trimmed all the hair short but had left it in a circle around her hole. Once when she brought her knee up, I saw some pink and thought it looked shiny with wet. I started talking to her about my flirting with Jack and how I had regarded it as a challenge to make him hard.

She looked at me and said, ?You don?t fool around on Bill do you??

?No, I never have. It was just fun to flirt. It was kind of nice to see him start to get erect though. He has a nice cock, but just as it was starting to point when you guys arrived.?

?Umm, I wonder if Julia would share.?

I laughed and turned over, and a few minutes later, the lights went off. My fingers found my pussy in the dark and moved in slow circles up and down my slit. It didn?t take me long to get there and afterwards I fell straight to sleep.

Next morning we were up early for breakfast. Julia came and sat next to me and we chatted. I wondered if she had gotten any last night. She looked bright and happy and I was momentarily jealous that she had almost certainly been well-fucked and that idea played in my mind throughout breakfast. Julie was pleasant to talk to and was one of those people who liked to use gestures and a lot of contact.

We had a very productive first day. Marcie led the session off with some controversial information about sex and sex role-playing in the workplace, along with some research information on the relative success of women who used flirtatious conduct in the workplace. I had to admit that I had done it on a few occasions, standing up straight, crossing legs, etc. It had seemed tame at the time, but I had been aware when I was doing it that I was using it to get attention. Marcie led the discussion as to what worked and what didn?t. The point she made was that those sexual tactics set women against each other and destroyed the ability of women to establish trust in an organization. By the time I left the afternoon session, I was re-thinking my way of being. Another massage left me feeling tired and once again, I headed to the Jacuzzi.

Julia was there alone and I was feeling a little guilty about my activities yesterday, even though nothing had happened. I shucked my robe and joined her. We sat in companionable silence and she said, ?I?ve got to thank you for last night.?

I looked at her, ?I don?t understand.?

She laughed, ?Jack was so horny when he got me to the room that he fucked me for over an hour. He described the little by-play between you in detail. It was fantastic. He spent about fifteen minutes describing your pussy.?

Yesterday I would have denied everything, but tonight I was determined to be honest. ?I?ve got to admit I made a game out of seeing if I could arouse him. But it was, in a sense, innocent.?

?I know. I meant the thanks. It?s not as if you tried to make plans to meet him.?

?No. I didn?t. Flirting is fun. I enjoyed everything that Marcie said today. I saw how sometimes I use my sexuality as a weapon, but I guess last night was an example of just using it for fun.?

Just then, we heard the door latch and Jack came in. I could see the expression on his face at finding the two of us together. I watched him shuck his robe and ease into the water. Julia said, ?I was just thanking Sabrina for your performance last night.?

Now I started blushing and didn?t know where to look. I actually thought of getting out of the Jacuzzi, but Julia seemed to sense my discomfort and put her hand on my arm, ?Please I was sincere in thanking you. Jack was really enthusiastic and not just once.?

My face started burning.

Julia looked at me, ?Would you mind doing exactly what you did last night. I?d like to see if it would work again.? She laughed and I could see that she was interested. I thought she might be fucking with me, but then I thought to me, ?if she is then she deserves it.?

I said, ?Sure. First, I turned around so he could see my ass. I had my legs spread a little bit and I bent a little at my waist, thinking he could see a little bit of lip.?

She interrupted me. ?Hold that. I want to sit beside him and see just what he saw.?

I did and stuck my ass out even further. ?Then I turned around and sat down a little abruptly so my tits would bounce.? I bounced. ?He didn?t react, but he was on the side of the pool and we stayed that way talking for a while, but every minute or so I made sure I moved, so he could see my tits sway.? I swayed. ?Just before you guys interrupted I opened my legs a little and then when I got back in I leaned back on my hands and put my legs together, like this? I leaned back. ?So he could get a good look at my lips.? I showed them my lips.

?Get up on the side again, Jack.? She directed. ?Did you show her your cock??

He smiled, ?Just at the end after she raised her arms over her head and stretched back, showing me a couple of hard nipples.? He had lifted himself out of the water and parted has legs. His cock was starting to lift off again. ?This is here you came in.? He made to slide back into the water, but she stopped him. ?So if we hadn?t arrived what would you have shown her.?

His cock was getting harder and was soon pointing in the air. ?Come over here Sabrina and get a good look.?

I paddled over. His cock was now bobbing in time with his heartbeat. It was definitely largish and the head, I thought, was a little outsize, but maybe he was just very aroused. Julie closed her little hand around it, ?Umm baby I think I?m going to have fun again tonight.? She looked at me, ?Looks good enough to eat doesn?t it.? She moved her head and took him in her mouth. I felt myself getting wet, but she pulled back and he slipped into the water. Just then, we heard the latch lift and another couple came into the yard.

I had never seen anything like Julia?s display, and I wondered where it would have gone if Jack hadn?t slipped back in the water. Marcie followed the couple and I recognized the female of the couple as Joan, one of the attendees. Joan?s husband, Mark, shed his robe and they joined us in the Jacuzzi. Julia was looking at me and smiling, but I couldn?t tell whether it was in satisfaction at having teased me in the same way that I had teased Mark. I stayed another half hour and then left for the room. When Marcie came in we went for another long hike and I told her what had transpired.

She laughed. ?I thought Jack was going to die of a stroke he had gotten so red. No wonder he couldn?t get out of the Jacuzzi. So what are you going to do if Julia asks if you want to fuck him??

I stared at her, ?Say no, of course. I wouldn?t do anything like that to Bill.? Even as the words left my mouth, I knew they weren?t true. I had been pretty sure that Bill had had a brief affair with one of his legal associates the year before, but she had left the firm and moved three states away shortly after. It had bothered me at the time, but not enough to get really wound up about it. Still, infidelity had such a nasty ring about it.

When we got back to the room I lay down to read while Marcie pottered about, naked as usual. Around ten I started to doze off, so I turned off my light and made myself comfortable. I heard Marcie slip under her sheets, and I put my finger between my lips. Marcie said, ?If you?re going to play with yourself at least let me watch. You got me all hot last night when you came.?

I said, ?I didn?t make any noise at all.?

?Really? It wasn?t you going, uhh, uhh, mmm, mmm.? She made a good imitation of noises I had been known to make. I laughed and sat up. ?I was going to do it again. You should have seen that cock, standing straight up, all hard. The head had this really pronounced ridge, you know.?

Marcie said, ?I know exactly.?

?When Julie put it in her mouth she sort of closed her lips around the tip and then squeezed so I could see the head just pop inside. It made me really wet.?

?Let?s see.?

I turned on the light, ?This reminds me of high school. Did you ever play with yourself in front of your girl friends?? I spread my legs and showed her my wet puss. ?It?s only been three days since I got some and I feel so fucking horny.?

She hopped out of bed, ?Look at my traveling companion.? She went over to her suitcase and pulled out a bright red dildo. She came and sat on the edge of the bed, ?Meet my big friend.?

Before I could say anything, she had its tip between my legs and had pushed it deep inside me. I gasped. ?That is big.? She put it all the way in and then pulled it out slowly. ?There does that feel better. Is that how you imagine Jack?s cock would feel, sliding deep into your pussy?? She started moving it in and out and I hiked myself off the bed to give her better access. I was starting to feel deliciously naughty.

?Oh yes, that?s exactly how he?d feel.?

She moved her thumb to my clit and started tapping it in time to her pushes. ?Oh yeah. Cum for me baby.?

In response, I flipped over on all fours and looked underneath as she rammed it deep inside me, while she used her other hand to flick my lips and clit. Soon I felt the swell developing and I was shouting into the pillow. I collapsed and rolled over.

?Wow. That was a humanitarian act. How about you??

She moved back to her own bed. ?Sure you can make Mr. Wiggly perform for me.? She raised her knees and spread her legs and I moved so that my head was between her knees. She had a tiny pussy and her lips were all inside, but I could see that she was wet. I didn?t know whether I should clean the dildo before I put it in her, but it was nice and wet, so I rubbed the head up and down her slit to distribute the wet before I put it in her. Before I did though, I couldn?t help touch her with my fingers. She was so soft and so slippery. When I put Mr. Wiggly, inside she lifted her hips and without really thinking about it, I put a finger up her ass. She gasped and started bucking and I put my elbow into giving her a good fucking. Just as she was about to cum, I rammed my finger up to the joint into her ass and fastened my mouth around her clit, licking just the way my Bill licked me. She came explosively.

The next day the lectures continued. I went to the spa as usual and this time I found Jack alone. I slipped in the water and said, ?That was quite a display you gave us yesterday. I guess you got some last night.?

He smiled, ?Oh yeah. I don?t know who was more turned on about talking about you though. Julia must have cum five times when she was talking about watching your face when she sucked me and then she started talking about your pussy. I didn?t know she had such a dirty mouth.?

I laughed and moved close to him. I said, ?Glad to oblige.? I reached for him and circled his cock with my hand. It was already hard and I moved my hand up and down its length, tracing that delectable ridge with my forefinger. I moved to the other side of the tub, happy with just that touch. A few minutes later, Joan and Mark joined us in the tub and I winked at Mark as I engaged in the same kind of display that I had that first day. When I sat back down in the tub, I saw Joan reach between Mark?s legs. She laughed, ?Very good, Sabrina. You got him hard within thirty seconds.?

Obviously, the seminar was working on bringing some of our feminine wiles out into the open. Joan said, ?Mark, stand up and show Sabrina the effect she had? He stood up and revealed a cock that though shorter than Jack?s was probably twice as thick. It looked like a dangerous implement. Jack laughed and stood up, showing us that he hadn?t become immune. We were all laughing when Julia and Marcie joined us. Both of them asked what the joke was and we explained. The explanation caused both the men to shrink and the girls forced them to sit on the side of the tub while I did it again. Both cocks popped up to all of our amusement. Marcie said, ?That?s not really fair, you know, teasing us with what we can?t have.?

Joan said, ?Oh we could probably work out some kind of lend-lease as long as we could watch.? The men both colored and slipped back into the water. That evening Marcie and I employed Mr. Wiggly again. Marcie got to cum first and I was half way there when we heard a knock on the door. We scrambled apart and I hid Mr. Wiggly under the covers. Julia walked in.

Marcie was naked when she answered the door and I was in bed with the covers on my bottom half. I noticed that we both had hard nipples and that there was a sexual flush on our chests. I wondered if Julia noticed. She came and sat on the edge of the bed. ?You guys have been fooling around. I can smell it.? She saw the lump under the covers and pulled out Mr. Wiggly. ?It?s wet too. Here I was feeling sorry for the two of you.?

She looked up, Mr. Wiggly bouncing up and down in her hand and then she sat down on the bed and hiked her knees up. She wasn?t wearing any panties under her terry cloth skirt. She slipped Mr. Wiggly between her lips. ?I was going to offer a loan of Jack?s cock, but this feels pretty good. Too bad it?s not double headed.? She was slipping it in and out and I threw back the covers and put my finger inside myself. Marci came over to the bed and took over the shaft, while Julia lay back. I moved up to her face and kissed her on the lips, dragging my breasts over hers. She started gasping and it was only a few seconds after I fed a nipple into her mouth that she started Cumming.

She sat up in bed and said, ?Here I came to offer you some hard cock.?

I said, ?I?d love to take you up on it, but I just can?t get past the infidelity issue. I?ve been busy rationalizing this kind of play as just girl stuff.?

Marcie said, ?Well I don?t have that problem, being a single girl. I mean if your sure..? she looked at Julia.

?Oh I?m sure.? She smiled and looked at me, ?Do you want to come watch??

I laughed, ?I?m strong willed but that might be too much. I think I?d better sit this out.?

Marcie threw on some sweats and bolted out the door, Julie close behind, ?We?re in Cabin 6 if you change your mind.?

I locked the door and lay back down. Mr. Wiggly lay there wet and red. I picked him up and he swung loosely in my fist. I put him into my mouth, tasting Julia?s wet. Amazing how we all tasted a little different. I hiked up my legs, fed him in, and moved him back and forth. All of a sudden it was a sausage of dead plastic, no fun at all. I went into the shower and tried to use its spray head, but that didn?t work either. I threw on a robe and went to stand on the porch. I wondered which cabin was 6 and started walking down the path. A minute later there it was. I knocked softly on the door. Julia came to the door, naked and let me in. She laughed, ?Couldn?t resist, huh.? She unbelted my robe and let it fall to the floor and led me to the bedroom door. Jack was on his back and Marcie had him in her mouth.

He smiled and said, ?I feel like a porn star.?

Marcie looked up and allowed his cock to ease out of her mouth. ?Watch this.? She scooted over, lifted a leg, and eased his cock up to her lips. She moved it all around before she fitted his big head snugly between her lips. ?Get close and watch.?

I kneeled at the side of the bed and watched his cock separate her lips as she moved ever so slowly down on his cock.

?He would love to lick your lips. He?s wanted them in his mouth since he saw you.?

This is where it would get tough. Marcie was leaning forward, grinding her pubic bone on his,; I could imagine his long cock stirring in her pussy. She had her hands on his chest, pinching his nipples and he had her tits in his hands. Julia moved so that her finger was running up and down my slit. She saw my hestitation and sat me in a chair facing the bed and then went on her knees in front of me. I felt her tongue doing what her fingers had done, now it ws probing deep into my center, straight and stiff like a little cock. I watched Marcie shift on the bed so her ass was pointing to his face and saw him put a finger in, She was grunting now, moving fast, slamming down on his cock. Julia shifted she that she was running her tounge up and down me and I shifted my hips forward on the chair and she knew what I was after and slipped a finger up my ass. I felt my climax build. When I got really close she just stopped, and sat back, watching me. ?Please just hop onot his face, just for a second.?

I was crazy with lust and catapulted to the bed. My wet pussy made a smacking sound as I landed on his face, and I felt his hands lift me up and then felt him suck my lips into his mouth. Julia had moved and now had both of my tits in her hand and squished them together so she could suck both my nipples. I heard Marcie start to cum and then I was there too, a finger wiggling nside my ass, my clit seized between strong teeth. Afterwards Julie insisted on eating the cum out of Marcie, and I lay beside Jack and played with his cock. It was quickly hard again and completely wet with Marcie. I beat on it mercilessly and when it erupted let it splash on my tits.

We went back to our room, holding hands and satisfed. My pussy was still aching for cock, but I felt virtuous at having resisted the impulse to just sit on it.

The next morning we woke and went to classes. I was shocked when I returned to m room at lunch to find my husband waiting for me. ?We finished the merger, honey and I figured I?d come spend the last couple of days with you.?

I was happy to see him its true, but at the same time I felt a little disappointed to realize that the very exciting play that we?d been indulging in would have to stop. There was another complication too, in that the hotel was booked and it looked as if he?d have to share the room with Marcie and I.

Bill is a great guy, but is very traditional. I wasn?t even sure he?d had an affair with the associate, there had been only a few signs and he had been very careful. I made a spa appointment for him and went back to the afternoon class. It?s funny but the class work had shifted to sexuality and fidelity and the male/female partnership. Marcie could tell that I was uncomfortable and during one of the breaks asked me what was up.

?Bill turned up at lunch. I mean its great to see him, but I feel really awkward with what happened last night. I?d love to be able to tell him, but..?

?You?re not sure you can trust him, right??

?Well that?s a funny way to put it but I guess so. I mean look at it. Over the past two day s you?ve had a dildo up me, I?ve been licked by another woman and her husband sucked me to orgasm last night.?

?Maybe we need to see if we can open Bill up a little?? Marcie looked at me. ?Let me see if I can get Jack and Julia to help.?

?God, I don?t know. I mean that could really backfire if it went wrong. I don?t want to lose this marriage over this. That would be really bad.?

?Leave it to me. I know just how to play this. If it looks as if its not working we can always beack off, but the beginning stages won?t involve you at all. Come on it?ll be good for Bill to loosen up a little.? She left me and went over to talk to Julia.

After the last class I went back to the room and told Bill that I had one more session and said that he should really go to the jacuzzi after his massage. I said that most of the class ended up there. Just as I was leaving I told him that it was co-ed and that no-one wore bathing suits, but if he hurried he?d probably be the only person there for a while. I went to Julia?s room. We could see the Jacuzzi enclosure form her porch and waited until we saw him enter. Julia waited a few minutes and toddled down the path. Marcie, Jack and I went to the side of the enclosure where we could hear what transpired. We heard Julie walk into the spa and we knew she would be hanging up her robe. She greeted Bill and introduced herself and asked if he had just arrived. He explained that he was my husband and Julie said she had enjoyed getting to know me.

Visions of her head between my legs came to mind. They chatted for a few minutes and Julie asked whether he had had any spa treatments, We could hear her splashing around in the Jacuzzi and heard her exclaim that it was really hot tonight. We knew that she was using that as an excuse to sit on the edge of the Jacuzzi, showing Bill her pussy. She slipped back in and she asked Bill if her would mind rubbing her shoulder, saying that she had the worst cramp in it from being in class all day. That was Marcie?s cue. She went into the front of the Jacuzzi, stipped off her robe and joined them in the water, greeting both Bill and Julia. She remarked that I had told her how happy I was that Bill had joined them and that she was glad too. There weren?t enough men up here to keep things interesting, she said. She commented on Bill?s rubbing Julia?s shoulder and asked if he could just rub one muscle in her lower back that was bothering her. Of course that muscle was located just above the crack of her ass and she kept on asking him to go a little lower. That was Jack?s cue and he joined them.

I heard Julia greeting him and knew he would be sitting on the side of the pool before getting in. Julia?s role was to come over and make sure that he was just a little aroused before he slipped into the water, showing Bill that it was ok to get hard. Marcie, I knew was going to check Bill for signs of arousal before I arrived. I was getting so excited at this planned seduction that I was wet just waiting.

I gave them another five minutes before I went to the spa and I made sure that I walked around the entire Jacuzzi before I got in. Either Bill was going to get very upset at my public display of nudity or very excited. I went next to him and slid into the water. Julia was sitting in Jack?s lap. Bill had just finished rubbing Marcie?s back when I slipped in beside him. I leaned over to give him a kiss and ran my fingers down his leg.

?Did ou have a good massage?? I asked.

?It was great. This is a wonderful place. Marcie was sitting opposite us, stretching her back saying, ?Bill did a great job of unkinking my back muscle. You know the one I had you rub the other night?? She stretched back, her big boobs poking up and out, her legs slightly apart so the setting sun lit up her lips. I waded over to her and reached my hand around her, my boob resting on her leg. ?You mean this one here??

?Exactly. I pulled my groin last month running and I think the muscle attachment here is still cramping sometimes.?

Marcie jumped back in the water and moved over to Bill. She turned to talk to him nd I knew that he would be dragging on hard nipple along his arm. Julia announced that she was getting out and gave us a good show while she dried herself and then it was Jack?s tunr. He was supposed to be fairly aroused and he was, his cock was bobbing as he dried himself, and though no-one said anything I knew that Bill had gotten a good look. Thy left and it was only Marcie, Bill and I and then Marcie left and I said we should probably start getting ready for dinner. When Bill got out his cock was hard as a rock and I shocked him by going down on my knees and taking him in my mouth.

He said, ?What if someone comes in??

?Well they?ll get a treat won?t they??

I didn?t let him cum though, I just beorught him half way there before I said, ?We?ll finish that later.?

When we went back to the room marcie was there, naked, getting ready for dinner. She said, ?Bill I hope you don?t mind if I walk around naked. I asked at the front desk and they said, that they won?t have any rooms until Saturday, so you?re stuck here.? She paused, ?If it bother you I?ll make an effort to cover up.?

Bill said it was ok with him. I noticed however that he kept his robe belted and sat on the bed with anovel while we got ready. There was only one bathroom and we were pretty much in and out of it, but eventually he had to shuck his robe to get dressed. His cock was still thick and I saw that pre-cum had matted down the hairs on his leg. It almost seemed like cruelty.

We went ot dinner and we all had quite a bit of wine. Marcie and I took Bill on our customary walk, and when we returned to our room Marcie and I immediatley took all of our clothes off. I folded down the bed covers but Bill sat in a chair reading while we took our make-up off. I know the reading wasn?t going so well as first the book was upsidedown and then the pages weren?t turning very rapidly. Finally he stood up and started taking his clothes off. Marcie said, ?Finally. You were starting to make me feel self-conscious.? He excused himself to the bathroom and closed the door.

?I?m going to ask him to rub my back and my groin pull.? Marcie whispered. ?But I?m going to wait until he?s under the covers.?

In a few minutes he came out and I made room for him. His cock was still thick, a little pearl of pre-cum at its tip. I snuggled up to him and scratched his legs near his cock, cupping his balls. He went completely hard.

Marcie said, ?I know its really an imposition, but I don?t think I can sleep if this back muscle isn?t relaxed. It?s really cramped tonight. Bill, would you mind??

He looked at me and I said, ?Come on it?ll just take a few minutes.?

He went to get a towel and Marcie said, ?Just come here, I won?t watch. I have the cream right here.?

His cock was bobbing as he walked over and she turned her head away, flipping the bedclothes off. She pointed out the base of her spine and her left cheek and Bill set too. He was sitting on the bed and I watched him. He grinned at me, pointing to his cock, which was now dripping pre-cum onto Maric?s sheets. After afew minutes she said, ?That?s better, Can you work on this groing pull for just a few minutes??

Without waiting she flipped over, spreading her legs, pointing to the inner tendon that connected to her pussy. ?Just a few minutes.? She looked away and Bill started rubbing.

?A little higher.? Now I could see him moving her lips with his finger and I could see a drop of pre-cum land on her leg. A few minutes and she said, ?That?s great. I?m wet now, but my leg feels better.? She hiked up on her elbows, her nipples hard and looked at Bill?s cock. ?Looks like we?re both aroused. Oh look, precum.? As we watched another drop fell on her leg and she moved her finger around. ?Umm, thanks.?

Bill got up and said, ?I feel really awkward. ?

Marcie and I both chimed, ?It?s ok? and we laughed. I turned out the lights and felt him under the covers. I moved down and closed my mouth around him, feeling alittle spurt of pre-cum. I heard Marcie start to play with her self, her fingers making a wet sound in her pussy and I deliberately started making more noise. I could feel Bill starting to arrive, and I grabbed him around the balls to slow him down. The lights came on. Marice said, ?At least let me see.?

I threw back the covers and took Bill?s cock out of my mouth and ran my hadn around his shaft before starting to fuck my face with his cock. Marcie?s hand was a blur in her pussy; I looked over to see her arching her back, pulling her nipples. Bill started to cum just as Marcie lept from the bed and stuffed her tits in his face. I looked up to see him sucking her nipples and then he came; waves of cum that I swalled as fast as I could.

I looked up and Marice sat back, still playing with her pussy. I moved my hand between her lips and found Bill?s finger on her clit. She quickly went over the edge.

A few seconds later she came back to earth and saw a dop of cum running down my face. She leaned over and licked it off and I kissed her back and then kissed Bill. Marie leaned over and took Bill?s cock in her mouth. It quickly hardened and she slipped it out. ?I?ve already cum. It?s your ride.?

I put a leg over and she guided his cock into me. I started moving over him and felt her hands guide me unitl I was leaning back on my elbows and then I felt her mouth on my clit. It was heaven, and I felt my first orgasm loom up. She asked me to shuffle down and then I saw her plant her pussy over Bill?s mouth. She had turned to face me and I felt her hands on my tits as I rode his cock. His mouth was doing just as it should, and her fingers were on my clit. Within five minutes we were all cumming. Marcie insisted on cleaning off Bill?s cock and amazingly he got hard again. She didn?t take long to get him to blow for the third time, and then she kissed up both and tunred out the lights. ?Thanks, honey, ? I said as I went to sleep.

We only had a few minutes to talk the next morning and Bill asked if I was ok with what happened last night. I said, ?You were a stud honey. Marcie obviously needed it. Maybe tonight you can fuck her.? We parted with a kiss.

That evening we all gathered in the hot tub. As yesterday Julia was the first to arrive and Bill was much more relaxed. She asked for another backrub and when it was over she turned and grabbed his cock, thanking him that he found her attractive enough to be aroused. Marcie joined them , and made staright for Bill, saying that she had really enjoyed last night. Julia of course had to ask and Marcie said that I had shared Bill. Julia had laughed and asked if she could get some of that. The two of them were laughing over it, stroking Bill?s cock when Jack came in. Jack had asked what was going on and the girls had told him. He said that it sounded ok by him, if I was ok with it. His cock had started to stiffen at the thought and he made sure that Bill got a good look before he slid into the water.

When I arrived Julia had started pouring the second bottle of wine and of course both girls had been out of the water, showing Bill exactly what they were talking about. When I came in Bill looked a little red in the face and I told him he had better get out of the water. He did, showing us a completley hard cock. Jack got out beside him and the two of them stood there. I said, ?Looks like you have a choice girls.? Julie needed no further invitation and took Bill?s cock in her mouth. He looked at me and I went over and kissed him on the mouth. I said, ?Shall I return the favor??

He said, ?Sure seems only fair.?

I got in the water and looked Jack in the eye just before I held his cock with both hands, licking around that big glasn, tonguinghis little mouth. Marcie stood up over Bill?s face; apparently she liked his tongueplay. Bill came at about the same time Jack did. I pulled jack?s cock out and had him spray all over my tits and then rubbed it in. Marcie had just cum, and when Julia stepped back she took Bull?s semi-flaccid cock and fed it into her pussy. He immediately hardened and she started fucking him. Julia came over to Jack and made him hard and then asked me to back that pussy up. I did and felt him slide into me. He held my hips and started reaming me; god it felt good. I looked over to see Bill in seventh heaven; Julia?s pussy was now leaning over his face. By the time we left the Jacuzzi Bill had fucked all three of us and so had Jack.

The next night we added Joan and Mark to our play and each of us had our first double penetration with an audience to watch. We had four more nights of heaven before we returned to civilization, but we brought back precious memories. We still haven?f figured out if we want to find ofther couples to fuck, but we?re all getting together agin in the next moth or so and maybe we?ll figure it out then.

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