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3 girls, and me

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We have had a few swinging experiences in our life together but we had not yet had the three way with another female. I of course loved the idea and my wife had a twinkle in her eye about it over the years but we had yet to affirmatively do anything about it.

While living at the beach several summers during college we would shower with a friend or two of hers and she always loved the female body. In fact we have 3 b & w artistic nudes in our room and bathroom. So close so many times but no action.

Not being one to push for anything in the sexual world I just let it go and figured if it were to happen it would happen. We have been involved in full swap as well as a mfm 3some which was awesome but never a ffm.

A few years ago we were at the Fantasy fest celebration in Key West FL. My wife decided to get a full body paint and enter the competition. She looked amazing and what a daring thing for her to do. As soon as she exited the paint booth she was swarmed by huge groups of people with cameras. It looked exactly like the paparazzi following Brittney Spears. That started the day in a very erotic way. Having her standing in the middle of the street with nothing on but paint with tons of gawkers was hot. We went to the bar where the competition was held and got our names on the list. From 3 until 10 we were at the same bar talking with all sorts of people and all the while she was naked, except for paint.

Two days before the competition we had met a group of 3 girls down for the weekend without any men. We got to be buddies quickly and told them on Friday night to be sure and meet us for the competition at 3 on Saturday. When we arrived at the bar they were there and ready. When our time came they cheered for her and got the whole bar involved. Needless to say she won the peoples’ choice!

All the hours of naked hanging out proved to be too much for temptation. Two of the girls really latched on to her from the start. By the time it was over we ended up in our room to shower off the paint and the girls decided they needed to help her with the washcloth. There was a lot of feeling going on in that shower. I looked in at one point and much to my surprise I saw my wife fingering the one girl and they were all laughing. This was a first and I was psyched. They loved my wife’s body and could not leave her alone.

After the shower we all jumped into the pool and quickly the four of us ended up in the corner. With any real expectations I was again surprised when I noticed that my wife was playing with A’s pussy. I look up and see that A is lightly moaning and her eyes are closed. Now I know this is going to be a real encounter. I was sort of holding them all together and then she, K, starts fingering the 3rd girl, P, and getting her started with the moans. I am so cranked I could not even think of my self in the mix. I just let them play. The other 2, together started to finger K, an suck on her nipples and neck. At that point it was time to exit the pool and hit the bed. Luckily our door was 4 steps from the pool and we ran fast, threw the towels and clothes against the wall.

K hit the bed on her back and the other 2 dove with P landing first and immediately began licking all around K’s wonderful inner thighs. Her pussy was freshly shaved and P kept telling her beautiful it was. With that I look down and P is ass up and completely engulfed K’s clit. K was moving her hips around like they were on a hot seat and she was moaning loudly. P had her hands gripped firmly on K’s hip bones and sucked her in as tight as she could. I started kissing P’s wonderful little ass pointing towards the stars and she flexed so as to say welcome in my friend. I buried my face and began by rimming her as a tease. She just paused to catch her breath and let out a satisfying moan. Now the third, A, is ready to jump back in and starts stroking me and playing with my balls and grabbing my nips. I am really hard and so ready for her mouth and just at the right time she knelt at the end of the bed, under P’s knees and took my rock hard cock all the way in her mouth. I thought I would die. Here I was looking down at a new friend of 2 days sucking my cock while I was licking the ass and pussy of her best buddy from home while she was driving my wife crazy sucking on her lips and clit. WOW.

We kept this up for awhile and shifted around but K stayed on her back now receiving from me while P started sucking me off. She had suction power I had never seen and had to be careful. I was determined to be the last one to cum so it took a monumental effort. My wife was receiving my mouth and A was playing with her perfect 36c tits. She was licking and biting her nips in such a way that actually looked painful until I saw K grab her other tit and start squeezing the nip on her own. She was so into it. I pulled my still rock hard cock out of P’s mouth and decide it was time to slide it into my wife while I had two women in the mix. I slid it in once or twice and immediately moved over to have P take the whole thing with K’s juices and when she was done I turned sides to give A the same tasty treat. I then slid it back in and gave her a bunch of long slow strokes while both girls were playing with her tits. It was heaven. Once again I feel like I am at the brink so I pull out to let A now have a turn with K’s pussy. She instinctively does the same as P by sticking her ass up in the air so I take the invite to begin fucking her from behind. She starts to scream and with that my wife has her first orgasm. She lets out a yell and shakes her hips all over the place. A held on and stayed with her till with her till she went limp. I could tell she needed a break so I guided A on her back and fucked her really hard for a few minutes. K was regrouping and playing with P’s pussy. P is kissing A as I was fucking A while K fingered P. It was un-fucking-believable.

I continued to fuck A had until she screamed and we almost fell off the bed. I pulled her over and kept going until she was limp and her eyes closed for a few seconds. Well, now it’s P’s turn. She is still getting a finger from my wife but it is time for something else. While K still had her finger down there I shoved my cock in from behind and K continues to play with her clit. We both worked her over for a what seemed like 10 minutes until she came. She actually let out a small squirt and was shaking ever so slightly. I had to keep going for a just another 30 seconds or so I thought. As it turns out I never came. I actually did not care. All three girls laid there spent like wounded soldiers, except for the smiles and giggles. We ended falling asleep together and filling up the big king bed with sweaty naked bodies. It was so awesome and I wish I had a video of the night. I now joke that “you know you are getting old when” I looked over at the clock at one point while fucking P and it was 5:30am and I remember thinking “oh god I am going to be so tired today.” We slept until noon!

We keep in touch and look forward to playing again next year. I only hope I can once again be with three lovely women; one of which is my beautiful bride.

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