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1st time with a women

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All my adult life I have wondered what it would be like to make love to another woman. One beautiful summer day I got my chance. Her name was unknown to me at that time, but she was very pretty. I watched her walk across the courtyard her body swaid from side to side. Boy did she know how to use it. Her hair was soft and silky it bounces off her shoulders. Her smile warms your insides when you looked at her. Little did I know that she was checking me out too? She followed me to my house, and watched me go inside. After a few minutes my doorbell rang. I looked through the peephole and my heat dropped it was her. ?My name is Michelle, I know our boyfriend. My boyfriend and I are supposed to meet him there I guess I am early.? ? I had no idea that we where going out tonight.? I said. ?We are going to study when they get her.? Said Michelle She wondered if she could wait with me. I said yes. The silence in the room was deafened; I was channel surfing to find something to watch to entertain our self. ?Stop there!? she shouted. ?This is a great movie one of my favorites.? The movie we were watching had a few hot spots. It was very exciting, the movie help break us into conversion. We talked about all sorts of things, man, and love, than the conversion move to life experience. ?I have done lots of crazy things, once I made love to a girl just to go to a concert it was a long time ago I was pretty drunk.? She laughed when I said that I have never kissed a girl. ?Have you ever thought about it.? She said with a flirting smile. ?Yeah? I said. ?But I don?t know any body that is willing to do things with a women.? ?Would you like to try?? She said. I was very shocked, and didn?t know what to say. ?It?s just a little kiss, it doesn?t have to be any thing more and no one needs to know. So do you want to or not?? ?How about a drink or two first?? I asked.

After a few glasses of wine and a few more scenes for the movie, Michelle lended over and kissed me. Her lips tasted like sweet strawberries and they were so soft. Her lips slightly open and her tongue caressed my lips, asking to enter. I opened my lips slightly, her hot tongue slipped pasted my lips and into my awaiting mouth, she flitted her tongue in side my mouth and rubbed it against my check, a big chill run down my back. Her hands slowly ran over my legs and they stopped on my chest. She grabbed my tit and pinched my nipple. I was so excited I could not believe how I felt. ?Stop!? I said, ?We can?t? I mean I can?t? I never?? ?Relax!? she said, ?Just sit back and enjoy.? Said Michelle with a warm smile that made my insides burn with passion. Her lips moved from my lips to my neck she ran her tongue over my shoulder. Her hand grabbed my breast and squeezed. She began to unbutton my sweater and unhooked my bra. My nipples were standing straight up. Michelle was running her hands over my chest softly. She stared at my for a second looking for the okay, I could not speak or move. My body was crying for more and my brain could not believe how this beautiful woman was making me feel. I was able to let out a small moan that Michelle took for a yes and she continued her journey of pleasure. Her lips kissed between my tits and her tongue ran over my nipples, she softly bite one and rubbed my other one with her hand. She slowly moved down to my stomach and ran her hand up my miniskirt and under my panties. I was shouting to myself YES, YES, I didn?t know what was going to happen next. I wanted her so bad, her kisses had left me wet and wanting more. I grab her hand and placed on my clit, she replied my massaging my lips so lightly, teasing them, and making me cum with her touch. ?Your pussy is hot, ? she said. ?I think I will take a taste!? I was about to have my biggest fanities come true, I could not believe it. This beautiful woman was going down on me and I was totally enjoying it. I came the minute her tongue hit my hot lips. She know what to do she licked my lips from top to bottom and flicked my clit fast with her tongue until I came. She stucked her tongue deep inside my wet pussy. What a release. I decided not to sit there and do nothing; I reached over and touched her big beautiful tit. They were so firm; my hand was barely big enough to hold them. Her nipples were so hard; they poked my hand as I caress her large breast. With each squeeze of her breast, she rammed her hot tongue deeper into my pussy. My pussy was pulsing and my body started to shake. I was ready to try my luck at making her cum. I was a little scared, but Michelle was kind and understanding. When my lips touched her hot pussy, she screamed. She was very wet and very hot. Her cum tasted so sweet; I now know why my husband can eat me for hours. It was warm is it run down my throat. I ran my tongue over her clit it was sticking out, I sucked it into my mouth along with some more of her hot cum. Her sweet smelling pussy was calling me I stuck my tongue deep between her lips; devouring her sweet hot cum. Michelle flipped me onto my back and kissed me deeply, her lips were covered with cum you couldn?t help but to taste it when we kissed. She kissed my chest again running her hands over my nipples. ?Relax your going to enjoy this.? She said in a low breathy voice in my ear. Her fingers run across the lips of my pussy and slowly they were deep inside me. In and out her fingers went, she fucked me so well. Her fingers were covered with my cum. She took her fingers out and licked off the cum. I was very turned on by that, I drove back into her hot sweet pussy again. I guess that I was lost in the moment, because without thinking and with her hot cum running down my face I asked ?do you like toys?? ?Hell yes!? she said. ?I?ll be right back.? I run off to the bedroom in search of my new toys. When I got back I found Michelle fingering her self she was really going to town, she screamed as she came. I laid down my armful of toys. She grabbed the biggest dildo I had and began to rub it on my clit. I grabbed my favorite and began doing the same thing to her. Her pussy was grabbing the toy with ever thrust, she moaned with pleasure; I came every time she did. Before we know it we were fucking the hell out of each other both of us screamed louder with each cum. We where taking turns fucking each other with our mouths, our fingers and our toys. We were going at so hard and so fast that we did not notice that are boyfriends had walked in the front door. They sat down on the couch and watched for a while, before asking to join in. Michelle and I had a few more cum?s in each other?s faces and hands before we decided to let the boys in on our fun. Are husbands were more than willing. Michelle?s boyfriend bent her over the couch and gave it to her from between. Mine laid me down on the couch with my butt on the arm of the couch and rammed his big cock deep inside me. I reached over to the side of the couch and grab Michelle?s tits as the bounce from her boyfriend thrusting, she moaned with pleasure. Her boyfriend was fucking her hard. Michelle reached over and rubbed my clit making me cum all over my boyfriends cock. Michelle?s boyfriend laid her down on the couch and placed her legs on his shoulders. His cock was inside her so deep. My boyfriend and I change position too. He was know giving it to me from behind, his balls where bouncing off my ass making me cum over and over. I bent down and began to kiss Michelle?s clit. She sucked my nipples into her mouth. My boyfriend slammed he cock hard into me as he watched Michelle and I pleasing each other. I ran my hand up to Michelle?s clit and began to rub it as fast as I could. She cum hard making her boyfriend exploded in side of her. I than reached down and grabbed my man?s balls and rubbed them; he shot his hot cum deep inside my hot pussy.

I can?t believe that I waited this long before tasting the sweet taste of a women?s cum, I know that I will never forget it! Michelle and I decided to make it a regular thing of fucking and sucking it least once a week. I can?t wait!!!!

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