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What Happens In Vegas!

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Hi there! I’m Ann. I would like to share a true lifestyle story with you that has been permanently embedded in my memory and makes me cum every time I think of it!

Let me begin by giving you a bit of background about my husband, (Tony), and my swinging history. Tony and I are a happily married couple living in Las Vegas and have been in the lifestyle for over 15 years now. We have certainly enjoyed our adventures over the years and have brought every fantasy we have had to reality. Living in Las Vegas, we enjoy the fact that we have a constant source of play mates in the large number of tourist’s who visit with the attitude of letting loose having the time of their lives. Just about everyone who visits our fair city comes with the mindset of What Happens In Vegas; Stays in Vegas and Tony and I definitely take advantage whenever we can.

I’m what I call “bi serious”. I love everything involved in playing with women and we have always had a hard rule that when we play with others, the female must be bi. Over the years we have been lifestyler’s, Tony has enjoyed playing bi. Mostly giving and receiving oral and he has become quite a nice “top” when the opportunity has arisen. He had fantasized about becoming a “bottom” but, never pushed the issue with the couples we played with and has enjoyed any play everyone has been comfortable with. As a couple, we both absolutely the sex and love the variety the swinging lifestyle affords us. We get out to meet playmates about every other weekend and we love to play on the first meet as long as everyone is attracted and comfortable. We do go to our local couples clubs whenever the mood strikes but we prefer going to the Las Vegas Strip to meet our playmates. I’m very outgoing and love to pick up couples and single bi females when we visit “The Strip”. One Saturday evening Tony and I decided to hit “The Strip” to pick up a ailing couple or a single bi female to play with and this evening we were both VERY horny for some unknown reason. When we got to “The Strip”, we decided our best opportunity to pick someone up would be to a very popular outdoor bar that has live music on the weekends and most visitors in town looking to have fun, have this bar on their list of “must do” attractions in town. We arrived at the bar when the crowd was just getting good and wound up and this particular night, there were many attractive people enjoying the warm spring evening and the live music. I love to dance and Tony loves to watch me dance and flirt as I go through my best pick up moves. As we enjoyed our drinks and the music, I noticed Tony intently watching a very beautiful and tall brunette with the most stunning pair of enhanced breast’s I’ve ever seen. I interrupted his trance and asked if he would like to take her home with us. Very excitedly he said “HELL YES”! Ann, if you can get her to go home with us, I’ll buy you that seat you want in The Main Event of the World Series Of Poker that you want so bad! (I love to play poker and my dream has always been to play in the World Series Of Poker Main Event but the $10,000.00 buy in is a tough check to write!) As soon as he told me that, I was off to find out this beautiful woman’s story. I approached her and took note that she was certainly close to our age, (48), but was in great shape and had very long, shapely, and powerful looking legs, very attractive shoulder length brown hair with sparkling highlights, very inviting blue eyes, and the most impressive enhanced pair of 36DD’s I’ve ever seen! Just as I started to lose my nerve in thinking I didn’t stand a chance in taking this beauty home with us, she turned to me and asked if I’d like to dance. I couldn’t grab her hand fast enough to lead her to the dance floor! As we made our way through the crowd to the dance floor, I told her “my name is Ann and I think you’re stunning”! She blushed a bit and said” thank you very much! My name is Heather and I think you’re beautifully sexy! Is that your husband?” I told her that he is my husband and his name is Tony. She told me that she thought Tony was very handsome and that we are a very attractive couple. I thanked her for saying so and couldn’t help noticing her extremely large and erect nipples. They were close to twice the size of pencil erasers! Just the way I like them! She caught me admiring them and said” they’re bought and paid for. Do you like them?” I told her they were the most amazingly perfect tits I have ever seen and then I surprisingly asked her if she was into playing with couples! I really don’t know how that slipped out! I’m usually not that bold! She stopped, turned to me, looked me up and down, and simply said, “let’s dance”. We started dancing very close and as we danced I could feel her beautiful nipples straining through the soft material of the short dress she was wearing against my shoulders and back. I was truly mesmerized by her beauty and her height. I’m 5 foot 2 inches tall and am never attracted to girls taller then 5 foot 6 inches or so. Heather had to be 5 feet 10 inches tall and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her! I wanted to touch and kiss her all over her body right there on the dance floor! As the song ended she gave me a very close hug and told me she loved my natural 34DD breasts. As we hugged, I couldn’t help noticing just how tall and strong she was. I told her I thought she was amazingly shapely and asked her how often she got to the gym. She laughed and told me she works out every day and that she was a personal trainer. Just then the music began again and it was a “slow dance song”. I really didn’t know what to do so I sheepishly turned to walk off the dance floor when she grabbed my hand and said, “I love this song! Please stay.” I was floored! We began to dance very close together and we just looked deeply into one another’s eyes and made that awkward small talk that you make when you first meet someone but you’re so attracted you can’t keep your hands off of each other. As we danced, she had both hands softly rubbing the small of my back and my ass! She certainly wasn’t shy and didn’t care at all that we were in public and surrounded by a couple of hundred people! I couldn’t help but to take her lead and began massaging her very firm ass through the thin material of her dress and loved the feel of her very erect nipples against my shoulders and neck. As the song progressed, we simply couldn’t stop staring into each other’s eyes. I suddenly felt her lips against mine and her tongue parting my lips. She kissed me very deeply and I longingly kissed her back. When we broke that first kiss, I glanced over at Tony who had worked his way to the edge of the dance floor to watch us dance and I could see by the bulge in his pants, he was loving every minute of our play! When I looked back to Heather’s eyes, she whispered to me “You’re gorgeous! I love thongs and you’re a great kisser! Can I meet your husband now?” I couldn’t help myself! I began to kiss her very passionately again and loved the way she kissed me back. When we broke our kiss, I couldn’t help up think I was going to enjoy every inch of her beautiful body tonight! I took her hand and led her to where Tony was standing and introduced her to him by saying; “Heather, this is Tony. Tony, this is Heather, my new girlfriend.” Tony said, “I see! You two are great looking together!” Heather then sidled up close to Tony and said, “You’re cute! You two are a very attractive couple! Is there some place we can get a drink and talk?” Heather had her arm around Tony’s waist and I noticed she and Tony were almost identical in height and she really made a point of pressing her very erect nipple against his upper arm. My pussy was soaking wet! I could have cum right then and there if she would have just touched my pussy! I grabbed both of their hands and began to work our way through the crowd to get to the bar. As we walked through the crowd, I couldn’t help noticing everyone in the crowd was looking at us and had that “I wish I was you” look on their faces! It was unbelievable! When we got to the bar and ordered our drinks, Heather got between Tony and I and put her arms around our waist’s and pulled us close to her. As we waited for our drinks, we made small talk and found out that Heather lives in Santa Barbara, California and she makes a trip to Las Vegas about every two months to get as wild as she wants without the fear of being seen by friends, family, or someone she works with. Those were the words Tony and I just love to hear! We both said in unison; “What Happens In Vegas; Stays In Vegas!” We had a good laugh and I then felt Heather’s hand on my ass gently rubbing the top of my thong panties through the tight short blue satin dress I was wearing. With the feel of Heather’s hand on my ass, I reciprocated by gently rubbing her ass and as I did, I looked over at Tony smiled, winked, and told him I was going to greatly appreciate his buying me into the Main Event! Once our drinks were delivered by the bartender who smiled knowingly at Tony as he paid for the drinks, we worked our way to a seating area next to the entrance of a casino where we could talk to each other without yelling over the music. Heather made a point to sit between us and just as we got seated and comfortably close to each other, Heather looked Tony in the eyes and asked him if he was as good a kisser as I was. Tony told her to judge for herself and Heather quickly handed me her drink and asked me if I minded if she kissed him. I quickly told her that I would love to see her kiss him long and deep. With that said, Heather turned to Tony and leaned right in to kiss him. As they took a long and sensual kiss, I moved my hand from Heather’s bare upper leg and gently moved to her fabulous tits and started massaging those hard and erect nipples between my fore finger and thumb. I was loving every second and I was truly soaking my panties by watching this gorgeous woman passionately kissing my husband! Once they broke their kiss, Heather turned to me and told me that Tony was definitely as good a kisser as I am and she told us both that we are a sexy and attractive couple and she would enjoy playing with us if we were interested. I looked at Tony and he was smiling from ear to ear! I glanced down at the bulge in his pants and could see he was almost fully erect with Heather gently rubbing the tip of his growing cock between her fingers. I immediately thought we had simply struck gold! While the mood was at the peak of sensuality, I thought now would be the perfect time to invite Heather to come play with us. I looked into her eyes and asked “Heather, would you like to go party with Tony and I?” As soon as I asked, Heather dropped her head and for what seemed an eternity, said nothing. When she did raise her head to speak, she looked directly at Tony and asked him, “You wouldn’t happen to be bi would you?” Tony and I looked at each other very puzzled and my thoughts went immediately to she has a boyfriend or husband with her close that she is going to introduce us to. When Tony spoke, he told Heather that he had some bi experience and went onto explain what he had enjoyed in the past. Heather was very excited to hear Tony tell her that he enjoyed every part of his bi experiences that he has participated so far and looks very much forward to his next. With that said, Heather looked at us both and said, “I would really love to party with you both. You are a very attractive couple and I can tell I would have a great time with both of you but, I really need to tell you something and I hope it doesn’t change your mind about playing together. I am a transsexual. I do have my male parts down under and they do work wonderfully. I love to play with men and women equally and I prefer couples to get the best of both worlds. I live as a woman and love my life. I do hope you are not upset with me. I’m very attracted to you both and got a bit carried away. I always let those who show an interest in me know much earlier. Please don’t be mad with me.”

Tony and I were simply blown away! Neither of us could speak for what seemed an eternity! Tony was actually the first to speak and looked at both Heather and myself and told Heather he greatly appreciated her honesty could only imagine the range of emotions she has witnessed once she lets people know for the first time. Tony went on to tell Heather that he thought she was very beautiful, sexy, and if I, (Ann), was cool with it, he’d love to have her join us to party. I was floored again! I never would have thought to hear my husband ever open to the idea of playing with a TS! Having been in the lifestyle for as many years as we have, we saw movies and saw a few Transvestites at sex clubs and lifestyle conventions but, I would have never thought Tony would be open the idea at all! Once he said his piece, both he and Heather turned and looked at me for my thoughts. My mind was racing 1000 miles per hour! One thing was very clear to me. I loved how excited I got when Heather touched and kissed me! She made me so wet with anticipation and I wanted more! I looked at Heather and said, “Let me make sure I’m clear on this. You DO enjoy playing with women and men?” She looked at me in the eye and said, “Oh yes! Very much equally!” With that said, I looked at them both and said, “let’s get out of here then!” Heather kissed us both again, jumped to her feet, grabbed our hands, pulled us to our feet, and asked, “Where are we going?” I looked at Tony and asked, “Can we take her home with us?” I really wanted the comfort of my own surroundings given we had never been in this situation before and we had our favorite play toys and just about anything else we may need there. Tony thought that was a great idea and Heather said, “Sure! You two look like a safe and sane couple! I’m comfortable with you both.”

We live in the far southwest edge of Las Vegas with the mountains as our back yard. The drive from “The Strip” takes approximately 25 minutes to get to our home and once we got to our car in the parking garage of the casino where we park, Tony, (the true gentleman that he is), opened the passengers side door’s of our car for Heather and I to get in. Heather leaned into Tony and kissed him very deep and then asked him if it would be okay if she and I could ride home together in the back seat so we can get to know each other a bit more. As soon as Heather asked that of Tony, my pussy gushed in excitement! Tony said, “that would be great!” and we both jumped into the back seat. We made a bit of small talk as we exited the parking garage and once underway, Heather turned, leaned into me, and pressed her soft lips to mine parting my lips with her hot wet tongue. We kissed for a very long time and while we kissed, our hands started roaming over each other’s bodies very quickly. I started with my finger tips on her neck and softly traced the soft material at the top of her dress revealing the cleavage of the most beautiful pair of tits I have ever seen! As I cupped her breasts in my hands as we kissed, I lightly rolled her hard and erect nipples between my fingers and she began to moan softly. We broke our kiss and she asked me, “Do you like them?” I told her that I thought they were the most beautiful tits I have ever seen! As I said that, Heather slid the thin material of her tight but stretchy little dress off of her shoulders and shimmied it down to her waste revealing the full wonderment of those amazing 36DD’s to me! I was in awe! All I wanted to do was worship them! Sensing that, Heather lightly stroked my hair and slowly and gently pulled the back of my head maneuvering my lips to her right nipple and whispered, “There you go baby!” Once I began sucking her nipple softly, I was able to feel it grow just a bit bigger and I realized her nipple was just as big as the tip of my thumb! I couldn’t believe it! As I sucked softly, Heather took advantage of the position I was in and started to gently massage my ass and slid my little blue dress up to my waist revealing my entire ass and thong panties. She traced the top of my thong lightly with her beautifully manicured fingernails and began to moan softly again. She whispered, “I love thong panties! They are so pretty!” Hearing that, I pushed my ass up a bit more to allow her even more access. As she slowly traced my thong line down my ass, I started tingling all over! When she reached my panty covered mound, I moaned loudly and very uncontrollably! I could hear her gasp deeply as she lightly massaged my mound through the material of my panties. She then whispered, “Baby you are SO gorgeous and SO wet!” I almost came right then and there! I broke my lips from her nipple, kissed her deeply, and slid my hand down between her legs. As I did, she clenched her knees together, broke from our kiss, and whispered, “Not yet. I want you both to enjoy that part at the same time. It wouldn’t be fair to Tony since he has to drive.” I couldn’t appreciate her more for thinking like that! I kissed her again very deeply and passionately and we stayed like that for the remainder of the ride home.

Once at home, Tony pulled into the garage and closed the door. (A good thing since Heather and I were pretty much naked from the waist up and we do have nosy neighbors!) Tony got out of the car and opened the back door to let us get out. As Heather slid from the car, she leaned in and kissed Tony very passionately and then whispered, “Thank you! You guy’s are great!” She the took a step back, opened her arms, and asked Tony, “Do you like?” Looking directly at those beautiful tits and really transfixed on those wonderfully erect nipples, all Tony could say was, “Oh Yes!” We made our way into the house to the living room where Heather and Tony sat down on the couch close together. I said I was going to get a glass of wine and asked them both if they would like to join me. They both said they would and I went to the kitchen to get the wine. As I poured the wine, I looked over at Heather and Tony who were kissing very deeply on the couch and Tony was massaging Heather’s tits with his hands. I was getting more and more excited watching the two of them! I felt my panties soaking again and as I finished pouring the wine, I peeled off my little blue dress and took my bra off releasing my very swollen 34DD’s. As soon as I took my bra off, I could feel my own nipples harden and I squeezed them both between my fingers as I watched what was happening on the couch.

I grabbed the wine glasses and headed to the couch. When I arrived, Heather and Tony broke their kiss and Heather looked up at me standing naked except for my thong panties in front of her and said, “My how wonderful!” I handed her a glass of wine which she quickly placed on the end table, slid up to sit on the edge of the couch cushion so she could get closer to me, and reached out with both hands to begin massaging my tits. As soon as I felt her touch my erect nipples, I started gushing again! I was wearing a blue satin mesh thong which covered my mound perfectly. When I gushed that time, Heather was looking directly at my soaked satin covered pussy and moaned very loudly, “You are SO beautiful!” She then pulled me in close to her and gently began kissing my pussy through the satin mesh material. I was REALLY getting into it and had my eyes closed while I was enjoying what she was doing. I felt Tony standing very closely behind me and reached his strong arms around me and began massaging my tits with his hands while he nuzzled my neck softly. I wanted Heather to pull my panties down and eat me right then and when I told her what I wanted, she asked if their was a more comfortable place we could go where the three of us could enjoy each other. I grabbed her hand and quickly headed to the stairs leading upstairs to the master bedroom. As I led the way up the stairs, I could hear Heather tell Tony, “she has a VERY beautiful ass doesn’t she?” and I got even more excited! As soon as we entered the master bedroom, I pulled Heather into me and began kissing her very deeply while I slid my fingers under the material of her tiny dress which was gathered at her waist, and pushed it down slowly letting it drop to the floor at her ankles. I broke our kiss and gently pushed her down on the bed with her lying on her back. As I stood before her, I look down at her white satin panties and looked at the bulge beneath the material. I reached out and lightly touched the bulge before me in wonderment knowing that there was a cock in there despite her absolutely amazing tits. As I was rubbing the bulge trying to get an idea of just how big and nice a cock she had, Tony walked up to the side of the bed where we were and he’d already stripped naked. Heather and I both looked at him and our eyes were immediately drawn to his very hard cock which was dripping pre-cum. Tony has a very beautiful cock! For the many years we have been in the lifestyle and played with other men, I have not seen another cock as beautiful as his. He is close to 8 inches long and fairly thick. As soon as Heather saw this wonderful site, she again moaned loudly and said< “My Lord! You’re Gorgeous Too!”

She reached out and wrapped her hand around Tony’s cock and gently pulled him closer to her. She ran her fingertips from the base of his cock to the tip where she wiped the pre-cum from the tip and then stuck her fingers in her mouth, closed her eyes, and moaned loudly again! Seeing this, I started gushing once again! It was extremely sexy to see! Tony then reached out and replaced my hand with his lightly rubbing the bulge in Heather’s panties. When he started that, I moved to lay with Heather on the bed and began kissing her and gently playing with her nipples and tits again. Heather kept her hand wrapped around Tony’s cock gently stroking it and every now and then would wipe his pre-cum from the tip with her fingers and would lick off. She would share his pre-cum with me while she had it on the tip of her tongue and I just kept getting hotter! We continued kissing and sharing Tony’s cum and when I finally came up for air and looked down to where Tony’s hand was, I noticed he had slid Heather’s panties down to her knees and I saw him stroking the absolute largest cock I have ever seen in real life! As soon as I saw it, I said out loud, “Oh My!” Hearing that, Heather gently pushed my head down toward her cock. I looked at Tony who was stroking that massive dick and he was smiling very appreciatively! Tony loves to watch me being fucked by other men! The larger the cock fucking me, the better for him! As my lips got to the tip of Heather’s cock, I slipped my tongue out and licked the tip as I replaced Tony’s hand with mine and began to stroke softly. I couldn’t help thinking, “My God! I can’t even wrap my hand around this monster!”

As I parted my lips and started taking Heather in my mouth, I could barely open my mouth wide enough comfortably to take the head in! Tony dropped to his knees at the side of the bed and leaned in to lick Heather’s cock starting from her balls all the way up to that huge head and we began to give Heather a wonderful double blow job! At one point, Tony asked me if I liked Heather’s cock and all I could manage to say was, “WONDERFUL!” Heather then pulled my ass around where she could get me up on my knees on the bed and began stroking my pussy through the soft material of my panties. With that huge cock in my mouth and her rubbing my pussy, I started cumming and pushed hard backward against Heather’s hand. As he felt me cumming, she pulled the material of my panties to the side and slid her thumb into my wet and quivering pussy! I pulled my mouth from her cock and screamed in delight! As my orgasm subside, I rolled over onto the bed on my back and literally ripped my panties off! I then turned over kissed Heather very deeply again and then turned around into a 69 position and mounted her lovely lips!

As I pushed my pussy onto her lips, Heather gently parted my pussy lips with her tongue and easily found my clit. She began to suck very slowly and gently just the way I like and I started cumming again! As I was cumming, I looked down to see Tony sucking her huge cock trying to get the whole thing in his mouth and I started cumming again! When those orgasm’s subsided, I rolled off of Heather’s mouth and kissed her deeply again. I all but collapsed beside her as she started moaning softly. I could see she was getting into Tony sucking her cock and I placed my mouth very close to her ear and whispered, “What would like, baby?” Heather whispered back, “I want Tony to fuck me while I fuck your pussy!” All I could do was moan in excitement! I got up from the bed and made my way to the side of the bed where Tony was sucking Heather’s cock. I knelt down beside him and started stroking his cock which was even harder then I had ever felt it before! He had a small puddle of pre-cum on the towel he had knelt on and I wiped as much of it up with my fingers as I could, stood up, and reached out to have Heather lick it from my fingers. She was moaning loudly now! I then went back to Tony and whispered Heather’s desire into his ear and he pulled his mouth from her cock and said, “I’d love that but, first, I’d like to watch Heather fuck you with her big cock!” Tony then slid Heather’s panties completely off, reached down and felt how wet my pussy was, and then asked Heather if she was okay with that. Heather looked at us both and said, “I would love to!” I laid down on the bed on my back and raised my knees inviting Heather into me. As she got on her knees on the bed and began working her way in to mount me, I was able to see the full size of her cock which was fully erect now and was pointing toward me. Her cock was huge! I have to say it was at least nine and a half inches long and 3 inches across at the widest part of the head! I am a very petite size 2 and I’ve never been too much into large cocks. I am most attracted to those Tony’s size to average. Seeing the size of Heather’s cock scared me a bit. I didn’t think I would be able to take it and I started to panic a bit. Heather slid into position and then gently started stroking the length of my body with her fingertips which relaxed me. Heather asked if I had some K-Y to make it easier for her to slide in. I reached over to the night stand drawer and got the K-Y. I laughed and said, “You sound like you’re used to this!” Heather said, “I love petite girls but, I scare many with my size to often. The K-Y will help you and I will be gentle. I promise.” With that said, Heather massaged the K-Y into my pussy with first one, then two, then three fingers inside me which felt wonderful and really relaxed me! She then pulled her fingers from inside me and gently massaged the K-Y all over the outside of my smooth shaven pussy, opened my lips gently, and rubbed a little on my clit. There was no doubt she knew what she was doing! Once she felt I was relaxed well enough, she slid forward enough to be able to rub her cock all over the outside of my pussy and then slowly slid the head of that monster cock into me. Once she had the head inside of me, she paused just enough for me to get used to it and then slowly and gently slid the entire beautiful dick into me! As she slid in, I could only moan loudly with the feel and thought of being fucked by a beautiful girl with a massive cock! Once completely inside of me, Heather paused again for me to get used to it and as she did, Tony knelt down beside us and asked, “How is it?” Heather and I both said, “It’s WONDERFUL!” Tony then began to lightly stroke Heather’s ass and reached under her to feel her balls and the base of her cock while she was buried to the hilt in my pussy. As Heather started pulling out gently, I started cumming again knowing she was going to start pumping that big dick in and out of me! Heather slowly and gently kept pumping in and out of my soaked pussy while I came three or four times! When my orgasm’s subsided, Heather asked me if she could suck Tony’s cock. I gladly said, “Yes!” She slowly pulled her cock from inside me and turned to face Tony. They began to kiss and fondle each other’s cock’s and then Heather asked Tony if he’d like to lick my cum from his cock. Hearing that and watching Tony go down and start licking my cum from Heather’s very hard and large cock made me cum again! After a few of Tony’s licks on the beautiful cock, Heather told Tony to lay down on the bed and she slowly licked down the length of his body and slid his cock into her mouth. Tony was as hard as a rock and as Heather started giving him a wonderful blow job, Tony began to moan loudly and telling Heather not to make him cum yet. Heather slowed her strokes and let Tony’s excitement die down a little bit then started again. She would get him to the brink of cumming and then back off several times. At one point, Heather looked up to me and asked if I would sit on Tony’s face to let him eat me while she sucked his cock. I gladly followed her direction. As Tony ate my pussy, I watched Heather very passionately sucking his cock. Realizing what was soon to follow, I came again! This time in Tony’s mouth as he licked feverishly at my pussy. I was in heaven! This time, as my orgasm subsided, I slid off of Tony’s mouth and he lifted his head, looked down at Heather and asked, “Heather… Can we try something I’ve never done before?” Not knowing what was to come next, I perked up as Heather asked, “Would you like to try taking a cock in your ass, sweetie?” Tony quickly said, “Yes!” She knew exactly what he wanted and I was staggered! I asked her how she knew and she said, “Knowing how long you two have been in the lifestyle, I just thought that would be the only logical thing you haven’t tried yet. I’ve also had my finger up his ass to my knuckle for the past ten minutes and he kept pushing his ass down trying to get more!” We had a good laugh over that and then Heather got to her knees between Tony’s legs and asked me to hand her the K-Y. She squeezed a generous amount of the K-Y into her right hand and began stroking his cock with her left hand. I watched very intently as Heather began to massage the K-Y into Tony’s ass slowly. She looked up at him and asked, “Do you like that, baby?” Tony said, “It feels great! I really want to take your cock!” Heather moaned softly as she massaged her fingers into Tony’s ass and then she looked at me and asked, “Are you enjoying this, Ann?” I moaned a loud “Yes! I love it!”

Once Heather had Tony’s ass lubed up and relaxed, she began to stroke her cock to bring it back to its full and glorious erect posture. Once fully erect, Heather asked Tony to roll over and get up on his hands and knees. As Tony obliged readily, Heather asked for a condom. I handed one to her and watched as she slid it onto her cock. I could easily see that the rubber of the condom was stretched as much as it could without breaking when she had it fully on and she still had about an inch and a half to reach the base of her cock. Seeing that site, I got very wet again and started to rub my pussy while I watched. Heather slowly approached Tony’s ass with her huge cock and then squeezed a little more K-Y into her hand and stroked it onto her condom clad dick. She opened Tony’s ass cheeks with her left hand and with her right, guided her cock to his asshole. I began to rub harder and faster as I watched her enter his ass very gently. As she slid the head into his ass, he moaned loudly and she started telling him to relax and push back onto her cock as much as he likes as he got more relaxed and comfortable. It was a wonderful site! I was seeing my loving husband getting fucked in his ass for the first time! I was REALLY working my pussy hard now and as I saw Heather pumping her swollen cock into Tony faster I started cumming again! It was amazingly beautiful! I lost track of what was going on around me and as I regained my faculties, I saw Heather pull her cock from Tony’s ass, rip the condom from it, moaning loud enough for the neighbors to hear, and start shooting a very large load of cum up Tony’s back reaching the base of his neck! She kept cumming for what seemed like an hour! While she was enjoying the last bit of her orgasm, I leaned over and sucked her cock into my mouth draining every drop I could get from her! Once she was finished, Heather just collapsed beneath Tony and I and Tony lay on the bed on his stomach. I could see the large gobs of Heather’s cum up his back and I leaned over, kissed him deeply, and said, “Don’t move, baby. I’m going to clean you up now.” As I got to my knees beside him, both Heather and Tony expected me to get up and get a wash cloth or towel. The look on their faces was priceless as I began to lick the cum from Tony’s back! They both moaned softly as I cleaned up every drop! When I finished, Tony said, “Give me a taste, Please!” I moved up with quite a bit left in my mouth and began to kiss him while I transferred the cum into his mouth. Tony moaned as we shared and then Heather rolled Tony over, sucked his fully erect cock into her mouth and started sucking him hard. It wasn’t very long before Tony let out a very load moan and began to cum very hard into Heather’s mouth! Heather never slowed down. She kept sucking until Tony was finished and was quivering over the sensitivity. When she finally released his cock for her grasp, she slid up the bed, leaned into me, and we began to kiss. Heather shared with me the biggest load I have ever seen Tony produce! We swapped the cum back and forth for what seemed like an eternity but, neither of us wanted it to stop! When we finally broke apart, we both looked at each other, smiled, swallowed, and wiped our chins clean.

Heather spent the rest of the night with us talking and we finally dozed off to sleep at 5 A.M.

We talked about when we could get back together and we invited her to stay with us whenever she felt like visiting Vegas!

That was two month’s ago. We just got a call from Heather 3 day’s ago and she asked if she could visit us next weekend! We can’t wait!

I hope you enjoyed this story! Every bit of it is true!

I know this interest isn’t for everyone but, I just had to tell someone!

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