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We made our own X-movie!!

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Some time ago, a girlfriend of mine said the she and her boyfriend had video taped themselves making it, and she confessed that it was a terrific turn on to think of seeing herself on video tape.

As it turned out, they did this several times, getting better at it (taping) each time, but the results weren't what they wanted. Linda and Steve, (not their real names), now found themselves stopping to move the camera, or to change positions, and this, of course, took the fun out of their sexual pleasures.

Linda asked me if I would be willing to help them. Linda and I met just after graduating high school, almost three years ago. Since then, we've done some wild things, like skinny dipping in a hot tub with our boyfriends, and sharing motel rooms on trips. Linda said that of anyone she could ask, she trusted me the most.

After several sessions with Linda, getting to know the video camera and how it reacted to movement, lights, and such, I felt that I could video tape quite professionally, especially since I used to date a professional photo-grapher. One evening, Steve told me what he and Linda wanted for a video tape, the kind of shots they wanted, and when there should be closeups, etc. Since we couldn't edit the tape, we would have to shoot it straight through. Steve gave me an outline of ideas, which I took home to review, and then he thanked me for being a good friend. We set up the time when I would come over, and they would slip into the bedroom, where upon I would begin taping their carnal activities.

I took my task seriously, thinking that I would not only see how good of a lover Linda had, but I might even learn something to use on my own boy-friend. I reviewed the notes Steve had given me, and he got pretty explicit at times. Like what he wanted shown when Linda was on top: "Long shot from foot of bed, zooming in as cock slides into Linda's pussy." After reading all of the notes, my pussy was damp from the visual images they created. That night I ended up masturbating and having a long, delicious orgasm.

Several nights later, the appointed time had arrived. Linda opened the door and greeted me, and Steve poured me a glass of wine.

After a few minutes of discussion about his "notes", Linda assured me that they still wanted to proceed. I picked up the camera and tested it, then followed them into the bed- room. While Steve and Linda partially undressed, I connected the camera to the TV set in the bedroom, so they could see what was being taped. When I turned around, the both of them were on the bed, kissing.

Linda wore nothing but a garterbelt and stockings, and Steve wore a black g-string affair. I began taping them as Steve's hands explored Linda's body. Things went pretty well, with me zooming in as he licked her nipples, or her hands slipped under his g-string to stroke him. Soon, his g-string was a mere memory, and Steve had Linda sit on his face. Zoom in to show his tounge lick over her partially shaved pussy, and then zoom out to show them on the bed. I moved up onto the bed and made a shot looking down from Linda's point of view, showing Steve's large, nine and a half inch cock. Linda leaned down, and began a sixty-nine. I moved off the bed and got great shots of her deep-throat action on him.

An hour and a half later, both of them were sweating from the bright lights, heat, and exertion. Strangely enough, I was only mildly aroused by all their fucking and sucking. I was so busy trying to get good shots of what they were doing, only occaisionally asking them to slow down or move a little. Steve wanted a "wet" finalle, and Linda sucked him until he came, pulling out and spurting on her lovely breasts. This is when I realized that I was getting turned on, while waiting for Steve to come. Part of it was that I knew what he was going to do afterwards, and part was seeing him spurt.

Linda sat up, her long, brown hair damp and matted, her sweaty body now glistening, and she straddled his face. I zoomed out from her sperm covered breasts, the thick white streaks still visible, and captured Steve sucking her pussy. Linda began to come, and she squeezed both her wet tits as she did, rubbing his come all over her large, rosy nipples. Just as she finished and rolled off of Steve, I zoomed in and caught his face, glistening with her wet juices, and the creamy white in his moustache. He looked right into the camera (and at me I thought) and licked her cream from his moustache while smiling up at me.

I clicked down the lens, "fading to black", and shut down the recorder. My pussy was wet, so wet that I had almost soaked my panties through to my jeans. Now I felt awkward, being the only one dressed in the room, and I turned to rewind the tape. I heard Steve whisper something to Linda, and she snickered a little. I turned around and saw them both smiling at me.

"What's so funny?" I asked. Linda told me to look at my behind in her dresser mirror. I moved and looked around, and sure enough, there was a dark vertical stain on my jeans were my pussy had wet them.

"We must've done good." Linda remarked. "You got hot and bothered by it."

"It's nice to know you appreciated it." Steve said.

"Well, what'd you expect?" I shot back. "I'm not dead you know!"

The tape clunked off, and I hit the play button, handing Linda the remote control. I sat in a chair while they fast-forwarded through parts, stopping to review some of their own action. Every once in a while, they'd oooh or ahhh about some shot. Linda liked several touches I added, mostly of views from her perspective. One shot, when Linda and Steve were doing it "doggy" style, looked down from Linda's shoulders, underneath her to see Steve's legs and his swaying balls. I'd hand-lit that shot, and it came out well. In the same scene, Linda's ass looked good looking down over Steve's shoulders from behind. Linda had her ass up high, and her legs wide, giving her those classic lines of a woman in passion. I'd stood right behind Steve and felt his sweaty body rub against me several times (intentionally I'm sure).

The finalle was a big hit, as I captured it well, zooming in as Steve's come spurted on her breasts, showing Linda's face reacting to his hot sperm. And even Linda oooh'd when she saw herself coming, rubbing his jism over her hot nipples.

"Great job!" Steve said. "That's great camera work!"

Linda joked, "Maybe you'll convince your boyfriend to let us tape you!"

I shied away, knowing that my boyfriend wouldn't go for it, and said I'd enjoy taping them again. It was getting late, so I let them clean up while I put the camera away. Steve and Linda, freshly showered joined me in the living room, just about the time I finished my second glass of wine. Linda gave me a big hug and thanked me again. I left that night, and when I got home, I fantasized about Linda taping me with Steve.

Sunday, Linda called and I went over. She'd come up with her own idea of a tape, and showed me her notes on it. It was pretty hot, especially since she used even more explicit language than had Steve.

One shot she wanted, was for the camera to be close to her pussy as Steve slid four fingers in her pussy and three in her anus. "Close up of Steve's fingers in my twat and asshole, four fingers in my twat, three in my ass, while he sucks my clit and fucks me with his fingers." I couldn't beleive she'd written it. I told her that would probably hurt, and she laughed, saying that he'd done it several times before, and she came a lot from it. My pussy was getting wet again, and I knew I was going to get soaked if we did this tape. About halfway through, and I almost missed it entirely, she had something that told me I was being invited into their bed. "Long shot of Steve fucking me from behind, while I lean over the dresser, one leg up and in a drawer, and naked cameragirl visible in mirror."

Naked cameragirl? Me?! Linda was waiting for my reaction, and I kept looking at the paper, almost afraid to look up at her.

When I did, I didn't need to ask any questions.

"I hope you won't mind." Linda said.

The thought had crossed my mind the night before, while I was taking care of myself, of being naked while I taped them. Of, maybe, even having Steve's hand caress me when I was close to him.

"I...I don't know." I stammered. "It's just...I mean..."

"Afraid you'll want to join in?" Linda asked.

Linda hit it right on the head. I WAS afraid that I'd put the camera down and join in the fun. I'm sure Steve wouldn't mind, what guy would? I'm not bad looking, blonde, blue eyes, nice bod and all that. But what about Linda?

"Well, yes, I could get carried away." I said. Linda interrupted before I could finish what I really felt.

"Good. Then we can have a three-way on tape!" Linda laughed.

She seemed to be genuinely excited by the idea.

"Linda," I began, realizing what I was going to say just as the words rolled out. "Have you ever made it with another girl?"

Linda looked at me carefully, and my pussy tensed, waiting for her reply. I held my breath, sure that she was going to think I was crazy for asking such a question.

"What would you say if I said yes?" Linda paried.

"No fair." I said. "Answer the question."

"A couple of times. You?" She said quickly.

Now it was Linda who was holding her breath, and I could see the tension in her body. She was waiting to see if I would reject the idea. I thought of a way to reply, carefully.

"Well, just a couple of times when a friend slept over." I said quietly.

Linda asked and probed, asking me what we'd done, if I'd ever eaten a girl's pussy, or had mine licked. We talked and found out we'd both had very similar experiences, and we were both still curious. We talked and got over being uneasy about it, telling each other about our experiences. It was late afternoon when Steve came home, and we realized that we'd been talking for several hours.

That's when we came up with the same idea at the same time.

Steve went to shower, as he'd been doing construction all day at someone's house. Linda and I quickly got the camera out and plugged into the set in the bedroom. When Steve came out of the shower, he was flabbergasted to see us both waiting, dressed in only our bras and underwear. Linda explained that she wanted him to videotape us, and that he was to let us do what we wanted.

Steve agreed, his prick getting hard as we told him about it.

Steve picked up the camera, and Linda and I got on the bed. We knelt facing each other, and kissed. Our first real, sexual kiss. Her hands found my breasts, and I fumbled around her waist. Her lips were warm and so soft, exciting me greatly. I felt her tounge against my lips, and I opened my mouth, reaching for her with my tounge. When they met, it felt as though someone was sucking my clit, that's how exciting it was. My breathing quickened, and we embraced, kissing and chasing each other's tounges back and forth.

Linda's fingers pinched my right nipple, and I moaned into her mouth. She had such a delicate, soft, caressing touch, and I felt like I was melting into her. I cupped her larger breasts, and rubbed her nipples through her bra, using my thumbs. Linda's hips rocked forward, and mine met hers. I was in a heavenly cloud of sensations. Linda stopped kissing me and then began kissing down my neck, using her tounge to trace a line down to my chest.

I felt my bra come off, and then her tounge on my areola. It was so soft and light, so different. I unhooked her bra, and then pulled her panties down to her knees. I reached down and slid my hand between her legs, finding her labia already wet, and her soft, downy hair damp. My finger slipped easily into her vagina. Linda moaned very softly and sucked my left nipple hard, her lips biting down gently.

Linda pushed me back, and laid me out flat, sliding my panties off in a smooth movement. Her lips began tracing around my mons, and then down to my clit. I was on fire, wanting her lips, her tounge inside me, licking me and tasting me. I was oblivious to Steve and the camera. Linda parted my legs, and her tounge slid down my soaked pussy. I lifted my legs wide and high, her hands holding them there.

Linda began tounging me just the way I liked it, and I began rocking my pelvis up and down, trying to push her tounge into my vagina. I could hear wet, smacking noises which excited me even more. Then, Linda slid several fingers inside me. I felt my orgasm welling up deep in my belly, my nipples getting hard and sensitive, my ass lifting up to meet her thrusting fingers. Linda's tounge circled my clit, then moved up and down. She repeated this over and over, varying the tempo until, at last, I felt a crack in the dam.

"Oh God!" I moaned. "Oh God! Ohhhhhh!"

I felt a sudden breaking of my orgasm, the hard, clenching spasms deep inside me, the flooding release of my juices, the arching of my body, my hands cupping and squeezing my tits, my legs wrapping around Linda's head as I began to shudder. And through it all, Linda's tounge, circling and teasing my clit, my very sensitive clit. I moaned all the way through, especially when Linda stopped licking my clit, and I felt every nerve reaching out and tingling. Then she ran her tounge down to my finger filled vagina and back to my clit. Her soft touch against my clit sent me higher and she made me come again, quickly. This time I pulled her hair, pulling her face up hard between my legs, and shaking against her. I finally let go, floating on my back in a warm cloud, smiling and contented.

Linda kissed her way up my body, her gentle kisses making me shiver with sensual pleasure. We kissed again, and I could taste myself on her lips. It was good. Warm and musky. She held me for a while, and I heard Steve moving around. Linda caressed me lightly, cooing into my ear how much she enjoyed it. When I recovered, I lifted one of her breasts to my lips and began to suck, nibbling gently at her swollen buds. My hand found its way between her legs, only to find her thighs slippery wet with her juices.

I let her lay back, and I kissed her all over, working down her body, then down her thighs. My lips found the damp areas between her thighs, and I licked off her sweet, creamy liquid. Linda's hips writhed before me, and I parted her legs. My tounge flicked out and I began licking from her vagina to her clit, in long, slow laps, like a tired kitten lapping milk. I lost track of time, and of what I was doing. I wanted to lick her beautiful pussy forever, tasting her sweet cream, feeling her soft warmth against me, her thighs pressed against my cheeks. I slid four fingers into her, one by one, and Linda was panting hard. My tounge circled her clit, and then as Linda began rocking her hips up and down, I switched hands, using her own juices to lubricate three of my fingers, I slid three of one hand into her ass, and four into her pussy.

Linda let out a long, low moan. I sucked her clit into my mouth, playing with it with my tounge. I fucked her with my fingers, varying the rhythm. Her moans were low, and loud. The more I slid my fingers into her pussy, the more her cream flowed until it was like a small river pouring from her. Linda's hips rocked and swayed, her hands cupping her large breasts tightly. My whole hand was soaked, and her juices were running down her ass onto the bed. I just folded my thumb under, trying to get deeper inside her, and then, to our mutual surprise and delight, my whole hand slipped into her sopped pussy.

"Oh God baybeeee!" Linda cried out. "Fuck me!!!" She began to shout loud and lewd. "Fuck my cunt! Fuck meeee with your hand!"

I could feel her contractions as her orgasm began, squeezing my wrist and fingers. My hand felt like it was in a warm, wet pool of her juice, and I could feel the walls of her cunt moving to suck me further inside her. Her hips were shaking and her openings seized me tightly. My own pussy spasmed in sympathy. I felt my own cream flowing out of me, and I began to circle her clit with my tounge.

Linda grabbed my hair roughly and pulled my face against her, much as I had done to her.

"Oh GAAAWWWWD! MAKE ME COMMMME!" Linda shouted loudly.

Suddenly her legs clamped down on my head, and her whole body seemed to lock onto me, trying to suck me inside her entirely. I felt her squeezing and releasing my hand, wrist and fingers. Then, with a sudden jerk and thrust of her hips, she rose up and shuddered, her cunt spurting a thick creamy burst of her come against my neck. Linda shuddered and moaned for long moments, until at last, she began to pull away. I slowly slid my fingers from her behind, bringing her another shudder. Then, carefully, my hand began to slide from her sopping cunt. Linda moaned and arched up as my hand slid out of her, and she again spurted a spray of her juice, this time against my chest. That was so exciting that my pussy spasmed and I felt very close to orgasm myself. Linda was panting, and I sat up. I reached up to wipe her juice from my neck, and realized that my whole hand was coated with her thick white cream. For the first time it seemed, I noticed Steve with the camera. I looked right into the camera, remembering him doing it, and began licking Linda's cream from my fingers. Then I rubbed that hand all over my neck and tits, smiling into the camera.

I slid up next to Linda and kissed her, and told her that I loved eating her sweet pussy. She and I kissed again, and I caressed her breasts.

"Jezzzus! You two are red hot!" Steve whispered.

We laughed a bit and looked up, seeing mostly a hard cock pointing its head straight out. Steve was kneeling on the far side of Linda, his cock about even with her breasts.

"Why don't you come for us?" I said, reaching up and stroking his thick, cock. It felt warm and hard in my hand as I pulled the loose skin over the head. Steve kept the camera to his eye, and I stroked his cock some more.

"Wouldn't it feel so good for him to come all over your tits right now?" I asked Linda. She smileda and moaned an "Uh-hummm" in reply. "I'll just bet you're ready to shoot all over us both."

Steve groaned. "Wanna see me lick your jism off Linda's tits?"

I said, thinking of how sexy that would be.

I got my reply quickly. Steve groaned again, and a thick jet of his sperm shot out, landing on my face and Linda's breast. Then another as his hand covered mine, pointing his cock against her left breast. Steve spurted a lot, and it was a series of warm, white, jetting streams that splashed against us both. I leaned over and licked off the head, tasting his slightly salty and tangy come. Then I began licking a thick stream off of Linda's left nipple. I followed each line, licking it up and swallowing it, enjoying it's taste. One big glob lay between her breasts, and I licked this up and kissed her, letting her taste Steve's warm cream too. As we kissed, I pressed against her and rubbed my own breasts in his warm come.

Spent, and tired, we began to relax and enjoy the "afterglow".

Steve rewound the tape and we all crawled up and lay on the pillows to watch, with me in the middle. God! We were really hot! And Steve got some great shots! He even got a great shot of my hand going into Linda's pussy, and her orgasm. Through most of the tape, Linda shamelessly toyed with my pussy as well as her own. Just as well, as I was playing with Steve's cock and balls.

Later that night, we let the camera roll, sitting on the dresser and taking in the whole view of the bed, while we took turns letting Steve fuck us both, and we did each other. I'm not sure my boyfriend would approve, but then, I don't care either. Three's not a crowd in my book -- not as long as you have a video camera and PLENTY of tape!

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