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Three-way I just recently moved to a new city, started a new job, and met so many new people that I felt very insecure and lonely. About two months ago I met John and Debbie through a mutual friend. John is very nice looking, at about six foot two inches with blue eyes and dark brown hair. I was attracted to him right away, but his wife Debbie sort of intimidated me. Debbie is a gorgeous blonde, the type that guys pant and drool over. She's really tall, about five foot ten, with long blonde hair that reaches her waist. She has a beautiful figure (36-24-35) and is in really good shape. And she has a nice tan that makes her green eyes stand out. We went to dinner, our mutual friend that I was seeing was a nice guy, but we were just friends.

We talked about moving into the area, and how hard is to find new friends and make new contacts. Just after we were seated for dinner, Debbie and I excused ourselves and went to the "powder room", the wine we'd been drinking in the lounge had run its course and we wanted to get rid of it. When I came out of the stall, Debbie was combing her hair in front of the mirror and I checked my make-up. I saw her eyeing me in the mirror, giving me an up and down look, and felt pretty good that she thought I was a potential rival (not that I'd try to take a married guy from his wife). I'm not bad looking. I'm five foot four with light brown hair, brown eyes (that guys say are very sexy "bedroom" eyes), and I'm proud of my figure (34c-22-34), although sometimes I wish my breasts were larger. The dress I was wearing was a light slinky affair that showed off my figure and was green and black and it came down to just above my knees. Debbie wore a pure black dress that accented her cleavage and her hips, and her long legs with a slit on one side that stopped almost indecently high on her thigh. Debbie said "I'm jealous.

John keeps looking at you and undressing you with his eyes." I looked at her, not sure what to say, but I did giggle a bit. I'd noticed John eyeing me a lot, but I figured that he was just enjoying my legs. I told her that John was probably just fantasizing about having us both (most men seem to have a fantasy about two women). Debbie stopped combing her hair and looked at me with an impish look in her eye. "Have you ever done that?" she asked. I blushed, thinking of one time I had, and told her yes. It was several years ago with my boyfriend and my best girlfriend. Debbie wanted the details, but I sort of stammered, saying that it was a long story. She said I'd have to tell her about it some other time, but she'd also had that fantasy, and wanted to know how it felt. When she said that I could feel myself start to get wet thinking about her and John in bed and her fantasizing about another woman with them. Debbie started to adjust her clothes a bit, and then asked me to check her bra strap, that she thought it was coming loose. I stood behind her and unzipped the back of her dress. My hands shook slightly, as I reached to re-hook one of the three hooks that had come loose. I felt her stiffen as my fingers touched her bare skin, and felt little electric shocks race through me, making my pussy feel even wetter. I hooked her bra, and Debbie suddenly leaned back. I thought she was fainting and caught her with my hands on her sides, just below her large breasts. She breathed heavily and turned around, a needing look in her eyes. She reached out and squeezed my left breast in her hand, and both of us moaned slightly. My pussy was really wet and I was a bit scared that she'd want to do me right in the restroom. "God, you're so beautiful." she whispered. My knees were weak and I finally told her that we needed to get back, half afraid that she'd ignore me, half afraid she wouldn't. She took a deep breath, and said "You're right." We straightened ourselves up and headed for the door. Debbie stopped and said "If we can get rid of David, would you like to come over to our place tonight?" I stopped, stunned at her boldness, and heard myself answer "Yes, and maybe your fantasy will come true." Did I really say that? What had come over me? Maybe it was the wine; or was it? Debbie gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, and we rejoined the guys at the table.

Before I go on, let me explain that while I'd been to bed with my boy friend and my best girlfriend, I'd never made love to another woman. My best friend and I shared my boyfriend, not each other. I wondered afterwards about it, because every time our bodies had touched or brushed each other, I felt so incredibly sexy. I've seen porno movies and girls doing girls, and it doesn't turn me off, but it does excite men with the "nastiness" of it. But then, I was raised by very religious parents too, and at 25, I'd finally gotten over feeling guilty about enjoying sex. I'd also found that I enjoyed teasing my boyfriend by dressing and exposing my tits or pussy, like a tank top pulled down so my tits were exposed. But I'd never been with another woman and I wondered about Debbie's bold squeeze of my breast. Sitting at the table, every time I saw her cleavage I could feel my pussy throb.

Anyway, we left the restaurant, and Debbie asked David if it was alright if I went with them, as Debbie wanted to show me her art work (Debbie was an artist for a big company, but she loved to paint at home too). David said he didn't mind, and I thanked him for introducing me to Debbie and John, and John said that he and Debbie would take me home. David left and I got into the car with John and Debbie, sitting in the middle at Debbie's insistence.

While we drove through the darkness to their house, Debbie's dress had slid up on her legs, and her left thigh was very exposed by the slit of her dress.

John was looking left as he turned and Debbie took my right hand and placed it on her thigh. I could feel her warm skin through her pantyhose and I felt a sort of electric shock. I looked at her, and she was watching my face too.

John was distracted, talking about how well Debbie painted and trying to merge onto the freeway at the same time. The wine had loosened my inhibitions and I slid my hand under Debbie's dress and touched her pussy. I felt her hips rise against my hand, and I found that she was so wet she'd almost soaked her pantyhose! I looked at John just in time. He looked at me and asked me if I liked hot tubs. "Sure." I said. He didn't see my hand under Debbie's dress in the darkness and he paid more attention to his driving. I removed my hand, and looked at Debbie. Her eyes were wide and she was breathing very deeply. Her slick moistness was on my fingers and I told her I'd love to look at her paintings before we hit the hot tubs. While she answered I raised my fingers to my mouth and licked her honey from my fingers. Her eyes were riveted on my lips and I smiled. John of course wasn't watching so he didn't know what we were doing.

They had a lovely two story house in a new area just outside of town.

John said he'd pour some more wine and went to the kitchen and Debbie led me by the hand upstairs to her "studio". Once there, with John making noises downstairs, Debbie pulled me to her and kissed me passionately on the mouth.

Her tongue slid past my parted lips and found mine. Her body seemed to burn against me, her hands cupped my behind, fondling them eagerly. I could feel my panties were sopping wet and my tongue followed hers into her mouth. We kept this up until we heard John coming up the stairs. John passed out some rather large glasses of white wine and we sipped and looked at Debbie's art.

She was really a good artist. Some of her works were landscapes but most were of people. One amusing one was of two toddlers at the beach, sans any swimsuits, and playing with a large beach ball. John opened a closet door and pulled out what he called his "favorite painting". Debbie blushed a bit and said that John was biased. John turned the painting around and I looked at a self portrait of Debbie, standing and nude, her long blonde hair pulled up by her hands behind her head. It was a stunning piece of work. I looked at her large breasts and nipples and her very blonde pussy. Her legs were gorgeous and trim too. My pussy felt wetter than ever. I looked at Debbie and said that she was so beautiful. She blushed and told John to show her the other one. This was a full length nude of John, with a tremendous erection. I whistled and told John that he made a very good model. "Debbie had to keep me hard while she painted that. And it took her three days!" We all laughed and Debbie blushed slightly. Why was she embarrassed? I felt like she should be proud of her beautiful body. We talked about painting and of course sex for a while, then John suggested that we take a dip in the hot tub. I was ready, the wine already relaxing me and making me feel a bit wild.

Debbie explained that she and John never wore suits in the hot tub, but that I was welcome to wear one of hers (if it would fit that is). We let John go into the tub first while I said I'd like to try on one of Debbie's suits.

John went downstairs and undressed by the tub while we went into the master bedroom. Debbie opened a drawer and told me to look through her suits and see if anything would fit. She stepped over by the bed and stripped out of her clothes quickly. I followed her example and quickly removed my clothes.

Now we were both naked and close to each other and I felt myself tremble as she came closer. Her hands cupped my breasts and kneaded them, sending a wave of pleasure over me. I reached up to hers and felt their warmth and their fullness. Debbie begged me to suck her nipples and I leaned forward, thinking how exciting this was. I licked her large and dark nipples, and sucked them the way I like it. I pinched them between my lips, and tugged gently. Debbie moaned softly the whole time, her hips swaying and she was breathing deeply. I guess I really got into it, and she had to pry me off her breasts to kiss me. She kissed me hard and passionately, and I seemed to melt against her. Her hands explored me and found my pussy. When her fingers touched the lips of my pussy, I shuddered with pleasure. Debbie just seemed to know what I wanted. She pushed a finger inside me and I started to come, moaning softly into her mouth. Debbie laid me down on the bed and began to lick and suck my pussy, holding my legs open wide. She knelt on the floor and tongued me so hard that I couldn't help myself. I was coming so hard that I bucked and thrashed on the bed, shaking all over.

Wave after wave hit me and I was sure that the bed would be soaked. Her tongue moved up and down between my legs and her hands touched me everywhere.

Debbie stopped and knelt on the bed next to me, and still I continued to come for about two minutes afterwards, every time she touched me or caressed me.

I was breathing hard, and Debbie as sitting there watching me, her hand on her pussy. I could see her fingers glisten and I pulled her hand to my mouth and licked her fragrant juices off of them. Debbie moved and sat over me, lowering her blonde haired cunt down to my mouth. The fragrance of her sex excited me, as did the warmth and texture of her soft pussy. I parted the lips with my tongue and tasted her. Debbie rocked her hips back and forth on my tongue and I could feel her cream spreading against my chin. I pulled her down to me and sucked her clit into my mouth, flicking the little knob fast and hard. Debbie moaned loudly and came with a rush, her body shuddering and rocking hard against my mouth. I felt myself beginning to come too, and when Debbie's cunt squeezed hard I felt her juice flowing over my face, I did come.

She fell onto her side next to me, still shaking and coming and I licked her come from my lips. "God" I thought, "She so hot, and she made me come so much more than any guy ever had." I couldn't resist and I lifted her leg and started sucking her again. Debbie moaned and cried as she came again, her hands pushing my head against her, grinding my face into her cunt. She was really wet and almost gushing in my face. After that, she pulled me to her and kissed me, tasting her own juices as I tasted mine on her lips and tongue.

Debbie rolled over and hit an intercom button next to the bed. John's voice sounded and Debbie asked him to come upstairs saying she had something she wanted to show him. I was apprehensive but Debbie rolled back and then laid me back, lying on top of me and sucking like a wanton slut on my clit.

Her soaked pussy lowered to my lips and I was powerless to refuse. I lapped her up eagerly as I felt my orgasm build. I don't know how long we lay like that, but just as I started to come, Debbie pulled my legs back under her arms, spreading me wide and shoving her tongue deep into my hole. I could feel my juice on her face as she rubbed her tongue and mouth over my swollen pussy, giving me one orgasm after another. Somewhere I slid three fingers into her pussy and was ramming her with them. I heard Debbie say "Don't just stand there, join us!" She rolled off and I saw John standing there with an erection and his bathrobe on the floor. He was stroking his seven inch cock hard as he walked over to us. My fingers were still inside of Debbie and she was burning with lust. Debbie grabbed John's cock and sucked him into her mouth. I pumped my fingers in and out of Debbie's pussy while she sucked John, using the fingers of my other hand to frig her clit. John slid two fingers inside me and began to stroke the inside of my burning pussy, his fingers stretching my insides deliciously. Debbie started to come again and I grabbed her hips and pulled her cunt down to my mouth, sucking and licking her sweet juices from her. Debbie moaned loud around John's cock, and her hips shook and quivered against my face.

John pulled his fingers from my cunt and let Debbie lick them off as she lay on the bed. "Suck her wet come" He told Debbie and she was greedily sucking his fingers. Debbie seemed to change; her attitude was so wanton and sluttish that she'd do anything. "Lick her asshole" John told her and she fairly dove between my legs. I'd never had anyone lick my asshole before and Debbie was not only licking, she was trying to fuck it with her tongue. The sensation of her hands pulling my cheeks wide and her tongue made me incredibly hot. John stood there and watched, his cock wet from Debbie's mouth. Debbie had me almost ready to come from her hand playing on my clit while she fucked my ass with her tongue when John told her to stop. Debbie looked back at me with a look of lust on her face and slid off of me. John stepped up and rubbed his hot cock against my tits and neck, while Debbie fingered herself right next to me. "Would you like him to come?" Debbie asked. I was surprised by my voice saying "yes. I want him come all over me!" I was so hot and burning with the need to come that I wanted it all, anything right now.

"Would you like to suck my come from Debbie's pussy?" John asked. Again I said yes, desiring the release, wanting to come myself.

Debbie said "I think she's ready now." and chuckled, still fingering her pussy. John agreed and stepped back. Left alone, I was confused as to what they were doing. John came back with a photo album and showed it to me. The pictures were of Debbie and John engaged in different sexual poses and acts.

One that sends ripples of ecstasy through me was of Debbie on her knees in the living room, masturbating with a huge dildo and John's sperm on her face.

Several shots showed different people and Debbie explained that they traded pictures with other couples and enjoyed it so much. Debbie turned a page to her "favorite" picture. It was a shot of a guy spurting on a girl's breast while another girl was licking it off her nipple. I felt my pussy twitch and leak cream when I saw that. "That's my fantasy" She said. "I want to lick John's come from your tits after he comes." I could feel my nipples strain to stand up even more.

I looked at John's cock and then at Debbie. "Yes." I said. "Suck me. I want you to suck my tits." Debbie leaned over and sucked hard, pulling my nipples into her mouth. John put the book aside and placed his cock in front of my lips. I sucked. No, I gulped at his cock, wanting it to fuck my mouth and shoot come all over my tits for Debbie. Debbie's fingers slid easily inside me and I closed my eyes, just floating on the sensations. I let John pump into my mouth, feeling his warm, rubbery head sliding around in my mouth.

Debbie started using her thumb on my clit, making it hard for me to lay still and concentrate on John. Just as I was on the verge of coming, Debbie stopped her thumb and fingers. I moaned in frustration. Then I felt John's cock start to swell and stiffen. John moaned and I pulled back, letting him aim his cock. "Open your mouth slut!" Debbie commanded and I did, just in time to feel his sperm gush against my tongue and face. John spurted again, drenching my face with his hot sperm. I felt him spurt again against my chest and my right breast, the warm come running down to my nipple. John leaned forward and held his cock to my lips, stroking another spurt of come into my mouth.

Debbie was sucking my right nipple and licking his come from my tits and chest, her fingers plunging deep into my dripping pussy. I could feel John's sperm dripping onto my tits from my chin and Debbie started working my clit, my own orgasm rising. I heard clicking as I came, my hips rising and trying to get Debbie to bury her fingers inside me. Debbie licked my face, licking up big gobs of his come, and then kissed me, running her wet tongue all over my face.

I was still coming and I was moaning loudly as Debbie rammed her fingers in my cunt. When she stopped, I fell back and drifted on a warm cloud for a while.

Debbie roused me from my haze excitedly, and showed me what they were doing. John had taken some Polaroid’s of us as I was coming. I looked but I couldn't believe that was really me. Pictures of me, in color, laying on my elbows while Debbie sucked my tits, and my face drenched and dripping with come. My tongue was out in one picture, John's sperm dripping off the sides.

Several shots of Debbie and I kissing, her tongue under my upper lip and sperm running down Debbie's tongue. "Isn't that so sexy and nasty?" She said.

It certainly was! "I want a picture of me licking you after John's cum all over your cunt!" Debbie said. I was stunned. I wasn't really happy about them taking pictures of me like this. John knelt at the foot of the bed and started to lick my pussy, which was very sensitive. I started to move back when Debbie grabbed my shoulders and kissed me, squeezing my tits and rubbing the rest of John's come on them. Between the two of them, and myself, I was struggling to think. Finally, another orgasm rose and I fell back into a lust filled night.

Now I live with Debbie and John. We take pictures of each other all the time. My favorite is one I took of us using the mirrored tiles along the living room wall. Debbie is on her back, sucking my cunt with a dildo in both her cunt and ass, and John is coming on my bush and Debbie's chin. I even snapped it with a stream of John's sperm in the air. It is really sexy and very nasty. Debbie has her favorite too. It's a shot of me looking up from between her legs as John was cumming in my asshole and you can see Debbie's cream on my face and chin. My eyes are closed and my mouth open...

I was cumming too! John's favorite is the one of Debbie took, showing me on the couch sucking John off. You can see Debbie taking the picture in the mirrored tiles in the background (and this makes it sexy for me), and of course she's naked. John had just cum in my mouth and his sperm was leaking down my chin (for the camera...normally I love to swallow it). It seems like every weekend we find different ways of taking sexy pictures. Some we share with other couples but most we keep for ourselves.

It was last Friday when Lisa drove me home from the office. My car had broken down and she was kind enough to offer me a ride. We pulled up just as Debbie and John did, and we ended up going inside and having some wine.

Lisa is what men call a "cutie". She's five foot two, about 103 pounds and she has a firm, tight body. Her breasts are perky, standing up without a bra, and her ass is tight and curvy. Lisa has those elegant hazel eyes that are expressive. Her hair is light brown, almost blonde, but not quite. The most impressive thing about this 19 year old is her tan. It's very dark, and her tan lines show she likes very skimpy suits. Anyway, we talked for a bit and Debbie showed off her paintings (although not the nudes she'd done of the three of us now). We were talking about art, with Lisa saying how many works were destroyed as "lewd" by overzealous churches. Quite by accident, Lisa knocked over some books and papers, spilling them onto the floor. My heart stopped when I realized that one of them was the photo album with our "dirty" pictures in them. Lisa picked up the album and saw the pictures of John and Debbie, as the pages she saw were early in the book. She looked and the smiled at Debbie and John. "Oooh! Kinda kinky aren't you?" Lisa said, showing me the pictures of my "friends". John and Debbie both blushed, for themselves as well as for me when Lisa started to turn the pages.

"Um...L-Lisa." I stammered. "This is kinda private don't you think?" Lisa gave me a long look, and then started to agree. She caught the book before it closed and re-opened it, seeing pictures of Debbie and me on the floor in a frenzied 69, using dildos on each other. The last shot of the page was of us kissing after John had come in our mouths. I blushed hot and red, and so did Debbie. Lisa looked at us and said "Wheeew! You guys do get kinky around here don't you?" Debbie looked at her and asked her if she'd ever had her picture taken in the nude. When Lisa said no, Debbie asked her very straight out if she'd like to do it, that John was a good photographer. Lisa thought for a second then said "Sure. I like kinky stuff." and proceeded to take her clothes off. John left to get his camera and Lisa stripped quickly out of her slacks, blouse, bra and panties. Debbie had her keep her knee high stockings on. Debbie posed her against a blank wall in the living room and John snapped a few shots. Most of these were standard "girlie" poses and Lisa seemed to be enjoying herself. I felt my pussy getting wet and I looked at Debbie, seeing her hips moving slightly told me she was too. "Aren't you going to join me?" Lisa asked Debbie and me. That was all we needed and we stripped quickly and joined her. John continued to take pictures, using a 35mm camera and a Polaroid. Lisa was in the middle and we were posing for the camera when she slid both hands down Debbie's ass and mine. She slipped her fingers in us as John snapped, catching our surprised faces. Lisa laughed and let Debbie and I pull her pussy lips apart for another photo. John soon had the camera clicking away as Lisa sucked my nipples and Debbie tongued her slit.

Lisa showed us a side of her that we didn't know then. She told me to lay on the floor and Debbie to sit on my face. Then she told us what sluts we were, sucking each other and letting John take our pictures. She told John to strip and fuck Debbie's mouth, and Lisa proceeded to take pictures.

She made us change around several times to suit her and make better pictures, all the while telling us what little sluts we were and how nasty this all would look on film. This excited the three of us even more and I came at least nine or ten times. When Lisa finished the roll of film, we were all sweaty and wet from come. Lisa stood there looking fresh as a daisy, but her hard nipples and distended labia showed us how hot she was. John reloaded the film while Lisa told us to eat each other. Lisa lay down and told Debbie to take the camera from John. Lisa spread her legs wide in front of me, her pussy wet and glistening. "C'mon slut, suck my cunt while he fucks your ass!" she screamed at me. She pulled me to her pussy and I sucked, wanting to make her as horny and lusty as the rest of us. I felt John slide up my cunt and work around for a bit. Then he slid his cock slowly up my asshole, making me moan into Lisa's cunt. "Suck me bitch!" She hissed at me. "Suck me and make me cum on your face." I sucked her clit and fingered her hole, making her hotter and hotter. The hotter she got, the more her voice dripped with lust.

"Take good pictures of her sucking my pussy while she gets butt-fucked." She told Debbie. I looked at Debbie taking pictures, her favorite dildo inside her pussy. John's cock was just about perfect for anal sex, and it filled me without hurting (at least not too much). He was gentle and easy with his strokes, letting me feel the fullness and pleasure of it. Lisa was moaning and rocking her hips, but her words still came out nasty. "Yes, suck me, make me cum on your face while you get your asshole fucked." She looked at Debbie, and said "I'm going to fuck her face and make her wet with my cum. You'd better get some good close-ups of that slut!" John played the game too, but he directed his words to Lisa. "Look how hot of a slut Lisa is! Spread your cunt wide open for her tongue Lisa! Let HER lick your twat until you cum!" Lisa moaned and commanded John to fuck me hard. "Fuck that slut's asshole hard! I want to feel you slamming her face into my cunt!" I worked three fingers inside of Lisa and sucked her as hard as I could. Debbie walked around taking pictures and John kept slamming my ass hard. I could feel him getting ready to come but I wanted Lisa to come first, so I worked even harder on her dripping cunt.

Debbie said something to John I couldn't hear, but he seemed to swell inside my ass, making me think he was about to come. Lisa's hands were pushing my face into her cunt and she rocked her hips up and down, rotating them in a very wanton way against my face. Debbie knelt next to us, taking close up pictures of my face between Lisa's legs. Suddenly John pulled out of my ass completely, the sudden emptiness triggering my own climax. I almost sobbed in Lisa's pussy as I came, shoving my fingers deep into her. John came around and stood over Lisa who was about to come too. I heard Debbie clicking the camera in rapid time and looked up to see John spurting his thick hot cum onto Lisa's face. Lisa had her mouth open and was trying to lick it all up. John spurted his come on her nice firm tits too and Debbie got some great close-ups of both Lisa's face and tits. I sucked Lisa's clit hard and flicked my tongue over it, feeling her contract around my fingers as she came.

"Ohhhh I'm cummminng! Make me Cummming!" she cried. We did make her come several times, each time Debbie took pictures.

Lisa fell quiet, floating on her cloud. John had cleaned his cock up, and now we lifted Lisa onto the coffee table. We spread her wide open and John began to fuck her sopping cunt. I took pictures this time, while Debbie held Lisa's legs and told her to suck pussy. I took pleasure in telling Lisa what a slut she looked like after that. "You're such a slut Lisa. You're lay- ing there covered with cum, sucking a girls cunt while your get fucked!" Lisa moaned and rocked her hips against John. "Oh my!" I said. "Just think what you're pictures would look like on the company bulletin board! Everyone could see Lisa, the cum-covered slut, sucking cunts and cocks!" Lisa screamed into Debbie's cunt, thrashing her head about and bucking against John wildly. When Debbie moved off of her, Lisa was crying and pleading for us to make her come again and again. "Fuck me! Make me cum! I want to cum! Cum! Cum Cum Cum!!" Lisa went rigid and shuddered as John plunged into her. Debbie bent down and she licked Lisa's clit until she cried loudly and passed out.

We roused Lisa and she looked at us sort of bewildered for a moment.

"What happened?" she said. Debbie explained that she'd passed out from her orgasm. Lisa moved to sit up, and found her thighs were soaked, as was the top of the coffee table. She said, looking at John. "You must've cum like a horse!" Then she realized that John was still hard and hadn't yet come, in her pussy or otherwise. "Is that all me?" She asked us. Debbie told her it was, and weakly Lisa got to her feet. We helped her to the bedroom where we loved her gently until we were sure she was alright. John was fucking me from behind and Debbie was caressing Lisa, when Lisa sent Debbie downstairs for the camera. When she came back Lisa waited until John was ready to come. Just as he started to come, she moved down and pulled his spurting cock from my pussy and sucked him into her mouth. Give the girl credit. Not a drop leaked from her mouth as John shot a huge load. Debbie took pictures and watched as Lisa slipped John back into my dripping cunt.

She rolled me over on my side, and indicated for me to open my mouth. Lisa leaned over and let John's come dribble into my mouth, letting Debbie catch it on film. Debbie couldn't stand it and gave John the camera and joined us. The result is one very hot series of pictures. The one I like best shows the three of us with our tongues touching and a big drop of John's cum about to fall back down my tongue.

Needless to say Lisa joined our weekend photo sessions after that. We have many pictures of us three girls eating and sucking each other and a lot of shots of each of us getting John off in our mouths or on our tits. We swap some of these with other couples who send letters saying how they'd like to find "models" like Lisa and me. We've just started a new photo game that I enjoy since I like being ordered by Debbie and Lisa. I play the maid to Debbie's hostess and John and Lisa pretend to be guests. I get to suck them both and Debbie. I have a picture of me sitting nude on the coffee table and masturbating furiously with a big dildo while Debbie, Lisa, and John are sitting fully clothed and talking like nothing odd is happening. I can cum just looking at that picture! After I did come, Debbie made me kneel on the couch in front of Lisa and let her finger and lick my slit. The idea of being the only naked person in a room is visually exciting and being told to let people finger and suck you make me cream.

We enjoy our little games and play, and we know that someday I'll find a guy I want to be with, and so will Lisa. Or maybe Lisa and I could get a place together and share a boyfriend! What do you think?

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