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The Triangle - Part 1

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It’s funny that we had never really done anything sexy with each other. Moira had lived across the street from me most of my adolescent and young adult life. She was always around, but never the one that I was attracted too in the circle of friends we both shared. I considered her a good friend and we had kissed several times during childhood kissing games but there was never anything physical between us. She had had her share of boyfriends, but was somewhat of a tease or seemed aloof and I thought for certain she was still a virgin that summer of our Eighteenth year. She was thin, average height with long brown hair that she often wore up that gave her a graceful adult look for her age. Moira was all legs and arms and it was as if she had not quite become acclimated to her adult body, sometimes appearing clumsy in her movements. She was kind of brain, very studious with school and such. Its not that she was not attractive, quite the contrary, she had a striking presence like a fashion model, almost European in her look, her eyes sparkled when she was excited, an engaging smile and a curious eroticism that was a puzzle to most, including me. I had known her forever and I had just been pursuing others who I thought were more interested in me and of course a physical relationship. I was eighteen after all.

It was an early Saturday evening in late July when Moira called me to explain that our friend Liz was in town and she was wondering whether I wanted to join them to hang out. I smiled to myself when she said “hang out” as I knew that I would probably be getting laid that night. Moira had mentioned she was coming soon, I just didn’t know when. Thankfully, I hadn’t made any plans yet for the evening. Liz had moved away from our neighborhood about eighteen months ago and she and I had numerous uninhibited youthful sexual experiences before she moved away and several times since when ever she would visit. She and Moira were close but she had last been here about six months ago and I knew if she wanted to see me she would want to do the deed……and I always enjoyed being with Lizzy as I sometimes called her, the only thing I really ever said that annoyed her. As Moira rattled off a series of things we might all do I thought about the last time Liz had been here and how there would be the uncomfortable time when Moira would realize she needed to leave us to ourselves. I didn’t remember thinking about that before, but Moira must have gone off to watch TV or something while Liz and I got re-acquainted. Well, I didn’t like the thought, but I was still smiling at the thought of Liz being here when Moira said to meet at her house in an hour so.

About an hour and a half later I knocked on the door of the basement walk-out of Moira’s house. Her parents had long ago abandoned the basement recreation room to Moira and her younger sister and it had become the place for our gang of friends to hang out and not be bothered by adults. Moira answered the door with her usual smile.

“Come on in,” she said giggling a bit. “Your hair is wet,” she added as I felt the cool air-conditioning wash over me as I walked in.

“Sorry I am a little late,” I said as my eyes adjusted to the darkness of the foyer that led to a relaxed and large open room that I had been in so many times before with friends. “You wouldn’t want to be around me without a shower,” I laughed out looking around curiously. I worked for a landscape company in the summer and it had been a drudgingly hot day.

“It’s alright,” Moira said as she turned to stroll into the large room filled at the perimeter with old couches and kid proof furnishings. “Liz has been on the phone with her boyfriend and she should be down soon…..can I get you something to drink?” she added as she looked towards the small kitchenette that resided in a nook near the far end of the room.

“A soda would be great,” I said softly as I watched Moira turn and head across the room. I smirked to myself as I watched her little ass wiggle in the tight jeans she was wearing as she walked away from me. So, Liz was talking to her boyfriend I thought to myself as I could hear Moira open the refrigerator just out of view. I doubt she was telling him how she was going to get her brains fucked out by an old friend this evening…..but then again knowing Liz, she might just be.

“Is this ok?” Moira asked, leaning over me and holding a cold can of Sprite.

“Great, am I ok?” I asked with a shrug of approval that I had collapsed and had sat on the floor cross-legged.

“Your fine,” she said, turning again and grabbing an ash tray from the table nearby. “You must be wasted,” she added, “it was really hot out there today,” she said as she too allowed her thin frame to coil down to sit on the carpet in front of me a few feet away.

“Yeah it was a real bad one,” I said watching her thin fingers pull a cigarette from a tattered nearly empty pack and light it with a small black disposable lighter. “But I don’t mind,” I added with a smile as my eyes met hers.

Moira was wearing a tight red top with very thin fabric. Her thin frame looked particularly sexy as her small breasts pressed against the form fitting fabric as she lifted a leg and wrapped her arm around the knee holding her cigarette slightly above her face.

“What did you do today?” I asked making conversation as my eyes traced her figure while my mind was curiously awaiting the arrival of Liz.

“Not much,” she retorted quickly. “Liz was dropped off just after lunch and we have been hanging out here since my parents left for the airport,” she added with a cute grin somewhat knowing my mind was somewhere else. “They took my sister to Chicago to go to a show and do some shopping,” she said further, her dark brown eyes again meeting mine for emphasis.

“So you and Liz are all alone tonight?” I asked, watching her take a drag as her mouth curled into a smile when my questioned was asked.

“All alone,” she said very quietly as her eyes raised up to look over my shoulder. “Except for you,” she said loudly with a bright smile seeing Liz walking up behind me.

“Hey,” I heard from a familiar yet somewhat unknown voice as a hand touched my shoulder.

“Hey there,” I said turning to see Liz standing in bare feet and beaming in the low light of the room. Liz look stunning, her blonde hair cut shorter than I remembered and her olive skin tanned deeply. She was wearing a short denim skirt and a sleeveless black top whose neckline dropped down to expose her generous cleavage. Liz had the perfect body, or so my mind thought so. Her legs were long and slender, rising up to the perfect rump that you just wanted to slap. Her feminine curves blended into her thin waist and rounded up into her large breasts, nipples protruding in an unabashed display of her sexuality. That was just Liz I thought. Her beautiful face was full of life as she looked down on me and then glanced over to Moira.

“What are you two doing?” Liz giggled out, as she let her body and long legs angle down to sit Indian style to my right. “I’ll have one of those,” she added pointing to the nearly empty pack of cigarettes resting near Moira’s extended foot.

“Mark just got here,” Moira said, perking up a bit.

“Was late, sorry,” I said as I watched Liz pull at her short skirt, to make herself more comfy as she settled on the soft rug.

“Moira says your not dating anyone,” Liz asked me in a knowing and playful tone as she glanced at Moira and then to me.

“I’m fine,” I laughed out adding, “and you look great, how have you been Lizzy?”

What I loved about Liz was her directness. She never wanted to waste anyone’s time with things that she didn’t want to talk about. My response to her was a little poke in her side all in the fun of seeing her for the first time in almost six months and she just giggled in response, her eyes dancing the acknowledgement that I knew her better than she wanted to let on to anyone.

“Thanks, and you didn’t answer my question,” she whipped back at me laughing but with a glare and then looked at Moira like close girlfriends do when they both know something.

“You’d think it was such big news,” I said talking louder to the room. “Yes, I am unattached,” I said turning to Liz and looking into her deep green eyes. “I heard you are married,” I added, once again wanting to make fun with the verbal banter of the moment as I watched her turn towards Moira again.

“I never said that,” Moira said somewhat pleadingly as she lifted her hand to point in my direction while she looked at Liz.

We all laughed at the playfulness of the exchange and she freely shared the tale of her current boyfriend. Liz looked down at her hands and then back up at me, her eyes focusing in a way that really said she was glad to see me without saying a word. It was clear, even with the honesty of her statements, that the two of us were still going to have sex. It was like a given that I could read in her body language, the sexy quirk in her smile and she wanted me to see it. She lit a cigarette and we continued to talk, joking back and forth like old friends and not really talking about much but catching up on each other for the next ten minutes or so.

“Let’s smoke a joint,” Liz blurted out when the conversation paused for a moment. “Is that ok?” she added turning to Moira for approval.

“Well, I guess we won’t be going out,” Moira returned with no hint of real disapproval in her tone but with the knowledge that she knew what was going to happen tonight. I had never really been around Moira when we had all gotten high, I knew she smoked but it had just never happened and I was curious about how she would be…….I knew Liz was nothing but fun.

“I have the perfect…..,” and Liz leaned over to her big floppy purse on the couch behind her and withdrew a slender white rolled paper object that she let dance vertically between her fingers, smiling as she leaned back to her purse again and pulled a video cassette out of the bag with the other hand. “This………we can watch this,” she said with a sly smile, turning knowingly to Moira whose forehead was crinkled in disapproval.

“I’m not watching that with him here,” Moira said burying her head in her hands, not wanting to show her embarrassment but knowing that Liz would rule the day.

“What is it,” I asked, puzzled.

“It’s a sexy movie,” Liz giggled out as she pushed at Moira leg, Moira’s head still buried in her hands.

“It’s a porno movie,” Moira added revealing her face and a smirk as she glanced at me and then to Liz.

“It’s funny,” Liz said with a laugh as she again gave Moira a push with her hand. “And sexy too,” she added in trademark Liz frankness as Moira gave her a glare that I read as embarrassment but surrender to her friends playful naughtiness.

“You are such a slut,” Moira said so casually it seemed out of character and I realized she had a side, perhaps around her close friends, I had never seen.

Liz drew the joint to her lips as she fumble with Moira’s lighter, eventually taking a long pull as the bright orange fire appeared and the end of the paper disappeared. Her eyes were big as she passed it to me. The faint familiar sweet aroma wafted over my nose as I took a deep pull on the joint watching Liz let out a deep smoky breath that streamed through the dark air illuminated by the raking sunlight coming across the space from the small basement window across the room. We were all silent as we passed the joint around until it was carefully relit several times to render it completely consumed. Liz just giggled quietly as she let the last paper remains drop into the ash tray we had all been sharing between us. I could feel the faint buzz of my mellow high as I looked at both Moira and then Liz with the look of “what’s next.”

“Now that’s nice,” Liz said quietly as she felt the faint but soothing buzz herself.

Moira giggled with acknowledgement and added, “so ok,” as she looked at Liz.

“How do you turn this thing on?” Liz said as she turned to the large TV set-up that sat on a low table, looking puzzled as she picked up the black video cassette.

“She’s too high to make it work,” I said laughing as I watched her butt as she was on all fours in front of the machine.

“Help,” Liz said pleadingly, as she wiggled her ass, knowing I was enjoying the current perspective.

“Here,” Moira said giggling as she grabbed a remote from the low table and stared at it intently while both thin thumbs started pushing buttons. “Put the thing in,” she said as she continued to stare at the remote control.

“Ok,” I said looking at Liz with a smirk and a dirty grin that she immediately picked up on.

“That’s just right,” Liz said in a husky sexy voice as the machine pulled the cassette into its depth. She was looking at me but wanting a reaction from Moira who was still intently pushing buttons on the little black device. “Such concentration,” Liz added with quiet resignation after it was clear that in her little buzz, Moira had not heard our little playful exchange.

The machine’s screen whirred to life as the three of us moved back to sit against the face of the couch that was opposite the TV. All of our legs extended on the floor, Liz was to my right, with Moira beyond her. The first images were of an advertisement for a 1-900 number.

“Maybe we should call,” Liz laughed out as she was poked almost immediately by Moira.

“God I can’t believe we are doing this,” Moira said with and embarrassing pause on the final word as the video cued up to the first scene in the bedroom of a young woman who bore a striking physical resemblance to Moira. The young woman was lying on the bed alone with in only a bra and panties. She was being watched by a guy who stood on the balcony outside the room mostly concealed by the dr*peries. The two of them looked like they were about our age.

“Is that you Moira,” Liz chortled out with a giggle as the young woman lay back and stretched against the bed sheets and caressed herself with her eyes closed.

“Stop it,” Moira retorted quickly as she and Liz wrestled against each other.

“Am I going to have to separate you two children,” I blurted out in a joking manner.

“Go sit by him,” Liz said after a few moments of continued childlike physical fussing.

“Whatever,” Moira relented, scooting herself around Liz and I to sit next to me.

The young woman on the screen released her bra and pulled it away to her side as she let her hand massage each breast while the other hand slid down between her legs and over her panties. The three of us seemed to be drawn into the scene on the screen by the young woman’s advancing sensuality and it was quiet as we watched. The camera angle changed to a view from between her legs as she slid her hand under her panties and began to rub herself methodically, her quiet whimpers filling the room. I didn’t want to say anything as the three of us watched the young woman stretch her arm and hand against the fabric of her panties allowing a finger to slightly penetrate herself as she elevated her hips off the mattress straining against her own touches. The mood of the room seemed initially shocked by the eroticism of the sight before us.

“I wonder what he’s thinking,” Liz said in a sarcastic tone as the camera flashed to a view of the guy still peering from behind the dr*peries.

“Ten bucks says he starts rubbing himself,” I said with a laugh to which Moira surprisingly giggled to as well.

The young woman pushed her panties up over her long thin legs and revealed her intimate sex directly to the camera spreading her legs wide at first and letting her hand again move over herself, rubbing her labia with two fingers and then moving more intently up to her clit, her whimpers growing in intensity as she worked herself more diligently. Liz seemed absorbed by the eroticism of the woman giving herself pleasure and she moved closer to me where her shoulder was touching mine and she adjusted her legs.

“Give him the money,” Moira giggled out and then became very quiet as a view of the guy who now was rubbing the outside of his running shorts that clearly revealed the erect condition of his dick as he watched the young woman.

The camera zoomed in as he pushed his shorts down and let his inflated manhood bounced from its restraints into full view, his uninhibited erection standing oddly taunt and straight out. “That’s a nice dick,” Liz giggled out softly in both a mocking tone that was tempered by what I knew was her lusty desire for a good fuck. He began stroking it slowly and he grew even harder yet before our eyes.

I wondered if Liz or Moira was getting turned on as I felt the tremor of my own arousal twitch at not only the visuals but the closeness of Liz and the quiet intensity of Moira focused upon action on the screen.

“How can she not see him,” I asked to the room sarcastically, to which Liz giggled but remained intently focused.

It was true that given the angles of view it was impossible for her not to notice him. Once again the camera moved to the young women, who was now giving herself pleasure at an increasing pace. Sliding two fingers up and down her labia, revealing her now glistening wetness, she slowly curled her fingers into her moist sex. As that occurred, I thought I heard Moira react and I wondered if she was thinking about when she fingered herself. Here I was…….this is cool I thought, a little buzz with two friends, watching them get horny and the thought of Liz later and how I was going to fuck her crazy. It only turned me on even more as I watched the woman who was now impaling herself in a frantic rhythm as she started to thrash about the bed and against the sheets. Her enthusiasm only increased for the next few minutes as she continued her race against her body’s desire. The young man would be seen from time to time as his pace of self enthusiasm built towards what we all knew was coming soon, but it was the young woman who was the real focus of the scene.

“Watch how Moira reacts,” Liz whispered ever so quietly, leaning her head so I could feel her breath as she did so. I could smell her perfume and it made me flush with a rush of sensual pleasure and I could feel the rise of erotic energy in my whole body.

The guy had stepped slightly more into view where he was now clearly seen through the sliding glass door as the camera panned back to see the whole scene. I glanced over at Moira who seemed completely engrossed in the voyeuristic view we all now shared. The young woman now was almost yelping as she reached the arch of her pleasure and climaxed against her touch squeezing her breast as she pushed her two fingers to a depth of her maximum reach, shuddering as she stopped the almost violent motion of her hand at the crest of pleasure. Moira’s eyes where wide as the camera moved to the guy again who now was jacking himself frantic until slightly slowing his grip as the first jet of his semen burst out into the air like a heavy spurting jet of milky white fluid, landing against the glass of the sliding door. Moira seemed to jump at the sudden sight of his ejaculation, as rope after rope of his big load blasted against the glass. Moira curiously ran her tongue around the inside of her mouth as she intently took in the sight, watching the guy’s spasms subside while the molten cream of his semen flooded down his hand and shaft, dropping to the pavement of the balcony. Liz quietly poked me in the side in acknowledgement of seeing Moira too as well as to signal me to stop looking.

“Oh my,” Moira said with a curious tone as she continued to watch the recoil of the guy behind the glass. “That’s a lot,” she added a few moments later in a more whimsical tone but somewhat hinting a curious amazement.

Liz pushed at my side without Moira seeing, while adding “not as much as some,” before cracking up completely, letting her head fall against my shoulder while she pulled her legs up against her chest. Moira immediately erupted, giggling with a comical abandon as she traded knowing girlfriend looks with Liz whom by now had her arm around me, her head against my chest and laughing a full belly laugh.

“What,” I said, clearly puzzled by the weight of their reaction, which only produced more laughter. “What,” I asked again a few seconds later as Liz turned her head and I could see her eyes and mischievous grin.

“Well,” she laughed out looking at me and then Moira.

“Nooooo……….,” Moira said pleading but still laughing at what was a mystery to me.

“Well,” Liz repeated, this time looking at me in a more serious way by tilting her head.

“Liz,” Moira said putting her hand on Liz arm which was now all the way around my waist as she lay over my torso. “I can’t believe your going to tell him that,” she said, surrendering to Liz’s well known directness.

“What,” I said again, smiling at their exchange, still puzzled as the beginning of the next scene on the video began without any of our attention.

“Well,” Liz drew out, smiling in a naughty way as Moira averted her eyes with her slender hands in her trademark way. “It seems that last time I was here there was kind of a funny thing that happened,” she said giggling as she looked at me and then towards Moira. “You see Marky,” she said with her cute voice while she ran a finger down my chest, “Moira accidentally saw us having our fun and…….you know,” she said in explanatory style. “You know……,” and her voice trailed off.

“What?” I asked, still unaware of the mystery.

“God what an idiot,” Liz said sarcastically but with affection as my mind started put it together. “She saw you…….,” she drew out again with a little giggle and a smile towards Moira, “she saw you cum all over me,” she finally blurted out in a her very direct tone as she somewhat realized that I was starting to put it all together.

“Liz…….God,” Moira said with some sternness as she was clearly embarrassed.

My mind traced over the memory of Liz and my last encounter and I could only stare somewhat unfocused as my mind was clicking through how it might have happened.

“And you know………,” Liz said trailing off with a long pause as she tilted her head with a smile. “Lots,” she said directly as the two of them began to laugh hilariously at my expense.

“Yes…..lots,” Moira repeated grinning a mischievous smile I didn’t recognize and then continuing to giggle.

“But……how?” I said still puzzled and somewhat shocked as my mind replayed the visuals in my head, my body withdrawing from the intimacy. “I’m embarrassed,” I said after a few moments, the words out to the room as if they weren’t directed to anyone.

I could see that Moira was embarrassed too by her body language as my mind focused on what I knew she must have seen at the conclusion of our last sexual encounter, in the very room we now occupied. I could see the memory view from outside myself of Liz, lying on her back on the floor, only inches from where we now all sat, naked and touching herself intimately as I jacked myself off on two knees over her while she pleaded for my release. It had been a very erotic moment as I let my burst of fluids splatter across the skin of Liz’s breasts and her neck and cheeks and into her mouth. Liz had squealed as I repeatedly expelled ropes of hot cum over her skin which she rubbed with her hands while the fluids repeatedly darted through the air, only subsiding finally as Liz crest the peak of her climax, her skin glistening with my semen.

“God I am embarrassed,” I repeated as I could now refocus on the room. I eased myself up to be seated on the looking at Liz and then Moira who were clearly entertained by my embarrassment.

“Are you going to turn red on us,” Liz giggled out with a hint sympathy in her voice as the couple on the screen behind her was now in a contorted fuck position clearly designed to reveal to the camera the guy’s cock sliding in and out of the woman. “Let’s smoke another one,” Liz added after a few moments turning to her purse and shuffling through it.

“But how,” I said somewhat puzzled as the thought of it all started to sink in.

“I’m sorry,” Moira said somewhat quietly as she rose up to sit on her knees facing me. “I didn’t mean too,” she added as Liz nodded, the joint now pursed between her lips as she was lighting it while listening. “I think you where in the bathroom when I came back downstairs to go to the kitchenette…… came back and it all happened so fast, I mean you two were kind of getting into it and at first I just didn’t see the right time to interrupt. Pretty soon…….,” she paused as Liz handed her the joint, “It was too late and I just was frozen,” she said apologetically as she drew a deep breath against the resistance of the joint between her fingers and lips.

“So frozen?” Liz laughed out in a smoky breath laughing and slapping her knee. “I’d say more like………turned on,” she added while Moira was clearly holding her breath, her lungs filled.

“Liz,” Moira blurted out between coughs as she exhaled, turning to me to gauge my reaction to Liz’s words.

As I took my turn on the joint, Liz slouched and said “Its ok girl, I would get turned on watching you fuck Mark.” Her voice was logical, it was just the subject matter was so strangely open.

The noises from the video were now louder as a couple, now fucking doggy style were clearly enjoying themselves. Liz commented that we could watch the rest later, she seemed bored at the sight, and she pressed the remote on the floor and the screen went blue as she reached for the joint drew deeply and passed it to Moira almost all in one continuous motion. The quietness of the room transformed the feeling of the room, aided by the returning buzz of our smoke and the faint blue tone of light which now created strange shadows. Moira seemed now less embarrassed as she looked at me with a somewhat empathetic smile as she rose up to give me what little remained of the joint. She put her hand on my knee to balance herself as she continued to move closer, a distance that was closer than she needed to pass me the joint and she smiled slightly leaning to say something which I could see Liz leaning towards me slightly to hear.

“I did like watching you,” Moira said very quietly, but not trying to conceal it. Her smile was sexy and the warmth of her body was apparent as her eyes met mine in an intimate way and she slowly lifted what little remained of the joint for effect as she did not back away from her closeness, her penetrating brown eyes communicating her intent to share that with me.

I probably would have kissed her had Liz not been in the room. I turned slightly to see her and her reaction to Moira’s confession. She was looking at me curiously, her eyes wide but not over reacting as she inched closer to the intimacy Moira and I shared resting her hand on my other knee and reaching for the now extinguished remains I held quickly dropping it in the ash tray a few feet away. Moira back away only slightly as Liz moved closer again, pushing herself between my legs as I felt the rise of sexual energy in the room jump, magically reawakening the erotic tension in body that had faded in the last minutes.

Liz slid her hands along the top of my legs and up my torso slightly as she leaned forward to the personal space occupied now by three bodies. “Such a naughty girl…………..would you like to watch us now?” Liz said to Moira in her husky sex voice that I had only heard during our previous sexual encounters. She had a devilish grin on her face as she looked at me and then Moira who allowed her weight to let her fall alongside me as she smiled a smile I had never seen. Liz added after a few moments of exchanging devilish movements in their eyes, “Do you want to watch me suck………………Mark’s big beautiful cock?” as she teased her hands over my crouch and what was now a rising bulge between my legs.

I was frozen at first, but the thought of Moira watching us made me flush with erotic desire. It was as if I didn’t have a say in all this and was just a pawn in Liz’s little erotic dance with Moira……a fucking lucky pawn I thought as the realization only made the state of my sexual tension rise even faster.

“I know you want to…….,” Liz said softly watching Moira bite her lip, drawing her pointed tongue along her lips and stretch her arms against what must be her own sexual tension. “Mmmmm……..yes, I know you like watching me too,” Liz teased out slowly as she crossed her arms and grabbed the bottom of her top and pulled it slowly up over her head, exposing her generous breasts with a sexy grin at both Moira and then me. She squeezed them between her arms as she ran her hands along the length of my bulge through the fabric of her jeans.

Moira leaned closer to me as Liz teased my now hard cock as she undid the button and started to move the zipper down pulling the jeans away to expose the extent of my cock through the fabric of my black boxer briefs which stretched over it as she pulled my jeans down to my ankles.

“Look how hard he is already,” Liz said intimately as she leaned her breasts in and rubbed them over my cock which was straining against the fabric. “Let me show you how big Mark is,” she said with a sexy little giggle as she watched Moira while running the tips of her fingers along the elastic and began pulling it back over the length of my surging manhood.

As my cock sprang from its restraints it stood taunt against my stomach, it veins bulging as it twitched in anticipation while Liz pulled the briefs down to my jeans, pushing them both over my feet and returning her body to between my legs. She giggled a sexy snort as she lifted my dick vertical with her hand around its base. “Such a big cock, don’t you think love?” she said to Moira who was staring at the full length of my manhood. And all cleaned up for us too,” she added a few moments later as she ran her hand up and over what were now my aching balls and gave my shaft a squeeze. “Its making me wet thinking about having this big boy in my pussy,” Liz said in her husky way as she moved her face close to the enormous dick to the point where I could feel her breath when she giggled at Moira, knowing she was teasing me so painfully.

“Oh my…………you are,” Moira said drawing out her voice and stretching her frame as she watched Liz give me a long slow stroke, rotating her thumb around and up and under base of my bulging head. I could only groan in an animalistic way feeling Liz’s soft fingers stroke me with both hands and seeing Moira watching it all.

“I’d say it will be tasty,” Liz responded, moving her mouth closer but then moving back to tease me. “Would you like to touch it love?” Liz said to Moira who watched Liz’s eyes dance with anticipation as she continued her slow magic massage.

All I could do is grunt in anticipation of Moira’s touch as I watched Liz slide her hand to the base of my shaft, holding my erect meat vertical, inviting Moira as she leaned my cock in her direction.

Moira moved her body closer, her warmth invading me as she threw her hair over her shoulder with her hand and reached out and wrapped her long slender fingers around the shaft of my cock, just above where Liz held it. Her touch was soft and her hand felt warm, as she let her thumb rub my pulsing meat which looked enormous in her slender hand. I was bigger around than her wrist.

“I’ve always wanted to touch you,” Moira said softly as she let her fingers run up and over the head of my cock gently running her five fingers over me like she was stroking a gear shift, teasing me till I squirmed at the touch of the two women, the two different hands that now gave me such intense pleasure.

“I think you have my attention,” I strained out as I felt Moira slither her fingers down my length and over Liz’s hand, then drawing it up over my chest.

“I’d say he’s ready,” Moira giggled out in response to the sexual tension that was clearly evident in my voice.

“More than ready,” I said impatiently, thrusting my hips slightly as Liz still gripped my commanding erection.

Liz gave me a squeeze and pointed my meat towards her mouth as she lowered her mouth over me and engulfed the upper third of my cock in a slow deliberate motion. Her mouth was hot and her tongue twitched against my shaft as she slowly withdrew my length with a wet sloppy pop of her lips still gripping me firmly as she then smiled her sexy little grin watching my eyes as she stroked my length which was wet from her saliva.

“Oh yeah………like that,” Moira said in a low lusty command as she ran her hand over my chest, watching Liz again lower her mouth over me and begin a slow bobbing of her head as she slurped my cock more rhythmically.

“God yes…that’s so good,” I strained out, watching Liz change her motion slightly as she sucked me more rapidly for a few moments.

“I love sucking you,” Liz said, letting out a breath, gripping my cock with her fingers interlaced stroking up and down the wet shaft which sent waves of pleasure through my entire body. “Do you want to have a taste?” she said out in a long slow rhythm as she looked at Moira who was smiling at the sight of her slow sensual hand-job. “Would you like to have a taste of your first cock?” Liz said teasingly as she let her mouth again wrap around my head with a sexy giggle, her eyes watching Moira as she ran her tongue around my head and then down its length.

I was surprised at my senses, as my mind filled with the thought of Moira sucking my cock, the idea of it sending a strange new desire through my body. Liz was sucking me but was watching Moira, trying her best to tease her sexually.

“I think it is your turn,” Liz said after a few intent moments of oral massage as she held my glistening cock out, licking my swollen glands and rolling her tongue over the tip of my engorged cock. “Why don’t you come here,” she added with a sexy smile, “everyone has to have their first.”

With some reluctance Moira rose up and slithered to her knees on the floor, turned towards Liz who released my erect cock to fall on my skin, bouncing with twitches of excitement. The two of them looked sexy together as Liz put her hand around Moira’s waist, pulling her closer to the setting and to my amazement she leaned towards her and kissed Moira in a slow sensual way as Moira drew her hand up Liz’s arm, kissing her in return.

“Damn,” I let out in a long drawn out way, watching the two women embraced in a sexy kiss.

“Isn’t she beautiful,” Liz said, turning towards me but still holding Moira around the waist who looked at me, then down, somewhat embarrassed. “It’s ok,” she added, looking at Moira warmly.

“I think she is beautiful,” I said watching the two women embrace, which drew a sweet sexy smile from Moira, who turned to look at me in acknowledgement.

“Why don’t you get more comfy?” Liz said as she pulled Moira’s top up with a giggle, wrestling it over her shoulders and long slender arms.

Moira looked so girlish, her small breasts and slender frame contrasted against Liz’s fuller figure. Her long brown hair flowed over her shoulders as she smiled somewhat embarrassed.

“I think you two look hot together, I didn’t know,” I said watching Liz run her hand up over Moira’s taunt nipple and feeling my cock twitch again at the sight as they watch me, both smiling devilishly.

“It’s been our little secret,” Moira replied, turning once again to Liz and giving her a sexy wet kiss.

“I’ll bet you’re all wet watching me suck Mark,” Liz said before kissing Moira’s neck and guiding her hand down unbuttoning her jeans and gliding her hand down between her panties and skin in one continuous motion. “MMmmm……yes,” she added in a sexy low tone as her hand found its spot and Moira pushed her hips in return, letting her head and long hair fall back against the touch. “Her sweet pussy is all wet,” Liz said before letting out a giggle as she fondled her more forcefully and turned to look at me smiling widely.

Moira’s eyes were closed as I reached down and pushed my cock up vertical and slowly stroked it while watching Liz pleasure her. I was amazed and sexually charged at the sight of the two of them. Moira let her hand rise up and squeeze Liz’s breast, massaging it against the force of Liz’s intimate touch as she looked at Liz and then to me focusing on my slow stroking of my long cock.

“I think you’re going to need to do Marky boy…….before you get all worked up” Liz said with a sexy low laugh, pulling her hand out of Moira’s pants and raising her finger up to her mouth to taste Moira’s wetness. “I want to watch for a change,” she added a few moments later in a soft voice as she looked at Liz and then me adding a sexy giggle.

Liz moved towards the opposite side of me that Moira had been on, unbuttoning her jeans skirt and sliding it over her hips as she positioned her self beside me. Moira turned and placed her hands on my knees, scooting herself closer as I pulled off my tee shirt and let my hands and arms rise up above my head, letting Moira take complete control of me. Liz curled up close and rested her upper leg against mine as she watched Moira glide her hands up and along the sides of my throbbing member. It all seemed so strange, to see Moira partially naked and slowly guiding her fingers over me and moving closer as I could feel Liz’s hot breath on my neck. Moira seemed somewhat scared as she stroked my dick, hesitating at first. Her hands were warm and her slender fingers wrapped around me, slowly exploring my length as she tilted her head to each side examining me with a grin, her touches at first like she was holding an inanimate object and scientifically observing it . Timidly at first, she lowered her mouth closer, her tongue first reaching out to touch my intimate skin with a gentle lick and then another causing a deep groan from within me. The tip of my cock was glistening with a bead of my pre-cum.

“You go girl,” Liz said softly as Moira’s small mouth wrapped over the head of my cock and she got her first taste of my musky fluids with a sexy feminine growl of approval. She strained somewhat as she tried to take my length into her small mouth, only getting about a quarter of its length in before looking up at me with somewhat of a pained and apologetic look.

“It’s ok, that feels great,” I said softly, watching Liz’s right hand draw over my chest and her other hand move down between us and under the fabric of her black thong. “Stroke it while you suck it,” I said in a gentle instructional voice to which Moira almost immediately complied gripping my member as she slathered her mouth over the head of my cock.

“Moira is getting you all good,” Liz whispered softly as she slowly worked her fingers on herself. “She has wanted to be with you for a long time,” she whispered even softer so Moira couldn’t hear. “She has been dreaming of fucking you for as long as I have known her, but she never wanted me to tell you,” she said quietly, knowing she was making me crazy as I watched Moira lick up and down my length several times before resuming her warm wet suckle and stroking. “She gave me my first orgasm with another person……..we have been having sex for a long time,” Liz added with another hot whisper and a little wet lick on my neck noticing the tenseness in my body. “I’ve always wanted to tell you…….wanted for both of us to be with you together,” she said as Moira intently paced her attention on my surging cock.

The room seemed to dim as my erotic tension was rising with each stroke of Moira’s slender hands and I could feel Liz’s breathing increase and become deeper as she diddled herself against my leg. Moira let her mouth have a brief rest as she stroked me more feverishly for a few moments and then alternated her tongue and her hand working me in an enthusiastic way for the next few minutes watching my reaction and being pleased with the delight she was giving me.

“Oh yeah…… that,” I said with a little break in my voice.

“You’re going to make him cum love,” Liz let out in a sexy voice as she watched Moira holding my cock by the base and running her tongue along its underside up to the tip and then back down.

“MMmmm………,” Moira let out in a low buzzing tone as she continued to lick my cock which strained against her touch for the next few pleasurable moments.

“Let it all out for her,” Liz said in another soft breathy whisper as I felt my body rising against the strain.

My balls were aching as Moira ran fingernails over them, her wet tongue flat against the underside of my throbbing cock as she gripped me at the base with her other hand and with a somewhat unfamiliar working motion as she rubbed her tongue up and down its length trying to anticipate my orgasm and then pausing at the top to wiggle her darting tongue against the tender skin just below the tip of my head.

I could feel it first in the depth of my soul as my body raced to the edge of it’s impending explosion, straining against it, fighting to sustain some delay of the peak of complete pleasure as the first spasm hit with a jolt and a long white ribbon of sperm flew from the tip of my cock up in the air and splashed over Liz’s hand and my chest. Moira seemed surprised at first giving a little giggle as she continued to rub her tongue flat against my straining cock. Another jet of fluid leapt across the space and landed on Liz’s breasts in a long glistening stream as Moira aimed my cock towards her and giggling with a sexy groan as she continued to rub her flat tongue along my length.

“Oh yes, cum on me,” Liz shouted out, running her hand threw the mess.

Moira giggled again as each spasm of my body produced another rope of hot cum which splattered repeatedly on my skin and on Liz’s, painting us both with my sticky fluids.

After six or seven large milky ropes of my fluid had emerged I could feel the spasms slowly receding. “God suck it,” I said pleadingly as I watched the white fluid bubble from the end of my cock between the forceful jets that slowed slightly but kept spurting with each spasm.

Sensing the end of my orgasm, Moira gripped my cock and let her mouth slide over the head of my cock. Her mouth felt hot as her lips and tongue slathered over cum coating the burning head of my cock and I let out the last guttural grunt, shooting the last of my load into her silky mouth which dribbled out the corners of her mouth as she tried to trap it, gripping me more firmly. I could feel her tongue flutter as tried to swallow the mouthful but couldn’t, letting much of the cum saliva mix glop out and down my length and over her hand.

“MMMmmmm,” Liz let out in sensual delight, “that’s so much cum,” she added at the sight, running her hand through the mess on my chest. “I want to taste it too,” she giggled watching Moira break a smile, her lips covered in my fluids that dribbled down her slender chin as she still held my throbbing meat, her beaming face above my redden and glistening member. Cupping her fingers in the goopy splatter, Liz gathered a taste and drew it to her mouth and pushing it over her tongue. “MMmmmm, I love it” she repeated in a low sexy groan as she squirmed against me with delight and quickly rising up to embrace Moira who still had a somewhat surprised look on her face. The two kissed deeply, sharing my taste as my body uncoiled with the release of my sexual tension.

“Fuck,” I said watching the sexy kiss, their hunger for each other, Moira’s long slender arms around Liz, the two of them looked so sexy as my cock quivered. “Fuck,” I repeated a few seconds later as I reached for Moira’s hand which had fallen to my knee. “That was good,” I said softly as Moira turned at my touch, smiling as she held Liz with her other arm. The two of them beamed as they each giggled at the sight of me. “I guess it is my turn to watch,” I said with a laugh reaching up to pull Moira’s arm. She was such a sexy sight as I pulled her up and onto me and gave her a gentle sensual kiss. I could taste myself on her lips and tongue and I gave her a soft squeeze of appreciation with my hands on her waist.

“Thank you,” she said quietly to the intimacy of our space.

“Hey wait a minute,” Liz said in her direct tone, “what about me…….don’t I get any thanks?” she added with a sarcastic smile, her hands on her waist as Moira rolled off me to see her girlfriend’s imploring look and giggling, her creamy breasts bouncing with her chuckle.

“Why don’t you come and get some?” I said quickly, lifting my hand to invite her to come lay next to me.

Liz smiled and fell down at my side, lifting her leg over mine as we kissed softly. “You two better not be messing around when I’m not here,” she laughed out after our kiss ended, looking at me and then Moira as she ran her hand up to my chin, grabbing it for effect. “At least not without telling me all about it,” she added with another giggle a few moments later.

I could tell Liz sensed the different way I looked at Moira as our encounter progressed. I loved her sense of me as she curled up next to me fondling my chest with her fingers. She had always been so free with me and I cherished her for that.

“So I didn’t know about you two,” I broached softly, wanting to know more about what had just been displayed so openly to me.

Moira giggled as she knew Liz would now tell all and you could see she was letting her own inhibitions now flow more freely, even enjoying the situation in her own erotic way.

“Well, it was all innocent enough,” she started in an explanatory tone, watching Moira as she began to recount their to this point secret intimacy. Moira let out a quiet sigh as she too curled up to me. “Your cock is going to get all hard again when I tell you this,” Liz laughed out as she lifted what was now my semi rigid member and then let it lye down against me. And she continued, “we talked about sex endlessly when we were younger, I suppose we had just turned fifteen,” she said matter of factly, “and we were just beginning to discover our own bodies and the changes that were happening. I think you and I had our first kiss around then,” she said to me with a little sparkle in her eyes as she then continued, “one night late at a sleepover I asked Moira if she ever masturbated and did she enjoy it,” she said looking at Moira who seemed embarrassed but natural.

“I didn’t think I was doing it right,” Moira surprisingly added with an embarrassed but revealing giggle.

“Now you just hadn’t made yourself cum,” Liz added quickly in an almost motherly way and I could tell she had genuine feelings for Moira. “You just needed a little help love,” she started her tale. “It was late one Saturday night and we were down here with sleeping bags and pillows all over the floor and I asked her if she wanted to watch me to see if she could learn anything,” Liz paused as she saw me grinning and nodding, somewhat in disbelief. “I turned my legs towards her and pulled my panties off and spread my legs to reveal myself to her,” She said watching Moira.

“I thought I was going to faint,” Moira said with quiet embarrassment, adding, “I mean…….just faint.”

“It didn’t seem so bad,” Liz said looking at me and then Moira. “I was all horny anyway with all of our talk and wanted to touch myself,” she explained in her direct voice. “I lay back on the pillows and started to rub myself…….I actually got more turned on watching her watch me,” she confessed. “As I touched myself, I wanted her to want to do the same and after some pleading she eventually did, spreading herself before me,” she explained as Moira hid her face as her mind traced over the memory.

“It was sexy,” Moira added in a sexy voice.

“It was……it was our first real sexual experiences,” Liz went on, “It became our little secret.” We couldn’t wait for everyone to go to bed or we could find a few moments away from others and we would take our clothes off and play with ourselves for each others enjoyment. One night late we allowed our legs to intertwine and we moved close to each other, at first touching ourselves, innocently wanting to heighten the sensation of our shared intimacy…….but before we knew it we were touching each other and it was like a sensual flood if inhibitions was swept from between us……I think we just wanted to be touched by another, to feel the perspective of giving to someone else and to feel that gift in return” she said softly as her voice trailed off at her own special memory of the intimacy.

“I still love the feeling of you touching me…………I will always want to be with you” Moira said softly, her eyes filled with love as she put her hand on Liz’s.

Liz pulled Moira’s hand towards her mouth and softly kissed it. “Love you too girl,” she said softly and paused for a few moments. “When I started to be intimate with boys, I shared everything with her……all the intimate details,” Liz added as she looked at me with a slight smile and then to Moira who had her eyes on me.

“Everything…..,” I said somewhat surprised, but gauging their reaction.

“Everything,” Moira responded with her unique sexy smile.

“The same night you had your first orgasm with me I went to Moira afterwards I was so excited,” Liz said with bright eyes watching my reaction.

“As we lay together that night, I could smell your musky smell all over her, taste your saltiness on her skin, I was so excited too…….I guess,” Moira added, smiling a sexy grin as she confessed it.

It really was surprising but then again not really knowing Liz. It just seemed somehow unrealistic that I had never had any signals or other indications that Moira knew about our most intimate moments. As I thought back over my memory of that evening, it was the sexual energy of Liz and my first sexual explorations beyond adolescent groping that was so sensually memorable. That night about six months before she moved away, Liz and I had been at a barn party in the early fall and we snuck off with a sleeping bag to a field several hundred yards from the party. She had touched me before, but that night she took me into her mouth for the first time. We had been tentative with each other up to that point, but Liz seemed to transform herself, and with it, our relationship that evening. I could still see in my minds eye the dim light from the sky that evening as I knelt there looking down at Liz who had taken her top off and whose jeans lay unzipped, her bare feet and her lively smile. Even though she was still partially clothed it was as if we were completely naked. She felt incredible as she leaned on her side and took me into her moist and silky mouth while she stroked me methodically. It was a feeling that was so pleasurable at first I couldn’t believe how fun sex really was. When that first orgasm arrived it did so with an intense release, which surprised us both but mostly Liz. I still can remember her laughing with a strange look of “you came all over me” as she didn’t know what to do with the remains of my cum that was all over her breasts and face.

“Why don’t you come and see if you can smell that memory on me tonight,” Liz said to Moira with a devilish grin. “Then again you had your own taste tonight,” she added laughing as Moira rose up from beside me and crashed her thin frame onto Liz in a girlish wrestle.

“I think you got most of his cum so far,” Moira laughed out in the moment as she wiggled herself into Liz’s embrace and leaning on her tummy, her legs and hips between Liz’s legs, her arms drawn up on elbows each side of Liz so she could see us both.

“I could make some more,” I laughed out as I felt the tension in my body building and my cock twitching back to life as I watched them both, their nakedness and femininity blending into a erotic cocktail that was going to my head.

“I think we will get to that,” Liz said looking into Moira’s eyes, clearly focused on her secret lover’s intimacy and their silent communication.

Moira gave Liz a sensual little lick on the inside of her breast and smiled and then kissed over to one nipple and licked it lustily before suckling its growing hardness between her thin lips, closing her eyes as she teased it with her lips and then again with her tongue. Liz gave a little sigh of sensual surrender as she pushed her breast against Moira’s touches. I could see Moira’s hand withdraw and go down between Liz’s legs and I realized the timing of her touch by the erotically delicate little purr that Liz responded with. I leaned to my side to watch the two women, my hardness now beginning to be apparent as it fell to the fabric of the couch as I rested on one arm, content for now to take in their intimacy.

“Don’t stop,” Liz said quietly pleading against Moira’s touch as she kissed slowly down Liz’s tanned torso, giving her a lick every few inches of her taunt stomach that receded with the touches of Moira’s hand, which I could now see fluttering over the fabric of the black thong as Liz spread her legs to invite the more intimate acts Moira intended.

I could sense the renewed electricity in my body as I watched Moira’s nipple glide over the strap of Liz’s thong as she kissed further down. Moira paused a few inches later, her lips kissing now the soft creamy, un-tanned skin just above the fabric of the thong as I could see her slender fingers, their painted nails appearing as the tips of her fingers were rubbing Liz’s clit through the fabric.

“Oh love,” Liz said impatiently in her sexual excitement as she cupped her breasts, teasing her nipples as Moira kissed down over the fabric and reached up tugging at the straps of the thong to release them over Liz’s hips.

I loved the sight of Moira and her focus on Liz. She was quiet but firmly in control of Liz sexually, which I knew was no small trick. There was a sensual animal in Moira that I had never seen before. It was like I was seeing her from a perspective that didn’t exist in my mind until just that moment. She giggled as she lifted the thong over Liz’s hips, then along her out stretched legs, up and over her feet while remaining completely focused on Liz, kissing the inside of her knee as Liz’s let her other leg knife back down against her torso inviting Moira’s advances. Moira kissed down her leg slowly, licking it playfully as she watched the sexual tension in Liz’s body increase with each advancing touch of her sensual mouth, their eyes remaining focused intently on each other.

“Such a pretty sight,” Moira said in that sexy voice I had never heard. “So sexy, it makes me just want to lick it off your body,” she added as she kissed lower along the inside of Liz’s thigh letting her hand come over the Liz’s labia and then drawing them up over her clit nearly to the small patch of thin blonde hair that resided above her sex.

“Oh god, I love your touch, I’ve missed you so much,” Liz said quietly with a pleading tone as she let her legs spread wide to invite Moira’s continued erotic massage of her intimate flesh.

Moira paused in a teasing way, her breath on Liz’s pussy as she slowly diddled her fingers over Liz’s wet lips, letting her tongue knife out finally with quick touches, each of which I could see in the reaction of Liz’s body and her intake of short tense breaths of pleasure. Liz would lower her head to look impatiently at her lover as Moira started in earnest to lick her with sensuous kisses, repeating her motions for a few moments and then change her angle or posture slightly to tease the moment along. I could see Liz giving up control to Moira’s growing intensity as she let her head come back and she closed her eyes. Her body was electric with sexual tension while Moira kissed her sex with a passion that clearly demonstrated her love. Moira’s soft gentle motions followed by more intense penetrating licks clearly were energizing her in ways I had never perceived before. Liz awoke from her sexual trance with quick short breaths as Moira parted her labia with her finger to expose her little pink hot button, slowly teasing it first with her lips and then and extended tongue sending Liz’s body into staccato of convulsions with each rolling lick and flicker of her tongue.

“Jesus love,” Liz breathed out of her tense body as she held her breasts and looked down to watch Moira making love to her.

“So turned on…..,” Moira mouthed out in a soft muffled voice while she continued her tease, stopping only briefly to toss her long brown hair away from her face. When her oral dance seemed like it was at it’s most feverish moment, Moira retreated and with a teasingly slow pace and then gently slid her long thin index finger into Liz’s moist hot body, twisting her hand and rubbing her button with her free hand as Liz squirmed and moaned in greater and greater intensity.

“God yes fuck me…………’re driving me crazy” Liz implored, her hips rising against Moira’s increasing intensity and depth of penetration. “Fuck me……….girl, please, please,” she gasped out in gulps as her own hand moved down to pull her skin back to rub throbbing clit while Moira seemed to use her entire upper body to finger fuck her lover wildly.

I didn’t understand it at first, but the sight of them was so incredibly erotic. I wanted to touch myself…….painfully straining against myself, but I didn’t want to break the sexual trance of Liz and Moira. I didn’t even want to move as I felt so connected to their act in an odd but illuminating way. They were so focused on each other. It was like I was not really there. I could see Liz’s body and its energy from a perspective I had never seen before. I could tell she was going to have an orgasm in just moments, but I was fascinated by the small things I saw. Her clinched toes, the contorted stretch in her fingers, the glistening skin on her cheeks and neck, the sexy wet sounds of her lubrication against Moira’s fingers, the way her tongue would move against her lips, the completely straining sexual clench that encapsulated her whole body, the hardness of her nipples which seemed to get bigger with each squeeze between her fingers.…….and Moira, just beamed with the intensity of loving purpose as she serviced Liz so intently, wanting to draw out each of her senses so that every move and every motion seemed designed to maximize the pleasure she could give to her…….they both seemed so connected.

“I’m…..mmm, I’m….mmmmmmm……, her breath escaping her body as she froze, her legs collapsing against Moira’s hand and arm which strained to reach maximum depth of Liz’s wet canal as Liz grasp her pussy with both hands, her body’s intensity almost painful in appearance recoiling through the peak of her release.

Liz had cum with me and I could sense it and feel her body when I had been with her, but this was different. As she gulped in air, her body smoldered with a sensual glow…..her excited and dancing eyes retreating momentarily as she was at the edge of her tension, only to return when the moment began to diminish, her release so complete and whole you could not imagine it otherwise. Moira’s body and reaction paralleled Liz’s in a complementary way, she herself cresting over the moment with her lover, but channeled through the waves of pleasure she had initiated. Moira’s satisfaction transformed into desire as she rose up to stand, pushing her unzipped jeans over her hips and letting them fall to the floor. Her eyes only momentarily glancing at me as she twisted her torso slightly in a little sexual tease while sliding her white panties down slowly, exposing a small patch of dark curly hair above her labia, that was like a punctuation against the slender sinuous curves of her now completely naked body. That vision of her in that moment is something I could never forget.

“Come here baby,” Liz said softly, lifting a hand of invitation.

Moira was so beautifully innocent and natural in that moment, her lust filled posture resolute as she leaned down to crawl over Liz, spreading her legs and resting over Liz’s hips as she embraced her, curling her slender body, touching her face softly and kissing her while starting to rock her hips and intimate skin against, a girl fuck with a slow but deliberate sensual intensity.

“Baby,” Liz softly said as she kissed Moira’s neck and then her chest above her breast as Moira’s hands and slender fingers ran through Liz’s short blonde hair, the motions of her body rolling as she rubbed herself erotically against her lover. Liz wrapped an arm around Moira’s waist to pull her closer as she kissed her breast and nipple moving slowly to the other as she slid her hand between Moira’s legs rubbing her labia with her fingers while diddling her clit with her thumb.

“Oh yessss,” Moira’s let out with a lusty gasp as she rocked against her lover’s touches, looking at me with a sensual intensity that was like a trance, her movements revealing a hidden eroticism that was exciting and stimulating as I watched her getting fucked by Liz. She seemed to be away from the scene, in a distant place of her solitary pleasure as Liz engaged her in a corporeal dance of pleasure, her touches and kisses sent waves of erotic sensations rippling through her body, their eyes meeting occasionally to reaffirm the dance with each growing moment.

“Please fuck me………I want you inside me,” Moira said impatiently, straining as her energy was rising, embolden by the mounting pleasure, wanting it to be more forceful. “Oh…..god,” she added throwing her hair and head back as Liz’s two fingers penetrated her warm wet sex, the invasion unleashing the animalistic desire, her body slowly losing control in the pleasure as Liz would increase the intensity moment by moment.

Moira’s slender body looked like a goddess as she arched her back and rolled her hips, fucking Liz’s fingers. As I watched her straining against the desire to let it all go, she had such a sensual radiance, emitting waves of energy that I could feel. I could sense the tautness of her nipples which were protruding out like little champagne gr*pes on her small breasts. Each of her muscles seemed to be involved in controlling the waves of pleasure arcing through her. She was uncontrolled in her posture, arms not really knowing where to go, head and long hair swaying as she squirmed in her pleasure, Liz could feel it too her arm pulling Moira closer against her now aggressive finger fuck.

“Please,” Moira pleaded softly, “please, please…..don’t stop…..I’m going to …..cum,” she said breathing erratically, rolling her hips in sensually rhythmic waves of desire, her pleasure expanding with each movement, her breath shorter and louder as she rode her lovers penetration, the sounds of her own wetness revealing her approaching orgasm.

I could feel my own intensity rising, my heart beating fast, as I watched Liz take Moira. My cock was now so hard I could not imagine it harder and I struggled against myself not to indulge in a stroke that could release such pleasure to my own sexual tension. Moira looked like an erotic angel, her slender body arching, arms back, as her steep ascent to the peak of pleasure climaxed so completely, her body consumed wholly by the waves of sensual delight that rippled through her.

“Yes baby,” Liz said urging her through her crest, “you’re so sexy,” she added after a few moments, her fingers flooded with Moira’s juices as she kissed her chest, Moira’s rolling hips now rigid, her head back, hair hanging straight down as she let herself recoil in the sensations of her orgasm, Liz’s hand almost vibrating as she held her through the culmination of Moira’s release.

I think it was at that moment. Something just clicked inside me and I had the strongest desire I had ever felt, I knew I wanted to be with Moira, to hold her in my arms and feel myself inside her. My need was aching and I felt strange that I had never thought that way before but in this revealing moment I seemed to be overcome by it. Moira just collapsed on Liz, her breathing deep as her energy flowed out of her body. Liz wrapped her arms completely around her, entrapping her slender frame in a replenishing and loving embrace.

“I need to be here more often,” Liz said softly to Moira, but loud enough for me to hear as she caressed her back while her breathing slowed.

“I think so,” Moira said curling her tongue out of her mouth playfully as she raised her head and gave Liz a brief little kiss of thanks.

“Looks like Marky there is in need of something in a big way,” Liz said giggling between words as she gazed over at my surging erection.

“You were so right, he is just such a big boy,” Moira said, her eyes spying along my body with a cute sexy little grin that was part sarcastic and part flirtatious as her body leaned to a side slightly so she could see me more directly.

“Well if you two were any hotter, I would have just shot off like a fire hose,” I said to them both, but wanted to say to Moira alone as I looked in her eyes desperately hoping to communicate it.

“I suspect you’ll get your chance,” Liz said sarcastically and giggling as the two girls knowingly laughed with each other.

“So who’s going to be first,” I blurted out before thinking I should not be so aggressive.

“You’re going to be her first,” Liz said in a more serious tone, deliberately playing with my clumsy words to be evocative in her characteristic way. She looked at Moira and then to me, her eyes giving away the gravity of about what was going to happen next. She stroked Moira’s cheek gently and added, “Be good to her.”

Moira’s pose changed into a more vulnerable posture, her erotic confidence transformed by the revelation. She let her body fall to Liz’s side opposite me, not to hide, but to give herself a distance from me outside the intimate personal space triangle we had shared.

“Are you ok,” I asked quietly and looking at Moira’s eyes. “We don’t…..,” I said before she cut me off.

“I do,” she said, looking down to avert her eyes and then back up again to reinforce her resolve. “I have always wanted it to be you,” she said after a few moments seeing Liz look back and forth at us both.

“Now that was not so hard,” Liz said, looking at Moira and then back at me, her tone even and neutral, almost parental.

What Liz did not know was the desire for Moira I felt right now. How my attitude about her had changed in the short time I had seen her tonight. I sensed now that Liz had had some sort of plan. Her eyes didn’t communicate it but I could feel it in the lack of energy in her voice. I wondered if Moira had been involved in it as the moment was quiet, us all looking at each other, not really knowing what to do next.

“You guys have always been so right for each other,” Liz said again looking back and forth at both Moira and I. “Mark, you should open your eyes,” she added after a few moments.

Her tone was both serious and judgmental, a tone and attitude I had never really seen in Liz before and it caused me to pause and I felt the sensual energy in my body abating as my mind raced over her words. The thought of her as judging me was foreign. Liz and I had always just been so free with each other. The kind of freedom that was not with out feelings, but was not wrapped around a sense of commitment to each other. We somehow knew we were headed in different directions in life, but we let that be the reason we could open ourselves up to each other. What may have seemed like a casual physical relationship to others was known by each of us as a way to step off of the climb of our personal lives and to be for short moments, free of the burden of that climb and to share a sense of self discovery with each other. With Liz, she and I never focused upon the presumption of anything serious and she had never judged any relationship I had been in before, but now, with Moira, I saw a protective side.

“Hey, it’s not his fault,” Moira quietly said to Liz after a pregnant moment. “I never……..,” her voice trailing off.

“I know,” Liz said quickly. “I mean, you two……….,” her voice ahead of the words forming in her mind. “Do you want me to go upstairs?” she said, her tone returning somewhat to its normal lilt and looking at Moira for a sign.

“No……..maybe, no, no,” Moira replied quickly, puzzled herself at the odd situation, “But…..don’t…you know,” She said slowly glancing at me an then back at Liz who now rested her hands on her thighs signaling she was posturing to rise up from between us. “Don’t say anything……but I want you to be here,” She said with a hint of confidence but revealing her sense of what was unknown.

Liz sat up slowly looking at us both and then rose up and walked across the room, her nakedness halting, reaching down to gather up the nearly empty pack of cigarettes and the lighter from the small table across the room. She then sat down on the carpet, looking at us both with a devilish grin of accomplishment while fumbling with the paper to take out a cigarette.

“Just don’t,” Moira said looking at me smiling as she moved her slender frame towards me and pushed her body over me, rotating us more parallel and down onto the cushions of the couch, her weight falling down onto me in a playful release of tension.

“Just what,” I said to the intimacy of our embrace.

“Just,” Moira paused, her eyes dancing in the inches between our faces. “Just make love to me,” she added softly, with a sensual willingness and relief as she kissed me.

We kissed as we had never kissed before. It was passionate but not impatient and there was a reassured ness as the meeting of our lips, tongues and entire bodies intertwined in the need to say something that could not be verbalized. Moira’s slender body was warm and sensual, our legs interlaced as I held her. I could feel the energy radiate between us, her stomach against my hardness, her firm nipples against my chest an erotic touch of electricity. Her mouth was felt small and feminine as I let my hands explore the form of her back her waist small and slender as my hand went down around her. She seemed so perfectly to fit in my arms as I felt her hips push herself against me, the first sign of the sexual energy emerging from our embrace. I let my hands naturally slid down over her rounded ass to pull her closer, letting the rub of our intimate skin begin the motions of our sensual intimacy.

“I really want you,” I said softly as the energy started to climb, our rubbing motions more intense, the impatience of our embrace more urgent. “Why don’t you lay back,” I said quietly between the kisses, lower my arm against the back of the couch to let her slide down off of me.

I only barely noticed Liz who had finished her cigarette and was now leaning against a large floor pillow leaned up against the base of an overstuffed chair on the opposite side of the room. She had one leg extended, the other drawn up against her, her eyes tracing over the two of us intently. Moira threw her hair over her shoulder as she let her weight fall between me and the back of the couch, my body rotating naturally as I again kissed her lips and then her long neck. I could feel her wrap her long fingers around my hard cock as I let my hand slide down over her intimate skin. She gripped me gently, moving only her thumb to slowly stroke me while she spread her long legs, inviting me to touch her.

“You feel so good,” she said softly as I kissed the base of her neck and then the top of her chest.

Her intimate skin was moist as I softly massaged her labia, rotating my fingers over her and applying only slight pressure. Her gentle massage of my dick felt wonderful as I explored her pussy gently, teasing a finger at her entry and then dragging it up and over the little hard button that caused her to squirm with each soft gentle tease of my finger tips. I wanted so much to please her in that moment. Her hips gently rocked at my teasing motions. I let my finger curl into her wetness slightly while pushing the palm of my hand over her in alternating motions as I kissed her more forcefully, wanting to display my desire for her. She felt very wet as she more aggressively moved against my touches, letting herself be the center of attention and enjoying as I gave her a slow finger fuck as I kissed her neck, shoulder and the top of her chest. She would whimper with a breathy release as waves of her pleasure would spike and recede with the motions of my hand and my mouth.

“Kiss my nipples,” she said very softly pushing her smallish breast with her free hand as she tried to pull me over her more agressively. I lifted my body slightly and she naturally let her leg slide underneath me, reaching to grip my cock as I kissed down and over one breast repositioning myself over her.

As I suckled the taunt nipple into my lips, I could feel her body respond. I didn’t let all of my weight down on her and she squirmed below me as she once again grasped my cock, pulling it towards her and rubbing the head against her wet sex. Suckling the firm little protuberance against my tongue and in between my lips, I felt her impatiently pulling me as I resisted the desire to push my cock into her, wanting to draw out the sensual tension between us at the significance of the moment.

“I want you inside me,” she said softly between us as I rose up on my arms to see her face, “just make love to me, Mark” she said after a few moments, her tone loving and reassuring.

Her face was beautiful beyond belief in that moment. She had shed all awkwardness and seemed so fluid and open in her desire for me. I felt muscular as I paused for a moment over her petite slender body, letting my length glide up over her sex, its weight and girth parting her moist lips and grinding her most sensitive spot. My own energy was completely focused on her, my desire so channeled as I repeated my rub against her several more times as her eyes remained intently focused on mine.

“You’re making me crazy,” she said softly but with a lustful impatience as we both knew the moment had arrived.

I let Moira guide the head of my cock to her warm moist entry with her hand and I watched her eyes as I slowly pushed about a quarter of my length into her body. She seemed so resolute and connected to me as her tight warmth enveloped me. I withdrew slightly, watching her eyes for any sense of pain or discomfort. She gave me a little smile and squeezed my arm and I again pushed my length into her warm wet canal. She felt tight and I could feel her wet muscles move against me as I pushed most of my length into her. She felt so incredible, the warm sensation enveloping me sending of waves of pleasure through out my body.

“You feel so good,” I said initiating a slow teasing fuck, letting my length almost completely withdraw from her body and then slowly pushing it back into her.

“God I have wanted you,” she said, smiling sweetly but with a lustful stare as her hand reached down to my butt and she pulled me into her with each slow penetration.

Moira’s hips began to rock into and around the motion of my penetration as I continued to give her a slow rolling fuck. I could feel the energy rising in my body as she now seemed completely comfortable with my penetration. Her whole body seemed to perfectly fit with me and I could feel her sensual being as we let our body’s engage in the most natural of motions. We both seemed so focused yet so aware of the intimate space around us. She raised her legs up spreading herself wide, inviting me to increase my penetration as I could feel her breathing increase.

“Yes, give it to me,” she said as I increased my pace slightly, pushing myself into her with rising impatience.

I saw her eyes momentarily drift over to Liz who was now caressing herself as she watched us curiously but with a sense of genuine love. I imaged the scene from her perspective as my big hard muscle penetrated the petite Moira, her legs drawn up high over us as she gave herself to me so completely, our motions so interlocked and focused on one another. The space between Moira and I was electric with the intensity of the moment. My eyes danced over hers and over her slender body as I began to move faster, the sensual pleasure taking over any thought I had of trying to prolong the inevitable. Moira’s erotic little whimpers grew louder and more impatient as she reached down and rubbed her clit and wiggled more wildly against me, her arms pulling me into her with a mounting urgency. My balls ached as I looked down at the sight of her caressing herself, my glistening cock sliding in and out of her slender body. I knew I could not last much longer from the intensity and energy of the whole scene and the moments leading up to it.

“Yes……yess,” Moira said between heavy breaths, “You are going to make me cum,” she added as our body’s surged together. “I want you to cum inside me,” she said in the same short voice, her breath straining, her hand now frantic upon herself as I could see the glow of her climax overtaking her body, her eyes focused on me in a vision of complete sensual overload.

I couldn’t even think at the time. I was so captured by her. The warmth of her body, her moist flexing muscles enveloping my straining cock. It was all so complete, her urging words so erotically evocative. Her climax and her words sent an irreversible impulse through my body and I thrust myself as deep as I could push and felt the spasms of my release begin. Her orgasm was at its peak at the moment my flood of fluids began to squirt within her. Her eyes were wide as each jet of cum spurt within her and I loved seeing her react to the rush within her. My spasms seemed endless, my cock twitching and we both could feel the flood within the tightness of our intimate contact. She pushed against me wanting more and more as my body arced over the moment overwhelming me so completely. I could only grunt at the space between us as Moira’s breathing was irregular, her motions almost still as she looked at me and the energy of my orgasm draining my body before her eyes. As I let my weight final down upon her, I could feel her heart beating fast, the moist skin between us fusing our bodies as my cock twitched within her.

“I don’t know what to say,” I said softly to her, kissing her on the cheek and feeling her hands on my back. “I just don’t know how to say it,” I added, looking into her dancing eyes after a few more intimate moments.

“You don’t need to say anything,” she said slowly, her eyes tracing over my face while her hand caressed my temple.

“I just don’t ever want it to……….stop,” I said as my breathing was now more even.

I didn’t want to say the word I wanted to say. I was scared and I didn’t want to scare Moira in our first intimate moment. But within my mind I knew something. I knew I had come home to something, a feeling of revelation and a feeling of excitement……a feeling I had never felt before.

“Well, I will say something,” Liz jumped in as she now was only inches from both of our faces. “Marky boy,” she said with a tone that both Moira and I knew was going to be sarcastically funny. “If you think my girl here and I are hot together, you should have seen you two!” her voice rising as she exclaimed her point.

“Don’t move,” Moira said, laughing with a slight tear in her eye as I reacted to Liz’s closeness.

“Lizzy,” I said with emphasis as I turned to her, knowing I would never change her and seeing her real approval in the look in her eyes.

Liz leaned down and kissed Moira on the cheek and then me. The three of us just looked at each other in that long moment, Liz leaning against Moira and I who didn’t want to release the grip of our bodies and I think each of us sensed a realization of sorts, all different, but all important in maintaining the strength of the triangle of what now existed between us.

The three of us continued making love that night, each encounter with each other and together more and more intense until we finally collapsed in the total exhaustion of three animals feasting to the limit of our physical limits.

Moira awoke me the next morning, wearing a grey robe and holding a cup of coffee that steamed in the morning sun shown through the window. She took my hand and led me up to a bathroom, where after shaking off my sleep she ran the shower and we both climbed in together. As we embraced in the warm water cascading down around us, our kisses weren’t impatient or full of animalistic expression at first but were kisses about the excitement within each of us and the discovery of ourselves. Slowly though, we could not contain ourselves as the sensual energy within us overtook each of us so completely as we wrestled out of the shower to the closest place we could find and both of us dripping wet, fucked crazy with Moira sitting on the dressing counter teetering herself frantically as she implored us to climax. It was her impatience that I had never seen, her basic sexual need that she had never revealed that was the missing ingredient that triggered it and allowed us to become us.

That was eleven years ago and Moira and I have been together since that day. We both went off to the same college that fall where I would study engineering and Moira would study nursing. Nothing has made our mothers any happier as they were at the time and they still are great friends, wanting nothing more desperately than grandkids.

Liz went off to study business and marketing at a school not far away. The three of us got together often in the early college years, sharing our special triangle of intimacy. Liz became involved with a professor but spent one last intense summer with Moira and I when she came to live with us while he was traveling on a sabbatical. She married him after her graduation. Moira cried for days after the wedding and was sad for months.

Unfortunately for Liz, her husband turned out to be abusive and after a short but difficult time, they separated and she came to live with us again and still does, preferring our odd but reassuring relationship to anything else. We have grown to be an odd but stable family of sorts. Moira and I have never married, maybe because of what happened to Liz, but I think more because of the things the three of us share. Moira’s family seems to understand the situation, as Moira has shared much about our intimacy with her mother. Slowly, Liz and I have come to share a real love for each other, a genuine tenderness that Moira is especially fond of seeing us express to each other. It is not what Moira and I share, but a mutual bond that is stronger than most marriages I know and we celebrate the difference.

Our stories are adventurous and will have to wait for the next chapters to illuminate. We live and travel together, and for the most part we are seen as fairly normal. Moira became a nurse and psychologist and works in a medical clinic for reproductive health and sex therapy, which of course makes Liz just cackle with every thought of it. She claims Moira is the obsessed one as she explains some of their more interesting patients. Moira genuinely wants to help people. Liz spends her time planning conventions and traveling for the local tourism bureau. She is outgoing and a great salesperson. We manage to travel and spend far too much time in nice hotels and places with all of her connections. I have become a structural engineer, the perfect foil of a problem solver in the triangle of our relationship. I had a professor in school who taught me about the inherent stability and great strength of the shape of a triangle in assembling structural components. He never knew what I really learned from him.

We are getting ready to enter a new part of our lives together. My mother jumped out of her chair with joy when I announce that she was going to be a grandmother. The only difficult part was telling her Liz was the one who was pregnant. It took some explaining, some tears and long talks with Moira’s mother, but all seems to be level as we look forward to another member of our odd family. No one was happier than Moira, who of course had known about Liz’s desire and who thought it was only natural that I would be the father. Moira had been clinical at times as we planned to conceive, but during the intimacy of the actual moment and although the biology is known, she was an integral part of the act and we all know that it was the three of us that made it happen. I know it will be the same with Liz, should Moira decide to do the same.

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