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Siobhan and Marys Bed & Breakfast -- Chapter 9- Melanie & Jerry Part 2

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While Melanie was enjoying her very first lesbian encounter, I spent the night with that cute little Cindy. Before we get too far along with this, I have to tell you that I'm no kid. No magic stud service expert. I'm just a 38 year old, balding guy who really likes sex.

Now, I'd already cum a few times that evening. By the time we got to the bar, I was about ready to pack it in for the night. The show on the couch had gotten me going again and when Melanie asked me if I'd mind if she spent the night with that incredibly beautiful Siobhan, I was about ready for one more round. I knew Melanie would have a marvelous night. I imagined the two of them together and that helped raise the pole a little higher. Ok, a lot higher.

I drank a couple more orange juices, and a third one with a splash of vodka in it. Cindy sat down next to me, all bubbly and kissed me on the cheek. For an instant, I imagined those lips around my cock, and, well, you know. Unlike any other bar, she could tell I was getting hard again. Cindy snuggled up under my arm, pressed her ample breasts into my chest, and started fingering my bald spot. "Did you see me lick that cum off your wife's thigh?" she teased. I nodded my head slightly. She turned my head so we were eye to eye. "I know how to get it from the source, too," she kissed my cheek and scratched my stomach, between my belly button and my pubic hair. That's all it took. You could have used my dick to fly a flag.

I gulped down my second orange juice with a splash of vodka, turned to Cindy and had to clear my throat. "I'd like you to spend the night with me. Is that ok?" "I thought you'd never ask," she beamed.

We went up to the room. The same room where an hour or so earlier, my wife and I were fucking our brains out to an audience we didn't know was there. I'll admit, I was a bit confused, but this Cindy child was phenomenal. I think I was so enamored by her because she reminded me so much of Melanie when we first met -

all bubbly and so damn amazing to look at.

"Where would you like to cum first? My mouth, my tits or my pussy?" she smiled.

"You're assuming that I'm going to be able to cum any more at all, Honey," I croaked.

"I know you will, Jerry. I know you will," she purred and she surrounded the end of my cock with her warm, wet mouth and cradled my balls in her hand. "Mmmmm?. " she moaned with me still in her mouth and then gave the underside of the head just a little lick. "You've got plenty more of what I want in there," she giggled and lightly squeezed my balls. "Let's get in bed." We got on the bed next to each other and immediately started to fondle each other. We kissed and moaned. We felt each other up and moaned some more. I got my hands between her legs and Cindy went wild. It was as if her clit was a hidden power switch and I just kicked it on.

She bit my ear lobe, smacked me - hard - on the butt, and grabbed my cock and gave it a hard squeeze. "I want you in me? I want THIS in me? " she growled and squeezed my cock again. She moved down a bit and took my nipple into her mouth.

This time, I growled.

Cindy rolled me on my back and straddled me. Grabbing my rod in her other hand, she lowered her heavenly tight pussy onto me. She was already soaking wet when I got my finger to her, but as my cock entered her, she clamped down so hard I thought she was just going to milk me right then. And she eased herself down so very torturously slow, until I was all the way in.

For a moment, she didn't move, she just sat there, impaled on my cock, squeezing with her well toned vaginal muscles. She smiled down at me when she saw that I was truly enjoying this. "Do you mind if I play with my tits?" she giggled and took her nipple into her mouth.

"Oh, my god!" was all I could say. I'd seen Melanie do that many, many times and it was always a turn-on. But for some reason it was like this sight was brand new.

Cindy giggled some more and slowly started moving up and down my cock, still licking her own nipples. I grabbed her hips and pushed some as she descended, driving me just a little bit deeper that before. She groaned with pleasure.

Unfortunately, though, she let go of her breasts and leaned forward, putting her hands on my shoulders. Her hard nipples were just above my skin. You know, you can feel them there, even if they're not quite touching.

I looked at her beautiful breasts swaying in rhythm to her humping, her soft skin speckling with perspiration, her head thrown back in complete enjoyment. I let go of one of her hips to grab a breast. I just had to touch it. When I did, she let out a low, throaty moan that just seemed to go on and on. I felt her squeeze my cock even tighter and she sped up her bouncing. I lifted my head and flicked my tongue to her nipple. Cindy's fingernails dug a bit into my shoulders and her moan was briefly interrupted by a quick yelp. Her one hand wrapped around my neck and she started leaning back, pulling me even closer to her breast and causing me to sit up. Just before that, I'd caught hold of her nipple with my lips and I didn't lose it the entire time we were shifting.

She held me close to her and I continued to suck her nipples while she ground herself harder onto my cock. Her ankles were grinding into my tail bone and she started to speed up. I let go of her nipple, mostly to be able to breathe for a second, still kneading her breast with one hand. She grabbed the back of my head with both hands and kissed me ever so hard. "I want you from behind," she grunted.

Cindy got off of me, the sudden cool air tickling my cock. I was soaking wet from this girl. I was so stiff, I thought it would shatter. She licked my cock a couple of times, tasting her own wetness on me. She looked up at me with a grin, then turned and pointed her perfect little ass towards me.

I crawled up behind her and entered her. She was still so tight! I was afraid I was going to cum from just the friction of entering her. It felt so damn good. I grabbed her hips and pushed myself in causing first a yelp and then a "yes" from her. I started slowly. I didn't want to go so fast that I'd explode within seconds of being inside her.

"Fuck me, Jerry! Fuck me hard! Give me your cock! I need it in me! Oooooohhhh!" Like I needed a cheering section. I grabbed Cindy's hips and I pumped her like a piston at 100 mph. We were both moaning and groaning and grunting and growling.

I felt like a god. Cindy was pushing back - hard - to meet every one of my thrusts.

Suddenly she screamed "Cum in me! Cum in me! Oh, Jerry, Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!

Cum! Cum in me! Cum! Yes! CUM! OOOOHH!!!!" I came. I drove my cock as forcefully as I could, deep into her flooding pussy and shot the most enormous feeling cum I'd had in I don't know when. Cindy's pussy spasmed and clamped down on me and continued milking my exploding cock.

"It feels so good!" she screamed. "Yes! I feel it! So good!" I collapsed onto her back, my weakening cock still shuddering inside her spasming pussy, gasping for air. I felt like if I didn't lay down soon I'd have a heart attack. I rolled off Cindy's back, landing on my back next to her. I looked at her sweet face, glowing from orgasm, and kissed her. "You've truly worn me out," I cooed.

"It's been a long time since anybody fucked me like that, Jerry. You should be tired. You're pretty damn amazing. I'm going to sleep, too." She kissed me sweetly and ran her hand across the side of my head. "The mouth around your cock when you wake up will be mine," she smiled, kissed me again and said "good night, Jerry." I must've fallen asleep right with her, because we stayed just like that all night.

In the morning, as the sun was beginning to show through the window, Cindy had kept her promise. I woke up to the incredible feeling of my cock being sucked.

The very first sight I had that morning was Cindy's head, slowly taking my cock into her mouth and slowly letting it out. She must've felt me stir, because she looked up and met my eyes.

"Good morning, lover. Mind if I get a little juice to go?" Her smile was incredible. She took me again in her mouth and continued with her ministrations.

My mind floated in and out of conscientiousness as Cindy lovingly licked and sucked my hard cock. I could feel her warm saliva running down my shaft to my balls and even into the crack of my ass. Her hand grasped my shaft and started pumping me, slowly at first. Her speed increased as did the feeling that I was going to explode. Cindy's other hand tucked itself under my balls and just softly held them there.

My toes started to tingle. I was losing control of my hands (I'm not one of those guys that holds or forces a woman's head down on him while she's orally loving him) and my knees were now buckling, even though I was laying on my back.

My hips involuntarily jumped, pushing my cock a little deeper into Cindy's mouth. She continued stroking me faster and let out a little moan. I was way beyond the point of no return and knew that this darling child was quite prepared for what was about to happen. She wanted it to happen.

"Cindy," I gasped. "I'm close? so? very? close? oh? here... here? HERE!!!" I shot my cum hard into Cindy's waiting, swallowing mouth. She kept stroking and swallowing, stroking and swallowing. After all the sex the evening and night before, I didn't think there'd be anything left in there but dust. But Cindy held on and sucked every last drop out of me and held my cock in her mouth until it started to wither.

"You have to let me suck you again before you leave, Jerry. You really do taste good." She licked her lips and smiled. "I'll see you and Melanie later at breakfast. You go back to sleep for a while. I'll come get you if she shows up and has to wait." Cindy kissed my cheek a couple of times, got out of bed and floated out of the room. I was so drained, I couldn't even manage to thank her.

In the dining room, Melanie and I sat and talked over coffee and a big breakfast. I woke up absolutely starving. I downplayed my night with Cindy to Melanie. I didn't want her to think? I didn't even know what I was thinking. I had a marvelous night with a young girl and didn't feel guilty about it because my wife was living out one of her favorite fantasies - having sex with another woman. Cindy blew it for me, though, letting on just how much she enjoyed herself.

Melanie and I strolled the grounds, totally nude, and exchanged details about our separate encounters the night before. The more we talked, the more turned on we both got. By the time we'd circled the grounds and gotten back to the Inn, I was ready for her right then and there. When we got to our room, the linens had been changed and incense was burning. Melanie and I made love over and over for the rest of the afternoon.

We'd drifted off to sleep in each other's arms. Cindy came in some time during the late afternoon and sat next to Melanie on the bed. Melanie and I were both awake, enjoying just being there. Cindy originally asked if we were both ok and if we needed anything. We both said that we were fine.

"Would you mind staying with us for a little while?" asked Melanie. I thought she was going to pump Cindy for more information about last night. "Can you join us, or do you need to do some work?" I wasn't sure where she was going with that.

"I'd love to spend as much time with you as you wish," giggled Cindy and leaned over and kissed Melanie, right on the lips.

Melanie turned to me "We both missed something last night. You missed me making love to another woman - your fantasy as much as it was mine." She blushed. "And I missed you making love with this gorgeous young creature - another fantasy we both had in common." I think I blushed. She turned her attention again to Cindy.

"Would you like to make love with us, Cindy?" I could see Cindy's nipples visibly harden as she leaned again to kiss Melanie.

"Yes," she sighed into my wife's kiss.

I watched, enraptured, as the woman I've been madly, passionately in love with for the past 15 years softly embrace and make love with this child who reminded me so much of her. I was lost in the tenderness of their touches and kisses. How their bodies moved so beautifully together in harmony to their desires. I got up to allow them the full use of the bed. I didn't wish to interrupt or disturb the loveliest, sexiest, most erotic sight I'd ever seen. I felt a tear on my cheek.

I couldn't help it. I didn't care. I wasn't angry or hurt - no! Quite the opposite! With every touch these women made, every kiss, every caress, I fell more in love with them, both of them.

I watched as my beautiful, sexy wife lowered her mouth onto Cindy's waiting pussy, tenderly kissing and licking in ways no man could ever try to copy. I saw Cindy's knees shaking as Melanie dove deeper into her pussy. I knew her sounds of orgasm, they were still fresh in my mind from the night before. But, this time, it wasn't me giving Cindy such pleasure. It was my Melanie.

My eyes fell to my hand slowly stroking my hard cock. In some silly way, I felt that would spoil the beauty of these two lovely women making love. I stopped stroking my cock, but never stopped watching Melanie and Cindy.

Cindy's orgasm subsided and Melanie turned to me with a satisfied smile. "Did you like that?" She asked as she crossed the room to me. I nodded my approval.

"I'm glad, my love, because I certainly enjoyed it. So did Cindy." With that, Melanie kissed me.

I didn't get the chance to taste Cindy's beautiful pussy the night before. The taste on Melanie's lips was intoxicating. "Take your turn with her, Precious. I want to see you with her, really I do." Melanie took my hand and lead me to the bed. Cindy was mostly back in this world and held out her hand to me. "Please make love with me, Jerry," she smiled.

I crawled on the bed next to Cindy and Melanie followed behind me. I think Cindy wanted me in her right away, but I wanted a little foreplay first. We rolled and kissed like we did the night before, but Melanie's presence added to the sensuousness of it all. She would touch or kiss me, then touch or kiss Cindy, all the while openly touching herself.

Cindy rolled on to her belly and offered her beautiful ass to me. "Please, Jerry, I need you inside me." I looked down and saw Melanie's fingers stroking Cindy's pouting vulva. I moved closer and Melanie took my cock in the same wet hand and guided me into Cindy.

Cindy gasped as I entered her. She was so hot and so tight, I thought I was going to explode right then. Melanie had moved herself so she was under us, alternately licking my shaft and Cindy's clit. I took hold of Cindy's hips and started stroking my dick as deeply into her as I could, and then slowly pull out. She squeezed my dick as I fucked her hard. She was moaning, I was moaning, Melanie was moaning, too. Cindy was fingering Melanie's pussy with every stroke of my cock.

Melanie moved again, this time she was in front of Cindy with her legs wide open. Cindy dove into Melanie's pussy, eating her like it was her favorite meal.

Melanie and I locked eyes. This was by far the most intense sex we'd ever shared. I watched her as Cindy ate her and I sped up my rhythm. Cindy broke from Melanie long enough to cry out and then dove back to her dripping wet pussy.

Melanie cupped her breasts, closed her eyes and leaned her head back. I knew she was close to orgasm. I renewed my grip on Cindy's hips and started fucking her like a wildman. There was no stopping now. Melanie's cries and my moans grew louder and louder and Cindy kept eating Melanie and pushing back against me until all three of us were cumming like the dam had broke.

We collapsed in a pile of sweaty, panting, quivering heaps. It was superb. I thought for sure there would be another audience at our door. I was glad when I turned to see there wasn't. I couldn't go again if my life depended on it.

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