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Our First Foursome, And With Our Best Friends No Less

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Everyone loves pussy. Men and women, with few exceptions love pussy. While I can see how the snugness of a pussy may have little value to women playing with each other, but for a man, a tight pussy, snugged around his cock, is just lovely, and make no mistake about it, bragging rights for any husband, who’s wife possesses such exquisite pussy.

My wife Connie, has a very tight pussy. She is a 32 year old, petite blond with orange sized perky breast, coke bottle figure and firm butt that can make spandex look like gods gift to mankind. At 5’3”and 110 pounds, Connie is pure sexual eye candy that can fuck like a slut on steroids.

Connie is not only blessed with good genes, long golden hair and cute pixie face, she is simply a nice caring person that would give you the shirt off her back, and then help you get your eyes back in their sockets when you look.

We’ve been married two years, and for most part I’ve gotten used to men eye fucking my wife as we walk through a mall or along a sidewalk or theme park. She is just a hottie and so, as long as the on lookers are considerate, no issue. I trust her and have no fear some other man could take her from me.

On Friday, Oct.1, 2021, hardly two weeks ago as of this writing, Connie and I had our inaugural entry into this lifestyle, wholly by odd circumstance. We then joined SLS a week later, and decided to tell of that evening, as some may relate to similar events that started their journey into a hedonistic lifestyle.

We were out at a local sports bar kicking back a few. Connie, dressed conservative in a white tee shirt and black short pants. Her absence of a bra was very obvious and of course, a few guys were eye fucking her as we enjoyed our drinks at the bar. She could wear steel armor and still be sexy.

So, how does it feel to have guys looking at you and wanting to be with you every second of the day, when you’re out an about. I asked Connie. She smiles at me, you know when you come home sometimes and my pussy is all wet and I need you to fuck me, she asks me. I said yes. Well, it’s like that, I get all moist and feel sexy. It makes me feel like fucking. Unless the looks are just creepy guys that make me feel uncomfortable.

Oh, I see now I laugh, men eye fucking you makes you horny. So, with that logic, all I need to do to get you in the mood is to show you off a bit, and presto, the men’s stares get you hot, and I get laid, win, win, I say.

So, is that my weapon to get sex from you, or yours to get sex from me, she ask wit a devilish grin. Good question, I reply. Why don’t we just share that little weapon and have lots of sex I say. She holds up her beer and we tap glasses, done deal.

I lean in and whisper to Connie, so that dude across the bar in the green shirt has been eyeballing you since we sat down, he wants you bad,, so if that makes you horny, we can head home and take care of that. She laughs and says she isn’t feeling the heat, just yet.

Guess I will have to dress you up a little sexier next time, I say. Umm, that works Connie says, honestly I think you like my being naughty, showing off my goodies to perfect strangers. I felt my dick stir in my pants and stiffen somewhat. Connie’s hand runs across my lap and she finds I’m sporting a semi erection. Oh, who is the naughty one, I had no idea, Connie says to me.

She grasps my cock firmer and ask what I’d like to see her do. I feel my cock stiffen more. Oh, my, you are so damn naughty, Connie says then kisses me on the cheek. What would you like to see me do, tell me, she persists.

Saved by the bell, Connie gets a text from our friends Luke and Lisa. Connie had known Lisa for many years and when Connie and I got married Lisa was maid of honor, and the four of us became great friends over that last two years.

Connie said Lisa, had ordered too many hot wings and want us to swing by and eat a few, maybe get in the hot tub afterwards. I said well, you’re not getting horny here, so we may as well. Connie laughed and said I bet I could make you horny here though, naughty man. She then text Lisa we’d head right on over there.

On the way to their home, thoughts of my wife getting horny having men lust after her played in my mind. She’d often come home with a wet pussy and we’d wind up screwing eventually that evening.

I felt awkward, sporting a semi at the idea of men lusting for my woman. It was a new emotion. I was thinking of my wife showing off her body to guys, flashing her boobs and even touching her, my cock was getting stone hard.

Lisa met us at the door and ushered us to the back of the house and indeed there was a pile of wings and beer fit for a king. Luke and I fist bumped and grabbed a beer. Connie and Lisa also got a cold brew then got all chatty with chick stuff. A typical friendly get together, always fun.

Lisa and Connie were college chums, and they teased Luke and I more than a few times with stories about them making out with each other at a bar just to get guys horny for the fun of it. They have kissed a few times here and there and seem to always be touching each other in friendly familiar ways. They both know Luke and I enjoy it and they will play to that.

Lisa is little hottie too, about the same height as Connie, tits very perky small handfuls and a great tight ass. Her hair is deep brown shoulder length and matches her eyes. She is quite pretty and her attitude is bubbly and fun.

We put a big dent in the wings and beer and Lisa suggested we get in the hot tub and enjoy a few drinks in the warm churning water. We get near the hot tub and I recall Lisa and I didn’t bring our swimsuits.

Fuck it, Lisa says, we’ve seen about all of each other over the years so let’s just be adults and jump in naked, certainly I’ve seem my girlfriend naked before. Connie adds, yes fuck it, we got nothing to hide, and begins to pull Lisa’s top off her.

We used to see each other naked all the time at college, didn’t we baby, Lisa says to Connie as her panties are tugged off her shapely body by my wife. Connie spins Lisa around so her ass is pointing at Luke and I.

I have seen this ass about as much as Luke has, Connie laughs while slapping Lisa’s butt a few easy smacks. The small tiki lights around the hot tub fought away just enough darkness to lend a very romantic and relaxed atmosphere.

Lisa returns the favor and begins by lifting the tee shirt off of my wife. I begin to get another semi as Lisa pulls Connie’s shorts off and reveals her clean shaved pussy and her butt. I think they look gorgeous together and Luke stared at them both as he leans his beer over and I tap it with mine.

The naked wives quickly get into the hot tub and begin yelling for Luke and I to get our ass’s into the water and chill. We both approach the hot tub and I look down at the women’s fine breast and gorgeous smiles and it is a welcome sight to behold.

I have about seven inches of decent cock, and I’m sure Lisa and Luke had seen a few of my swim suit bulges, so with a tad of self conciseness I dropped trowel and stepped into the hot tub along side Connie. I noticed Lisa taking a good glance at my dick as I entered the warm bubbling water. I was thinking, ya it’s a good cock, enjoy the view of my wife’s pussy toy.

Luck reached me his beer to hold while he pulled off his underwear. He turns around and my god his cock was big. It dwarfed my seven inches and was about as thick as the beer can, which I handed back to him.

You are a fucking mutant Luke, and poor Lisa, damn, I say. Damn is right, Lisa laughs, as in the pleasure he gives me with that fuck beast. Look at that thing, Connie, it’s a horses cock, I say. Connie is already looking at his tool and smiling.

Lisa said he was hung like a horse, and girlfriend you were not kidding were you, Connie says while staring at Luke’s demon of a cock. Luke takes his dick in his grasp and shakes it a couple of times. Well, my baby loves this thing, he says as he sits on the edge of the hot tub, his cock dangling vulgarly in full display. I never thought my cock would every feel like it came up short, but compared to Luke’s, seven inches was not quite as impressive.

There is no way, that thing would fit in Connie, she is way too tight, I say. Sure it would, it would slip right in there, Lisa says. No way, I have to push to get my seven inches in there, I say. Lisa counters, I bet I’m as tight as Connie is. Lisa, with all due respect, I said, there is no way Luke can be pounding you with that baseball bat for years and you be that tight, I argue.

Okay, we are all adults, friends here, come feel me, stick a finger in me, just to prove dicks do not stretch pussies out. I look up at Luke and he says, do it bro, just to educate you. Lisa approaches me through the churning water and Connie says, do it, find out baby, after all, I’ve had a finger in her, she laughs.

Lisa straddles my leg and inches close to me, smiling, her arms wrap around my neck and she swings her other leg around me, her pussy touches my cock as she pauses, and waits. I could feel myself quickly getting a semi.

Open the little box on the corner, John, we keep some silicone lube in there for when we get frisky out here. That hot water isn’t the best lubricant, and your finger will need it cause, she’s so tight, Luke says. Are you three are serious, this is like crazy, I’m supposed to finger Lisa in front of you all, in the hot tub, now, I say. Do it, Lisa says, it’s an experiment, you doubt the stretch abilities of a pussy, this is your chance to find out. Do it, my wife encourages, it’s a science lesson, vaginal elasticity 101 class.

I open the cedar box and get the lube out and apply a dab on my middle finger. The whole process was giving me an erection, despite it being somewhat mechanical and more than a little awkward, after all Lisa is my friend too.

I slip my hand below the water and guide my middle finger between her soft pussy lips and find her entrance. Even in the heated, churning waters the entrance into her pussy felt wet, slimy with her juices. I doubted I needed the lubricant.

I look to Luke, then Connie, and Lisa, they are all smiling as if it’s a truth or dare scenario. Keep it scientific, you should not be having any fun fingering my wife, Luke laughs then takes a drink of his beer. Okay, very scientific, no fun intended, I say. Alright, since you all insist, let’s do this.

I push my finger into her hole just a little and it’s warm, and it’s snug. She spreads her legs a tad and I push my digit fully into her hot pussy. I feel her muscles grip my finger tight and her ass move back a little. She’d clinched down on my finger hard and drug her cunt back to the tip, then relaxed and moved onto my finger again. Damn she was tight, nicely so.

She was smiling with a told you so look. I nodded and admitted to the group, that’s tight, she is indeed very tight. See there Lisa, says and pushes back across the hot tub and settles between Luke’s legs. I secretly wanted to lick my finger and see how she tasted, but these were our best friends.

He reaches down and caresses her breast, and they do a quick kiss, my baby has a good tight pussy, Luke says. I said yes, she does, and we all had a good laugh at an odd situation. Still, I doubt if a telephone pole that size, would fit into Connie, I don’t see it really, I just mean I know her body.

John, you are so wrong, tell him Connie, you could easily handle this cock, Lisa says. Besides, my Luke is a show’r not a grower. Here, look, Lisa says and begins to stroke Luke’s big cock. Her fingers don’t even touch as her hand grasped his thick log . She takes his meat into her mouth and gives her husband some head as she strokes his massive meat. It was a mini live porn show of our friends, and very impromptu, spontaneous act.

Luke gets hard quickly and Lisa was right, again. Luke got real hard but his cock was not really bigger, just harder. Lisa looked at me, stroking Luke’s obscene cock, see there, she says. This was no longer our typical evening.

I look at Connie and she is smiling at them and me. Still, I say, that’s a lot of cock for such a small thing as Connie is, I defend my knowledge of my wives pussy and honestly felt his cock would just be too uncomfortable.

Okay, just for science sake, let her try it, just to show you it will fit nicely in her and she can take it just fine, Lisa says. Come on, we are all good friends, and it’s just for science biology and education, not really fucking, just testing your theory, Lisa says with the calmness of discussing dinner options.

And after all, you did just finger fuck me. No, that was not finger fucking, I laughed, Luke was clear I was not to have any enjoyment doing that, I said. It was purely science, really, and I’m sticking to that story.

I look at Connie and she says, I could take it. Doubt it, I replied. Luke finally chimes in, three adults say no problem, she can take it just fine. And many women have, ha ha, but only one way to show you it would indeed fit, and quite easily really. And you did finger fuck my wife, he added. It was not finger fucking, I laughed again.

I’d just become aware my cock was still hard when Connie’s hand accidentally brushed against it. She looked up at me and seemed a tad surprised. She grasped my cock and gave it a few tugs. My cock throbbed in her hand. Connie leans in close and whispers, well, it seems your cock does like showing me off, she giggles, maybe you should think of it as me being naughty. Again my cock throbs in her grasp. Clearly my dick was on board.

Okay I said, for the sake of science and educational purposes, let’s see then, if Connie wants to try, go ahead. However, there is one rule, if it begins to hurt her, it stops. Connie squeezes my cock once more then moves over to Luke and Lisa. Okay, let’s see how this goes, my wife agrees to let Luke enter her with that weapon of pussy destruction.

Just to make it even easier, grab some of that lube again John and let’s get things slippery, I doubt it’s fully necessary but the hot water is not real forgiving to our natural wetness, Lisa says. Oh I bet it’s necessary, I laughed.

I open the box again, and get the silicone lube. I also spot a couple of vibrators and a few condoms as well. I snatch the lube and hand it to her. Lisa is smiling at me as she opens the lube. She turns the container upside down over Connie’s hand and squirts some into my wife’s palm.

I watch as my wife grasped Luke’s long, thick, hard cock and strokes his meat, applying the lube to his entire dick. You look more nervous than Connie, Lisa says to me. I may be, I said and watched my wife handle another man’s cock for the first time. Oddly my erection was peaked, I felt it throb as she ran her hand up and down Luke’s massive prick. I self admitted, I was enjoying it as odd as it may seem.

Okay, John, welcome to science class 101, vaginal elasticity, test one, Lisa says. Connie crawls out of the hot tub. The ambient lighting flashing sparkles on the water drops on Connie’s flesh. She looks perfect, all woman and a beautifully sexual.

Luke is sitting with his legs still in the hot tub, his hard monster cock sticking up high and hard like a marble monolith erected to the gods. Connie, can I play with John while you conduct science class, just to keep him calm, he looks pretty intense. Connie does not look back as she steps across Luke’s thighs, her pussy right in his face.

Sure, baby, keep him relaxed during science class for me, my wife responds. I am watching Connie lower herself towards Luke’s anaconda cock and back to Lisa, curiously drizzling some silicone lube into her hand. I was thinking there were condoms in the box, but seeing my wife lower her ass until his cock was at her entrance, the idea of her raw dogging his cock, steeled mine.

Watch, Lisa says, nodding to Luke and Connie’s fuck parts touch as she gets into position. Luke, no enjoying your cock in my wife, keep it scientific, I say to him as his hands cup my wife’s ass cheeks in his grasp and guides her body towards his waiting cock. Of course not, this is simply, educational, Luke says.

No way it’s going in there, I say to Lisa. She smiles at me and says, just watch, you may be, surprised. I watch as my wife lowers her ass and her pussy is greeted by Luke’s thick cock at her tight entrance.

Watch baby, Connie says to me, then I see her sink lower and her pussy lips begin to spread wide, wrapping around Luke’s engorged cock head. Her lips cover the top of his cock like a mouth clutching around the massive head.

She pauses, his meaty German helmeted dick head half way into her. Then I feel suddenly shocked as Lisa’s silicone lubed hand takes my cock into her grasp. I look at her quickly and she looks back with a,, well isn’t this an unexpected finding. I’m stone hard and pulse instantly in her grip.

Your husband has a hardon, and it’s in my hand baby, Lisa says to my wife. That’s nice Lisa, are you watching John, Connie says to me. Yes, I say with some concern for my wife’s pussy. Good, so here goes, she says and I feel my cock throb in Lisa’s hand again as my wife remarkably sinks onto Luke’s lap, taking all of his massive, thick cock fully inside of her tight pussy.

I watch her hips rock back and forth a few times and then she stops. See there, John, it fits in her just fine, she has all of my cock in her now, Luke says. I am close and can see her pussy lips stretched around his fat dick and her ass resting on his cue ball sized nut sack. Well, I guess it does fit, I admitted, does it hurt, how’s it feel I ask my wife how another man’s cock felt inside her. She answers, just fine, my pussy is so full, but it feels fine.

Luke, Connie, can I let John stick his cock in me, so it knows I’m still tight after fucking Luke’s big cock for years now. Strictly, for educational purposes, of course, Lisa asked. Sure baby, since it is for learning, Luke says, show him how tight you are. Connie, was less tack full saying, yes, give him some pussy Lisa, baby.

Next thing I know Lisa wraps her arms around my neck and pulls herself up onto me. She is weightless in the warm water. My cock was sticking straight up and Lisa’s pussy was right on target. Together we moved and our bodies joined. She lowers herself and takes all I have into her.

I had to admit it, Lisa had a tight pussy. I was still fixated on my wife’s pussy spread wide and stuffed full of another man’s cock, but at the same time, Lisa was feeling great on my dick, so the whole situation was, way out there.

No one freaking out, just experimenting like kids playing Dr. I watched Connie raise slightly then take Luke’s cock deep again. I’d become aware as my wife slid up and down on Luke’s pole, I was matching her strokes with Lisa, pumping my cock slowly in and out of her wet pussy.

Just then the sky burst with a crack of lightening and cold rain poured down upon us. Science class has ended for the day, Connie said and raised off of Luke’s monster cock. I could see her juices glistening on his shaft in the dim light despite the hard rain. Lisa and I separated and we all fled into their home.

Lisa and Connie run off to get towels to dry off with. It was then I realized our cloths were still outside where we’d dropped them, so I sprint back out into the torrential downpour and retrieved our soaking wet cloths.

The three were toweling off and Lisa took our cloths to the dryer machine and I toweled off as well, but I also still had a sizable semi and I noticed Luke was likewise still half hard, doubtless from having his fat cock stuffed inside my wife. Can’t blame him, I was exactly the same way. I wondered if he was also like me, in that seeing another guy in his wife, gave him some mental stimulation. It was a new, foreign feeling, non the less it was there.

Lisa was returning from the wash room and as she passed Connie, she smacked Connie’s ass and said with a smile, I fucked your husband. Connie replied, I fucked your husband first. He fingered my pussy too, Lisa said. Okay, while you two discuss sex ed class, I’m going to light a fire and we can warm up by the fire, Luke said.

Both women thought that was a splendid idea and ran off to get a couple of blankets to toss down on the floor in front of the fire. I was tasked with opening a bottle of wine and soon we were semi wrapped in blankets and sipping wine in front of a blazing fireplace.

Look at those two fine cocks, Lisa said while sipping her wine. Yummy yes, and it seems they are both still half awake, Connie added. I think they enjoyed sex ed, Lisa giggles.

You know, I heard women with tight pussies, such as we have here, actually give the best oral too, Luke says. I said, I read that too, must be true because Connie, damn, she can suck cock, best head ever. Well, I can only remark on what I know, and that is Lisa, loves sucking my cock, and that’s the key to it, what makes her the best.

So the theory here, is because we have tight pussies, we naturally can preform superior fellatio, is that right, Connie asked. Lisa says, that’s what I took from that. Well, I can’t argue that point since I’m a woman, but I do enjoy giving oral, Connie says.

The two girls are grinning and we all know where this is now leading. So, perhaps a small example of your talents would test that theory, Luke suggested. I said I agree, it’s a well know theory, but I’ve never really tested it, I said, although we did see you Lisa give Luke some head earlier and the response was, pretty obvious.

The girls whispered something between themselves and they put their wine down and Connie crawls up between my legs and begins to suck my already semi hard dick, while Lisa does the same thing to Luck along side me.

Connie is sucking my cock like a porn star, licking my shaft, sucking my balls working the shaft with her hands while taking my meat deep into her throat. I’m watching Lisa work over Luke’s fat cock and she takes her time in working his cock over good.

A few minutes pass and Connie has me worked into a steel frenzy and it’s feeling fantastic. The oddity of laying next to our friends and seeing them go at it while I’m being blown by my angle was a rush.

Well, this is fantastic, damn you are good baby, Luke says to Lisa. This is feeling, fucking awesome, I say to the group. But it does not help to know if other women with tight pussies, suck good cock, Luke says. I was enjoying the whole scene, so I offered, well we do have two women here with very tight pussies, perhaps they can assist in demonstrating their skills and test that theory, just as a learning, educational thing.

I think we should, Luke agrees. The women are all smiles, both sexy and going along like it’s only natural. Lisa and Connie trade places, and Lisa grasp my cock again and is looking me in the eye, her grin is indescribable, but clearly she is enjoying herself.

I look over and see Connie wrap her mouth around Luke’s thick cock and at the same time I feel the warmness of Lisa’s mouth engulfing me deeply. Her mouth was warm and she sucked my cock with a methodical slowness, but always moving something, and her tongue knew all my sensitive areas as if she’d sucked my cock for years.

I watched Connie giving Luke some serious head, his expressions told me what he was feeling. I knew exactly how she was making his cock feel. Connie looks up at me, she locks her gaze in my eyes and goes deep on Luke’s cock causing him to moan. I can see a hint of a smile on her lips despite them being stretch wide around Luke’s massive hardon.

In my mind, yes adult games, messing around, but I was into the two women sucking my cock and decided I needed some tit, so I reached down and took a handful of Lisa’s breast in my left hand it was apparently welcomed there.

Luke noticed this as well and soon had Connie’s right breast cradled in his hand. I noted Connie’s breast were a tad firmer and filled my hand better than Lisa’s but damn she felt great and she was blowing me like a hooker.

Lisa raised her head off my dick and licks her lips, I hear women with tight pussies have the best doggy style too, she says, then sucks my cock again, working her fist on my shaft and her tongue doing magic on my cock.

Well, I know your doggy style is a total nut buster, Luke say, best by a long shot. Her eyes roll his way and I see her lips curl into a smile as he looks at her husband with my cock in her mouth.

Connie’s doggy style is, next level, you just get in there and know that’s where it’s going down, she can destroy my boner in doggy style, I say. The women are working over our dicks but good and the game has been entertaining so for and has flowed seamlessly.

You know, some of that doggy style would be fantastic right now, but damn Connie, you are making it rough on me, you do have the skills of a tight pussy woman, he says to my wife.

Lisa abandons my dick and says, come get you some doggy style baby, to Luke. Connie spits out his fat cock and instantly both women spin around side by side into two glorious doggy style positions, ass’s up and head down they just assumed the position.

Luke and I switch places and get behind or own wife. I look over and Luke is holding his cock in his right hand and guiding it into Lisa’s pussy. I take Connie by the hips and run my cock along her slit, the push fully inside her soaking wet hole.

Wow, apparently women with tight pussies also get the wettest, damn baby you are so wet and warm, I say to my wife. I take Connie’s hips into my hands and begin to pump my hard cock into her with solid, firm thrust and it’s working, man her pussy was feeling wonderful.

Dude, this feels so fucking good, Luke moans about Lisa. We bang the ladies well for several minutes when Connie calls out, I’m about to cum on your cock, baby, fuck me, fuck me. I was supercharged and began to fuck her harder and faster and in short order she gasped out loud and cries, I’m cumming. I feel her pussy flood a wave of her juice across my shaft and feel her body convulse and quiver as her orgasm took over her body

Lisa says oh fuck, I’m going to cum too, I’m cumming,,, now, ahhhh oh god yes, fuck, fuck, fuck, she calls out. I see goose bumps rise on her creamy white flesh and knew she had indeed also came. Man, tight pussy girls do seem to have the most awesome doggy style, Luke says with a smack to Lisa’s ass and slows his fuck pace, more or less stroking his meat in and out of Lisa at the same pace I was fucking my Connie.

So, ahh, ummm, do all girls with tight pussy give great doggy style, Lisa softly coo’s. I can see her face pressed onto the blanket and she’s looking at Connie with a sneaky grin. I don’t know baby, Connie says to Lisa and shifts over towards Lisa and they begin to kiss while Luke and I are enjoying, every damn thing really.

I look at Luke, what do you think, should we test that theory, I ask him. He grins and says, Yes, I do think we should find out for ourselves, he replies. We both stand up and switch positions and I get onto my knees behind Lisa and take my cock in hand and situate it in her slit and I feel the entrance to her hole, wet, soaking wet and juicy and not quite as tight as it was in the hot tub, but I slide in with one push and bottom out against her butt cheeks, giving her every inch of my cock.

I hear Connie moan, fuck yes, and see Luke has again stuffed his thick fuck stick all the way into my wife’s pussy. Lisa is still snug on my cock, but I can tell she was freshly fucked and the thoughts fueled my hardon even more.

I began to piston in and out of Lisa’s pussy, and grinding my cock deep inside her. I felt her hand reach under and take my balls gently in her and tug me deep then finds her clit and begins working it fast with her fingers.

Oh yes, I can confirm tight pussy women do indeed have the best fucking doggy style, Luke says, then slams his cock hard into my wife’s pussy. Connie can get real verbal when she gets caught up in a physical lust rage, and I hear her cried out to me, Fuck baby, Luke’s going to make me cum on his big cock,, oh fuck don’t let that bastard make me cum on his cock, she begs.

Luke begins to fuck Connie harder, pulling his meat out until just the swollen head of it is almost out then slamming into her hard. I can see her pussy juices soaking his cock each time he pulls back.

I look down at Lisa’s ass and see my own cock fucking in and out of her, and likewise her wet juices are flowing around my dick shaft and soaking my balls.

Oh god I’m cumming on his cock, baby, Connie echos into the room. Damn it, Connie shut up baby, you’re going make me cum on John too, it’s so hot she says. Cum on it, cum on his cock, Luke told his wife.

Ahhhhh, fuck, fuck I”m cumming on his cock, Connie yells out. Luke is holding her hips and driving his hardon into her with powerful thrust. Ahhh, god I did, I did, I’m still cumming on his fat cock, goddamn it, Lisa crumbles and went limp, breathing hard and Luck pushed fully inside her pussy and just pressing it deep and holding it still, enjoying her pussy.

Luke and Connie’s fucking has Lisa and I fully charged and I was still pounding into her like a sewing machine, finally I hear, Doing it, I’m doing it now baby, watch me cum on John’s cock. Her voice was choppy and gravelly and clearly she was mid orgasm as she let her husband know she’d just came on another man’s cock.

Fuck that is hot baby, fuck yes come on it baby, Luke encouraged his wife. I could feel her pussy sort of flutter inside and a river of her wetness wash along my cock, then she relaxed. Indeed she came on my hard cock.

Luke looks at me, I can’t take much more of this, I mean, goddamn, he says while shaking his head no. I reach up and we fist bump, still slow fucking each others wife. It seems women with tight pussies cum a lot, I laugh. I think you are right, Luke replies.

You know, there is something I’d heard, Luke says. Whats that, the three of us answer Luke almost simultaneously. And we are still slow fucking the others wife and they are making no effort to move.

Well, I heard ladies with tight pussies like getting spit roasted, Luke says. I look at him and nod, yes, I’ve heard that too, I agree. The ladies giggle, and kiss again. Do Connie first, Lisa offers up my wife for experimentation. I say alright, and sadly pull my cock out of Lisa’s wet pussy.

I spin around the girls and Connie raises her head up, she is grinning real big and I offer my cock to her mouth. She starts sucking my cock deep, working my full length and Luke begins to fuck her harder, each thrust he shoves into her pushes her lips down my shaft.

Yea, that is so fucking hot, Lisa says. I pull my cock out of Connie’s mouth and ask if it’s true, does she like spit roasting. Fuck yes it’s so good, a cock in my mouth and in my pussy too, she moans out and sucks my cock back into her face.

We spit roast Connie a few minutes and Lisa begins to fondle Connie’s breast, and works herself underneath her and begins to suck my wife’s tits. I reach down and slip a finger deep into Lisa’s pussy and she moans with a mouth full of Connie’s breast.

Damn guys, your going me cum again, Connie protest then swallows my cock again. Cum on it, cum on his cock, I say to my wife. Fuck her baby, make her cum on your cock again, Lisa tells her husband.

He begins to pound her little pussy like he owned it, holding onto her hips and slamming his meat hard into her. Lisa has a mouth full of Connie’s breast and my cock is almost balls deep in her mouth.

I feel Connie begin to shake and quiver, she spits out my cock and yells, goddamn it I’m cumming on his dick again, I’m cumming, damn it, oh fuck she squeals out and Lisa is all over her breast and saying, thank you for cumming on my husband, Lisa baby.

Connie raises up some and again spits my dick out. Do Lisa, spit roast Lisa now, she pants. Lisa spins around and her ass is right at me in full doggy style. I move in close and push my cock deep into her. Luke slowly drags is donkey dick out of Connie and moves in front of Lisa, and she begins to suck my wife’s juices off his cock.

Can you taste Connie on his cock, I ask. Oh yes, and it taste so good, she replies. We spit roast her a few minutes and Luke ask her if she liked being spit roasted too. Fuck yea, she says with enthusiasm, makes me feel like a slut, big cock in my mouth, one in my pussy.

I begin to pound into Lisa harder, slamming my meat into her to the balls. I feel her pussy just get wetter and wetter as we fuck. We are going at it pretty good when Connie says, Luke, move away a second. Luke pulls his cock away from Lisa and Connie lays down in his place, her pussy inches from Lisa’s face.

Lisa did not hesitate, she began munch on Connie’s pussy like a world class lesbian. Well, that is quite creative, that is looking very nice indeed, Luke says. I pounding into Lisa and she is moaning into my wife’s pussy.

Luke moves down to Connie’s head and I watch her grab his cock and begin sucking it with gusto. My pace was good because I finally hear Lisa being to moan an excited little moan onto Connie’s pussy. Then the words fell into air, I’m cumming, Lisa growls out.

Don’t stop, Lisa, don’t stop, Connie begs for Lisa’s tongue to continue it’s onslaught on her clit. I can hear Lisa growling into Connie’s pussy as she starts to cum on my dick. Ummmm, Ummmm, Ummmm she whines onto Connie’s pussy. Then, I’m cumming, Connie calls out, and she puts one hand on Lisa’s head and holds her against her pussy and is stroking Luke’s cock as she sucks him way down her throat.

The sight and energy of everyone was a bit much for me and I say to anyone listening, I’m need to cum man, I can’t hold out much longer. Fuck, me too, Luke calls out. We look at each other and just shrug, we knew there was no time for a changing of the guard.

I feel my load racing from my body and explode into Lisa’s pussy, ah, ah fuck I’m cumming I announce three seconds into it. Luke grunts and begins unloading his load into Connie’s mouth. We’ve all managed to cum within a few seconds of each other.

Connie let’s go of Lisa’s head and uses both hands to help milk the last few drops from Luke’s anaconda. She swallows every drop and I watch Luke jerk and twitch as his cock is totally drained

I pull out of Lisa’s drenched pussy and we all just collapsed onto the blanket in front of the fireplace. Everyone was breathing hard, and we just laid in silence for a few minutes. Eventually Lisa beaks the silence, I heard, men who have wives with tight pussies, often like to share their wives.

I heard that too, Connie says. Shall we test that theory, say next Friday. Lisa said yes, that sounds good, Friday we will test that theory. Oh lord, what have we unleashed here, Luke sighs. I said, I don’t know, but I guess we will learn something Friday. Yep he says, I’m all about higher learning.

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