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My Promotion PART 1

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My Promotion Part 1

Hello my name is Liz, I am a third partner in a mid size law firm outside of DC, we deal with corporate law. It was a hard road getting here but one I don't regret. Let me start from the beginning.

I had finished law school and moved to DC where I met and married James. He is a extremely handsome well built man and I love him to death. I hadn't been with many men because of the fast pace of school and to be honest after a few sexual encounters I wasn't really into sex, seems the guys were all in it for themselves and didn't care about me. James was different he made sure I was first and usually had many orgasms before he would cum. I craved our sex life with him but because of my 60 and sometimes 70 hour work weeks I was tired all the time. When James lost his job and the cost of living where we live took all that I was making and we were dipping into our saving, times were tough. All the long hours and financial stress had all but put our sex life on hold.

There were two guys that owned the firm, Jim and Jeff , both in there late 30's they had worked to make their firm into one of the best in the area and were attracting new clients all the time. Jeff was married to a beautiful woman that was at the office almost daily. Jim the other partner had never married but rumors in the office said he had a different woman all the time. When they decided to enlarge the firm and bring in a third partner, they had a meeting with me and Beth the only other woman lawyer in the office to tell us they were going to make a third partner and were looking for that partner to be a woman. I thought great that's what I need to be able to keep up until James gets a new job. Beth is a very attractive woman a couple of years younger than me and single. She has a great body 5'6, with a 36D chest. I'm really petite 5'1 with 34D tits but because of my small frame they look huge. Nether of us dressed sexy at work always very professional but after that meeting I noticed Beth had started showing cleavage while I continued to dress the same.

Jim called me into his office to tell me he would like to see me for dinner and discuss the position, of course I said yes. The meeting was set for the next day at 7 PM. I had told James about the position and now about the meeting, he wasn't all that keen on the late meeting away from the office but didn't make a big fuss about it. I was to meet Jim at his apartment and we would go from there. I arrived there and was nervous as hell as I rang the door bell. Jim opened the door and invited me in. Once in I saw Jeff was there also which made me even more nervous. Jim asked if I would like a drink, I told him yes since the wine I had drank wasn't doing a thing to calm my nerves.

I went in the area where Jeff was and sat in the luv seat, there were two large chairs facing where I was, Jeff sat in one and when Jim returned with the drink in sat in the other. There was a little small talk and then the conversation turned to the position. Jeff said they were looking for an attractive woman for the position that would be able to host the new and existing clients when they were in town, would that be something I would be interested in. I told him yes since it was part of what I had been doing with my clients already. He went on to say it would require that person to be able to take them out to wine and dine them and at times spend the evening with them. I said I wouldn't have a problem with a late night. Jeff added even if it meant spending the night. I froze, I didn't know what to think and how to respond. I finally was able to ask why would I have to spend the night? Jim said to be able to swing any clients that were on the fence as to whether or not to come with us to make that choice. I was mad as hell thinking these guys want me to be a hooker. I said so you want me to sleep with them to bring them on board, Jim said yes if that's what it takes. There was a long silence and Jim asked if I were still interested, I thought to myself I really need this new position and the money that will come with it but am I that desperate, I finally in a really soft voice said yes. They both said great but keep in mind Beth is still in the running. I thought great, she's single and won't have to deal with a husband and would probably invite the opportunity since she had told me she stays horny all the time. I will just have to deal with James when the time comes and go forward with this.

Jeff told me the reason they had this meeting with me was to see if I would be interested after I knew what would be expected and to see how I would act alone with a client. I thought great now they want me to have sex with someone in front of them, what's next, well the next was having sex with both of them.

Jim noticed I had finished my drink and asked if I wanted a refill, I said yes I needed all the courage I could get at this point. He left the room and Jeff got up and sat next to me, he commented on how great I looked since I had dressed different than at work, I had worn a tight mid thigh black dress that was cut low enough to show a bit of cleavage, under that was a lacy bra with a thong. When Jim returned he sat in the same chair and said let us set the stage for you, we have a new client that will be here Monday to talk with us, it's 2 partners that have started a software company. It was then I said so now you expect me to fuck 2 guys! I couldn't believe I had just said almost shouted that to them. It was then Jeff said this isn't going to work we need to go on to Beth. I said no, no I'm ok, all the time thinking OMG what am I getting into. Jim asked are you sure? Again I softly say yes.

It was then that Jeff started rubbing my arm brushing against my tit and Jim got up and walked behind the luv seat and started rubbing my shoulders. I started to tremble my mind keep saying what the hell are you doing but my body was saying yes, so far my mind was winning. Jim left my shoulders and made his way down to my tits rubbing them it wasn't long before my nipples were hard as rocks while Jeff was pushing my dress up my legs. Oh god what am I doing why am I letting this happen? All along I was getting more and more turned on. Jeff's hand found it's way to my barely covered pussy and rubbed me through the thin cloth of my throng, I was starting to get wet. My body was starting to enjoy the attention but my mind was thinking about James, I keep telling myself this is for us we need the extra money. It was then I heard a zipper behind me and Jeff say turn around on the seat, when I did I was looking straight at Jim's hard cock. It was about the same length as James' but was much thicker with a drop of pre cum on its large purple head. I just looked at it until Jim said well what are you going to do now? It was then I reached out a took it in my hands and started stroking it, I continued that until he said is that it? I knew he wanted me to suck it but I didn't know if I could, that was until Jeff again said she isn't going to work. After hearing that I licking the pre cum from its head and took it as far in my mouth as I could and started moving my head up and down licking it as I did. Jim moaned saying that's it babe suck that cock. That's when I felt Jeff start rubbing my pussy again by now I was wet and had soaked the throng. I felt him slide the thin material to the side and slip a finger in me, damn it felt great as he slide it in and out gently playing with my clit. The lust I was feeling in my body was winning the fight with my mind as my pussy got wetter. That's when I heard the sound of a zipper again as I turned to see what I was in for, I couldn't believe my eyes, Jeff's cock was huge it had to be 10 inches long and as big as thick as a coke can. I couldn't help but think it was going to hurt I had never seen a cock that big let alone have one in me. It was then that Jim said you are going to love that. Jeff started rubbing its big head on my wet pussy lips, all I could think about was how big it was and would I be able to take it, that's when he started little by little parting my lips by rubbing it up and down my slit. Every time it rubbed my clit it was like an electrical shock through my body, I kept thinking what am I doing. I felt the pressure as Jeff's monster cock started entering my pussy at first it hurt but it soon started feeling wonderful, feeling so good that I slide back and took it all in, I came hard, fuck it was awesome. As Jeff started stroking my pussy I turned and took Jim cock back in my mouth, this time sucking him deep till it was at my throat. Since it had been over a month since James and I had sex it felt wonderful especially with the monster that was stroking me. Jeff kept up a strong pace, I came so many times I lost count. I felt Jim stiffen and I knew it would be long till he would cum, before I knew it he let go with a big load I swallowed what I could and the rest ran out of my mouth it was long before Jeff yelled I'm cumming and I felt his hot cum fill my pussy at the same time as I came again. Damn it was great but I couldn't believe I had just sucked and fucked my bosses. As we all came down from our high I started thinking about what was I going to tell James how would I explain what had happened.

I got up and excused myself to the bathroom to freshen up I couldn't go home smelling of sex. When I returned to the room they were sitting having another drink. At this point I was feeling kind of cocky and ask them if I past the interview? Both of them said yes you were great. With that answer I asked if I had the position, Jim said not so fast remember there is another person we are looking at. We plan to interview Beth the same as we did you, after that there are new clients that are coming next week you will have the two partners we told you about and Beth will have the other. The one of you that signs the new client will get the position. I said what if we both get them to sign, they look at each other and Jeff says then we will interview you both again and we will decide from that interview. I thought great, what the hell have I gotten into. With that I grabbed my coat and headed for the door, as I walked out I told them I would see them in the morning and left.

All the way home I was thinking how in the world am I going to tell James about this arrangement, will he divorce me over this, what have I gotten into. I arrived home and James was watching TV, he asked how did it go, I said I thought it went very well but they were still going to interview Beth. I also told him that we would both be given a new client to sign and the one of us that got them to sign would get the position. He thought for a minute and ask so what happens if you both sign the new client, I sighed and told him that they would interview both again to determine with one of us gets the position. Sounds like a lot he said, I thought if you only knew how much. With that I told him I was tired and was going up to shower and go to bed. I got into the shower enjoying the hot water trying washing away the thoughts of the interview, it was them I heard the shower door open and James came in, I thought to myself not tonight please not tonight but James wanted me and I wasn't going to stop that.

We lathered each other up paying attention to all the right areas, soon he was hard and I was wet it was starting to feel great, he had me sit on the bench and got on his knees and started licking my slit lightly licking my clit, he kept this up until I came, god it felt great to have him want me again. We got out of the shower and dried off, James hopped into the bed and I crawled up and took his hard cock into my mouth, I took almost all of it and started swirling my tongue around the head, he moaned I don't know where you learned that but don't stop it feels wonderful. I kept that up until I knew he was about to cum, that's when I stopped and starting kissing up to his lips and gave him a deep kiss while I slide down the length of his cock taking it all in one motion. I was surprised I could do that usually it takes a little work, I couldn't help but think I hope Jeff's big cock hasn't stretched me, James didn't seem to notice, he was enjoying it far to much. I rode him till we both came and we fell asleep in each others arms.

The next morning James was extremely loving, more so than usually. I past it off to last night's fun. As I drove to work I kept wondering just how I was going to tell James about the new position and what I had to do to get it. At work everything was normal Jim and Jeff said their normal "good morning" and that was it. All day I keep thinking about the future. About 2 I see Beth head into Jim's office, I think well there's the invite to the interview. when she left the office she stopped by my desk and said well its my turn do you have any pointers? I replied no it was just your normal question and answer interview, like I would tell her anyway. We had always been pretty talkative at work since we were the only women lawyers there but since the first meeting we had hardly spoken. I kept thinking that she is a single horny good looking gal, she will most likely get the job over me. While I was thinking about things she had told me about her sex life I remembered her telling me about a swingers club she went to often, that's it, that's how I will get James into us seeing other people. At least I hoped so.

It was close to 7PM before I left work and headed home, as I drove I got things straight in my head on how I would talk to James about swinging. I had looked at the website of the club Beth had told me about and saw they had parties both Friday and Saturday night this weekend. When I got home James was watching TV, I gave him a hello kiss with a lot of tongue, something I didn't normally do, thinking that will get his attention but I didn't get the reaction I thought it would. After a little small talk I went upstairs to change as I walked down the hall I glanced in to our home office and noticed something on the computer screen as I got close enough to see what it was I see it's a porn site. I think to myself perfect this maybe easier than I think. I changed into my sweats but I wasn't wearing anything under them. I yelled down to James, what's for dinner, when I heard him say from the bedroom door, you are. When I turned around I saw him standing the doorway with nothing on and a hard cock, I said wow looks like I'm in for a low cal dinner. As he walked to me I watched his cock swing with every step, as he got close enough I reached out and took his hard cock in my hands and stroked it. I asked if the porn on the computer had brought this on, he replied that and last night. I ask what he had watched on the computer, he told me mostly guys getting blow jobs, I said like this as I dropped to my knees and took him into my mouth. I had the head between my lips using my tongue to massage the special spot just behind the head, he loves that and if I keep it up long I can make him cum really quick but I didn't want that now, so I stopped and took him all down my throat another thing he loves. Taking him deep several times and then stopped I didn't want this to end quick. As I stood up he pulled my top off exposing my hard nipples, he bend over and took one in his mouth sucking gently while pinching the other one then he switched. I was moaning telling him how good that felt when I felt him slide my pants to the floor, I stepped out of them and grabbed his cock and pulled him to the bed. When we got to the bed I laid down with my legs hanging over the edge, I didn't need to tell him what I wanted he got on his knees and started to lick my pussy. He first licked around the edge of my lips, he knows this drives me crazy. He will lick like that until I scream at him to lick me, it's then he will run his tongue up and down my slit but being careful not to touch my clit, it's only when I get really wet that he will suck my clit into his mouth and massage it with his tongue, that will sent me into a big orgasm. Once he stopped licking and I came down I rolled over still at the edge of the bed so he could fuck me doggie. As wet as I was it took him several tries to be able to get all of his cock in me, it was then he said you must have been more turned on last night, I thought shit he did notice that I slid all the way down last night in one move. I told him sweetheart all I know is right now I want you to fuck me with the hard cock of yours, fuck me hard like only you can do and that he did, I must have cum 3 times before he filled me full of his cream. He grabbed my hips and held be tight, I felt his cock twitch inside me it felt wonderful. He let me go when his cock started getting soft and we fell on the bed holding each other. I must have fell asleep because I woke to feel James sucking my nipple. I moaned so he would know I was awake. It was then I started talking to him about swinging. I asked if he remembered Beth at work, he said he thought so but wasn't sure, I said you know the one with the big tits. Oh, he said yes I remember her, well I didn't know until today that she was into swinging, his response was really that's interesting. I continued, yes she goes to a local swing club here in town, she says it's really a blast, what do you think? He responded think about what? What do you think about us going? He said yes that would be great but I didn't think you were into something like that, I'm not sure I am but she made it sound like a lot of fun. I told him we would look at there website after we ate something other than me.

After we ate we got on the site, it had all kind of events, some that sounded a little strange and others really fun. The event this Friday was sexy bra night with the winner getting a sex toy of their choice and Saturday was pimps and hoes night, the couple dressed up with the best costume won a porn DVD of their choice. They had all different rooms there, one with a sex swing and a sybian, James mentioned he would like to see me ride that. After looking at all the site we both agreed that Friday sounded like the best night and planned on going. Looking at the site was making me wet again and wanting some more of what we had started earlier. I starting rubbing James' cock finding it already hard. We when to the bedroom and fucked 2 more times that night, it was awesome, bring back the memories of out past sex life.

The next day on my way to work I was wondering how the interview with Beth had gone last night, once there it didn't take long for me to find out. Beth was in the break room and as soon as I walked in she walked over to me and said well if your interview was anything like mine I'm sure I have the position. I thought you smug bitch we will see about that. This had just turned into something far more than a new position. I said well I'm not sure about that but I thought mine went just fine. The day was tense, it's a good thing we didn't have to work on anything together.

Friday finally came and I was a little nervous about the swing club, James was right it wasn't really my thing but the interview had changed a lot for me. I showered and found my sexy bra, well it was a little beyond sexy hitting on the slutty side. It is red lace with holes that let my nipples poke through, I also had matching crouch less panties that were pretty much like wearing nothing. I put on my skirt that was really tight that came to mid thigh, the top was white sheer see through those topped off with 3 inch high heels. When James saw me all he could say was damn are you sure we want to leave the house? I told him not now big boy not now. He said wearing that you are sure to win the prize. I sure hope so was my reply. We left the house and drove to the club, James kept rubbing my leg pushing my skirt up, when he found I had the crouch less panties on he started fingering my pussy, it wasn't long before I started getting wet, I again had to slow him down telling him not now we will have plenty of time for this later. We arrived at the club and went in. It was dark inside and hard to see, when they found out it was our first time one of the gals said she would show us around. She was dressed , well if that's what you want to call it, in a shelve bra with no top and panties, James couldn't keep his eye's off her, I have to admit she looked pretty hot. When we got to the room with the sybian she ask if I had ever rode one, when I told her no, she oh sweetheart you have got to do it, it's awesome best orgasm I have ever had, next was the sex swing room, there was two swings in the room, she said if you are shy you can close the door while you are in there and that goes for any of the rooms, if you want privacy shut the door, if you don't it's an invite for watchers or anyone that might want to join. We thanked her and she walked away, with James' eyes following her. That's when I hit him and said maybe you can get some of that later, he said really and we both laughed. We found a place where we could hang our coats and as soon as the cool air hit my nipples they were rock hard and sticking out of the bra, James said you are going to get a lot of attention looking like that, I reached over and squeezed his hard cock and told him that's all I want. Well that's not the reason you come to places like this you know while he pinched my nipples. We will see, I told him. We found seats and sat down, by then our eyes had adjusted to the dim lighting and we could see there were a good number of couples in the club. There were gals dancing and swinging on a pole, there was a glory hole wall with a gal on her knees sucking off a guy and several couples talking. James got us a drink and we sat talking, it wasn't long before a couple walked by and the guy said now there is the winner of the contest, I laughed and thank you. It wasn't long before they came back and asked if they could sit with us, James said sure. They introduced themselves as Jim and Jan. It was apparent that Jim worked out and Jan looked really good in her sexy bra. It wasn't until they knew we were new that they offered to show us the ropes, James jumped at the chance saying sure we would really like that. Jan asked if I had ever ridden a sybian when I said no she said well come on girl lets go. She took my hand and led me to the room with the guys following. When we got to the room she grabbed a condom place it over what looked to be a 9 inch dildo on the machine handed the control to Jim and rubbed some lube on it and raised her skirt, she didn't have any panties on, and slide down the dildo. It was then Jim started the machine it make a lot of noise but it wasn't long before Jan's voice was louder. Jim worked the control until Jan had her first screaming orgasm, she had several more until Jim slowed the machine bring her back to earth. After she caught her breathe she looked at me and said your turn. She got off and replaced the condom, applied some lube took my hand and guided me over to the machine. As I raised my skirt she saw my crotch less panties and said nice touch are you sure you have never done this before? I told her no as she guided me onto the machine, it was then she took the control and started the machine. It felt awesome vibrating and moving inside me, Jan kept changing the speed, she sure knew what she was doing. Before long I had my first orgasm, after that one the machine got faster and faster, another orgasm, then another. Just when I thought it couldn't go any faster it did, the next thing I know I am in James' arms with him asking if I'm OK. Seems I had past out during my last orgasm it was the most intense orgasm I have ever had and it was wonderful. Jan asked if I wanted another ride, I said oh yes but I need to recover first. After a few minutes I was able to walk and they took us to the sex swing room where there was already a couple using one, we watched for awhile, until Jan asked if we wanted to give it a try, I said not yet I'm still recovering from the sybain. With Jim's help she sat in the swing, her skirt was up to her waist and she still had her bra on, Jim reached around her and unsnapped her bra exposing her nice tits as he stood up he took off his pants showing me his very nice cock, he wasn't hard but judging from James' cock soft it was going to be about the same size hard. He started rubbing Jan's pussy that was still wet from her ride. That's when he turned and said give me a hand here, her suck her tits. James looked at me and I told him to go for it, I didn't have to tell him twice. He went over got on his knees and started sucking Jan's nipples, while he did that Jim was licking her pussy. It wasn't long before Jim stood you with a nice hard on and started sliding it into Jan's pussy. She had been moaning since they started but as Jim started stroking her she got louder and louder. He started stroking her so hard James had to stop sucking her nipples. that's when he came back to me and got behind me pressing his hard cock against my ass and pinching my exposed nipples. The other couple had finished and left the room when another couple came in and asked if we were next, James quickly said yes we were and lead me to the empty swing. James helped me into the swing and quickly removed his pants. As I looked around I see not only Jim and Jan but two other couples in the room, it was then I think, I'm here in a swing spread eagle with my pussy there for all to see. Jim and Jan were still going at it, they have been fucking for at least 20 minutes, with Jan screaming for him to fuck her harder. I stopped thinking when I felt James start entering me, he first rubbed his cock up and down my slit to lube it up. I was still wet from the ride and watching Jim and Jan fuck. With two strokes he was fully in me and started slowly stroking. Damn it felt good, different being in the swing with James standing up holding my hips moving me up and down on his cock. With Jan still screaming I got caught up in it and started telling James to fuck me also. Damn this was awesome, I never felt anything quite like the swing. As I came, I heard Jim telling everyone he was coming and not long after that Jan screamed YEEEEESSSSSS fuck YEEEEESSSSSSSS. With all that happening not two foot away James and I lost it and came with them. It was then I hear the other two couples clapping and cheering. I have never done anything like this in front of other people but it was exciting, I couldn't believe how I had changed in the past week.

The guys helped Jan and I out of the swings and we left the room to the other couples. We had been in the club only a couple of hours and I had had so many orgasms I had lost count. We went back to the main area and Jan and I sat down while the guys went after drinks. We all started drinking and the ask us how we liked it so far, that's when James said well I'll let you know after we have swapped. I gave him a look and we all laughed. I asked him if he was tired of me already, he said no but a little spice would be nice. That's when Jan said I can take care of that before the night is over, that is if it's alright with Liz. All eyes were on me waiting for my answer, that's when I looked at James and said sure as long as Jim fucks me in the swing. We all again laughed. We sat there for awhile watching what was going on the dance floor and other areas of the club. It was 11 o'clock when the announced they were going to judge the sexy bras and for everyone that was going to be in the contest to come up on stage. Jan told me to go on up there and get the prize. I was about to tell her to come on also but realized she never had put her bra back on. I reluctantly went on stage with 5 other gals. I was the only one that had a top on, even though you had no problem seeing my bra under it. I was the last one to be judged, that when everyone in the place started chanting take it off, take it off. So I did, my nipples were sticking out further than they ever had, they were so hard they hurt. After the folks in the club choose the winner by clapping, it was me. They lead me back to the room with all the prizes and I picked a Jack Rabbit.

Once back at the table the three clapped again after I sat down several people walked over and congratulated me and commented on my bra and awesome nipples. I was in heaven with all the attention. It was then I was really surprised when Jeff walked up and said you look great, I'll never look at you the same at work again. I was floored and didn't know what to say. After a few words he left and Jan asked who he was, when I told her my boss she said holly shit how are you going to go back to work after this. If she only knew.

I keep looking to see where Jeff went, he was on the other side of the room with his wife. I was still talking with the 3 at the table but I kept thinking about Jeff's monster cock. I just couldn't get it off my mind, so I asked the others if they would mind if I asked them to join us since they were by themselves. James said are you crazy, I said no the damage has been done now may as well get comfortable with it. They all said no problem the more the merrier. I walked over and invited them to join us and Jeff said maybe a little later they were waiting on a couple but they should have already been here. Jeff's wife congratulated me on my win and said it was well deserved. I walked back to our table and told everyone they may join us later. I had no sooner sat down when James asked Jan to dance, there was one of his favorite slow songs being played. Jim and I talked while we watched them dance, because it was loud Jim moved to my side of the table so we could talk easier and watch our mates dance. Before the song was over James was dancing behind Jan grinding what I knew was a hard cock against her ass. Jan seems to be really enjoying it and was grinding back. The next time I looked he had both of her breasts in his hands playing with her nipples. Jim said they seem to be having a good time, I agreed. Another slow song came on next and they stayed on the floor, when they didn't return Jim put his hand on my leg and told be how sexy he thought I was, I did nothing about his hand and told him thank you and he was pretty damn sexy to. It was then Jeff and his wife walked up and asked if they could join us, Jim said of course and they sat down across from us. Jeff introduced his wife Ann and asked where the other couple was, I pointed to the dance floor, he turned and saw them and said they seem to be having a good time. Jim and I agreed. Ann was a striking woman about 5'8 with an hour glass figure.

When the song ended James and Jan returned to find the others there, after introductions Jeff commented on how nice Jan's tits were, Jan takes them both in her hands and says these? Everyone laughed. Jan said she would be right back and disappeared, when she returned she asked if we would like to join her in the swing room, we all agreed and went to the room, when we got there was couple just coming out, that left both swings empty. Jan jumped in one and I got in the other, since we didn't need to undress. The others got out of their cloths. Ann was really a sexy woman with large tits, dark brown nipples and a shaved pussy and Jeff well he has that monster. Even being soft was almost a big as James and Jim hard. James went to Jan and started kissing and playing with her nipples and Jim did the same to me. That's when I felt someone licking my pussy, I thought that has to be Jeff but when I could look it was Ann. Jeff was eating Jan. When Ann saw me looking at her she said hope you don't mind I love to eat pussy. Another first for me, I told her no I didn't mind. It wasn't long before I was cumming with all the attention I was getting and with the FUCK YEEESSSSS from Jan I knew she was also. After I came Ann and Jim changed places and Jim slide his hard cock into me, I moaned oh hell yes! It wasn't long before I hear Jan say OH MY GOD! Everyone stopped to see but I knew what it was, she had seen Jeff's monster cock hard. While everyone watched Jeff started feed his cock in to Jan's hot wet pussy. I thought she was loud before but she kept screaming OMG, fuck yes, YEESSSSS OH FUCK YESSSSSS, the whole time Jim is hammering me like there's no tomorrow. I knew Jeff wouldn't last as long as Jim and it wasn't long before he shot his load in Jan. Jim was still stroking me and it felt awesome. When Jeff pulled out of Jan she told James to get in there and finished her off, he didn't need to be told twice. He had no problem at all slamming balls deep into her wet well used pussy, stroking her hard. Seeing James fucking another woman was a sight I through I would never see but it excited me so much I came. It wasn't long before Jim let go a large in me. I could feel ever squirt as he held himself deep inside me. It wasn't long before James was cumming in Jan something she liked very much, if the way she screams means anything. At this point everyone one in the room had cum except Ann. When I said Ann hadn't cum yet Jan got out of the swing and headed out the door with her skirt around her waist and nothing else on . It wasn't long before she returned telling us to follow her. Everyone grabbed their cloths and followed her to an empty room with 2 king size mattresses on the floor. She stepped on them and told Ann to get her sexy ass over there and lay down. Once Ann was lying down she got between her legs and started licking her pussy. James started sucking one of Ann's nipples and Jim the other. With all this attention it wasn't long before Ann started screaming HELL YESSSSS and came while Jan licked her. After she came down she had found Jim and James' now hard cocks one in each hand and said I want this one in my pussy and this one in my mouth. As the guys took the commanded positions Jan started sucking one nipple and pinching the other. While all this was going on Jeff and I had been watching but I couldn't help but notice Jeff's monster was alive again and sticking straight out. I reached over and started stroking it and heard a moan come from Jeff. That's when he said I sure would love to fuck your tight pussy again. I said yes I would love it also and told him to lye on his back so I could ride him. As I grabbed some lube I rubbed it all over that monster leaned over and gave him a kiss with lots of tongue and slide down his cock. When I reached bottom I stated slowly stroking him saying fuck yes that feels great. We both watched the other 4 while I slowly rode him. It wasn't long before Ann was cumming again but this time it was hard to hear what she was saying with a cock in her mouth. Jan had stopped playing with her nipples and had come over to Jeff and I, that's when she sat on Jeff's face facing me. Jeff eagerly started eating her pussy as Jan kissed me. This was another first for me but was something that I felt was just another thing in my life that would change. We kept up swapping with each other until 3 o'clock when the place closed. We exchanged phones and promised to contact each other soon. As James and I drove home we talked about the fun time we had at the club. Once at home we ripped each others cloths off and had the best sex we had had in months. Oh yeah there was one thing that James said when he was able to slide all the way into me with one stroke, he asked if there was fucking involved in the interview earlier in the week. That's when I told him we need to talk.

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