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My Biggest Secret

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I’ve never told anyone this story before.

I am a 42 year old teacher, and still live in the village I grew up in, which is in Scotland. I am married to a fellow teacher, and we have 3 young children. I would describe our sex life as okay, but with busy jobs and the kids, it’s not particularly exciting. I normally find that fantasizing helps me to reach an orgasm much faster, but as my other half is not particularly experimental, I tend to keep the thoughts in my head, rather than say them out loud.

There is one fantasy theme that works for me every time, and it’s variations of something that actually happened when I was 18 years old. It was the summer before I went away to university, and I spent most of the long break baby-sitting for a family my parents knew. They – Mike and Julia – were a nice couple in their forties, and had twin 11-year old boys that I looked after from time to time. They ran an events business together, which often meant one or both of them working away overnight, or getting home late, so I would often stay over at their house. I always enjoyed staying over, as the boys were well-behaved, and Julia always paid me very well for my time, much more than my friends made as waitresses or shop assistants. The best part however were the nights that Mike was away and Julia would come back late. We would stay up talking, and she treated me like an equal, a grown-up, which is something my strict parents never did. She’d normally open a bottle of wine for us to share, or fix us a cocktail each, and we’d sit and talk about my upcoming university adventure, boys I liked, my hopes for the future – all the things I couldn’t talk about at home.

One evening – I remember it now, it was the first Tuesday of that July – I was looking after the boys whilst she worked locally and Mike was away in France. She’d told me she’d be back around midnight, so I waited up. It was a hot, sticky night, so I sat on the sofa in short pyjamas, watching old movies. She got back a little before twelve, and after asking how the children had been, went to the kitchen to fetch a bottle of wine and two glasses.

We sat chatting about the event that she’d been talking about – a charity fundraiser – and then moved on to telling me about her plans for Mike’s 50th birthday party the following month. They had a huge social circle of friends, and people would be travelling from all over Europe to celebrate with them. I asked her what she was planning to get him for his birthday, and her response will stay with me forever.

“Actually hon, I was hoping you might be able to help with that.”

I was puzzled. “Well if I can, I will. What did you have in mind?”

She smiled. “Before I tell you, I need you to know that it’s okay if you say no, and I don’t want to offend you. This stays between us, please?” I nodded.

“So this might come as a shock to you, but Mike and I…. have what you could call an open relationship. As in, we swing. Sleep with other people, go to parties with other couples that like to swap partners, that kind of thing. But for a while, we’ve had this fantasy about someone younger – late teens, early twenties maybe – joining us in bed. Most of our friends are our age, and part of a couple. Now I know you’re looking to make more money for your University fund, so I was wondering… would you like to be our ‘special guest’? It would only be a one-off, and we’d naturally be very discreet, as we’d need you to be. But it would be lots of fun, and we’d pay you well for that night’s work.” She laughed.

I was stunned. Not offended, just incredibly surprised and somewhat curious.

“So you watch each other have sex with other people? Don’t you get jealous?” I asked.

She shook her head as she took a sip of wine. “No not at all. We have a very stable relationship, and we trust each other. We always tell each other if we have sex with someone else when the other isn’t there, so in a lot of ways, our marriage is based on more honesty than most other couples’ is. And it’s good fun, it keeps things exciting and stops us getting bored.”

My own experiences of sex at this point had not been particularly fun or exciting. I lost my virginity to a classmate at a party when I was 16, and that had been a rushed fumble that didn’t do anything for me. After that, I had only had sex with my ex-boyfriend, who was also from a strict background where sex wasn’t discussed, and only ever wanted to do it in the missionary position, in the dark.

“Look, there’s no pressure. It’s not for everyone, and we certainly wouldn’t want to lose our best babysitter over this. But I really think you would enjoy it, we’d make sure of that, and it would really take the financial pressure off you when you go away. Based on you doing the things on our wish list, we’d be prepared to pay you…..”

She got out a pen and wrote a number on the back of her hand. I could not believe how much they were offering, it really would make a huge difference to my life for the next year.

“Wow! I mean – well I don’t know. But I’m not sure I’m comfortable with being paid for sex, doesn’t that make me some kind of hooker?”

She laughed again. “No sweetheart, it doesn’t. Think of it more as friends doing favours for each other. As our friend, you’d be making sure that I could give my husband the birthday treat he has his heart set on. And as your friend, we’d be making sure that you could manage when you start university. Does that sound better?”

I nodded. “So when you say you have a wish list, what does that involve?”

“Different things, and you don’t have to do all of them. We wouldn’t ask you to do anything you were uncomfortable with, but we’d pay a share of the total for any that you did. So for starters, Mike loves to watch me with other women, it always turns him on so much. You and I would put on a little show for him to get things started. Then, it would be up to you. Either you could watch us having sex – we both love being watched – or he could fuck you whilst I play with both of you – there’s lots of options.”

I blushed, trying to picture what she was describing. They were both very attractive people, and not that I would tell her this, but I had fantasised about her husband when I was alone in bed masturbating.

“I’m not sure, I mean I’ve not really done much before with guys. I’ve never been with another girl either. So I probably won’t know what to do. I don’t think I’m very good at sex stuff, I’ve never really enjoyed it.”

She smiled. “That’s because you’ve only ever been with selfish, immature boys that didn’t know how to pleasure you. We could teach you how to enjoy sex, which will only be a good thing for you in life and will help you to know what you want from your next relationship.”

I sat and thought about it for a moment.

“I’m definitely tempted,” I told her. “I’m just worried I won’t know what to do.”

“I can help with that,” she replied, moving to sit much closer to me on the sofa.

I felt myself becoming lightheaded from the wine, but mainly from the excitement building within me. Without saying a word, Julia leant in and kissed me, gently on the lips. She pulled away slightly to look in my eyes, as if waiting for permission to go further. When I smiled, she moved in to kiss me again, this time much harder. Her hands began to move over my body, stroking my skin and making me tingle.

Having never been with a woman before, this was all new, but felt so good. The boys I had been with had always been rough and awkward, but this felt incredible. As her tongue parted my lips and began to explore my mouth, her hands made their way up my top, where they started to gently squeezing my tits.

She stopped kissing me for a moment and lifted up my top, to view my breasts as she held them.

“Oh my!” she exclaimed. “Mike will go crazy over these! He’s definitely a breast-guy and he’s always talking about how big and sexy yours are. Mmmm….”

With that her mouth moved onto one of my nipples swirling her tongue over it before suckling with firm but pleasant pressure. Her hand gently squeezed my breast in rhythm with her sucking. It was sheer bliss, and she moved from one tit to the other, then back again, until I felt ready to pass out.

She must have sensed my arousal, as without removing her mouth, she slipped her hand into my shorts. I was so wet, and as her fingers found my clit, I started to moan with pleasure. I’ve heard people say it takes another woman to know, but she seemed to know exactly what I wanted, without saying a word. Skilfully, she continued to rub my swollen clit with her thumb as she slit a finger into my soaking pussy. “Ohhhh, so tight!” she murmured, her hot breath teasing my hard nipple.

I began to pant as she added second finger, stroking them in and out, slowly and then faster. She increased the pressure from her thumb, and as I got closer to the edge, she started to suck my tit even harder. In no time at all I felt my muscles contract around her fingers, and I cried out as the orgasm took over my body.

After gently withdrawing her fingers, she pulled my top down and kissed me on the mouth.

“See, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” she giggled.

“It was amazing,” I corrected her. “Do you want me to do something for you now?”

“No,” she replied. “It’s getting late, I think we should be thinking about bed.”

I struggled to fall asleep lying alone in their guest bed, my mind racing at what had happened and what she had offered me. Having had someone else make me cum for the first time, I knew I wanted it to happen again, and that I would be accepting her proposal.

The next morning, she treated me like normal, laughing and joking as we got the boys’ breakfast ready. Just before I left, I whispered to her that I wanted to take her up on her offer, and she looked delighted and told me she’d be in touch.

Over the next month, she didn’t kiss or touch me again, but on the rare times it was just the two of us, we made arrangement for Mike’s birthday treat. She told me that he liked his women smooth, so a few days beforehand, she booked me into the beauty salon that she used and paid for me to have a Brazilian wax. I’d never had this done before, but once I had, I couldn’t stop looking at it, it was so sexy and I fingered myself at every given opportunity.

On the night in question, I told my parents I was babysitting overnight, but really, the boys had gone to stay with their grandparents overnight. I turned up at the house just after 7pm, and Mike greeted me with a glass of Tequila Sunrise and a huge smile. He obviously knew what his wife had arranged for him, and they were both wearing bathrobes. I didn’t know if they had anything on underneath, but was sure I would find out later.

We sat around drinking and talking for an hour, and then Julia went and sat on the rug in front of the fireplace. She beckoned me to join her, so I put my glass down and went to sit next to her. As she’d done before, she started to kiss me, and then began to remove all of my clothes, including my underwear. She licked and kissed my skin, and then made sure we were sideways on so that Mike could enjoy the full view as my nipple disappeared into her mouth. We were knelt in front of each other, her head lowered as she sucked on my tits.

I wasn’t sure what I should do, and sensing this, she leant up and removed her robe. I was amazed at how good her body was for a forty-plus woman with kids, but she certainly looked after herself. Her skin was smooth and glowing, and her tits, although smaller than mine, were firm, with enormous dark nipples. The sight of them aroused me, and I reached my hands out to touch them. I started off by slightly grazing them with my fingertips, and as they hardened under my touch, I began to roll them between my thumb and fingers.

Julia began to moan, so instinctively, I dropped my head and started to suck on her right nipple whilst using my hand to play with the left one. She held on to the back of my head, as if to press her tit deeper into my mouth as I feasted hungrily on her. We carried on like this for a while, and then she asked me to lie down on the rug, which I did. She then climbed on top of me, and begun to rub her body against mine.

I heard a groan from the nearby chair, and had forgotten for a moment that Mike was there. He had also removed his robe, and was sitting back watching us intently. His cock was in his hand, and he was stroking it. I had never seen such a large dick before, it was so much bigger than either of the guys I had slept with.

As I took in the details of has enormous hard-on, Julia giggled.

“I think she likes what she sees, baby,” she commented to him. “Come on Becky, come and have a closer look.”

With that she crawled over to him, and knelt in front of the chair. Sensing what was about to happen, he stopped stroking himself and placed both hands behind his head.

“Have you ever given a blowjob before?” Julia asked me as she fetched two cushions from the sofa.

“No,” I confessed, blushing.

“Come here then,” she instructed, “and I’ll show you how it’s done.”

I moved over to the chair and knelt on the cushion she offered to me. Slowly she took hold of her husband’s dick, and then started to move her mouth onto it. I watched, fascinated, as it slid in and out of her mouth. She occasionally stopped to flick her tongue over the top, which Mike seemed to really enjoy, before she’d take his full length deep into her throat.

After a few minutes, she told me I could try, and we swapped positions. I knelt in front of him, and copied what I had seen her do. Well, I tried, but without her experience, I struggled to fit more than half of his length into my mouth. As I sucked on him, she knelt behind me and started to rub my clit with one hand, and reached round to play with Mike’s balls with the other. He leant forward and began to squeeze my tits, pinching my nipples as I licked up and down his shaft. He wasn’t gentle as Julia hand been, but there was something incredibly sexy about having an older guy playing with my breasts while his wife fingered me that was incredibly arousing.

“I think it’s time we moved upstairs,” Mike suddenly announced, smiling at us.

I followed them up to their bedroom, a large room with a gigantic four-poster bed. Julia told me to lie down and make myself comfortable, and once I did, she knelt between my legs and proceeded to perform oral sex on me. I’d never had it done before, but I could tell from the way that she licked and lapped and probed that she was obviously an expert at this, and all the while, she continued to play with my breasts. Whilst she did this, Mike stood at the end of the bed, stroking his monster-cock. After a short time, he got onto the bed and crawled up towards his wife. Instinctively, she raised up onto her knees, allowing him to penetrate her and fuck her doggie-style whilst she ate my soaking pussy. It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen, and he thrust hard, each time pushing her face deeper into my snatch. I came within minutes, again crying out as the orgasm gripped me.

I lay still for a moment, recovering my breath as Julia also came loudly, and then Mike asked if he could fuck me. I agreed, and he pulled out of his wife, and came to lie beside me. He started to kiss me and run his hands over my body. At one point, he lay on one side of my sucking one nipple and Julia was on the other side, doing the same. Then Mike rolled onto his back, and asked me to get on top and ride his cock. The way he said it sounded so hot, but having only done it missionary before, I was unsure what to do. Julia said she’d help me, so I got up and straddled his legs. My pussy was directly over his dick, and she gripped the base of it firmly as she fed the head into me. He was so big that I struggled to accept him at first, but Julia stroked my clit with her other hand, and bit-by-bit, I was able to fit her husband’s penis inside me. To start with, he thrust me from underneath whilst she played with my tits, but after a while, I started to slide up and down and rotate my hips, which pleased him. I leant forward with my hands either side of his head, and he raised up to suck my nipples as my big tits bounced in front of his face.

The sensation of his cock filling me, his mouth on my tits and her fingers on my clit was too much, and I came again, this time even harder and louder. Mike then asked if he could fuck me doggie-style, another first for me, which I agreed to. Although dripping wet, my pussy muscles were tight after my orgasm, but he slowly and patiently opened me up again, and to my surprise, he managed to fit his full length inside me. Julia lay in front of me, so I was able to repay the favour and learn some oral skills on her. The taste of her pussy was so sexy, and I lapped up her juices as her husband continued to pound me hard from behind.

She played with her tits, pulling hard on her nipples, as she came. I put my tongue inside her as she did, feeling the sensation of her muscles squeezing as she screamed loudly. Mike was still going, but I didn’t think I could climax in this position. Again, sensing this, Julia got underneath us, and alternatively licked my clit and sucked her husband’s balls. At one point, he pulled out of me, and when I looked down between my legs, I could see him fucking her mouth. It was the most erotic thing I have ever seen in my life to this day. Then he slid back into me, and with her tongue working my clit like a pro, I came for a third time.

Mike was still hard after this – I can only assume he had taken something like Viagra beforehand as I have never know a man to have staying power like this before, so he then decided to fuck Julia in a spoon position. I lay in front of her, suckling her nipples as I played with my pussy, and after a time, they changed positions and she rode his cock like no tomorrow. As she did, he asked me to straddle his face so that he could eat me out, which I agreed to. Julia and I faced each other and played with each others’ whilst she fucked Mike’s cock and I fucked his face. At one point, he slid his finger into my ass, which heightened my sensation and made me orgasm again.

The three of us laid on the bed for a few minutes, kissing and touching, and then Mike asked if he could fuck my ass to finish the session with. Having enjoyed his finger probing me whilst he ate me out, I was tempted, but having never done anal before (to this day, I never have) I was worried that his ginormous cock would be too much for me and would hurt. He then asked if he could titty-fuck me, which I agreed to, and after Julia had covered my breasts in baby oil for him, he mounted my chest and slit his dick between my breasts. She then climbed over my face so that I could lick her pussy. She held my tits together for him, and they kissed passionately. Julia came in no time – which pleased me as I was so new to oral sex – and shortly after, Mike began to tense and moan before spraying my tits and face with a torrent of hot, sticky semen, which Julia then cleaned off with her mouth.

The three of us spent the night in bed together, waking several times for more activities. We all had more orgasms – I was amazed when Julia came whilst Mike fucked her ass, but she told me anal sex is one of her favourite things to do, and then for Mike’s last one, I let him cum in my mouth, drinking every drop.

The following day, we had breakfast together, and Julia gave me an envelope before I left. When I got home, I realised that the cheque was for even more than she’d originally offered, but there was a note in there that said I had earnt it. I went off to university that September, and after that, I only saw them once in passing before they moved to Spain to continue to develop their business.

I’ve never had a threesome or any sexual contact with a woman since that night, but even though I have never told anyone else about it, I can safely say, I will never forget it.

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