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Maria In Maine

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June and I had been married for five years when we took our driving vacation.

Usually we climbed on an airplane and went to some city or another, but this year we had decided to take the car and just drive. We didn't even have a plan, we'd just make it up as we went along.

It was a fabulous vacation. We started in Niagara Falls, went to a little artist community called Niagara on the Lake, through the Adirondack Mountains, through Montreal, up to Quebec, and back to the states. Each day we would drive 3 or 4 hours, until we got tired, and then decide where to stay.

The only thing I didn't want to do was drive 7 hours out of our way to let my wife visit her old college roommate Maria in upstate Maine.

In some old pictures I saw Maria was about 40 pounds overweight, had bad hair, and didn't shave her underarms. June even told me Maria had a real shithead boyfriend. Great. Still, my wife had roomed with her for two years at Penn State, and they got along super. So, fine, I would waste hours driving there and back, and a day while they told stupid college stories. Fine.

We pulled up to the farmhouse where Maria lived. It was already late in the day when we first saw the tiny house. It couldn't have had 6 rooms altogether, and was in a general state of disrepair. Maria came running out at the sound of our car. The farm was so deserted, our car was probably the only thing making noise for miles.

She screamed at the sight of June, and as I got out of the car, came around and gave me a hug, saying she had heard so much about me. During that quick hug I realized Maria had lost weight. A lot. She now had a slim profile, with small breasts and small butt. Her hair looked nice as well. Her complexion wasn't exactly cover girl smooth, but was just fine. Obviously the last ten years had been good to her.

We went into the house. Maria was so proud of it, because she "owned" it. Well actually the bank owned it, but she had a mortgage, and therefore it was "hers." I had been right, the house was tiny, with a living room that barely fit a couch, chair, and TV, a kitchen where two people couldn't work at the same time, and a dining room with 4 chairs and little more than a card table for eating.

We went into the living room. June and Maria talked. And talked. And talked.

It was all stuff that was great memories to them, and completely meaningless to me. But they were having a good time, so I just sat and listened. After an hour or two Maria began to prepare dinner. June went into the kitchen, I stayed in the living room and flipped on the TV. June brought me a beer.

The girls talked all through dinner, and then we went out on the front porch.

Like most farmhouses, it had a porch that wrapped around nearly the entire front of the house, and a porch swing suspended from the rafters above. It was the only place to sit, and the three of us squeezed into it. I was on the left end, then June, and Maria was at the other end. After another 30 minutes of conversation, Maria got up and went in to reload our beers.

When she returned, she stood in front of us for a while, then said to June "I feel bad. Here we are reminiscing and telling sorority stories and Mike is totally bored. Let's try to include him, OK?"

Now June really didn't care, because there were plenty of times when my buddies would come over to the house for cards or to watch a game on our big-screen TV and she wasn't included. But she said "OK," just to be polite.

Maria motioned for me to slide down, and she sat next to me. I now had a woman on both sides. Surprisingly enough, we immediately hit it off -- the three of us, I mean -- and talked about everything from politics to religion to movies to my own college days. Now I saw why June liked Maria so much.

She was so easy to talk to, and there was just a soothing vibe about her.

As we talked it got later and later, until it was past midnight. As we sat there I occasionally put my arms along the back of the bench. I could feel Maria's hair brush against my forearm from time to time, and I would give June a hug every now and then. I finally nudged June and told her we had to go and get a motel room somewhere.

Maria said "Don't be ridiculous. You'll stay here. It's late, you're out in the middle of Maine, which is to say nowhere, and if you're lucky enough to find a place you'll have to spend money to do it. You'll stay in the bedroom, and I'll sleep downstairs on the couch." She didn't have to say that it was the only bedroom. Her logic was impeccable, though, and June and I agreed, although we felt guilty about kicking her out of her bedroom for the night.

I went to the car and dragged our suitcase up to the second floor. The house's only bathroom was up there, as was the small bedroom and an uninsulated attic. Maria had converted an even smaller second bedroom to her clothes and junk closet. The bedroom had a really big mattress, but because the room was so small, it took up nearly all the space. There was just about a two foot aisle down one side, with another two foot aisle at the foot of the bed. A dresser filled the remaining space at that end of the room.

I went back downstairs and took my position between the two women on the swing. Maybe because of the number of beers we had all had, or maybe because it was so calm and peaceful, we all just sat quietly. Before I knew it, both June and Maria had drifted off, their heads resting against my shoulders while they dozed. I felt totally at peace, myself.

But as I felt myself drifting off, I gently shook them. I didn't know how cold it got at night in Maine, even in summer, and I didn't want the three of us sleeping there all night. We went in to the house to prepare for bed.

As we walked inside, Maria said "Now I see why June is so in love with you. You're so mellow. You're so, well, comfortable."

"Thanks," I said. "I could say the same about you. She's talked about you ever since we've been married. I've wanted to meet you all this time."

It was a lie, and now I felt guilty about it.

We went upstairs, Maria came with us and grabbed a nightgown to take back down with her. June and I somehow managed to undress in the cramped space, and then climbed under the single sheet that covered the bed. Maria had folded a blanket on the floor in case we got cold. June wore a T-shirt and some pajama panties, I usually slept in the buff, but because we were in someone's house, I left on my boxer shorts.

There was a knock on the door. "Come in," June said.

Maria's face peeked around the corner. She asked "You guys need anything?

You OK?"

"We're fine," I answered. "But I do have a question. Why do you have such a huge mattress in such a small room? And just for yourself. I don't get it."

She walked into the doorway. She was dressed in a thick cotton nightgown that hung to her ankles, covering every square inch below her neck. Except that you could see where her tits pushed it out, it was totally unsexy.

Well, maybe a little. Her tits bounced as she moved. "Oh that's left over from Jeff," she answered. "Jeff lived with me until about three months ago.

We split up. He already had the mattress, and brought it with him when he moved in. When he moved out he just took his clothes and stuff and left it. It really does take over the room, doesn't it?"

"So that explains it," June said. "We thought maybe you held parties up here. Or rented it out as a trampoline to gymnastic groups, or something."

We all laughed.

I patted the corner of the bed. "Sit down," I said. She did.

We started talking, and by god another 40 minutes shot by. We were just, as the Gumpster would say, like peas and carrots, we got along so well.

Finally Maria said "I really have to sleep, now. I'm going down."

It was June who surprised me. She said, "I really feel bad about kicking you out of your own bed. And by the way, how long have you had that couch?

It's as lumpy as hell. Why don't you stay up here with us. It's a huge mattress, after all."

"Oh no, I couldn't," she said. "The couch will be fine. It's only for one night."

"No really," I interjected. "You can stay here, there's really plenty of room. Come on."

"Well...." she said. "Well...."

"Aw come on," June said. "We always used to talk about how we slept with the same guys. We just never did it at the same time." They both cracked up. "Anyway, this time we'll actually be sleeping! You know, instead of, ah, sleeping." They laughed again.

Maria gave in. June and I moved over to the side, and Maria lifted one side of the sheet. Again I had a woman on each side of me. It was delicious, but I hardly expected anything sexual to happen. It just didn't feel that way.

Both women cuddled to me as we lay there. June intertwined her arm with mine. Across the mattress Maria turned on her side to face both June and me. We talked some more. At one point June said, "So here we are Maria.

A threesome, in bed with my husband."

Maria replied, "I know. This is one variation I don't think we ever talked about, you know?"

"Yeah, my husband sleeping with another woman. And I'm in the room too!"

she responded. The talk began to take a sexual edge to it, and June asked Maria "Have you ever, you know, actually been in a three way?"

Maria shrieked. "Heavens, no." She wrinkled her forehead. "Have you, you know, ever been with another man and woman?" June shook her head. Technically that was accurate. She ignored the session we had at the O'Stikkit Inn a couple years earlier. I guess because it involved two guys, it didn't count or something. I didn't challenge her on it. If she didn't want to mention it, it was OK with me. Maria turned to me and said "Have you ever slept with two women?" I had to say no, because I never had.

But June said "But he's been in a three-way. Another couple and him."

Again she ignored her wild weekend at the Inn. "Go on, Mike, tell her about it." Wasn't that nice? She wouldn't own up to her own indiscretion, but I had to talk about mine. Fine.

"Well it was a while ago, I was out of college about four years, and a friend asked me to take some pictures of his wife, Krystal. I really just used to take nature pictures, but my friend Bob insisted that I take some of her. Before the evening ended, we were all three, uh, involved in the kitchen."

"Oooo," Maria giggled. "Tell me. Tell me everything. I want to hear the details, everything."

Oh. I went back and started the story from the beginning. From time to time Maria would ask a question, or June would correct part of the story (I had told it to her many times,) but mostly I was giving a narrative of the experience. I was well into the story when I realized I was about to get an erection. Now I thought that would not be cool, so I tried to hold back. I tried playing mental baseball. Too many phallic bats and too many balls. I thought about my job. I remembered Mrs Milmot, my ugly 3rd grade teacher. But I was telling this sexy story, and I couldn't help but feel a sexual tingle.

I thought of rolling on my side, but who would I face? Would I stick my boner toward Maria? She might get the wrong idea. If I rolled the other way, I would be turning my back to her while I told the story to June.

That didn't seem to make sense. So I just lay there.

My cock grew, but my shorts helped restrain it. Still, since I was wearing boxers, the sheet began to form a little tent about halfway down my body.

There was no doubt what was causing it, but nobody said anything. I wished I was wearing jockey shorts which would have done a much better job of holding my dick down.

As the story progressed, my penis continued to grow, until it could no longer be ignored. I noticed that Maria kept glancing down at the slowly growing tent. June seemed oblivious; she was lying on her back with her eyes closed, occasionally opening them to stare at the ceiling.

I interrupted my storytelling to look at Maria and say "I'm sorry. Just a natural reaction. Ignore it and it will go away."

"What are you talking about?" June said, opening her eyes and sweeping the room. In the moonlight it was obvious that the highest elevation in the sheet was coming from my hardening cock. I was now about at half-staff. When she saw it she laughed out loud. "Oh I should have expected..." she left the thought unfinished. "He's always horny. And that, uh, condition happens to him a lot. In the most unexpected places at the most unexpected times."

I started to blush. "Yeah, well, it just happens to guys. You know, it's totally unfair. If you girls are sitting around somewhere and start to feel sexual, you don't show it. At least not the same way. It's just a lot more obvious on a guy."

"Yeah, it's obvious, all right," June said. Maria laughed.

Then she said, "So go on. Don't stop. I'm enjoying the story."

There was silence in the room; it lasted a full 10 seconds.

"Go ahead," June said.

I started where I had left off. At about the point where I explained how I was shooting pictures up Krystal's skirt, my dick began to inflate again. Each

little bounce as my heart pumped blood into my tool caused a ripple on the sheet. Maria kept looking at the sheet, then up at me. What could I do?

As I progressed with the story, June rolled on her side and faced me.

Maria was already in the mirror position on my other side. As June snuggled against me, I felt her tits surround my arm, one above and one below. Then I felt her hand graze my thigh, and begin to softly stroke my leg. At one point when I paused to collect my thoughts, she said "Maria, did you notice what nice legs he has?" Her hand continued stroking my thigh. My dick got harder still.

"Yes, I couldn't help but notice," she said. Now Maria's hand came up and rested on my other thigh. She began to twirl a few of my leg hairs between her fingers. I felt June's hand slide up toward my boner. I was now at full erection. Well not full, since the boxers were still in the way, but nearly full. She began tugging softly at the material.

"Go on, Mike. Tell the story," she said.

I continued. I got to the part of the story where Krystal was sucking on Bob's dick while I took pictures. June's hand slipped into the front of my boxer shorts and found that piece of flesh that minutes ago was soft and now was not. Maria continued stroking my thigh as she pressed herself closer to me all along her body. June knowingly twisted my erect member as she let it out of the flap in the front of the shorts. The tent in the sheet nearly doubled in size. It looked like a circus tent, with one huge pole holding up the entire middle. I was the pole.

June said softly "And he's got a nice dick, too."

Maria said "I thought so." June's hand released me, but that didn't make the tent go down. With my hardness I could have supported a cinder block.

It was only a few seconds before I felt a hand back on my engorged cock.

This hand was smaller and cooler. Then I felt June's hand return, slipping up one of the pant legs to hold my balls. She gently massaged them as I continued with the story.

"And then I took my dick out of my pants, kind of like right now...heh heh...and walked up behind her." Maria's gentle stroking and June's gentle squeezing continued. Maria took her other hand and took the corner of the sheet and lifted. From my vantage point I could see her staring at my dick, and at the women's hands that were servicing it. She ducked her head under the sheet. I knew where her lips were headed.

"Do you mind?" Maria said.

"Are you kidding?" I replied. "This is fabulous!"

"I wasn't talking to you. I was talking to your wife."

"Oh, sorry."

June looked into my eyes and said softly, "I don't mind at all."

I gazed with love back at her and kissed her forehead. "Thank you," I said.

Maria moved her head further down, until it was lying on my stomach. She just stayed there for several moments, staring at my erect penis and at her hand which continued stroking it. Then she moved further down and gave me a tentative lick. She licked again. Then she kissed it. I turned my head and kissed my wife. It was a more passionate kiss that June and I had had for some time, and was only interrupted when we heard Maria say, "So go on with the story."

I started again. "So there I was cupping her tits in my hands while she blew Bob. Then I took a step forward, and I think shocked the shit out of her. She wasn't expecting me to have my dick out, but she was facing away from me and didn't know I'd dropped my zipper. As my dick made contact with her cunt, I could feel an almost electric spark jump between us. Then I found the entrance, and just pushed my way in."

"Yeah, just push your way in," Maria mumbled. She took me deeper. Now I had one hand on the back of Maria's head, guiding her movements. I slid the other between my wife's thighs, feeling the wetness of her cunt. She parted her legs to allow me easier access.

"So I fucked her and fucked her and finally came at just the same time Bob did. We filled her up from both ends. She came, too. I could feel her orgasm resonate all through my dick. It was awesome. Then we lay there, and then got cleaned up."

I finished the story, and as I did I felt myself starting to build. Now I'm a nice guy, and while I've done my share of "Don't worry, I won't cum in your mouth" and then did anyway, I couldn't do that to Maria. I already liked her so much, I had to warn her. "I'm getting there. I'm going to cum," I said.

She withdrew her mouth and apologized. "I just can't take it in my mouth.

It makes me gag if I try to swallow it." June has no such problem; some women are just like that, you know?

Anyway, the effect of Maria taking her lips away from my dick cooled my ardor, at least temporarily. I was still hard as a rock, I still had Maria's fist around me, but I wasn't on the glide slope anymore.

June said to Maria, "You don't have to swallow. I used to have a hard time with that at the beginning. But now I really like it. In fact, I read an article that says it's kind of good for you. Protein, and all. But I understand, it can feel gross if you're not accustomed to it." She went on. "But if you really want to please a have to let him cum in your mouth. It's just ecstasy for them. And you get used to it. I actually like it now. It's the ultimate sexual turn on. Here..."

She rolled away from me and kneeled. She took Maria's head and positioned it over my dick. "Now take him in your mouth..." Maria did. "That's good.

Now make sure you're exactly straight up over him. And when he cums, keep your lips glued to him, but don't swallow. Then, when he's finished, just open your lips and let it all dribble down the sides of his dick. I guarantee, it's the best."

Maria mumbled "I don't know...." But it was obvious from her motions, sliding up and down my penis that she was going to try. She stopped for a moment and looked up at me and said "Thank you for being my experiment."

We all laughed.

June was into it. It was like she was a teacher, or something. Maria continued to suck on me, her fist increasing its rhythmic pounding. Within a couple minutes I was back at the beginning of that orgasmic climb. If she didn't stop within about five seconds, I would explode. I said so.

"OK, I'm getting ready," I warned. Her tempo increased. She continued to suck. June reached down and cupped my balls. She knows that sets me off. It did. I felt the simultaneous tingle in my dick and in my head that could only mean one thing. "Oh, I'm cumming," I cried. "I'm cumming.

Oh, oh, oh, oh." I went over the edge, feeling my dick pulse with fluid as I shot gob after gob, right into Maria's waiting mouth. After 20 or 30 seconds, or maybe it was a year, I was spent. And just as June had instructed, Maria opened the "O" of her lips which had held me prisoner and let my spunk drool down all over my dick and her hand.

It was a delicious feeling, and after a few seconds Maria said "Would you be offended if I got something to drink?"

"Not at all," I said.

As she jumped from the bed she said "But you're right, June. That wasn't bad at all. I mean, I still have some in my mouth, but it's not the taste I mind, it's the texture. And since I don't have so much, it's OK. Whew.

You learn something every day." I heard the water run as she filled a glass.

We could hear her gulp down some of the fluid.

She returned to the room. "Got any other tricks to teach me?" she said to both of us.

We laughed. And actually we did. The rest of the night was spent with the two girls making out. With me using Maria's vibrator on both of them.

With one of them sitting on my face while the other fucked me.

We slept like spoons, the three of us, until I awoke in the darkness, my dick back at full attention, poking into the space between Maria's legs. She had long since lost the nightgown and my hardened penis found her pussy and produced her lubrication before she even awoke. As I slowly thrust my dick harder and harder into her cunt she opened her eyes and mumbled "Oh, I was having the most wicked dream. I dreamt I was getting fucked again tonight, this time from behind. With a nice slick dick that feels so good and hard."

It was no dream. I fucked her again, this time from behind while June caressed her tits and toyed with my asshole. I felt June prodding my anus with one finger while tickling my balls from behind with her other hand as I exploded.

I remember that orgasm being the most powerful of the night, at least for me.

The three of us even showered together in Maria's tiny bath tub the next morning, and the two girls took turns jerking me off with their soapy hands until I finally, and almost painfully came. I returned the favor, putting a finger in two cunts at the same time, and working them mightily for what seemed hours. But those are all other stories; maybe I'll tell them some other time.

June and I left later that morning after one of the wildest times in my entire life. Little college roommate Maria from Maine. I'd never complain about visiting her again!

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