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Kyle, Shanna, and Julie

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It was an extremely hot day and I got home from work early. The kids wanted to go to a friend?s house and go swimming. Thinking how nice it would be to have the house to myself for a while was very appealing to me, so I said yes. They change into their swimsuits and grabbed towels and left.

Feeling horny and my wife was not home from work yet I went upstairs, popped in a movie and masturbated. I put a little lube on my hand and slowly started to work my cock to its fully erect 8 inches. I stroked my hard cock faster and faster, fantasizing I was the guy in the movie in the middle of 2 beautiful women. After a few minutes of this hot movie and stroking my warm slick cock I came all over my rock hard stomach. After I came I got up turned off the movie and took a shower.

After my shower I went downstairs to get ready for the rest of the afternoon. The doorbell rang and I opened the door to find Shanna standing there in a tight t-shirt, blue jeans and heels. Her long blonde hair pulled back in pigtails. She was absolutely stunning and looked so naughty. I said, ?Julie is not home yet, come in and have a drink and you can help me get ready for this afternoon.? Shanna accepted, walked in gave me a hug and a soft kiss on the cheek. We went into the kitchen where I made some strawberry margaritas.

I had a special afternoon planned for my wife. I told her to try and get home early because I had something planned for her birthday. Shanna helped me get the strawberries, chocolate and whipped cream ready and we placed them in the guest room so Julie couldn?t see them when she went upstairs. After about a half hour of drinking margaritas and some dirty talk Shanna and I were pretty turned on. We heard the garage door open signaling that Julie was home from work. Shanna looked at me and said ?Are you ready?? ?Of course.? I replied. I told Shanna to go and wait in the guest room until I came to get her. Shanna got up to go upstairs. Before going upstairs, she turned to me and gave me a passionate kiss on the lips, softly slipping her tongue into my mouth. I almost lost it right there. I regained my composure and Shanna went up to the guest room and closed the door.

I welcomed Julie home with a big hug and kiss and offered her a cold margarita. She said, ?This is exactly what I needed. It?s been a rough day.? ?Not to rough I hope?, I said. She said, ?What did you have in mind?? I stood up and held out my hand to help her up. She grabbed my hand and stood up. I looked deep into her eyes, pulled her close and kissed her deeply, our tongues exploring each other?s mouth. I slide my hands down her back and cupped her nice ass and gently started squeezing. I whispered in Julie?s ear, ?Let?s go upstairs.? She turned and I followed her upstairs.

Julie put down her margarita and started to undress. She unbuttoned her black silk blouse letting it fall to the floor. She was wearing a sexy black lace bra that was filled her beautiful 36c breasts. I could see Julie was as turned on as I was; her nipples were so hard and popping through her bra. Julie undid her bar and slid the straps down her arms slowly, letting her bra fall to the floor next to her blouse exposing her lovely breasts. I took off my shirt and dropped it on the floor in her pile of clothes. Julie undid my pants and slide them down my legs and grabbed my underwear and slid them down also. Before taking off my clothes, Julie took my rock hard cock and slowly sucked on the purple head. ?MMMMM, that feels so good?, I said, as I stepped out of the rest of my clothes. I grabbed Julie?s hand and told her to stand up. I unzipped her black skirt and it dropped to the floor. I noticed she wasn?t wearing any panties. I said, ?That?s hot, no panties at work. You naughty girl.? Julie smiled and said, ?I have been horny all day.?

As I was looking at my beautiful wife I noticed her neatly manicured pussy. I reached between her legs to feel her smooth lips and neatly trimmed pubic hair. This turned me on even more. Julie said, ?I hope you like it, I know how much you love a smooth pussy.? I almost fucked her right there. I remembered that Shanna was in the guest room and what we had planned this afternoon. Julie said, ?I thought you had something special planned for me?? I said, ?I do, lay down on the bed.? Julie laid down and I got the silk straps and tied Julie?s arms and legs to the bed. Julie was totally vulnerable and looked so hot. I was staring at her hard nipples and her swollen clit was easily visible through her parted pussy lips.

I climbed onto the bed and gently gave her clit a lick driving Julie wild. ?OHHHHH, Please make me cum.? Julie yelled softly. I said, ?I will, just not yet.? ?You fucking tease.? Julie yelled. I just laughed and kissed her stomach and between her breasts. I ran my tongue over each of her hard nipples and Julie wiggled with pleasure. I softly kissed her full lips and gently caressed her top lip with my tongue. She met my tongue with hers and I kissed her softly.

I reached over and grabbed a feather and started to lightly caress her body with it. Julie could barely stand it, her body dancing on the bed from the intense pleasure she was receiving. ?Oh Kyle, that feels so good.? Julie said. I tickled her hard nipples and down to her stomach. Julie?s eyes were closed as her head moved back and forth. I slid the feather between her legs and touched her swollen clit. Julie moaned as I rubbed her clit back and forth with the feather. I moved to her legs, first the inside and then the outside and then to the tops of her feet. Julie could hardly stand the tickling and teasing. Again she said, ?Make me cum please. I need to cum so bad.? I said I am in control and you will have to wait. I reached into her nightstand drawer and pulled out a blindfold and placed it over Julie?s eyes. She asked, ?What is this for?? I told her, ?This is part of the surprise.? Julie had no idea what was in store for her. I said, ?I will be right back.?

I went to the guest room to get Shanna and the tray of strawberries, whip cream and chocolate. When I opened the door, Shanna was totally naked on the bed using her pink vibrator. Her eyes were closed and I don?t think she even knew I was there. She looked amazing. Shanna was caressing he large 34d breasts as she massaged her hairless pussy with her vibrator. ?UGGGHHHHH? Shanna said as she was cumming. I could see how wet her pussy was as the sunlight reflected off of her glistening slit. She opened her eyes and smiled, ?Are you ready for me?? she said. ?More than you know?, I replied. I grabbed the tray of goodies and told Shanna to be very quiet when we entered the bedroom.

As we entered the bedroom, Shanna stared at Julie and couldn?t take her eyes off of her. ?I?m back?, I said. ?What are you going to do?? Julie asked. Shanna grabbed the whip cream, shook the can and put some on Julie?s hard nipples. ?Ohhh, that?s cold?, Julie said. ?My mouth is warm, let me lick it off?, I said. ?MMMMM?, Julie replied. Shanna leaned in and started sucking on Julie?s hard nipples, licking the whip cream off. I was so turned on seeing another woman suck my wife?s nipples. Julie had never been with another woman that I know of, and I knew she fantasized about it. Shanna grabbed a strawberry and fed it to Julie as she licked Julie?s nipples clean. Julie opened her mouth and bit into the strawberry. ?MMMM that tastes good?, Julie said. Shanna took the end of the strawberry and rubbed Julie?s lips with it and then moved to her hard nipples and rubbed the strawberry on them. Shanna caressed Julie?s sides making her groan with pleasure. Shanna kissed down Julie?s stomach, pinching her hard nipples. Julie groaned with pleasure. ?Kyle please lick my clit and make me cum.? Julie requested. ?Okay?, I responded. Julie moaned loudly as Shanna started to lick Julie?s swollen clit, thinking it was me.

I stood by, stroking my rock hard 8 inches, watching my hot wife getting tongue fucked by or gorgeous blonde friend. Within about 30 seconds, Julie was cumming all over Shanna?s lips. Shanna slide a finger deep into Julie?s pussy and started massaging her g-spot. ?Ohhhhhh fuck, that feels so good. Kyle you are the best.? Julie yelled. The only thing is it wasn?t me. Shanna continued to lick Julie?s clit and rub her g-spot. Within a minute, Julie was cumming again. ?FUUUUCCCKKKK?, Julie yelled, as she squirmed in our bed. ?I want to suck your hard cock? Julie said. ?Come up here and put your cock in my mouth.? I looked at Shanna and nodded for her to go and sit on Julie?s mouth.

Julie had no idea that Shanna was the one that made her cum, or that she was even in the room. I was not sure how she would react. Shanna moved up the bed and straddled Julie. Julie opened her mouth wide expecting my hard 8 inches. Boy did she get her surprise. Shanna, her pussy still wet from her earlier orgasm, lowered her smooth pussy to Julie?s waiting mouth. ?What the? Julie yelled. Shanna grabbed the blindfold and took it off yelling ?Surprise?. Shanna smiled at Julie and Julie smiled back and started licking Shanna?s soaking wet pussy. My cock got even harder; I thought I was going to pass out. Shanna untied Julie?s hands and they immediately went to Shanna?s large breasts. After a few minutes, Shanna laid her head back and came all over my wife?s mouth. Julie couldn?t get enough of her friends smooth pussy.

As Shanna turned around and put her wet pussy back on my wife?s mouth, she bent over and started licking Julie?s still swollen clit. ?Wow?, I said. I never thought I would see my wife with another woman, let alone in a hot 69. I untied Julie?s legs so she could move freely and have total enjoyment of her birthday present. Julie was sliding her fingers deep into Shanna?s wet pussy and Shanna was doing the same. Within a few minutes, both of these beautiful women were cumming again. Shanna turned and moved up to Julie?s mouth and kissed her deeply. ?MMMMM?, they both groaned as they tasted their cum mixed together. I could see my wife?s tongue dancing with Shanna?s and wanted to join.

Julie looked at me and said; ?Now I want YOUR cock in my mouth.? I walked to the bed and Julie rolled over and started sucking my hard cock. As Julie was sucking my cock, Shanna was massaging Julie?s shoulders and kissing her back. Her hands caressed down her back and she started rubbing Julie?s ass. Julie continued to suck my cock deeply into her mouth, cupping and squeezing my balls. In a matter of minutes I came deep into Julie?s mouth and she swallowed every drop. Shanna pulled on Julie?s shoulders to turn her over and kissed her deeply saying, ?I want to taste your husband?s hot cum.? My cock immediately became hard again watching these two sexy women kissing.

Shanna leaned over to Julie and whispered something in her ear. Julie looked at me and smiled, nodding her head. ?What? I said. Julie said, ?Lay down in the middle of the bed.? I moved to the middle of the bed, laid on my back with my fully erect 8 inches sticking up in the air. Shanna grabbed my hard cock and started sucking on it as Julie was tonguing my smooth balls. ?OHHHHHH? I moaned. I had never had my cock sucked by 2 women at the same time. I was in heaven. After a few minutes, Julie looked at Shanna and said, ?Time for me to fuck my wonderful husband.? Julie climbed on top of me and sat on my hard cock. Her pussy was so wet form her 3 orgasms with Shanna.

As Julie started riding my cock, Shanna reached between my legs massaging my tight balls and tonguing Julie?s tight ass. ?MMMMM? Julie moaned as Shanna tongued her asshole and rode my hard cock. Julie rode me for seemed like forever (about 5 minutes really but who?s counting). Julie turned to Shanna and asked if she would like a turn. I was surprised and so excited. Shanna said, ?Fuck yea? and climbed on top of me. Shanna?s pussy was just as wet a Julie?s. I loved the feeling of a different pussy. It?s been so long since I have been with anyone but my wife. It was in college but that is another story.

Julie moved up and put her face right next to mine and started nibbling on my ear whispering, ?Thank you, Thank you. I love you so much. This is so wonderful.? Julie kissed me deeply, her tongue dancing in my mouth. I could taste Shanna?s cum on her lips still and it tasted so good. I could barely handle kissing my wife as another woman rode my cock. I was about to explode any minute. Julie could tell I was close so she straddled my mouth so I could lick her pussy. Julie leaned into to Shanna kissing her lips caressing her large breasts. ?MMMM?, Shanna moaned. ?I?m going to cum? I yelled. Shanna climbed off and put her mouth on my cock coated with her juices. After a few strokes of Shanna?s mouth, I came deep into her throat.

As my cock started to get a little limp, Shanna looked at Julie and said, ?Are you done yet?? Julie said, ?No. I want more.? Shanna stood up and said, ?I?ll be right back.? As Shanna left the room, Julie leaned over to me and kissed me and caressed my cock. I was still horny and needed a few minutes to recover. Shanna returned with her hand behind her back and said, ?I brought my own present for you.? She pulled her hand from behind her back displaying a 20-inch double dildo. Julie started licking her lips and immediately lay down on the bed signaling Shanna to come over. I stayed on the bed, knowing what these 2 horny sluts were going to do. Shanna laid down and dr*ped her legs over Julie?s and inserted one end of the dildo into Julie?s waiting pussy and inserting the other end into her?s. Shanna and Julie started to slide back and forth fucking each other with this huge double cock. ?Oh yes, fuck, fuck, fuck?, Julie started screaming. ?You?re my little slut aren?t you Julie?? Shanna yelled. ?Oh yes, Oh yes? Julie said back. I was hard by now watching my wife let all her inhibitions go. I started stroking my cock watching these 2 sluts fuck each other. Within a few minutes we were all cumming together. The girls laid back resting with the double dong still in their wet pussies and I had cum all over my hand and stomach. Julie grabbed my hand and started licking the cum off of my fingers one by one and Shanna was sucking my cock and licking the cum off of my stomach.

Julie looked at me and said, ?This was the best birthday present you have ever given me?, and kissed me. Shanna pulled the double dong out of her and Julie?s pussy and turned it so she could lick the end that was in Julie?s pussy. Julie followed Shanna?s lead and did the same with the end that was in Shanna?s pussy. Shanna looked at Julie and said, ?Next time I?ll bring my strap on? and smiled.

The End

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