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Jills Halloween Party

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It was Halloween, a night for young and old to dress up, to slip into a costume and assume a new identity. It was a night of fun and games, of tricks and treats. I was looking forward to the yearly party my friend Jill threw. It was always filled with a mix of new and old acquaintances, great food, and wonderful music.

I had taken time to prepare myself. The late afternoon shower was hot. I washed my hair and soaped my body with the special perfume that I knew my lover liked. I made sure that my legs were shaved clean and smooth and that the little heart shaped patch of hair above my pussy was neat and trimmed. I applied a liberal amount of ‘Nipple Nibbler” on my nipples. I could feel them begin to tingle and stand erect. I hoped the feeling would last, but just in case, I slipped the small jar into my evening bag. I also had my battery operated toy, just in case my lover was a no show. A woman and her portable toy, a match made in heaven.

I carefully applied my makeup. I curled my hair and piled it onto my head, held with a comb of black and red feathers. Dressing had been a bit of a challenge. How had those girls gotten into these corsets? Perhaps they helped each other. I was on my own.

I slipped into the black lace merry widow and carefully adjusted my body until everything felt right. The tops of my breasts, including just part of each nipple peeked over the top of the black lace. I slid my legs into the black stockings and hooked them to the garters attached to the corset. I slid the black lace panties over the stockings. All the easier to remove later. I slipped into my short black suede boots and caught a glimpse of my self in the mirror.

Wow! I was so SEXY!!

Anthony and I had been lovers for several years. He had been my best friend, the most considerate, compatible and satisfying lover I had ever know and a wonderful companion. Then something happened. I’m not sure what. He decided that he wanted to pursue an acting career and while I was not happy about it, I allowed him to pursue his dream. I had not seen Anthony for months, but we talked on the phone nearly every day.

I wondered if he would be attending this Halloween Party. I was hoping he would. I was looking forward to seeing him again. I wondered, as I continued to dress if we would recognize each other in costumes.

I slid the red taffeta dress over my head, being careful not to muss my hair and the feathers. I pushed the neckline down over my shoulders to expose both the tops of my arms and the tops of my breasts. I cinched a black leather belt around my waist and added dangling black earrings to complete the look. Oh and the mask. I had a beautiful black and red feather and sequin mask that I had received as a present from Anthony on one of his trips through New Orleans.

I arrived at the party a little early. That was my habit. If you weren’t a bit early, you were late. I helped my friend Jill complete the preparations; setting out food and lighting candles. Guests were starting to arrive. I heard our host, crank up the music and suddenly the party was in full swing.

There was a woman with a lampshade on her head and a cardboard box around her body. She was a night stand. There was an Elvis impersonator, a man dressed like a woman and a woman dressed like a man. Everyone was in costume and there was a festive mood in the air.

Jill poured me a glass of Asti and I mingled with the guests, but I was unable to concentrate. I kept scanning the people, looking for the familiar body that I had known so intimately for the last several years and craved so wantonly. There was a large man dressed as a medieval knight. A mesh mask covered his face. The body looked about the right size, but I wasn’t sure. He was across the room and I needed to see his eyes. As I made my way across the room, I could feel somebody’s eyes on me. I turned to the door just as some new guests were walking in. And I knew. I could feel him looking at me.

I turned and saw him... he was dressed as a riverboat gambler. Tight black trousers tucked into shiny beautiful black leather boots. His vest was a rich red brocade. He wore a charcoal grey striped coat and at his neck was a crisp white ruffle from a heavily starched linen shirt. The black felt hat was pulled down over his salt and pepper hair. He removed it with a flourish as he greeted the hostess with a kiss. An intricate soft black leather mask covered most of his face. Only his mouth and chin were exposed and his hair, he still had all his wonderful, soft hair, like a Lion’s mane, Anthony always had the sexiest hair.

He was greeted by Jill, gave her a warm hug and I could see he was looking directly at me. After he finished hugging her, he looked at me, nodded his head and tipped his hat like a gentleman, but he never came towards me, just continued talking with her.

I knew. I just knew it was Anthony, he always dressed for flair and he didn’t disappoint me tonight, if it was him, I hope it was him. If the gambler was Anthony, he looked fabulous and I could feel a familiar craving deep in my heart, and I could feel my pussy start to moisten with just the sight of him and the thought of making love with him again. I was scared. What should I do now? What was I going to say to him? What if it wasn’t Anthony?

The knight in armor started talking to me, and I knew immediately he was not my love. None the less I smiled up at him and did my best to keep the conversation going. We talked and laughed and I was enjoying myself. I never stopped thinking about my Anthony. I would occasionally catch a glimpse of him moving about the room meeting and greeting other guests. He laughed easily and smiled frequently. He remained the warm and sociable man I remembered. Always ready to make a friend of a stranger. My heart was beating wildly and suddenly I found myself unable to speak.

I stuttered as I excused myself. I needed to catch my breath. I walked quickly to the stairs, intending to use the bathroom off the master bedroom. I knew Jill wouldn’t mind. I needed some time and didn’t want to monopolize the downstairs powder room in the middle of the party. I needed a few minutes alone with my toy.

As I made my way to the bathroom, and as I turned to close the door, my eyes met those of the riverboat gambler. I could feel him undressing me with those eyes. He knew better than anyone what lay under my fancy red dress. He knew every inch of my body and exactly how to touch me, to tease me, to arouse and satisfy my every need. In addition to my beating heart, my pussy was beginning to throb. After all this time, just the sight of him and I wanted him. Oh, how I wanted him.

Closing the door quietly behind me, I leaned against the vanity and my breathing became heavy. My eyes closed as his mouth came down on mine. His kisses ware strong and insistent. His lips opened and he slid his tongue into my mouth. My mouth responded instantly. I opened and my tongue met his. Our tongues danced, probing firmly and quickly. There was no foreplay. There was no need.

As his tongue continued to play with mine, he lifted me up and set me on the edge of the vanity. His hands moved to slide open his zipper and I could feel the heat rise as he pulled his rock hard, hot cock out of his pants. His mouth never left mine. His kisses were deep and open and demanding. He slid aside my panties and thrust himself into me. A loud moan escaped my lips.

He slid his cock deep inside me. He was hard and smooth. He was just like I remembered. In and out. Out and in. He pushed hard and deep. I moaned into his kisses. He never stopped with his mouth and his tongue as he fucked me.

I was so ready for him. I could feel myself shaking all over as the orgasm began to build inside me. He continued to thrust. In and out. Out and in. He was strong and insistent and never slowed. My hands gripped his shoulders and I could feel the strength of his muscles through his coat. He reached one hand down and fingered my swollen clit. That was it. That was all I needed and I felt myself going over the edge.

As my body convulsed with the strength of my own orgasm, I felt the familiar feeling of the extra push that always had signaled his approaching orgasm. Finally, he pulled his mouth away from mine and closed his eyes. With one last final thrust he came deep inside me. I felt his warm cum mingling with my own pussy juices.

After what seemed an eternity, he opened his eyes. He leaned over and kissed me gently as he slipped his still engorged penis into his pants. He turned and walked out of the bathroom. He never said a word. Was this man really Anthony? What if it wasn’t him, and some stranger just fucked me at my friend’s Halloween party?

I don’t know how long I sat there before I slide down off the vanity. So much for the toy in my purse. It was no match for this man. My heart was still beating wildly and I was gasping for air. I reached for a clean washcloth and ran the warm water. I gently cleaned my throbbing pussy. Then I caught a glimpse of my face behind the mask.

I had felt the smoothness of his lips as he was kissing me. My lips were swollen and red from his passionate kisses. I sat there for a few more minutes holding a now cold wash cloth on my mouth, hoping that the guests downstairs would not notice how long I had been gone. One look at myself in the mirror and I saw a woman who had just recently been fucked by a generous lover.

I made my way slowly down the stairs. I saw the gambler across the room talking and laughing. His eyes caught mine and watched me as I made my way into the kitchen. As Jill was preparing some drinks, I told her I was feeling a bit lightheaded and was going home. I thanked her for her hospitality and headed out the door.

Just as I reached my car, I heard the footsteps behind me. I turned and there he was.

“I want you, I’ll follow you home” the voice said. My mind was reeling, I couldn’t tell if it was him, or somebody else. I just nodded. I couldn’t quite speak, but I got in the car, took off my mask and pulled into the street. I didn’t recognize the car that pulled up behind me, but he flashed his lights and I took that as a sign that he was ready to follow.

I drove the short distance to my home in a daze. I was still reeling from the fucking I had received in the bathroom. If in fact the gambler was Anthony, it was a quickie for him. Sex with Anthony, in addition to being very satisfying, had always lasted quite a long time. I wasn’t surprised that he wanted more. I did too.

I pulled into the driveway and walked to the door. The gambler got out of a car that I didn’t recognize. He still wore his mask. For the first time, I wondered. Was it possible that this man was not Anthony? No. Even though I had not been with him in a long while, I could never forget the look and feel of him. Could I? No. He just got a new car I told myself. As he followed me into the house and up the stairs to my bedroom, I was just a bit nervous about this strong and confident man.

In my bedroom, I turned on the lights and the music. I moved toward him, I reached forward and felt his already erect muscle through his pants, and I unzipped his pants, encircled his already hard cock in my hands. I knelt down, leaned forward and began to lightly kiss the tip. My mouth opened and I slowly sucked his cock into my mouth. I could feel him inside my mouth. Oh he felt so good. I loved to suck his cock. It was the perfect size for my mouth.

I was moving my mouth slowly up and down the full length of his shaft. As my mouth reached the base, I took all of him deep into my throat. The tip of his cock tickled the back of my throat. Up and down my mouth slid.

I took him from the side and slid the strength of my tongue up and down along the full length of his cock. I sucked the tip deeply and then ran the tip of my tongue under the ridge at the head. I used my hand to grasp him firmly at the base while my mouth worked its magic on his shaft. I was in heaven. I loved to suck his cock. He lifted my head away from his penis and for a moment looked into my eyes. I was waiting for him to say something. He was still silent. I found myself unable to speak.

He lifted me from the floor and removed his coat, vest and linen shirt. He did not remove his mask. I was afraid to ask, afraid that I might discover that this was not Anthony. I gazed at him, taking in every inch of the body that had once been even more familiar than my own.

He untied the leather belt around my waist. He lifted the red dress over my head. I stood before him in the black lace merry widow and the black fishnet stockings. The panties were long gone.

For a moment he just looked at me. He moved toward me and his fingers found the tips of my nipples peeking over the top of the merry widow. His mouth found mine. He was a bit softer this time, seemingly aware of how the tender my lips felt from earlier. His kisses were just a bit sweeter, more gentle. He moved his lips slowly down my neck and across my shoulder. His fingers moved to my pussy just as his mouth replaced them on my nipples. He slid his fingers into my already hot wet pussy. His fingers fucked me as he kissed and sucked on each nipple in turn. I heard him murmur and wondered if he tasted the sweetness of the “Nipple Nibbler”. Even though I had it in my purse, I had never had the opportunity to replenish it.

I was moaning and having trouble standing. As my knees grew weaker I leaned into him. He took my hand and led me to the bed. With a quick swoosh, the extra pillows were on the floor and he pulled back the coverlet, comforter and sheet. I lay back against the pillows. He walked away. I wondered where he was going, when I saw the small black valise that he had evidently carried in with him. He went to it and pulled out a handful of red fabric. He walked back to the bed separating the pieces of fabric.

He reached for one hand and then the other, slowly tying each to the bed. Then he moved to my feet. He reached for each one, gently removing the suede boots, leaving my stockings on. His hands moved up and down the length of my legs over the stockings, this was the Anthony I knew, a man with a bit of a pantyhose fetish, always loved lingerie. His fingers softly touching my swollen wet pussy.

I lay back against the pillows as my lover ties my wrists and ankles to all four corners of the bed. With my wrists and ankles tied to the bed and looked into the eyes of my lover. His face was still covered with the intricate mask, but I could see his eyes. I would recognize those light beautiful brown eyes anywhere. He was kneeling between my legs. Almost, but not quite roughly, he pinched and rolled the hard erect nipples between his fingers. I could feel the heat of his cock as he pushed forward without warning. I gasped. In an instant, he had shoved the whole length of himself into my warm and waiting pussy.

He pumped and pumped, thrusting his rock hard cock into me. I moaned beneath him.

He leaned over and grasped my breasts, first one and then the other. He began to suck on my erect nipples. Oh his mouth was wonderful. He licked and sucked on my nipples. He alternated the pressure between soft and gentle, firm and demanding, all the while fucking me with his wonderful cock.

This man was incredible. I writhed and strained against the red silk ties. I had dreamed of being tied up by a lover. Of course the only lover I would ever trust was this Anthony. The feeling of him inside me was demanding my attention and I quickly was consumed by the feelings. His cock inside me was hard and hot. My pussy was wet and slippery. In and out he thrust. My vaginal orgasms were coming quickly and repeatedly.

His cock slid out of my pussy and rubbed against my hard clit. Then he allowed it to slip down and tickle my ass. Over and over again he teased me and pleased me. He was amazing. He knew I wanted his cock and it had been such a long time.

He reached over to my goodie box and grabbed a dildo, lubed it up and gently eased it into my ass and continued to pump and thrust his cock into my pussy. I was on the edge and could feel my orgasm building. He reached over again and grabbed a vibrator. He positioned the vibrating wonder against my clit and continued to pump and thrust his cock into my pussy as he sucked my nipples. I was over the edge and I found myself crying out, moaning loudly, my breathing was hard and heavy. Some how the restraints, not being able to touch him, added an element of frustration to the orgasm and made it so much more intense. My whole body quivered underneath him as I spilled my own load deep from my wet, swollen pussy.

He watched me. He had always enjoyed watching my face as I came over and over. On his knees between my legs, he slowed and just held himself inside me. He reached out and with one tug on each, all the restraints were loosened.

I raised my stocking clad legs high in the air and he continued to fill me. He pushed even harder inside me. His pace quickened. I reached up and gently tweaked his hard erect nipples. I heard him moan and could feel his cock grow even harder inside me. He leaned forward and kissed me, and I could feel the pulsating of his cock inside me as he again spilled the warm sweet seed deep into my warm and waiting pussy.

Minutes later he collapsed beside me on the bed. I reached and turned off the lights and pulled up the covers. I cuddled close to him, my head resting on his shoulder. He wrapped one arm around me and held me close. The other gently held my hand against his chest.

I could hear the deep breathing begin to slow, and I was about to ask him if he would remove his mask when I felt myself drifting off to sleep and then he spoke, a voice so warm and familiar, this magnificent lover, this gentle yet powerful man was the love of my life, and when Anthony asked me to marry him, tears of joy flooded my eyes as we kissed deeply and talked for hours about anything, everything and nothing.

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