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Girly Weekend Chapter 1

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Sally and I were giggling like a couple of schoolgirls in the taxi on the way to the hotel. Neither of us had done anything like this for years and we were both excited at the prospect of the weekend ahead of us. I’d known Sally for years and we’d been in steady relationships for all of that time but we’d both recently split and it was a few weeks ago that she’d suggested we go away for a weekend on the coast – ‘just to chill’ she’d said, ‘have some fun, maybe bag ourselves a couple of tanned surfers….’ It sounded great and we’d started planning straight away. We’d shopped together – just to ensure we were fully kitted out to please the surfers - and visited our local salon together ... and now we were ready for whatever lay before us. I couldn’t help feeling that Sally hadn’t told me everything she had in mind for the weekend – there was a hint of something in the air and I wasn’t sure what but I was looking forward to finding out.

We hit our first problem when we got to the hotel – no twin rooms, despite the fact that we’d booked one. The manager was called and was very apologetic – seemed keen to make amends and offered us an upgrade to a king-size suite, which we accepted on the condition that a bottle of champagne was included. There was a wicked glint in Sally’s eye as he agreed to this. I also couldn’t help noticing that the manager himself had a bit of a twinkle in his eye and seemed to be paying us rather more attention than the other guests who were by now queuing at reception. Perhaps we wouldn’t be rushing off to the beach straight away...

Well, we couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw the suite. The bed was enormous and the bathroom was something to behold – with an enormous walk-in shower and a huge bath – we’d never stayed anywhere like this before and we made up our minds there and then that we weren’t leaving until we’d taken full advantage of everything in the room.

We were both tired after the long journey and looking forward to a meal and a few glasses of wine in the hotel restaurant. But first we both wanted to take a shower and change into some of the nice underwear we’d brought along. Not that we were planning for anyone to see it quite yet – but we knew we’d feel good wearing it and thinking about what might be in store for the rest of the weekend.

”Come on then – let’s shower together” said Sally, running back into the bedroom and jumping onto the bed. At first I didn’t think I’d heard right but she sat in the bed and grinned at me as she took off her top to reveal one of the lacy black bras we’d bought together on one of our shopping trips. I stared at her, not sure how to react. In fact I was reacting – in a way that took me a little by surprise.

Sally is a stunner – I’d always thought so. Slightly taller than me at 5’9” with a gorgeously slim figure , huge blue eyes and long blonde hair that always looked a bit unruly and, I couldn’t help thinking now, made you want to run your hands through it – and maybe run them somewhere else as well. But I stopped myself – a little alarmed by my thoughts and wondering what on earth she’d think if she knew.

Our friends always tease us how we are so alike but I just don’t see it – I am 5’7” and brunette but I guess as we’ve both kept our bodies in good shape over the years our figures are quite similar. I couldn’t help focus on Sal’s 34C sized tits with awe although I am very proud of my 36B jugs.

I was awoken from my trance a moment later when Sal jumped up and took off her jeans – to reveal the matching panties that we’d shopped for – and which I realised now left little to the imagination. God she was sexy – but what was I doing thinking like this about my best friend?

Before I had time to think any more though, she bounced off the bed and, laughing, disappeared into the bathroom. ‘Come on’, she shouted, ‘the shower’s far too big for one!’ Well, there was nothing for it but to join her – I guessed this was normal for a girly weekend so I’d better just get into the swing of it. I took off my jeans and top as well and went, a little nervously, it has to be said, into the bathroom.

And there she was - standing naked in front of me – and she looked beautiful. I couldn’t take my eyes off her, standing there and smiling at me as if this was the most natural thing in the world. Her breasts were full and round and smooth, with pert little nipples - I could just imagine how they’d feel ... and looking down I saw that she’d had the girl at the salon leave a little strip that just made you want to touch what was below...

At this point Sally must have realised that this was a new experience for me because she came over to me and, reaching round, gently undid my bra. She stood and looked at me for a moment, as it dropped to the floor and I felt a wave of something wash over me that I’d never felt before with a woman.

The way she was looking at me made me want to reach out and touch her and have her touch me. She could sense what I was feeling and it was obvious she felt the same, as she slid her hands down my sides and slowly pulled down my panties. A gasp told me she liked what she saw below - I’d gone for a full wax and had been amazed by how sexy it had felt, feeling the satin underwear against my skin and knowing about my little secret.

I was enjoying her reaction to it too - and eager to find out what was going to happen next. After a few moments she took my hand and led me into the shower. We both gasped and laughed as the cold water hit us and I saw her nipples harden which turned me on even more. As the water got hot, she grabbed the soap and set to work on me - first rubbing in slow, sensuous circles on my shoulders, then moving lower, which just made me want more... so I took the soap and started on her too - she had lovely smooth skin and by now I was aching to touch her breasts too - but wasn’t sure how far this was going to go. It wasn’t long though before her hands moved down and slid up underneath my breasts, where she stopped and pushed me gently back against the wall.

Then, to my surprise and delight, she leaned forward and kissed me. It was a kiss like nothing I’d ever experienced before. Her lips were soft but her tongue was pushing into my mouth and I started to kiss her back hungrily - not wanting this to stop. While she kissed me, she moved her hands up and started to stroke my breasts. I’d never had a woman touch me like this before and it was the most erotic feeling.

I couldn’t resist doing the same - desire overtook my nervousness and I slid my hands up too, taking her nipples between my fingers and thumbs and squeezing her breasts, gently at first but then harder as she started to press herself against me and I felt her skin against mine.

We stayed like that for a while and then she pulled me back under the water and started to rinse the soap off, running her hands over my body and slowly moving down the outside of my thighs. This was driving me wild and I joined in, doing the same to her and aching to go further but letting her take the lead.

I could feel my reaction to all this and by now I wasn’t just wet because of the shower! I could hardly contain myself when she dropped to her knees and pushed me back against the wall again. Now she had both hands against my thighs and she pushed them apart slightly and then moved slowly upwards, up towards where I so wanted to feel her - but then down again, stroking me and driving me wild with desire for her.

I have to admit that I lost myself then in the whole moment - the steamy atmosphere, the excitement of an experience I’d never had before and the tantalising feeling of wondering what was coming next - I closed my eyes and luxuriated in the feeling of her hands running back up my inner thighs …. as her fingers finally found their way to my pussy it was like an electric shock passing through me.

Now her fingers were spread across the top of my thighs, thumbs gently pushing apart my lips and then she stopped - her face just a couple of inches away from my exposed clit and I felt as if I was going to explode with desire for her. She looked up at me and could see how much I needed her - and the next minute I felt her soft lips on me and heard a low moan escape from me as they closed around my clit and sucked gently - I was in heaven and felt I was going to cum any moment - but wanted to hold back and let this go on for ever.

Sally sensed this and, as if to delay the moment, she grabbed my hands and held them back by my sides again the wall, whilst she continued to work on me with her tongue, flicking it over me, pushing it up and back to where I could feel my juices running out of me - and onto her tongue.

This was the sexiest feeling - her tasting me and it running over her mouth - I’d never been this wet before and I wanted her inside me more than anything.

Sally started to move faster - she let go of my hands and moved hers back to follow her tongue - sliding her fingers up between my legs to my sopping pussy - and stopping just at the entrance to where I so wanted to feel her inside me.

As she lingered there she bit gently on my clit, holding it lightly between her teeth whilst she carried on teasing with her tongue. I couldn’t believe it was possible be so turned on and not to cum - but she seemed to know just how to hold me back. This was going to be the most mind-blowingly intense orgasm I’d ever experienced.

Then I felt her slip a finger inside me and I let out another moan and pushed myself towards her, opening my legs as far as I could and wanting more of her inside me. She slid another finger in - and then one from her other hand and I could feel her stretching me - 2 fingers working my g-spot which was swollen and aching for her touch - and the other rubbing against my back wall and giving me the most intense feelings of just being full of her.

I grabbed hold of her hair and pulled her towards me - wanting to feel her deeper inside me and knowing I hadn’t got long before I was going to cum all over her - over her fingers and into her mouth ... but she had one more surprise for me and just when I felt I couldn’t hold back any longer, she pulled back, making me moan again - but sliding one hand round behind me and slowly up between my cheeks...

I knew where she was going and couldn’t quite believe it - but at the same time I wanted her so badly - wanted to feel her in me everywhere. As I felt her gently circle a finger around my asshole, I closed my eyes again and lost myself in the feeling.

She moved back then, closed her mouth on my clit again, pushed her 2 fingers up inside me again and at the same time slipped the 3rd finger into my ass - and I felt another shock run through me as I felt my muscles relax to accept her. She slowed for a moment to let me get used to the feeling and then, as she felt me starting to squeeze her and push against her, she started to finger fuck me in both holes - and this was just like nothing I’d ever felt before.

It was the horniest feeling in the world - two fingers in my pussy and another in my ass - and her rubbing them against each other - faster and faster now, in and out - and I was so wet that I could hear my juices over the sound of the shower water. At one point she pulled her fingers out of my pussy and I demanded that she “fuck me!!!”,

I was close to orgasm and I needed her in me. I looked down and saw that her fingers were in her mouth - tasting me - and she stopped for a moment and looked up at me, sucking on her fingers while she carried on finger fucking my ass and knowing that I was going to cum any minute now. Then she pushed her fingers back in me, closed her mouth back on my soaking and swollen clit and started to fuck me harder and harder.I started to shudder as I felt the beginnings of an orgasm the like of which I’d never known. I could feel my muscles contracting on her fingers - and my ass tightening at the same time - it felt like I was going to cum everywhere ...

Then it hit me - great waves that shot through me and made me cry out loud as I felt myself tighten on her fingers and push myself into her mouth. It seemed to go on forever and she carried on pushing hard into me until I eventually fell back, exhausted - but still feeling shudders running through me, as she carried on gently stroking and sucking on me - letting me enjoy the long, lingering aftermath, as if we had all the time in the world.

Eventually she stood up, pulled me back under the water and kissed me again - a long, sensuous kiss, full of promise of more to come - and I knew that the first thing I wanted to do was the same thing for her that she’d just done for me. But Sal obviously had more in mind for the evening than just a shower scene because, before I could do anything else, she jumped out of the shower, grabbed a towel and started to dry herself.

“Come on”, she laughed, “let’s get that champagne ordered before we do anything else - everything is more fun after a glass - or even with a glass” she added, grinning mischievously at me! “And who knows - we may even get that hunky manager to deliver it if we play our cards right………!”

Next minute she was on the phone, ordering the bottle of free champagne we’d been promised when we checked in. Apparently there was some problem with it - the girl on reception was not aware of the arrangement so Sal had to ask to be put through to the manager.

I saw her eyes light up when he came on the phone - I’d noticed at reception that he had a really sexy voice - and I could see that she liked it too. ”He’s on his way”, she said, when she put the phone down. Said he wanted to hand-deliver it to make up for the inconvenience!

“We’d better get dressed” I cried in horror - but she laughed again and said ”no time - just keep the towel on!“

Well this was too much for me! After the experience I’d just had - and remembering the look of him in reception and the wicked twinkle in his eye - I knew that me and Sal in a state of semi-undress and him with a bottle of champagne was going to be a very dangerous combination. I really didn’t know what had got into me - but I was starting to think I knew what I wanted to get into me - and I was half excited and half horrified at this side of me that I’d never known.

I ran into the bathroom but Sally dived in after me and started to drag me out - and at that moment there was a knock on the door. We stopped and looked at each other - but there was nothing else for it and I realised with another shock that we both knew where we wanted this to go!

So she went and opened the door and in he came - and oh how hot he looked now. He was dressed in the suit he’d been wearing downstairs, all 6’ of him with thick brown hair - I wanted to run my hands through that too now! But the best thing was his eyes - they were just wicked, but fun too - I could tell already (and I knew Sal could too) that he knew just how to make a woman feel like the most sexy person in the world.

It seemed that that was just what he intended to do because he came in, shut the door behind him and, cool as anything, started to uncork the bottle of champagne. He poured 2 glasses and then made as if to go but Sally said “No, stay and have a glass with us.“ He pointed out that he’d only brought 2 glasses but then Sal did something that took my breath away - she took a mouthful of champagne from the glass he’d poured her and then just walked up to him and kissed him - just like the way she’d kissed me in the shower and I could see she was sharing the champagne - which just looked like the most sexy way to drink the stuff!

They kissed and kissed and I was starting to feel a bit uncomfortable, when she pulled away, handed the glass to him and he took a mouthful and came and did the same to me. Oh wow - that is sooo the way to drink champagne - sharing the mouthful and then tongues probing, gently at first and then more forcefully - I couldn’t believe how turned on I was already and knowing now that he was in no rush to get back and that Sal and I were going to be able to share him some more was just the biggest turn on.

I could feel myself getting wet as I felt his tongue in my mouth and imagined it on the rest of my body - and then I felt Sal’s hands on me too and had to pull back because this was all too much too fast and I’d never felt such intense excitement before. But I had no idea what was to come.

We realised then that we didn’t even know his name - he told us it was Mike and he’d been the hotel manager for around a year now. He said he’d clocked us both when we arrived and had decided then to make sure that he personally looked after us during our stay.

He was making me feel like the sexiest girl alive and I could see he was having the same effect on Sal. He was a lovely mixture of super-sexy - commanding but not over-confident and I could see that he was going to let us take the lead so as not to overwhelm us on our first night there.

Problem was that I had no idea what to do next - this was a whole new experience for me and so I was looking to Sal to guide us both here. And guide us she did!

Sal sat us down on the bed, with the bottle of champagne and 2 glasses between the 3 of us - and started sharing it, in between long lingering kisses, long lingering silences and lots of imagining about what was to come. Sal and I were both still dressed in just our towels and before long Mike had moved and placed a hand on each of us - just resting it lightly on our legs at first but then slowly starting to stroke up and down and pushing his fingers up under the towels, whilst he looked deep into our eyes and his eyes told us what he wanted to do with us.

Sal was the first to cave in and she reached over, pushed his jacket down off his shoulders and started to unbutton his shirt. I was struggling now and she could see that I was - to keep my hands off him! So she pushed me forward and suddenly I forgot about being shy and just wanted to kiss him and run my hands down his chest and back - so I threw caution to the wind and I did - and oh god, how sexy was that kiss.

He pushed his tongue into my mouth and I could feel his desire mingling with mine and knew that before long he was going to be inside me - which made me shudder uncontrollably. Sal was continuing to undress him and, as she pulled down his trousers, I ran my hands down and pulled him towards me - feeling his toned body and aching to go further ... but this was all too quick and I pulled back, a little embarrassed by the feelings that had overtaken me.

Sally, it appeared, had her own ideas about what was to happen next and she pushed me gently back on the bed, kissed me and kissed him and then laughed at our eagerness for each other and for her and wanting to show us something more exciting!

”Do you trust me?“ she asked.

”Of course”, I answered, just a little nervously.

”So let me take you somewhere really hot but for now – no touching!!!” she said - and smiling at both of us, she pulled my towel off me – exposing me, almost giving me, to Mike.

I could see Mike looking at me now and knew that he wanted me as much as I wanted him. I’d never been so excited in my life, knowing how much they both wanted me and I wanted them. My excitement was intensified by not knowing quite what was going to happen next.

Then Sally jumped off the bed again and went over to her suitcase, leaving Mike and I staring at each other - lust in his eyes and mine. I could feel a reaction between my legs - just to his gaze - that I had no control over. I was desperate to feel his hands on me but Sally had said no touching.

Just then she returned holding 2 silk scarves, taking one of my hands and tying the scarf round it and to the bedpost. I felt my heart jump at this - what on earth was she doing - but at the same time I felt the most incredible excitement. Then she tied the other one - gently but firmly to the other bedpost - and there I was, helpless in front of them both as they gazed across at me and I realised that, although she’d tied me very gently, she’d also tied me very firmly and I couldn’t move!

By now Mike had taken off Sally’s towel and both of them were naked on the bed next to me. Then Sal leaned down and kissed me again. ‘Relax’ she said - ‘just enjoy. We’re going to take you places you’ve never been.’

They both then reached over and started stroking my breasts - slowly at first, both taking hold of my nipples between thumb and forefinger and squeezing gently, then moving out and round and…oh I thought I was going to cum there and then it was so hot. But no, they were both more experienced than me and both knew how to drive me to new heights.

Mike said something under his breath to Sally - and she went off to her suitcase again and came back with another scarf. Mike leaned down, kissed me again - long and hot and full of promise - and as he did so, he gently tied the scarf round my eyes so I was blindfolded!!

At first I was just plain scared - this couldn’t be right - but he carried on kissing me - gently at first, then more urgently - and I started to realise that this was an incredibly sexy feeling, having both of them there intent on pleasuring me but not knowing what they were going to be doing next.

I felt them move back away from me and suddenly I felt slightly vulnerable. Sal reassuringly checked whether I was OK but promised me that they’d do nothing but pleasure me and if I wasn’t comfortable at any stage I just needed to say. As I lay there with my arms tied back above my head, unable to see what they were doing or about to do, I realised I had never been so incredibly turned on in my life.

Suddenly I felt hands on my legs - strong hands - Mike I knew - and he pushed them apart and started to run them very gently up my thighs. Oh how fucking horny was I - I could feel my juices running out of me - every inch of me now felt like it was on fire - waiting for them to touch me. Mike’s hands were still on me and I could feel them getting closer and closer to my pussy, which was just running now, wanting to feel one of them inside me.

He carried on running his hands up, eventually reaching my lips and I could feel him pushing a thumb inside me. I felt like I was on fire. This was the most amazing feeling - and somehow having him inside me was at the same time reassuring but also making me want more. I could feel my whole body aching, wanting more inside me - and not being able to see what they were doing was driving me wild with desire.

I felt someone straddle across my body and then I felt a soft mouth on me - it had to be Sal - I knew that feeling from earlier - and while Mike carried on pushing his thumb inside me, Sal started to lick me, first flicking her tongue very gently over my swollen clit and then running it back between my lips, taking them in her mouth and sucking gently and pushing her tongue back further and further to where my juices were running out now, wanting something more inside me ...

I could feel Mike’s strong gentle hands, still holding my legs apart and his thumb still inside me - but I so wanted more there by now. I moaned out loud now - Sal was lovely and all of this felt lovely - but I needed more and what I needed was Mike’s cock inside me. I could still feel his thumb moving in slow gently strokes, massaging my g-spot which was almost making me cum. But just when I thought I was close to exploding I felt Sal’s tongue moving up and pushing into me as well, moving against Mike’s thumb and pushing up inside me.

I heard Mike moaning now and I knew that Sal was holding his cock - which must have been hard as anything by now and I so wanted to feel it in me. This was one of the most intense and exciting feelings ever - not being able to move and not knowing what was going to happen next. Sal was going to make sure that this was special for me - I could hear her now pumping Mike’s cock building him up for me - and soon I’d feel him inside me.

All of a sudden I felt Mike move between my legs and lift me up, wrapping his arms around my hips and pulling me towards him. I cried out then and wrapped my legs around him as I felt him slide into me - fast now and urgently, as I arched my body against him and felt his hardness inside me. And at the same time I felt Sal move backwards over me and suddenly I could smell her above me and realised that her pussy was just inches above my mouth.

As I felt Sal lower herself onto me and tasted her sopping wet pussy, I felt like I was in heaven. By now I could feel Mike’s huge cock pumping into me - and now I could feel just how hot he was and how he knew how to take a woman to places she’d never been. He kept one strong arm behind me and moved the other hand to stroke my clit, faster and faster now as he pushed his cock in and out…. I was aching to hold him - feel his cock in me and his balls and wrap my hands around his arse, push my fingers in….but of course I couldn’t move, which at the same time drove me wild with desire and made everything I was feeling twice as intense.

I alternated between revelling in the feel of him inside me and loving the taste of Sal - her soft lips and her juicy pussy. I pushed my tongue inside her - as far as I could, tasting her and loving it - and I heard her moaning and Mike’s moaning - and knew I was going to explode before long and experience something mind-blowing.

Mike slid a finger inside me, beside his cock. I gasped, loving the feeling of being so full of him - and slowly he started to rub with his finger alongside his cock. He carried on doing this for a while and then pulled his finger out and for a moment I wondered what was happening.

Then I realised that Sal had gone quiet and I heard her sucking on him - she had his finger in her mouth tasting my juices. Oh my god - I really was going to cum any minute - but they had more in mind for me and, just when I thought I could take no more, I felt Mike slide his hand round behind me, push my cheeks apart and start to stroke around my ass with his finger, which was wet with my juice and from Sal’s mouth.

I loved the feel of Mike’s cock in my wet cunt - and I started to squeeze him. almost involuntarily, over and over again - loving the feel of him inside of him and wanting to pull him deeper and deeper. And while I did this I felt him push his finger inside my ass - very slowly and gently, as I pushed against him - wanting to feel him in me everywhere.

I was about to cum - I felt my body arch towards him, wanting to feel his cock even deeper inside me when I came. And now I could feel his strong hand behind my hips, his finger rubbing against his cock inside me, and Sal’s juices running over my face - and could hold back no longer and I felt my whole body arch against them both as I felt the first waves of my orgasm running through me.

At the same time Sal cried out and I felt her juices gush over my face as she came too - and then, as I pushed against Mike, wanting to feel him deep inside me as I came on his lovely cock, I could feel him start to empty his hot cum inside me - spurt after spurt as he pushed against me, groaning and pulling me against him - oh god this was like nothing I’d ever felt before.

After a while we all collapsed on the bed - hot, tired and tingling all over with the sheer pleasure of what we’d just done for each other.

Sal untied me after a while - and we lay there, loving the afterglow and loving the knowledge that we had another 2 days here - and so much more to try...

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