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Gala Crashing

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Gala Crashing

As we slow danced, I turned my loving wife, Trisha (Trish for short), to face a nice looking man who I’d noticed had been looking at her regularly. “Check out the guy sitting at the table just two down from ours. He’s been looking at you every chance he gets for a while now,” I informed her.

“Really?” she asked. “Oh, I see who you’re talking about.”

“What do you think about him?” I asked.

“He’s very nice looking. Oh my god, honey, he just smiled and winked at me.”

“I wondered if he would try to make a move. He’s obviously taken by you. Did you smile back?”

“I did, and then blushed. My face is probably beet red right now.”

“Want to see how interested he might be?” I asked her.

“Sure, why not? How do you suggest we find out?”

“How about I take you back to our table when this song ends? I’ll visit the restroom and stay gone a little while to give him a chance to approach you while you’re alone.”

“Okay. Let’s give that a try. Maybe I’ll dance with him if he asks,” she agreed.

“Feel free,” I told Trish.

I felt my cock swell up from the sudden rush of excitement.

It was a Wednesday evening. Trish and I were enjoying the first night of our vacation at a large hotel/casino complex. We were headed down to the bar in the casino when we mistakenly got off the elevator one floor too soon. As we strolled down the hallways and looked around, we came to a huge ballroom with a party taking place inside.

Trish was all dolled up with an emerald colored, body clinging, sequin dress which was cut low in the back with a slit up her left leg almost to her hip. She wore her diamonds, including earrings, bracelet and a necklace that rested across the rise of her considerably revealed and very attractive breasts. Only a few pieces of double sided tape held her dress in place and her nipples barely hidden. She looked classy and utterly sexual at the same time, the picture of confidence and feminine allure.

We paused in the hallway to look in on the gala. A greeter dressed in a black tux addressed us and asked, “Welcome, are you sitting with another party?”

“No,” I answered.

“Very well, Andrew will show you to a table for two,” the greeter told us. He took Trish by the hand and passed her off to another man who put her hand on his arm and guided us to a table for two.

“Enjoy,” the man who seated us said as he was about to leave. “Thank you,” I told the man and passed him a twenty dollar bill as a tip.

He thanked me and left.

I looked at Trish and grinned. “Oh well,” I commented.

“Oh well,” she echoed and grinned.

“I’ll get us drinks,” I told her and headed to one of several bars set up in the ballroom.

I looked back as the bartender made our drinks. Trish looked stunning. Her short black hair was perfectly styled to accent her beautiful face. The lighting seemed to make every diamond on her body glisten. Her eyes sparkled with life and happiness. I felt very fortunate indeed.

Before I returned with our drinks a man approached her to dance. She declined.

“What did you tell that guy?” I asked as I handed Trish her drink.

“I told him maybe later, that we just arrived and I hadn’t even danced with my husband yet.”

“Let’s fix that situation right now.”

We sipped our drinks and danced. Between songs we stopped by our table briefly to enjoy our drinks. We had been at the party for a little over a half hour and were on our third set of drinks when I pointed out to Trish the man who kept looking at her. The only times this man wasn’t ogling Trish was when another person or couple in an almost steady stream of people walked up to his table to say hello. He shook hands with the men and shared hugs with the women. The gentleman was well known and seemed to be well respected in this business environment, of which I had no idea what that might be.

“Want to live out that threesome fantasy of ours for real tonight?” I whispered and brushed my now throbbing erection against Trish’s hip.

“Maybe,” she hedged, but grinned up at me.

I took her answer as, ‘probably,’ and became more aroused.

Trish and I had enjoyed many hot sessions of sexual fun imagining various scenarios of her fucking other men with me there with her. The variety of her fantasy sexual partners included friends, movie stars and even strangers we met in clubs and other places. Our fantasy sexual adventures were steaming hot. I usually dreamed up a scenario and narrated the story as she masturbated or as we fucked. Trish always climaxed hard multiple times while imagining she was fucking someone new. I stayed in a flaming hot state of arousal as we fucked until I finally lost control and climaxed with her.

The song ended. I seated Trish at our table and left her alone. I did visit the restroom briefly, but didn’t return immediately. I went to one of the temporary bars a little further away from our table and stayed there while I enjoyed my drink and chatted with the bartender. My instincts were correct. The man who seemed fascinated by Trish approached her. He introduced himself, chatted briefly and asked her to dance. She accepted.

I watched them smiling and dancing to one fast tune and talk and smile even more as they danced to two slow songs. Toward the end of the second slow tune, I returned to our table. Shortly, they did too.

“William Franklin,” the guy said to me and extended his hand. “Trisha told me you are Adam. I’m very pleased to make your acquaintance, both of you. You have a gorgeous wife.”

“Nice to meet you, William,” I told him, and added, “Thank you. I think so too.”

“Thank you for the dances, Trisha. I’ll return for more if Adam doesn’t mind,” he told her.

After he left us, I asked, “What’s his story?”

Trish explained, “He’s a money capital lender. This party is in connection with a convention of business owners funded by guys like him and prospective business owners looking for capital.”

“What’s he like?”

“Polished, charming, very attentive… oh, and pretty well endowed it seems,” she shared.

“He got aroused while dancing with you? ” “He did.”

“Was his erection a subject of conversation?”

“He apologized and said my beauty simply overwhelmed his senses.”

“Did he hit on you?” “That’s kind of hard to answer. He didn’t directly, but he asked a lot of questions that suggested he wanted to get to know me in a personal way. I sensed at least some of his interest was sexual.”

“Okay, care to share more?” I asked.

“He started out by asking if we were here seeking capital for our business. I told him we were not and had been directed into the party by the people at the door. I explained that we were staying at the hotel on vacation and got herded into the ballroom by the greeter who assumed we were invited. He laughed and said he would have to give the man at the door a bonus for bringing us in. He asked about us, where we lived, occupations, interests and such. He seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say, well and me personally. As our bodies touched I could feel his arousal. During that last dance he asked if I’d like to come to an after-party he is having in his suite here, with you of course. I told him I’d talk to you and let him know.” “Would you like to attend his after-party?”

“Sure, if you would too.”

“Okay then, let’s go check out how the big money people party.”

“What if his invitation is because he wants to get more personal with me?”

“I suspect that is exactly what he is hoping for. When he asked you to dance again, why don’t you just ask him what the party will be like? My impression of businessmen at his level is they tend to get right down to the bottom line when asked. They’re not ones to waste time on unproductive ventures. How will you feel about it if he says he wants to become intimate with you?”

“Are you okay with me doing that?”

“I’ll leave that up to you, but you know how much I’ve wanted to watch you playing naked with another man.”

“Okay, I ask about the party and what’s likely to be going on.”

Just after we had danced twice and were about to leave the floor, William approached us and asked me if he could have the next dance with Trish. I told him he could.

When she returned to the table she had a door entry card from the hotel in her hand. “What’s the deal with the card?” I asked.

“That’s our ticket to William’s party. It’s allows access to the upper floors of the hotel where he’s staying.”

“And what will the party be like?”

“I asked him about the party and he told me what took place tonight would depend on what we wanted to happen. He let me know that he’s very turned on to me by the way he was holding me and looking at me as we danced. He held me against his erection and his behavior became much more personal as he talked,” Trish shared. A sexy, mischievous little smile formed on her red lips. Trish’s words and her playful attitude went straight to my dick.

“Damn, just hearing you say that made my cock swell up even more that it already was. I’m bone hard now, babe.” “That makes two of you,” Trish told me and grinned.

“Did he say what would be taking place at his party?”

“He said he has hosted parties at the convention for years and that what takes place varies depending on the people there. Here is the important part. He said If everyone is comfortable the idea, an adult game would take place.

“What kind of adult game?”

“He didn’t say exactly, only that game activities are drawn from a list of several possibilities.”

William’s Party

The elevator door opened on the penthouse level with only two ways to go. Each suite looked to take up half the entire floor. The entrance door in one direction was closed and the other was open with music playing. William greeted us and gave Trish a quick kiss on her lips. As he led Trish by her hand to begin introducing us to the five other couples there, my wife looked back at me with a raised-eyebrow expression that implied, “Wow, I didn’t expect that kiss on the lips.”

I smiled at her to show my approval.

After the introductions William made us drinks, rather stout ones, and announced that since everyone invited was now there he would like to begin a game in fifteen minutes, assuming everyone wanted to play. I wanted to avoid having to answer a bunch of questions in any upcoming conversation, so I decided to see if I could get William talking. I first asked if he had found any interesting new investments at the convention so far. He mentioned that he was funding two so far and casually dropped that one would get five million in exchange for twenty five percent of the business and another would get eight million for forty percent. He also mentioned that he had only looked at three businesses so far, but there were another nine he was going to consider while there.

‘Damn, this guy has serious money,’ I realized.

I wondered if he was married or single since he appeared to be without a wife or date, but I didn’t ask.

I did ask, “Do you have interests other than your business investments.”

“I like off shore and deep sea fishing and hunting trips to different places around the world. I ski some in winter at the several resorts in which I have part ownership. I enjoy the company of beautiful women such as your stunningly attractive wife,” he shared.

“Thank you for such an unexpected compliment,” Trish told him.

“That was an extremely understated one, I assure you,” he told her. William kissed Trish’s hand and added, “You are absolutely amazing, stunningly beautiful.”

“Thank you again,” she told him, blushing again.

It seemed obvious to me Trish had bought into William’s flattery and charm. I suspected she would be willing to go along with whatever plans he had for her. I was very aroused by the prospects of seeing her submit to the will of this financially powerful man. The possibilities of how he would attempt to please her and use her for his pleasure rolled through my heated brain, making my dick throb again.

William took a small remote control device from his pants pocket and pressed one of the keys. A slow tune began to play from the sound system in the room. William asked Trish to dance. He looked to me for approval and I nodded my consent.

Several other couples were dancing, so I just took a seat on a sofa and watched. A gorgeous brunette left the man with whom she had been talking and joined me on the couch. She introduced herself as, Barbara.

“I’m Adam,” I told her, and smiled.

“I know,” Barbara told me and touched my hand with a gesture of friendliness.

“What is your relationship with William?” I inquired.

“I work for William,” she told me. “I’m his assistant and social coordinator.”

“What do those duties entail?”

“Each day is different. I do everything from setting up social events, to entertaining clients, to running personal errands… just whatever needs attention at the time.”

“Interesting job,” I commented.

“Very,” she told me.

“What’s William’s interest in my wife?” I asked.

“He hasn’t said, but I assume he wants to seduce her in front of you and maybe the others here,” she bluntly answered.

“Does William attempt to seduce married women regularly?”

“I wouldn’t say regularly, but when he sees a married woman to whom he’s especially attracted he usually goes after her.

“What are the odds William will succeed with my wife?”

“From what I’ve seen of their interactions so far, I wouldn’t bet against him,” she told me and smiled. “His percentage of wins with everything he does is very high.”

“Did he tell you to keep me occupied while he seduces my wife?”

“No, he didn’t ask, but I know him and his wishes well. I’ve been with him for a number of years.”

“So, you’re the bait to lure me away long enough for William to appeal to my wife’s submissive side and perhaps her sense of adventure?”


“So, just speaking hypothetically of course, what will you do to keep me occupied until he lures my wife into his web of iniquity?”

“Whatever you would like,” she told me.

“What if I just wanted to watch him seducing my wife?”

“Oh, watching them will be required of you. He will only seduce your wife completely if you consent and you agree to watch.”

“So, I take it that William gets his kicks by having sex with a married woman in front of her husband. He subtly dominates the man too by having the husband agree to watch his wife being used by William for his pleasure.”

“Correct, but I might add that William will stop his game of seduction if the husband objects, or if the wife will not say she wants to do whatever is asked of her.”

“What is the wildest thing…” I was asking when the music stopped and I was cut off by William tapping a glass with the back edge of a knife to get everyone’s attention.

“I’ve a wonderful announcement. Our guest of honor has agreed to play the game tonight,” William revealed to the group.

Everyone there, other than me, began clapping and cheering.

William picked up one of three silver ice buckets from a table and had Trish draw out a folded piece of paper. She blushed when she read the instructions.

“Please tell everyone what the note says,” William requested.

“It says I’m to go into the bedroom I’m directed to and put on a lingerie set of my choice. When dressed in my outfit I’m to come out and model the lingerie for the pleasure of our guests,” Trish paraphrased the note.

“And, are you willing to do that for our viewing pleasure?”

“Yes, I will,” Trish answered.

Trish was aglow with excitement in a way I’d not seen in some time. Her face was flushed with heat and her eyes sparkled with a sense of adventure. Her joy from being the center of attention at William’s party was obvious.

“I need to go show her to the lingerie and help her pick out something,” Barbara told me. “I’ll join you again when she’s dressed if I can.”

“Okay. Thank you,” I told her.

People started dancing again and William joined me on the couch.

“Are you willing to let your wife have a night of adult pleasures with me?” he asked.

I shared, “It’s been a fantasy of mine, actually ours, for some time now for Trish to have sex with another man while I watched. So, yes, I am.”

“She told me earlier about you wanting to see her with another man. I’m very pleased and will generously reward you both.”

“Well, I’m not selling my wife to you for use as your personal prostitute, William.”

“I know that. I assure you I won’t do anything to or with your beautiful wife she doesn’t want. The reward is just my way of saying thanks.”

“With that understanding, I’ll go along with your fun. However, I reserve the right to stop things at any time.”

“Agreed,” he told me.

“Holy shit!” I exclaimed, and asked William, “What in the world did you say to her to make her willing to put on that outfit?”

Trish was wearing a short, almost transparent, white baby-doll top with garter, hose and heels, and nothing else but her jewelry. Her shaved pussy and most of her ass was on clear display framed by the garter straps. “After she shared your mutual fantasy, I told her I’d give her a fantasy night to remember, but she had to do whatever the instruction note she picked told her to do. I’m sure Barbara told her what I liked. Your wife chose to wear the outfit I would have picked for her,” William explained.

“Does she know what kind of activities are in the other two buckets?”

“Only that the activities required of her will be increasingly sexual. I’ll be back to chat more later on. Right now I need to give your wife some attention.”

William hugged and kissed Trish on her lips again, but much longer and with more passion. After their hot but short kissing session, William took Trish by the hand and paraded her through the room, showing off his trophy by stopping her in front of each of the male guests. Each of the men complimented Trish on her good looks and thanked her for selecting such a sexy outfit. The men hugged her and took the opportunity to feel her breasts or ass briefly in a casual, but admiring way. A couple of the men kissed her lips briefly. Trish willingly let William guide her from man to man, chatting with him and the men as if her behavior was totally natural and comfortable. A very noticeable kind of sexual heat radiated from my loving wife’s body from being touched and kissed by these strangers in such a personal way, and of course, at being the center of attention at William’s party. William danced with Trish again and made a show of massaging her naked ass and kissing her lips for all to see. Her submissive and fully willing attitude, joyous smiles and laughter left no doubt in my mind she loved every second of being with her new, dominant friend. When the song ended William led Trish to the table with the buckets and had her draw another slip of paper.

“Read it please,” he told her.

Trish read, “Masturbate for our guests and make yourself come several times.”

“Will you willingly do that for us?”

Trish face flushed pink. She stood as still as a marble statue, looking at William for a long moment. “Yes,” she finally made her decision and answered.

I’m sure my mouth was hanging open from shock. I could barely believe my ears and eyes, but my dick has never had much of a conscience. I looked down and discovered the silver-dollar-sized wet spot on my slacks was pulsing up and down as my dick throbbed in my pants.

William led Trish over to where I was sitting and had her sit next to me. He lifted up her legs and put her feet onto the edge of the sofa before spreading her knees apart to fully expose her pussy to everyone there.

He dismissed the other women in the room by announcing, “Ladies, thank so very much for your help this evening. I’ll see you all tomorrow.”

All the women in the room, including Barbara, gathered up their belongings and left, leaving just William, his five friends and me in the room with Trish. I realized then the party invitation was simply a ruse to seduce Trish into coming up to his suite for his planned fun with her. I saw clearly, with the help of Barbra’s information, that William’s turn on was taking control of a classy wife and having her submit to his will with her husband watching. I couldn’t help but admire his ambition and the skill with which he had brought Trish under the spell of his control.

As the women gathered their things I whispered to Trish, “Are you okay? I’ve never seen you quite like this.”

“I’m fine. I just made up my mind to let our fantasy happen,” she shared.

“I’ll stop things anytime you want me to,” I offered.

“Thank you, but don’t unless you know for certain that’s what I want,” Trish instructed me.

Trish and I had stopped talking. She was rubbing her fingertips all over and around her clit and looking at the men watching her, when William asked, “Would you like to see the men naked and stroking while you pleasure yourself?”

“That would be nice,” Trish answered.

All the men, including William, stripped and began stroking as Trish played with her pussy. William had a monster cock. I’m no judge of size in inches but he was porn star big, both in length and girth. I knew Trish had never fucked anything that big. I suddenly felt funny being the only person fully dressed, so I stripped too. As I looked over the men in the room they were uniform in at least two respects. They were all rock hard and their cocks were all large. I felt certain William had hand-picked each of the men present, probably for some specific reason.

“Do you like seeing all those big hard cocks knowing you made them that way?” William asked.

“It’s very exciting,” she told him.

“Come for us now, Trisha,” William ordered her.

As if his words were wired to my wife’s body, Trish began moaning and rubbing her clit a little faster. Juices glistened in her pussy opening.

“Oh god, I’m going to come… Ummm Uhhh, Oh fuck… I’m coming so hard,” she cried out.

Female cum squirted from her body in a short ark as her body writhed in pleasure.

“Would you like one of the men to shoot their cum on you while you do that again for us?”

“Yes, please,” Trish told him.

“Take your top off,” William told Trish, and she did. “David,” William simply said.

A moment later David stood between Trish’s legs, jacking off.

“Where do you want it?” he asked.

“Wherever William wants.”

“On her pussy,” William told David.

“Spread it open for me,” David instructed.

Trish pulled her pussy lips apart just in time to receive David’s first blast of cum. Twenty seconds later my loving wife’s pussy was coated with a thick layer of creamy white cum.

“Give her some oral now, David,” William directed.

David knelt on the floor between Trish’s knees. He leaned in and covered her pussy opening with his mouth. Trish squirmed for a few seconds and exploded in orgasm another time.

“Oh god that feels good! I’m going to come! Ahhhhhhh… Oh fuck… Oh fuck… Stop… That’s enough,” she cried out as David licked her pussy through a breath-stealing orgasm.

“Taste David’s cum and use his cum as lube, Trisha. Come again for us,” William demanded.

Trish raked up some of David’s cum and licked her fingers clean, looking submissively at William the whole time. She rubbed her pussy all over with her fingers drenched in another man’s cum. The sight of her rubbing David’s cum all over her pussy sent me over the top. I felt that point of no return take control of my body. I stood up, leaned over Trish and shot off into her open mouth and all over her tits.

“Kiss your husband now,” William told her.

Trish minded her new Dom immediately. She twisted around and kissed my lips with her cum-coated lips and pushed her cum-slick tongue into my mouth. I felt her body began to shiver and was suddenly being soaked by sprays of hot female come shooting all over my naked body, cock and balls. “I’ve never been so fucking hot, Adam. Oh god, he has me on fire, love,” she whispered in my ear.

I had no doubts about how hot William was making Trish with his exertion of control over her Something about William’s dominant way of talking to my wife appealed to her submissiveness and turned her on in a way I hadn’t seen in a long while, perhaps ever. This was a side of my wife I really didn’t know existed, at least not the extent I was witnessing. He definitely had her in a state of sexual heat beyond anything I had expected! “Massage her body with her husband’s cum, Carl,” he told one of the other guys.

Carl took up the task immediately. He flipped Trish’s body back off me and into the place she had been before. With her sitting next to me, Carl rubbed my cum all over my wife’s naked tits and up her neck. Trish loved the raw sexual attention, having her tits massaged with cum in front of the group of horny men. She exploded again, squirting cum much further than I’d ever seen. My dick swelled up and got bone hard watching my wife get off from yet another type of sexual stimulation with a new partner.

“Keep her going, Carl. Finger her with her husband’s cum,” William ordered.

Just seconds of the fingering and rubbing her G-spot caused Trish to climax and squirt again.

“Does that pretty pussy of yours want some cock now?” William asked as she climaxed.

“Oh god yes! Please fuck me.”

“You will have to draw another instruction note. It may say to fuck William in front of his guests, or to fuck your husband, or to fuck all the men in the room,” William told her and asked, “Are you willing to obey whatever the note says?”

“Okay, but somebody please fuck me,” Trish begged.

William held the last bucket for Trish. She reached to draw out a slip of paper, but drew out two which were stuck together.

“Read them both,” William said.

Trish told everyone, “One says, ‘Fuck your husband in front of us all.’ The other says, ‘Fuck us all.’”

“Choose one of them, Trisha,” William told her.

As she thought about what to do, the men begged her to fuck them.

“Everyone,” Trish finally said.

“Are you willing to fuck us all, Trisha? Is that something you truly want to do?” William asked.

“Yes, I will, but I want you first,” she answered.

“Get up and bend over. Put your hands on your husband’s knees and tell him how it feels while I fuck you.”

Trish stood in front of me, bent over with her ass stuck up in the air and feet spread apart. She held onto my knees to support her body.

“Oh fuck… Oh my god, it’s so big… Oh fuck… I’m coming again,” my loving wife cried out as William fed that huge cock into her tight, slick pussy.”

“Suck your husband’s dick while I fuck that pretty pussy of yours,” William ordered.

Trish took my cock into her mouth and pushed her head down until her nose was buried in my pubic mound.

“Make him come in your mouth if you can,” William demanded.

He held her hips tightly and shoved his cock into Trish until she moaned out an animalistic cry of mixed pain and pleasure. He began fucking her steadily, rooting out more space for his huge cock inside her tight pussy.

I’d never seen my wife so wildly turned on. Trish’s body movements revealed just how much she loved being fucked by this man in front of his friends. In spite of the pain, she rolled her hips and pushed her body back onto that huge cock, forcing William’s dickhead to hit the end of her pussy with each of his powerful thrusts. My loving wife became a sexual lioness in heat right before my very eyes. I realized Trish was so willing to please at that moment she’d probably do anything William or any of the other men there wanted her to do.

“Do you like fucking me, Trisha?” William pressed her to admit . “Yes… Your cock feels so good… even the hurt feels good... I’m going to come again! Uhh… Uhh… Uhh,” she cried out, abandoning my cock as William fucked her.

“I like that. Come again for us. Come on my cock, Trisha. That’s an order. Come on my cock now!”

My loving wife was lost in a sexual reality vastly different from anything she’d ever experienced. Her body glistened with sweat from the passion burning inside her body. Her movements and body language were sensual and deliberate, revealing a deep hunger for sex. Her face displayed an almost desperate looking desire to be fucked. Her moans of pain and pleasure seem to radiate out from somewhere deep in her soul. The singular desire to fuck and be fucked ruled her world, controlling her thoughts and emotions completely.

“I’ve never been so hot… Your big cock feels so fucking good, William… I’m coming for you!” Trish exclaimed.

“My friends all want to fuck you now. Do you want that?”

“Yes, I’ll fuck your friends for you.”

“You didn’t answer me, Trisha,” William told her. He smacked her ass cheek and demanded, “Tell me you want to fuck all five of my friends. I want to hear you say you want that.”

“I want to fuck your friends. I want all their big hard cocks in my pussy. Oh god… I’m coming again!”

“Will you do my buddies two at a time, suck one cock and fuck another?”

“Yes. Oh god, your cock feels so good! I’ll do whatever you want.”

“Have you ever fucked two men at once?”

“No… I’ve never done anything like this.”

“Do you let Adam fuck your ass?”


“Will you let me fuck you that way?”

“I don’t know… Okay… Yes, fuck my ass too! Use me any way you want.”

“That’s what I like to hear. I want you to go into that bedroom and get on the bed,” William ordered, and pointed to the room.

Trish was still bent over holding onto my knees while William fucked her from behind. She had stopped sucking my cock several minutes earlier. William bent down, cupped my wife’s naked breasts in his hands and pulled her up to standing.

“Tell Adam you’re my woman for now. Tell him you want to be mine until I turn you back over to him,” William ordered as he massaged her tits right in front of me with his cock still inside her body.

“I’m sorry, Adam, but I’ve got to be William’s woman for a while,” Trish told me with a look of lust on her face I’d never seen before.

“Tell him you want to give your body to me and my friends.”

“I want this, honey. I want William and his friends to fuck me any way they want. I want them to come in me and come on me. I want to suck their cocks and taste their cum. Oh god, I can’t stop coming for him! I’m coming again!”

Just moments later, Trish was lying on a bed wearing just a garter, hose, heels and her jewelry. Six naked, horny men gathered around the bed, ready and waiting to use her for their pleasure. William made a show of stripping off Trish’s heels, garter and hose. He ordered her to get on her hands and knees on the edge of the bed and stick her ass out for him. He teased Trish into a panting state of need by massaging her asshole with lube and fingering her. She climaxed twice as he penetrated her butt, first with one greased-up finger, then two and finally three.

I took a seat, watched and stroked as my wife dove into the world of sexual submission in a way I’d never imagined was possible for her. The depth of her sexual lust with William in front of his friends went far beyond any experiences I’d shared with her. Perhaps the most shocking part of this whole sexual unveiling was how much she loved what William was doing with her. It was obvious my loving wife thrived on what was taking place. William’s domination turned Trish on in a way she’d never know, or probably never even imagined. His wealth, the plush setting, him leading her step by step into his pleasure zone all combined to utterly destroy any desire my wife might have had to resist William’s wonton plans for her. I couldn’t help but wonder if my wife would ever again be the same woman I’d know her to be before this all came about.

Over the next few hours there was never a time my wife was without a cock in her mouth, ass or vagina. She fucked and sucked William and all his friends dry. Trish climaxed with the men again and again and again and again. Six men fucked her in every position I could have imagined, often two and three at once. At times the men were rough with her, pounding her body with big, steely-hard cocks, often biting her tits, neck and body. They spanked her ass and forced their big cocks into Trish’s mouth over and over to make her gag. They made her beg for more and she willingly begged for more and more. William made Trish admit over and over how she loved being used by his friends, how she loved having them fuck her married pussy, mouth and ass. Every confession of her wild lust only served to turn her on more, to fuel her with more energy to do whatever the next mix of men wanted from her.

I suppose I could have stopped the parade of seemingly endless fucking and sucking at any time, but Trish was so deeply committed to the gangbang taking place, I just couldn’t muster up the will to end her wild adventure. She wanted this, and once into the action, craved more and more. I felt uneasy at times, but I simply gave in to her sordid desires to be fucked and used that way, and to my sordid desire to watch. Her cries and screams of pleasure and pain driven by her torrent of sexual hunger pushed me into a state of heated euphoria I’d never known. I stoked my cock continuously while Trish fucked the men. I got off three more times and never got soft for more than a few moments as I watched her let her sexual lust run free and pounded my cock.

The sun was up when William finally threw in the towel. Trish had used all the men. Three had departed already and the other three were spent and useless to her any further. William came in her pussy one final time while holding her up in the air and kissing her mouth with a vivid display of their mutual passion. When his huge cock withered and dropped from her pussy along with globs of while cum splashing onto the carpet, William handed her to me. He told me to take her into one of the clean bedrooms in the suite and let her rest. I eased Trish down to the carpet to stand. Her leg muscles had been clinched so intensely while wrapped around William’s body, Trish could barely walk. I picked her up and carried her across the sprawling suite to another bedroom. Her head had only touched the pillow when she sank into dreamland.

Trish was still sleeping soundly when I woke up. The clock on the lamp table beside the bed read 11:14. Her body wore all the signs of the long night of sexual passion. Her neck and breasts displayed numerous hickies and bite marks. Her ass cheeks were red and almost bruised looking from being spanked. Dried cum adorned her face and hair. Her body, ass and legs had numerous patches of crusty white cum deposits. Still wet, shiny cum continued to leak from her asshole and pussy. I couldn’t help but wonder how she would feel when she awoke. I feared for her level of discomfort.

I walked out into the main room of the suite to get coffee. The suite had already been cleaned. There was an envelope on the kitchen counter labeled, “Trisha and Adam.” I put the unopened envelope in Trish’s purse and woke her with a fresh cup of coffee.

“Oh god, did I do what I think I did last night?” she mumbled.

“I’m not sure what you think you did,” I told her, and joked, “My mind reading skills seem to have left me at the moment.”

“I think I let a bunch of men use my body however they wanted,” she offered.

“Yes, you did. That pretty well sums up the night,” I told her.

“Oh god, honey, I’m sorry. Do you still love me? Will you forgive me?”

“Of course I still love you. There’s nothing to forgive. I agreed to let you run free with those men.”

“What in the world came over me? I can’t believe I fucked… How many men did I have sex with and why?”

“Seven, if you count giving me a short blow job,” I told her. “I’m not sure I understand your motives completely, but it seemed pretty clear that William knew exactly how to uncage the sexual tiger inside you. He had you so aroused all you wanted to do was to please every man in the room by sucking and fucking them till they were all dry, which you did with an utterly amazing show of stamina and determination.”

“Oh god, I feel so guilty now. Why did I do that?”

“Guilt is such a negative and unproductive emotion. I’d suggest you let go of those feelings and just accept that you had a sexual adventure that something in your inner being craved and enjoyed. You simply let go and had some lusty, raw sex in a totally new and very passion filled way,” I opined.

“I bet William and his friends think I’m a total slut now. Are those men still here?”

“No, sweetheart, we’re all alone at the moment. William left an envelope for us. I put it in your purse. I doubt he thinks of you that way, but let’s wait until you have recovered and are feeling better to open it.”


“Want to take a shower?”


“Oh god, I’m stiff. Help me up, honey.”

I helped Trish get out of bed. She gingerly walked to the bathroom.

“Oh no! Oh my god!” she screamed when she looked into the mirror.

“I know, but those marks will all be gone in a week or so,” I called out to try and comfort her.

Fresh from the shower with her hair dried and makeup on, Trish looked better, at least some better. She still had all those bite marks and hickies that would take time to heal.

“I’m going to need some new dresses, ones that cover up my chest and neck to hide my sins,” she told me.

“Not a problem. We’ll go shopping as soon as you feel up to it,” I assured her. “Are you sore?”

“Well, I’m a bit tender in places… tender in places I shouldn’t be.”

“Look at the bright side, love,” I told her, “You’ve discovered a new way for us to enjoy sex now.”

“Not that way today, Adam, and maybe not even tomorrow,” she warned me.

“I’m in no hurry. I just want you to feel better soon.”

We dressed and were heading out of the suite when we discovered a hotel laundry bag hanging on the door with “Trish” written on it. Inside were numerous sets of lingerie items, apparently the ones Trish had been offered to choose from among the night before. I grabbed the bag and held Trish’s hand in my free hand as we made our way to the elevator and back to our room.

“Make love to me,” my loving wife told me once in the room.

“Do you feel up to fucking me after all you did last night?”

“Yes. I don’t want to spend the day knowing my last sex was with a group of strangers. I need you to cover my shame by making love to me and coming in me, honey.”

Trish got flaming hot again as we made love. The passion she shared with me was more intense than I could remember in ages. We fucked doggie, missionary, reverse cowgirl and with her turned on her side. She climaxed at least once in each position, twice in a couple of them. What made me come finally was a visual image of my wife lost in her passion, coming again and again on the new, big cocks she’d enjoyed. Hearing her admit how lost she was in her sexual euphoria with those men pushed me into one of the most powerful orgasms ever. The volume of cum I deposited in my adorable wife was huge, much more than usual. I suppose being turned on for so long watching her had caused my body to work overtime producing seminal fluid. In the aftermath of my mind-blowing climax with me still inside her we lay together and lovingly kissed for a long while.

After making out and snuggling until I felt revived, I offered, “I’ll get you a towel.”

“Don’t bother. I want to keep your cum inside me.”

“Okay then, ready to go shop for some new dresses,” I asked.

“Yes, I am,” Trish told me.

She slipped into slacks with a white turtle neck top, braless. Her dark hard nipples were clearly visible through the thin material.

“Wow,” I commented, “That’s a very revealing outfit for you to wear out in public.”

“I know, but since I’m your very own hotwife now I might as well look the part,” Trish told me with a sexy smile.

“I love you more by the minute,” I told her.

Trish noticed William’s envelope when she picked up her purse. She tore off the end and pulled out a folded piece of paper and a cashier’s check made out to “Cash” in the amount of twenty five thousand dollars.

“Oh my god, honey… can you believe this. I had no idea he was going to give me money for what I did with him and his friends. I thought it was just for fun.”

“He told me he wanted to reward us for your willingness to play with him. I told him that you were not for hire as his personal prostitute. He told me he knew that but wanted to give us something to say thanks. I don’t think that amount of money will put much of a dent in his net worth. It’s probably like pocket change to him. What does the note say?”

Trish read, “Trisha, thank you for the most amazing night I can remember having with any woman. You were incredible, perfect in every way and beyond comparison in my considerable experience. Giving me your hotwife cherry and your virgin ass was very special to me. I can’t thank you enough. The money is not pay, please don’t think of it that way. I just wanted to give you a nice present to say how grateful I am for the way you pleased me.” The note was signed, “William S Franklin.”

Trish thought silently for a few extended moments before saying, “You’ve been getting a considerable discount on some high quality loving, mister.”

The big grin on her face was priceless.

“I know,” I assured her, and jokingly added, “Let’s see, twenty five thousand divided by seven...”

“Shut up,” she scolded me and laughed.

All Said and Done… perhaps

We cashed William’s check at the casino. Trish found one dress to her liking at a boutique in the hotel. She wore her new dress as we shopped nearby and she found and purchased two more at other stores. By happy hour, Trish was bouncing around as if nothing of the night before had happened. We gambled for a half hour or so at the roulette table, initially losing a couple thousand dollars before hitting it big and winning back what we had been down and seven thousand more.

Back at our room after a wonderful dinner at the best rated restaurant in town, we were having a cocktail when a knock came at the door and an envelope came sliding underneath.

Trish fetched the envelope and tore it open. “It’s from William,” she told me. “He’s having another party tomorrow night and we’re invited as his guests of honor again. We’re to send our regrets by noon tomorrow if we choose not to attend.”

“Wow, I wasn’t expecting to hear from Mr. William Franklin ever again. I figured he’d had his fun seducing you and making you his personal fuck toy to be ravaged and used by his friends in front of me and he’d move on to his next conquest. I felt sure last night was a one and done kind of deal.”

A coy smile formed on Trish’s lips. She looked me in the eye with that strange little grin still on her face and threw me a sultry looking lip kiss before suggestively commenting, “Well honey, evidently not.”

The End Written by Chad Sanders of CoupleWB2 and author of ‘Feverman books’ online.

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