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First time fun

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Diane and I (Jack) have been married for 23 years and this story is about our first endeavor into the world of the open marriage program. We decided to go to Vegas to celebrate our 14th anniversary. Our first night there we decided to go see the play Chicago which was showing at one of the popular casinos. Before going to the play we decided to have to have a couple drinks at the bar. Well one drink led to another and before long Diane was starting to get pretty buzzed. But we decided to have one more when a couple who appeared to be in their late 20?s sat down on the stools next to us. Now as I said Diane was getting a little tipsy and obviously attracted to the guy. She introduced herself as she was checking out every inch of his body. Derek, as we learned, was a very attractive man. He was about 6?4? 220lbs and very muscular. It was obvious that he was used to the attention and enjoyed the attention Di was giving him. Even in her forties Di is a total knockout. At 5?4? 120lbs she has nice perky C cups and a tiny firm as that is rock solid. Her sparkling green eyes and big bright smile can give any guy a immediate erection. Derek did nothing to hide that fact that he was very interested in my wife and seemed obliviously that he was ignoring his wife (Annette). As those two continued to flirt I walked over to Annette to apologized for my wife flirtatious behavior and asked her what she would like to drink. Now Annette was also very attractive although much different than Diane. Annette was only about 5?1? but had a fantastic set of breasts that I guessed and to be at least 38 DD?s and I nice round but definitely not big ass. She had long dark red hair and was wearing a very snug black skirt that barely covered her voluptuous ass cheeks.

During our conversation I learned that Annette was 26 years old and that her and Derek were not married but just met that week at a convention and were just going on a date to watch ?Chicago?. Diane over heard and instantly invited them to join us as we were also going. Derek immediately accepted and asked Annette if it was alright with her. Annette agreed but had annoyed expression on her face. As Diane and Derek went right back to their self-absorbed conversation I apologized and offered to reverse the arrangement but Annette said it was ok and did not know if she could listen to him talk about himself all night. I laughed and explained that Di was a little tipsy and was usually not this rude. But that we should get going if we were going to get to our seats for the opening curtain. I interrupted Derek and Di to tell them we had to get going to the show. Annette explained that she needed to use the ladies room and asked Derek to go with her. As soon as they left Di gave me a big embrace and greeted me with a wet kiss as she grabbed my cock with her other hand. I said, ?You are very drunk and horny!? Di leaned forward and shocked me as she whispered ?Can I fuck him?? Now we talked about the possibility of finding a couple during our trip and a Diane playing with another female. I was shocked but my hand instinctively found it way between her well-toned thighs as I went to tease her pussy. I quickly discovered that her panties were soaked and knew she was very turned on by this young Adonis. I agreed that she could fuck him if it was ok with Annette. She quickly gave my cock a tug and said ?I hope he is a big as you down there.? Just then we were interrupted by Derek who had a disappointed look on his face as he explained that Annette would not be joining as she did not feel well as was going back to her room. Diane was crushed! So I quickly interjected and stated that the two of them should go together and I could go play some poker. For some strange reason I felt myself get hard thinking of my beautiful wife riding this young stud. ?Really?, Di replied with a huge grin. Leaning in to give her a kiss Di whispered ?I will tell you all about it?! ?But make sure you are home in time for our 10 o?clock tee time tomorrow!? An immediate smile came across Derek?s face as he realized that he was going to have his way with my gorgeous wife.

With the night still young I decided to have a couple more drinks at the bar before heading out to play some poker. Before I even got my first drink I was greeted by another couple and was engaged in some nice conversation. After about 15 minutes I felt someone tap me on the shoulder and when I turned around it was Annette.

She smiled and asked ?I thought you were going to the show??

?Nope, gave Diane an early anniversary present.? She wanted a play toy.

?I did too but he was more interested in your wife. I do not blame him your wife is beautiful? Annette stated.

I responded, ?Thank you!

?What do you hope to get for a gift?, Annette inquired with a devilish twinkle in her eyes.

As Annette sat there inquisitively waiting for a response my eyes roamed from here lovely breasts down to her crossed legs where her short tight skirt barely covered her thighs. My head raced to find the right comeback to show my desire while hiding my excited state. Then placing my hand on her knee I responded, ?Well before you came along with Mr. Adonis Diane hinted at us expanding our sex life, but I guess her intentions did quite match my thoughts.? We both began to laugh and Annette placed her hand on mine as she uncrossed her legs and flashed me a big smile.

?Sorry, I was kind of looking for some fun tonight myself! I was hoping to celebrate my divorce with a ?What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? story!?

?So why did you pick Mr Adonis?? I asked.

With a slightly embarrassed look Annette replied, ?You know what they say about a guy with big hands?? which was followed by I teasing wink. Then we ordered a couple more drinks and kept flirting back and forth as the conversation continued to take on a sexual tone. As it turns out Annette was married at 19 to a husband that was more interested in his career than her. The marriage did not have any passion and she wanted more so she decided to get a divorce and start her own career as a Medical Sales Representative. As it turns out she only lived about 40 miles from Diane and me.

After a couple of hours of chatting and drinking both of us were getting pretty drunk. As the night went on my hand now started to inch its way up Annette?s thigh and each time she would spread her legs a little further apart inviting me to precede a little closer to the ultimate destination. Coincidently each time I removed my hand to take a drink of my beer Annette would place her hand on my thigh and appeared to be working her way up my leg. At the realization that she was trying to check out the size of my unit I was upset that I positioned it along my left leg that was on the opposite side of the chair. To correct the situation I excused myself to go to the men?s room to reposition myself for better access. When I stood up my hand moved forward causing it to disappear under her skirt and against her panties that were definitely very moist. Annette responded as if nothing happened so I just continued to the men?s room where I repositioned myself and returned to hopefully seduce this young beauty. My heart sank as I returned to the bar stools and Annette was nowhere to be seen. Feeling deflated I ordered another drink and quite quickly my spirits rose again when Annette returned and explained she also had to use the women?s room. This time when she sat down I noticed that she pushed her stool closer to mine and slid up tighter to the bar. This time when she went to put her hand on my thigh it went directly on the head of my cock. Annette gave me a surprised look but instead of removing her hand she kind of gave it a little tap and responded with, ?I guess you can?t go by the size of a man?s hands?! Needless to say my cock started to respond quickly and a million dirty thoughts and pictures began to fill my head. I imagined those huge breasts bouncing as my cock was pounding this sweet young pussy or her creamy voluptuous ass pumping up and down as she rode my cock cow-girl style. As my mind wondered her hand began to rub up and down my cock as if masturbating me through my shorts bringing me back to the present moment. Then Annette looked at me and said, ?What would Diane say if I wanted you to take me up to your room??

?I think she would be jealous that she was not with us and then instruct me to make sure you get everything you desire!? Then I grabbed her hand in mine and headed to towards the elevator. As we waited for the elevator we were met by a group of people and it was very full. Our suite was on the 33rd floor so we went to the back where Annette stood in front of me. Because it was very full Annette?s butt was pushed tightly against me causing my erection to poke against her and she reacted by wiggling her round ass against my cock. Leaning forward I whispered in her ear, ?Be a good girl or I might have to give you a spanking when we get to the room!? ?Maybe I like that kind of thing?, She responded while reaching between us giving my erect member a couple strokes.

It seemed like eternity before we finally arrived at our room. Once inside I turned Annette toward me and for the first time felt the wonderful softness of those full bright red lips. Here tongue immediately began probing my mouth and wrestling with mine. The passion of our kiss soon began to flow through our bodies as my hands explored the curvature of her voluptuous body. Starting at her sides moving downward over her hourglass hips and gliding back to her smooth round ass cheeks and down to the skirt hemline. Gently I pulled up her skirt over ass exposing her creamy smooth cheeks. Placing my finger under the G-string that was buried deep in her crack I ran my finger down the crack of her ass. Showing me her desire Annette spread her feet slightly apart as I slipped a finger in here wet pussy from behind. Her reaction was to grind her pelvis against my still growing erection and began to moan as our lips parted and her head tilted back. I could no longer wait to see her beautiful naked body so I stepped back and started to remove her dress the rest of the way. My excitement only grew as I exposed those huge magnificent breasts. They had to be at least 38 DD?s and the Black lacy bra did very little to hide ΒΌ nipples that pierced right through the material. She was absolutely beautiful standing there in just a black garter belt and lacy bra. As I caught my breath I step forward to free her breasts but first had to bend down and nibble her nipples before unclasping her bra freeing her wonder globes. I was amazed by the firmness of her tits as they barely sagged at all. After several moments of fondling, nibbling and pinching Annette?s moan?s started to become very loud. I gently took her hands and guided them to her breasts so she could play with them as I continued my exploration of southward. I slowing kissed and lick her taunt abdomen as my hands lightly tickled and scratch her ass. Soon my lips were placing soft kiss below her navel and my hands moved from her ass to her panties as I slowly slid them slightly down her legs just below her sweet pussy. My lips continued to kiss her as the reach the pubic area where there was once hair and now cleanly shaved except a narrow strip of dark red pubic hair. Kisses were soon replaced by slow strokes of my tongue across the region just over her ever dampening pussy. I could sense her pleasure growing as she began to more vigorously moan and massage her tits. The scent of her juices was too much for me to handle as I need to taste this young pussy. I quickly finished removing her soaked panties leaving her there standing with her 4 inch high heels and black lace stockings and garter belt. She looked gorgeous with that dark red hair flowing over her shoulders and lying across the largest, firm breasts with her nipples poking through, the glistening of her swollen pussy lips topped by the sparse pubic hair. Admiring her body and seeing the look of total lust in her eyes I practically floated up to her. Telling her how beautiful and erotic she looked before embracing her and planting a kiss of passion upon her once more. As we kissed I reached behind her and cupped an ass cheek in each hand and lifted her off the ground and placed her on the granite counter top right behind her. Breaking our kiss I seductively asked her she would like me to pleasure her with my tongue. What came next totally shocked and excited me. ?Oh yes, I have never been licked there before?, she exclaimed. I resisted the urge to ask why instead chose to place her high heeled feet on my shoulders and begin to nibble on her engorged pussy lips, methodically alternating between nibbling her lips and lapping my tongue in her tight hot crevice. Soon my tongue found her large clit, rapidly lashing it back and forth with the occasional nibble causing Annette to gasp loudly followed by a series of light screams as her juices began to flow continuously cover my face thoroughly. Her hands now found the back of my head pushing it into her gyrating pelvis as she screamed, ?oh my god you are incredible. I am going to cum! My tongue assault backed off slightly to prevent her orgasm and increase the intensity of her final climax. As my tongue withdrew from her tasting treat I inserted two fingers deeply into her drenched pussy as my tongue darted on and off her sensitive clit. Soon my two fingers were hammering her pussy and her ass was gliding back and forth on the counter due to the large puddle of juices that had accumulated. As I continued to finger fuck her I glanced up to the most erotic sight. Annette was propped up on her elbows with head tilted back and her eyes rolled up as her large breast jiggled all around to the rhythm of my fingers being jammed into her well lubricated pussy.

Feeling it was time to give this horny young goddess the ultimate orgasm I placed my hands behind each knee forcing the up against her chest and spreading them widely apart. This exposed her pussy and tight little anus to my hungry tongue. She jumped and screamed loudly as my tongue found her virgin anus before my face was buried in her pussy. My tongue quickly found her clit as she began to scream and shake with thunderous orgasm. Her thighs clamp around my head as she continued to tremble and scream like I have never experienced. Despite her pleads to stop my tongue continued flick her clit from one side to the other. Once more her legs clamp around my head as she screamed she was going to cum again. This time I slipped my hand between the counter and her ass allowing my thumb to enter her pussy while I was biting her clit and two of my fingers disappeared into her virgin ass. Almost immediately she jumped and started violently shaking as Her pussy started gushing juices on the counter and squirting in every direction.

As Annette was still shaking I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. The whole way she shivered as she held her arms around me tightly. As I laid her down I noticed tears running down her cheeks and asked, ?Is there something wrong?? ?No I have never been more pleased in my life that was incredible. I came so much that I thought I may have urinated!? she said in a very shy tone. I explained that she is what is referred to as a squirter and it is very erotic. She looked at me and smiled as she leaned in for a passionate kissing and petting session.

After several minutes of kissing Annette hands began there descent towards the bulge in my pants. She began to rub me through my shorts causing my cock to start to rise. Breaking our kiss Annette innocently asked, ?No fair you have seen me but I still have not seen what you have to offer. Is it as big as it feels?? ?Well help me take my clothes off and you let me know what you think?, I responded.

So I stood up at the side of the bed and guided Annette to sit on the edge of the bed. She leaned forward and started unbuttoning my shirt and very sensually rubbed her hand across my chest and playfully leaned in and licked my nipples and then started to place small kissed on my abdomen as I had done to her. All the while her hand was busy removing my belt and rubbing my crotch. Then as her hands went to unbutton my shorts she instinctively slid from the edge of the bed unto her knees. Once on her knees she pulled my shorts down in one stroke freeing my cock from their constraints and giving Annette her first glimpse of her desire. ?Oh my god?, she said, ?it is huge!? She then proceeded to place both hand on it and begin to stroke it until it was pointing directly at her face. Softly she then cupped my balls in her one hand and started to massage them and tickle the underside causing it to go into full erection. Lifting it straight up she started to lick my balls and gently suck one of them into her mouth and rubbed the bottom with her tongue. I could see the pre-cum start to drip out on to the head when Annette released my balls from her mouth and began to lick the shaft of my cock. As her tongue approach the head she innocently looked up at me while her tongue cleaned the pre-cum of the head. Smiling she purred, ?mmmm I have tasted this in a long time!? Then opening her mouth wide she pressed the head of my cock against her lips inserting it in her mouth. She did this several times and which each motion taking my cock deeper into her mouth. My hands instinctively went to the back of her head as she twisted and bobbed her head on my rock hard cock. I felt the head of my cock hit the back of her mouth and I looked down and she had half of it buried in mouth. This was farther than Diane had ever gotten. My hips moved forward as my hands held her head in place as I attempted to go deeper. Her throat was tightly around the shaft of my cock and you could see the saliva building at the corners of her stretched lips. Taking one more thrust I felt it slam against her throat and Annette began to gag and I removed my cock from her mouth. She quickly apologized and hungrily attacked my cock again. This time she placed her hands on my ass cheeks to control the tempo and each time forcing my cock in and out of her eager orifice. As she quickened the pace I could feel the cum start to swell inside and new it would not be long before Annette received the tasty treat she was working so hard to get. As the pressure was building we were both startled by the sound of Diane?s voice coming from the bedroom door.

?Do you mind if I watch or join in?? as she stood stark naked in the doorway. Time seemed to freeze as I admired my beautiful wife of 15 years standing naked across the room and a beautiful young woman working magic on my cock. I quickly looked down at Annette to see what her reaction as my cock popped out of her mouth. I was not sure what she was thinking as she seen Diane in the doorway, but her expression was one of fear before she replied; ?I would love for you to join us!? Diane quickly approached the side of the bed as Annette?s mouth returned to my cock. As she continued sucking my cock, Diane put her arms around me and gave me a big kiss driving her tongue deep in my mouth. Then breaking our kiss she whispered, ?mmmm!! That tastes yummy!!? Taking her clue I instructed her to go stand at the end of the bed then reaching down I pulled Annette to her feet and laid her down on the bed spreading her legs wide apart giving us a full view of her tight pussy. I watched as Diane stared at her pussy and huge tits as Annette stared back and forth between Diane and I. Crawling on the bed between Annette?s leg I pressed my cock on top of her pussy as I leaned forward placing my hands on her massive tits and pinching her nipples. Looking at her wonder globes I moved my hips into position above her stomach so my balls rested right against her breasts and my cock extended between her tits and right near her mouth. Annette squeezed her tit together as my hips began to rock and I started to fuck these wonderful tits. Each time I rocked forward the head of my cock would enter Annette?s awaiting mouth. Then reaching behind me I grabbed each of Annette?s legs and placed one on each of my shoulders. Diane immediately took the cue and buried her face in Annette?s exposed pussy. I watched as Annette?s face was a look of shock followed quickly by her eyes rolling back in her head. I turned to watch as my beautiful wife hungrily lapped at her pussy. Her tongue swiftly alternated between the pussy and her anus. Each time Annette would let out a deep moan and a muffled scream. It was not long before Annette started to scream she was going to cum, looking down at my wife I could see her face glistening from the juices she created as her onslaught continued to intensify. My cock had now moved from between Annette?s tits and began its descent deeper into her mouth as I raised my hips from her stomach and placed them over her chin. I could hear the gurgling sounds coming from deep in Annette?s throat as her body began to quake. Looking back I could see Diane?s whole fist buried deep in her pussy and ramming it in and out. Removing my cock from Annette?s mouth her screams immediately echoed throughout the room as her orgasm exploded send juices all over Diane?s face and body. This was too much for me to handle as I grabbed my cock in my hand and began to jerk off and immediately exploded towards Annette?s awaiting mouth. The first load landed directly in her mouth with several more string of cum landing on her face, in hair and on her tits. As I crawled off Annette, Diane quickly began to lick Annette?s cum covered body.

This was only the start of a very kinky sexual weekend with our new found sex toy.

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