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First Party House

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I would like to tell you folks about the first time Linda and I went to a party house. We weren?t new to playing with other people at that point in our lives. Even though we weren't new to the lifestyle we hadn't become callus enough about it to go into it without a great deal of nervous anticipation.

I guess it was her catholic upbringing but Linda would never suggest a desire to try anything new in our marriage. I would bring up something or hint about trying something new I had fantasized about, to which her reply was always a shrug followed by what ever you want to do. Oh don't get me wrong it wasn?t an I'll take one for the team kind of thing on her part. It was her unwillingness to ever broach the subject of something new. I knew she had fantasies but no matter how much I tried to convince her that I was always open to and willing to try what ever fantasies she might have.

We had some very close friends in the lifestyle during this time that we would party with on a fairly regular bases. We had also met some very nice couples through some swinger publications that we had met and partied with. Once the ice was broken Linda was the life of the party. It took her a little time to become comfortable with people but once she did she was into partying all night long.

One night I was reading a swingers publication in bed. The article I was reading was about a party house in the Bay Area. I was enthralled with the article telling about the amenities of this particular house and of the attendees at the house on the authors visit there. It said that on the night the author visited that their were over forty couples in attendance. About the dance floor, the hot tub, the private rooms and the orgy room. By the time Linda made her way to bed my cock was fully erect and to say I was turned on by the nights reading was an understatement.

As Linda got in bed she gave me that look with a smirk followed by a smile. What are you reading she ask knowing full well I was reading a swingers magazine. Before I could answer she snuggled up next to me and let her hand lightly rub over my cock. When she felt my erection she reached up and opened the magazine wide enough so she could also read along with me.

After a reading the article I looked over at Linda and ask her what she thought about the subject matter. Oh I don't know was her reply I don?t know if I could feel comfortable with that many total strangers. As she was telling me her feeling about the party house she had just read about I let my hand find it's way between her thighs. As I traced the outline of her pussy through the silk pajamas she was wearing I found the material soaked with her juices. I knew at once that regardless of what she was telling me her pussy was telling me that the story about the party house had turned her on.

We talked about the atmosphere of the party house and how much fun we could have at one as we fucked like newly weds over the next hour or so. Every time I would feel myself getting close I would lower myself between Linda's thighs and give her pussy a good tongue lashing. I brought her to at least four body shaking orgasms talking about how turned on I would be seeing her in action at a house like that. Finely I couldn't hold back any longer and let my cock erupt in her pussy adding what seemed like a cup full of cum to her already well lubricated pussy.

Over the next few months we talked about going to a party house to see what it was like in person. We talked about it but scheduling it and making it happen was another matter. Linda seemed reluctant and seemed to always find a reason we couldn't go that particular weekend. On the occasions when she warmed to the idea something would always seem to come up to put a damper in our plans. That is until one weekend when everything just seemed to fall into place.

Linda seemed as usual reluctant to try something new. She told me alright we can go check it out if you want to but I don't want to play or anything like that. Sure I told her we would just go to the city have a nice dinner then drop by and check it out before we head home. Ok she said as long as you know nothing is going to happen tonight.

I was starting to feel a little bummed about it and had just about convinced myself that we would just be checking the place out tonight and maybe some other time would be able to make a trip to play. After making it clear about her intentions her actions started to confuse me a little. I walked into the bathroom as Linda was taking her bath before our trip to the city. As I walked in she was sitting on the back of the tub with her legs spread shaving her pussy. I didn't say anything to her I just turned the water on in the shower and got ready to take my shower.

As I was getting out of the shower Linda was sliding into a sexy matching bra and panty set. She put on a very sexy sun dress with nothing under it except for the matching bra and panties. Like so many times before Linda was saying one thing but her actions were saying something altogether different. It sure looked to me like she was dressing to go play tonight.

As we were driving into the city Linda talked about everything except what I couldn't get out of my mind. I didn?t mention anything about what we were going to do that night. I just followed her lead on what ever subject she wanted to talk about.

We made it into town and drove down to the fisherman Warf area for dinner. We had a drink before dinner and a glass of wine each with dinner. The alcohol seemed to relax both of us to a comfortable feeling. After leaving the restaurant we walked along the waterfront shops hand in hand. We were in no real hurry, we were enjoying each others company and the beauty of the setting we were in. I have no idea how long we were walking before we found ourselves back at our car.

As we got in the car and pulled out of the parking lot Linda asked me just where this place was. I gave her the address and the directions that I had received from the phone call I had made earlier in the day. Linda read the road signs as I tried to follow the directions. In less than half an hour we had found our way to where we had been instructed to park. We made our way to the large Victorian house and knocked on the door. We were greeted by a lady in what I would guess to be her thirties and invited in. We were asked if this was our first visit to which we answered yes. We were given a tour of the house and the amenities. There were about thirty or so couples milling around when we got there. The lighting was dimmed and the place took on a bar like atmosphere. I looked back over at Linda, she smiled and said why don't you pay the door fee and lets get a cup of coffee.

I don't know what Linda was expecting but she seemed to relax after we had been in this place for a few minutes. Her last words before we got out of the car still echoed through my head though, we aren't going to do anything we are just going to check this place out right. Sure I had told her we would never do anything she didn't want to do. I think she was expecting that people would be trying to jump her bones as soon as she walked through the door.

We walked into the kitchen area. There we found a coffee pot on the counter and snacks on the table. We weren't hungry but coffee did sound good. There were several couples milling around the kitchen area that we exchanged niceties with. We walked into the area of the house the hot tub was located and just checked things out as we sipped our coffee.

We walked into an area that was divided off into separate little cubicles each containing a mattress with a small table containing a bowl with condoms and an assortment of lubricants. We also found a larger area where several couples were in various array of sexual acts. We were standing in front of a window over looking this orgy room an watched the goings on for a few minutes. Linda turned away from the window with a smile and headed back toward the kitchen. I followed behind her and we both stopped in the entrance area from the kitchen to the hot tub area just taking in the goings on.

With our back to the kitchen nether of us saw the lady that walked up behind us. We first became aware of her presents when she asked if this was our first visit here. Linda answered yes as she turned around to see who had asked us the question. Behind us was a smiling blond I guessed in her mid-thirties totally nude with an infectious smile and a great body. She introduced herself as Pam we followed by our introductions to her.

We made small talk with this woman for a few minutes before she took the initiative and told Linda what a beautiful lady she was. Linda thanked her and gave a little uneasy little laugh before returning the same complement to this woman. No she said to Linda you are beautiful let me look at you and with that she placed her hands on Linda's shoulders and slowly turned her around giving this woman a complete view of her still fully clothed body. As Linda's back was to her the lady told her that she was far to beautiful to still be dressed. With that she reached down to the hem of Linda's sun dress and pulled it off over her head. To my surprise Linda helped her remove the dress and just that quick was standing there in just her panties and bra.

Oh you have such a beautiful body lets get everything off you. With that this lady knelt down and pulled Linda's panties off. Linda didn't hesitate or protest and as this lady was removing her panties and she was stepping out of them Linda removed her bra. Now standing in front of me was not only this lady that we had just met totally nude but my wife was now also totally nude along with her.

Watching this my cock had gotten so hard it was uncomfortable confined in my clothes. Pam, our new friend seemed to notice my condition. She smiled at Linda and said to her ?your husband looks a little uncomfortable with all those clothes on doesn?t he?. With that she reached out and ran her hand over my cock with a smile and added that I seem to be enjoying what I'm seeing though. Looking back at Linda she said what do you think do you want to get him out of those clothes. Linda didn't say anything she just smiled and reached for my belt buckle. In what seemed like just a matter of seconds both these ladies had all my clothes off and on a small bench beside Linda's clothes.

Before I had a chance to think about what might happen next a couple eased their way past us into the hot tub room. They knew Pam because as they passed us the guys reached out and patted Pam's ass as he greeted her. Pam gave him a friendly kiss and expressed her delight on them making the party tonight. Then with his arm lightly around her waist Pam introduces us to this new couple. The guy and I shock hands but he seemed far more interested in Linda than he was in me. As Pam introduced him to Linda she asked him to check out how beautiful Linda's breast were. For emphasis Pam tweaked Linda's nipple saying doesn?t she have the most perfect tits you've ever seen. Bob our new friend agreed with her as he joined Pam and tweaked one of Linda's nipple before he lend forward taking it into his mouth.

Well from not going to do anything when we walked into this place things were changing in a hurry and Linda seemed to be enjoying every minute of it. I was just standing there watching the goings on between Bob, Pam and Linda. I must admit that I had almost forgotten about Shirley, Bob's wife until she reached over and lightly rubbed my arm saying it looks like they are hitting it off well doesn't it. Looks that way I answered as I looked over to really look at Shirley for the first time.

Shirley was about 5'5" with a great figure and a very pretty face to go with her very sexy body. As I was checking her out I guess she was doing the same to me. When we made eye contact again she had a broad smile on her face and commented on the fact that I must be enjoying the attention my wife was getting. Oh why do you say that I asked. Without saying anything Shirley reached out wrapping her fingers around my cock and stroked it. Looking up at me with a smile she answered because of this. I had to agree with her that I did find this place a real turn on.

When I looked back at the rest of our little group Bob was standing between Pam and Linda. His pants were around his ankles. He had his hands between both women's thighs with a finger in each of their pussies and they were both stroking his cock. Pam had her arm around Linda's shoulder and she leaned over and whispered something in her ear. I saw Linda nod her head in agreement as she opened her eyes. She looked over at me and smiled at the sight of Shirley stroking my cock. Pam motioned toward the private rooms area to Bob and smiled at Shirley saying lets go back here for a little more privacy.

Shirley who hadn't let go of my cock during all this looked up at me saying that it looks like they are going to the private area to play a little bit and ask if I would like to join them. Oh yea was all I could mutter as Shirley lead me to the private area by the cock. I could see Pam leading the way as she was followed by Linda and Bob. Pam found an area that was vacant and lead the way in.

A few seconds later when Shirley and I arrived in the private cubical we found Linda on her back, her legs were spread wide and Bob was between them eating her pussy as Pam was kneeling beside her tweaking her nipples. As we walked in Shirley dropped to her knees and took my cock into her mouth. I just stood there for a few minutes enjoying the feel of my cock in her mouth but knew this couldn?t go on for very long because if it did I knew I would cum in her mouth in just a matter of seconds. As Shirley was sucking my cock she removed her clothes until she was kneeling in all her naked wonder in front of me.

I eased my cock out of Shirley's mouth as I eased down on the mattress. As I knelt down I took Shirley in my arms and kissed her deeply and tweaked her nipples. I reached between her legs and ran my fingers over her pussy. I found her juices were running down the insides of her thighs and new she wanted to get fucked as much as I wanted to fuck her. I laid back on the mattress and pulled Shirley on top of me. We continued to kiss as she rubbed her pussy over my hard cock coating it with her juices.

I felt some movement around my head and looked up to see Pam was squatting down as she was leaning forward still playing with Linda's tits. I reached up and found Pam's pussy with my hand. As I slowly slid a finger into her well lubricated pussy Pam spread her legs giving me even better access to her. With Shirley still on top of me I slid forward on my back until my head was between Pam's thighs. I felt Shirley grasp my cock as she guided it into her throbbing pussy. As Shirley lowered herself onto my cock Pam lowered her pussy onto my face. I don't know where she found it but out of nowhere Pam was reaching between her legs and sled a pillow under my head.

As I looked up from between her thighs Pam and I made eye contact. Pam reached down spreading the lips of her pussy with her fingers before she lowered herself onto my mouth. I could feel Shirley with her hands on my chest riding my cock like a jockey. The sounds of sex were all around me I couldn't see all that much but the sounds and smells were mind blowing. I heard the all too familiar sounds of Linda's orgasms at least three times while all this was going on.

I knew I couldn't hold out much longer and when I heard Shirley yell to the world that she was cumming I couldn't hold back and shot my load of cum deep into her pussy. Pam also rewarded my talented tongue by cumming shortly after I did. I felt Shirley roll off me as I continued to lick the flowing juices from Pam's pussy.

A short time latter Pam untangled herself from my head and eased herself into a prone position on the mattress. After the girls got off me I was rewarded with the site of Linda on her hands and knees. Bob was behind her fucking her doggie style. They were no more that a couple feet from me and from my position I could clearly see his cock sliding in and out of my wife. That was the first chance I had had to really see this guys cock and had no idea it was as big as it was. I'm about 8 inches or so and this guy was much bigger than I am. Linda had her head down in her arms with her ass in the air. She was whimpering and telling Bob to fuck her harder with his big cock. Oh it feels so good I heard her say as she raddled on as she again neared her orgasm. I saw Bob grab her firmly by the hips as he slammed his cock all the way into her and I knew he was pumping his cum deep into her pussy. As the first squirt of his cum hit her pussy walls Linda also started to cum.

It took them both several minutes to come back to earth. Bob eased back letting his cock slide out of her pussy with a plop. Even in it's soft state Bob's cock rested at least half way down his thigh. Bob rolled over on his back beside Linda. Linda with Bob's cum flowing out of her pussy and down her thighs eased herself forward and rolled over on her back.

Pam was kneeling beside Linda smiling down at her. Linda after a few minutes opened her eyes and looked up at Pam meeting her smile with one of her own. How was it Pam asked her, was it as good as I told you it would be. Linda smiled and said I think it might have been even better than you told me it would be. As they talked Pam let her fingers trace an outline over Linda's thighs. Now Linda is straight and what happened next really surprised me.

As Pam was talking to Linda she let her fingers lightly trace patterns over Linda's thighs. She reached forward and ran a finger tip over Linda's pussy. Linda's pussy was gapping open from being fucked by a cock the size of the one she just had in her. You could see the combination of Bob's cum mixed with her juices flowing out of her pussy and between the cheeks of her ass. Oh you are so wet all that couldn't be from Bob so you must have really enjoyed yourself. Oh I did Linda told her I think I must have had at least five orgasms it was fantastic. With that Pam ask her to spread her legs just a little so she could get a better view of Linda's pussy. Linda told her to give her a second to clean up a little bit because her pussy was so full of Bob's cum that if she spread her legs it would all flow out. Pam told her that wasn't a problem at all because she would clean her up and have her ready for more in no time.

With that Pam worked her way between Linda's legs. With a hand on each knee Pam gently spread Linda's legs apart. Pam leaned forward and very lightly ran her tongue over Linda?s pussy while looking into her eyes. Linda raised herself up on her elbows watching Pam slowly licking her pussy with a look of both pleasure and anticipation. She was entering an area that everything in her upbringing told her was wrong. As Pam got more into it Linda leaned back again she placed a hand on Pam's head. Linda closed her eyes and let the pleasure that Pam was bringing her flood over her body. I watched as Linda started moving her hips in rhythm with Pam?s tongue on her pussy.

Watching Pam bring Linda the pleasure she was bringing her brought my cock to full attention again. Shirley had crawled over to Bob, she was kneeling beside him with her head over his cock. She was licking the length of his cock and sucking it back to life again. As I watched her Shirley was holding Bob's cock with two hands near the base stroking it while she was sucking the head of that monster into her mouth. I started lightly stroking my cock as I watched Pam eating Bob?s cum out of Linda's pussy and Shirley bringing Bob's monster cock back to life again. Soon I found myself wanting nothing more than to fuck Pam from behind.

Pam's ass was in the air as she knelt between Linda's legs. I didn't know just how receptive Pam was going to be to me sliding my cock into her but I was about to find out. As I eased in behind Pam my cock traced it's way over her pussy. I heard Pam moan as she felt my cock slid over her pussy. I felt Pam's hand grab my cock and feed it into her pussy. She was wet and slick her juices where flowing down her thighs. I wasn't in the mood to tease or play with her I wanted to fuck her, to drive my cock into her until I felt my balls slap against her clit. I grabbed Pam by the hips and drove my cock fully into her with one stroke. She moaned and pushed her ass back into me meeting my thrust. While holding her by the hips I drove my cock into Pam as hard and as fast as I could. She would moan with each stroke and burry her face into Linda's pussy.

It only seemed like a few minutes before I heard Linda start her I'm about to cum moan. As I looked on Linda grabbed Pam's head with both hands as she pulled Pam?s head into her she lifted her hips off the floor grinding her pussy it onto Pam?s mouth. With her tongue and lips Pam continued to lick and suck Linda's pussy alternating driving her tongue as far into her pussy as she could. All the while I had a firm hold of Pam's hips as I was driving my cock deep into her pussy.

Linda was soon screaming that she was cumming. As she did Pam sucked her clit into her mouth and sucked it like it was a small cock bringing Linda over the edge into an earth shattering orgasm. Linda held her hips off the mattress forcing her pussy firmly into Pam's eagerly mouth. Linda rode out her first Bi orgasm, her hips were still twitching as she lowered them back to the mattress as her orgasm subsided.

Pam was not far behind Linda in reaching an orgasm. With the thrill of watching Pam bring Linda over the top while my cock was pounding into her left me holding a loosing battle of trying to hold back my orgasm. Pam pushed back against me driving my cock as deep into her as she could. Her breathing was now coming in short gasps as I held her hips firmly against me driving my cock deep into her pussy. I held still with my cock buried as deep as I could in Pam's warm wet tunnel of love. I could hold back no longer, my cock started pumping squirt after squirt of cum into the depth of her pussy.

As I tried to get my breathing back under control again I relaxed my grip on Pam's hips eased back and let my cock slid out of her pussy. I eased myself down and laid down on the mattress. As I watched Pam smiled up at Linda as she moved from between her legs she moved forward and kissed her tenderly on the lips. I knew that Linda could taste both her juices as well as Bob's cum on Pam's lips. As they parted their embrace Linda smiled at her as Pam rolled over to lay beside her.

A few minutes later Linda got up off the mattress and said she would be right back she had to use the restroom. Linda walk nude out of the cubical we were in to find a restroom leaving the rest of us still laying together on the mattress. After cumming twice in such a short time span I was pretty well spent and needed to rest for a few minutes. As I let the experience that we had just experience rush through my mind I was in a state of exhausted bliss.

As I was laying there I watched Bob slowly rise to a kneeling position and crawl behind Shirley. He moved behind her and guided his cock into her pussy. Shirley reached between her legs as she raised her ass up and positioned Bob's cock into her pussy. Bob grabbed her hips and pulled her back into him as he thrust his hips forward driving his cock deep into her pussy. Pam and I watched Bob fucking Shirley not three feet from us like we were watching a live porn movie.

Bob and Shirley were still fucking when Linda returned from the restroom. She laid down beside me and snuggled up to me as we all watched Bob and Shirley. How are you doing I ask her as we laid together. She turned back toward me and gave me a loving kiss before telling me that she was doing great and asked me how I was doing. Tired but doing great I told her.

As we were watching Bob and Shirley put on a show for us Linda reached back and started to ever so lightly stroke my cock. I didn?t think it would be possible but my cock was coming back to life again. It was still very sensitive but the fire was still there and Linda was doing as only she can do in bringing it back to life.

Linda looked back at me with a knowing smile and said it looks like you?re ready for another round big boy. She eased over and laid back spreading her legs. I eased between her leg and moved my cock to the entrance of her pussy. She reached between our bodies and guided my cock into her. She was still very wet and my cock slid into her in one thrust until my balls were slapping her ass. I fucked her slowly and methodically as we both watched Bob pound his large cock into his wife from behind.

With just a smile to us Pam got up and slipped out of our cubical. Linda and I continued watching the show beside us as we continued our slow easy lovemaking. Even though my cock was hard and I was fucking again after cumming twice since we had been there I knew I was not going to be cumming anytime soon. I was just enjoying the feel of my wife's pussy wrapped around my cock.

I do not know how long Pam was gone but when she came back she did not come back alone. She had three guys with her as she reentered our cubical. The four of us in the cubical were still fucking our spouses when she came in and found a place on the mattress. She introduced the guys with her and let us know that they were friends of hers that she has known for some time. Now I?ve been to a lot of places but this was the first time I have been introduced to somebody while I was fucking my wife.

The three guys with Pam were all nude and it did not take long to see that they were all very large. As Pam laid down between Bob and Shirley and us. As two of the guys started paying a lot of attention to Pam she told the other one that this is Linda she is the one I told you about. The guy nodded to me and knelt down near Linda's head telling her that it was nice to meet her. He went on to tell her what I beautiful lady she was.

As he talked to Linda he reached over and tweaked her nipple rolling it between his forefinger and thumb. Linda looked up at him then she reached up and started stroking his cock. It did not take her long before she had this guy fully erect and ready for more. Linda pulled his cock to her lips and slid it into her mouth. As she did so my cock started to twitch in her pussy. After a few minutes of this Linda said this isn?t going to work I?m getting a cramp in my neck. With that she pulled herself off my cock and rolled over on her hands and knees. I again moved up behind her and slid my cock back into her pussy. Our new friend moved in front of her placing his cock to her lips. Linda grabbed his cock around the base and stroked it with her hand as she sucked it into her mouth.

I looked over at Pam and she was now in just about the same position that Linda was in as she was taking on the other two guys that had come in with her. She was moaning with pleasure while she was being fucked by one guy as she was giving head to the other. Both of the guys fucking her had to be at least nine inches and giving her everything they had.

I could feel Linda's pussy get even wetter than it had been after she started playing with her new friends very large cock. The fact that it turned her on so much had the effect of turning me on also. I could feel my cock start to get that familiar feeling again. I grabbed Linda's hips and started slamming my cock into her deep and hard. I knew that she wanted to feel me cum inside her so she could fuck her new friend. She was having a little trouble getting more than the head of his cock into her mouth but she was doing the best she could and he was loving every minute of it. I did not even try to hold back. My cock was starting to get a little sore and I wanted to cum one more time tonight. A few more rapped thrust into her velvet smooth pussy and I was shooting my load deep in her pussy.

As I eased my cock out of Linda I eased over to the wall of the cubical to rest and watch. I heard the guy who's cock was in her mouth tell Linda that he wanted to fuck her. Linda did not reply she just eased his cock out of his mouth and turned around so that her raised ass was now facing him. As he slid his cock between her thighs he rubbed the head along the length of her pussy. Linda reached back and wrapped her hand around his cock as she positioned it at the entrance to her pussy. He thrust his hips forward and impaled about six or seven inches of his cock into her and held still letting her become accustom to the size of his cock. He must have been at least ten inches long and one of the thickest cocks I had ever seen.

Linda had her eyes closed and was trying to control her breathing as she let herself adjust to his size. After a few minutes she opened her eyes and looked at me and smile. Her hair was matted with sweat and her makeup had long since be rubbed off but she was still the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. While looking at me I saw the smile fade from her lips as she started easing herself back forcing this guys cock deeper into her pussy.

It took what must have been at least ten minutes before she had all his cock in her pussy. Once she had it all the way in she stopped again to adjust to being that filled with cock. After a few minutes the guy started to slowly pull his cock out of her. When it was about half way out he stopped and slowly pushed it back in again. This went on for several minutes until he was pulling it almost all the way out before he would ease it all the way back in again. Over and over again he eased his cock in and out of her pussy. I could see her juices running down the insides of her thighs as this guy slowly and methodically fuck her.

This guy had Linda whimpering and begging for more. He started picking up the pass but not so much that would cause her discomfort. This guy really had some staying power because he must have fucked her for at least thirty minutes before he started showing any signs of getting ready to cum. His pace picked up a little and he told Linda that he wanted to cum inside her. Oh yea baby fuck me good I want to feel that big cock of yours filling my pussy with your cum. One last thrust deep into her pussy and he held her back into him. I could see his cock start to twitch and his hips would jerk forward with each squirt of cum he shot deep into her pussy.

When she felt the first squirt of cum hit the back of her pussy Linda screamed that she was cumming. Oh yea, oh yea that feels so good don't stop now keep filling my pussy oh that feels so good. It must have taken him at least a full minute if not more before he stopped pumping his cum into her. During that whole time Linda did not stop begging for more.

As he eased his cock out of her Linda feel forward on her arms. Her legs were still drawn up under her as she tried to regain her composure. I was behind her sitting with my back against the wall to the cubical we were in. I had a clear view of her pussy when the guy moved from behind her. Her pussy was gapping open and cum was flowing out of it and down her thighs. What seemed like a pint of cum flowed out of her before she rolled over and looked at me with tired eyes but broad smile on her face. As she looked at me she mouthed ?I love you? I love you too I mouthed back to her.

I do not know where the time went but as we laid there I checked my watch and found that it was after two AM already. I ask Linda if she was ready to go to which she replied if I was. I sure wish I could understand what women are saying when they say something. They just seem to have a knack of having some guy take responsibility for making the call that they want made but not the responsibility for making that call. Whether it is going to a swing club, but not to play or time to leave that same swing club after playing all night. But hey they sure make things a lot of fun when us guys make the right call.

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