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Cats Sexy Ski Adventure

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Cat's Sexy Ski Adventure

"Come on Cat, we're gonna miss the plane!"

Gary was always in a hurry and didn't like waiting or being late. Cat was the exact opposite: Like most engineers, she was slow and methodical. She preferred being prepared to deal with all possible scenarios and hated being rushed. Examining her neatly organized suitcase, she finally decided she had packed everything she might need for the trip.

"I'm ready sweetie, let's go."

Gary stopped and stared at Cat in utter disbelief. She was wearing an open buckskin jacket over a cropped tee shirt, and tight hip hugger blue jeans, which left her flat, deeply tanned abdomen exposed. She was obviously not wearing a bra, as the thin white material of the over-stretched tee shirt revealed. Her perky nipples were threatening to poke right through the front of the shirt, her 36D's spilling out from the deep V neckline. She also had on her Stetson cowboy hat and Frye western boots.

"Geez Cat, are you going skiing or to a rodeo?"

Gary was a Brevard County fireman. He met Cat while working out at the gym on Patrick Air Force Base. The military brass allowed the local policemen and firemen to exercise on the base. Gary was an aggressive, no-nonsense kind of guy, and even though he had been immediately attracted to Cat, to this day he still hadn't quite figured her out. He didn't believe in serious relationships; like most of the men in his profession he was more the "fuck 'em and forget 'em" type . . . except for Cat. Gary was the one who suggested they move in together, a gesture so out of character that his firehouse buddies still harassed him about it.

At first, Gary was attracted to Cat's firm, athletic body . . . and those fabulous tits . . . and then later to the seemingly brilliant mind she inexplicably concealed beneath the long golden locks. She came across as a scatter-brained, ditzy blonde, a reputation supported by verifiable stories of one misadventure after another, but Gary knew there was a genuine, honest-to-god, rocket scientist hiding in there. He suspected Cat used the dumb blonde routine whenever it suited her needs. She and Gary hit it off right away and started dating about six months ago.

As a KSC employee, Cat had permission to do her workouts on the Air Force base as well. Unlike the health clubs in town, which were more like social clubs, she found exercising with the military guys, as well as with a few cops and firemen, more beneficial, since this group took their workouts as seriously as she did. There was always some flirting, but these people worked hard at staying in shape. Cat obviously wasn't the shy type, and had no qualms about showing skin. She almost always exercised in a jog bra and little nylon shorts, whether she was running her laps around the base or lifting weights in the gym. Many a squad of airmen running in formation got chewed out by their drill sergeant for turning their heads to stare at the woman with long blonde hair, big boobs and tight ass that just ran passed them in the opposite direction. Cat didn't help matters by winking and blowing kisses at them either.

"Oh don't be silly, of course I'm going skiing. We're going out West right? To Jackson Hole? . . . Wyoming? . . . Where everyone wears WESTERN clothes. DUH!! You're the one that'll be dressed all wrong. I'll blend right in!"

At 27 years old, Cat had been working for the agency for nearly three and a half years now, and she hadn't taken a single vacation in all that time. She was more than overdue, and this was just what the doctor ordered. Born and raised in central Florida, where it rarely gets cold enough to wear even a light jacket, she had never gone skiing before, but Cat was always up for a challenge.

"Cat, the temperature almost never goes above 35 degrees this time of year. You're gonna freeze to death dressed like that!"

"Don't worry so much silly, they have heat don't they? In the cars and everywhere else? Sheesh! I know I'm blonde but I'm no dummy. Now let's go before we're late."

Once they got to the airport, Gary tried to hurry through security, hoping they didn't miss the boarding call. He made it okay, but Cat kept setting off the metal detector, so airport security pulled her aside.

"Oh for chrissakes . . . ", Gary exclaimed.

Two male guards took Cat behind a small, portable curtain that barely afforded any privacy. "Could you take off your hat and jacket ma'am?"

Cat removed the buckskin jacket and Stetson. The other guard scanned Cat's body with the handheld wand. He asked her to hold her arms above her head. When she did, the bottom of her cropped tee shirt rose up higher, until the undersides of her breasts were exposed. Both men noticed but said nothing.

"Take your shoes off please ma'am."

Cat had to sit down on a chair to pull the boots off, and then she stood back up and held her hands above her head, the shirt rising up even higher this time. The wand still beeped when they passed it over her body.

"Undo your belt and the top of your pants and then lower them, keeping your underwear on, and then spread your legs and bend over and touch the floor please."

Wondering if this was really necessary, Cat would normally have protested, except she knew they were already late, so she figured she'd cooperate and get it over with.

"Um, actually, I don't wear underwear."

Before the guard could respond, Cat lowered her jeans past her hips and bent over at the waist, her knees locked, resting the palms of her hands on the floor between her feet. With her bare ass now high up in the air, her shirt slipped forward until it was around her neck, leaving her breasts completely exposed to both men. Without missing a beat, the guard checked the pockets of her jeans, then performed a pat down search, running his hands up and down each leg, then across her backside. This was becoming a bit too much, so Cat started to object.

"Uh, excuse me but . . . . . . WHOA!"

Suddenly startled when the guard slid his fingers across her outer cunt lips, Cat involuntarily lurched forward, her head hitting the other guard in the stomach, knocking him backwards into the privacy screen. The guard conducting the search grabbed Cat around the waist in a futile attempt to keep her from falling, but instead tripped over one of her legs, falling into her. The three of them fell to the floor on top of the overturned curtain, in front of all the other passengers. One guard was on his back on the floor, with a mostly naked Cat lying on top of him, straddling his abdomen, her exposed breasts mashed into his face. The other guard was on top of Cat's back, his crotch against her bare ass. It looked like a comedy routine from some bizarre sex show.

After recovering from their initial shock at this spectacle, the other passengers in line began laughing and clapping. Gary shook his head and thought to himself, "This could only happen to Cat." She and the two guards untangled themselves and scrambled to their feet. Smiling broadly, Cat took a bow in front of the crowd and then quickly pulled her pants up. With a few male passengers still whistling, Cat saw Gary pointing to her chest, and she suddenly remembered to pull her tee shirt back down over her fully exposed tits.


Completely flustered and anxious to be rid of this crazy blonde woman, one of the guards said, "Thank you ma'am, you can finish getting dressed and proceed to your gate."

Cat was pretty sure they should have used a female guard for the body cavity search, but if she complained now, they'd never make their flight. Gary stood mutely watching Cat pull her boots back on and began to wonder if the dumb blonde thing wasn't an act after all. He and Cat eventually boarded the plane with no time to spare, and were finally on their way.

About 3000 miles away . . . .

The plane carrying Neil and Amy had just taken off from the L.A. airport. At only 25 years old, Neil was a successful real estate agent and had recently sold several million dollar homes in Brentwood. He was tall and good-looking, and kept himself in excellent physical shape, a fact which rarely went unnoticed by his female clients. He still had the same physique as he did when he played football at UCLA. He closed many a deal fucking the shit out of wives/girlfriends/daughters/mothers, whatever woman happened to be somehow connected to the transaction he had brokered.

He loved Amy, but she wasn't very adventurous sexually. For one thing, she refused to swallow his cum when giving him a blowjob. And recently, she seemed to have let her body go soft. She used to exercise all the time, but now she was getting flabby everywhere. He thought buying her some fake boobs would help, and it did, for awhile. But recently their sex life was almost non-existent. Neil needed to get his rocks off at least daily, which was why he felt he had to resort to outside interests. He was hoping this vacation would bring a spark of intimacy back into their marriage.

Amy was the same age as Neil. She had been a star volleyball player at UCLA, and they had met at one of her competitions. They started dating in their sophomore year at college, and had gotten married right after graduation. Amy was now a high school English teacher, and she enjoyed her work tremendously, but it took up all of her time, even on weekends. She suspected Neil was having an affair, and she knew it was probably because he no longer found her physically attractive. Amy wanted to do something about her looks, but there never seemed to be enough time. But ever since she got the new boobs, she'd felt more motivated to start. "As soon as we get back, things will be different," she thought to herself . . .

Early the next day . . .

Gary and Cat were skiing down a pleasant blue run called Gros Ventre, when they stopped about halfway down to take in the beautiful view of the Grand Tetons mountain range. Cat had taken private ski lessons and, because of her natural athletic abilities, mastered it right away. Other skiers and snowboarders were zooming past them on both sides. While the couple was staring down the mountain, Neil and Amy were coming towards them from higher up. Although he was an expert skier, Neil suddenly lost his balance while showing off near a couple of teenage girls. As he got closer to Cat, he shouted, "Look out!" just before he crashed into her. They both fell to the ground and, as they tumbled a short way down the mountain, they got their skis and poles tangled together. Neither one was hurt, but Amy became very concerned about both her husband and the woman he just knocked down.

"Oh my god, are you alright?" Amy said as she skied up to Cat. Although not injured, Cat was a bit stunned and didn't respond right away.

Then Neil said "I'm so sorry, are you okay?"

This time Cat responded and said she was fine. Amy admonished Neil for being such a hot dog and not looking where he was going. Neil however, was staring at Cat. She was wearing a body-hugging one piece ski suit that accentuated every curve, including her large breasts. He knew Amy was mad but, at the moment, all Neil could think of was how he'd love to see those puppies uncovered.

Meanwhile, Gary skied up to where the other three were standing, admiring the shape of Amy's butt. She was also wearing a form-fitting ski suit, and Gary was thinking along the same lines as Neil: "I'll bet THAT looks good in the raw!"

After Neil apologized for the third or fourth time, he introduced himself and Amy. Gary then did the same, and the two couples hit it off right away.

Cat thought to herself, "What a cute, good-looking couple." She noticed Neil staring at her chest, but she was used to men doing this. Actually she thought Neil looked pretty hot and caught herself glancing down at his crotch, which didn't reveal much because of the bulky, loose-fitting ski pants he was wearing. She noticed Amy had big breasts as well and figured Neil was just like Gary, a real breast-man, as she chuckled to herself. In fact, Cat would have enjoyed the attention he was giving her, except Amy was obviously more than a little irritated with Neil.

In the meantime, Amy was sizing up Gary and Cat, thinking they were a really hot-looking couple. She noticed Gary looked well-built, with broad shoulders and a slim waist. "He must work out regularly," she thought to herself, imagining what Gary must look like pumping iron in the gym. She and Neil used to work out together and would often hang out with other couples who did the same. Not any more though, she thought wistfully. Amy also noticed Cat's chest and wondered to herself if she and Cat were the same size. She knew Neil was staring at Cat's boobs, and she felt jealousy rising like a cobra ready to strike. However, she quickly suppressed the feeling, not wanting to ruin the blooming friendship with this interesting couple.

Her mind still wandering, Amy formed a mental image of Neil sucking on one of her newly enhanced tits while Gary sucked the other. Startled by the fading image, she wondered why she pictured Gary being so intimate with her. After all, she just met him, and she certainly never fantasized about any man other than Neil sucking on her tits. "Oh well," she thought, "back to reality."

After exchanging a few pleasantries, Neil invited Gary and Cat to join them for dinner at their lodge in Teton Village. Gary asked them where they were staying and Amy said, "The Snake River Lodge. Its right at the base and you can ski directly in at the end of the day. There are giant stone fireplaces in the lounge, and they have a sauna and an indoor/outdoor pool with caves and waterfalls and a hidden hot tub. Even our room has a hot tub!"

Cat, looking stunned, exclaimed, "Oh wow, we're in #201 in the same lodge. What room are you in?"

Amy said, "You're kidding! We're in #203, right next door!"

The couples planned to meet for dinner at the Game fish Restaurant at 6PM.

During dinner, conversation flowed smoothly and easily between the couples. They discovered they had many things in common and the four people soon realized they genuinely liked each other. The guys kept ordering drinks, and after awhile, no one was feeling any pain. Soon everyone's comments were spiced with sexual innuendos, and the sexual tension was really heating up.

Neil again apologized to Cat for knocking her down on the slope but she told him not to worry about it. "Its okay, no one got hurt. In fact," she said, "if you hadn't run into me, we might never have met you guys. It seems pretty funny now."

Amy said to Neil, "Yeah, it's a good thing you didn't hurt her. Although, with Cat's natural chest padding, I doubt you could have done much damage anyway." Everyone laughed, including Cat.

"You look pretty well-endowed yourself, Amy," Cat said.

"Oh, Neil bought these for me last summer."

"Best money I ever spent," said Neil. Again everyone laughed. Neil asked Cat, "So are yours natural or man-made?"

Cat replied hers were all natural, USDA inspected, organically home grown.

Neil then asked Cat if she brought a bathing suit with her. "Oh yeah, Gary bought a new one for me. It doesn't leave much to the imagination though."

Neil said, "Well let's get outta here so we can go put our suits on and sit in the hot tub. You must still be a little sore from me running in to you, and all that hot, jetting water will probably feel good."

"Well," Cat said, "I don't know, my bathing suit is pretty skimpy. I hope Amy doesn't mind."

"Don't worry about it," Amy said, "mine is skimpy too. Besides, we'll be able to see whether natural or man-made fits better in a bikini." Everyone laughed again, and Gary and Cat agreed to come to Amy and Neil's room at 9PM. They all downed another drink, and then left the restaurant.

Back in their room, Cat held up the bottom of her bathing suit, which wasn't much more than a small strip of sheer cloth with some strings attached, and she said to Gary, "So you don't mind me wearing this in front of strangers, huh?"

Gary said, "Well, they're not really strangers anymore and besides, Amy said her suit was skimpy too."

"I'm sure you guys will enjoy that," said Cat.

In the room next door, Amy already had her suit on. It was a fluorescent yellow micro thong, with a strip of cloth barely covering her pussy and two more tiny pieces of cloth covering each nipple. The rest was nothing but strings that didn't cover anything. Her huge nipples almost poked right through the sheer material, and her pussy lips were clearly visible under the cloth. Amy was a little nervous about wearing it in front of others.

"Good thing I shaved my twat this morning," Amy said.

"Yeah, let me have a look at that and make sure you got everything." Neil replied.

Amy smiled and stood with her legs spread wide apart. Neil knelt down in front of her and pulled the thin material aside. As he peered closely at her pussy lips, he flicked his tongue out, just barely brushing the outer flesh. Amy caught her breath and held it as Neil continued to lick her pussy all around the outside. He stuck his tongue in as far as it would go and flicked her clit rapidly. Amy put both hands on the back of Neil's head and pushed his face against her crotch. She never liked oral sex, giving or receiving, until just recently. She still couldn't bring herself to let Neil ejaculate in her mouth, but she loved when he sucked her pussy.

Neil then began eating her in earnest, barely stopping for breaths. He turned Amy around and began licking her asshole, which she was startled to discover she enjoyed. He stuck two, then three fingers in her cunt and finger fucked her while he reamed her with his tongue. After only a few minutes, Amy shuddered and her pussy juice just flowed and flowed. Neil turned her around again and lapped it all up. Amy fell back on the bed and just lay there, unable to move, as Neil continued to lick her pussy until he got every drop of juice.

"Wow that was great! Can I have more later?" she asked him.

"Oh yeah, a lot more," Neil said, his face glistening with her fluids.

In the other couple's room, Cat was just trying on her bathing suit. Gary said, "Wait, I'm gonna take some pictures," and he went and got his 35 mm camera. Cat then made a big show of slowly pulling on her suit, taking a long time tucking her pussy into the tiny bottoms. She then slowly adjusted the top over her nipples, while seductively massaging her breasts. Gary kept snapping away with the camera as Cat slowly turned around. He had a friend who owned a small camera shop and film-processing business, so Gary was able to get the negatives developed discreetly. It was a good thing too, because Gary took lots of very intimate pictures of Cat's nude, sexy body.

"Well, what do you think?" she said. By now, Gary had a huge hard-on and Cat said, "Never mind, I can see you approve. But you're not going next door with that!"

Cat then walked over to Gary and pushed him back on the bed. She then pulled his boxer shorts off and his cock sprung straight up. "I think I'll take care of this first, so Amy doesn't get the wrong idea."

Cat then put her lips over the tip of Gary's cock and rolled her tongue all around it. Then she ran her tongue down the shaft and over both balls. She gently sucked first one, then the other nut in her mouth.

Gary said, "Oh shit, I'm gonna cum." Cat quickly went back up to the tip and deep-throated as much of his cock as she could into her mouth. Gary groaned and started spurting into her mouth, hitting the back of her throat. Cat swallowed as much as she could, but some still ran out the sides. When Gary stopped ejaculating, Cat licked the cum off his balls and off her hand where it had leaked out. She loved the taste of semen and it seemed she could never get enough of it.

"Hey, let's do that again sometime," Gary said.

"Oh we will, right after we say goodnight to Amy and Neil. Besides you owe me one now," replied Cat.

After putting on her bathing suit, Cat told Gary she wanted to bring some ice with them to the other couple's room, in case they needed it for drinks. She slipped one of Gary's flannel shirts on and, without bothering to button it up, she went in search of an ice machine. The management kept the interior of the lodge fairly warm and there were almost no other people wandering around at this time of night. She found a sign that said the ice machines were on the odd floors, so she took the elevator up to the third floor and found the ice dispenser. After filling her bucket, she turned and ran smack into a man standing behind her, apparently waiting his turn for some ice, knocking him down. Her ice bucket went flying out of her hands and ice cubes were scattered all over the floor.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry, I didn't see you there! Here, let me help . . . . . "

As she reached for the man, Cat slipped on an ice cube and, twisting around in midair, fell backwards on top of him, her thong-covered ass smashing into his stomach, knocking the wind out of him. Cat rolled off of him onto her hands and knees and, staring into his shocked face, again asked if he was okay. Another man came around the corner to see what all the commotion was about and, slipping on some loose ice, fell forward on top of Cat, knocking her flat onto the floor. With the air now gone from her lungs as well, and with a 190 pound stranger on her back, Cat was gasping for breath. The second man rolled off of Cat, taking note of the enticing bare buttocks beneath him. The first guy was recovering, having finally taken a full breath. The first thing he saw was a pretty blonde woman rising onto her hands and knees right next to him, her pendulous, mostly exposed breasts practically hanging in his face, with a ridiculously small bathing suit doing nothing to cover her intimate parts.

"Are you okay Robert?", the second guy said to the first.

"I am now, thanks Tim. Are you okay miss?"

"Uh . . . I think so . . . now that I can breathe again. I'm so sorry guys, I'm such a klutz sometimes. I can't believe I just did that to you!"

"I think we'll live, there's no permanent harm done. Here, let's get you up so you can recover properly. Our room is right across the hall, come in for a minute and sit, you'll feel better."

"Oh that's okay, I really should get back to . . . "

"Nonsense! We're both doctors; we insist you rest a minute, make sure you're not dizzy or anything. Come on, just for a minute, your associates can wait."

Robert walked with Cat back to his room while Tim re-filled her ice bucket and then joined them. Once inside, Robert sat Cat down in a recliner and then took the chair opposite from her, while Tim sat on the couch between the two. Cat's shirt was open and her bathing suit top was askew, exposing one nipple. The bottom half of the suit had scrunched up into her crotch, leaving her pussy lips completely exposed on either side of the material.

"I think a nice strong drink is in order, don't you Tim? To calm the nerves and warm the insides."

"Gee thanks guys, but I'm feeling much better really. I don't think I . . . "

Tim said, "We won't hear of it. One drink is all we ask, that's the least you could do for nearly breaking our necks out there."

"Oh alright, one drink then."

Robert poured them each a cognac, then handed out the glasses. Thinking she could get this over with quick, Cat gulped the whole thing in one shot, suddenly feeling the burning sensation running down from her mouth to her stomach. It felt like her insides were on fire. She started coughing and choking uncontrollably. Both men jumped up, patting her on the back, getting a nice close-up look at her tits and pussy.

"Are you okay? Cognac is for sipping slowly, not downing like whiskey shots. Here, have another, but go easy this time."

When she was able to stop coughing, Cat sat back in the chair and relaxed. She took a tentative sip from her glass, and this time enjoyed the warm feeling coursing through her body. It almost felt post-orgasmic, she mused. The two men were staring at her, waiting to see if she would be okay. She was able to better assess them now. Both men were probably in their 40's, with each showing just a touch of gray hair. They had friendly faces and warm smiles, and both seemed pretty fit, at least as far as she could tell. She just realized they were both wearing boxer underwear and tee shirts, with distinctive bulges beginning to show in their crotches.

Taking another sip of her drink, Cat asked, "So what kind of doctors are you guys anyway?"

"We're plastic surgeons actually. We're here to consult with a fairly wealthy woman who owns a ranch just outside the resort. She's a well-known celebrity, but we're unable to reveal her name. Confidentiality of medical records and all that rot."

"Wow, you guys must be good if she's paying you to come to her."

"We do okay. So what do you do? Oh, and what shall we call you?"

"My name is Katerina, but everyone calls me Cat. I'm an engineer with the space shuttle program at Cape Kennedy and this is my first vacation in over three years. I'm here with a male friend, and he and another couple are waiting for me to come back. Maybe I should call . . . "

"Oh my, a blonde rocket scientist! Now that's impressive. Well Miss Cat, why don't you call your friends and tell them you're being held down against your will and forced to drink alcohol with a couple of sex maniacs who are about to ravish you all night long."

"Uh . . . "

"Hahaha, Robert is just kidding Cat. He has a twisted, sick sense of humor sometimes. Go ahead and call. Or, if you really must leave, we'll understand . . . "

A little drunk and feeling guilty now, Cat said, "No way, I'm gonna finish my drink first. You're not gonna get rid of me that easily. Give me the phone and then fill me up."

Robert had her glass filled nearly to the rim before Cat could even dial her room. She explained to Gary what happened, and told him she would finish her drink and be back before they were due over at the other couple's room. Fortunately, Gary knew Cat well enough to know he wouldn't be able to change her mind. Instead of being mad, Gary just chuckled, wondering how one woman managed to get into so much trouble. Cat hung up the phone and gave Robert and Tim thumbs up.

Tim spoke up first. "You know Cat, this woman we're going to see, she wants her breasts done, among other things. She's looked through our photo albums, but can't seem to decide on the shape she wants. I don't mean to be disrespectful, but you have the loveliest natural breasts I've ever seen on a woman, from a professional point of view of course. Don't you agree Robert?"

"Absolutely Tim. I'm sure if our client saw Cat, she'd be ecstatic. I believe you possess exactly what she's looking for. It’s too bad we can't get the two of you together somehow . . . "

"Well Robert, if I may be so bold. Perhaps Cat would allow us to take a few pictures of her breasts, and then we could show them to our client. We'd have to pay her of course . . . "

"Its strictly up to Cat, but I believe it would do the trick. Miss Cat, how do you feel about this?"

Finishing her third glass of cognac, Cat said, "Sure guys, whatever you want. I'm always glad to help out others. Fill me up again and tell me what you want me to do."

The two men scrambled around the room like mice, afraid she might suddenly change her mind. Robert broke out a fresh bottle of cognac, and quickly filled the woman's glass to the top again. Tim came running out with a very expensive looking 35 mm camera.

After taking a sip and then setting her glass down, Cat said,"Okay, now what?"

"If you don't mind, could you take the shirt off? That's good, now how about the bathing suit top? Its not covering much anyway, eh? Very good. Okay Tim, she's all yours."

"Let's do some standing shots, front and profile, then sitting in a chair, then laying down."

Thrusting out her chest, Cat stood topless in front of the two doctors, placing her feet about shoulder width apart, her hands on her hips. Tim started snapping pictures from about 10 feet away, slowly walking closer and closer, getting some nice closeups of her boobs.

"That's great. Now let's try sitting in a chair. Robert, could you get that small desk chair. Ahh, perfect. Now Miss Cat, please sit down, back straight, chest out. That's a good girl. Hold it . . . "

Tim began snapping more pictures from all sides, close up and further back. With a smirk on her face, Cat noticed the bulge in his boxers had grown. "Guys sure do love taking pictures of naked women," she thought to herself. While Tim was loading a new roll of film, Robert came over and handed Cat her brandy snifter. His boner had visibly enlarged too!

"Okay, back to work. Now Miss Cat, how about some shots laying down. Robert has prepared one of our beds, if you'll follow me."

The guys had Cat lay flat on her back, with her feet towards the headboard, holding her arms above her head. Tim took numerous pictures from both sides of the bed, and then stood by her head, his crotch almost touching her hair. He placed his legs on the outsides of her outstretched arms, his thighs pushing her elbows together. His hard-on was threatening to rip through the front of his underwear. Next he climbed up onto the bed and stood directly over her, pointing the camera straight down. The loose leg openings of the boxer underwear gave Cat a clear view of his low hung balls, the clean-shaven sack looking rather large. She realized she was horny as hell and could feel herself getting wet.

"Spectacular! Now how about turning over onto your hands and knees and position yourself sideways across the bed. I'd like to show how they look while hanging down. Ahh, just right, stay that way now."

Tim was taking more shots of Cat's pendulous breasts as they slowly swayed beneath her. She had her legs spread wide apart, causing the bikini bottoms to ride up into her twat, leaving the outer folds of her pussy clearly visible. Standing behind Cat's open legs, Robert nearly creamed in his boxers when he saw her moistened, puffy labia. He had a nearly overwhelming urge to lean forward and stick his face in there and lick them.

"Tim, if you'll come around to this side, you can take some pictures of Miss Cat's lovely breasts through her open legs. It'll add an artistic quality to the album, don't you think?"

Tim joined Robert on the side of the bed facing Cat's butt and exclaimed, "Oh my goodness, you're right! That is an award-winning view. Miss Cat, may we take some shots with and without the bathing suit bottoms? We'll let you review everything before we use it of course, but I think you'll approve of what we come up with here."

"Sure Tim, go ahead, take any pictures you want. Pose me any way you want. Just get me another drink first."

As Robert ran to re-fill her glass, Tim reloaded the camera and took several shots with the suit on. When Robert returned with more cognac, Cat took the glass and, turning her head around, told Tim to pull her bottoms off. Tim was happy to comply. Setting his camera down, he reached forward and pulled the thong from her hips, sliding it down her legs, then over both feet until it was off. Tim briefly brought the material to his nostrils, inhaling the musky odor. Cat's clean-shaven pussy was now completely bare, the opening glistening with moisture. Tim wasted no time and started snapping pictures, mostly of her delicious-looking cunt.

"Could you spread your legs a bit farther apart? That's a good girl, perfect!"

It was too much for Robert, he had to taste this woman's juices. He dove forward, face first, into Cat's fully exposed crotch, his tongue stiff and pointed, stabbing the moist fleshy folds.

"ROBERT!" Tim exclaimed.

"Mmmmmm . . . . YEAH!!!! It’s about damn time one of you decided to do that! I was beginning to think you guys were gay. Wow that feels nice."

As Robert continued to munch on Cat's tender, juicy cunt flesh, Tim snapped a few more pics, then set his camera down and moved towards her head. Pulling his boxers off, Tim knelt on the bed in front of Cat's face and placed his now fully erect cock on her chin. Smiling, Cat opened her mouth and leaned forward, sucking the proffered member deep into her mouth. Tim grabbed a handful of Cat's blonde hair and began thrusting his hips, driving his cock down her throat.

In the meantime, Robert had stopped licking the young woman's delicious twat in order to remove his own boxers. He returned to slurping her fuck hole, running his tongue from the top of her slit to her asshole, then back again, over and over again, until he felt her shudder with an orgasm. Getting up on his knees between her legs, Robert guided his stiff member into Cat's dripping cunt, and plunged balls deep in one thrust. He began fucking her hard and fast, smacking her ass a few times for good measure.

Pulling Tim's cock out of her mouth for a moment, Cat said, "Oh yeah, spank me harder, I LOVE that!" Robert was more than happy to oblige, as he quickly turned Cat's butt cheeks bright red.

When Cat returned Tim's dick to her mouth, he resumed thrusting it down her throat. He pushed it in even deeper, amazed this woman could take it like that without choking or gasping for air. He thought to himself, "Damn, she's got great control over her gag reflex. And I can't believe how long she can hold her breath!"

Cat's second climax came with greater intensity than the first, causing her to moan uncontrollably, even with her gullet stuffed with cock. Robert couldn't hold back any longer, and he began shooting gobs of hot jizz, filling the limited space in Cat's womb until it started leaking out. Tim wasn't far behind, and as the vibration from Cat's moaning increased the stimulation to his already supersensitive cock head, he started dumping streams of cum down her throat. After the first three squirts, Cat pulled the fleshy tube from her mouth, swallowing all she could, and then taking a deep breath to refill her lungs. Tim continued spraying semen, leaving long ropey strands of goo all over Cat's face and hair.

Dazed but content, the two doctors flopped onto their backs, resting crossways on the bed, with Cat laying flat on her stomach between them. After only a few moments Cat suddenly jumped up.

"Oh shit, I've gotta get back to my friends! Thanks guys, and let me know what happens with your client. I'll leave my phone number here on the dresser in case you need me."

Cat ran into the bathroom and moistened a towel with warm water, which she then used to clean all the sticky cum from her body. Spotting a pair of toothbrushes, she quickly used one to scrub her teeth, and then rinsed with mouthwash she found on the counter. Not bothering with the bikini top, Cat pulled the flannel shirt on and ran out the door, but not before turning and blowing a kiss at the two men.

"WOW! I want to see her again, don't you?" Robert said to Tim.

"Absolutely. I wonder if we could convince her to work for us? She'd be a great personal assistant and the clients would love her."

"Its worth a try. I'm sure she'd enjoy living in California."

A short while later . . . . . .

Ice bucket firmly in hand, Gary and Cat finally knocked on the other couple's door. Everyone had terry robes on, which were supplied by the lodge, and all were wearing their bathing suits underneath. Neil opened the door and invited the other couple in. He already had some strong drinks ready and everyone soon loosened up.

"Well, I don't know about you guys," said Neil, "but I'm going in the hot tub." With that, he took off his robe and climbed in. He was wearing a small Speedo, and Cat couldn't help but notice the nice bulge in front. She thought that besides Gary, Neil was one of the few men who looked good in one of those ball slings.

The other three then took off their robes and joined Neil in the hot tub. Gary was wearing a loose, but very short bathing suit. On some occasions when he and Cat had gone to the beach back home, Cat had noticed that Gary's balls would sometimes hang out the bottom of his suit. She found it rather amusing to see the reactions of other women when they happened to notice. Cat didn't really mind, especially since she was a bit of an exhibitionist herself.

"Wow," said Amy, pointing to Cat's tits, "those look great. I wish I had been born with something like that. Then Neil could have bought me jewelry instead."

Cat replied, "Yeah, but I want them to be perky like yours. I need to have them lifted. Yours are perfect."

"Thanks Cat, but I don't think you need yours lifted. That's what makes naturally large breasts NOT look fake."

As the conversation, and the alcohol, continued to flow, the two couples became more and more comfortable with each other.

Neil said, "Hey do you girls mind if Gary and I take some pictures of the two of you? You know, so we can look back years from now and remember when we first met."

Cat thought to herself, "Wow, my third photo shoot this evening. I ought to sell these pictures instead of just giving them away."

As the guys got out of the tub to get their cameras Amy said, "Oh, come on, you guys just want some titty shots for your collection."

Cat turned to Amy and said, "Does Neil take sexy pictures of you with his camera?"

"Of course," she replied, "He keeps them in a private photo album and supposedly jerks off to them when I'm not around."

"Yeah, that's what Gary says too. Well, let's keep them happy and give them some nice shots."

"Fine with me," said Amy. "What do you guys want us to do?"

Neil said, "Okay, why don't you girls sit side-by-side so we can get comparison photos of your breasts. If that's okay with Gary."

"No problem here," said Gary.

Then Neil said, "I have an idea, and I hope I'm not being disrespectful, but I would love to see both of you without your tops on."

"Fine, whatever," said Amy, "Just give me another drink first." Neil was amazed at how cooperative his wife was being. The guys practically knocked each other over bringing fresh drinks to the women. After quickly gulping them down, the girls started to take their tops off.

"Wait," said Gary, "why don't you take each other's tops off?"

"Sure, sure, whatever you want," said Cat. She moved forward so Amy could untie her top. The guys were snapping pictures as fast as their cameras would allow. Cat noticed both men were sporting some serious wood in their suits, and she just smiled and whispered to Amy, "Look at the boners the guys are getting." Amy turned her head to look and just smiled when she saw a huge tent pole in the front of her husband's Speedo. She also saw the tip of Gary's penis just starting to stick out the top of his suit.

"Good it looks wide," she thought to herself. Amy continued to slowly undo Cat's bathing suit top until it fell off into the water. Neil whistled in approval and both men enjoyed the view of Cat's 36D bare tits, while continuing to take pictures.

"Now your turn," Cat said to Amy. This time Amy moved forward and Cat got behind her. As she started to undo the strings, Cat whispered to Amy, "Let's give them a good show. Play along with me." With that, Cat finished untying Amy's top, but instead of letting it drop into the water, Cat brought her hands around to Amy's stomach, and then slowly ran them up and over her breasts, taking her top off over her head.

By now the guys had raging hard-ons. Neil's cock was sticking straight out, pulling the top of his bathing suit completely away from his body. Gary's cock was about 7 inches long, but it was fairly thick, and at least half of it was sticking straight out the top of his suit.

Amy was getting really turned on. She never had another woman's hands on her breasts before, but she had often fantasized about a three-way with Neil and another woman. Cat was the same way, and would never have previously even considered feeling up another woman. But both women were horny as hell, and getting more so by the minute.

Amy said to Cat, "I want to see if your tits feel as natural as they look."

"Be my guest," replied Cat. The two women faced each other and began massaging each other’s breasts. Cat said, "Boy you have great nipples, they really poke out."

"They poke out even more when Neil sucks on them."

"Really, let's see." Then Cat lowered her head to Amy's left tit, and began licking, then sucking on the nipple. Amy threw her head back and moaned.

By now, the guys had moved right up to the side of the hot tub and were taking close-up shots of the women's tits. They had already taken their bathing suits off and both cocks were standing straight up at attention.

Cat said, "Look at that, Amy's nipples do get bigger when you suck on them. Gary gets some pictures of these." But Gary needed no encouragement, and was happily snapping away.

Amy said, "What about your nipples Cat, do they get bigger when Gary sucks on them?"

"I guess you'll have to find out for yourself Amy," was her reply.

Amy then began sucking on Cat's left tit, which made Cat groan with pleasure. "Come on Neil," Amy said, "help me out here." Neil looked at Gary, who nodded in the affirmative, then put his camera down and got into the hot tub with the women and began sucking on Cat's right tit.

"Oh my god, I love having both tits sucked at the same time," Cat said.

Gary continued to take pictures, until Amy said, "Hey what about Gary?"

Neil replied, "Well honey, let's have Cat lean back against the hot tub, then you stand with your butt up in the air while you continue sucking her tit. Spread your legs so Gary can eat you out from behind."

Gary put his camera down and got into the tub with the other three. The women positioned themselves as Neil had instructed, and Gary got under Amy and started licking her pussy and ass. Neil stopped to take some more pictures, and then went back to sucking on Cat's tit.

Gary had his face buried in Amy's bare cunt, and was eating her in earnest. At home Gary insisted Cat shave her crotch regularly, keeping just a thin strip above her lips, which he said photographed better, and also made eating her more enjoyable. He sucked Amy's pussy lips completely into his mouth and stuck his tongue in as far as it would go. He flicked her clit with his tongue, making her squirm her ass around. Gary then pulled his face back a little, while maintaining his suction, stretching her lips out.

Amy moaned out loud, and said, "Oh god, Gary, I love that, chew on my pussy." All of a sudden, Amy started gushing cunt juice into Gary's mouth. He drank it all down, thinking how delicious Amy tasted.

Cat was still leaning back, enjoying the attention her tits were getting from both Amy and Neil. When Neil stood up his huge cock was just inches away from Cat's face. She opened her eyes to see why Neil had stopped nursing on her tit, and she saw his cock right in front of her nose. Cat just smiled and, reaching up with one hand, wrapped it around Neil's dick and pulled it toward her mouth. She put the tip in her mouth and started sucking on it like a lollipop. Neil groaned and slowly began to thrust his hips forward, placing his hands behind Cat's head. She tried to swallow his whole cock, and once she relaxed her throat muscles, was able to get it all in. The tip of his penis was down inside her throat, and, while holding her breath, Cat swirled her tongue all around Neil's cock shaft.

Neil, who had been ready to burst earlier when he first saw Cat in her bathing suit, was not going to be able to hold out much longer. He thought he should at least warn Cat before shooting his load. He knew Amy didn't like it when he ejaculated in her mouth so he wasn't sure what Cat would say.

"Oh man, look out Cat, I'm gonna cum."

Neil started to pull his cock out of Cat's mouth, intending to cum on her beautiful tits. But Cat kept a grip on his ass cheeks with both hands, keeping most of his dick buried in her throat. Neil groaned again and shot his load deep inside her mouth, continuing to ejaculate in rapid spurts. Cat was an expert cum eater, and as Neil kept shooting his creamy spunk, she just let it slide down into her stomach. When she pulled her head back to take a breath, some jizz squirted out, dripping down onto her chest, where Amy was still earnestly sucking and massaging Cat's tits.

When Neil's dick stopped its spasms, Cat cleaned up some juice that had gotten on her hand, making sure she didn't miss a drop. Then she licked his balls clean, sucking both in one at a time to make sure she got everything. When Cat started to wipe Neil's cum off her chest, Amy pushed her hand away and said, "No, let me get that." Amy then proceeded to lick Cat's entire upper chest clean, getting every drop of her husband's cum.

Neil just stared in amazement at his wife and said, "I thought you didn't like eating my semen?"

Amy replied, "Well I do now. I saw how much Cat was enjoying it and thought I would try some for myself. I've decided I love eating cum after all."

In the meantime, Gary was still eating away at Amy's pussy. He had a raging hard-on and decided it was time to do something about it. "Neil, I need to fuck your wife real bad. Does anybody have any objections?"

There were no negative responses from anyone, and Cat said, "Go for it."

So Gary stood up and placed the tip of his fat cock at the entrance to Amy's pussy, then slowly started to push it in. Amy was extremely wet from all the oral attention Gary had been giving her, so even though it was a tight fit due its thickness, his dick slid in with little resistance. Gary started pumping in and out of Amy's cunt slowly at first, then gradually picking up speed.

Amy moaned and said, "Oh god, I can't believe how big you are Gary. That feels great."

Gary shoved his cock in as far as it would go, stretching Amy's pussy lips to the max, then he pulled back to where his dick almost came out. He repeated this process several times. Amy was in heaven, and soon started having a series of mini orgasms. Like Neil, Gary was ready to cream in his bathing suit a long time ago, when they all first took off their robes, so he knew he couldn't hold back too long.

"Get ready Amy, I'm gonna cum."

"No wait," Amy said, "in my mouth."

Gary pulled out of her twat, and Amy quickly spun around in the water, putting Gary's dick in her mouth. Because of its thickness, Amy was only able to get the tip and part of the shaft in her mouth. Gary started ejaculating, shooting gallons of cream into Amy's mouth. Neil again just stared in amazement, as his wife rapidly swallowed Gary's sperm. Amy was unable to swallow the whole load, and quite a bit of Gary's cum ran out the sides of her mouth.

When Gary was done, he started to stumble backwards, exclaiming "Whew, Amy that was unbelievable." Amy grabbed Gary by his ass cheeks, preventing him from sitting down, and sucked his balls into her mouth, cleaning all the cum off of them. Then she let Gary sit back into the hot water.

Amy turned to Cat and said, "Look what your boyfriend did to my tits. He got his cum all over them. What are you going to do about it?" Cat just smiled and started running her tongue all over Amy's beautiful boobs, licking up all the cum she could find.

The guys recovered just long enough to get their cameras and take a few more pictures. "These are going to look great in our collection!" Neil exclaimed.

"You know it," said Gary.

Cat was licking the undersides of Amy's breasts, then began working her way down her torso. When she got to her belly button she had to stop, because the rest was underwater.

"Hey Amy, why don't you sit up on the side of the tub for awhile."

"Sure Cat, what do you have in mind?"

Amy lifted herself out so that she was sitting on the edge with her feet dangling in the water. Cat smiled and, pushing Amy's knees apart, moved forward and buried her face in Amy's crotch. Although she had never done this before, as a woman, Cat knew exactly what would feel good, and began to lick Amy's labia, nibbling on the fleshy lips. Using her teeth, she gently pulled the soft skin out, sucking it into her mouth. Using her tongue, Cat licked Amy from her anus to the top of her slit, over and over again, causing Amy to squirm and moan. Amy's clit was protruding from between her cunt lips, and Cat nibbled and sucked on that too.

The guys were snapping pictures like crazy, getting right up close to the action. At one point, Gary held Cat's long blonde hair back so that Neil good get some clear shots of Cat's tongue deep inside Amy's pussy. Grinning, Cat turned to look into the camera, her face covered with Amy's cunt juice. Using her fingers, Cat spread Amy's pussy wide open allowing the guys to get some good pictures of the inside of her gaping cunt.

Getting back to business, Cat placed her entire mouth over Amy's vagina and sucked hard, shoving her tongue deep inside.

After a short rest, Amy said the hot water was turning her into a prune and suggested they all move to the bed.

"Good idea," said Cat, my back is getting tired and besides, I think I need my pussy sucked and fucked too." So they all dried off and moved to the big king bed.

Obviously Gary was aware of Cat's overabundant need for sex, and he did his best to please her. He also knew she was an unrepentant flirt and merciless tease. She drove most normal guys crazy with her charm and sex appeal, she loved being the center of attention, and she seemed to have no fear. Gary's fire department buddies were always commenting on Cat's good looks, encouraging him to have Cat come and work out in their new department gym. He knew Cat would love that, the only woman surrounded by a bunch of young, horny, good-looking studs.

Gary suspected Cat had sex with other men while on her out-of-town trips, which she was required to take on a regular basis because of her job. He knew there was no way she could go a week or two without getting laid. He didn't want to ask, and he guessed correctly that Cat wouldn't volunteer the information. It used to bother him, but not anymore. In fact, it turned him on picturing her getting fucked by one or more men in her hotel room after work.

When his mind finally wandered back to the present, Gary realized someone was talking to him. Amy said, "Hey Gary, did you hear what I just said?"

Startled, Gary replied, "No, I was daydreaming."

"I said, Cat and I think we should get a little rest first. We've been skiing all day and drinking all night and the elevation here is getting to us. We've got a whole week to fuck and suck our way into oblivion, with some skiing in between, so what do you say?"

"Hey Cat," Gary said, "I thought your pussy needed attention?"

"It does," she replied, "But I'm about ready to crash, and I want to be able to enjoy Amy's wonderful tongue up my twat. Besides, Neil is already passed out on the bed."

"Well, okay, let's call it a night. But let's plan to meet for breakfast so we can get an early start."

Then Cat said, "There's a connecting door between our rooms, leave it unlocked."

"Sounds good," Amy said, and the couples returned to their own rooms for the remainder of the night.

As soon as Cat and Gary entered their room they both collapsed onto the bed. Gary was asleep almost before his head hit the pillow and Cat wasn't far behind. In the adjoining room, Amy laid down next to her husband, who was already fast asleep. Just before she drifted off, Amy thought to herself, what a great vacation, perfect skiing conditions, good food and drink, new friends, and lots of sex. It doesn't get any better than this, she thought, just before she fell sound asleep.

The two couples had agreed to get up at 7AM, shower and dress, meet for breakfast by 8AM, then hit the slopes when the lifts opened at 9AM. But in the early morning hours around 4 o'clock, Cat woke from a deep sleep with a full bladder. After finishing up in the bathroom, Cat suddenly realized she had been having a very erotic dream involving Neil and Gary. Cat was still horny from her earlier encounter with the other couple, and didn't think she would be able to get back to sleep right away. She looked over at Gary, who was lying unconscious on his stomach, snoring lightly. No help here, she thought to herself.

Cat tiptoed into the other couples' room, and was barely able to make out Amy and Neil on their bed. As she got a little closer, Cat saw Amy was sound asleep lying on her side, facing away from Neil. Neil was lying on his back. As she got to the side of the bed, Cat noticed Neil's hard cock sticking straight up, even though he was sound asleep. Men, Cat smiled and thought to herself, even in sleep they only have one thing on their minds.

Cat wanted to reach over and stroke Neil's dick, but was afraid she would wake him up. Nah, he'll just think he's dreaming, she thought. So Cat extended her hand to Neil's cock and began lightly rubbing up and down the shaft. Cat was already horny, and this was starting to get her even more turned-on. She reached her other hand over and gently massaged his balls at the same time. Neil just lay there fast asleep, but now he had a big grin on his face and was moaning slightly.

Cat's pussy was starting to get very wet, and she knew she would have to take care of business soon. What the hell, Cat thought, I gotta do something. So she gently sat on Neil's side of the bed and leaned her head over to Neil's crotch, placing the tip of his penis in her mouth. She began sucking lightly on the tip, slowly taking a little more of its length into her mouth. Neil's prick was rock hard, and he continued to moan softly, but did not wake up. Amy was still sound asleep as well.

Cat's pussy juice was now flowing freely and she would need to have an orgasm soon. When Neil had collapsed on the bed earlier, he ended up with his head at the foot of the bed and his feet toward the top. Cat quietly got up on the bed and positioned her crotch directly over Neil's face, then completed the 69 by continuing to suck his dick. She slowly lowered her pussy onto Neil's mouth, hoping he would wake up and start licking her.

And Neil did exactly that. He finally felt the suction on his penis, and as he slowly woke up, he saw a delicious-looking pussy right in front of his face. Thinking it was Amy, Neil stuck his tongue out and began licking the outer pussy lips. Cat lowered herself even more, allowing Neil to shove his tongue up into her. Neil was surprised at how much juice was already there, but he continued to lick and suck up all the cream he could.

Now it was Cat's turn to moan, as she felt the first orgasm hit. She was busily sucking Neil's cock in earnest, taking most of its length into her mouth and down her throat. Neil was sucking her pussy lips completely into his mouth, while shoving his tongue up into her cunt as far as it would go. After her second orgasm Cat decided she needed this magnificent cock up inside her pussy. Neil was still swallowing as much of her cum as he could, and some was running down his cheeks.

Cat lifted herself off of Neil's face, and then moved forward so she could sit on his prick. She put the tip at the entrance of her vagina, and then sat down abruptly in one quick motion, ramming the entire shaft up inside her. She started to bounce up and down slightly, trying not to wake Amy. Neil began thrusting upward, shoving his cock in as far as it would go. He could feel his balls hitting the outer lips of her pussy, and by now they were completely coated in her cunt juice. Neil still did not realize it was Cat riding him, instead of Amy. He could feel his own orgasm building, and knew it wouldn't be long now. Cat continued to have one orgasm after another, and each time her vaginal muscles would contract, they squeezed Neil's cock shaft.

Neil quietly let out one last moan and said, "I'm gonna cum." This really turned Cat on and as her contractions continued, Neil started spurting semen into Cat's cervix, filling it up almost immediately, causing the remainder to leak out and flow down onto his balls and anus. When Cat's orgasms finally subsided, she felt completely satisfied, and she lifted herself off Neil's now softening penis. The last thing Neil thought he saw before he passed out was Cat, not Amy, licking all of their mixed juices off his cock and balls until he was completely clean.

Neil thought to himself, "I must be dreaming" then he fell back asleep. Cat cleaned herself up, then returned to her room and lay back down next to Gary, where she soon fell into a deep sleep, completely satisfied.

Around 6:30 Gary opened his eyes and was soon wide awake. Being an early riser anyway, Gary jumped out of bed feeling completely refreshed. He looked over at Cat and saw she was still sound asleep. Gary chuckled to himself, knowing Cat would, as usual, delay getting up for as long as possible. Gary decided to take a quick shower, and then get dressed.

In the other room, Amy was also just waking up. When she came fully awake, she felt a tingling in her pussy, which meant only one thing, she needed a morning fuck. She looked over at Neil, expecting to see his usual morning boner, but was disappointed when she saw his flaccid penis. She thought that was very unusual, but just shrugged and attributed it to the elevation and the activities of the night before. Amy tried to wake Neil up, but he wouldn't budge. She decided to sneak a peek at the couple in the other room, and saw only Cat in bed. Then she heard the shower running, and figured Gary must be in there. The tingling in her crotch was growing, and she figured what the hell, I need a shower too, so she quietly crept toward the bathroom door and went in.

Gary liked to use a lot of hot water, so the room was very steamy. Amy, who was completely naked, closed the bathroom door, then slid the shower curtain aside and said to Gary, "Mind if I join you?"

"Not at all," Gary replied, "come on in."

As she stepped into the shower, Amy saw Gary's fat cock, and she could see it was starting to grow. At the same time, Gary took quick notice of Amy's perky nipples and bald pussy. "Where did you leave off," Amy asked Gary.

"I just started, so it doesn't matter," he said.

Amy took the wash cloth and used the soap to lather it up. Then she told Gary, "Turn around I'll start with your back." Amy then began to scrub Gary's back and broad shoulders, working her way down to his buttocks. She then began washing his butt spreading his cheeks apart and cleaning deep in his crack. She went down the back of one leg then the other.

As Amy stood back up, Gary started to turn around, but she said, "Not yet." Amy lathered up one of her long index fingers, then placed the tip at the entrance to Gary's anus. "You need to be clean inside and out," and slowly began to work her finger into his ass.

At first Gary flinched, thinking he would not enjoy this too much, but as Amy wormed her finger in very slowly, until she was in all the way, Gary soon began to enjoy the sensation. Amy then slowly began to massage Gary's prostate, causing his penis to become fully erect. Amy's pussy was now on fire, and she was going to need relief soon. With her finger still in his ass, Amy turned Gary around and put her mouth over the tip of his penis. She slowly sucked in as much of its length as she could manage, while still massaging Gary's insides with her finger.

Gary said, "Uh oh, I'm gonna cum," and as Amy sucked harder Gary spurted over and over into her willing mouth. Amy swallowed it all down, not missing a single drop.

When Gary was able to recover, he said, "Wow, that's a great way to help clean someone up."

"Don't think we're finished pal," Amy replied, "It's my turn now."

Amy stood up and turned her back to Gary. Gary took the wash cloth and repeated Amy's steps, washing her back, her beautiful butt, and gorgeous legs. Amy stood with her legs as far apart as possible in the small shower, and, after soaping up his finger, Gary stuck it up Amy's anus. He swirled it around, then shoved it in as far as it would go, then almost back out again. Amy was moaning loudly, enjoying the sensation in her rectum.

When Gary removed his finger completely, Amy started to protest, but then Gary spread her ass cheeks wide and stuck his tongue in her ass. Gary reamed Amy's ass out with his tongue, licking from the top of her crack down to her pussy, then back to her anus. Gary then turned Amy around and went to work on her snatch. He ate her out, licking and sucking her pussy lips, flicking her clit with his tongue. Amy finally had an explosive orgasm, squirting her juice directly into Gary's mouth. Gary lapped up as much as he could, but Amy was flowing heavily by now, and some of her cream ran down Gary's face.

When Gary stood up, Amy said, "Got anything left? I could use a good fucking from behind."

"Let's see what we can do," Gary replied.

Amy turned around and bent over at the waist, placing her hands on the shower wall for support. Gary was already sporting a huge hard-on again, and he grabbed his dick in one hand, placing the bulbous tip at the entrance to Amy's pussy. Gary grabbed her hips and shoved his dick in as hard as he could, then began pounding away. She liked it fast and hard once in awhile, and this was certainly doing the trick. Amy was trying to stifle her moaning so as not to wake up Cat and Neil, but Gary was giving her the fucking she needed and she couldn't help herself. She already had two or three additional orgasms, and her legs were getting weak.

Gary said, "Here I come," and he shot his load deep into Amy's womb. When his dick finished its spasms, he pulled out and leaned back against the wall.

Amy turned around, got on her knees and said, "Let me get that for you." She then applied her mouth to Gary's cock, cleaning every bit of cum off of it. They soaped up one more time, then got out of the shower and dried each other off.

Just as Amy walked back into her room, Neil was starting to wake up. "Well, if it isn't sleeping beauty," Amy said to Neil.

"Boy, you're up early, and showered too!" Neil exclaimed.

"Hey we got things to do today so let's go," Amy replied.

Neil looked closely at his wife and said "And what's with that smirk on your face. You look like the cat that just ate the canary."

Amy's grin got wider and she thought to herself, "Well something a lot bigger than a canary anyway."

In the other room, Gary had to shake Cat before she would even open her eyes. Gary just figured Cat was being her usual late-riser self, unaware she and Neil had had an early morning tryst that used up what little energy she might have had. The two couples finished getting dressed, went down to the restaurant for breakfast, and then headed out to the slopes for some good skiing.

It was a glorious, fun-filled week as the two couples divided their time equally between skiing and fucking. The two women took turns getting double teamed by the men, and, insisting on fair play, the men enjoyed the simultaneous attentions of both women.

On one such evening, while kneeling on the living room floor with Gary embedded deep in her snatch, Amy was sucking her husband's fat cock until the two men filled her at both ends with cum. Not to be outdone, Cat lay on her back across the ottoman with her head hanging down, allowing Gary to fuck her deep down into her throat, while Neil held her legs up over his shoulders as he fucked her hard in the ass. Both men then sprayed the blonde woman with buckets of jizz until she was covered from head to toe.

At their next fuck session, with Amy impaled on Gary's cock, Cat sat squirming on his face, and the two women began kissing and sucking each other’s tits. Then Neil got his turn, as the girls switched places, with Cat now riding Neil's pecker as Amy spread her pussy lips across his mouth.

"What a great vacation," Cat thought to herself as she shuddered to another orgasm. "Just what the doctor ordered."


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