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Best Job Ever

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I’m a single 35 year old guy who was fortunate enough to be hired for a painting job by a couple who turned out to be swingers. It was not only the best job I’ve ever had, but it also completely changed my direction in life. To start from the beginning, I had first gone to their house to give an estimate for the job. Tom made it a point to tell me that his wife wanted to meet me. When I got to the house, Tom showed me around and told me that his wife would be home shortly and asked if I would be able to wait so that she could meet me. I figured she just wanted to know who was going to be in her house. When we got to his daughter’s room, he introduced me to his beautiful 18 year old daughter Jackie explaining to me that she just started going to the community college in our area part time so she would probably be home most of the time when I was doing the job. I was hoping that I would get the job since I knew it would be nice just looking at this girl every day. The first thing I noticed was her gorgeous eyes. She had the look of a magazine cover girl without wearing any makeup. Then as I measured out the room, I noticed a bunch of gymnastic awards along with several skimpy thongs lying on the floor that she had obviously just left them there after taking them off. Tom noticed the same thing and reminded Jackie that he had told her to clean her room up before I got there. Jackie rolled her eyes at him, picked up the thongs and other clothes off the floor and brought them downstairs. Tom was shaking his head and asking if I had any girls, which I told him I didn’t have any kids. He laughed and said “just wait till you do”. I wound up waiting about a half hour for his wife, Janice, to get home. In the meantime, I gave Tom my price and we made some small talk. We talked about what he did for a living and so on when Janice finally got home. She came in, introduced herself, shook my hand and asked if I was married, which I thought was odd. I told her that I was single at the moment and then she just said it was real nice meeting me, told Tom that I seemed nice and then she went upstairs. I looked at Tom holding my hands up like that’s it? Tom laughed and said “I guess she approves, so when can you start?” I told him I could start the following Monday and he then asked me if I would be doing the job by myself or if I would be bringing anyone else in to help me. I told him that on this job I would be working alone and he let me know that he liked the idea of that. When I left that day, all I could think about was what a piece of ass their daughter Jackie was and it was going to be nice having her around as eye candy. Later on, I realized that all the questions and Janice meeting me had a different meaning than I thought. From the very first day of the job, it was a mind blowing experience.

On the first day, Tom answered the door and let me in. He was dressed to go to work and Janice was standing in the kitchen wearing nothing but a t-shirt that only covered about three quarters of her ass cheeks. I could also clearly see her dark nipples through the white shirt. They were talking to me about the job like Janice wasn’t standing there half naked. When it came time for Tom to leave for work, Janice gave him a big kiss and hug and they told each other that they love each other. Tom then told me that he would see me tomorrow morning. I got to work and of course couldn’t stop looking at Janice trotting around in her t-shirt and wondering to myself how she had absolutely no reservations about walking around half naked. She had a nice bubble ass, nice sized tits that stretched out her t-shirt she had on and looked overall nice with a few extra pounds. She was no model, but certainly sexy. I was painting in the living room for about two hours and Janice showed up in the kitchen again still wearing nothing but the t-shirt. There was a clear view between the two rooms and I kept looking over at her. She kept smiling back at me and then she bent over at the waist and was looking in the cabinet under the kitchen sink with her ass facing toward me. I got a clear view of her entire ass with her hairy pussy hanging down not 20 feet from me. She stayed in that position just looking under the sink. It was clear to me that she was doing it on purpose, but I didn’t know if she was just fucking with me or if it was an invitation. I was hard as a rock at that point and asked if she needed a hand looking at something. Janice stood up and said that she thinks her sink might be leaking and wondered if I could take a look. At that point, I was pretty sure Janice had plans to do something with me, but I wasn’t about to ask any questions. I lied down on the floor, stuck my head in the cabinet and looked up at the plumbing and everything was bone dry. I looked back up at Janice and she was standing over me rubbing her fingers on her pussy. I noticed that she had a full bush of hair and didn’t appear to do much trimming. Not really knowing what to say, I was just lying there staring up at her and not being too quick witted, I told her that I didn’t see any leaks. She got down on her knees without saying a word, undid my pants and popped my hard cock out of my underwear. Seconds later she was blowing me. My head was still propped up on the base of the cabinet and I was just watching her sucking and stroking my cock. She blew me for about five minutes and then she straddled over my cock and slid it right inside of her. She was nice and wet and I couldn’t believe she just jumped on my cock. Janice was rocking back and forth on my cock asking if she felt good and all I said was “oh yeah”. I pulled up her t-shirt and started playing with her big dark brown nipples. She made herself cum while riding my cock in minutes. Watching her cum and feeling her pussy get flooded as she kept riding me, I was ready myself. I assumed it was okay to cum inside of her since she didn’t hesitate in jumping on my naked cock. When I started to shoot my load, Janice stopped riding me and just grinded my cock, keeping my entire cock in her as far as it would go. She had her head tilted back and was moaning as I emptied all my sperm into her. Afterward, she got up and said “ooh you’re a heavy cummer” while she held one hand between her legs and she grabbed her cell phone off the counter with her other hand as she ran to the bathroom. I was laughing to myself and couldn’t believe what had just happened. I never had a girl tell me I was a heavy cummer, but was happy to know that she seemed satisfied by that. I thought it was odd that she grabbed her cell phone, but I didn’t give it any more thought than that. From start to finish it only lasted about ten minutes, but it was all I thought about the rest of that day. She didn’t come back to the kitchen after getting out of the bathroom so I tucked my still hard cock back into my pants and went back to work. About an hour later, Janice showed up in the kitchen fully dressed and said she had to go run some errands. There wasn’t a word said about what we just did. I was shaking my head at how she had just fucked me and seemed to be all business about it. Every woman that I have ever been with liked to have at least some foreplay involved and would want to talk afterward. While Janice was out, her daughter Jackie came downstairs to go out at one point. She smiled at me as she walked by and I got to admire her gorgeous little ass in the tight jeans she was wearing. I was thinking to myself how daring it was that her mother fucked me on the kitchen floor knowing her daughter was right upstairs. I went home at the end of the day saying to myself that this will probably never happen again in my life. I spent that entire night thinking over what happened and I started wondering if Tom knew his wife was going to fuck me. The only clue I had to go on was that he was surely okay with his wife standing in front of me half naked. I never knew a guy to be okay with his wife having sex with another guy, so I figured that maybe they were liberal about nudity and Janice was just being a little slut behind Tom’s back. I certainly hoped that she wanted more. I also actually liked that she had a full bush. She was the only woman I have ever been with that didn’t shave.

The next morning, Tom greeted me at the door again. Janice was in the kitchen wearing a tight one piece dress with heels on. I loved how her bubble ass looked wearing the dress and I could see the outline of the thong that she was wearing. We made some small talk and then Tom told me that he and Janice both had to go to work, but their daughter Jackie would be home all day. I was bummed to hear that Janice was going to work, but figured it still wouldn’t be a bad day just admiring their daughter. I made my way up to Jackie’s bedroom to let her know that I would be painting her bedroom that day and to let me know when it was okay. Jackie was wearing a pair of tight neon pink stretch shorts with a matching tight fitting sports bra. My guess was that it must have been a workout outfit for gymnastics. It pretty much left zero to the imagination. The shorts rode up inside the crack of her ass, in the front you could see her lips parted for a big camel toe and her nipples were sticking out of the top. I couldn’t take my eyes off her and had to comment how she was in such good shape. Jackie thanked me and told me that it was her favorite workout outfit but said “I can’t wear this out in public as you can see” and she looked down at the front of her shorts and thrusted her hips out to show me her camel toe. I had a raging hard on at that point listening to what she just said and the fact that she was pretty much showing me her pussy. Without skipping a beat, she went back to telling me that I could start on her room anytime I wanted. I just about ran out of her room to go get my stuff. I moved all my stuff up to her room and she was hanging around while I got set up. Next thing I know, Jackie was asking me how old I was, if I had a girlfriend and if I had any kids. After telling her that I was 35, didn’t currently have a girlfriend and no kids, she says to me “did you have sex with my mom yesterday?” I was shocked and immediately said “no, why?” Jackie said “you know my parents are swingers, right?” I again answered no. Jackie went on to say that she saw her mom walking around the day before in nothing but a t-shirt and she was sure that she hit on me. I still tried to deny it. She then started smiling at me and looking at me seductively with those gorgeous eyes. She told me how she noticed that I liked looking at her and asked if I was attracted to her. I felt a little embarrassed, but I confessed that she was beautiful and of course I was attracted to her. She continued smiling at me telling me that she thought I was cute and then she started strutting toward me. When she got to me, she threw her arms around my shoulders and tilted her head saying “I’ve never been with a painter before”. My heart was pounding out of my chest as I realized this 18 year old girl actually wanted me. I put my arms around her lower back and then she kissed me. I grabbed her tight little ass and pulled her into me. I shuffled over toward her bed while still kissing her and fell onto the bed with her. After making out with her for like 10 minutes and running my hands all over her amazing body, I pried her shorts off and buried my tongue in her shaved pussy as fast as I could. I loved how she tasted. She pulled off her top and I would swear I was looking at her mother’s nipples. They were like replicas. I ate her out and fingered her perfect little wet hole for at least 20 minutes. I then got up and started stripping down and I couldn’t wait to fuck her. As I was pulling my underwear off, Jackie told me that she was on birth control so I didn’t have to worry. That was great news. I got between her legs and slid my cock up and down on her slit to tease her a bit. The head of my cock was nice and wet from her being wet and she was saying over and over “don’t tease me, don’t tease me”. It took me three strokes to get into her tight pussy. Once I was in, I pounded her relentlessly. She screamed to the point where I thought I was hurting her, but when I eased up, she screamed out “what are you doing, give it to me hard”. I think with the combination of hearing her screaming and the fact that she was the hottest girl I have ever been with, I shot my load right inside of her way sooner than I wanted to. We laid next to each for a while afterward and she asked me to tell her the truth if I had sex with her mother or not. Since she just fucked me, I felt that I owed it to her to be honest. I admitted that I did and she wanted to hear every detail. I told her the whole story of what happened. Jackie started laughing and said “holy shit, she did have sex with that guy”. I was then asking what the hell she was talking about. Jackie told me how a couple of weeks ago there was a guy who came over to fix a leak under the kitchen sink! I caught on to what she was saying and started laughing about it with her. We joked around how she probably ran to the bathroom holding her hand between her legs after she was done with him. Jackie joked how her mom probably made her dad lie down under the sink and she probably screwed him the same way to show him how she did it, saying “that’s what I would have done”. I was surprised and said “really you would have done that”. She said “C’mon would you want me to tell you how I fucked a guy or show you how I fucked him?” I conceded that she had a good point. Jackie then asked me who was better, her or her mother. I told her that I definitely enjoyed her better than her mother. That made her very happy and she jumped on top of me kissing me. I was in heaven. She also told me that she overheard her parents talking earlier that morning and they were both talking about how they were going to take off work the next day. She explained to me that she was pretty sure that they would try to have a threesome with me just so I knew. I was pretty much shocked at hearing this 18 year old girl telling me all this, not to mention that she had just had sex with me. I asked her if she thought her mother told her father that I had sex with her and her reply was “you’re a little slow, of course she did but don’t worry he likes it”. She went on telling me how her parents have had guys come over the house before and they all go into her parent’s bedroom together and close the door. I was like “really???” Jackie told me how they used to try and hide it from her, but after she told her mother that she overheard them having sex with another couple about a year ago, her mother told her that they like to swing with men and other couples. I thanked her for giving me the heads up and said that I should get back to work. We both got dressed and I loved that she put her tight shorts back on and didn’t even go to the bathroom to clean up. I watched Jackie walking in and out of her room the rest of the day in those tight shorts knowing that the crotch was soaked with my cum. I went home that night and all I could think about was how this was all happening to me. I figured that Jackie had pretty much fucked me just so she could hear the truth about what I had did with her mother, but I really didn’t care. While thinking everything over what happened, along with what Jackie had filled me in on, it occurred to me that Janice must have grabbed her cell phone when running to the bathroom to call Tom or Facetime him to show him my cum dripping out of her or something like that. To be honest, I actually started to get a little nervous knowing that Tom knew I fucked his wife and that they might want to have a threesome with me the next day. I had never done anything like this before and didn’t know how I would feel having sex in front of another guy, let alone with his wife. I probably got about three hours of broken sleep that night anticipating the next day.

On the third morning, Tom greeted me at the door as usual and Janice was once again standing in the kitchen. Janice was wearing a long robe which was disappointing compared to her usual sexiness. We had some small talk and sure enough Tom told me that him and Janice were off from work, but would try and stay out of my way. I felt a little more comfortable that Tom seemed to be his usual self and I got to work wondering if what Jackie told me would happen. I knew that Jackie was home, but her bedroom door was shut. I was painting the master bedroom for about an hour when Tom came in and told me that Janice had told him that I had some fun with her the other day. If Jackie hadn’t given me the heads up already, I’m not sure how I would have reacted. I told Tom that Janice was really hot and I really enjoyed having fun with her. Tom then asked me “I was thinking we could all have some fun together, what do you think?” I of course said I would love to. Tom then called Janice into the bedroom and he laid down on the bed. Janice came into the room, shut the door, smiled at me and dropped her long robe to the floor. She stood there wearing a negligee with her tits popping out of two holes where the bra would be. She strutted over to me and dropped down to her knees in front of me. She pulled my pants down around my ankles and started blowing me right in front of Tom. She even turned me so that Tom would have a perfect side view of her blowing me. I looked over at Tom and he was watching from the bed as he undressed and he started stroking his cock. Seeing that he liked watching what was going on, I pulled up on her hair and held it out of the way to give a clear view. Tom was saying stuff to Janice like “you like that cock honey?” and she was saying “I love it” in between sucking my cock. Since I had no idea of how a threesome would go, I just figured I would follow their lead. Janice blew me for a while and then completely undressed me, while taking time to stop and tongue kiss me on and off. She then went over to Tom and started sucking his cock, so I stood there and stroked my cock like Tom did. As Tom was enjoying his blow job, he told me to go ahead and taste Janice. Janice propped her ass up in the air at hearing this and I could see that there were two snaps on the crotch of the negligee. I unsnapped the snaps and buried my tongue in her hairy pussy with my nose rubbing on her asshole, which was impeccably clean I might add. This went on for a while when I heard Janice say “fuck me”. I quickly got behind her and did exactly what she said. I was pounding her from behind while Tom was saying “you really like that cock, don’t you honey?” Janice was mumbling in approval as she kept blowing Tom. He also told me “don’t be shy, fuck that pussy good and spank that ass, she likes being a bad girl”. I never heard of a guy actually liking another guy to fuck his wife, but I wasn’t arguing. Frankly, it turned me on that he wanted me to fuck his wife. I smacked her ass and Tom kept encouraging me to do it harder. It got to the point where her right ass cheek was cherry red and I knew it was hurting her, but to my surprise, the harder I smacked her ass the more she loved it. She stopped blowing Tom and was moaning in pain and pleasure with each smack. It even brought her to have an orgasm and when she started cumming, Tom told me “okay that’s enough, good job”. I don’t think she was done with her orgasm when I filled her with every drop of cum I had. The whole thing was so fucking hot that I couldn’t hold out for shit. When I pulled out, Janice flipped around and started sucking on my cock while I could see Tom eating her out from behind. Tom was telling Janice how good she tasted and after a few minutes, Janice positioned herself and started riding Tom’s cock while sitting up and facing me. I was still straddling Tom’s legs and Janice held my hands up high as she rode Tom. Janice then started getting verbal herself and was looking me right in the eye as she told Tom “you like my dirty fucking pussy, don’t you honey?” Tom was saying “that dirty pussy feels so good, I love it”. She kept saying over and over “fuck my dirty pussy, fuck my dirty pussy” and then it wasn’t long before Janice was saying “oh yeah baby, give it to me, that’s it”. After Tom finished cumming, Janice got off of him and asked me if I wanted to taste her again. I wasn’t really sure what to say, but knowing that Tom just ate her out after I shot my load in her, I figured I better say yes. Janice laid down on her back and I got between her legs. I watched Tom’s cum oozing out of her and was a little hesitant about going in. Janice noticed I was hesitant and said “oh c’mon, you will like it”, as she grabbed the back of my head and persuaded my head toward her pussy. I complied with her persuasion and went for it. I closed my eyes and stuck my tongue right in there. It was actually awesome once I got past the idea that I would never put another guys cum in my mouth. I will explain that I’m completely straight, but I would eat Janice’s cum filled pussy any time she wanted me too. After I was done, Janice thanked me and asked “so did you like that?” I let her know that I did like it and asked them if I did a good job since this was the first threesome I ever did. Janice looked at Tom and laughingly said “yes for sure and I think we will be doing this again sometime, isn’t that right honey?” Tom nodded his head and said “I knew you liked his cock!” I got dressed and I went back to painting. At one point, Janice had taken a shower and walked back into the bedroom completely naked. She slowly got dressed as I watched and the only thing she said was “everything looks great”. I thanked her and told her that everything looked great to me also. Janice smiled at me and just continued to get dressed. Her bubble ass looked even better with the black lace thong she put on. The rest of the day went by in the blink of an eye. When I got home that night, I thought all night about Tom and Janice’s relationship and what they did with me. After giving it hours of thought, I realized that Tom wasn’t weird at all. I came to the conclusion that I would love it if my wife had sex with another guy right in front of me and I could talk to her like Tom talked to Janice. The only question I had for myself was where would I find a woman like that?

On the fourth morning, Tom met me at the door as usual and Janice was in the kitchen wearing a pants suit that indicated that she was going to work. We talked for a bit and I let them know that I would be finishing the job. We talked about payment, which was $2,000. I told them that I didn’t want to take any money from them as a way of saying thank you for showing me such a good time. Tom wouldn’t have any of it and handed me an envelope. They both told me that they thought I did a great job. The only thing that Tom mentioned was that Janice wanted to take me out for drinks and dinner to say thank you for doing such a good job and asked if I was interested. I of course said sure and Janice jumped in to say “it would just be you and me, Tom has to stay home and you can do whatever you want with me for the night”. I said that I would love that and thanked them again. They left for work and I got to work to finish the job. I checked the envelope and saw that they gave me a $250 tip, which made me shake my head. Here I am getting paid to paint their house, have sex with this guy’s wife, have sex with their 18 year old hot daughter, his wife is going to take me out for drinks, dinner and sex to say thank you and they gave me a tip on top of everything. I was painting with a smile on my face all morning when I got my last surprise. Jackie came out of her room while I was painting the upstairs hallway and the first thing I noticed was that she was only wearing a skimpy little orange thong with a bra. She started talking to me and asking if she was right about the day before. I told her that she sure was. She smiled and told me that she wanted me to tell her about it. I wasn’t sure what to say. I stood there and was saying I don’t know if that is a good idea. I felt a little uncomfortable about the idea of telling this girl how I had sex with her parents. Jackie took her bra off and motioned with her finger for me to follow her as she walked back to her room. I was thinking to myself “holy shit, this is just unfucking believable”. I followed that tight little ass back to her room and she stripped me down. She had me lie on the bed and she pulled her thong off and rested it on my face as she jumped right on my cock and started riding me. She told me “now you’re going to tell me everything right now.” Her little pussy swayed my hesitation to tell her and I spilled the beans. I was lying there with this orange thong on my face while she was riding me and I told her pretty much every detail like I wrote. She was totally into hearing about it and I loved seeing how turned on she got. She came twice. She came the first time when I told her about her mother saying over and over “fuck my dirty pussy, fuck my dirty pussy” and she came the second time when I told her what her mother said earlier that morning about her taking me out alone and I could do whatever I wanted to her. After all that, I flipped her on her back and shot my load into her once again. When I pulled out, she asked if I wanted to taste her dirty pussy. I laughed at the reference to her mother, but I did exactly what she said without any hesitation. After I got done licking up my cum, we laid next to each other and Jackie told me how she wanted me to spank her like I did to her mother the next time we had sex. I promised that I would and was happy just to know that she wanted to have sex with me again. Jackie also told me that she was pretty sure that her mother had sex with her last boyfriend. She told me how when her boyfriend was over the house, her mother would constantly walk around with barely anything on and one time her boyfriend went downstairs to get something to drink and didn’t come back until like 15 minutes later. On top of that, she said her boyfriend was acting strangely when he came back to her room and was breathing heavy. She was suspicious and went to see what her mother was doing and she saw her coming out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a short t-shirt. I joked around with her that it seemed like that was her mother’s go to outfit. Jackie said “yeah I know”, and she told me how she wasn’t mad at her boyfriend saying what guy in their right mind would turn down getting laid, but she didn’t like that her mother did it behind her back. I asked if that had anything to do with her having sex with me behind her mother’s back and she said “now you’re catching on a little quicker”. She added that after I go out with her mother, she wanted me to tell her all about it while we have sex. I promised that I would and we exchanged numbers. I finally got the job finished that day and left before Tom and Janice got home, but Jackie gave me a long tongue kiss before I left.

That was how the best job I ever had in my life ended, but then there was dinner with Janice and how it turned out with Jackie. Tom called me the following week and made a date with me and Janice for that Friday night. I had also been texting with Jackie in the meantime and one of the things she was telling me was how she likes older guys because the guys her age don’t know how to fuck her. She wanted to keep having sex with me secretly on a regular basis and see what happens. I was definitely good with that. I started to wonder about my question of where I would find a girl that would be like Janice when I realized that Jackie wants to be exactly like her mother. I know it’s a big age difference but I was hoping that I could date Jackie for real and see what happens. If nothing else, it would be a lot fun for sure. One of the nights we were texting, Jackie texted me a picture of her mother wearing one of her short t-shirts as she was bent over putting a new garbage bag in the kitchen garbage can and I could see that she had a white thong on with her hairy bush sticking out of the sides. She wrote “does this look familiar” and “not bad for 50 years old, huh?” I loved it and I was surprised that her mom was 50 years old. I would have sworn that she was around 40. I asked for a familiar picture of her, which she sent me a selfie of her and her mother with their heads together smiling. She wrote “which one do you want right now?” I answered why not both together with a LOL, but Jackie said that would never happen and to be happy having them both separately. I assured her that I was more than happy with that although I did tell Jackie that I liked her mother’s hairy pussy and asked her if she would grow her hair out for me. Jackie gave me a “LMAO”, but told me that she will go all natural if that’s what I like!! I kept hoping that I would have the chance to date Jackie. I’ve been around long enough to know that it’s not likely to last, but I definitely wanted to give it a try.

I wound up meeting with Janice at a restaurant that Tom had set up and we had a great time. She looked very hot wearing a tight one piece dress with high heels. Pretty much every guy in the restaurant was checking her out. We talked about each other, a wide variety of topics and of course swinging. I told her how I was really interested in swinging after meeting her and Tom and asked how in the world I could find a girl that would be into the same thing. Janice told me about SLS and that they mostly use this website. She even told me to set up a profile and she would give me my first “cert”, which would give me a better chance as a single guy. At the end of dinner, Janice reminded me that I could do whatever I wanted with her for the night and asked what I had in mind for her. I asked her if Tom really liked her having sex with other men or if it was something she more liked to do. She laughed and explained to me how it was definitely more Tom, but she loves enjoying sex with other men also. She went on to explain that he gets extremely turned on seeing her be a slut, but the other thing is that it drives him nuts when she lets another man have his way with her and then she makes him wait sometimes a day or two before she will let him touch her. I was kind of surprised at that since I thought the whole thing was about making sex between them better. She told me how they had a guy come over one time and she only had sex with him while Tom watched and afterward she thought she would tease Tom further by not letting him touch her. She said Tom kissed her ass like he was trying to get in her pants for the first time and since then she loves to try and drag it out for as long as possible. The longest has been two days so far. She also explained that her plan was to hold out after being with me for the night. I then asked what if we went back to her house and had sex while Tom watched and afterward I told her in front of Tom that I would allow her to let him go down on her but I didn’t want her to fuck him until Monday, which would be three days. Janice loved my idea and said that it will drive Tom absolutely nuts being able to clean her up and not get to shoot his load. With that said, Janice paid the bill and we drove our cars back to her house. I texted Jackie on the way to let her know I was having sex with her mom and her dad was going to have to watch. Jackie only told me to slap her ass hard enough so that she could hear it. I promised I would.

We got to the house and things heated right up. Me, Janice and Tom went to their bedroom and Janice explained to Tom how it was my idea to let him watch. Tom sincerely thanked me and I have to say that I loved hearing Tom thank me for letting him watch me fuck his wife. Janice and I fucked and sucked each other for probably a half hour and I smacked her ass hard for Jackie. I know I did a good job since I had Janice screaming and she had an orgasm as a result. I knew that if Jackie didn’t hear the smacking, she definitely heard her mother screaming with each smack. I emptied my load into Janice and afterward I told Janice “You can let Tom clean you up, but I don’t want you to fuck him until Monday”. Janice replied “okay baby, but he’s really going to want me, can he call you to try and change your mind?” I said “sure” and I gave Janice a kiss before leaving. I didn’t get to my car before Jackie was texting me. She told me how hot it was hearing me make her mom scream and wanted to come over my apartment the next morning. Of course I said yes and she wound up calling me and telling me that she couldn’t wait until the morning to hear about my night with her mom. I explained every detail to her and also told her that I would really like her to be my girlfriend for real.

The next morning Jackie was at my place and we had great sex. The funny thing was that I was spanking her ass just like her mom likes and sure enough Jackie loved it and it even made her cum! Afterward, we were lying in bed when I got a text from her dad saying “Janice won’t fuck me until you say its okay. Can you please tell her its okay?” I showed Jackie the text and she grabbed my phone telling me to let her handle it. I will write how the exchange of texts went as I read it off my phone. Jackie wrote “I loved fucking her last night. Did she let you enjoy tasting my cum like I told her?” Tom wrote back “yes she did and thank you but my nuts are ready to explode right now, so I was hoping you would tell her its okay”. Jackie was laughing at what her father wrote and wrote back “one condition, I would like to ask your daughter out. Would you be okay with that?” Tom wrote back “she is old enough to make her own decisions so the answer is yes”. Jackie answered “great, I will tell Janice its okay”. Jackie then texted her mom from my phone “I told Tom its okay to fuck you since he said it would be okay to ask out Jackie. I hope you’re not mad”. Janice wrote back “LOL he is standing right next to me. Do you really want my daughter?” Jackie wrote back “yes but I still want to keep seeing you, is that okay?” Janice responded “I want to keep seeing you regardless of whether my daughter goes out with you or not. She should be home in a few hours. Call the house phone, hint she likes going to the movies”. Jackie was laughing at how her mother was actually trying to help me go out with her daughter. Jackie then handed me my phone back and told me “I guess I’m your girlfriend now!!” Man was I one happy guy.

Later that afternoon, I called the house and set up going out to the movies with Jackie, which we actually did by the way. While we were out, Jackie explained to me that she was going to tell her mother that we were now seeing each other and that I confessed about having sex with her mom and dad. Jackie was going to tell her mom that she was okay with me continuing to have sex with her, but her mom was now going to need to ask Jackie’s permission before having sex with me. Since then, I have been dating Jackie for a couple of months now and things are actually going great. Her mom has asked Jackie’s permission to have sex with me three times so far. Jackie giggles when she tells me that her mom asks to “borrow” me. She keeps telling me that one of these says she is going to deny her mom and can’t wait to see her reaction. Two of the times were a threesome with Tom and the other time was just me and Janice while Tom watched. After that time, I made Tom wait three days to fuck his wife and he was texting me every day begging me to tell Janice it was okay, lol. The other thing I love is that each time I fucked Janice, I would walk down the hallway to Jackie’s room. Every time, the first thing Jackie asks me is if her mom cleaned my cock or not. If she did, then she just says okay and has me tell her how it went. If she didn’t, Jackie cleans her moms cum off my cock and then has me tell her the details after she’s done. Trust me, I’m going to do everything I can not to fuck this up!!

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