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Accidental Meeting

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?Accidental Meeting?

I left my Husband at the house while I ran into town to get some last minute items for our dinner. It had been a hot day and we really just wanted something cool and light. We figured a light dinner followed by some relaxing time spent in the pool.

Since it was just going to be a quick trip, I didn?t bother to put on a bra, preferring to just wear my tank top, shorts, and flip flops. It would be cooler.

I got lucky as I pulled into the parking lot and right into a slot in the shade and right up front. I usually didn?t get that lucky on a hot day like this. I put it in park, got out, and headed inside to grab a cart.

Since we were opting for a light dinner, I headed towards the produce section to get what I needed for a salad and maybe some melon for desert. As I came around the corner, I ran my cart into another cart that was sitting in the middle of the isle. The woman that it belonged to turned at the sound. ?I?m so sorry.?, she said. ?I guess I shouldn?t have left my cart in the middle of the isle.? I smiled at her, also guilty for not watching where I was going. ?That?s alright.?, I replied. ?I should have been watching where I was going.? She smiled back and held out her hand. ?My name?s Lori.? I took her hand and shook it. ?My name?s Christene. Nice to meet you.?

She was very sexy, dressed similar to myself. Flip flops, short shorts, and a green tank top. She had amazing green eyes that sparkled and soft wavy brown hair that reached her waist. And of course a nice natural tan.

I moved my cart around hers and went to pick out my veggies for dinner. At the last minute, I decided that some garlic bread would go nicely with the salads and headed that way. Lost in thought, I hit the isle for bread and much to my surprise, ran into another cart. Embarrassed as I heard soft laughture and looked up to find that I had run right into Lori again. Smiling at me, she said ?Christene, we are just going to have to stop meeting this way.? I laughed thru my embarrassment. After a minute I decided to take a chance. ?Well, Lori, you might as well just come home and have dinner with my Husband and I.? Her eyes sparkled with barely concealed mischief. ?Are you serious?? she asked. I smiled at her. ?Yes, most definitely. We were planning a quiet evening at home, a light dinner, and some pool time if you would like to join us. I?m sure my Husband wouldn?t mind.? She didn?t hesitate as she answered, ?I would love to as long as it isn?t an inconvenience.?

I smiled as I assured her that it would not be a problem. ?Give me a few minutes to finish getting what I need and then you can follow me back to the house.?, I told her.

I managed to gather what I needed without running over anyone else and cashed out. Lori was waiting for me by the doors and walked with me to my car. Ironically enough, she was parked right next to me. Lori helped me put the bags into my car. As I stood up, Lori?s hand brushed lightly across my left boob. Since I wasn?t wearing a bra, the touch made my nipple stand right up. Heat flashed all over my body and as I looked up at Lori she was smiling at me. I was instantly wet and in a hurry to get home. Keith would be so very surprised with our dinner guest. I hadn?t planned any desert but that didn?t seem like it was going to be a problem.

The trip home seemed to take forever. As I pulled in to our driveway, Lori pulled in next to me and parked. I took a deep breath and smiled as I looked up to see Keith standing in the doorway. I looked over at Lori and she was looking at Keith. She turned and looked over at me with a big smile. We both got out of the cars as Keith walked over to where we were standing. ?Lori, this is my Husband, Keith. Honey, this is Lori and she is going to be our dinner guest tonight.? Lori stood up on her tip toes and gave him a light kiss on the lips, leaving him rather speechless. Lori and I just smiled at each other as we gathered the bags and headed towards the house where it was invitingly cool inside. Keith followed us in and quietly closed the door.

I told Lori to make herself comfortable and took the bags into the kitchen. Keith followed me and I was able to quickly explain how I had come to meet Lori. Keith slipped up to me and gave me a long deep kiss, further heating me up and making me wetter.

It was a nice dinner. Lots of small talk and exchanged looks by all three of us. We took the time to get to know our new friend and found that we really liked her. And by all appearances, she liked us as well. Cleaning up after dinner, I turned to set dishes on the counter and found myself face to face with Lori. Keith had gone out to the patio with drinks for all of us and to pull the cover off the pool.

Lori brushed my hair back off my shoulder, leaning forward to kiss my neck just under my ear. Before I had time to react to her, she was kissing me deeply. A gentle hand was under my shirt and caressing my hard nipple. My hands went to her long hair as I kissed her back. Breaking the kiss, Lori lifted the bottom of my tank top and pulled it up over my head as I lifted my arms up. Lori lowered her lips to my nipple and kissed it gently. It was such an amazing feeling that it took my breath away.

I tugged gently at the bottom of her shirt, wanting to feel her skin against my own. She stood up and allowed me to remove her shirt as she pulled my shorts down. She pulled me to her and began kissing me again, slowly rubbing my clit. I pulled her shorts down and she stepped out of them. I heard a splash out back and knew that Keith was in the pool. Lori looked up at me and smiled. I smiled back and we headed out the back door to the patio. Keith was under the water so he didn?t see us until we slipped into the pool. When he surfaced again, his eyes told us how he felt. I swam over to him and slipped under the water to pull his swim trunks off. He was already excited and hard. Under the water, I took him into my mouth. As I surfaced, I slid myself up against him. I gave him a long deep kiss as Lori went beneath me and took Keith into her mouth. He groaned into me as I kissed him.

Lori surfaced and started kissing the back of my neck while I kissed Keith. I reached down with one hand and continued stroking him. I broke the kiss and moved down to take one of his nipples between my teeth. He groaned loudly and Lori did the same, biting Keith?s nipple lightly. He buried a hand in my hair, pulling me tightly to him and used his other hand to flick Lori?s nipple. The sensations were pure and arousing as our bodies rubbed against each other with the water acting as lubrication. I wanted them both so badly but didn?t know how to get what I wanted, the way I wanted it.

As hard as it was, Keith slipped out from between us and headed into the house, leaving me and Lori in the pool. The feel of her body against mine was sheer pleasure and her kisses turned me on even further. I reached down between her legs and found her clit, rubbing it gently with just enough pressure. She moaned and pressed harder against my hand, encouraging me to rub harder. I leaned down and took one of her nipples between my teeth and flicked it with my tongue. She buried her hands in my hair as she leaned back against the pool wall.

Keith came back outside with an armload of pillows and one of our big fluffy quilts and spread them out on the grass next to the pool. He stood there and watched the two of us for bit before getting our attention and inviting us to join him on the quilt.

Keith stretched out on the quilt as the two of us joined him. Lori looked me as if asking if it was ok. I smiled at her. She got down on her knees and took Keith?s hard on into her mouth. I heard him groan with pleasure. I straddled his face and he eagerly took advantage of it, using his tongue to flick my clit. Soon, Lori tapped me on the shoulder and when I looked at her, she made it clear that she wanted to trade places. I moved off of Keith?s face and Lori to that spot. Keith was rock hard, and not the type of woman to waste it, I climbed on top of Keith and slipped him inside me. He was so turned on that he was bigger than normal. He plunged deeply inside me. I tapped Lori on the shoulder and she turned around to face me. While we both sat astride Keith, we kissed. I heard Lori moan and knew that Keith had slipped a finger or two inside her. I rode him hard as Lori and I kissed. I knew he wasn?t far from coming. He exploded inside me and I came with him, as Lori came with us.

But it wasn?t over yet. I slid off of Keith and Lori knelt between his legs, sucking our juices off of him and bringing him back to rock hard. I nibbled on his nipples as Lori suck on Keith?s hard on. I felt Lori slip her fingers inside me as she climbed up on Keith, slipping him inside her. I kissed Keith deeply as Lori rode him and used her fingers to bring me back to climax again. I groaned with the exquisite pleasure as I began to come. Lori cried out as she began to come and Keith exploded.

We all laid there, quietly catching our breath. I looked over at Lori and we smiled at each other.

Nothing like an ?Accidental Meeting? to start a great friendship!

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