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the workout

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It was a Friday evening , Kate my wife said she was going to stop at the gym and then would be home around 7 pm. I was meeting a couple friends after work for a quick drink. I got home and opened a bottle of wine and relax until Kate got home. I turned on the TV and she came home around 7:30pm. She said she wanted to jump in the shower and she headed to our room. After a few minutes she asked me to come into the bedroom. I walked in to find my wife totally naked with her head in the pillow and her ass and pussy pointing to me basically inviting me to fuck her. I quickly got out of my clothes and got up behind her and slid my cock into what was a very wet pussy. She did not say much but seemed to react to my cock and as I started to thrust she pushed right back. We did this for quite some time with a good rhythm and surprisingly she came before me and I followed and unloaded my cum deep into her pussy. I collapsed into the bed and she snuggled up to me. After a few minutes I asked her what that was all about, what got her so turned on. At first she said nothing but then after I kept asking finally she told me that Jason at the gym hit on her and it kind of turned her on. Jason is about 21 years old and very good looking; I think most girls there look at him. It was pretty slow in the gym and she said when she was done he told her she looked sexy in her tight clothes and she flirted right back and said he didn't look too bad either. He then asked her if she wanted to get a drink later. She told him she was married and he said that he had a girlfriend but she was out of town. My wife then said I was out of town also, which surprised me she lied. She said it just seemed right to go with the conversation. He told her to come back around 10pm when he closes and they could "get a drink or whatever". She said she had to check and see if everything was ok at home and maybe she would show back up "for whatever" , she winked at him and smiled and left. As she was leaving he whistled at her and she said she was tempted to masturbate right in the car but instead came right home for some fun knowing I would be waiting. We laid there for a while and then I finally said, "Well, are you going back?" She said no way but then after a few minutes she asked if I wanted her too. I said it was up to her but I would not stop her. I was hard again after this conversation and she proceeded to suck me off until I came in her mouth and swallowed my cum –- something she had not done in a very long time which made me think she really did want to go back. She went and took her shower and when she was done it was a little after nine and I said you better get dressed, your boyfriend will be waiting for you. She did not say much but went in and put on her tightest pants and a nice little top and said she was going to go back and just have a drink that is it. I said, "Ok, but you might want to stop and pick up some condoms just in case." I told her that I could give her a ride and then if she drank too much she wouldn't have to drive back . She agreed and we headed out and I stopped at the convenience store and ran in and bought a box of condoms for her "just in case" and I dropped her off just around the corner from the health club. I drove home,watched a movie and fell asleep on the couch. I woke up in the morning about 7am and realized that Kate had not come home. About 9 am I heard keys in the door and Kate came walking in. She didn't say anything, gave me a kiss and headed up stairs to take a shower as I got into to bed and then she joined me in bed totally naked. We slept until about noon and then made love very intimately like we had not done in quite sometime, almost like we were newlyweds again. I was holding her and finally had to ask what happened. She asked if I really wanted to know and I said yes, you can tell me anything, I am ok with whatever happened. Then she said things got a little carried away and I said don't worry I am ok with it. She said that when she got there he was just locking up. They talked for a few minutes and then he said he was going to take a quick shower and get dressed and then they could head out. He went into the guy's locker room and she waited at first. Then she decided to join him and went into the locker room and could hear him in the shower. She got her clothes off and went in to join him. They kissed for a few minutes and my wife grabbed his cock and worked it until it was hard and then turned around and he fucked her from behind. She said unfortunately she was too turned on to think about a condom. They then left and got dressed and headed down the street to one of the college bars and met up with Jason's roommate Mark. They drank for a little while and chatted with the cute bartender Katy, but she had to get back to work. Then the three got onto the dance floor and she said both guys were all over her and basically had their hands all over her and she traded off making out with both of them and finally they decided to head back to Jason's apartment. When they got there they led her into the bedroom and the three got naked and started making out. This was my wife's first ever threesome with out me and she said she was very turned on. It was Jason in front of her and Mark behind her and she said hands were all over each others body. Mark was the first aggressor putting his hardness to her backside. He did put a condom on first and she moved her backside to accommodate and he slid his cock into her pussy, they were both on their sides. She had them get up and she got on all fours and he started to fuck her from behind. Jason moved and put his cock right in front of her face and she took him into her mouth. Mark kept pounding away until he was ready to cum and then pulled out, ripped the condom off and sprayed his cum all over her ass. She was not done, she slid up on top of Jason as he put on a condom and lowered herself on top of his 8 inches of hardness and started riding him as Mark's cum slid down off her ass. Mark sat back and watched Kate ride his friend and before long he was hard again. He went into the bathroom and got rid of the used condom and got some lubricant and came back. He got up behind cared and started working lubricant into her ass. She did not object and once she was all lubed up he put on a new condom and slowly pushed his cock into her ass with Jason's cock still in her pussy. After a few slow thrusts he was all the way in and the two guys moved in rhythm and she came followed by Jason and then Mark. They stayed with her in the middle for some time and then Mark started to get soft so he slid out and headed to the bathroom and then left. Jason kept his cock in her and slowly he came back to life as she kept rocking slowly. He slid out and got behind her and decided he wanted her back door and he put a new condom on and lubed it up and slid it in. It went in easier now that it was used once already and he fucked her ass until he came unloading into the condom deep in her ass. They were both pretty sweaty with it being a hot night so they decided to jump into the shower to relax and cool down some. After the shower they got in bed to go to sleep but he was hard again so she gave him a blowjob and let him cum in her mouth and then they went to sleep both naked, it was well past 3am In the morning she got up early around 5am, Jason had to go open the club at 6am. He woke up with a hard on and they had a quick fuck and he got in the shower and headed out. She got up to get something to drink with just panties on as she was standing in the kitchen drinking some orange juice a naked girl came out of Mark's room and then she realized it was the bartender, Katy. She said, "So you're the other one Mark fucked last night? I heard you with Jason when I arrived. Mark was almost too wiped out to fuck when I got here, I had to do all the work." They talked for a few minutes and she said she was going back to bed and suggested Kate join them. They got into bed and the girl, Katy, had Kate between her and Mark. Katy right away started touching Kate as Mark was still asleep. Kate turned around and they embraced and started kissing as both sets of hands wander on each others bodies and then Katy switched and got on top of Kate in the 69 position. Kate had never tasted pussy before but was anxious to try it and buried her tongue into Katy's opening and Katy did the same to Kate. Mark woke up to this mix of women and got behind Katy on top and rammed his bare cock into her right above Kate's face. Kate licked his shaft as it went in and out and then he pulled out and shoved it down Kate's throat until she almost gagged and then he rotated putting it in Katy's pussy and Kate's mouth. He buried it into Katy's opening one last time and started cumming and then he pulled out and put it to Kate's mouth to unload some cum and then put it back in Katy to finish it off. When he pulled out cum came flying out onto Kates face and Katy was there to kiss her and lick the cum off her face. It was getting late and so she asked if one of them could give her a ride home and Katy said sure. They talked all the way there like there were old friends. Katy gave her a phone number and said to call her if she ever wanted to meet up again, with or without your husband. Mark or Jason can be there or not also. She asked if I was still ok and I guided her onto my stiff cock . Then she got up out of bed and brought back some Vaseline and lubed up my cock and we lubed up her back door and she said, "Only you get to fuck me there without a condom!" And I did -- unloading a very large deposit of cum deep in her back side. Afterwards I asked her if she wanted to meet Katy sometime and she said yes, maybe more than Jason or Mark and I suggested a threesome sometime in the near future, but that'll have to be another story.

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