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teaching the neighbors how to treat each other better

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I was sitting out in my pool room watching TV drying off when my neighbor walked in to say hi, this was very unusual since I really have not talked to him much other than in passing. I asked what was he up to and he said he wanted to ask me a question, I said sure .

Every time I look over you and your wife seem happy and are laughing having a good time how is that my wife and I are always fighting. I said it is very simple you both are in charge never want to listen to each other sometimes you have to give up the power to get what you want. If you want I will tell you how but you must do exactly what I say no questions or hesitation. He said ok, are you sure again he said yes great then I need you to you to come over here and pull my soft wet cock out of my bathing suit and suck it, slowly he walked over he reached for my cock and tugged my shorts down, I told him to get on his knees and wrap his lips around my cock, he kneeled down and started to suck, he was slow and akward with his first few sucks but he started to get the hang of it. I told him to take my entire cock as it continued to grow in his virgin cock sucking mouth, I leaned back onto the chair and put my legs over his shoulder pulling his head deeper into my crouch and then grab the back of his head and force him deeper and faster making sure he did not miss an inch of my cock, as my cock tightened I told him to be ready to catch all of my cum I want him to not stop and I want my cum to shot all down his throat as I made him suck faster and faster and asked him how it felt to suck a cock, he said good as he pounced back down on my cock like a cat, he was doing much better now and my cock was starting to feel close to exploding, after a few more stokes with his mouth my cock started to shoot and his mouth was taking it all until he filled up and it started to run down his chin, I told him I was disappointed but we will have to keep working on it, as he laid back on the floor with cum running down his mouth I told him to take his cloths off, as he did I noticed how hard his cock and said by the looks at your cock I can see you like giving up the power. I looked at his cock and it was a little bigger than the strap on my wife used on me as he laid there on his back I walked over to him and slowly slide my ass down on his cock, his eyes grew big not expecting saying he did not think he would be fucking my ass, I told him your not fucking my ass I am riding you’re cock, as the tip of his cock entered into my ass I could see how he licked the feeling of my ass, have you ever fucked your wife’s ass no he said she won’t allow it, you are going to feel what it is like as my cock finally slide to the bottom of his hard cock, I started to move up and down putting my hands on his chest and making sure I got to feel his entire cock deep in my ass, he started to play with my cock but quickly stopped as I picked up the pace and really started working his cock fast, he started to moan and I knew it was not going to be long before he exploded but I kept up the pace until I stopped, he looked at me I know he wanted me to continue but I stopped to tell him I will start again when I am ready, he said ok with that I started again knowing that I showed him I was in control and I was working his cock because it was for my pleasure and he was just lucky to have some pleasure too with my cock rock solid and ready to fuck his ass I fel him cum, he came a lot and I felt his hot cum running and dripping out of my ass I told him to just lay there and don’t move as I walked up further and put my ass in his face I told him to eat my ass as your cum is dripping out of my worked ass, he started to suck it up when I told him to stop and turn over, I asked him have you been fucked before no never, then this is going to hurt, but you will take it and like it, he eagerly jumped up turned around and had his ass high in the air, I came up behind him grabbed his hips and slowly worked on cock into his ass, he jumped at first and said it hurt, but with in a few seconds he was pushing his ass against my and my cock was driving deeper and deeper with each push.

I did not hold anything back as I was fucking him hard and fast, he was in pain I could tell but he did not say anything just a few moans and groans As my cock was going deeper and deeper into his ass I asked him how does this feel he said great so when I pull my cock out of your ass you are to get dressed go in your house get your keys and drive to an XXX shop and get a strap on for your wife to fuck you, ok he said tell her nothing ok he said.

As I grew close to cumming I pushed him down on the floor and drove cock in him as hard as I could I grabbed the back of his head and pushed it into the carpet and told him to I am ready to fill your ass up with my cum, with a few more stokes my cock once again exploded and this time I filled up his ass, I laid on top of him for a moment until my cock went soft and fell out of his as. I told him to go do what I told him as I am going to sit her naked to recover, as he got dress I just watched him then he went into his house and a minute later he was back out getting in his car,

to be continue very shortly with what happened next

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