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teaching the neighbors how to not fight part II

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Read the first part first to be able to enjoy my entire lesson

I started to turn the TV back on when I hear my door open and look over and there his wife asking me what the hell have we been up to and when is he husband going. I told him I ma going to ask you the same question I asked your husband. Do you want to know what happened here? Are you prepared to do exactly what I say no questions asked. Yes she said come over to me sit next to me and start playing with my cock, as she walked over I could see she was nervous but I told her I will not ask you to do anything that I have not asked your husband to do. He asked for my help in helping you too stop fighting, you must like him give up control from time to time share and take turns, this is your turn to give up control with that she sat down next to me and started playing with my cock. I told her that feels good, you see my cum still dripping out of the tip of my cock that is from you husband working my cock, do you know how he worked it? Did he jerk you off, yes he did first with his mouth until he made me cum then I laid him on the floor and slide my ass down on his cock until he came then I made him lick my ass as his cum dripped out of it, she looked extremely hot and turned on and my cock was ready to go again, with that said I told him to start sucking my cock and I wanted to see how she did compared to her husband, with that said she devoured my cock deep in her throat and I instantly felt how much better she could suck a cock, dam I thought you have to teach her husband how to suck my cock like this that will be the next lesson if this was the first time of the day my cock would have exploded fast but after two times already I was going to be able to enjoy he expert cock sucking services, I reached down and undid her shirt to see her very perky breasts and started to squeeze them, I noticed they were wet and she said I am still nursing, I said well I need to be nursed from all of this fucking and latched my mouth to her breast and started sucking, tasting he milk, it was thick and I could feel it running down my throat, this was the first time I tasted a women’s mil and it made my cock as hard as it could be, she told me the more I milked the more her breast would make for the further, I started to suck the other breast to make sure I was getting them an equal sucking a she continued to suck on my cock, she said it was nice to have a cock that was larger than her husbands she had always wanted to suck a big cock and feel what it would feel like since she had only been with his cock, as she started to suck faster my cock started to tingle and I knew it was time for my cock to let go and finaly it did, as long and thick as my cock was she was down the base of my cock and balls when my cock exploded she stopped sucking and just let my cum shoot directly down her throat, and I un latched my mouth from my food source and said dam you’re an expert you husband had my cum running down his chin, your milk is good as I sat there and caught my breath. I told her that once my cock is ready again I will fuck you in the pussy and then work your very tight ass I understand that you have not granted any access to. She looked at me ready to talk but I said no questions move you pussy on my face so I can lick it, she carefully moved up to my face and I started to look at and taste her completely shaved pussy, it looked good and tasted even better she started to move and buck her body as my tongue picked up the pace and found her spot, I continued to work my tongue then moved my finger into her ass using the juices from her pussy to lube it up as grabbed my shoulders and started to tell me she needed this and that’s when I laid back down and positioned her to slide her pussy down on my cock just like her husband did with his ass, I brought my head back up to he breasts and once again latched on to drink her milk she picked up he speed and was really working my cock good, she took over my cock and just let loose she was sweating and moaning and said this was a great fuck, not wanting to stop milking her breast I just stayed quiet and let her work my cock, she was opening up and really enjoyed my big cock, she started to talk dirty and I asked this is what your husband needs from, then she stopped and lowered herself on my chest telling my that she just came and just wanted to lay there, I told he I can’t allow that to happened and rolled her off me and had her ass in the air, I am not sure you will fit into my ass, just like you husband was not sure mine would fit in his ass you will see with that said I started to push into her ass, she started to scream and I told her to relax let me cock enter she arched her back and begged me to proceed with caution. I finally got my cock in a little and started a nice rhythem and started to enjoy and I found my cock going further, I was really surprised she was able to take my cock in her ass, I started to pump my cock faster and faster and she started to tell me to fuck her harder no mercy on my virgin tight ass, it will only be a virgin tight ass once so fuck it right fuck it hard, this was coming from a newly mom and brought my cock to the end of the ride and I filled her ass up with my cum, and pushed her down to lay on her back, as my cock fell out of her ass I took her hand and had her rub my cum from her ass into he pussy, I told her to get dressed go in your house and lay naked on the bed ready for your husband to come home with his surprise, but before he opens your surprise and shows you you make him eat your wet well worked pussy and let him taste my cum again. Go now before he comes home thank you thank you for helping us she said as I handed her a walkie talkie put this by your bed I want to here you both. About 5 minutes later I heard her husband on the walkie talkie and knew he was home, I heard her say come to the bed room, her husband said what are you doing naked what got into you today she said the same thing that got into you come lick my pussy now and her husband did and I heard him licking her pussy and he said you are all wet an taste like cum, I told you I got the same treatment you got next door this is our time to play I am in charge and next week we both go over and he will teach us more how to treat each other but for now I want you to lick his cum out of my pussy, this is the most stretched out my pussy has ever been so get you tongue deep if you want to fuck it or my ass. As I listened to them and heard her grab the plastic bag she said you are crazy, this is the biggest cock I have ever seen you think your ass is going to take this monster cock, with it strapped to your sexy body and pounding the me yes, I figured next time I get you mad you take it out on my ass to teach me a lesson and that’s when I knew they now had a different understanding and by golly they were going to make it now.

If all goes well i will have my next lesson next week, i will keep you posted!!!

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