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sleep over

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Back in high school when I was young and new to everything I went over to a friends house for a pool party and sleep over.

As it was getting late and feeling tired the three of us went to bed.

Later on in the night while sleeping I started to hear some noises a slow moan, I slightly opened my eyes and carefully quietly shifted my head to see where the noise was coming from and I could see my friend giving my other friend a back massage slowing tracing his fingers from side to side up and down. I remained quiet and watched as my two friend?s took turns rubbing each other backs, as they switched positions they would look over at me to make sure I was still sleeping. I was stunned when my one friend started to go lower and rub my friends ass and legs and then while laying there on his stomach he responded by spending his legs apart and started to pull his pants down, these two guys have all the girls in the school I could not believe what I was watching, as he pushed his pants down my other friend sniffed his ass and then pushed his tongue in his ass. He started licking faster and faster and at the same time pulling his pants down, for the first time I seen my friends cock and it was huge, much larger than mine I just could not believe how big it was, he lifted his cock to my friends ass and started to push in, I thought no way that huge cock would fit, but it slide right in he started slowly and pushed my friends head into the bed and then started to pound his ass hard no really seeming to care how loud he was. With his head buried in the pillow I heard him say fuck my ass wear it out again like the other night, wow I thought how often do they do this, by the looks of his ass accepting his cock it must be often. I had to shift a little to help release some pressure on my growing cock, much smaller than what I was looking at. After a few more stokes he pulls out and turns him over palces his feet over his shoulder stands at the end of the bed and start fucking his ass even harder and faster, this allowed me the first chance to look at my other friends cock and I was like he was about the same size both of these guys have huge cocks, he started to stoke his cock and then brought his mouth down to it and it started to disappear into my friends eager mouth, when he pulled out his cock was now even larger just amazing to see it grow, as I was watching them I did not realize they saw me awake, they seemed to be upset that their secret was out but i did not know what to say I was embarrassed that I was caught catching them. My friend who was fucking my other friend said come over here as I crawled over he grabbed the back of my head to told me to open your mouth and suck his suck his cock, not sure why I did not resist or put up an argument but before I know it I had his massive cock in my mouth and I was sucking like I have always wanted to suck a cock, they both seemed pleased that I was willing to take on his cock and be part of their fun, as I was sucking this cock I fought my friends tongue around my ass and I knew in the back of my mind was soon to come after watching the same scene play out just moments ago, but the thought of that huge cock going in my ass was both scary and exciting, I knew he was going to have to work it slow my ass was tight and was not going to accept that huge cock as easy as my other friends worked ass. The more I felt his tongue go deeper in my ass the deeper I took my first cock in my mouth. As I was brought to my knees I felt my friend coming up behind me and then I felt his hard cock pressing against my ass, my friend pulled his cock out of my mouth grabbed me and said I am going to hold you down and keep your ass pointed straight up In the air while you take his cock, With a hard thrust my eyes started to water as I felt my tiny ass tear and stretch I was pushed forward towards the bed where my friends cock was at the exact place my face was being forced to, I opened my mouth on my way down wanting to take that cock to show them that I might have a small cock but I am tough and ready to take their best fucking, when he pushed his cock deep into my ass I could feel the burn and the pain it brought but I was finding myself getting use to the pain and even felt my ass pushed back almost telling my friend to bring it, my ass is warmed up and ready to take the pounding like the other ass you were pounding earlier while I slept. With my ass so tight I could here him telling my he enjoyed my tight ass and glad that he has this chance to fuck me, I could feel his cock tense up and before I know it I felt his cock pulsating and feeling his load of warm cum running out of my ass down my leg, as I started to relax and lay down on the bed my other friend got up, said now my turn to work your ass. He turned me over and placed my feet over his shoulders and started to fill my already cum filled ass, with out any hesitation he started fast and said he liked my tight ass, my other friend came over and said thanks for being a good sport and then buried his mouth down on my cock, being use to sucking a huge cock my small cock was easy for him to suck. After a few sucks I told him I am ready to cum and could not believe how good that felt I have never had my cock sucked before by either a guy or a girl, he said really does that mean you have never fucked either yes again I answered, with that said he stopped sucking and told me to come behind and fuck him hard my tiny cock would be easy for him to accept, fuck me until you have spilled your seed in my ass. Going up behind him grabbing his hips and entering his ass was such a power trip even though I knew my tiny cock would not offer any pleasure for his ass and would shoot quick, after a few stokes my cock tensed up and started cumming, oh that felt good, could not have imagined this night but he I am in the middle of the night fucking my friends ass, as I pulled my cock out my other friends grabbed my head and pushed it towards the ass I just filled with my cum lick it up taste your cum, I pushed back but with his guidance my mouth was now tasting my own cum, as I was licking it up my other friend start to push his cock back in my worn ass and started to push hard now that we know you can take it will are going to fuck you all night two or three times each, as I laid there they both took turns fucking my ass and filling my mouth just going back and forth through out the night, I had some much cum in my ass and mouth. At one point they both decide to go swimming and I just laid there and finally falling a sleep, but before I knew it I fought them both hovering over me with their cocks in the hands telling me lift up suck us both, coming from the pool their cocks we cold and very small, like my cock, but before I knew it they were back to normal huge size and turning me over the side of the bed working their cocks in my ass and mouth again. These guys could have any girl In the school but here I was with their cocks filling me up again. I was now taking both cocks deep as could be in my ass an in my throat, I was not gagging at all. I was taking proud in my abilities to take this cock. I was hoping that I could be invited back again and used as they wanted, I did not care if I fucked them or got my small cock sucked, I just wanted to please them both an before I knew it both of them started to tighten up grabbed my ass and head and filled my ass and mouth up one last time. I finally did fall a sleep and woke up in the morning and could not believe how swore my body was being thrown around and bent over all night took its toll on me, I did not feel like moving so I just laid there, I heard the door open and figure it was one of them returning for more but when I opened my eyes it was my friends sister, you look like hell I said I couldn?t sleep, she said I could not sleep either watching my brother and his friend through the door fuck you all night, my heart sank and I thought this is horrible. We are all busted. I just laid there not knowing what to say. She said this is what is going to happen, I am not the most attractive girl to look at however I have needs and one of my needs is for you to open you mouth and lick my pussy until I tell you to stop, before I knew it I was on my knees and tasting her pussy, which was the first time I did that, I did not know what I was doing but if she started to moan more I kept doing what was doing, before I knew it she was dripping wet down my chin and pulling way from my tongue, she said she was appreciative of my efforts and will count on me to be there when she needed it, my second need is a cock in my pussy, you are small, but my brother and his friend is what I want, next time they invite you to sleep over you tell them you want to sneak in and fuck me have your fun with me while they are watching but know that I want a big cock and when I pretend and wake up and tell you to fuck me hard that?s when you turn me over and have one of those big cocks enter my pussy and then the next, that?s what I want so you better come through for me.

More to come!

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