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pool time fun

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It was hot that day and the air was thick, I remember thinking it was going to be a long day. I got out of the shower and slid into my black silk robe. The robe laid softly over my perky 34b tits that always seemed to have erect nipples. As I prepared my morning cup of coffee I imagined being somewhere else and being more exotic.

I was bored of being 27 and being a wife, it seemed that all I did was wait at home for him. I don't think that I was unappreciated just bored. I wanted to be free and uninhibited not all the time just days like this. When It was a little to hot outside and it was the middle of the week.

As I always did on sunny days, I put on my swim suit and went outside to the swimming pool. We lived in a nicer home which offered plenty of privacy, so me wearing a thong to sun bathe was never a problem. Once I was out on the deck I my boredom led me to the outside wet bar where I fixed my self a bloody mary with an extra splash of vodka. I never drank in the day and never by myself but today was different. I layed in my lawn chair facing the sun, my body began to slowly sweat as I enjoyed the heat of the sun shining down on me. I slowly began to sip my drink as my thoughts began to drift to more exciting times when alan and I first met. How he used to touch me and hold me for hours. I was a virgin when I met him and I loved the way it felt to be pure for him. I remember holding him for the first time and sliding my hand down to his throbbing cock while he yearned for me to go further. I remember being so hesitant and shy as I first stroked his cock, and when he built up the courage to slide his hand down my pants and rub my excited pussy through my cotton panties. My thoughts were interupted by ringing of the phone as I answered the phone I heard my husband say "hey honey" my reply was a little less than excited and he said "Is something wrong." "No it's just that I don't have anything to do" "well would you rather be working" he joked I hated when he joked like that cause I would rather be working than sitting by myself all day.

I replied " don't be an ass" With that statement we said our goodbyes As I jiggled the ice of my empty glass I decided another wouldn't hurt.

As I made my way to the wet bar I decided that a Vodka martini would do me better this time around. As I poured the last couple drops of vodka into the shaker I reached for the vermouth shook it up and strained my drink. I took a sip and realized there was alot more vodka than vermouth. I just kind of shook my head and continued drinking. It was alomost midday now and the sun was beaming down on my glistening body. I decided to even out my tan and slipped out of my top exposing my perky little 34b breasts, with perfectly round half dollar size nipples that stuck out like pencil erasers. I looked down my glistening self and thought hey I was looking pretty damn sexy. As I lay there my mind drifted back to the first time

As I stroked his throbbing cock on the outside of his pants, his finger slid under my now damp cotton panties. I anxiously and clumsily undid his belt and quickly unbuttoned his pants. I remember wondering if evreyone's dick was that big. As I continued to stroke his hard cock I started massaging his balls with my other hand I could see he liked this and it turned me on more and more. he continued to finger my now soaking pussy with my panties pulled all the way to the side. As this was going on I was wondering how far this would go. I had never been fingered let alone fucked. I remember I had always thought that oral sex was kind of gross but I felt really comfortable with him. So I gave way to his gentle pushing of me towards his throbbing cock. I nervously kissed and licked my way down his wash board stomach following his happy trail to the tip of his cock. When I finally made my way down there I saw clear precum oozing off the top, as I licked and kissed his throbbing cock I could feel him uncontrollably swaying and almost unconciouscly pushing his cock through my lips. I tasted the moistness and saltiness of his cock as it entered my mouth. It pulsating I could feel the blood pumping through it as I started to bob up and down, I could hear his muffled moans, that brought incredible feelings to my already soaking pussy. As I felt like he was going to explode I pulled my mouth from around his cock and heard a small silence as I looked up at his wide eyes and he seemed mesmorized. As I stood up I slid my panties down and stepped out of them noticing the crotch was dripping wet. I then took off my bra revealing my breasts with overly erect nipples. I was now completely naked in front of Alan his throbbing 9 in cock. He gently helped down to the bed and then kissed his way down to nicely trimmed dripping pussy. As he spread my lips I could feel his warm breath against my clitoris and I felt as if I could almost not handle all the excitement. I could feel his smooth wet tounge push against my throbbing clit as slowly started to lick up and down. I was lowly moaning. With each lick I became more and more excited and then I felt his tounge moving lower and slowly entering the entrance of my vagina. Then as he licked my clitoris I felt his finger enter my vagina, it felt so amaaing and snug. Then he slowly started to pump his finger in and out of me as he licked my pussy and slowly started to hump his face and finger. He slowly worked in another finger and then another. Now I could hardly handle it with his three fingers in my dripping pussy and his tounge swishing in circles on my swollen clit. As my body tensed he pulled away and kissed his way back up my goose bumped stomach. At this point I was so hot that I reached for his cock and felt more precum as I started to jack him off as he lay on top of me between my legs. At this point he pressed towards my sopping pussy and pushes his big purple head to the entrance of my cunt. I let go of his penis and as he slides his penis head inside me I feel my walls spread as if it is going to rip. The pain Is not nearly as overwhelming as the tingly pleasure that is surging from my vagina throughout my body. As he slowly inches his way further into my virgin pussy I Feel myself stretch and adjust to this overwhelming sensations. He slowly begins to pump in and out of me as I start to accept his cock rocking back towards him, this causing waves of pleasure pressing through my body. As he pumps harder I push back and begin to scream out shreiks of joy. My body tenses agains his hard tool and I begin shaking and feeling waves of uncontrollable pleasure overtake my body as it ceases and pussys spasms against his cock as he screams in incredible joy unleashing a stream of warm thick fluid inside of. The waves of pleasure slow as his pumping comes to an end. Alan sweaty body falls on top of me as breathes deep for air. I quickly snap out at the sound of an opening gate.

I look up and think holy shit Joe the pool guy just walked through the gate and I am half drunk, topless, glistening in my own sweat with my pussy now soaked with my previous thoughts. Joe and I had often talked as I was always home alone and the pool deck was my favorite place. This was really uncomfortable, but there was nothing to do now he had already seen me. So I shyly said hello to Joe with a smirk, and joe looked at me the same at a loss for words. I stood up and felt joe peeking over at me as made my to the wet bar for another martini.

"you want something Joe, I hate drinking by myself" I asked "Thank You Denise, but i better not" "believe it or not I didn't plan this Joe, I didn't realize you were gonna be here today, sorry if I am making you uncomfortable" "No ma'am I just shouldn't drink at work" he quickly replied.

As I made my way back to the chair, I was thinking isn't this cliche. And believe it or not it wasn't planned,but it was kind of exciting. As I sat down I decided to put my top back on, as I did that I could tell Joe grew a little more comfortable. We fell into conversation as I continued to sip my drink and enjoy the sun. I thought to myself that the day was turning out a little better than expected. After about twenty minutes Joe got a phone called and I could tell hear the excitement in his voice as spoke. When he got off I asked what he was so happy about and he said that he was done with work for the day. With out thinking I quickly suggested he had a drink with me. Joe said he would love to and asked if I minded if he got changed. I said of course not and told him that he knew where the bathroom was. While he got changed I thought about his medium athletic build that was always tan. He was 5'11" broad shouldered and really cute for only being 21. As he got changed I fixed him a drink and sat back down. At this point I was really excited about the way the day had turned out.

When he came out he thanked me for the drink and sat at the chair beside me. I told him to take his shirt and get comfortable, something I would had never said had I not been on my 3rd drink at noon. I was feeling really frisky and almost irresistable. Our conversation flowed nicely as the drinks went down and the time went by. About an hour after he had been there the phone rang and I picked up to hear my husband. He was apologizing cause he had something come up and he had to fly out for the night. I said it was OK I was almost drunk and talking with Joe. My husband wasn't the jealous type and just laughed and said have fun, ut be good. I just said I would try.

With the thought of my husband being gone all night and my hot pool man sitting beside me I suggested we have another drink and go for a dip. i downed my drink and jumped in the pool he was right after me. The cool water felt great on my sweaty body as I pulled my self up from under the water. I was thoroughly drunk now and I could tell that Joe was too. As we treaded in the water I made my way over towards him. With out wasting time I grabbed his semi hard cock through his pants. I could see the surprise in his eyes and I was wondering what the hell I was doing. I triggered his passion and was quickly locked in his arms and was kissing him as i stroked his cock through his shorts. He reached aroung and grabbed my ass pulling my cheeks apart with both hands. He was young and excited like I hadn't felt in a while. I was so horny I could pop and his dick was so hard it felt as if would explode as i slid my hand into his shorts and felt his smooth cock. He reached around and grabbed my anticipating pussy. He wasted no time as he pushed his finger all the way in my Pussy. I moaned at his touch and try to pull him closer to me as i started fucking his pulsating cock with my hand as he finger fucked my dripping pussy. I wrapped my legs around him and grinded my pussy on his cock with water swaying between us. He started walking me up the pool steps with my legs tightly wrapped around his waist my pussy hungerily rubbing his cock. He walked me inside and sat me on the couch got on his knees in front of me and started licking my steaming pussy. He pulled apart my pussy lips and started flicking my clit with his tongue and shoving his finger in pussy. I was moaning and spasming Realizing this was only the second person to enjoy my horny pussy. The freshness of this young stud ignited my hormones as I pushed him and pulled him up pulling his shorts down and take his entire cock into my mouth and into my throat.By the tenseness of his body and youthfulness of his actions I could tell this was the best treatment he had ever recieved. As I bobbed on his smooth hard cock he moaned and his tense body felt as if it would explode. I quickly stopped in fear that I would spend him without getting mine. I pushed Him Back On the couch and turned around with my ass to him and then slowly sat on his throbbing cock feeling it slide into his opening. I knew he had a beautiful veiw of my asshole and pussy, and his cock sliding into it. It made me so hot. As I slid up and down on his cock He reached around and grabbed my soft tits with both hands slid his hands over them until he was tugging on my nipples and I was bouncing on his cock. He then started to caress my ass cheek with his hand occasionally running his fingers through the crack of my ass. As I pumped I felt him pulling my pussy juices upto mmy asshole and slowly pushing his finger into my tight hole. The feeling of his hard cock pushing all the way into me and his finger probing his ass As I pounded his cock his finger went farther and farther into my ass and one finger turned into two. The sensation was overwhelming as I felt my pussy tightening and my body become stiff with pleasure. As he pleasured both of my holes I ahd a gushing orgasm screaming loud and digging my nails into his knees as I pounded harder and harder. When I finished I felt him pulling me and he bent me over the couch. He put his cock head to the opening of my ass as slowly started to push his way in. I hesitantly pushed back, and reached around and started to rub my clit. As he inched his way in I could feel his throbbing rigid cock pulsating in my tight ass. He was soon moving back and forth until he was all the way in and pulling himself all the way out and the pushing all the way in. As the speed increased I rubbed my clit harder and harder while the slapping of his body against mine echoed through the room. I could here him moaning and his rhythm changing as his body tensed so did mine and I felt a stream a thick war cum shoot into my asshole as I exploded into a joyful orgasm.

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