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kims training session one

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Copywrite by Gypseee

It?s my 18th birthday and I had to spend it in school doing Algebra and History. I thought my mom would let me skip school today and we?d go shopping, but she said no and that she?d check up on me, so I had to go. I should?ve known better than to ask. I hope she has something nice planned for me today. 18?s a big birthday and she told me to come right home. So, here I am on the school bus. My assigned seat on the bus is the front seat on the right hand side. The bus driver assigned me this seat for obvious reasons. He?s a fat slob, and I pull my skirt down as far as I can. It creeps me out the way he looks at me. Not that I mind flashing my cunt. I keep it shaved and don?t wear panties so that I can give men a good look at it. Men like looking at my cunt, and I like showing it to them. Usually I?d get a kick out of any male looking at me and I always try to look sexy for them, but this bus driver scares me.

The bus stops and Carl gets up and walks down the aisle. As he reaches the front of the bus he ?accidentally? drops his pen, and I spread my knees to give him a good look. His face is close enough that I wonder if he can smell my cunt. Carl would love to be able to put his hands on me again, but once was enough. I sigh as I wish that boys my age weren?t so clumsy. When am I gonna meet a guy who makes me want to loose my virginity?!!! I like the way I make myself feel when I masturbate. I especially like it when my mom has me do it in public. I wonder for a moment how much money she?s made having me masturbate in public while dirty old men watched.

The next stop is mine. I grab my backpack and get off the bus. Once off the bus I put my backpack on the ground and take my blouse off. I have a crop top under it, but the school insists I wear ?something decent?. Not that what I was wearing at school would pass the old hag test for decent. A scoop neck tight crop top, a bit of lace from my bra shows, and as much cleavage as I can get my 32C pushup bra to produce.Over this I wear a button up blouse that?s a size too small, ½ unbuttoned to show my top and breasts(the top buttons wouldn?t button anyway). If you look closely, you can see the beginning of the dark ring of my nipple peeking out of my bra. And men do look closely?..often. My skirt is more like a tube top than anything else. It?s just a skintight band of material that molds the curves of my ass. Add to this 4? heels that make my legs look to-die-for, and you will understand why jaws drop and cocks get hard as I walk by. I run my hands down over my exposed, tight flat stomach, over my hips, and down my ass, smoothing the skirt. I much prefer the outfit without the blouse. I like showing off my belly ring. No panty lines. I took my panties off at school before lunch. I?m not allowed to wear them except for school. They?d threatened to expel me when one of the old hag teachers accidentally saw my cunt. The principle, sitting there with a hard-on, staring at my cunt, obviously reluctant to tell me to start wearing panties. So, Mom lets me wear panties when I?m at school. I actually only wear them the first 3 classes since the only female teachers I have are 1st and 3rd periods. I?m going to burn all my panties once I?ve graduated.

I pick up my backpack and begin walking home, still thinking about how frustrating it is to be a kid and have to wear panties. The old biddies need to get a clue. There?s a reason why men strive to get rich and women strive to look beautiful. From cavemen days, men have provided and women have done everything they could to find a man to provide for them and protect them. Men like looking at me, it pleases them, and as a result they are very nice to me. It?s even biblical. Look at marriage vows. Men vow to cherish and protect, Women vow to love, honor, and obey. Just look at mom and Mark. Hell, I?m dressed the way I am because Mark likes to look at me. I have a closet full of clothes that Mark has bought for me to wear. While I dress to look attractive to all men, my mom has Mark in mind when she gives me the nod as I walk out the door. I hope I find a man like Mark someday. He?s really good to my mom, and she?s really good to him. It works.

I can feel the sweat drip down my cleavage as I finally approach my house. For a moment I?m disappointed that the only cars in the drive are my mom?s and Mark?s. I didn?t really expect a car anyway, but it would have been nice. I am 18 after all. Mark?s here early, he?s usually still at work when I get home. My step speeds as I think maybe that means they have something special planned. Mark used to really annoy me, always touching me, squeezing and making comments. He?s always grabbing my ass when he gives me a hug and groping my breasts and slipping his hand under my skirt. Can?t blame him there, I have nice breasts, especially in this bra and a firm ass and soft cunt. Hell, even I like touching them. For some reason I don?t find him so annoying anymore.

Mark?s the one who first shaved my pussy. I was soooooo embarrassed, but he said if I was gonna be showing it off for my mom I should shave it. I continue walking, remembering him laying me on the bed, towel under me. He lifted my knees and spread them wide. First he trimmed the hair with scissors. I felt his fingers pulling the lips apart. Then he put shave cream on my pussy and began to shave me, then wiped the shave cream off with a wet rag. He put lotion on my pussy and rubbed it in. I was embarrassed at how good it felt. He?s OLD!!!! As he rubbed my cunt, he brushed against my clit and my body kind of jumped and he chuckled and said ?not yet little one? as he placed his palm over my cunt and gave it a little squeeze. How humiliating. I can?t really define why, but his shaving my pussy changed me, made me feel sexual in a way I never really did before.

I open the door and there he is. I have to admit he?s pretty hot for an old guy. He?s really tall, and muscular. Not like those fat pigs my mom has me masturbate for. He?s wearing the bathrobe he keeps at our place. I turn to my left and put my backpack on the shelf next to the door. I can feel his eyes on my long legs. They aren?t really that long, but the 4? heels sure make them look long and shapely, not to mention that my skirt barely covers the curve of my ass. For a moment I wish I had a nice fat butt and round hips. I have a white girl?s butt, like my mom, but my skin is permanently tan, thanks to my black dad. That?s the only thing I can thank him for, the bum. Well, that and my lips. No Botox in my future. Thankfully they are full, not ethnic. Mark?s been the one taking care of us all these years. Not that I?ve ever thought of him as a Dad. It?s embarrassing the noises I hear them make when they have sex. Sometimes I hear them before walking in the door and go in the back way so I don?t disturb them in the living room.

I turn and my mom and Mark are both standing in the living room, looking at me and smiling. I look around hoping to see a present. Well maybe its tickets or something small. My mom says ?Kim, come here?. I walk up to them and we form a triangle, my back is to the wall and they are facing me. Mark asks ?have you been a good girl, Kim?? I say, ?Depends on your definition of ?good?. By your definition, yeah. By the old biddy at school?s definition, no?. ?Good,? Mark says, ?you?re 18, a big girl now. It?s time you?re treated like a big girl, don?t you think?? I answer ?yes?. He says ?I?m glad you agree; I have something for you?.

I look around again, nothing in site. I think, ?He has it? Must be in the little pocket of the robe?. ?Must be little? I say, looking at his pocket. He and my mom laugh. ?No,? my mom says, ?it?s not little. You?re looking in the wrong place?. My mom reaches over and pulls the tie on the robe, opening it up. My eyes open wide as I look at his erect penis. IT?S HUGE!!!! ?What?? I swallow nervously. Mark approaches me and I back up until the wall stops me. He says ?You?re ready to be a woman, it?s obvious? As he says this, his right had is under my skirt, his fingers burying themselves in my cunt while his left hand pulls my shirt and bra down, releasing my breasts and pushing them up into mounds, and he twists my right nipple hard. I gasp in pain. ?Your already wet? he says as he moves his fingers inside me.

I look desperately at my mom. ?Mom!!!? She?s just watching with a smile on her face. ?Mark, please, don?t! Mom!!! Please! This isn?t the way I want it to happen.? Mark lets go of my breast and grabs my hair, pulling my head back. I gasp in pain again and look up into his eyes. ?That?s right?, he says, ?Look at me. You don?t know enough to know how it should happen?. His fingers are hurting me. It feels like he has his whole hand in me. His fingers are moving and it feels really strange. I feel his long penis poking my stomach. God, it?s hard. It feels like a stick poking me. I begin to struggle, pushing against his chest. I sigh in relief and stop pushing against him when he takes his hand from my cunt.

He?s still holding my hair, my head titled back. He?s smiling as he looks into my watery eyes. I?m surprised as his right foot pushes my left foot out, and my legs spread as my knee buckles. He catches me with his right arm and lifts me as he pushes me up against the wall, trapping me between the wall and his chest, my legs outside of his. Suddenly I feel him pressing against my cunt and I start to squirm and push against his chest, which only impales me on his cock. I scream as I feel him impaling me. My tight virginal cunt suddenly stretched taught around his cock. I know he?s looking into my eyes as he rips through my hymen, but I can?t see through the tears. I sob. ?PLEASE STOP, YOUR KILLING ME? He laughs. That just makes me cry harder. It hurts so bad, it feels like he?s sawing against my vagina, pumping in and out. I think he?s gonna pound a hole all the way through me. Over and over I feel the length of him sliding out, relief, then sliding in as he pounds in deep and I cry out in pain with each inward thrust, sobbing.

Suddenly he backs away and lets go of me and my hair. I drop to my knees on the floor and curl up, crying. I?m relieved he?s finished. I don?t notice my mom putting lube on Mark?s cock. He grabs the waistband of my skirt and lifts me to my knees; I put my hands out to keep my head from hitting the floor. In confusion, I stop crying for a moment. A moment is all it takes for him to position himself and shove his cock into my ass. I lunge forward and SCREAM, but he?s got a firm grip on my hips and pulls me hard back onto his cock.

My mom squats in front of me, her cunt gaping open in front of my face, I see creamy cum dripping from her cunt and her thighs are wet. As he thrusts deep into my bowels I?m pushed forward and my face is in her crotch, my scream muffled against her sopping wet and sticky cunt. She laughs and says ?not until Master says honey?, and she shoves a ball gag into my mouth to stifle my screams. I think, this can?t be real. This time I know he?s tearing me apart. My ass hole feels like it?s on fire and I imagine him moving my internal organs around as he thrusts deep into me. The pain is incredible, the first was nothing compared to this. I feel like he?s filled me so full I?m going to explode. I feel like I?m gonna shit, and that actually bothers me as much as what he?s doing, but in a different way. I can feel every centimeter of him as he moves in and out of my ass. I can feel my body resisting him, trying to push him out.

He reaches around with one hand and starts to play with my clit. I can tell from the way his finger moves over it that it?s swollen and protruding. My pelvis jerks, pushing me back on his cock and I pull away, rubbing my clit on his hand. He squeezes my clit and circles his finger around it. My body is sending my brain mixed signals and I?m very confused. I?m no longer sure what I feel. He stops thrusting, pausing half way in my ass, and plays with my clit. My body is twitching, which results in small movements on his cock. My focus is no longer on his cock in my ass, though the pressure and pain is still there. My ass muscles begin to relax around his cock. I moan and he stops moving his fingers over my clit. My body instinctively rubs my clit against his fingers, causing me to slide up and down his cock. My eyes open wide in surprise. I stare into his eyes in the mirror as this strange tightness begins to wind up inside me. My breathing comes faster, my breasts swaying as I thrust harder against his fingers and on his cock. I feel the tightness inside me intensify, my muscles contracting. Suddenly it hurts again, like he?s going even deeper. I feel him grip my hips hard and pull me hard to him and I hear him grunt and feel him tremble as he holds my ass against him. As he does, the tightness inside me explodes and the pleasure and pain mix into a strange and intense feeling. My whole body trembles in wave after wave. OMG, is that an orgasm? Finally he pulls out, slapping my ass and I lie exhausted on the floor.

?Did you enjoy that slut?? I look up in surprise at the insult. He?s smiling. ?I knew you?d be as good a slut as your mom?. He sees the confusion in my eyes. He kneels next to me and pets my hair, smiling into my eyes. ?You did very well, I?m pleased. You still have a lot to learn about pleasing me and being pleasured yourself, but you?ll do fine. Have you ever given head?? I nod yes. ?Well, at least you were still a virgin. Show me what you know, and I?ll teach you how to do it right some other time.?

I look up at him horrified. He?d just fucked my ass and now he wants me to suck it?!!!! ?No! I can?t! That?s disgusting!!!? Suddenly he slaps my face, then grabs a handful of my hair, forcing me look at him. ?Lesson number one. Don?t EVER say ?no? to me. Now I?m regretting cleaning myself off for you, you don?t deserve a clean cock anymore.? He pulls me up to my knees using my hair, tears welling up in my eyes. ?Now suck? I hesitate and he pulls viscously on my hair. ?NOW?, he says firmly.

I slide his cock into my mouth. It?s still soft, but it?s already quite a mouth full. I?ve never done this to a soft cock before. Boys I?ve dated have always been hard before they got out of their pants. I?d jerk them off or suck them until they spluged all over themselves to keep them from pushing too hard to fuck me. I shift my weight. Sitting on my heels spreads my ass cheeks and when I kneel up it relieves the pain. My ass and cunt throb. I find it interesting the way I can suck his cock into the back of my throat without bobbing my head. I picture a slinky and quickly quash the picture. I know he can?t see what I?m picturing; but for some reason I?m still scared to think it in case he wouldn?t like it.

His cock starts to get hard and I have to pull my head back so that I can bob up and down the shaft. Before long, I can only get ½ of it into my mouth and I concentrate on not scraping him with my teeth. Damn he?s thick. His cock is curved upward a little and it makes it harder. He pulls my head onto his cock and I gag, my throat convulsing around the head of his cock. I pull back, coughing, and he laughs. ?Don?t worry, you?ll get better? and he pulls my head back onto his cock. ?Enough of this, you have a lot to learn Little One. Sit on the couch and hold your knees up and spread?

I look at my mom and she just gestures her head toward the couch. I sit in the middle of the couch and hold my knees up and apart. I feel my aching cunt and ass spread open. I can feel myself blush from head to toe. My mom wipes the blood from my thighs with a rag and says ?You belong to Mark now. You need to learn that you are here for his pleasure, and as long as you please him, he will take care of you. Sometimes it will hurt, but even that you will come to take satisfaction and pleasure in because you are pleasing him. The pain reminds you that you are here for HIS pleasure, not yours.? Mark approaches and my mom takes his long cock in her hand and guides him to my cunt. This time I watch as he slowly slides into me and I?m amazed that it just keeps on going in. It hurts, but it?s surface pain. Below the surface is a strange pleasure. I begin to enjoy what he is doing, but just when I think that tension is about to release he pulls out. I open my eyes and he tells me to suck his cock some more. I can taste myself on him. I?ve tasted myself on my fingers before, but this was a mixture of me and my blood. I wrinkle my nose and he slaps me again. ?I?m sorry?, I say. He replies, ?I?m sorry, Master?. I repeat, ?I?m sorry, Master?. He tells me to face the couch, and put my hands on the cushions. I think he?s going to fuck me again, but suddenly I feel a hard slap on my ass and I cry out in surprise and flinch. He slaps my ass 10 times hard, then slides his cock into my cunt and uses my cunt until he shoots his load in me again. Every time I?d come close to cuming he?d twist my nipples to keep me from it.

?You?ve learned that I can bring you pleasure or pain, and you?ve learned that your sole purpose is to please me. Next you will learn why you will live to please me. I will take you places that no one else will be capable of taking you, and you will yearn for what I can give you. You will do anything for it, and for me. After tonight, I will truly own you?? Go clean up and meet your mother in her room.

I go to the bathroom and turn the shower on. As I run my soapy hands over my body I realize that I?m more sensitive than I used to be. My nipples don?t usually peak when I take a hot shower. As I wash my stomach, I feel myself tense. Is this what being a woman feels like? I shave, watching the razor glide over the curve of my calf and imagine his hands gently tracing the curve of my leg?.over the calf, up the back of my thigh, in my mind his touch continues lightly over the curve of my ass and up my back and he tenderly kisses my neck as he reaches around and cups my breasts. I open my eyes, my hands on my breasts. No, there was nothing gentle about what happened. I step out of the shower, and for a moment I?m afraid to leave the bathroom.

I look in the mirror, and clear the steam with my towel. I look the same. I begin to dry off. How could my mom let him do that to me? She?d let him grope me before, but she?d always told me to never let anyone do any more than look or touch. And never let a man touch me, only boys, or I might loose control of the situation. She always told me that my virginity was special, something I could only give once, and I shouldn?t waste it on someone who would leave me feeling empty afterward. Do I feel empty? I don?t know what empty feels like, so I must not.

I always trusted these two people in particular to protect me and keep me safe. She let him hurt me; I can still feel the ache in my cunt and ass. Why would she do that? Why would he? It crosses my mind that I should feel betrayed, but I don?t. I?m so confused. I sit on the vanity chair and comb my hair while I try to make sense of what just happened. She said I belong to Mark now, and that the pain is a reminder that I?m here for his pleasure, not mine. I guess I?m not really hurt; mom would never let him really hurt me, which is probably why I don?t feel betrayed. He said I learned. Was this a lesson? He made me call him Master. He also said that next he will teach me why I will live to please him, that he?d take me places that no one else will be capable of taking me. I close my eyes remembering my first orgasm, remembering how the pain went away and it just felt so amazingly wonderful. I remember moaning as he fucked my cunt, how much I wanted to feel like that again, and he wouldn?t let me. I realize my heart is thudding and I?m breathing heavier. I reach down and rub my clit, it?s swollen, then put my fingers in my cunt, I?m wet. The door opens and I startle. My mom tells me to stop playing with myself and to put my makeup on.

I begin applying my full face of makeup. I have to admit I?m vain. I went from make-up counter to make-up counter until I found a girl would made me up the way I wanted to look. I have beautiful green eyes and long eyelashes. The eye shadow is discreet, bringing attention to my eyes, not the eye shadow. The mascara is good; it doesn?t make them all clumpy. The foundation further evens out my smooth complexion, and the blush gives me a healthy look. I?d learned a long time ago that my lips were fascinating to men. I line my lips, then apply a glossy, dark red lipstick that matches my long, manicured nails. If I drove men crazy in restaurants drinking from a straw, I can only imagine how much Mark liked seeing my lips wrapped around his cock. My mom says to come on and I follow her. I?m not afraid anymore. I want to see where Mark is going to take me.

On his part? he feels the incredible tightness forced open, sheathing his cock, he feels the barrier, but it?s no real barrier to him, he feels his cock punch through it. Feeling victorious that they?d managed to teach her enough to spoil her for boys her age without spoiling her. Yes, she was ripe. It?s incredible the way she fits around him like a tight velvety glove as he slides in and out. He?s glad he?d fucked her mom before she got home so he can last longer. She?s so damn tight he might not have been able to last long enough, and the tears welling in her eyes!!!! The sight spurs him to an extra hard thrust, driving the breath from her lungs in his excitement. She?s helpless?.she?s his. He moans as his hips thrust, sliding out?so tight, hard in?.OMG she feels great!!!! He knows when she begins to adjust to his size, still tight, but the quality of her struggle is not so exciting.

On his part?When he pulls her up by her skirt and she?s propped up with her ass in the air, he gets a good view of her round ass and bloody thighs. His. He doesn?t give her time to struggle or tense; he just puts the head of his cock against her tight little rosebud and shoves. Incredible!!!!!!! He gasps as her muscles tighten around him in the agony of initial penetration. For a moment he wonders if she?s gonna squeeze all the blood from his cock and make him go limp. He watches as his cock slides in and out of her sweet firm ass. Beautiful. Her mom squats down and he remembers when he first did this to her, but she?s well used now. He still enjoys her, but it?s way past time he broke a new slave in. This is perfect, he can have them both, and she can help train her daughter. He thrusts with renewed energy as Kim?s face is buried in her mother?s cunt. Oh yeah, this is going to be good. His eyes roll and his toes begin to curl. Her ass is just so damn tight, he doesn?t know how long he can continue. He can feel her muscles resist him, fighting his entrance, trying to push him out. No, not yet.

Time to teach her that pain can be good. He reaches around and his fingers find her clit. Yes, nice and hard and swollen. He rubs it, feeling her body respond. He pauses his thrust halfway in her ass and concentrates on bringing her pleasure. As her body twitches she tightens and releases her muscles on his cock and it takes all his self control not to thrust. He works her clit, pinching, rubbing, tapping. Finally he hears her moan in pleasure and he stops. Her body arches to his fingers, then back, instinctively continuing the contact. As she does, she slides her ass up and down his cock. He takes deep steadying breaths, trying to keep from cuming. Her ass muscles have stopped fighting him, but they are still damn tight. Faster and faster she rubs against his fingers and fucks her own ass. He feels her muscles begin to tighten and she arches her back, eyes closed. She opens them and is lookin into his in the mirror. There is wonder and amazement in her eyes. He smiles. Yes little one, he thinks, this is what you have dreamed about. As her orgasm approaches she?s making little noises and he can?t reign in his own orgasm any longer. His cock swells even more, he grabs her hips and pulls her tight onto him, holding her as his cock pulses inside her ass, filling her with his seed. In the midst of his orgasm he feels her stiffen in pain, only to be overridden by her pleasure and he supports her while her body trembles. She is on her knees, shoulders pressed to the floor, head to the side, exhausted. Her mother hands him the camera, and he gets a good shot of his cum dripping from her ass and her bloody thighs. As he gets up, she drops to the floor, panting.

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