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good gone bad, romantic, first anal

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Their relationship had started as most; caring, gentle, and loving -- Jane; was the good girl, and Ron the gentleman. They were always open for new adventures and willing to share them equally. But; she wanted more. There was more inside of her than the prim and proper girl; underneath that persona, was a slut wanting out. Somehow; she was going to have to get him to help her explore that adventure, even if she had to lead him on the journey.

They were still in the honeymoon stage of the relationship; sex every day, sometimes twice and other times three a day. So; for a week she played with the timing of their busy schedules and didn?t make allowances in the calendar for at least a quickie. He rolled with it with a certain amount of understanding but; she could tell, that he was beginning to build up a bit of frustration. That was a good thing; her hunger was growing also. She had taken time during the week to pick up some sex toys and they were already hidden in the night stand next to their bed. Now it was only a matter of timing to lead him down the path of her bad intentions.

Having an extraordinarily bad day she arrived home earlier than him. Wanting to shed the day from her as quickly as possible she left a trail of jacket and skirt leading to the bed and flopped down on it still in her underwear, stockings and shoes. Staring at the ceiling she felt a tension release was definitely needed and soon; very soon. Ron wouldn?t be home for a while yet and that would be too long. Rolling onto her side and reaching in the drawer; she grabbed the newly purchased items in the bag including the fleshy vibrator. Tearing the dil rod from the package; she inserted the batteries it came with and turned it on, as the remaining contents spilled out and remained lying on the bed. The vibration in her hands traveled through her and landed in all the right spots. Not bothering to position better on the bed or wanting to take the time to disrobe any further, she began to drag the electrified shaft along her now quivering frame. The steady pulse along her skin intensified and it wasn?t long before she was circling her still covered nipples and love box with the electric pleasure. So in tune with the moment she didn?t hear Ron come in and was caught in the act of self gratification.

With a hint of anger he calmly asked. What are you doing?

She didn?t answer.

Jane, I asked you a question.

She looked at him a second and the answer came to her very clearly; I needed some dick.

He was taken back a second, she had never spoken like that before. Trying to remain calm he asked; so the one between my legs isn?t good enough, you couldn?t wait?

With no hesitation in her voice the answer came; nope.

Catching Jane masturbate turned him on and he started to get hard . He wanted to see this live porn show.

His tone remained indignant; well that?s fine; by all means, continue.

Surprised at his statement and thrilled at the same time, she did. Repositioning her body higher on the bed she laid her head on the pillows spread her stocking/shoed legs apart and continued. The jolts of electricity flowing into her nibbles and into her groin seemed to animate her. She began to gently sway a bit and undulate to the hum of her electric lover. Jane noticed Ron had moved closer to the end of the bed and he couldn?t hide what he was feeling. He was maintaining his stern look of disappointment but the uncomfortable shifting from foot to foot revealed his penis was thinking something else.

Deciding to turn up the situation a notch to sleazy she turned it off and but the phallic stud in her mouth and sucked it. Jane was so enthralled with it that Ron thought she would suck the batteries right out of it.

Jane?s mouth was hungry for this but her pussy was now becoming famished. Sucking latex with one hand she lower her other to pull aside her panties and began to finger her personal glory hole. New tremors of delight creeped through her and she liked it. Wanting more of what she was getting she took the wet rod from her mouth and began to alternate it back and forth. She was driving herself out of her own mind with oral and vagina satisfaction.

Ron?s cock had become incensed. His pants were down to his knees before the skin on them touched the sheets next to her face. She pulled his tool into her ravenous mouth and plunged the other deeper into her womb. Both sets of her lips were now consuming all that they desired, veraciously. The deeper she penetrated herself the deeper she took him. Throating him for the first time seemed natural and she smiled with the satisfaction of a true slut. But; she was yet to feel satisfied. Feeling his balls begin to roil against her cheek she let him thrust against her tonsils once more and released him.

She was oblivious to his frustration as she flipped over on to her stomach and re-positioned herself. With head turned to the side on the pillow and the arm underneath she rose up on her knees and continued to screw herself with the dildo that never exited her now soaked love canal. Now a slave to her own abandon she punished herself with sweet pleasure and she confirmed that with her moans.

In mock anger she finally acknowledged what her mind had finally registered hearing in Ron?s words; he was still kneeling with is engorged erection pointing at her mouth a few inches away.

What the hell am I going to do with this?

She did not pause in her response;

I don?t care what you do with it. When he backed off the bed she affirmed her decision in her head;

I started this trek and I want to finish it.

Ron?s heels found the floor somewhat gracefully considering his pants were still clinging to his knees. There she was getting it done and getting it done hard. The new bottle of lube was rolling between the creases of the comforter when his mind finally caught up to her reply;

I don?t care what you do with it.

Stripping the threads of the bottle as he removed the cap he crushed too much of the slimy liquid into the palm of his hand. Tossing the container aside he crawled back on the bed behind her and prepared. A portion soothed his raging hard on and more than too much coated a now erect finger. Staring at her ass that seemed to scream to him invitingly he pulled silky lace aside and began to finger paint the rim of her anus.

Jane felt a sudden surge of realization and welcomed it. As Ron circled her anal entry she felt a begging word escape her lips;


He slowly took the virginity of her bottom as he eased his finger into it. Her butt tensed with the initial invasion but her willing sphincter muscles allowed his access. His rectal probing eased her back into her erotic trance and she pushed back onto what was now filling 2 holes at once. The glee of her body seemed short lived and she expressed that with an angry sigh when he removed this digit from a new found pleasure zone.

Feeling comfortable that she was well prepared Ron grabbed his love spear firmly in his hand and pressed the head of it against where his finger had just left. Slowly easing into her was received by another proclaimed yes from her lips. At first it was short strokes of penetration; but the tempo was short lived for every one of his short strokes was met with a long stroke from her as she pushed back. Her pussy was always the tightest he had ever had. But now this new place squeezed his member like never before and he lost all regard for decorum. The sticky slaps of skin on skin grew louder and the slut within each of them was being released.

The only sense Jane had now was below the waist and it was glorious. The vigor of her dildo play intensified as her insides were pushed and pulled in glorious contact with each other. The ocean of orgasm was turning into a tidal issue that could no longer be stopped. As the crest was reaching its full ark she could feel the first pearl rope burst into her. Ron?s dick was in full spasm as stream after stream entered her. Not to be outdone; she started covering the other dick, in her other hand in her own juices. She tore at the sheets with her free hand and she could feel his grip on her hips hold on just as tight.

They were still cumming when she then knew; good was ok and bad was terrific.

*both characters portrayed are fictional. Any likeness to those past and present is pure coincidence*

Jeff g © 2010

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