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getting into swinglifestyle part 2

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After my wife read some of the letters in the magazine while I was giving her massages, in the weeks to come while we were looking for a couple to explore with she was totally different. Before she was always quiet, conservative and not really into sex, but now I come home from work and she is meeting me at the door wearing nothing at all and could care less if a neighbor got a free look or two. I have always loved seeing guys or girls look at her she is very sexy, petite 5 6 about 115 pounds long straight medium brown hair hazel eyes nice firm ass and small perky 34 b breasts. I could hardly get through the door and she was already tugging at my pants trying to get to my cock. I found my self wanting to leave work on time or early just to get home to see what my wife had in store for me. She had totally changed her ways, she was even dressing very sexy when we went out. As she was sucking my hard cock I told her that the younger couple we had emailed and chatted with before sent us an email and wanted to talk on the phone tonight, she was so excited she took my cock so long and deep I came fast and she took every once of me down her throat. At 8 pm the phone rang and instantly my cock grew hard and my nervous wife answerd the phone, she had them on speakerphone so we both could hear and the sexy voice said hi. As then started talking about normal little things I started to play with my wife?s pussy and I could not believe how dripping wet she had become so fast and I hadn?t even touched it yet. The more they talked the more I touched an licked her pussy as she let out a moan Nikki asked what we were doing, a little embarrassed my wife told her and to our amazement she said seemed to get very excited as she told her husband, The next thing we know we heard her moaning as she appeared to be having her pussy worked as well. I could not believe how loud Nikki was moaning on the phone and made me want to lick my wife even faster and harder until she finally started yelling she was cumming and juices started flowing all down my lips and chin. A few seconds later we heard Nikki?s moaning and screaming come to a halt and knew that she had just cummed herself. We decided we had to meet and chose the next night at a club near us. They were about and hour away but did not mind drinving to see and meet us. The next day at work was the longest I had to stay at my desk for most of the day because my cock was fully erect and I didn?t want anyone in the office to see the budge in my pants. Once again I left on time and raced home only to find my wife wearing dress so sexy and looking like she wanted to be fucked, She had a very short black mini skirt on high heals and a small tight white top with very thing straps and no bra, she never dresses that sexy and always wears a bra so this caused my cock to become very hard. I showed and changed and the way we went it was a bout 15 minutes from our house and we both were nervous and excited. We arrived first and grabbed a small circle table that gave us a good view of the door. It was not long before they had arrived. Our first thoughts were wow, he was very close to me 28 years old 5 10 160 pounds short brown hair neatly groomed and my wife smiled instantly when looking at Mike I knew my wife liked what she saw, Nikki was stunning she was 23 but looked like she was 18 she had long curly brown hair she was taller and differently bigger breasts, she was slightly heavier than my 115 pound wife but not fat at all, she had a full length tight tight dress that should off every curve her little 135 pound body had.

We all sat down and started to talk after a few minutes my wife asked Mike to dance and he said yes way they went I sat there with Nikki and we talked and really got a long great, we would glance over once and a while to see them talking and dancing. They were dancing very close and I could see my wife enjoying her dance partner. They were out there quite a while and finally headed back towards us as she left the dance floor I could see all the guys looking at her and as she got close I could see why I could see she was hot and sweaty from dancing and I could see right through her shirt and her nipples, after they came back Nikki grabbed me and said our turn to dance. After the first song Nikki asked me if I liked what I saw and of course I said I like what I saw very much, she said then come up against me and lets dance, before I know we were grinding on the dance floor and my cock once again started to grow as it got harder and harder. Nikki then turned around placed her nice round ass against my cock turned her head and asked would I have any problem fucking her in the ass to night, my cock was ready to explode because my wife has never allowed me to work her ass. I said I would love to fuck your ass tonight she smiled and said great because her husband was not into anal sex, and she longed for it very bad, I thought to myself what man would not want to fuck a nice ass like this. At that moment she said lets get out of here, we walked back to the table and I could see my wife looking at me with a huge grin, that?s when I noticed Mike hands were under the table, I sat next to my wife and ran my fingers up her legs until I realized she had no panties on and then I felt Mikes hands, he pussy was dripping wet and I said Nikki wants to leave, my wife said I hope to come home with us. Nikki said yes as long as I can ride in your car, and my wife said sure as long as I can ride in your car. It was settled we got up and away out the door we went. Nikki followed me to my car and my wife went with Mike. Before we pulled out the parking lot Nikki already had my zipper open and was yanking out my cock, she sighed and said you are much thicker and longer than my husband, I said I hope that does not change you mind about me working your ass, she said no it wants me to want you to fuck it even more, I want my husband to see your big hard fat cock ripping into my ass tonight, then she rammed my cock down her throat like she was never going to suck cock again. After a few strokes I told he I was ready to cum, but she once again sank her mouth down on my cock to the base seemed ready to accept my cum, before I knew it I was cumming and she was taking every drop, as I was cumming I looked in the rear view and all I could see was Mike?s head so I knew at that very moment my wife was taking another man?s cock in deep in her mouth since she always took mine that way. Finally we arrive at our house and my wife says to Mike and Nikki take you cloths off we are going to sit in the hot tub for a few minutes to relax, not home for more than 5 minutes and we were all naked and sitting in the hot tub. All I could think of was I wanted to taste how Sweet Nikki?s pussy was. My wife asked Nikki to stand up for a second so she could see her, she said you look great and I know my husband is going to love sucking on those big breasts, and fucking my ass too Nikki said back, you are the dream girl for my husband big tits and wants anal,, with that said we moved in to the house and Nikki sat next to my wife and said how bad to you want to see your husband lick my pussy, very bad my wife said as I stared in amazement. I kneeled over to Nikki and started to kiss her toes then work my way up her ankles, thighs and she moved her body to grant me easy access to her inviting pussy. She was neatly shaved and my cock was very hard as I slowly brought my tongue to her pussy, ahhhh it tasted so sweet and I started to run my fingers in her pussy she was extremely tight, She seemed to feel pain with just two fingers and I wondered deep inside my head what would happen later when my cock was ready to enter that tight tight pussy. I could not believe I was licking another womans pussy and doing it right in front of my wife what a huge turn on. Mike then started to move closer to my wife not being so nervous anymore seeing me have my way with his wife?s dripping wet pussy. I glanced over and watched how he entered my wife?s pussy with his tongue, my wife instantly moaned and I knew that she was enjoying. After a few minutes Nikki started to really moaning louder and louder and said she was cumming, I licked harder and harder and she started telling me not to stop and licker her harder, I started working my two fingers in deeper and deeper and she started to arch her hips a few seconds later she was cumming and I was doing my best to taste every drop of her juices, I looked over to see my wife legs over Mike?s shoulders and his head buried deep between her thought trying to work his tongue as fast as it would go. I laid ther with Nikki watching and Nikki said she wanted to fuck me, before I could say yes my wife said first I want you to come over here so I can prepare your cock before you fuck her. I want to get it nice and hard and moist from my lips to help you fuck her pussy. Again I was amazed what my wife was saying she wanted to suck my cock so another woman could fuck me. Once my cock was hard, my wife asked Nikki to lay down she then moved over with me grabbed my cock with her hand and started guiding it into Nikki?s pussy, I have to say that was the most erotic thing I have every seen, my wife helping me fit my cock into another woman?s pussy while her husband watches.

Nikki just stared into my eyes then glanced over to her husband seeming to make sure it was ok, he smiled back at her and I started to push, I could not believe how tight this woman?s pussy was my cock was ready to explode just trying to get in, I could see in Nikki?s eyes she was in a little pain an asked if she was ok, she said I want to feel that cock all the way so start fucking me good, with that said I grabbed her hips and started to thrust, after a few good thrusts I was in deep and pushing even deeper she seemed to like the pain and asked me to fuck her harder now, I look over at my wife who had a huge smile on her face from watching me fuck another girl while a guy had his tongue deep inside her pussy. My wife said fuck her deep, I want to hear her moan. I was so turned on I said fuck it and started fucking her as hard as I could she was moaning so loud and seemed to like it she started yelling at me to fuck harder and I picked up the pace even faster she started calling my I grabbed her one leg flipped it over my shoulders and I rally started giving her every once of my cock, her tight pussy started to really open up and allow me to pump faster an faster the harder I pumped the more she wanted more, she was taking my entire cock and was looking at me like she had never been fucked this hard before, for me it was new as well because me wife likes it slow and gently, which was exactly the way it was going on next to me and Nikki, I saw Mike with his cock fucking my wife it was smaller than mine and not as thick, but he was fucking my wife nice and slow and she was really enjoying it. I think we found a prefect match a guy who likes to fuck slow and a wife who wants it hard, the way I always wanted to fuck my wife, I brought my full attention back to Nikki and I was near cumming. I asked her where she wanted me to cum and she smiled and said exactly where you are at deep inside my stretched pussy, I grabbed the back of her head and started to fuck her as hard as I could watching her eyes knowing that any moment my big fat hard cock was going to shoot my full load deep inside her pussy, I was so close I could feel my cock pulse finally the moment came and I shoot my load it felt so good and she could not believe how much she could feel it. That was great I said and we both laid there and watched out spouses continue to fuck. Mike slowly was fucking my wife and they both seemed to be in a nice flow looking at each other my wife had her hands on his ass pressing him deeper as he continued to fuck her, he said he was coming and asked it he could pull out an cum on my wife?s breasts she said sure, Nikki told me he always wants to cum on my breasts but I won?t let him I want him to cum in my pussy after he fucks me, I was anxious to see this I wanted to see my wife take another man?s load all over her body and tits, as I thought that Mike started to cum and his cock was shooting all over my wife ands she really seemed to be turned on by it. Finally he stopped and I just laid there with Nikki watching him collapse on my wife. As I figured that was the end of the night Nikki got up and started sucking my cock again, you know I said earlier on the dance floor I wanted you to fuck my tight virgin ass, with that said my cock became very hard and I could not believe this girl small sexy and hot who was 23 that looked 18 was going to take my cock in her ass, she was asking for some pain and that really turned me on very much.

She stood up laid across the sofa chair and said come and fuck me and you better be rough, I don?t want my first anal action to be slow or gentle. I want you to work and wear my ass out and I want my husband to see how bad I want it in the ass. I said sure no problem because I want to show my wife how bad I want to fuck her ass.

I slide over to Nikki and started to lick her ass hole another thing my wife did not like, after few moments of that I said look out because my cock is coming in, I placed it at the edge of her ass and started to push at first her ass was winning and would not open up but I kept pushing and slowly I was entering in her tight virgin ass. She started to moan and push back towards me so I know that she was trying to help me fuck her ass another few small pushes and she started to moan and scream in pain, as I was started to let up she said don?t let up unless you are a wimp, was that a challenge I thought, as I grabbed her head pushed it down into the armrest of the chair and started picking up the pace I said I am really going to wear your ass out now and started to push and thrust harder and harder after a few stokes I was in deep and sliding even deeper, I could not believe how tight this virgin ass was it was the tightest thing I had ever fucked, it made her tight pussy that I just got done fucking seem loose. I was working my cock so deep now and she was moaning in pain and joy, I seemed to really enjoy causing Nikki woman both. I look over and my wife and Mike were just watching with amazement and playing with each other. The harder I fucked Nikki the more she would move her ass higher and pushed against me trying to give me as much leverage to fuck her as deep as I could.

As I was working her ass it did open up quite a bit and now was allowing me to fuck her faster and faster, I could not believe I was fucking her ass and was fucking her ass with such force and that she loved it she really loved that my cock was ripping her ass wide open, as my cock started to pulse and get a little more thicker Nikki must have sense I was close and said I am ready for you to shoot the hell out of my ass with your load of cum with that said my cock was exploding and my cum was shooting deep inside her well worked ass. As she lay there and fell forward I fell forward on top of her, She said to her husband that?s how she wanted her ass worked and would be willing to drive herself to there house to get it. My wife then stopped sucking his cock an said fine show her you can fuck an ass, I looked at my wife like where did that come from she was like a different person. She turned over and said come fuck my ass Mike, she sounded like a slut I was so aroused, Nikki and I both turned to watch as Mike came behind my wife and started to lick her ass something Nikki said he never did with her, I guess there was a lot of first going on tonight. Before I knew it Mike was slowly entering his cock in my wife?s ass I am a nice solid 8 he was a bout a 6, but my wife?s ass was also a virgin and I knew she was not into pain so this was going to be fun to watch, but with amazement my wife?s ass took every inch of his cock like it was an ass with much experience. Mike started to pick up the pace and relly get into it, my wife even pushed her hips up and put up resistance so he could take her as deep as he could, Nikki was playing with her self while watching her man fuck another woman in the ass. She was so wet I knew when I was fucking her hard that she wanted to be fucked hard in the ass, but her husband just wouldn?t, to see her husband fucking a woman in the ass she said was both hot and sad knowing he had fucked someone else ass but not hers, Mike could not believe how tight my wife?s ass was and really seemed to enjoy the tighness around his hard cock, he smiled to Nikki and said I have been missing a lot but not no more, you can count on that, then he turned back towards my wife and started to pick up the pace, he was fucking her so hard and my wife was telling him to fuck her faster she once again sounded like a slut not my quiet conservative wife, she was moaning loader and loader and inviting him to fuck her ass harder, she said I too have been missing out and moaned out I am sorry as Mike pounded my wife?s ass. My cock was hard and I was stroking it when Nikki said she wanted to sit on it and ride it as her husband fucked my wife, she yelled don?t cum yet Mike I want to ride some cock while you fucking her ass, and she mounted onto my cock and for the third time I was fucking this beauty, well this time she was fucking me I was just holding on for the ride she was grinding her ass like she was doing on the dance floor earlier in the night gut this felt much much better, this time her pussy just sank down and took my entire cock with one push, she really seemed to enjoy my cock telling me how big and hard it has been all night and that she was thankful for meeting us, the harder Mike fucked my wife the more turned on Nikki got and rode my cock harder. I knew I was not going to last much longer and was hoping that I would be able to hold out until Mike cam so I could watch my wife?s face as he cam in her ass. Mike said he was cumming and my wife with her sluty mouth said I want to feel you hot cum running through ass. Mike started to buck and I could see cum running out of my wife?s ass as he slumped over her to give her a kiss.

For the next few hours we talked and all went to bed, the next morning they left, but already had plans for the next meeting.

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