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fantasy-or part 2

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It had been ten years or so since I observed those boys fucking each other along the creek bank and them telling me that my turn would come.

As it turned out it never came with those boys. They had gotten my curiosity going but at that age you really never know how to act up on those thoughts. Over the next few years the boys my age we would continue to play with each other but not there was never really any intimate contact. Also over the years when I would think of these boys I would masterbate and at times if I could find something to stick in my rectom at the same time I would.

Over the years I have thought about this many times and each time I would have to find something to play with while I was masterbating. I would find something in my parents house most of the time to ram up my ass as I played with my self. At time when my parents were gone for the evening and I was the only one there I found myself going to the back yard when it was totally dark and stripping down to nothing. I would find something that I could use to penetrate my ass since I had come to realize how good it felt.

During the summer we all played some form of sports so naturarlly you were around alot of boys your age. One of teams I played for we had traveled a couple of hundred miles from home and on our return it was very late at night so the team put another boy my age and I up for the night. We had not planned to spend the night any where so we did not have any thing but our uniform to wear.

Anyway they got us a single room with only a full size bed. We both showered quickly since the water was cold and climbed into bed. Neither of us went to bed with any clothes on since we were not prepared to stay over night. What happened next was a total surprise to both of us.

As we lay there we talked about girls and things like that and I suppose that made us both horny as all get out. We eventually went to sleep for a short while. I found myself laying face to face with him and he had an erection and it was between my legs. When he realized that I was a wake and knew what was going on he gently placed his hand on my face and began to rub it in a sentual manner. I felt my penis begin to rise. Without saying a word he just rolled over and began to kiss me with passion and lust. I never protested his move. It was as if it was meant to be. His kisses and his hands spoke for both of us. He bagan to go down slowly kissing my breast as he went. When he got to my penis he slowing began to caress and suck on my shaft as it got harder and harder. He then turned me over and began to suck on my ass and get it lubricated. He did not know that I had placed many large things in my ass over the years so it was ready for what he had planned to do to me.

As he lubricated my ass with his juices I began to push toward his mouth and tongue. He apparently got the message as he raised my ass into the air. He slowly started pushing his dick against my ass hole, he realy did not know that it had been prepared to take what he was about to give me from years of penetration from other objects. He started slowly and when his head went in without any trouble he seemed confussed since he felt he was getting a virgin ass hole. He slipped it in and rammed it home as hard as he could. His dick inside of me felt like it belonged there and I pushed and moved to his every movement. It did not take long for him to blow his cum inside of me and the warm juices felt like they belonged inside of me.

When he pulled out of me then I really got aggressive with him. I was still hard as a rock and as I went down on his limp penis I could taste his cum still coming from his penis. I moved him down on the bed as I positioned us in a 69 position. I placed my penis in his mouth and he began to slowly take it in with no problems. As I was sucking his penis I began to move my penis in and out of his throat. He was beginnign to respond again as I thrust deem into his mouth and throat. Just a note, as I am writing this I have something deep inside of my rectom and it feels absolutly great. It is about 12 inches long and about 6 inches round. No it is not a dick.

Now that my dick is penetrated deep inside of his mouth I have found that I am about to explode down his throat. My juices begin to flow and he begins to take in every ounce of my hot juices. My dick is deep inside of his throat and he is going like crasy to take it all in.

After we have settled in for a while we begin to play with each other again but this time it is more deliberate and not as spontanious as it was the first time. We must have fucked each other at least three more times during the night. This time however were deep in our throates and not our ass hole. The ass hole would have felt great but feeling his penis deep into my throat at that time and place was even greater.

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