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cable guy

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This is a true story that happened when i was 23 and the woman was 32.

It started out as any normal beginning to the work day.I was working for the local cable company and this lady her name is Wendy just happened to be my last install of the day.I had been getting calls on my rwo-way from the main office telling me that she was irrate and wanted to know when i was going to show up,so i told them i would be there at her home at 3:00 pm.The whole time im thinking when i get there she is going to be a total smartass.So then comes my arrival,i pull into the driveway and out comes this gorgeous lady dressed in a lowcut blouse with a skirt about 2 inches above the knee,and the way her ass looked sticking out was just amazing.My first thought as she approached was, shit shes is going to raise sone hell at me now.But to my surprise she spoke in a sultry voice and said ,hello i'm WENDY, i was wondering if you were going to show up.I spoke up with the reply that i had gotten hung up at another customers home.I proceeded with the task at hand,and for some reason everywhere i went Wendy was right there at one point i saw her squated down a couple of feet behind me with her hands on her knees and when i loojed back i could see down the back of her legs and up her skirt to that sexy ass,and she had on some pale blue thongs and i quickly turned back to what i was doing,the rest of the time i was there i had to cope with the extreme hard-on i had.Suddenly i here her front door open and in walks these two young boys,(13 and 10),she said the e are my two sons this is my weekend with them there father and i are getting divorced,I found out later it was because she caught him cheating .When i finished i told wendy i was done and if she had any problems to contact the office and ask for me.As i was getting into my truck she came around and said thank you and asked for a hug,i was like damn where did that come from.As she leaned in to hug me i could see right down her blouse and she had the biggest,prettiest tits i've ever seen,wendy caught me looking and just smiled.As i went to leave she came back to my truck and said here my number.

Well a week has passed and i still haven't called her so i was lying in bed that friday night after a long day and decided to call her.I had a couple of beers so i was feeling a little anxious.She answered and i said hello wendy and she ask who i was i told her the cable guy and her voice immediately when to a sultry type of talking,i asked her if she had plans and she said no but that i should come over,i accepted and was there in 30 minutes.As i was getting out of my car i seen her step out onto the porch and as i walked up i saw that she was wearing a flannel shirt tied in the front and a pair of really short cut-off jeans(daisey dukes)as soon as i step up onto the porch she plants an alluring soft kiss on my lips and then says come on in.She walks me over to her couch tells me to have a seat beside her.As time progresses and we're eyeing one another we engage in a deep tongue twisting kiss and im starting to feel my cock raise wendy then places her hand on my cock,and as we are kissing she stops looks down and smiles,wendy then gets up and says give me a minute and i watch that gorgeous ass of hers as she goes across the living room and bends over, legs still straight in front of me to pick up her cat,staying bent long enough to cause me to squirm about.And as she was bent over i could see her pussy lips because she had no panties on.Wendy then made her way back to me sitting on the couch and stood with her cunt just inches from my face.She reached down and grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face into her crotch.I then took both my hands and made my way up her legs and to the inside off her thighs until i could feel the heat coming from her pussy.I tucked my thumbs under her shorts and used one to rub her clit while i got the other wet from her juices and slipped it into her cunt,she let out a very sexy moan,i then got an excellent smell of her cunt and slowly started licking her pussy lips,oh she tasted sweet.She started to pant and move her hips as i continued to finger-fuck her and lap at her juices,after a couple of minutes she yelled IM COMING,IM COMING,OH HELL YES MMMMMMM,she soaked my chin and her shorts.Wendy collapsed onto my lap and laid her head on me still shaking from her awesome orgasm.After a couple of minutes she looked up at me and smiled,she also stuck out her tongue and licked her juices that were on my chin and the rammed her tongue into my mouth,wendy then leaned back still straddling me and slowly started unbuttoning her shirt,i reached inside her shirt,slid my hands up to her tits,and let me tell you these were huge and perfect at least dds and they were real,i continued up to her shoulders and push the shirt off releasing those enormous tits.I immediately grabbed one put the nipple in my mouth,i kept licking ,sucking and flicking her nipple with my tongue as she was grinding her pussy into my raging rock hard cock,we still haven't gotten naked.Wendy then said sit still and got up off me and she then released the button on her shorts in a teasing manner and slowly undid the zipper and she held them on the sides by the belt loops stepped up to me and said,would you like to see?I then reached took the loopholes myself and asked her to remove her hands when she did i started easing here shorts down,not taking my eyes off her crotch area and as i was pulling them down i saw no signs of hair she was completely bare,my cock jumped in my pants.Here i am with this gorgeous naked woman in front of me and im still clothed.But she immediately fixes that problem,wendy gets down on her knees releases the button and zipper on my jeans and starts pulling them down,the hole time shes doing this i've already kicked off my shoes and practically ripped my shirt off,as she is pulling them down she also grabs my boxers as well releasing my throbbing cock,as she does she looks at me and says ,thats gonna hurt going in.I finally kicked my clothe onto the floor and she pushes my legs apart grabs my cock and starts to lick the underside,by now my pre-cum is just dripping out,and she then puts the head in and starts sucking harder,she slowly moves up and down my shaft moaning and sucking until she has me balls deep in her mouth.The whole time while she is sucking my cock i've managed to slip 2 fingers in her cunt and i've got my thumb playing with her asshole.I cant take anymore and i pull her up to straddle me and she starts sucking my tongue into her mouth and slowly rubs her wet pussy up and down my shaft almost as if she were lubeing me up.Wendy reaches back wit one hand grabs my cock and puts me at her hole opening,she eases back a little and lets the head pop in and im thinking damn shes tight,she looks into my eyes and i say you want it,she responds by slamming down and burying me deep in her pussy,we both let out grunts and moans simultaneously,i tell you her love-box was amazingly wet and hot as hell.I started thrusting up as she came down and every now and then she would grind in circles,she finally started bouncing up and down and so i could feel my balls boiling she kept a steady pace and i could telling she was about to come and she got faster ,started jerking and panting,i then heard her same come with me,dont pull out fill my pussy with your come and with that i cupped her ass in my hands rolled on her back with my cock still buried inside her,and starting pounding her she grabbed her legs pulled them apar as far as she could and yelled FUCK ME HARDER,bury that monster in me,i had my legs out straight as if i were standing and was slamming deep in her pussy,i grabbed her legs pushed them to her chest and she let out a yell of THATS IT ,FUCK ME LIKE THAT ,DONT STOP, GIVE TO ME HARDER,thats when i felt her pussy walls pulsing and as she screamed IM COMING,i let slammed in about 4 more strokes and flooded her pussy with cum and i collapsed on top of her still buried inside my balls was covered with cunt juice and cum.We laid there for a couple of minutes petting and kissing one another when i started to feel myself get hard once again and i was still inside her so i slowly started stroking in and out of her she then said lets go to the bedroom.We got up and she went in first got up on the edge of the bed on her knees,turned and looked at me saying now stick in my ass,my husband never put it there,but that she liked the way my finger felt there earlier,so i came up behind and decided i needed to lube it up and stuck my cock back into her cum soaked pussy,she let out a little ooh yeah,i put a little of the cum and cunt juice on my finger to work her hole a little,as i was stroking in and out her pussy i slipped in a second finger in her anus,thats when she said stick it in please.I put my cock at her backdoor and slowly pushed forward,the head popped in and she gave a little twitch and i said you want me to stop she said no keep going.I eased a little more about half-way and she let out a small cry,i stopped letting her adjust to me,after a few minutes i pulled almost out and slowly went back in this time getting all of my cock in her slowly i would ease in and out until finally she let loose and she started pushing back on me,i let her ride against me until i put her on her back,i put her legs over each shoulder and eased back into her ass,then i let loose i was so into driving deep into her that i didn't feel her squirt when she came and she yelled for me to cum her ass and thats when i felt each thrust i was throwing what felt like rope after rope of cum deep in her ass.I then slowly pulled myself out with a pop and when i did my cum was pouring from both her holes we laid beside each sharing a few soft kisses she asked me to stay the rest of the night with her and i gladly accepted and we crawled under the cover.And with my arms wrapped around her and her ass pushed into my crotch we both fell asleep.

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