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blind sided by my dreams of my best friends sister

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All through my child years my best friend and I did everything together. We always took turns sleeping over each other house. He has the hottest sister and I always found myself staring at her at night before bed or at the pool. My cock would just beg for her when I was near. I always had this dream that she would come into her brother’s room and while we were sleeping start kissing me.

While one night I was laying on the floor next to my best friends bed sleeping when I felt these finger tip slowing sliding up my back tracing my back so gently, I immediately woke up, but pretended to be a sleep not wanting her to stop, this was crazy I though how could my best friends hot sister that everyone in school would love to be right where I was. As I lay I felt her hands rubbing my back and my ass and around the sides towards the front of my body, my cock was so hard and laying on my stomach was hurting because my cock was growing right into the floor with each pass of her fingers. It felt so good and then felt her hands trying to guide my body to turn over, I was so nervous what would I say to her or what will she want me to do. My experience up to this time was very minor kissing. As I slowly turned over and opened my eyes I was stunned my best friend had his cock at my mouth and told me to take it all, other than my cock this was the first cock I seen hard in person and it made my hard cock seem so small, it was huge and my friend was just holding it for me, I never even thought about sucking a cock before and could not believe my friend who could have any girl he wanted was offering me his cock with no fear or worry, where did this come from. He started stoking my cock saying he was serious and then started to suck it with in a few sucks my cock was shooting cum into his mouth and he was taking it all, after he was done sucking my cock once again he brought his hard cock to my mouth and repeated take it all, I brought my mouth to the tip of his hard huge cock but just could not bring myself to suck it, he grabbed the back of my head and shoved my head enough to make me take his cock into his mouth, I got half way down it and he told me to keep going I started to gag, but he kept up the force on the back of my head, finally he let up and I was about ¾ down his cock and he started to push my head up, telling me I can either learn to suck his cock on my own or he would continue to shove his cock down my throat, with that said I nodded and he let up. I started slowly sucking his cock and with each moan he gave found myself wanting to suck it better and better as he told me it felt good. I keep sucking and sucking my mouth was getting sore, I could not believe how long he was able to last, no mater how long mouth worked his cock his cock just seemed to go on and on. He moved to the edge of the bed and brought me up to me knees and I continued to work his huge cock, no wonder he has so many girls, the more I thought about how big his cock was and how many girls would love to be sucking his cock, the more turned on I got and the harder I sucked. 30 minutes ago I was sleeping thinking about his sister and here I am sucking his cock. I kept working his cock and now I was down to the base of his cock and my hands found their way to his balls, I notice he started to relax more and enjoy that my mouth was taking his entire huge cock and finally I could tell he was getting ready to explode what am I to do I was not really ready to take a load full of cum down my throat I thought, heck earlier I was not ready to take a cock down my throat either but I did it. Just as he was ready to he pulled out of my mouth and shot his cum all over my neck and chest just kept pumping it over me, finally when he stopped he told me to lay down so he could lick his cum off me, he figured he would let me off easy tonight.

This is how most of the sleepovers went and I knew what to expect when I was asked to sleepover. This was our secret and it was a huge turn on seeing girls wanting to be with him but I knew he liked the way I sucked his cock on the weekends when he had no date or girl around. One time I was disappointed when I got to his house and another friend of ours was there. I figured this was a wasted night since we would not be able to take the chance with some else sleeping over, boy was I was wrong, as I lay on the floor sleeping again I heard my two friends talking saying ok that go. I figured they were sneaking out of the house but I soon realized what they were up to. The both pulled my pants down both of them had hard cocks and my other friend was slightly smaller than my best friend. My best friend sat at eh side of the bed and my other friend brought me to that huge cock which I started to work on fast, with my ass in the air I felt a cool gel running down the crack of my ass and realized what was going to happen to my ass. My best friend told me to relax, suck my cock and take his in your ass, I brought him over to open your ass for my big cock, for now on you will be working both of our cocks in your mouth and in your ass, and since you cock is average we might even let you fuck us. I then felt my ass starting to accept this cock , it hurt and I tried to think about taking my best friends cock deep down my throat to hear him moan, I needed to hear him moan to get me to relax as this other cock worked into my tight virgin ass. A s his cock worked slowly into my as he brought his hands to my side and really started to push harder an harder the pain of my ass was making it hard to suck the other cock but I also felt my cock grow harder than it ever had, I had a huge cock in my mouth and a cock in my ass this is not how I pictured summer vacation. He started pumping my ass faster and faster and kept saying could not believe how tight my ass felt an that my friends big cock is going to love this ass, I was starting to push back as I wanted his cock as deep as it could go knowing I better work this cock good to get my ass ready for the next one. As the pace started to pick up I felt his cock start to harden and he grabbed me hard and shoved my head down on my friends cock telling me to get ready, a few more pumps of his cock and I felt his cum shoot hard and deep into my ass and he let out a load moan. He kept working my cock with his half erect cock until finally his cock slipped out. I laid there my head on the bed and my knees on the floor trying to figure out what just had happened to me, but I then felt my best friend come around me an start to push his massive cock into my tight worked ass. He told me that he need to fuck me before the cum all ran out that way I would be lubed up to take his entire cock. After taking an ass pounding for the last 15 minutes I knew I could take his cock, but I was only sucking his cock for 15 minutes as well and normally it takes 35 or 40 minutes to make him come when I am sucking that huge cock. Would I be up o take his cock for that long? His huge cock started its way into my ass and it felt the same as my first friend, but as he got deeper I felt my ass open wider and that familiar hurt was back. He continued to push deep into my ass and finally he was all the way in I could not believe this huge cock was in my ass. He started to fuck my ass hard agreeing with my other friend that my ass was very tight and felt good. As I was being fucked my other friend who just got done opening my ass crawled under me and started to suck my cock, It was hard to enjoy my cock being sucked since I was still in some pain from the hard ass pounding my ass was taking, within a minute my cock started to cum and my friend seemed mad that I did allow him to work my cock longer before cumming into his mouth. As he pulled away he just watched as my friend continued to fuck my ass, He was just fucking my ass so hard like he was trying to wear my ass out on the first fucking. I was getting to the point were I was not sure how much more cock my ass could handle, but could not believe how easy my ass was now taking this huge cock, after a few more minutes I felt his cock start to cum and finally he shot deep inside my ass as he pulled me closer to him to take the last final burst. As he pushed me over on the bed he told me anytime we have no girls your ass and mouth are both of ours, all 3 of us will not tell anyone. I was told to lay there while one by one they went to the bathroom to clean up, I asked my friend how long have they planned this with me and he said before the first time you sucked his cock, because of our secret I was able to hang out with them all the time and hang out with great looking girls too. As both of my friends were now cleaned and went over thins with me I just laid there and listened until I went to sleep. Around 3 am I woke up and figured I would now quietly go clean myself up stopping in the kitchen to get a drink when I saw my best friends sister in a small white thin strapped top and small while bikini panties, she says she sees how I look at her and she also knows what has been going on with me. My heart sank and I figured this was a way to ruin her brother and I was going to be brought down with him since they always fought.

She said I hear him moan and I know you are sucking his dick, I seen it once in a while by mistake and I know it is huge; you get your drink, clean yourself off. I will be in my bed with no panties on under the covers. I want you to come in my bed and lick my pussy until I get tired, I know you can lick all night since I already know you can suck cocks all night, all of this cock sucking and ass pounding now has lead me to this hot girl that I have always wanted, she walked away smiling at me was so for real, my cock responded, I finished my drink and on to the bathroom.

One clean I slowly walked past my friends room looking in on them to make sure they were sleeping which they were, I walked into he room and slowly crawled onto her bed and brought my self to her pussy. I slowly licked and she softly moaned and moved her hips to spread her legs to grant me very easy access to her pussy. She arched her back and my tongue plunged in deeper. I started to lick and suck her pussy harder and deeper listening to her gasps and feeling her body move with pleasure wanting to please her so much since I wanted to do this more than just this night, but if not al least she had my best effort. I continued to lick her pussy and taking all of the flowing juices in my mouth, my hands did find there way up to her breasts as she squeezed my hands hard to show her approval of my hands on her breasts. I was working this beautiful girl’s pussy who an average kid should not be in a position to work, I continued to lick her pussy and finally she lot out a nice pleasurable sound which told me I did what she wanted, a I stopped and started to relax she told me she was not tired yet and get my tongue back on her pussy for some more licking. Of course I did what I was told and brought her to another powerful orgasm. She said I could stop but not to talk just listen I really really liked that you gave my pussy the much needed attention it deserved and you will be back to do it again, the next time you stay over for my brother so better pace yourself. I am not going to let you fuck my pussy since it is very wet, your cock is small and you will come fast, I will not get any pleasure from that. I like big fat cocks but your small fast cock would be a nice way to open up my small ass to take the big cocks that I have lined up for my pussy. I want your cock to feel what those other cocks in your ass feels like as your slowly opening my ass up, she started to finger her pussy and touch her ass as she turned over and said come on. With my cock hard I moved behind her and slowly push my cock to he ass, she reached around grabbed my ass and shoved it into her saying if my pussy can take huge cocks my ass can take little ones, with that said I shoved my cock hard into her easy accepting ass and started to pump f aster and faster, looking down at her back and ass with her head turned looking at me saying this is your dream isn’t it, if you tell anyone you will never fuck my ass again or taste my pussy. I started to feel my cock tense up and I knew that it was time for my cock to cum and a few seconds later my cock erupted in her ass and I kept fucking her until my soft cock slide out, I was tired , my mouth, ass and cock were well worked and ready for bed now as she turned around and said you need to clean my ass up with your tongue and spread her ass open for me to bury my tongue into licking my cum out of her ass, next time my brother or his friend are ready to cum you better have your mouth ready or I will tell him what we did.

Who knows maybe I just will anyway since I like big cocks………. Now go back to bed until next time… to be continued

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