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I love licking my wife's ass. I know it's dirty, and that's why I like it so much. It's naughty, taboo, perverse. Exactly what fucking is all about. The last time we fucked, we were both extremely horny, and she gave me all the ass I could handle. We hadn't fucked in over a week and a half, because of relatives visiting. So when they finally left, I rushed home from the airport, and she left her work and took the rest of the day off. When she got home, I was already showering, and she quickly got naked and got in with me. She wasted no time sucking my cock and taking it as deep as she could, gagging herself in her frenzy. I can't remember the last time she sucked me like that! I returned the favor by giving her a good licking and fingering then licked every inch of her body while rubbing her clit and fingering her ass. Her pussy was freshly shaved, which I didn't expect, but was most definitely pleased about.

We cleaned each other thoroughly, then some more. When we got out of there, we barely dried ourselves, and rushed to the bedroom. She climbed onto the bed, got on all fours and looked back at me, her nostrils dilated in excitement, and an intense frown of arousal on her face. As I got close enough to her ass to smell its distinctively sweet aroma, I could tell she was still drenched with water from the shower. She arched her back, and spread her ass wide, sticking it up high in the air, still looking back at me. I then straightened up, and started jerking my cock very slowly, while looking at her. She bit her bottom lip and tried to reach for my dick, her frown now so intense, she almost looked in pain. When I withdrew to get away from her hand she straightened up, this time looking angry. So I grabbed her hand and got her to come down. She complied readily and willingly. When I brought her in front of the large full length mirror we have in our bedroom she smiled broadly at me and started caressing my face lovingly.

I admired her beautiful body in the mirror for a few seconds and spread her pussy a little to get a good look at it while she started jerking my cock slowly. then I turned her around so that I could take a good look at that hot ass she soon was going to use on me. As I grabbed at her marvelous behind she put her right foot on top of the little ottoman in the corner, and, leaning forward a bit, grabbed the tall bed post to stabilize herself. Her ass crack had opened just enough for me to see her pussy in the mirror. I kneeled behind her, brought my face right in front of her barely parted crack, and began to caress it gently with my right hand while rubbing her clit with the other. She started moaning and rocking her hips slightly back and forth. And every time she rolled them back I could see her pink anal areola peeking from between her soft peachy cheeks. I could not resist any longer and started to run the extended tip of my tongue up and down the dark crevass, pushing inward everytime her cheeks would part, until finally I could taste her backdoor's wrinkles. They were tight and well defined under the caress of my tongue. A few seconds later, as I was enjoying the taste of her wet anus, I grabbed both her cheeks and spread them wide, applying my tongue fully to the revealed orifice. She moaned and pushed back against my face, this time rolling her hips from side to side, making her anus travel from one side of my tongue to the other. When I removed my face from her now wide opened butt, I looked back in the mirror to see her beautiful ass parted by my two hands. Her right foot was still on the ottoman, and she was laying flat against her right thigh, offering her right side to the reflection. She was looking right at me as I dove back into her wet dark crevass, and started moaning again when I resumed my licking.

Her anus is very sensitive it seems, and she loves to have it stimulated. She particularly enjoys getting rimmed, and describes it as the softest experience an ass can have. But by now she was really getting hot and needed more hardcore action. I could tell excatly when that happened, as she suddenly arched her back as much as she could, reached back to spread her ass with both hands and ordered:"lick my asshole!"

Her anus was starting to relax and was already looking wider. Its wrinkles were now more faint and the little funnel in its center was expanding slowly. She was breathing more and more heavily as I started licking her anal opening more and more forcefully, and began to push back against my face harder and harder. She was massively horny, and I was in heaven. Her anus kept growing inside my wide open mouth, and her sphincter muscle was getting softer and more flexible as her groans of pleasure intensified. She was now moving her ass up and down, as I stayed stationary, my tongue outstretched and my mouth wide open. As she pushed back against me, she began to bump into my face and push me down, her ass hitting me squarely in the mouth every time she flung it backwards. I don't ever remember her being this rough while I was licking her ass, but I really enjoyed her enthousiasm. "Lick my anus!" She kept saying. "lick my tight litlle anus!"

I didn't need to be told that, believe me! I was licking her asshole frenetically. From side to side and top to bottom, mouth wide open and tongue out to meet her assaults. It wasn't long before she had pushed me down on the floor flat on my back. She was grinding her wide open ass into my face and I could see myself in the mirror, hard at work between her beautiful ass cheeks, laping her anus like a dog, helping her spread her butt open with both my hands. She was on her feet and was now bearing down hard on my willing mouth, rolling her hips in a circular motion, making her delicious and now completely relaxed anus travel all over my face. It was now soft and wide, and its wrinkles were so faint they had almost disapeared, save for the very center. She was also rubbing her pussy in my face for good measure, and was panting in excitement, grabbing my cock with two hands, and looking at me in the mirror.

I was overwhelmed! Her wet pussy and dilated anus kept alternating in my mouth as I surrendered to her thrusting. She was jerking my cock fast and hard, yelling for me to keep eating her. "Eat my whole ass!" She said. "I'm gonna come in your mouth, you dirty fucker!" She yelled as she started feasting on my cock. She was now pounding her bottom in my face and deep throating my cock as if she hadn't seen it in months. As she finally came, she put her pussy in my mouth, and put all of her weight into it. I licked and licked, and swallowed her gushing juices while fucking her mouth hard and fast. She came for a long time, and spent the bulk of it choked as she buried my cock as deep as she could inside her throat. I could see her face turning red in the mirror as she was shuttering and shaking uncontrollably. When she finally let go of my cock, she raised her head and yelled until her orgasm resorbed fully. Hey pussy was steaming hot and puffy from me sucking it so hard. She finally straightened up and, still red in the face, proceeded to place her anus in my mouth again and slowly began grinding down into me. She was out of breath and kept pushing her hair off her face to cool down, but never skipped a beat as she rythmically ground her ass into my face.

Then she started breaking contact between her ass and my face, and sitting back down on me. As she did that, I kept my tongue pointed straight up and enjoyed seeing her anus open up every time it came to rest on the tip of it. It was now loose and warm, and I knew she would let me sodomize her if I wanted. And I really wanted to fuck her in the ass! I kept pushing my tongue as hard as I could into her delicate anal orifice. I was trying to fuck her ass with my tongue and could feel her trying to relax her inner sphincter to allow for more insertion. It wasn't long before my tongue broke past the tender ring of muscle, and its tip entered her more intimately. Her rectum was clean from the shower, and its soft folds felt smooth and slick against the tip of my tongue. This was the farthest I had ever had my tongue inside her asshole. Her moans, which never stopped, started accelerating as I began licking the inside of her ass. Every upward flick of my tongue was greeted with a long slow moan and an increment in relaxation of her anus. In less than a minute she was wide open and I had my tongue buried inside her tender rectum. This was a new sensation for the both of us. Her gaping anus was now fully pressed against my lips, and my entire tongue was exploring the dark tunnel of her rectum. The pressure was incredible and the penetration required all my strength each time. I quickly got tired, and returned to licking the outside of her anus. But we both wanted more now. As she relieved my face from her weight I rolled from under her, and made her get on all fours in front of the mirror before diving back in her rear crevass mouth first. Her anus was now gaping widely and as I licked its center, I could tell it would be a lot easier to tongue-sodomize her in this position.

As I pulled her ass up and her back arched, I started rubbing her still engorged clit with one hand and her opened anus with the other. In no time she was gaping again, and I was able to one more time insert the tip of my tongue past her little sphincters and into the bright pink entrance of her tight little rectum. Her little tunnel was still fighting my tongue, but much less so than it did when she was on top. She was relaxed and loose and was spreading her willing ass with both hands. I licked her even more deeply than I had in the previous position and each lick/poke was greeted by the same slow perverse moan. "Lick my little hole you dirty fucker!" She kept saying. "Put your tongue inside my anus! Lick me in the ass!" She was raising her voice and I knew she wanted more, so I started fingering her butthole in between each lick. Her pussy was getting wet again, and she was wriggling randomly as I probed her tiniest of holes with my tongue and fingers. She was looking at it in the mirror the whole time and kept encouraging more varied stimulation. She particularly enjoyed me licking her pink rim while two of my fingers were massaging the entrance of her rectum. Then she asked:"Tease me with your cock".

I straightened up and I'll let you guess what happened next. I sodomized her for a full hour, in many different positions but always in front of the mirror. We did everything we could think of, all the stuff we've seen in porn. I kept pulling out of her asshole and stretching it open so that we could get a good look at it. Then I'd put my cock back inside of it whispering in her ear how much I loved fucking her in the ass and she kept encouraging me and asking for different penetration angles and depths. Every so often she'd ask me: "play with my anus" which meant she wanted my fingers in there. Then: "I want to feel your cock in my ass!" And "Open my anus with your cock! Open me up! Sodomize me!" She seemed insatiable and came several times with my cock buried in her dirtiest of holes. This was by far the best anal sex we've ever had, and I sure hope it wasn't a one time thing. She's been talking about it non-stop and keeps telling me how good it was. So we'll see. I plan to lick her ass tonight after her shower. Hopefully she'll respond positively.

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