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a fantasy rape

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Fantasy r*pe

I am in the supermarket and see you in the produce section. You are wearing a knee length skirt and a button down shirt. I am checking you out as you walk from aisle to aisle and can?t help notice how amazing your ass looks. You walk over to the cucumbers and I make my move I grab one and ask you ?Can you tell me when these are ripe??. You turn to me and the cold a/c has your nipples protruding through your shirt. You grab it from me and smile. ?it depends on how hard they are?. Your holding it with both hands and I know that its only a matter of time before I fuck you.

I watch you leave the store and follow you in my car, far enough away that you don?t see me. I follow you to your house. For the next few days I am watching your house, trying to gage when you?re around, noticing your hubby?s schedule.

It?s a Saturday, you?re outside gardening in a pair of short shorts and a white tank top. Your not wearing bra and the sweat has turned it see through. Sitting in my car, I notice that I have a huge erection and I start stroking my self through my pants. All of a sudden the door opens and its your husband. He is carrying a suitcase. I roll down my window to hear what he?s saying. He kisses you goodbye and tells you he?ll be back in a couple of days. This is what I have been waiting for.

I leave and come back at 9. Can see you walking around the house. At 11, your lights go out.

I wait another hour so I know you?re asleep and find an open window in the back of the house. I sneak up the stairs, see you sleeping. Your wearing a sheer nightgown, the covers are kicked off. I look around the room, open your drawers looking for something to tie you up with. I find your drawer with your stockings and smile. ?These will do?.

I walk over to you bed and slide out my knife. I put my hand over your mouth and stick the knife near your neck. Your eyes open up terrorized. You realize you?ve seen me before. I tell you that if you behave, no one will get hurt and stick one of your stockings in your mouth.. I take my knife and run it the length of your nightgown, splitting it up the middle I can?t believe how good you look. My eyes are staring at you. I straddle you, sitting on your chest. I take the stockings and tie your hands to the bedposts. Even in the dimly lit room, your breasts are glistening. I cup your tits, push them together. Biting on your nipples. I can see the fear in your eyes leaving. Even though the stocking in your mouth, I can hear a soft moan. You push your legs together. Your squirming but not like your trying to get away. I put my hand between your thighs, push them apart and can feel that your wet. I slide my fingers in you and you raise your ass slightly to let me get in deeper. Your moaning gets louder. I move my face closer to yours and ask ?if I take this out of your mouth, are you going to scream?. You shake your head no. I pull out the stocking, and you tell me? god, your fingers feel so good, I want to lick them, taste my cum?. I slide them out an d put them near your face. You lean into them and suck all of them in your mouth. Your eyes are telling me that you want more.

I prop your head up with some pillows. I stand up and take off my pants. My cock is standing straight up and you look at it and smile. ?Now I want to taste you? you say to me. I straddle you again, my cock up close to you mouth. Once again you lean into me. Mouth open, waiting. I slide the head of my cock into your mouth. You adjust your head to get it in deeper. I grab the back of your head, inch closer and slide my whole cock into your mouth. You?re moaning and looking at me, loving it. I start to fuck your face, slow at first. You pull your face back, lick the head and tell me you want it harder. I start to do it harder and faster, hearing that gagging sound, hearing your slurping, taking me all in. I put my hand behind me and find your pussy. I slide my fingers back inside and you let out another moan. Your ass is pumping off the bed, each time my fingers go deeper.

You ask me to untie your hands, you want to ride me. I untie you and take off my shirt. You turn me around and lay me on my back. You climb on top of me. Sitting straight up. You put one leg up for positioning and ease yourself onto me. I feel you tense and then relax as I slip deeper into you. Your hands are on my chest, and you are sliding up and down my shaft. You settle all the way down and start grinding back and forth on me. Your moans are getting louder. I can feel you cumming on my shaft. You slide back up a little and I can see your white creamy cum on me. You get off me and lick your cum off my cock, circling my head with your tongue. You tell me ?fuck me doggie, I want it hard?. You turn onto your knees and I get behind you. I lower my face and shove my tongue into your dripping pussy, pressing my finger against your ass. Ina soft voice I hear ?God, I love that?. I move my face higher and lick all around your ass. Your moaning gets louder as I slide my fingers in your pussy, my tongue finding your anus, seeing it quiver, start to open.. I get behind you and shove my cock into your waiting pussy. You pull away slightly for a second, then lean back into me. I am pounding you hard. My balls slapping your thighs. I stick my finger in your ass. I can feel my cock through your walls with my finger. I take my finger out of your ass, get it wet with saliva, add a second and slide them back in. Finger fucking your ass while my cock slides in and out of your pussy. Cum is dripping down your thighs. You turn your head and tell me ?I want to feel you in my ass babe?. I pull out and you lean upward. I slide my cock slowly into your ass, you lean against me, more upright as I go deeper. Your hand wraps around my head, kissing me. My hand is twisting you nipple as I am sliding in and out of your ass. My other hand finds your clit, rubbing it, hard. .Your ass is soo tight, I can?t hold it much longer. I tell you I am going to cum and you say ?I want you to cum babe, cum in my ass. I pump a few more times holding you tight as I explode inside you. You can feel me shiver as I spurt each time. You?re shaking too. I give one last push as I spurt one last time. You head leaning on my shoulder,. ?God that was awesome? you say to me. I hold you for awhile, not wanting to pull out. I finally do and collapse on the bed. You put your head on my chest, lick my nipples and tell me ?my husband won?t be home til Saturday. Can you come back tomorrow night?.

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