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Young Man in Toronto

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About 25 years into my marriage, and I was thinking that there had to be more. It's difficult to explain unless you've experienced similar sensations.

As a teenager, I'd had a few touchy feely experiences with other men, but mostly tried in vain to get into the pants of young women my age. After getting out of the service years later, I met my beautiful wife.

She was shy in bed, and complained that I was too big for her. Nervous about sex, she tried a few times to please me, but simply dropped into a routine that became tried and true. Unfortunately for me, it required a lot of patience and gentle prodding. After a while most anything I did to spark up our bedroom scene was met with either ridicule or resistance. It became so routine, it was no better than masturbation.

Then as I said, about 25 years later, something happened that helped me find an island of refuge. I was scheduled for a full week of computer application training in Toronto. I drove over, and checked into the hotel on Sunday night.

The next morning, class began, and there were 25 of us in the room. Mostly women, there were only two guys; myself and Richard. We all established a routine of going out to lunch every day. Toronto offers a glogal mixture of mixed ethnic quisine. I enjoy good food, so I was in my glory. I noticed about the third day into this that Richard kept hanging out next to me. We sat next to each other in class as well, and helped each other through the class.

On the fourth day, Richard and I arranged to have dinner together...alone. He was a 25 year old born in Boznia. He emmigrated to Canada with his family to escape the terror that was raging in his country. He spoke fluent English, having started learning at an embassy school.

We went to a quiet mid-eastern restaurant that evening, and sat in a dimly lit corner booth. Richard seemed anxious to ask me something about mid-way through dinner. He wanted to know if I would be upset to know that he was gay. I looked him in the eye and said that it did not bother me in the least - well except for the fact that I was so far from home, horny, and my cock began to twitch in my pants.

The subject seemed to permit our conversation to expand to unlimited boundaries. He was not only well traveled and bright, he was sensitive and quite romantic. We paid our tab and left the restaurant. It had begun to rain, so we ran into the underground mall for safety. Once in the mall, we continued our conversation, exploring each other's honesty, sensitivity and breadth of experiences. We were having a wonderful time. When we came to the back entrance, it was about 8 o'clock and somewhat dark. He grabbed my hand and gave me a warm, wet kiss. I was stunned at first, but let myself give in to the sensations.

We held the kiss for quite a while. It was odd that we were doing it in front of people and it didn't bother me at all. Some folks even passed on kind comments and knowing smiles.

I had a thought, and dared to act on it. I asked Richard if he would like to come to my room. He immediately accepted. That is when the romantic tremors began to hit me. I was in lust, and my body was preparing me for what was to come.

We got into my apartment room and I helped him take his wet clothes off. When I pulled his tighty whities down, his 7 inch cock sprang out and bumped me on the nose. We both laughed. I stood up kissing him, and we both walked leisurely into the bathroom. The soap and water felt wonderful, and skin on skin contact simply drove us to higher levels of sensation.

Drying off, we bothed hopped into the bed. Richard kissed me long and hard this time, and reached down to cup my balls. I was hard as a rock as well. We are both cut and about 7-7.5 inches 5x5 inches or so in circumference. We flipped position and began to 69 each other. After a few minutes of this, what seemed like an eternity, Richard began to lick my asshole. I had never had anyone do that before, and the immediate sensation had me on the verge of cumming. I asked him to stop - not that it wasn't pleasurable, I explained.

He said that it was ok, and he went on to other activities. Soon, he asked me to fuck him. I reached for a rubber and after pulling it on, I laid the head of my cock against his sphincter. A little lube and a slight shove and I was inside of him up to my balls. He was not loose by any means, but he had experience ... you could tell. I began the slow thrusting of a slow engine and he began to talk to me real dirty. I loved it. "Fuck me hard... what a hot cock you have...make me cum...harder...harder" Richard really got into it.

Soon, he asked me if I wanted him to fuck me. Nervously, I said yes. He pulled on a rubber and then laid down on my stomach kissing me deeply. Soon he reached down under my thighs and pulled my legs up to my chest. In a heartbeat, his cock tapped against my brown-eyed man-pussy. My cock was dribbling. He took his time, lubed himself and began to slowly insert his love muscle into my 'virgin' hole.

He stopped about head deep to let my sphincter adjust to his girth. After the muscle relaxed, I pushed on his ass, and he slowly began full insertion. I became a bundle of nervous anticipation and sensation. The feeling was indescribable, and Richard's technique was awesome.

He began to penetrate me deeply and thrust in and out. A long, smooth rythm developed and I was beginning to feel a rise in him. It seemed like forever, though we had been in the room just ove an hour, Richard told me that he was going to cum. We rolled over so that he was on his back and I was bouncing my ass on top of him with his flag buried deeply inside of me. At just the right moment, I dismounted and he pulled the rubber off his beet red cock.

Cum flew everywhere. All over his chest, on his chin, in his hair. I had never seen so much man juice explode from a person before. He groaned in pleasure as he came all over himself.

I hovered over him jerking off. When the moment was ripe, I drew my cheeks toghether and spewed a load of cum all over his navel and chest hair. As the feelings subsided in me, Richard began to fingerpaint his body with the combined love juices. The room took on a musky aroma that dilated my nostrils. I had a feeling that from then on, I'd want more man sex.

Richard and I showered again, and he put on damp clothes. He explained that he lived with an older man that would be home soon, and he had to get back. I felt a trust to believe him, but really didn't want the night to end. Richard left.

Before sunrise, I jerked off twice recalling the details of the evening.

The last class arrived, and Richard was not there. I asked the instructor where he was and she said that he had been called back to work early. Needless to say, I was disappointed. But when I got back to the office, I emailed Richard and he wrote me back. He told me what a wonderful time he had, and how much he enjoyed my company.

Alas, we were never to meet again. I had nothing to bring me to Toronto, and life began to move in on me again.

The experience with Richard awoke a sleeping giant in me. I've been with men since. I actually saw one guy off and on over 7 years (another story perhaps). My current wish is to be able to romance a MF couple. I've had fantasies of enjoying the full realm of sexual experience in that arrangement, and hopefully will be able to live out that fantasy.

Let me know if you're interested. I can assure you, that the pleasure will be all our's.

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