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Nancy kicked off her heels as she walked into her small but nicely furnished apartment. ?One more day and another week gone? she said to her cat a s she loosened her dress and opened a bottle of wine. Nancy has worked as a receptionist for a law firm in downtown L.A. for a couple years now, she knows it?s not the best job and they keep her for the eye candy she provides and they give her a healthy ward robe allowance and gym membership to keep it that way. ?Lets see how did Linda put it? she tried to remember ?Oh yeah, the length of your skirt is directly proportion to the length of your employment?. Nancy kind of giggled to her self as she remembered Linda, a forty something year old who had been with the firm for twenty years.

Nancy walked toward the one bathroom and started a nice hot bath ?Nothing like a nice hot bath and a glass of wine to cure what ails a body. Isn?t that right boots?? Nancy asked as she scratched the back of the cats head. Nancy stepped in to her bedroom and dropped her dress on the floor, and stood in front of her full length mirror and finished disrobing. At thirty four and one failed marriage behind her she still had it going on, she stood 5 foot eight inches feet flat on the ground, and tips the scales right at one twenty five. Not fat by any means and not skin and bone either, healthy is the way one of the trainers at the gym but it.

?Knock-knock? she herd from the front door, ?Who the hell could that be? she grumbled as she grabbed for a robe.

?Who is it? she asked tying the robe at her slender waist.

?Delivery maam? The young male voice said from behind the door.

?Just leave it in the hall? Nancy answered ?Ok? the voice replied setting the package at the door and walking away.

Nancy peered thru the peep hole and saw that the delivery boy had left, then unlocked the door and retrieved the parcel. She wondered what this was all about as she removed the card from the top of the box and made her way to the bath. Nancy could feel the days tension leaving as she soaked in the hot bath but she could not stop wondering what was in the box and she reached over and opened the card.

Catwomen74, Be at the Biltmore Hotel at 7:30 Friday night. Everything you need is in the package you just received. I did not want to impose on you so I enclosed a pre-paid phone, the only number you will need is programmed in. If you are serious about the fantasies you mentioned on-line I will expect to hear from you. Just text ?yes? to the number and further directions will soon follow.


P.S. Just in case you wondering the number in the phone is also pre-paid.

?MSTR666?? who the hell is that Nancy sighed leaning back in the tub. All of a sudden it clicked and Nancy bolted up right and out of the tub and grabbing a towel. MSTR666 the user name of the guy on one of the chat rooms she plays with. ?Oh shit? she thought ?I have told this guy a lot of things. Just using him as an I thought non existent person to talk and vent to. We shared a lot of fantasies, I never expected this?.

Nancy quickly unwrapped the box; on top was a single rose. ? Mmm that?s a nice touch? she thought as she pulled a red leather mini skirt that she held up to her waist ?Wow that?s a little short, maybe wear this to work and get a raise? she chuckled. Next she pulled out a pair of red six in heels with a pair of lace top black thigh high nylons, then a red push up bra ?Like I need help in that area? she thought. And last a white long sleeve blouse, all ready tied at the waist. Nancy picked up the clothes and went to her room and stood in front of the mirror and dressed. ?Dam I look hot almost slut status? she mused. Then she remembered the phone ?What am I going to do. I need to tell him something? she could feel the dampness begin to build between her legs as she thought of wearing this outfit in public possibly even to meet a stranger. Nancy found the number in the phone punched in ?yes? and send, she noticed she had goose bumps.

?Bzzz? the phone want off. Nancy quickly looked ?Good, the lounge off the west side of the lobby. Don?t be late.? Was all it said.

?Ok. The clothes fit. How did you know?? she replied

?I pay attention. See you tomorrow night?

?Ok? was all Nancy could think of her mind was spinning.

That Friday was the longest day that Nancy could remember, it seemed that five o?clock would never come. But finally it did and she could not get out the door fast enough, she had things to do. Nancy couldn?t remember the last time she was this nervous for a blind date, or was it excitement right now she didn?t know.

As Nancy walked into her apartment she tossed the mail on the table and opened the fridge ?I have to eat. I have no idea what the night holds in store and I?ve been too nervous to eat all day? she thought as she thru a TV dinner in the microwave.

Nancy took her time getting ready she made sure her hair was perfect and with a little extra lip stick she was ready.


She checked the phone ?Tell someone where you are going and sit at the bar when you get there. See you in an hour?

?Ok? she replied Nancy quickly called her friend and told her she had a blind date at the Biltmore and would call when she got in then she snatched up her keys and left. The Biltmore was across town and with LA traffic she would just make it.

As Nancy stepped out of the car and handed her keys to the valet she smiled as she could feel him undressing her with his eyes. She had to agree, she new she looked good she could feel the way her ass swayed sharply from side to side with the heels she was wearing. She could feel the cool breeze from time to time on the inside of her upper thighs. And she also noticed that MSTR666 took the liberty of removing the top two buttons of her blouse.

You could hear a pin drop as Nancy entered the lounge and took a seat at the bar. It never occurred to her before this, the difficulties of sitting on a bar stool in a mini skirt. But she managed and had everyone?s attention in the process.


Nancy checked her phone ?My little slut is on time, and looks very nice. This is going to be a very eventful evening?

?Thank you. Where are you?? she asked

?Don?t worry about it I am close as you will find out. And for the rest of the evening you don?t need to ask any questions just say ?yes sir? anything other then this will result in further punishments. Understand?

?Yes sir? Nancy was beginning to notice the moisture building.

?Flash me? the phone said ?I don?t know where you are? she replied ?Wrong answer, go to the restroom across the lobby and take your bra off?

?Yes sir? Nancy replied. As she got half way across the lobby Nancy figured out why that bathroom. She could feel every eye in the lounge and lobby on her as she walked ?Great? she thought ?How?s this going to work on the way back with no bra and I can feel my nipples starting to get hard?

Nancy found the restroom and did as she was told. On the way back she noticed the lounge starting to fill and the coolness on her chest had made her aroused nipples very obvious. She was desperately trying to find out who MSTR666 was and with the way she was dressed it was getting harder and harder.

?It?s starting to get crowded you need to find a booth?

?Yes sir?

Nancy found the only empty booth next to the entrance and slid in.

?Let?s try again. Flash me?

?Yes sir? Nancy franticly searched the room for any sign of MSTR666. After she casually spread her legs three or four times in different directions she gave up and ordered a drink. About the same time the drink arrived her phone buzzed.

?Very good, one question?

?Yes sir?

?Where panties included in the box you received?

?No sir? Nancy replied she knew this would get interesting ?Leave your panties in the booth. The main desk has a package for you open it in the restroom.

?Yes sir? Nancy slid towards the wall as far as she could and very gracefully worked her panties down little by little all the while fending off a couple advances and ordering another drink.

After she finished her cocktail she slid out of the booth and took the long walk across the lobby. The two drinks had the desired effect as Nancy wasn?t as nervous anymore in fact she was beginning to have some fun with it as she made sure to exaggerate the motion of her hips.

Nancy waited until she was in the stall before opening the package. She let out an audible gasp at what she found. A remote controlled vibrating anal plug with a small tube of lube. Nancy let out a loud scream as the plug and the phone went off at the same time.

?Careful don?t drop it? was all it said ?Yes sir? Nancy remembered Nancy put good amount of lube on her fingers and reached between her legs and slowly began working it in. She could feel the swelling of her clit and her juices? start to run down the inside of her thighs. Nancy seriously thought about just frigging herself off right there in the bathroom and calling it a night, but the thought of what else might the night have in store kept playing in the back of her mind. With one last deep breath and a firm push she got it in as she cleaned up the best she could feel the muscles in her ass begin to relax and except this intruder.

Nancy checked herself in the mirror on the way out and gave up on any idea of trying to hide her much engorged nipples. When she made her way back to the lounge she noticed it was very crowded now and stood at the bar and ordered another drink.

?Bzzz, show me your new toy?

?Yes sir? Nancy had no idea how she was going to pull this off so after a healthy sip of her drink. And dropped her keys on the floor then she felt the vibrating deep in her ass she had to calm herself a minute as too not cum right there in the bar. As soon as the vibrations stopped she bent over and picked up her keys. This brought a lot of attention and Nancy was beginning to wonder how much longer MSTR666 would keep this up.

?Bzzz, very good. Is your pussy wet??

?Yes sir. Soaked I had to keep myself from coming when the plug came on?

?LOL like that?

Nancy felt her whole body get warm and her insides start to quiver, then it stopped.

?Yes sir. Sir I really need to cum?

?Yes you do. You have been a good little slut tonight. Go to room 516 it will be open when you step inside don?t turn on the lights. Just close the door behind you and take off your blouse and skirt and bend over the bed with hands behind your back. Then relax and enjoy.

?Yes sir?

Nancy gently knocked on the door as she pushed it open; the only thing she saw was a single candle flickering on the far night stand. She quietly untied the bottom of her blouse and stepped out of her skirt. As Nancy bent over the bed and hands behind her back she noticed she was shaking with nervous anticipation. She squealed when she felt the vibrations and began to slowly rock her hips back and forth then it stopped. Nancy was surprised when all of a sudden she felt someone pin her to the bed and force her legs apart with their knees. Then she felt it a large massager firmly held on her clit. Nancy knew it would not take long and already could feel the tingling building within her. Nancy?s juices were running down her leg and she was moaning louder then she could remember then she exploded all over the bed Nancy could never remember having an orgasm of such intensity before. Just as she was finished she felt her arms being tied and a blindfold and ring gag but on her head.

?Knees? was all she herd and she obeyed Nancy herd a zipper pulled down an instant before she felt a hand on each side of her head and a cock inserted into her mouth. She found the thought of a stranger taking her mouth by force a larger turn on then she ever imagined and felt the swelling in her chest start again. Nancy could feel this large cock pressing the back of her throat and the force of the hands on her head holding it there. She could feel the drool running freely out of the corners of her mouth while she tried desperately to accommodate him with her mouth.

Nancy could feel herself being picked up and thrown on the bed, then she felt his strong hands pinning her knees back by her shoulders and then the bounds that would hold her there. MSTR666 carefully tied one knee then the other wrapping the rope around her back and around each breast. She could feel the swelling beginning in her breast as the circulation had now been changed. The light sting of a riding crop started working its way up and down the inside of her thighs with a few light slaps on her fully engorged clit. The mystery man began to lick her drenched pussy all the way from top to bottom in long slow motion; he then nibbled on her erect clit just before sucking on it for all he was worth. This was all Nancy needed for release and hips bucked wildly against her bonds she could feel her body start to break out in a cold sweat as her removed the plug buried deep in her ass Nancy had never known such pleasure and was uncertain how much more she cloud endure. That?s when it happened she felt him enter her. She could hear his heavy breathing and his grunting as he penetrated harder and deeper with every thrust. Nancy felt a trembling building deep with in her and was amazed that this stranger was going to make her cum again, she tried to do the best she could to give as good as she was getting but it was little use this man was taking what he wanted. Nancy felt his hands under her legs and she was flipped over on the bed with her ass poised in the air ?My God? she thought ?He?s going to take my ass? And he did after a little lube and a couple sharp thrust he was taking his pleasure with her just as he had done with her mouth and her pussy. Nancy could do nothing her mind was completely at peace as if she was floating all she could hear off in the distance was the sound of his groans has he took her ass harder and harder trying for release. She felt him pull out and leave her ass and herd his last groans of passion as she felt his warm cum shooting over her lower back and ass.

Nancy was done she had never been fucked like that before she laid there on the bed a relaxed against the ropes. She could feel her body shaking all the way thru. She could feel the ropes on her arms being loosened.

?The room is paid for the night. Please feel free to use it? was all he said and she herd the door shut.

Nancy laid there for twenty to thirty minutes trying to recover and playing back in her mind the events of the evening in her mind. Nancy didn?t know how she felt she realized as she freed herself from the ropes and removed the head gear. She did know she felt fulfilled and fell asleep with that thought.

?Knock, knock, Room service? is the sound Nancy awoke too.

?Yes, come in? she replied pulling her covers up.

?Morning miss? the waiter replied as he sat down the tray on the table. ?Will that be all??

?Yes, thank you? Nancy answered as she saw the single rose and card on the tray.

Catwomen74, Hope the morning finds you well and with no regrets.

If you would like to play again sometime just text ?yes?

Your friend, MSTR666

?Bzzz YES YES YES YES YES ? was all it said on MSTR666?s phone

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