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Working for Gavin.

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"I learnt a long time ago" he said to the attentive gathering "not to try to judge a person's sexual likes, dislikes and activities from their appearance. It just doesn't work. Let me illustrate.

I once worked on a temporary basis for a year or so - hotel living costs paid - for one of this country's high fliers - let's call him Gavin. He was one of those men who worked literally eighteen hours a day. Up at 5am, an hour to exercise, then work flat out until midnight. Then an hour relaxing - usually by catching up with news and market reports that had been taped for him by his staff during the day. Then it was back to bed to be up by five. A secretive man in many ways as you will see.

His workload meant that he had to have a fair number of employees and in fact among his staff he had five personal assistants, all of them very attractive women, all of them successful with other careers before coming to him. The youngest had started with him after I had and had been there about a month at the time of this story. She was twenty three, the product of the best catholic girls school and a year of studies at the top business college before going into the public service as a secretary when she was eighteen. When Gavin had her seconded to him she was PA to one of the high and mighty in the Health Department.

She was and indeed still is without doubt by appearance the most demure woman I have ever met - never the slightest sign of sexuality, never a revealing dress, no clinging clothing of any kind.

Totally asexual. Thinking of her as having anything to do with a man was akin to imagining the Princess of Wales volunteering to star in a gang bang movie - although in light of recent revelations there perhaps that is a less than satisfactory simile. This excess of modesty was a little odd because she was married, although only recently so.

I had to go to the hotel one day to get some documents that had been sent there instead of to the office and as she was not busy she volunteered to drive me. It was time for morning tea when we arrived so I suggested we have a snack together and once finished I excused myself intending to go up to my room alone to collect the papers. She asked if she could accompany me to use the bathroom. I couldn't picture her in a toilet, let alone a public toilet, so I said yes and she did so. When she had finished I went to the loo myself, and when I came back to the room she was on the king size hotel bed, on her right side with her left leg straight up in the air, totally nude. It was a pose that left her utterly exposed showing at first glance gorgeous tits complete with long thick nipples which were already standing erect, stimulated no doubt by the left hand still at work on them.

I was distracted from her exquisite face and tits to her lovely legs, and between them a delicious shaven cunt gaping and wet and obviously willing and waiting, and a tiny spot of that familiar blue-brown puckering where her arse was visible just above the material of the coverlet on the bed. She was, once I got over the initial shock, virtually instant erection material and the fact that she had her right hand between her legs holding the lips open in invitation only made the erection that much faster, no more certain.

"I want you to fuck me" she said. "I want your dick in my cunt, up my arse, in my mouth. I want you to come all over my tits so that I can rub it into them. I hope you want it as much as I do -

I've never had sex with a computer security consultant before."

Somewhat taken aback and embarrassed I began to explain to her that married women were not on my list of intended conquests and that is when the surprises she had in store for me really began.

"I'm separated" she said rolling onto her back but keeping her legs wide apart, grasping her ankles with each hand and pulling them even further apart and at the same time down while keeping her legs straight in a form of the splits so that the pussy gaped wide for me. Stunned as I was I was still able to note that her inner lips were tinged with a deep blue around the edges as some are, while the inviting interior was the lovely soft glistening and moist pink of a woman in heat. The view I had of her and into her had, if anything, just got even better.

"The marriage only lasted a month then my husband was told about my second job. He didn't like the specialities that I employed in that job and got upset about it. That was the end of that marriage."

"I didn't know you had another job" I said, "what is it?" By this time I was grasping at straws in the conversation stakes - it certainly was not scintillating chatter but I was doing the best I could under the unusual and extenuating circumstances. My only excuse here is that the scenery was distracting me from clear and logical thought. The surprise had not helped either, I confess. More was to come.

"I'm a prostitute" she said, flatly matter of fact, "but I've never yet been recognised as a hooker if I didn't want to be. I'm the party trick at the brothel where I work - a three hole girl - a gang bang specialist, but I will do special clients as well. I do all the bucks parties for the house, they don't need anyone else. I take on up to ten clients during a two hour appointment. Most girls will only do one group hump a night, I'll do two anytime I'm asked and several times I've done three - that many clients are a bit wearing, if you'll excuse the pun, but I like my work so I cope without too much trouble.

I like fucking, I like sucking. I like to have a cock or two or three inside me anywhere at all.

The guest of honour or bridegroom has priority and is allowed to get it when, how and as often as he wants, the best man has access to me twice, and then up to eight others have one turn each. I prefer those eight to be blow jobs because they are both quick and easy. It helps that I love the taste of a cock and cum too."

"Does Gavin know?"

"Yes. In fact he hired me because of it. He fucks me once a day, and any client he wants seduced hasn't got a chance. At the office Gavin bangs me fully dressed, face down across his desk. Just pulls my panties aside and goes for it. Not a lot in it for me actually. He approached the brothel owner looking for someone like me to join his staff and we were introduced. That I was in the public service and therefore already capable as a PA simply added some authenticity to the role. Part of the deal is that I still ply the oldest trade Friday and Saturday nights.

Bit kinky is our Gavin. He doesn't let me use condoms or wash between clients and he always takes me at the end of the night. I have to give him a full accounting of the night's activities, how many, what positions, etc, etc. then he eats me out before fucking me doggy fashion."

Well, to reduce the tension before I go on to tell you the rest of her story, yes I screwed her, in fact we became both friends and lovers and now have been so for many years. She still works casually as a whore - indeed she is very open about the fact that her idea of a relaxing weekend is to start it with at least a couple of busy shifts in a brothel. This then is her story in her words."

"A few weeks after my 18th birthday a friend of my father, a horse trainer, invited me out with him. He was 55. He took me to a drive-in theatre and stripped me, ignoring the feeble protests that were, in any case, a mere and hollow formality, which he knew, before the opening adverts had finished. I had never had any sort of sexual contact or experience before this, none at all. He played with me, turned me on, teased me, while I played with his dick. At his suggestion I sucked his dick once just before interval and again towards the end of the evening. Nude during the interval I couldn't have care less about being seen by anyone outside the car - in fact the truth is that I was flaunting it to anyone who looked. I loved what he did to me and the way it made me feel, loved the taste of his dick and cum, and wanted to see him again for more.

To put it simply, I was hungry for my first fuck. The next night - a Wednesday - he did fuck me for the first time after another blow job and the day after that he had anal with me for the first time after we had fucked again. I sucked him after that one, not before.

There was a race meeting at ............... that weekend and I went with him. I spent the Friday night in bed with him and loved it.

We went to the races Saturday and his horses won a couple and placed in others. That night he invited the jockeys back to our room after dinner for a night cap. As we walked to the room he took me off to the side and put it straight on me. I was to be the jockey's bonus -

there were five of them. As a group they were to spend the night fucking me, and if I had any objections I could leave - right now -

and walk home.

He was totally open about what he expected of me but less than honest about where it would lead. He inferred a future together and in partnership - his wife had died some time before and I assumed he meant marriage. In future I was to have sex with whomever he said, to do whatever they wanted me to do and to take on as many as he said I was to do it for at a time. I was to screw any of his business clients if told to and if I didn't want to help him in this way I could piss off. He told me I would be given some money for whatever I did but I didn't see it as prostitution then. Not knowing how to react - I had never had anything like this happen before - but thinking I loved him, I agreed to do whatever he asked of me. I know I was very naive in making that choice at that time, but I have never regretted it for a moment. Actually I got it right for the wrong reasons. I was thinking with my heart - I should have let my cunt lead me as I did later. Either way the result would have been the same - I would have got thoroughly fucked as indeed I did!

That night I found that while sex with him had been good, sex with a group of men was great - in fact it was the very best thing that had ever come my way. Seeing several men standing around watching and waiting their turn, seeing those dicks stiff and ready to fill me then limp and useless afterwards, knowing I could and would get them up again with hands and mouth, having two and three at a time inside me, - heaven! I also found that I am an exhibitionist.

Put anything you want in it, beer bottles, wine bottles, dildos, vibrators. I've had things as diverse as alcohol frozen into ice cubes to be drunk from it as they melted, gravel, screwdrivers and enough fruit for a fruit salad in it. I've been fucked doggie fashion by a German shepherd dog, and I loved it (so did the dog) and on my back over a coffee table so a group of men could watch, by a Doberman.

I don't care what I do or who or what does what to me just as long as there is an audience and I'm the centre of attention.

A lot of photographs were taken that first night. I rather liked that idea too and made a point of being well and truly visible and identifiable whenever I could. Next morning each of the jockeys gave me a hundred dollars as a tip. I didn't even think about the film and the photos.

He rang me at work early Tuesday morning and told me to take a sickie starting at 10.30. I was to meet him in the lobby of a hotel at five to eleven - he had a business meeting and I was on the menu.

We went to a suite where there were three other men. I was told to strip while they watched then to serve the drinks and finger food that was laid out ready. Once naked except for my high heeled shoes and black elastic top stockings I was introduced to the men - Hector and his two assistants.

I waited on them all during the first informal chatting. They seemed almost disinterested and all the while I was as horny and hot as hell. Thankfully before the business negotiations, whatever they were, began, I was taken to the bedroom by one of the assistants. He stripped, lay on the bed and told me to amuse him. We had oral and vaginal sex. When we had finished he dressed, told me to wait and left the room. A few minutes later the other assistant came in. We had oral and anal, and he told me to shower and then to come back, nude, to the outer room. When I did I saw that the coffee table was covered with the photographs of me with the jockeys. Hector then spoke to me for the first time. It eventuated that I had been the subject of the negotiations.

"I've been looking at these. You seem to like it when there is a group using you."

I nodded.

"My men tell me you are a good screw. I want you to work for me as a prostitute - a high class whore. You will be paid extra well for that body, and will be mostly catering to groups of men, not individuals. What do you say?"

"Well .... I haven't thought about it. I have a good job."

"Think about it now. I only want you part time. Friday night. Saturday afternoon and night, and at other times when I call for you. You can keep your other job too."

"All right. I will." It is another decision I have never regretted. That time I got it right for the right reasons.

Hector then peeled three hundred dollars from a roll of notes.

He gave them to me, and said,

"That's for today, 11 until five. Your first pay as a professional not an amateur. We haven't finished yet by a long shot.

The afternoon can be devoted to your first lessons on how to amuse the clients as a professional whore does."

He then gave the man who had seduced me, introduced me to group sex and whoredom and then had brought me as a strumpet to this room - my father's friend - a thousand dollars. He looked at me and said

"He is a recruiter. He looks for hungry cunts like yours.

Once a girl accepts the job offer he gets paid his thousand dollars.

Now you can give him a last free blow job and then he can piss off."

I knelt obediently, opened the fly of the trousers and began my work. They all watched. I didn't mind. That's not quite right.

In truth I liked it better when they watched as I always do. I know now that I love public degradation and humiliation. I enjoy use and abuse. That's one reason why I am so good at my job. I enjoy shocking people as I did you when you first saw me like this. It turns me on.

When I finished sucking Hector said to one of the assistants "Order lunch for an hour - what's that, about one thirty? She can serve, then we'll all do it to her as a group."

He took me by the arm and pushed me roughly into the bedroom.

"This is the official casting couch session, so do a damn good job -

I'm the one who's paying you now. I expect new girls to try to be different. Start by showing me your cunt."

I found him to be a prolific but lazy lover. After he had made a detailed examination of my cunt and it's lips we got on with it. I had to do all the work. I prefer to be fucked, not to fuck.

That's one advantage gang bangs have, the guys are so turned on they want to do it to the woman, not have her do it to them. Hector came three times in about forty minutes on a trip around the world. I started by squatting down on his dick and putting it up my arse instead of into my cunt which I fingered and held open so he could watch, and then I gave him a blow job. I have yet to meet a man who does not get wildly turned on at the sight of me taking his cock, still with the shit on it, into my mouth. We fucked after that and then showered and he dressed and we went back to the main room.

I was still nude.

The meal was brought to the room by three room service staff, a waiter and two waitresses. They looked startled when I opened the door dressed to kill in nothing at all, but accepted it without comment at first. One of the waitresses, a cute little blonde, asked me quietly as soon as she had the chance.

"What's going on? Are you married to one of them?"

"No. I'm a prostitute. I've been paid several hundred dollars to spend the day with them. They've taken a couple of turns each with me in the other room as has one of their customers who has gone now. After lunch they'll all bang me together."

Here I was a week after my first sexual experience with a new part time job as a prostitute, and boasting of it to a stranger.

They did all bang me together after lunch. The three of them stripped and we began a leisurely afternoon of sex. They took me jointly first, each then taking me in turn after that. No point of entry was left unused. They commented on technique and style, on the openness of the positions used as we went.

I was posed to best advantage in a number of ways, was shown new ways to allow a man access, new ways to fondle, caress and new positions to adopt with a man so as to allow us to fuck. A case was opened. It contained an immense range of vibrators, dildos and other penetrating objects. I learnt the use of them all. It was an afternoon of tuition, of being trained by the experts who would expect to make a lot of money from my newly acquired expertise.

At seven o'clock that night I completed my transition from amateur whore to prostitute. I worked a five hour shift at one of his brothels nearby. I serviced four men - total earnings for me two hundred and thirty dollars. Three stayed a half hour each, one the full hour. Seven days after losing my virginity I had been fucked by a total of thirteen men and had earned over one thousand dollars by using my holes not my head. More to the point, I was happy doing it.

My marriage? That came unstuck when I did a buck's turn three weeks after my wedding - the first weekend I was back from the honeymoon actually. I had already screwed the groom and best man and most of the others and was thoroughly enjoying getting heaps of dick again. One man was banging away inside me doggie fashion while I blew another, and then as he came the one shafting me from behind whispered in my ear.

"Your husband is going to love hearing about this."

It was my brother in law whom I detested anyhow - the feeling was mutual I might add. The next evening he came to our home and told my husband everything, everything that is but the fact that he had had his turn too before he spoke up. That was the end of it. Marriage over I became a career girl again - both in the public service and back on my back, front, side, top, bottom, whatever. I've starred in porno movies - mainly gang-bang, bondage, group rape and torture stuff for the specialist market.

My tits look really great if tightly tied with black rope or leather. If it is done right they bulge and swell to a huge size when the circulation is cut off.

I also keep two lists of men; one of occupations I've screwed, the other of make and model of car I've been fucked in. They are both comprehensive - maybe I'll show you at some time."

"She since has, and they are," he concluded. "So you see, all is not always what it appears to be, thankfully."

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