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Wife Gets Help Doing Yard Work

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My wife is small, I mean petite, is what it is called and short, about 4'8". She is a 32 almost A cup. Her nipples do get hard and swollen but they make her almost have tits. Her pussy is shaved and will take a good size cock and toy and her mouth is equally talened. We have an acre of property that needs mowing every two weeks and so, I work outside all day and get home and do not care about the yard. I came home one evening and she sat on the couch reading and the yard looked great. I mentioned it and she said she paid a couple neighborhood kids to do it. I told her to hire them on regular if they were not too expensive. "Oh, they will be back every two weeks during the Summer" she said and streached out on the couch.

I bathed and we hit the sack early and she was realy hot in bed and the next day she got up early and went for a swim at the "Y". I work installing security systems for a local company and so, I was getting suspicious when she was getting restless as the next Thursday was getting closer. I waitied till she left one day and put several cameras around the house in stratigic places and then a couple outside and hooked them all into a recorder I had set up in the crawlspace in the attic. I left for work Thursday and left the system recording. It has a 24 hour record.

I came home that evening and again she was on the couch like a cat that had caught the mouse. The yard was perfect. "So they come over again today?" I asked her and she turned red and said, "Well, yeh, the yard is done isn't it?" "Yeh, it is." I told her. I made an excuse to go to the attic and check the recorder and put it on playback. I told her that I thought we had field mice and was checking. I turned on the recorder and after about an hour, four healthy guys came over. They knocked on the front door and Sandy went to answer in a string bikini. They came in and she asked how they were and made small talk and they all went to the bar and she made them drinks. These guys are all under 18 and all really in great shape.

THey talked and then she came around the bar and one took her in his arms and kissed her deep. She threw her arms around his kneck and was kissing him back. ONe behind her untied her bikini top and pulled it off and wo other guys sat on the couch and pulled off their shorts and shirts. Sandy was now naked between the two guys that had her at the bar and they lifted her up and she slid onto one hard cock with a moan. the other guy got behind her and went into her ass with no effort at all. They stood there with her impaled between them and fucked her with her feet not touching the floor. She was crying out to be fucked harder and ten kept up the pace and soon her pussy and ass were filled with their cum. My cock was now hard as a rock and I was massaging it while I saw my wife fucking these young guys.

THey put her on the floor and she walked to the other two and got on her knees and took some good sized hard cocks in her hands and then began sucking them, one then the other and the boys leaned back and let her have all she wanted. Soon, she buried one in her throat and he filled her throat with cu and then she took the other and drained it too.

"Let's do what I said last time." she said and now they all got on the floor and their cocks as close as they could. She sat down and worked until two cocks were in her pussy and was yelling to fuck her good. The boys laid there while she rode the two cocks in her pussy and finaly drained them. Then she mounted the other two in the same way, riding them fast as she could. After that they were all sitting around naked and she got them all drinks again and kissed each one, sitting on laps and caressing cocks. It was easy to see that they were all comin back to life again and she stodd and said, "All set?" and they slapped her ass and got up and began kissing her and pulling her nipples hard till she cried out. THen two of them again laid on the floor and this time she mounted them slipping two cocks into her ass. She moaned and rode them like wild and they filled her ass with cum. The other two took their places and after a longer while they also filled her ass.

THey all laid around with her sucking cum from their cocks as they laid there with more drinks. Finally she got up, "Well, guys, better get the yard done of my husband will know something is going on. THey left and went to the yard work and after a couple hours returned for the rest of their payment. She sucked them off one at a time and they all let after kissing her and saying they would be back again. She looked at them, "Oh guys, bring more help next time, okay?" she said and they said they would and left. I came down from the attic with the disc in my hand and said, "Hey, let's watch a movie." she said sure and sat on couch and squirmed. "Ready?" I asked her and she said yes. "What is the movie?" she said. "Oh, it is, "How my wife pays for yard work." I put it in and she almost fainted. I made her sit still as we watched it. My cock was raging and I pushed on top of it. She was still loose from her fucking. "Ride it." I told her and she did. We went to bed that night and she was wilder than ever.

I told her that the cameras were all set up for next time. She hugged me and kissed me and went down to suck some cock for me. "Every two weeks is a good Summer." she said and I agreed.

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