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When he was a she

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I haven’t been out in a while so tonight I decided to get all dress up and go out and find some fun.

I showered shaved from my ankles to my naval. I just love the bald look and so does most men. Then I did my makeup and hair. Put on my best perfume then sheer black hose, garter belt, panties and a sheer black pushup bra. I topped it off with a black leather mini skirt a black spandex top and my fuck me pumps. I must say I looked hot and very fuckable.

I jumped in my convertible and at 9:30PM I set out to show off myself. I crusied the streets of the city that is 20 miles away and soon I was at a red light and a jeep with 4 very young guys pulled up next to me.

Now I am 52 years old. Still, I believe, attractive so I was shocked that the guys who were about 18 to 20 paid any attention to me. They said hey baby want some fun? And they also said my legs looked real good. I looked down and saw my garters were showing and so was my thighs.

I smiled and they said follow us we are going to a party. I said sorry and sped off.

I didn’t get too far. Maybe 3 miles and hit a pothole and blew a tire. Fuck! I am all dressed up and now have to change a tire.

Then you guessed it the jeep pulled up. They offered to fix the flat which I accepted. They were cute that’s for sure.

I was leaning up against my fender as one guy worked on the tire and the other three were trying their best to work on me.

I was very nervous but they seemed to be cool with me. Then one guy said he was so horny that he would love to get a blow-job from me. I was shocked but wanted to suck him very much so I just reached over and un-zipped his jeans and reached in and fished out his semi-hard cock. It was beautiful. Cut 8” and rather thick with a large head and smooth shaft. I stroked it and then opened his pants more and lowered his jeans to his knees. I pulled down his boxers and saw two nice big balls and very short trimmed pubic hair. I then went to my knees and pulled his cock to my lips. I kissed the tip and opened wide and took his manhood deep in my mouth.

The others guys were all yelling yes suck is cock bitch. Then they formed a circle around us so no one could see if they passed by. Suck it, suck his cock, eat his cum do it do it. So I did. I sucked him hard and deep and was rewarded in only one minute with a blast of hot boy juice that filled my mouth. I keep sucking him getting every last drop. Finally he went soft and I pulled away and stood. I opened my mouth and showed them all a mouth full of their friends cum. I smiled and then shocked them by swallowing his entire load.

Oh shit did you see that. Yes it was way cool. My tire was fixed and I said so were is the party? One guy said that was just bullshit, but we can go to his place and we can continue the fun.

I followed. It was a typical college pad.

As soon as we got there the guys told me to strip for them. They were all laughing and calling me their bitch. I was loving it but worried what would happen when my cloths did come off. I hope they like what they see.

I took off my top and then my mini. I then asked the guys to strip. They all did in record time. They were strong and hard bodied. All had nice cocks. About 6 1/2” and average in girth except Tim who I already blew.

They all were jerking their cocks and begging me to suck them. I went for the first one. I went to my knees as he sat in a chair. I gave him my best blow job. I stroked him as I sucked. I got so hot I forgot all about what I must look like.

There I was on my knees with a cock in my mouth and my cock poking out of my panties. Yes my cock. It was as hard as steel and dripping pre-cum. I didn’t care. I was sure they knew what I was as soon as they got close on the highway.

Then I felt one guy pull my panties aside and squirt some lube and my man pussy. I knew what was next. He put the tip of his cock to my asshole and announced Hey guys I am going to fuck our bitch. The guys were yelling fuck that bitch, fuck the bitch good.

He smacked my ass several times as he shoved his hard cock up my ass. No rubber which I protested but he told me to shut the fuck up bitch.

He proceeded to fuck me foe several minutes and then shot his cum in my ass. The other guy thyen got excited and shot in my mouth and all over my face. It was in my wig, on my nose and in my eyes.

Then another cock was shoved in my ass and the fucking began again. The last boy put his cock in my mouth and shot his hot sticky boy cum in my mouth and then sprayed it on my face also. The guy in my ass was about ready to shot and he pushed me on my back and sat on my chest and aimed his cock at my face and let his cum fly. I never saw so much cum. He shot 9 times. Rope after rope of hot cum blasted me in the face. I drank some as it shot in my mouth.

Then Tim lifted my legs on to his shoulders and took his place in my ass and gave me a pounding I will always remember. His long thick cock showed no mercy. He stroked for 15 minutes as I yelled for mercy. He the pulled out and shoved his cock in my mouth. He shot his cum down my throat and I swallowed every drop.

They then asked me to jerk off as they watched. One guy held a drink glass to my cock when I exploded. He caught all my cum in the glass. He then told me to drink it down. I did as I was told!

Each guy fucked me once more and I sucked each cock again before I left.

All in all it was a night to remember.

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