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What a great wife needs

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Story 4 So here I was, watching from the doorway as my wife of 3 years was being pounded from behind, Allen's strong, dark hands pulling her back to meet his pelvis, causing their bodies to slap together loudly. Her moans were only slightly muffled by the other cock being fed to her. She took Allen's 9 1/2 inch cock like a champ, and didn't miss a beat while sucking our other friend off. She must have already sucked Allen's huge cock, from the way she easily took the white cock being shoved deep in her mouth.

Jim, the owner of the white cock, was the first to see me standing in the doorway. He kept one hand on the back of her head, bouncing it up and down on his cock, as he motioned for me to come in with his other hand. 

I came in and put my hand where Allen's had just been on my wife's right ass cheek. I smacked it a couple of times as he continued to slam into her full force, her mouth came off the cock long enough for her to whimper and say, "Yes, fuck me harder! Take this married pussy just like that!"

I eased my hand over and my thumb into her ass as she continued to beg for this fucking. She was cuming again in no time, and reached back to try and buffer his deep thrusts when her hand found me standing right beside her.

"Oh God, honey!" she said, as Allen kept fucking her in long deep strokes. "When did you get here? Hope you didn't miss much!"

"Oh, I came as soon as you texted. I'm glad you were able to go ahead and get started for me." I told her. 

"I need a cock in my ass," she whimpered, "my pussy is getting sore... but in the good way!" she added.

Jim was the first to oblige her, he changed places with Allen and slid into her pussy from behind in order to lubricate his cock a little better. After a few strokes he pulled out, causing her to whimper before he placed the head of his dick against her rosebud and pushed. His head popped in and she moaned as the ring of her anus gave way and accepted his cum covered cock. I watched as he took her asshole with long firm strokes. Not to be left out, Allen guided his huge black cock into my wife's mouth and grabbed a handful of her long brown hair as Jim continued to pump my wife's ass for all he was worth. My wife's eyes were soon rolling into the back of her head in ecstasy when her mouth came off of Allen's cock from Jim's increasing pace. Like a runaway jackhammer he was pounding into her back door, with no mercy and with only one goal in mind, to cum deep in her bowels. With a groan, he tensed up and met that goal, thrusting hard several times, finally grinding his cum deep inside her.

She resumed sucking Allen's cock as Jim pulled out of her and I took his place, lining my cock up to her used asshole as his cum leaked out and onto the bed.

She felt my thicker cock stretch her out and started slamming her ass back on me, intent on giving as well as she got. She kept Allen's cock in her mouth, although she stopped actively sucking it as I picked up my pace, slamming into her balls deep and with full force. She started crying in pleasure around his huge cock, and as usual, her crying sent me over the edge. My cum once again mixed with Jim's, making a creamy foam which dripped out of her now gaping hole when I withdrew. 

Allen crawled off the bed and walked around as my wife rolled onto her back, hooking her hands under her knees so he would have full access to do as he pleased. He rubbed his cock head up and down the length of her pussy before sliding all nine and a half inches into her. He pounded her pussy with twenty or so good hard strokes before pulling out, then in one fluid motion, he guided his dick into her well fucked ass. He started pounding her full force, her grunts turned to screams of "Fuck my ass, Allen! Give it to me hard like that! Oh, yes! Oh God, yes! Fuck me!"

Jim and I stood there on each side of the bed stroking our cocks as Allen pounded my wife's naughty ass like there was no tomorrow. About a minute later, Allen finally threw his head back and grunted his orgasm as his cum mixed with ours. I crawled onto the bed and stroked my cock over my wife, with Jim soon following my lead on the opposite side of the bed. We both blew another load each on her tits, as Allen kept slowly grinding his spent cock into her ass.

He finally pulled out, causing a rush of foamy cum to pool on the bed between her ass cheeks. Jim and Allen grabbed their clothes and retired to the restroom to clean their cocks off and get dressed. Meanwhile, I snuggled up beside the best wife in the world, showering her tired face with kisses and rubbing the cum into her breasts. I would let her sleep a little less than an hour before waking her up with my cock abusing her sore, well used pussy. She only had the strength to scream "Oh, it hurts, please hurry!" as she dug her fingernails into my back. As I lay there pounding her pussy, I thought about all the cocks she had taken before we met. I remembered the eight different cocks she had taken since we had been married. I pictured them all stretching out this pussy, making it wet, making it feel good. She begged me to cum for her. I caressed her face as my orgasm approached, then leaned down and kissed her, emptying what was left in my balls into her womb.

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