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What Truckers Can Do Pt 2

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Well, they had my number and I never expected a call back but late one afternoon Bill and James called and said that they were passing through and would stop if I was available. "Hell yes." I told them and made arrangements to meet them at the Visitor's Center coming into Georgia on I-85 from South Carolina. I drove up and they were hanging out and greeted me with firm hand shakes. "Hope you do not mind but we invited a couple of friends." Bill told me and he pointed to really big guys standing a little ways away. "So it is 4 in 1?" I asked them. "Well, we will be playing with each other but you will be the featured slut." James said and I laughed. He motioned them over and said, "Give us your keys." and then "We got a hotel reserved at Commerce." so they got into their trucks and Bill walked to the car with me and drove us to Commerce. We pulled off and into the hotel they had called ahead for and got out after one of the other guys, Harry and Phil, paid for the room and came out waving to pull around back.

We went in and James and Bill sat on the chairs in the room and Harry said, "They said you give great head and fuck like a whore." "Wel, who am I to say that don't know what they are talking about?" and they laughed and brought out some Jim Beam and poured glasses all around. I took two down and felt it get me hotter and was staring at jeans that had bulges in them. "Get naked mother fucker." Harry said and I took off my clothes. Soon they were all four naked and hard cocks were standing up, Harry's all the way to his navel and that was when he was standing up. "Let us get him ready for you." Bill said and he bent me over and rimmed my ass really good. Jim was in front of me and his cock was down my throat. Phil was there and his nice rod was slapping my face as I sucked Jim. Jim was ready to cum fast and so I swalowed his load as he moaned and then Phil was there. As I took Phil into my throat and at the same time Bill rammed hard into my ass making me almost bite Phil. He was all the way in and held it there a little while and then started pumping in and out. Harry was stroking a huge cock slowly up and down and sipping Jim Beam. Suddeny Bill filled my ass and slipped out, "Okay, now you ready for me?" Harry said and I bent over the bed and made myself available. He rubbed a hard huge head of his cock in the cum dripping from my ass and then slowly began pushing in streaching me out making me cry out a little.

"Waht is wrong slut, does my cock hurt?" he said and was moving in and out just a little. "Well, here it comes." he said grabbing my hips and suddenly ramming all of it into my ass. "Oh shit, oh shit." I said because it did hurt since it was so big. "Get used to it slu cause I am gonna ram it like this till I cum." he said and he kept fucking me. He slapped my as on both cheeks till they stung and still rammed hard al the time. The others were now watching and stroking their cocks and Harry really went hard one last time and his cock swelled bigger and he filled my as with what seemed like a gallon of cum and it was starting to drip out of my stuffed ass and down my legs. Then he started fucking me again and his cock, that had gotten a little less hard was at full mast again. Again he rammed hard and deep and after a longer time filled my ass again. This time he pulled out and gave it to me, "Clean it up." he said and I did just that. He sat down with his Jim Beam again and stroked his half hard cock. "All yours guys till I am ready for him to suck me off." he said and they moved to me, Bill to my face and Phil to my ass and he slipped in without any pain at all after Harry had finished with me. James laid on his back on the bed, "Let him sit on my cock and you get in from behind too." he said and that is what we did. I slid down the hard cock and then bent over onto his chest and another slippped into my streached out ass and two hard cocks began moving in and out and one was at my mouth and I tried to suck as I was fucked but it was difficult.

The two in my ass were moving and driving me nuts and soon the excitment of them rubbing together made all three of us cum. After that I had taken a few more drinks and things got blurry but cocks were in me in one place or another. Then Harry was shoving his cock down my throat and managed to get it all the way in somehow with me gagging all the while but it made it and he was treating my throat like he had my ass. A load filled my throat and then slipped out of my mouth and I was laying there with no one in me. I woke up a few hours later and they had all left and there was a hundred dollars on the table for me with a note from Harry, "I will call you next time though." and I got into the shower and could hardly stand and cum gushed out of my ass. That was the last time and it was a few months ago. Waiting for something like that again. I would like to be with a man and woman the woman being a BBW and I wanna eat her cum filled pussy and eat her while her partner fucks her. Talk to you all later.

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