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Watching men fuck my wife part 2

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I woke up the next day with customary morning stiffy. Molly was laying on her back sleeping soundly with only the sheets covering her bottom half. She smelled of male seed. I began to lick her breast, the one that wasn't covered with Kenny's cum. After a bit she sighed and I immediately put my hand beneath the covers and slipped my middle digit into her slick hole. It was still fresh with the sex cocktail that the three of us had manufactured the night before. My wife bolted from the bed stating that she had to pee. I called for her to hurry back as soon she finished. I heard that familiar stream that she always did first thing after a night of drinking. Then silence as she wiped down the concoction of piss and sex off her pussy. She came out and headed to the sink to wash her face. She obviously forgot to do that last night as she was too busy sucking Kenny's huge cock. I was still waiting but I got up and stood behind her. I waited until she was drying off her face with the towel then I pushed my legs between hers forcing her thighs apart. I pushed her face down over the sink and took the towel and placed it over the sharp counter top edge. I wasn't going to let anything prevent me from reaching my goal. Her ass was almost perfectly in position and I shoved my cock into her wet box. It went in without much resistance especially after Kenny's thick cock had ravaged it. I hoped that gap would just be a temporary condition.

"Baby, please." she protested.

"No complaining!" was all I said.

Then I began to fuck her. This wasn't a romantic interlude, this was just cold hard sex and my goal was my own satisfaction. We hadn't had morning sex in a long time even on our weekend getaways. I just kept pounding her. Even with the unemotional fucking that I was giving her, her groans began to turn into moans. Well I was close and this little tramp had some catching up to do if she was going to get any gratification out of our morning session. I just wanted to dump a load inside her and when that old familiar feeling reared it's head at the base of my dick I just fucked her harder. I announced my intentions as if she couldn't already tell and asked her where she wanted it.

"In my pussy, baby. Fill me up." she replied.

If that's where she wanted it, I was going to give it to her. Hell, as good as it felt I don't think I could have pulled out if I wanted to. I let out one big yelp and exploded inside her. My cock spurted stream after stream of white hot gism into her sloppy cunt. I pumped until I could pump no more. The base of my cock ached with that blue ball feeling and I knew I didn't even have a single drop left in me. My legs felt weak and spent and I stepped back and fell to the floor. I gazed upon her back side and I thought I could see a small white ball welling up in the middle of her slit. She began to raise herself up off of the counter and I yelled out, "Don't move a muscle!!" That small white bead started getting bigger and I order her to spread her ass cheeks. My sperm began to make it's way down the slit between her engorged lips. I told her to lift her body up slightly. Now the white mass began to ooze out in earnest. It started to pour out until long ropey strings of man goo dropped and plopped onto the carpet leaving a nice souvenir for housekeeping. It took awhile for the load I had deposited in her to finally evacuate her vagina. I had my show so I got up and kissed her on the back of her head and told her that I was going to take a shower. When I came back out the cum soaked spot had been wiped up as I guess she was to embarrassed by it to leave it there. She showered too and we went home. The next couple of week neither one of us ever brought up the events of that night but I had been thinking about it almost non stop. I informed her that we were going out again the upcoming week end and I had some new ideas that would engage some of the fantasies that my devious mind had come up with.

I called Kenny and informed him that we were going to be in his neck of the woods. He was more eager to join us again. I told him to play it low key like he just happened to be out and accidentally run into us and we would see where it would lead. That weekend came and we "ran" into him a the club. Molly played it cool at first but as the alcohol flowed so did her inhibitions and her and Kenny were best of friends by night's end. During the evening I acted as if I was getting turned on by the flirting the two of them were carrying on. I mean actually I was very turned on. I whispered this to my wife each time they returned from the dance floor and I believe that she knew that she had a green light with Kenny. After last call we headed back to the motel. I watched them in the back seat through the rear view mirror as the made out. Kenny even had his hand under her blouse as he felt my wife up. She was such a whore and she wanted it badly. A tipsy Molly headed straight to the bathroom as soon as we arrived and I told Kenny to help undress when she got out. After she fell to the bed it was Kenny who helped her off with her boots and pants. She made some cute remark to him about what a naughty boy he was as he pulled off her pants. She then set up and actually helped him take her bra and top off. He leaned down and kissed her as he fondled her soft lovey orbs and when he began to suck on them her eyes rolled back in their sockets and she began to moan. I couldn't believe how eager she was for it this time. I knew the little tramp wanted some of his huge dick and she was completely going for it. I told her to suck him and she made a beeline to his belt and almost ripped his pants off. Her was fairly hard at this point and when she wrapped her lips around his cock he was erect in no time. Her mouth was once again stuffed full of his thick shaft and the drool dribbled out of the corners of her mouth once again. I had my cell phone camera ready this time and got some sweet pics of my wife sucking another man's dick. It seemed that she was trying to suck him with even more gusto than the first time. It was like she really needed to impress him even more so after the last time.. He knew how great a cocksucker she was but she wanted to give him a blow job that he would never forget. It was all just too hot to just sit there and watch. I dropped my pants and moved to the other side. My wife sensed my presence and although she didn't take her mouth off his cock she did grab mine and stroked me gently. Kenny was really starting to groan and she gave him a break as she started sucking me. Soon she was alternating back and forth. It was fucking awesome. I guess she decided she had enough and wanted her pussy filled so she pushed Kenny down on the edge of the mattress. She climbed up on him like a hermit crab scampering across the beach. At first she leaned over him and just rubbed her cunt up and down on his erect dick. Her shaven pussy lips were covering his shaft with a coating of sex slime as she ground her slit over that thick cock of Kenny's. She was teasing him and working herself up for that ultimate ride that she craved. When her pussy was lubed and ready she reached under herself and grabbed the base of his shaft and positioned it to put it inside her. It looked like some girl getting ready to shove a monster dildo inside her cunt. The head of his dick was almost at the top of her ass and no way was she going to bend that rock hard man snake to get it in her without some adjustments. I continued taking pics as my wife was trying to shove this Anaconda into her willing cunt. She was on her knees and had to raise her ass high off his hips to insert him into her wet hole. Finally the German Helmet was at the entrance to her fountain. Click, click. She slowly lowered her pussy over his eager dick. Her pussy lips enveloped the head and splayed apart as his shaft made that tight journey towards Nirvana. When she met some resistance she would stop and hump his cock a few times until her pussy adjusted, Then she would work her cunt down some more until her pussy tightened up once more. Then again she fucked him slowly until the journey commenced again. It didn't take her long to get him completely inside her.Her pussy was stretched to it's limit. She then slowly started fucking him. Her cunt would ride up exposing that massive shaft and then back down again, Her pace soon quickened and she was moaning and humping him fiercely. It was like watching a starving dog going after a meaty bone except this was no bone but a boner and it was attached to another man. She was in complete fuck lust and I had never witnessed such a display of female humping before. I took some more pics and when I could no longer stand it. I put the cell phone down and picked up the lube. I poured alot on my cock and straddled Kenny's legs.

Molly felt my cock at her backdoor and turned around and asked, "WTF!"

"You KNOW you want two cocks at once!" I hissed and shoved her down on top of him. I spread her ass and was greeted by the sight of her little brown button sitting directly above her cock filled cunt. My dick started pulsing at that sight. It was really strange to see that one hole could be so big and the other so small. It didn't seem possible that my cock could penetrate the infitisimal tiny orifice above her engorged cunty but I was going to give it a try. I rubbed the head of my cock up and down the crack of her ass before I stopped at the entrance to the forbidden zone. I pushed gently and missed as my cock slid up her ass crack. I tried again,

"Baby, you know I don't li..." she pleaded then, "Uugghh!"

She was too late and with one more forceful shove and the head of my cock popped through. She gasped out and tensed her sphincter ever tighter. But I never stopped until most of my dick was embedded inside her asshole. I remained motionless and allowed her to get acclimated to us both being inside her. Then I slowly started fucking her nearly virgin ass.

I may not have been big enough to fill her cunt like she wanted but in her ass I was huge. I felt Kenny began to pump her and her discomfort began to subside. The fucking whore was fine as long as she had his big cock between her legs. She didn't protest that his cock was too big and she began to get back to working her pussy over it once more.

I pulled her head back and whispered, "Tell him what I'm doing back here."

She hurriedly blurted out that I was fucking her too.

I pulled her hair back hard and ordered her again, "Look him in the eye and tell him exactly what I'm doing."

She lean directly over him and stated, "My husband is fucking me up the ass!"

"And it's so very tight!" I yelled.

Damn, her ass WAS tight. I wanted Kenny to start thinking along those lines. He began pumping her even harder as did I. Now even with two cocks inside her she continued trying to fuck us both. The rocking of her pelvis felt so good and I don't think she was concerned with any discomfort in her butt as she seemed only interested in Kenny's big dick. The fucking slut! She was almost oblivious to my cock buried in her ass as she was again only consumed by the massive cock inside her pussy. She had only allowed me to fuck her up the ass a couple of times before and they both were episodes filled with lots of complaining and I had to take it nice and slow. Well not tonight, this was what I always knew it could be like and I fucked her as if I was fucking her pussy. She was enjoying it immensely. I knew my wife and I could tell that she was close to climax and I began to match Kenny's rhythm and began to fuck her ass harder. She was fucking the shit out of us both and she became more vocal as she began to mutter a string of obscenities fit for a sailor.

"Oh Fuck,!Oh Shit! Oh fucking shit, you sweet mother fuckers! Don't stop fucking me!" she shrieked.

The words just kept coming and the tramp was humping him as hard as she could. It was all I could do to keep my dick in her ass. Then she finally came and she came in buckets. She let out one large streaming gush. Her spray was running down Kenny's shaft and I even felt some of it wetting my inner thighs as it was her turn to cover us with her cum. She was in full squirt mode as she climaxed. It ran over his stomach and on to the bed.

"Aaahhh, aaahhh, AAAHHH!" she shrieked.

Her groans sounded like someone giving birth and this was one big baby. When she finished she was completely fatigued and fell forward collapsing on top of him dislodging my cock in the process. She lay there panting, trying to catch her breath. It was a pretty awesome sight and my wife has had some tremendous orgasms over the years but this one was special. It was her first DP. Normally she would take awhile to recover or even be done for the night but she began to move her ass and started fucking Kenny again. Her cunt was wrapped around his shaft so tight that it almost looked like it was a part of her. She worked it desperately in and out of her and she just couldn't seem to get enough.

Kenny was trying to fuck her back as she begged him, "Fuck me, make me cum again,"

He rolled her over and had her ass on the edge of the bed and started slamming her roughly. No complaints from Molly as her ass was driven into the mattress as she was on full fuck mode. She told him to fuck her even harder as she worked her way to another orgasm. The was one of her more redeeming sexual qualities as she could have multiples. They were both going after it like no tomorrow and I didn't know who was going to finish first but I reminded Kenny that he couldn't cum in her pussy. This was going to be a race with only one winner.

"Hurry baby, hurry!" Kenny called out.

"I'm close. I'm so close." she cried.

He was fucking the shit out of her but she wasn't close enough and I guess he couldn't hold out any longer. Kenny ripped his cock from my wife's pussy in one quick step back.

"Noooooooo!" she screamed like a wounded bear.

She shoved her hand immediately down to her snatch and inserted the middle and ring finger into her vagina. She began frigging herself at 100 mph. She was completely oblivious to anything but her own impending orgasm. I saw her thrust her pelvis up and out and her two fingers spread her vaginal lips apart showing the inner pink vee with an engorged clit on top. I witness this all in what seemed like slow mo and then.

"Aaaggghhh!" she shrieked as her pussy exploded.

She sprayed a stream of female ejaculate that would have hit the other wall if Kenny had not been standing a few feet in front of her. It hit him squarely in the chest. It shot out like a damn garden hose. It reminded me of a porn movie call 'MILF Squirters' and it was unbelievable. We were both in a state of shock but it wasn't over. As soon as the spray stopped she was at it again and after a few seconds she let loose and again she hose Kenny down. I don't think he even thought about getting out of the line of fire as we both were mesmerized. She continued rubbing her pussy and the third time it was nothing more than a medium trickle that ran out of her cunt and down the crack of her ass soaking the sheet beneath her. But it was one awesome climax. She collapsed and lay perfectly still except for her heaving breasts she looked like she was almost comatose. My cock was rock hard. I stepped forward and turned her onto her stomach. Her legs were hanging over the edge of the bed and I straddle them. I spread her ass cheeks apart and drove my cock into her ass. Not so much as a whimper as I think she was semi passed out from her mega climax. I pressed my cock into her butt as far as I could before I started ass fucking her. She was still slick with lube although her ass was wet with gush too. Her body just rolled with the punches and my cock ached for release. I was in fucklust too and I grunted like an animal and soon my man juice jetted deep into her ass. I pumped her full of pent up passion, pent up distain and pent up hot white gism. I pumped until my balls started to ache and then I too was done. I pulled out stepped back and the whole time Molly never uttered a word. Kenny and I looked at each other and I told him how sweet her ass was. He looked at me with a face of desperation as his cock was still erect and throbbing. I saw him glance at the bottle of lube and I told him to go for it.

"I loosen her up for you." I joked.

He told me later that most girls wouldn't let him fuck them up their ass and he wanted my wife's so very badly. He poured about a fourth of the bottle over his big dick and took position behind Molly's ass. He spread her ass with his left hand as he pressed his cock against her asshole with his right. Even though she had just been butt fucked by me the head of his cock still looked awful large compared to her anal orifice. He pressed forward and as it popped through she let out one small whimper. Sure, no sounds as I fucked her but now she's crooning for Kenny. He slid more and more of his Anaconda up her shit chute and I saw her asscheeks tense up.

"Ugh..." she whimpered.

Kenny started fucking slowly and I heard her mumbling something unintelligible. I drew closer and enquired to what she was saying.

She spoke a little louder, "more lube, MORE LUBE!"

I chuckled and told her that he had already used almost half the bottle. She reached back and pulled her ass cheeks even farther apart. Yeah that's right, you love Kenny's thick cock so much, spread that ass for him. I don't think it was to grant him further access though. More likely self preservation as the thickness of his massive cock was splitting her ass open. Kenny picked up the pace and all you could hear was balls slapping against butt followed by small feminine grunts. She loved having her cunt fucked by huge cocks so much and now she was going to feel what it was like to have that same cock fucking her tight ass. Her anal sphincter was stretched around his shaft just like the lips of her cunt had been earlier and I wondered how that was humanly possible. It was an freakish and awesome sight. Her ass must have been the tightest thing Kenny had felt wrapped around his dick in a long time and he was loving it. Kenny was grunting much louder now too and from his pace you could tell he was close.

"Cum baby, please cum." my wife's pleaded.

Kenny asked her where she wanted him to cum and she told him, "In my ass, cum in my ass."

He didn't disappoint her. He plunged balls deep in her ass which elicited a large gasp from Molly and then he began to fill her up. He kept grunting as he deposited a load commensurate with the size of his cock. I saw my wife's ass relax as this other man dumped load after load of his seed into her butt. It took awhile but he finally finished and pulled his still rock hard cock out of my wife's destroyed asshole. We both gaze upon my spent wife's back side which still hung over the side of the bed. A small tug on one of her cheeks by me reveled a ravaged and gap ass that would definitely be sore the next morning. I think we both had satisfied smiles on our faces as we admired our work. I lifted her legs onto the bed and covered her up and she feel asleep in no time. I told Kenny to stay for the night and he wasn't quite sure if he should. I told him that we could both fuck her in the morning and then he decided to stay. So Molly loves large cocks. Well my wife would have a nice big surprise in a few hours.

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