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i had been dating a guy for a while and he knew how restless i was when it came to being with just one guy... so, one night after he was done work he asked if i wanted to try something new... of course i said yes!

He took me to the warehouse where he worked, of course it was closed but he had a key... he unlocked the door and then turned and handed me a blindfold and said i had to wear it. Once I had it on, he led me through the door where i was met by a set of hands that began unbuttoning my dress... another someone moved the hair from the back of my neck and began licking and sucking on my ears and neck... after the guy had my dress removed, he removed my panties and slipped his tongue between my legs, (oh my god was i ever excited!)I came instantly... the guy behind reached in front and took off my bra and played with my nipples a second before picking me up and carrying me to what felt like a table covered in a blanket or something. Someone began sucking my pussy again while someone else started rubbing my breats and.... someone began rubbing my feet and sucking my toes! (how many were there?!) I was so excited, I kept cumming hard and fast... my pussy was sucked non stop for a good 20 minutes before somebody picked me up and sat me on top of someones cock! It was big and hard and it felt incredible! They layed me down facing whever on their chest and someone came behind me and stuck their tongue in my ass before pouring something warm and slick all over my ass and then started sticking one finger, more fingers up my ass. The guy I was sitting on was punding in and out of me and I was beyond any orgasmic experience I'd ever had when the guy behind me suddenly stuck his cock in my ass and they both slammed me hard until they came... when someone lifted me off of the guy that I was on top of and held me, sucking my nipples until someone else got on the table and they sat me on his cock only not facing him... they laid me on my back on top of him and someone started sucking on my clit again and I came again and again.... then, again without warning, the guy poured more warm liquid all over my pussy and a moment later, slowly slid his cock in my cunt with the other guys! I've never had 2 cocks in my cunt at the same time and wholly fuck, at first it was uncomfortable but then, it was lick my pussy adjusted itself for the fit because I instantly started cumming.... wholly shit did I ever cum!!!

Another cock entered my mouth and I began sucking it hard, (I think I clenched a little too much at one point because my orgasms were huge! They were going in and out simultaneously and not too hard and this made my orgasms long and hardy, believe me, I never thought I could feel that good let alone have two cocks in there but I did!

The guy behind me pulled out and they rotated me so that I was chest to chest with the guy I was still fucking then the guy stuck his cock back in my pussy with the other one!

This was feeling awesome.... the guy I had been sucking off was nearly exploding when he all of the sudden pulled out and straddled me on the table, sitting on my back... he slid back and I could feel him jerking himself... keeping himself close to orgasm. He slid back and stuck the head of his cock in my ass and filled me up with his cum!! At least it was only the head, I was to full of 2 other cocks in my cunt to handle another one in my ass!

then the other 2 filled up my cunt and pulled out...

They laid me on the table alone and I felt 2 tongues sucking out the juices and cleaning me off before standing me up and slipping my panties back on me. My boyfriend whispered that I couldn't take off the blindfold yet... Then I heard a door close and he removed the blindfold. there was no one there, just the two of us and he says I don't know the guys and will never know who they were... he did confirm that there 6 guys all together... when they flipped me the last time, the guy that was first in my cunt with the other guy jerked off his remains and guy number six, took over... WOW! That was an experience that left it hard for me to walk for a few days.... one I'd love to experience again just not anytime soon... LOL

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